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u/LickLucyLiuLabia · 1 pointr/nissanfrontier

I replaced:

  1. driver and passenger side valve cover gaskets

  2. driver side valve cover (FINDAUTO Valve Cover 13264-EA210... ) (because I broke my original one trying to replace spark plug hole seals)....I recommend replacing both valve covers because those center seals are probably cooked if you’re anywhere near 100k+ miles—and they’re non-serviceable on the frontier’s cheesy plastic valve covers.

  3. all 1-6 spark plugs (check that your ignition coils are also good while you have them out.)

  4. Air plenum and throttle body gaskets (you can get them both as a kit) Vincos Upper Intake/Plenum Gasket...

  5. Air filter: Bosch Workshop Air Filter 5486WS...

  6. Engine air cleaner intake duct (mine were cracked): Engine Air Cleaner Intake Duct...

  7. Pcv Tube (I might be misnomering this part)— (breather tube between the two valve covers. Mine was completely dry rotted) Part No.: 11826-EA200

  8. Two intake valve timing control gaskets (p/n 23797-ZA000—mine were cashed and you have to take the air Plenum off to replace the passenger side one, so you might as well do it while your Plenum is off. You have to remove these valve control modules to remove the valve covers anyway, so replacing their gaskets is a no-brainer.


  9. My next project is to replace my oil cooler gasket:

    MAHLE Original B32573 Engine Oil...

    Mine is pissing oil.


    I also replaced my number 3 ignition coil. Mine was bad. A mechanic did that one for me. It’s a pisser. 🤦🏻‍♂️


    If you need a good low-force torque wrench, I recommend this: TEKTON TRQ21101 1/4-Inch Drive...

    It’s only 1/4” drive, but it works very well. High quality.
u/RustToRedemption · 1 pointr/motorcycles

You can literally make gaskets out of cereal box cardboard in a pinch. You pretty much cant go wrong as long as you get something rated for automotive use you can use it nearly everywhere on the bike if you wanted to. I started out by buying an assortment of smaller sheets like THIS and then used whatever matched the original as closely as possible. When you run out of your assortment, you can run down to your local automotive parts store and get a replacement roll of the one(s) you used up the quickest, and those will last you a long time if you're just using them for personal use.

u/SgtMustang · 1 pointr/CrownVictoria

I replaced my crummy Dorman manifold with the Ford Racing part last week.

The Ford Racing unit comes with the gasket on top for the throttle body, does not need any separate hardware. No spacer needed.

It does need separate gaskets that sit on the intake ports on the heads, though. I got the Fel Pro one:

(Fel-Pro MS96281 Intake Manifold...

Let me know if you have any questions about the job. I did it last week on my ‘07 P71. Changed out a Dorman for the Ford Racing OEM one.

u/captain_frostbyte · 3 pointsr/motorcycles

I've used the red Permatex many moons ago and it had no issue. Your biggest issue will be keeping it uniform so you don't end up making yourself more problems.

do you need to take it on and off a whole lot? if you don't just go with gasket tack to keep it stuck in the right places. or go with sheet gasket like this and make yourself some kick ass gaskets.