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u/peppermint25 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I know you said you don't have time, but making a sandbox for her (of course with parents permission) would be awesome, and they could keep it for years. Plus you could always update it each year- repaint the sides, add decoration, etc as a birthday gift.

From Amazon: A turtle that shows the constellations. My baby brother had one and loved it- and my parents enjoyed having a pretty night light that they could use as a learning tool.

Also this keepsake kit will allow the parents to make a new Christmas ornament of their girl's first Christmas, plus they can make an extra one for the favorite grandma. Yes, this isn't really for the daughter, but lets be honest; she'll play with the box and be completely overjoyed.

If you want to really make the daughter happy, this sensory tub is AMAZING. Just a tub, you say? Oh no. This can be filled with sand, small pebbles, noodles, water, beans, etc to fully engage her sensory experience. I teach with a program that has one-year-olds and they go crazy when these tubs are brought out. You can even make it into a cute basket by including things like this and this and still stay in your budget! :)

For me? I'd like this so I can sleep in a few mornings :) Good luck to you in your quest for the perfect present!

u/AstarteHilzarie · 12 pointsr/BabyBumps

I accidentally hit save, here are some more items you might want to register for:

Corner bumpers more of a concern when baby starts moving, but if you get it out of the way now you don't have to worry about it later. Same goes for plug covers and cabinet locks! Furniture anchors are a must-have, too. I haven't registered for those yet, need to figure out how many we need.

Pack'n'Play portable playpen, changing station, play mat, and bassinet. Even if you don't travel much, I think it will be handy for taking baby around the house while I do chores. They come in all kinds of designs, this one just stood out because of my nursery theme.

A glider or rocking chair, dresser/changing station, and crib. I don't have recommendations for these because I got mine as hand-downs.

Baby monitor I'm going with middle of the line video, because the audio only ones aren't much cheaper, so why not? I'd like to be able to peek in on baby and make sure he's okay without constantly disturbing him by entering the room. These come in all ranges with all kinds of features, so look at a few to figure out what you want.

Bibs. I love these because they have food-catchers. Mess will still happen, but it looks like these will at least lower the amount.

Infant soothie pacifiers

Breastfeeding pillow for sitting up Probably superfluous with the other one, but I like that it straps around your waist, cushions your back, and has pockets for drinks/snack/phone.

Pacifier clips, so you aren't knee deep in pacifiers that keep falling on the floor

Butt paste. I've heard a lot about this from other moms, apparently it's the best diaper cream.

Butt spatula admittedly I felt silly with this one, but the reviews are raving. Butt paste gets everywhere, and it's water resistant so an utter pain to clean - especially under your nails. On top of that, this makes sure you get a nice, even layer for baby's comfort.

Breastfeeding scarf! I think this thing is so neat, especially with a winter baby. You can wear it like an infinity scarf, but it'd big enough that when baby is ready to eat it will cover both of you comfortably! There are a lot of different styles, I picked a black one and a grey one just so they will go with any outfit.

Graco glider soother I picked this because I thought it was neat, then I saw a bumper with post partum advice list it on her must-have rundown.

Diaper bag! I went for the backpack style so DH and I could both comfortably use it, and honestly I don't want to deal with baby in one arm and an over-the-shoulder bag on the other.

First aid and grooming kit

Bottle sterilizer, because screw trying to hand wash them

Bottle warmer, no microwave/boiling water and guess


High chair. I picked this one because it is a 4-in-1, it adjusts from infant all the way up to toddler booster, so I know I'll get my use out of it.

Puj tub - it folds into your sink to be a warm, soft bathing surface for baby, and then when you're done you hang it flat in the shower, bo fuss, no mold!

I also registered at Target and BRU for some variety, some things that I don't have amazon links for:

Travel system.... I absolutely want one that is a carrier, clicks into a car base or a stroller. Getting two bases, one for each car, and the stroller base, would probably still be cheaper than buying two car seats, a carrier, and a stroller, and with these systems you don't have to wake baby up with every transistion.

Various cloth products, swaddlers, burp blankets, bath towels, bibs, etc. These are everywhere so just pick whatever suits you! I'm not registering for any clothes just because I know everyone is going to see "the cutest little onesie" and get it regardless.

Diapers! You can never have enough. I'd get a couple of packs from each size range. Don't open them until you know how big baby is, so you can exchange any that start too small.

Toys galore. Again, people will give you these registered or not, but if you see something that really strikes you, throw it in there! Jumpers and playpads are good to pick out.

Nursery decor - if you haven't gotten it all yet, black-out curtains, crib set, sheets, matress protectors, diaper genie, changing pad, laundry hamper, mobile, etc etc.

Books! Instead of cards, I'm going to ask people to bring inexpensive books with their personal note to baby, that way he can keep their messages as he grows. I put a good amount of books between $3-$6 on my registry for this, so hopefully we won't get a million copies of the same book.

This turned into an epic novel, but I hope it helps you with some starting places! Check out the reviews and similar products on things I linked, hopefully it will lead you to some things you like!

u/rc1025 · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

You want both boppy's- you're good.

Mam pacifiers seem to be really popular- add a pack of those.

I loved earth momma nipple butter, I also recommend their calendula oil!

I recommend Natemia hooded towels- they are absorbent and large enough for my toddler. The rest are garbage and I use them for makeup towels now.

Throw one of these on there- this one I found was easiest for both kids- some of these cups have really stiff lids, not this one though.

Zutano booties! Kind of pricey but stay on so well, and hold up- I think mine have been through 3 kids (hand me downs) and are still going strong!

Avancy plates and bowls are BY FAR the best at staying suctioned- babies love to throw their plates and bowls off high chairs. Since they are a little pricier, a perfect shower gift!

Throw some plain ol' aquaphor on there, and some books (babies are boring, its nice to read to them) and you are all set!

u/telepathetic_monkey · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

1. Something grey

2. Thunderstorm MP3

3. Take your pick just scroll down

4. For my baby because I want a cool ass baby haha! Also, daddy will like it!

5. The Hater trilogy, linked is the first of the 3. This book keeps you on your toes. It's an amazing apocalyptic book that has immense imagery. All I can say is read it.

6. Nail tape, it's not nail polish, just decoration.

7. Cats! There is a cat in the design.

8. So pretty!!

9. Because it'll always put a smile on your face!

10. Survival Backpack Has enough items to help a group of 4 survive for 72 hours. This will give the people with the pack a 72 hour head start from everyone else to establish a safe spot. Everyone else is trying to find essentials now getting stuck and eventually taken over by a hoard, whereas the person with the pack doesn't need to waste time getting food, water, and some medical kit.

11. Cookware My boyfriend and I have been living with his parents for a while now and we are getting our own apartment soon (all utilities included, yay!!). His parents decided not to pay the gas company the $500 deposit to have it turned on because we live in the south and don't need to heat our apartment, we would only use gas for cooking. Because of that I haven't had a meal cooked on/in a stove in about a year. We either eat things fresh, microwaved, in a crock pot, or fried. I am sick and fucking tired of it. With the cookware I'll be able to change my eating habits because I won't be limited to what things I can cook with. Also, when I was a little girl, I never ate at a kitchen table because we didn't have one. We would eat meals separately, and I always longed for the family dinner atmosphere. My goal is to have a family dinner at least 3 times a week. I know the cookware won't help me achieve that goal, but it puts me one step closer.

12. Baby mittens

13. Soda Stream It's the 2nd most expensive item, the survival pack above is, but the Soda Stream is my dream item. My ex roommate had one and it's amazing! Also, I'm pregnant and can't have caffeine, but I love the bubbles so much!!! With the Soda Stream, I'll be able to make anything carbonated!!! I LOVE mixing in the Crystal Light powered packets, yummy!!

14. Cute storage cube

15. Owl Necklace

16. Chocolate

17. Beautiful Katmari

18. Pens

19. I'm obsessed with my unborn baby. But then again, aren't most expecting mothers??

20. Instant smoke ring machine! Does the awesomeness of instant smoke rings need to be described!?!

Made in Oregon

Thanks for the contest, this was fun!!

fear cuts deeper than swords

u/TheHatOnTheCat · 1 pointr/Parenting

I have a three year old and am eight months pregnant, so hopefully this won't be me in a couple months, but we'll see!

What if you read him bedtime stories in the bathroom while baby was in the bath? You could get quiet for that routine? For longer time in the bath with baby calm, maybe you could have brother and baby take a bath together (with brother with a lot of toys) and then read him a story on your lap in a cozy towel with baby still in the bath, brush his teeth, put on his diaper and PJs?

So, I haven't tried it yet (given baby isn't out yet) but my plan is to buy something like this, one of the infant bath seats that the baby can't slip straight down out of (some had reviews you needed to hold the baby with one hand the whole time) but this one seems to have that covered. Anyway, that's my idea since my daughter loves baths and says she wants to take a bath with the baby so maybe I could put the baby in this and they could take a bath together (she's good about splashing so I'm hoping this works?).

When my three year old was a baby I'd just take baths with her (so I have no experience with this set up myself), though I'm not sure how practical that would be with the toddler. But I guess if you have a big tub you could get in the bath next to your son and hold the baby? Sounds harder.

Good luck. Tell me how it goes, hopefully I won't need it.

u/reallovesurvives · 4 pointsr/BabyBumps

I love my boppy, my LO is 11 weeks and I’ve used it for breastfeeding every day. He also does tummy time on it because he hates laying on a flat surface and hangs out lounging on it. I get so much use out of this thing. It’s one of my favorite purchases. Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner, Sketch Slate Gray

If you’re gonna BF, instead of getting disposable pads I got these washable ones which are velour on the inside so they’re soft on your nipples, and they are good at absorption. They have different shapes for different amounts of protection, I wouldn’t get any of them except the blue rounds “overnight” ones because they are the most absorbable. Bamboobies Nursing Pads for Breastfeeding | Reusable Breast Pads | Perfect Baby Shower Gifts | 4 Overnight Pairs

This baby tub is awesome because it folds flat (i live in a NYC apt and space is very dear!) and it also has a little hammock so you don’t have to hold the baby the whole time he’s bathing. Kidsmile Baby Bathtub Portable Collapsible Bathing Tub with Non-Slip Mat, Foldable Shower Basin with Infant Sling, Comfort Folding Baby Bathtub, Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub, Blue

My baby loves this mobile. It’s super engaging. Tiny Love Classic Mobile, Into The Forest

Baby is OBSESSED with this toy. We have it hanging over his changing table and he lays there and stares at it forever. It’s his absolute favorite thing. I’m serious. The only thing is I read that the ink on the eyes smear off if they put it in their mouth so I don’t plan on giving it to him to hold/play with but just as a distraction while he’s getting his diaper changed. But seriously he never gets tired of looking at it and it was the first thing that made him happy when he started being aware and I really recommend it. Baby Einstein Star Bright Symphony Toy

u/vllewella · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Good luck hotpinkfishfood!

Her Daddy loves her as much as you do, and while he's not a mom I know he will do a great job with her. I was nervous leaving my kids at home with their dad at first too when I started working again, but it all went great! He loved spending the extra time with the kids.

As far as working again, you will do just fine.


Thanks for the contest!

u/Qwilla · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

Wow thank you so much for your reply! I have never heard of that 4Moms Breeze pack n play... it looks awesome! Maybe I'll get that instead since space isn't as much of a concern. Do you have any sheet suggestions for the bassinet top? Or anything else I could add to my list to make it more effective?

I do have some of those swaddles on my registry. I didn't mention them because they were a bit cheaper than my $40 limit thing, but I'm definitely getting some! I also have a car mirror on my registry too.

Thank you for the book suggestions as well! I have the Happiest Baby on the Block and heard wonderful things from the How to Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems. We're intending to do the Ferber sleep training thing around 6 months.

As far as a baby tub, this one was recommended to me. It apparently fits over a sink and you can wash them that way. Would that be a waste of money?

u/paparatti · 2 pointsr/Buyingforbaby

At the moment we're using a low edged round bowl that we usually wash spinach in -we just fill it up in the bathroom and wash him in it on a towel in the bedroom. Nice and easy, and if he slips out of our hands then there's nothing hard to hit himself against and not far to fall. But we've also got a Washpod that he absolutely LOVES but because he has no head/body control, it kills my arms to hold him in place safely. It's very well made, has a little cushion that sits inside with a butt groove and when he outgrows it, it should be great for holding toys/water play. I'd imagine it also holds in heat a little better than traditional bath shapes, so it will be awesome through the winter. Can't wait to use it again in a few months :D

u/minnabruna · 1 pointr/toddlers

We only have showers, but our baby had baths. He's how:

  1. We started off with a bath sponge. I recommend this for all new babies - it stops the infant from sliding around in a comfy manner. Here is a nicer organic one

  2. We moved on to a baby bathtub like this one. This is good to at least age two and possibly longer, depending on the size of the baby.

    Our showers have shower heads attached to hoses that work well for kid's showers too, which makes baths easier in general, plus as they get older, it is easy to introduce them.
u/EspressoBeans · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

We tried the baby bathtub but he kept slipping down in it so a few times I just sat in our tub with a thin swaddle blanket on my lap to prevent him from slipping and bathed him while I held him. He really enjoyed it but I wanted an easier solution since it was tricky getting out without my husband there who would hold our son as i climbed out and dried off.

Now we use this foam flower in our kitchen sink and our son loves it! He doesn't slip and just relaxes. I think the foam also traps more of the heat and keeps him warm.

Blooming Bath - Baby Bath (Canary Yellow)

u/babies-are-adorbz · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

I have registered for this one for our small apartment.

I don’t have it, or baby yet, but what drew me to it was:

-collapsible so it will take up less space, and can then be hung on the wall.

-does a reclined angle for newborn

Some negative points from the reviews seem pretty easy to work around for me.

-Some people say the newborn recline can be slippery, and the baby slides.

This seems easily fixed according to other reviews by using a washcloth, gripping drawer liner (available at dollar stores, or really anywhere, and I have a couple unused rolls. Also good under changing mats on changing tables), or getting the adhesive grippy stickers you buy for putting in the normal tub. No big deal.

-The hook that comes on it to hang it seems like it can easily break.

This seems easily fixed by drilling a hole, and attaching an S hook instead. Or something else, doesn’t seem that hard to come up with other hanging solutions.

Also, keep in mind there is nothing that says you have to wash the baby in your tub or shower. With my nieces and nephews I’ve always found it easier for the first several weeks, if not months, to bathe them in a tub on the counter or table, rather than being on the ground for it.

u/vash_the_stampede · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

Yayyyyyyyy! How exciting!!!

this is just too freaking adorable :)

My daughter loved this when she was a baby

This is silly and fun!

You are going to want this for sure. Helps cover up diaper smell!

For the due date.... I'm going to say.... May 21 because that's my birthday! :D

u/bananasmcgee · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

One of our friends lent us this infant bathtub and we LOVED it. You can only use it for 4-5 months, but it's so nice to be able to bathe your baby in the sink. It folds down flat for easy storage and is super easy to clean. We even threw it in a carryon when we traveled!

Also, someone gave us a white noise machine and we are so happy to have it. When my mom or my in-laws come to visit, they can't seem to remember not to stomp all over the place or slam doors.

u/BurlRed · 7 pointsr/predaddit

You don't need a wipe warmer.

You don't need pee-pee-tee-pees.

You don't need baby shoes. Shoes are for people who walk.

You don't need 12 bottles. I recommend between 2 and 4 bottles. If you have more bottles you'll just end up having to wash more bottles. We do very little formula though so if you're going right for formula then I don't know.


PJs with zippers. Snaps are fine but take forever when he's crying.

Diaper Cream paddle. It seems silly and people who don't have them give us shit for using one of these but seriously. The cream goes on fast and even and you don't have goop on your finger that you have to wipe off before doing up the onesie. We're near the end of a tub of cream and I can barley get my finger down there but the paddle reaches easily.

A bath with a hammock. This one has been great. We used it next to the sink when he was a newborn. He laid in the water supported by the sling. Once he was a little bigger but not quite sitting up it adjusts to give a more upright position. Then you just get rid of the sling when he can sit up.

Nose Frida. Bulb aspirators don't work very well and are hard to clean and you're supposed to replace them incredibly frequently. The Nose Frida works better and is less disposable. He'll still hate it though.

Nail Grinder. You'll need clippers too but this nail grinder is great. If you use it regularly you can skip the clippers almost entirely. That's nice because clipping baby nails is terrifying. This has the added benefit of rounding the edges which makes those razors attached to the end of your baby's fingers a little less sharp.


I'm sure there's more for both lists. I'll edit if I think of them. You could also share your current registry and get comments based on that. I don't think that violates forum rules, but I haven't checked.

u/aka_____ · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

When we’re both home we just shower with her. Usually FH showers her now because she’s over 25 lbs and I couldn’t do it anymore without my arm cramping up by the end. I’ve gotten muscle spasms before and I’m worried I’d get one while holding her and drop her.

If I’m alone I also shower with her, but I put her in her bath seat on the floor on the far end from the shower head. I spray her with water every so often cuz she loves it. And every couple minutes hand her a different bath toy from the collection to keep her interested in staying still.

One thing that helps her from sliding off the seat (this one by angelcare), is that I added one of (these big flat sponges) to give her some more “grippiness” it works really well. It’s kinda annoying to have to set it up somewhere to dry thoroughly but it’s well worth the annoyance.

u/bananas82017 · 4 pointsr/BabyBumps

I used a blooming bath lotus inside of a laundry basket until she could sit up, then I switched to this inflatable tub. She's 1 and we are still using the tub every day! The inflatable saddle horn was really nice because as soon as she could sit supported she was able to use the tub. I wasn't a big fan of the lotus thing but it has good reviews so maybe that was just me.
My biggest tip for small showers is to get a hook that you can use to hang the tub from! I got these adhesive ones and they have been holding strong for months. I hang it from the little drain hole in the tub. It is sooo much nicer having the tub up and out of the way when we want to shower. Out of curiosity, why would you put the baby tub outside of the shower? I keep it inside the shower. It will be very hard to drain and you will probably get water everywhere if you keep it outside of the shower!

u/shannonbananon2 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I really like the name Patrick, but I'm also biased because it's my brother's name haha

If they made an adult sized version of this, I'd wear it.

This is a super generic idea, but I think using chalkboard type labels on off white cardstock for food or something would be a really minimalistic and unique way of presenting things.

Thanks for the contest!

u/guardiancosmos · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

And for the bigger things, you can usually find ones that fold up or are collapsible. I know there are swings and bouncers that can be folded when not in use. For bathtubs, there are ones like the Puj, that fit in the sink and can fold up when not in use, there are ones shaped like flowers that do the same, there are inflatable ones (though I don't think those are recommended for newborns), and I have a Fisher Price one that has a hook on one end so I can just hang it in the shower when it's not being used.

Some examples:

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling 'n Seat Tub

Puj Flyte - Compact Baby Bathtub - Infant, Newborn, 0-6 Months, In-Sink Baby Travel Bathtub, BPA-free, PVC-free (White)

Blooming Bath Poppy (Seafoam)

Ingenuity Swing 'n Go Portable Baby Swings, Hugs & Hoots

Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing and Seat, Pink/White

I live in an apartment, and almost everything I've bought can be folded up or is otherwise easy to store. It's totally doable.

u/permeable · 3 pointsr/CautiousBB

Yay! Congratulations!

I actually haven't bought any clothes for my little one yet, but I'm definitely going to be buying this because it's adorable.

u/citrusysecrets · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh my gosh this is perfect! My sister is having a little baby boy in October and I'm so excited to finally become an aunt! My sister is 13 years older than me so I'll be the cool 16 year old auntie :D I'm planning on purchasing this shark robe for him! Thank you for the awesome contest :)

u/PissySnackles · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

What about something like this? He may be too big for it, but if not, it seems like a good bath support.

Angelcare Bath Support, Aqua

u/peppermintsweater · 3 pointsr/curlyhair

It's good you're starting early! My son has similar hair but I started getting lazy when he was a toddler because he made it insanely difficult to take care of his hair. Then get got head lice and it was such a tangled mess I gave up and just buzzed it off. But now it's nice because I'm getting a fresh start to do it right.

I use Shea Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, and As I Am co-wash in my son's hair as needed and it makes it really smooth and frizz-free. I also hear amazing things about Carol's Daughter for biracial hair, but it's very heavy and might not work for your son.

Also, I highly, highly recommend this for washing hair. It was always a fight pouring water on my son's hair until I got this and it is a game changer! I've tried the visors but they don't work well for us. Since your son is so little he probably won't be too much trouble but it might be nice to have in the future.

u/Dieselfitter · 1 pointr/NaturalBeauty

Dr. Ohirra's Probiotic Soap. If you're prone to acne, this is the best product I've found, bar none. Taking probiotics internally (especially by the same manufacturer of this product) is a HUGE help.

u/SugarandSass · 2 pointsr/Mommit

Prince Lionheart:

We love it, but as with any bath, you have to be really careful to keep baby from slipping down and getting his/her head underwater. My baby likes to try to scrunch up to let the water hit her lips and I have to stop her constantly, haha.

u/MrsChess · 3 pointsr/BabyBumps

I’m in Europe and almost all baths have a stand you can buy for it. I’m super surprised you don’t have those in the US. They’re usually like 15 dollars here, but I found a very expensive one on Amazon if you’re very keen on buying one;

I personally got the Stokke Flexi Bath (which is foldable) without a standard. Planning to bathe her on the changing table.

u/cakefizzle · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

We also want to use the kitchen sink at first, so we bought the Munchkin Clean Cradle Bathtub. It's kind of big, but it has a spout on the end so you can set it on your counter and the water flows out into the sink. It also keeps the baby from actually being submerged in water and the part they lay on is soft and non-slip. We haven't used it yet (any day now!) but I think it will work perfectly for us.

u/themehboat · 1 pointr/pregnant

I used the Angelcare bath support rather than a mini tub.

Angelcare Baby Bath Support, Aqua

You just put it in the shower or regular tub, and it keeps the baby from slipping. It makes it much easier to bathe the baby on your own. And the blue one is only $13.29 right now!

u/BottomOfLobby · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Baby Shark Robe

Hit me with anything from my WL if I win, and thanks for the contest!

u/KingOfSockPuppets · 19 pointsr/todayilearned

Probably something like these ones I had as a kid. They were indeed the shit.

u/Minky_Momo_ · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I'm in the minority here, but I really wanted an Euro style tub because I don't want to have to kneel to bathe the baby every time, and I don't plan on him using the bathtub every single night until he's 8 (I plan on teaching him to shower, rather) so we got this one. It was a bit expensive but we had gift cards to BRU and we don't really need much at this point so we spent them there. I have seen other models but they're not super popular here in America. Wayfair has some that are cute and smaller if you have less space in your bathroom but they're far more expensive too. This one was our second choice (also at BRU) but they don't sell the matching stand, so we went with the first one for ordering convenience.

u/gracebatmonkey · 1 pointr/Parenting

My daughter used this Tummy Tub 'til she was around 3 (she's a tiny bit in the short side). That seemed to help. I still use it as a barrier between her and the faucet, making bubbles to pour into the big bath, and to have a ready reservoir of rinse water on hair-washing nights. She also likes digging the water out of it to splash.

We still use something very similar to this folding bathtub in our regular tub to this day. Also wastes less water. And the Tummy Tub is used to collect the water from the faucet and pour it in from.

We have a spout cover, too, and it makes me less nervous, but she also went through a phase of jerking it off, making it pointless.

I wanted us to get one of these organisers, since they service as a kind of barrier as well as a distraction.

Paints/crayons helped.

Good luck!

u/blameitonthetetons1 · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

Sophie the giraffe

Check out this item at Target

If formula fed

Joovy Boob Formula Dispenser, Clear

For the parents

What to Expect the First Year

lols of pacifiers—we lose so many of them.

For bath time.

Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath Tub 3 in 1 Smart Sling, Blue

A good sleep sack, we used

Halo Sleepsack 100% Cotton Swaddle, Heather Gray, Small

Nose Frida

u/PartOfIt · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

The Blooming Bath flower that serves as a padding/hammock for a sink might be good for you. I haven't used it but have seen some Bumpers say good things about it. I saw it in the store and it was bigger than what I thought but is still smaller than a tub to store.

Blooming Bath - Baby Bath (Canary Yellow)

u/MrsSpunkBack · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

We like this one. Set on counter, drains into the sink. You need a spray nozzle of some sort.
Munchkin Clean Cradle Tub, Green

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

BloomingBath is awesome for sink bathing.

Brb with a link.

Here's one on Amazon.

You can use them for quite a while, too.

u/pizzarina_ · 1 pointr/parentsofmultiples

Have any of you tried the sink "bloom" things? are these any good?

(like this: )

(twins coming in a few months; terrified)

u/that_girl_lauren · 1 pointr/AdvancedAsianBeauty

One was Taiwanese:

One was Japanese:

Both have a very nice lather and last a long time... they are different from American soaps for sure...

u/Tamoss · 1 pointr/InfertilityBabies

My cousin uses something like this, a tub cradle. They just put it in the bathtub, fill the bath so the baby's body is under and wash her without having to worry about the baby sinking deeper. We plan on buying something similar.

u/throwthisawayokay123 · 2 pointsr/Parenting

Instead of pouring, have her lie down in the tub or lay back in a basin on water.

There are also more controllable “rinse jugs” for kids like this:

Skip Hop Moby Bath Tear-Free Waterfall Rinser Bath Cup, Blue

u/icallthebigspoon · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

We used ours in our shower for a bit when our bathtub was being repaired. We didn’t have much of an issue- just dump it slowly. I also read your update about your 6 month old not sitting up confidently yet. Have you looked into something like this? It would give some additional support either in a laundry basket, the ikea tub, or in a large sink (if you have one).

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I had an infant tub that only worked if the baby was laying down:, so basically as soon as my baby started sitting well on her own at 6 months I just started putting her in the tub alone. We have a nonstick mat and I only put a couple of inches of water in there with her. I'm always right there with her, never leave her alone, so it's never made me uncomfortable.

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Skip Hop Moby Three-Stage Baby And Toddler Bath Tub , Blue

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You should invest in some shower crayons

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I guess Girl!

I got one of these for my friend It's so cute!

3rd thing: I'm about to be an aunt again too!

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Oh and the Lionheart Washpod! Used so little water and holds

them upright. It's my go-to baby shower present!

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We don't have a tub in our apartment either, so we ended up getting this collapsible bathtub, which can be stored under the crib or under the bathroom sink. But if you can use the kitchen sink that works too!

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The bumbo is actually really bad for their development unfortunately. If you’re looking for a bath specific item I highly suggest this, I used it with my son until he was able to sit unassisted and he never slipped off