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u/fantabuly · 8 pointsr/Corridor

Compositing artist here, been doing this professionally for about five years now, I'd say there's a particularly important one all you artists should take into real consideration first and foremost. Maybe not as important to the hobbyists out there, but still a good thing to take into account for doing this type of work.

HEALTH. Physically and mentally. This may not exactly be the case every place you go, especially since I mostly work remotely, but the hours required on the more professional shows do come at a cost. You could be on a show for anywhere from a month to a year, and as time goes on the hours grow, to the point where you're doing 70-80 hours a week (I had to push 90 for the last few weeks of work on one series). Now, that doesn't leave a lot of time for eating right, working out, being social, etc. IF not managed adequately, it can and will cause a strain on your brain, friendships and your overall well-being. Invest in yourself, and then your workstation. You come first, always.

Just because you're confined to a desk all day doesn't mean it won't be physically demanding, it is a marathon that requires discipline to see it through to the other side without losing yourself. Here's some tips:

  • Have a plan or regimen for eating each week, plan a meal prep day/evening to make sure you won't have to do any extra work during the week and prepare some food ahead of time (you won't have time). I know it's easy to jump in the car and grab some fast food, or even get some delivery via GrubHub, UberEats or any various delivery service, but do yourself a favor: save the money and your gut, make the time to eat right. Oh, and ditch the coffee and drink tea. You need focus and balance, don't look to coffee for a boost in energy or strength, hits you hard at the end of the day.

  • Get. A better. Chair. Do NOT skimp on this, do not skimp on this, DO NOT SKIMP ON THIS. you don't want to have to deal with severe back problems the rest of your life. Not saying you need to drop thousands on one of the chairs PIXAR has their employees sitting in, but take it seriously because this is how you are going to be working those 70 hour weeks. Even if you don't hit hours that high, take some of the stress out of sitting for long spans of time and sit right. Do some research on what chairs ARTISTS are using, not just everyday folk, and get a broad sense of your options. If you don't have the money for the chair just yet, get one of these in the meantime or one like it (I am not paid to endorse this product, I just freakin' love it):

  • Invest in a better bed and pillow. This one may already be taken care of, but if not: get on it. Just as important as the chair, if not more. Again, this won't apply to you hobbyists out there, but you don't want to be sleeping in a crappy bed after 16 hours of work. Especially if you are only sleeping for a few hours, as that tends to happen. There will also be sleepless nights, so the opportunities you do get to sleep need to be done so in the proper environment. This also ties back into the coffee thing, you shouldn't be drinking coffee through the day, it ain't gonna put you to sleep.

  • Do not lose touch with friends and family. This used to be difficult for me, especially since I work remotely so I'm not around a lot of people like you usually are in a studio. It's easy to get lost in the work and not communicate verbally as much as you used to with people, and it sucks the life out of you. Keep your mind stimulated and your social skills sharp. You'd be surprised how inarticulate you can become after eight months confined to the same room working in isolation. You will go mad, I speak from experience. Even if you are working in a VFX house environment, it's important to stay as social as possible/is appropriate. You and your team are all fighting the same challenges, and it can get tough living in the trenches, but you're all in it together. You'll feel better, they will too, and everyone's work will be that much better because of it.

    Stay engaged, stay sharp, stay inspired. If you have any more specific questions about stuff, I'll do my best to give my advice.

u/MjrGrangerDanger · 1 pointr/MedicalGore

Basics of cushions, just in case you weren't familiar. The round 'donut' type cushions are for your genitals. When you sit on them naturally they hit your coccyx because they aren't meant to help there. You want a 'U' shaped cushion that's open to the back with enough thickness and firm foam to support the area.

I have three cushions right now.

This one is in my wheelchair on top of a normal wheelchair cushion. Otherwise I don't think I'd be able to sit in it! Picked it up April 2018. I initially picked it up to upholster a dining room chair I could use without a cushion but found it was easier have a second once I couldn't drive anymore. And I'm really glad I have an extra with the stupid wheelchair, LOL.

I've had this one in my car since April 2017. It's rock hard initally during cold weather but squishes down to nothing during hot weather if left out. My suggestion would be to just being it inside with you if you're not sure. My heated seats don't seem to make a difference, it has to be HOT.

I picked up this one for the dining room chair also but returned it too because it wasn't firm enough. Might as well be sitting on the seat.

One is a folding type from TJ Maxx, so I don't have a link, might be this one? It was in the travel section so maybe you'll get lucky and find one if you need it. I haven't tried it yet (it was $5) because I'm rolling around with lots of cushions now, lol... But it seems like it's going to be enough for good days.

If you feel like you need more thickness under your cushion I would suggest buying interlocking foam mat tiles and cutting one to shape. Stick an anti slip rug underlay between them so you don't get hurt, I like the IKEA one but you can get them lots of places.

The foam tiles (or a firm thick yoga mat) also work in a pinch when you need something NOW. You'll want to glue layers together first with something like e6000 and wait until it's cured to cut the mat or tile. Long term it needs memory or upholstery foam over it.

We've also done custom chair modifications to lengthen the amount of time I was able to work, so PM me if you need any info on other seating. It really sucks to have to work when you feel like you got the shit kicked out of your hind end.

Best of luck. :)

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. The best time I ever had in school was when I was in microbiology (I was a psych major). My professor was amazing. She challeged us and let us do mini experiments in lab. I love science and this class let me be free to investigate areas I was interested in. We learned a lot through this method and I thank her for teaching me about our microfloura friends all the time.

  2. Most wonderful time

  3. I hope your school year is exciting and full of knowledge learning! It really is the most wonderful time in your life, The chance to be wrong and make mistakes with an opportunity to correct them. Wide open doors to new areas of learning and people from whick to ask questions about those areas. All the best to you!

  4. This back support is actually something i need now because of school. Poor posture during long study hours took its toll.
u/silverglyph · 96 pointsr/bangtan

BTS have recently released a line of products with mascots that represent each member called BT21. The mascot that represents Jungkook is a pink rabbit named Cooky. BT21 were very popular as soon as they were announced, and very few products were available for easy purchase in the West, so it has been a real fight for anyone to get their hands on (official) BT21 merchandise.

If you can find a way, and if she doesn't already have some, I think getting your sister some Cooky merchandise would make her really happy. I recommend one of the giant plushies, but you should take some time to search around to see what you can find. I wasn't part of the initial BT21 rush so I'm not sure the of best places you can get one. Maybe another fan will reply with better info on where to shop.

Good luck! Hope your sister doesn't see this thread aha

Edit: corrected some sentence errors

u/Oppai-no-uta · 2 pointsr/RandomActsOfGaming

Thank you for the giveaway, lots of good games here!

I am interested in Mafia 2! I've played the demo over and over again for hours, but I have always wanted to play the full game.

I keep comfortable in my long gaming sessions using a way that might help you too. I have back problems, so I bought a seat cushion designed for that, and I place it on top of my gaming chair- That usually helps!

Check this out

Thanks again for the chance~

u/dgzenten · 2 pointsr/pilonidalcyst

Sounds good! Yeah I'll make sure to not be a total potato. Definitely going to up to veggies, fruits and protein during recovery and ask all the questions I can.

Also [ordered this memory foam thingy] (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JQ2V33Q) since I work from home from the computer. Hopefully sitting during class won't be too rough. I appreciate all the advice :) definitely feeling a lot better about this

u/kerosene31 · 1 pointr/DestinyTheGame

I just looked for sales on Amazon. The problem is that prices can vary a lot (and spending a lot doesn't mean you get a great chair).

I bought this one in 2017, but I spent only $120 on it, not the $220 it is now. I love it, but wouldn't have spent twice as much on it.


If you happen to live near an office supply place (if retail still exists), they usually have floor models you can try out. Otherwise, I just watch Amazon for sales (again obviously prices really vary) and look for something that looks good. Ordering online unfortunately involves taking a little leap of faith as you can't try it out.

It doesn't hurt to throw in a little support for the backside as well. I cracked a tailbone when I was younger (a real pain in the a**!) so one of these are cheap and really make those longer sessions more comfortable.


u/Slyons89 · 13 pointsr/buildapc

You're gonna get into a gaming chair vs buy a used herman miller / other brand expensive office chair debate in this thread.

For a straight up gaming chair, I have a SecretLabs Omega gaming chair, and I really like it. It was about $300, is nicer than some of the cheaper chairs, and the bolsters aren't too crazy so you can sit in it like a human, it's not like a 'racing' chair like some of the gaming chairs. I recommend it. I am a 5'10 male about 200 lbs.

I would make sure whatever you get has at least these options:

  1. Adjustable lean for the whole chair, so the butt and back move together

  2. Separate, adjustable back, like a car seat, where you can also just adjust the back

  3. Arm wrests that can be at least adjusted up and down (the Omega can adjust up down, left-right, and forward-back)

  4. Make sure the piston is rated for your weight, example if you weigh 200 lbs, look for a chair rated like 225 lbs or more to be safe. Otherwise the piston may die after a few years.

    I also use one of these on the chair, helps the tailbone out.

u/willmangograham · 3 pointsr/bangtan

no, I'm pretty sure they aren't. Like this is still an available cushion, but it just falls under "Unkown" somehow. Like you said, as long as they make sure it's sold by LINE Friends Global, they're making an official purchase

Edit: Happy to be of help! Almost missed out on getting them, thought they were already sold out but people on Twitter were saying they were still there

u/MrsCantankerous · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I'm so sorry! I've been dealing with this for about half my pregnancy too. First thing that helped me, was a Coccyx Cushion: https://www.amazon.com/ComfiLife-Coccyx-Orthopedic-Cushion-Sciatica/dp/B010TLSFA6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1478044291&sr=8-2&keywords=coccyx+cushion. It helps a lot. I also started physical therapy and acupuncture and I've found them both to be immensely helpful. While I felt the most relief from a heating pad, my physical therapist told me that icing the area is better because the sciatica is caused by inflammation. Good luck!

u/plunix · 1 pointr/bapccanada

I hear really good things about this one


AND it's on sale RIGHT NOW! But do your own research first.


The above is the one I own. I got it on sale for about $150 as well.

Mine can tilt the seat / back together simultaneously, or I can tilt the back separately as a recliner. This feature was very important for me when I went to purchase. It's better for comfort if you ask me.

I use it for gaming often. But I bought a foam seat cushion as well. I'll probably upgrade to one of those coccyx cushions in the future.


If you talk to Staples staff they can usually tell you if an item is planning to go on sale within 2 weeks / 1 month timeframe. So buy with confidence and price-match.

u/worldasmyth · 1 pointr/pics

You may have tried this already, but I now carry one of these with me on every flight over 3 hours and my tailbone has never been happier: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01EBDV9BU/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Sure, you look like you're carrying a private toilet seat everywhere you go, but whatever, your butt is supremely comfortable.

u/taffylimbs · 2 pointsr/ChronicPain

I am a female pelvic pain patient w PFD (and recently excised endometriosis) so it might not be exactly the same, but I found great relief while sitting by using a foam cushion with the tail bone piece removed.

I couldn't find the exact one I bought but here's one that's the same kind of design. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00V2L5JRA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_btfbBbDVQ2XZW

Hope this helps!!

u/RFishy · 6 pointsr/ehlersdanlos

It's no miracle cure, but it helps me a TON more than any other ergonomic devices I've tried at work. Got one for my parents and they also LOVE it.

u/Betrayus · 11 pointsr/buildapcsales

For those of you that don't want to fork out $$ for a new chair, I got this seat and back cushion on amazon and its awesome, made it feel like a brand new chair, gives great support, and it has held up for over a year now without issue. I got it on sale for like $25 but im sure there are other brands that are cheaper (it's currently $37) and just as good! My only gripe with it is that the straps that hold the back cushion up don't tighten enough and it slides down and needs quite a lot of adjusting every time I stand up or move pressure off of it.

u/RainbowSixThermite · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Something to make sitting more comfortable!

Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Luxury Seat Cushion, Orthopedic Design to Relieve Back, Sciatica, Coccyx and Tailbone Pain - Perfect for Your Office Desk Chair https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EBDV9BU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_S8o3Bb1JFFAKQ

Rest My Sole - Foot Rest Cushion for Under Desk - Ergonomic Footrest Your Feet Will Love at Home or Office - Resilient Comfort Foam, Non-Slip Lower Surface and Low Profile for Optimum Leg Clearance https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075RYDWZH/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_k8o3BbVRSBAHN

u/My_Post_Is_On_Topic · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Oh dude same here, I've been using the same $50 chair for at least five years now. My best recommendation is spending $20 to get a seat cushion, this one is excellent and very comfortable.

u/toucantifa · 2 pointsr/ehlersdanlos

Get yourself one of these mesh ergonomic lumbar supports intended for office chairs.

Put it on your bed and lay on it with it supporting your lower back. It'll keep your back in a more "normal" position and may stop your ribs from subluxing.

I am the queen of rib subluxations and my PT came up with this idea to try to help me be more comfortable while laying down, and it was an awesome idea and has really helped.

u/happerdapper · 4 pointsr/pilonidalcyst

Hey there, Congrats on getting the surgery, it was easily in the top ten best things Ive ever done. I had my PC for ~10 years before I finally got answers and I had the closed version of surgery.

To your questions:

  1. No. You more than likely will not need them. That being said, you will feel a good amount of pain when walking, and sitting will be considerably more painful.
  2. I had surgery using General Anaesthetic. I don't imagine they would do it with local, but I could be wrong.
  3. My recovery lasted for 2-3 weeks, with limited sitting. Driving was out, until I found a good Coccyx Orthopedic Pillow, As long as the coccyx area is cut out (looks like a U shape almost)

    Like this: https://www.amazon.com/SnugPad-Coccyx-Orthopedic-Memory-Cushion/dp/B072KFT9M3


  1. I had my surgery 3 years ago, and after recovery, and a period where my scar would become sensitive, I have had no issues with it. I am ever vigilant now to the symptoms, and will probably be for the rest of my life.


    Edit to say, Good luck with your surgery. Also added link to example pillow.
u/Rivkariver · 2 pointsr/Wishlist


I have found that office chair pillows really save my back. If you don’t already have one, you could celebrate your new job by getting a comfortable cushion suited to you. I just linked the first on Amazon, but I think it’s a good idea to get something that will keep you from having pain from sitting in the same place a long time. Makes the whole day easier.

u/ErgoWork · 1 pointr/Ergonomics

Urbo, the company I work for, has a seat-rest which is made of elastic polymer.

Feel free to check it out. It is not a 'regular' cushion, as you can see. But the structure is pretty comfortable.

u/fiberterian · 2 pointsr/Fibromyalgia

I have just ordered these for my office. I have a good office chair, but like yours, not very cushy. I'm hoping that this will be just the thing!


u/secretWolfMan · 5 pointsr/internetparents

Look really closely at the chair. The expensive ones should have the ability to slide the back forward several inches and a lumbar support.

If it doesn't have it, then bring in one (or two) of those padded back support things.

Also use a foot rest. You're barely shorter than a lot of women. There should be a lot of options to customize a seat so you can use it comfortably.


u/IamNotYourBuddy · 1 pointr/AmazonFlexDrivers

I use gel cushions. I used to use one of these. But felt like it was just too thick for getting in and out of the car a lot. I found one at an auto store that has more of traditional car seat shape, and I've really liked it.

You could also mix in a lumbar support. A cushion for your bum can only do so much. Most car seats don't have good lumbar support.

u/AstroFlyer686k · 1 pointr/xboxone

I have had this one for about 2 years: https://www.amazon.com/Rocker-Pedestal-Video-Wireless-Bluetooth/dp/B01EVOOAAG/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me=

I chose a fabric model because the vinyl will peel and crack over time like on an office chair. I would highly recommend some sort of seat cushion because the chair has very little cushion in the seat. But with a seat cushion, it is very comfortable and I can sit for 4-5 hours of XBox gaming no problem.

This is what I use: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01I76ELYO/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I'm sure there are newer versions of the chair available...just get a fabric one instead of vinyl. It will last longer.

u/winework · 1 pointr/buildapc

Get something like this. https://www.amazon.com/ComfiLife-Coccyx-Orthopedic-Cushion-Sciatica/dp/B010TLSFA6/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1473437810&sr=8-4&keywords=seat+pad

It'll force correct posture by not having a padded back to lean back on. Keep checking CL, Thrift stores, classifieds, and flea markets for deals. Make sure you google appropriate weight limits and such before making a purchase, or search the /r/BIFL forums for older posts on appropriate brands. EZ rule of thumb is if it MSRPs for 500+ and is sold to businesses directly. They're built to last.

u/Yvese · -5 pointsr/pcgaming

Honestly people. Stop buying into esport/streamer hype.

You want a comfortable chair? Keep your current one. Buy cushions that are designed to support your back/ass:

Currently using these two: For my tush and for my back. $40 turns your shitty chair into a dxracer with probably better armrests ( at least my $100 staples chair has cushioned armrests )

Don't buy into the hype. I'm sure they're nice chairs but $300? If you had that kind of money to dispose of then use it on your PC.

u/IAmYourDaydreamer · 1 pointr/answers

Well, while looking for that other link since I couldn't think of the name, I did find this which is just a padded gel Seat Cushion, though I imagine you'd want to find one way less expensive since 100 bucks seems like a bit much.

Edit: Here's a memory foam one for 25 bucks, says it's a car cushion but it's just a thing you put under your butt so I can't see any reason why you couldn't use it at something like a sports stadium (Those bench seats man...) or on a plane.

u/-Tack · 3 pointsr/patientgamers

Those 3" rollerblade wheels are amazing. I'm short and as anyone short would know almost every office or gaming chair sits too low compared to normal desktop height. Combining these wheels, a thicker memory foam seat cushion and a foot stool, my body and arms are ergonomical. This improved my posture and consistency while gaming

u/NovaThePug · 2 pointsr/simracing

Buy seat cushions for the chair, it goes a long way. I'd buy a good one to sit on and an ok one for my back to lean on.
butt cushion
[back cushion] (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FTBF9CD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_AOc4DbBQQV265)

u/Brittania-rex · 7 pointsr/Quakecon

Seat Cushion Pillow for Office Chair - 100% Memory Foam - Firm Coccyx Pad - for People 150-220lb - Tailbone, Sciatica, Lower Back Pain Relief - Posture Corrector for Car, Wheelchair, Desk https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HD8B9SP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_GGoiDbMDZBX63

Bought this last year, so worth it. If you want to spend a bit more and get one for your back too, it’s 👌🏼.

u/Sp1derX · 1 pointr/DiscountedProducts

I got this one for $5 less. I love it, thought it tends to shift back on the seat some.

u/victoriasaurusrex · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I think I'm going to hope it will be ok but not count on it. The recovery is the pits!!

Purchased this today, hope I won't have to use it forever: amazon.com

u/Purplegill10 · 1 pointr/nba

Hey do you happen to know about those special back cushions that offer a hole for your spine? These ones. I have one due to having a slightly misaligned spine and they absolutely work wonders.

u/neverhadspam · 4 pointsr/Competitiveoverwatch

Bro you don't even need a gaming chair. Just ikea office chair + back support cushion + and a memory butt cushion for back alignment = voila, gaming chair for a 100$

u/momminallday · 6 pointsr/ChronicPain

I have a butt pillow that I love!!! I have a standard crap chair and the pillow makes a world of difference. I take it driving with me too.

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion Designed for Back, Hip, and Tailbone Pain - Fits Office Chair and Car https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EBDV9BU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_4bCrDbG9RHB7Q

u/submitizenkane · 5 pointsr/holdmycosmo

Could be longer than that. I slipped and fell on my tailbone a couple years ago and it still hurts sometimes. For the first 6 months or so, I had to use a pillow like this to be able to sit without too much discomfort. I literally had to take it with me everywhere. I’m young and fit, too, which made it all the more embarrassing. I’m lucky though, some people get coccyx injuries that never go away, even after surgery.

u/taydaygrim · 2 pointsr/PelvicFloor

Have you looked into a coccyx pillow? I bought this one on Amazon for work and it’s helped me. It’s not also lower back support so that maybe something missing for you.

u/punnypeony · 1 pointr/pregnant

It's more like a U shape. This is the one I bought for my desk: ComfiLife Premium Comfort Seat Cushion - Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion for Tailbone Pain https://www.amazon.com/dp/B010TLSFA6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_CYKnDbFSYQ0TT

u/Gruntypellinor · 2 pointsr/simracing

Sure... bear in mind I am skinny 6' 162lbs (not kidding about no butt). This does raise you up a bit.
I don't know how to link pics but here's amazon link Seat Cushion and Lumbar Support... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N6KTU29?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

u/_austinight_ · 1 pointr/travel

Agreed - I had surgery for a cyst near my tailbone and even many years later still have pain when sitting too long. I have one of these for my office chair and would recommend it or something similar for OP's girlfriend while flying: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00V2L5JRA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

u/KeronCyst · 1 pointr/ChronicPain

Dang, that sucks. Also, I just read your flair. Have you considered this sciatica cushion?
https://smile.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B010TLSFA6 - just saw it yesterday and thought it might help.

u/fwl3 · 1 pointr/OfficeWorkers

I use this travel cushion at work

TravelMate Extra-Large Memory Foam Seat Cushion - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CVYOAUY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_U1pkKMHcoYlC8

and a purple cushion at home

Purple Seat Cushion - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CKMP10E/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_bsetObLdDuO3Q

u/kimpers · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I bought an ergo cushion. This one in particular: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B010TLSFA6/

It sucks to have to buy something like that on your own dollar, but I ended up using it at home too! It helped a lot.

u/71-HourAhmed · 2 pointsr/AskGames

This one has over 8,000 reviews. I have one similar but mine is made specifically for my Herman Miller chair and is expensive so you would not want that one.

u/Queenofthepineapples · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I bought this foam pillow with a tailbone cutout and got some amazing relief. Our desk chairs at work have good lumbar support but the seat cushions are atrocious; adding the pillow was just what I needed to avoid the crazy awful back and leg pain I was starting to develop. Hope you find relief soon!

u/metamet · 1 pointr/ProgrammerHumor

I got this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000TMK0O0/

And later got this cushion for it, bc the padding just isn't enough: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01EBDV9BU/

Good combo.

u/broadcastpizza · 2 pointsr/VIDEOENGINEERING

Taking your post literally, this: https://www.amazon.com/Everlasting-Comfort-Cushion-Designed-Tailbone/dp/B01EBDV9BU/ref=sr_1_4?crid=2PDVQRCL4ZAG&keywords=everlasting+comfort+seat+cushion&qid=1571062934&sprefix=everlasting+comfort%2Caps%2C142&sr=8-4

I use it on every show, and it has made such a difference since I bought it.

Other than that I would say it is my collection of dongles. No one ever brings extras and when theirs don't work...

I would say Decimator MD-Cross (or HX if you don't need a test pattern generator), but that's kind of just an assumed that everyone has at least one of those in their workbox now.

u/of_halicarnassus · 3 pointsr/cars

These seats are awful.

Buy a seat cushion. Not for the backrest, but for the actual seat. Get the "coccyx support" kind. It will raise you higher up, lowering the lumbar bulge along your spine or removing it entirely and taking pressure off your lower back.

Been a good, cheap solution for me.

SOURCE: owner of 2004 Forester

u/EntropyOrSloth · 1 pointr/piano

I have a long-term back injury as I was hit by a car while on a motorcycle at 60mph back in 2011 - broke over a dozen bones, screwed up my spine, and have permanent nerve damage. I don't think I was lasting even 60mins on a piano bench. I did two things which had miraculous effects. First, I also put on lower back and upper back braces before sitting down on the piano bench. Secondly, I now sit on a thick memory foam cushion on top of the piano bench. Your mileage might vary, but the combo of these three items has been nothing short of miraculous for me. The other day, I sat 2 straight hours at the piano and there was not even one peep from my back.

u/madeeelion · 4 pointsr/paralegal

Hey! I'm not sure if I can be of help, as I'm not a bigger gal, but I started developing some really awful sciatic nerve pain at my paralegal job, and I bought the cushion that I'm linking below from Amazon end of 2017, and it is still working wonders for me. It helps align your hips and keep pressure off your lumbar spine and coccyx.

This is the cushion that I use
ComfiLife Coccyx Orthopedic... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B010TLSFA6?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

Hope this helps!!

u/BitchPlzzz · 2 pointsr/wls

I drive a lot and I experienced the same thing. Sitting for prolonged periods destroys my back and tail bone now. I think it’s because I have less natural padding. I got this pillow set from Amazon and it was like magic how well it worked. 12+ hours of driving with no breaks and no pain. It’s made of some kind of gel so it holds its shape very well; no smushing down into a useless pancake even after 12 hours.