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u/tooborednotto · 2 pointsr/Volkswagen

The intercooler is actually just sitting on the rad support. I think I put rubber under the feet. You can see in one of the pics the bar that spans the 2 verticals. The bolts through that have hooks on the end and hook to the bar of steel bolted to the top of the IC to kind of clamp it in place. It's not perfect but it works. It's simple and makes it relatively easy if I have to pull it for some reason.

This is the actual kit I used to plumb mine. Had to order a few other adapters to make it hook up to the turbo and intake manifold, but that's about it.


Edit: Sorry if I like to ramble. I'm weirdly passionate about two things.

  1. Mk1 Volkswagens
  2. Old VW diesels.

    Oh, and turbochargers. Everything should be diesel and turbocharged in my world. Haha
u/daveburnt · 3 pointsr/MechanicAdvice

Sure, looks like a few places make intercooler kits, there isn't enough room for a supercharger so you'll have to stick to turbo(s).

Basically you're doing your turbo conversion at the same time since the plumbing in these kits are designed for turbo versions.

Then you'll really have cold, condensed air, instead of just sticking a cone in a wheel well that doesn't really do anything.

Tl;dr: Skip what you're trying to do now, go all the way later.