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u/near8888 · 5 pointsr/cars

They are trying to rape your wallet


It takes all of 30 minutes to swap out. Super easy. $111 labor is a total joke. Don't take your car to firestone, they are crooks. A stealership would probably do this job cheaper than that.

And I really strongly doubt you need a new charcoal canister anyway.

Your car is fine to drive until you need an inspection. Take it to a reputable independent mechanic.

u/saml01 · 4 pointsr/askcarguys

Its the vapor canister filter, its part of the system that vents gas vapor into the engine while you are coasting. I would zip tie it up under the car, assuming its still attached at the canister and fuel tank, and take it to the dealer to have them properly assess it for any damage and proper re-attachment.