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2. Dakimakura body pillow (A & J original) DHR6000 high (160 cm x 50 cm)

  • This is a high grade kawaii Japanese body pillow.
  • You will sleep better if you have this.
Dakimakura body pillow (A & J original) DHR6000 high (160 cm x 50 cm)
Height5.905511805 inches
Length62.99212592 inches
SizeOne Size
Weight5.6 Pounds
Width19.68503935 inches
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5. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump - Queen Size

  • CUSTOMER FRIENDLY 1-YEAR WARRANTY comes standard on all SoundAsleep mattresses. Rest assured on your purchase of the highest quality air mattress money can buy. Call or email anytime for support. Our US-based team is here to help!
  • INDUSTRY LEADING DESIGN exclusively using ComfortCoil Technology and a SureGrip bottom to ensure firmness and stability. No slipping and sliding! With 40 internal air coils for added durability and support your bed will remain flat and firm so you can stay SoundAsleep! Updated in 2019 with our official SoundAsleep logo!
  • PATENTED 1-CLICK INTERNAL PUMP ensures quick and easy inflation and deflation. Designed for in-home use, the Queen Size Dream Series mattress reaches full inflation in under 4 minutes and will stay inflated for days. If you prefer a firmer surface, use the pump for a quick top up!
  • PREMIUM “DOUBLE-HEIGHT” RAISED AIR BED with dual chamber construction. With inflated dimensions of 78” x 58” x 19”, this mattress is large enough to sleep two people comfortably or one person like a king! Guests, friends and relatives of all shapes and sizes will be thrilled. For a smaller mattress, check out our Twin Size!
  • EXTRA THICK, WATERPROOF FLOCKED TOP ensures a comfortable sleeping experience while multilayer, puncture-resistant Eco-Friendly PVC makes this mattress extra durable and long-lasting.
SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump - Queen Size
ColorBlue Top / Beige Body
Height19 Inches
Length78 Inches
Number of items1
Weight18.959754532 Pounds
Width58 Inches
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11. ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Pillowcase, Hypoallergenic, 19 Momme, 600 Thread Count 100 Percent Mulberry Silk, Queen Size with Hidden Zipper (1, Ivory White)

  • 100% Real 19 Momme Grade 6A Pure Mulberry Silk
  • ✅【Organic Silk】We use only pure Mulberry silk, which is an organic fiber with a relatively low carbon footprint, low soil and low land impact. Mulberry leaves trees help to store carbon. Cool to the touch, sensuously smooth, hypoallergenic and breathable
  • ✅【Natural Beauty Therapy】Silk contains the same protein as human hair. Dermatologists recommend real silk pillowcases for hair and skin health, as it is less scratchy and coarse on sensitive, acne prone skin than cotton or cheap satin materials. Best gift for women preventing morning bed head, brittle hair, dry skin and signs of aging
  • ✅【Benefits for Hair】Protect curly or wavy hair and keep your hairdo shiny and hydrated, and you don't wake up with crazy split ends or frizz by experiencing less friction, less staticy
  • ✅【Benefits for Skin】Prevent sleep wrinkles by providing a slippery surface to slide over instead of tugging and pulling at delicate facial skin
  • ✅【Hidden Zipper】Your pillow won’t slip out the case. Beautifully finished, with interior edges stitched over
  • ✅【Queen Size】20 x 30 inches (51 cm x 76 cm), covers most queen-sized pillows
  • ✅【OEKO-TEX Certified】Toxic-free, treated without harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, mercury and other heavy metals. It's completely safe and eco-friendly, skin-friendly. Colors are consistent and colorfast
  • ✅【Sleep Set】Couple the pillow case with our soft silk scrunchie; "Be like the bears in Alaska! Take care of your fur while hibernating!!"
ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Pillowcase, Hypoallergenic, 19 Momme, 600 Thread Count 100 Percent Mulberry Silk, Queen Size with Hidden Zipper (1, Ivory White)
ColorIvory(natural White)
Height0.004 Inches
Length9.3 Inches
SizeQueen 20''x30''
Weight0.25 Pounds
Width5.6 Inches
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18. ZonLi Adults Weighted Blanket 20 lbs(60''x80'', Grey, Queen Size), Cooling Weighted Blanket for Adult, 100% Cotton Material with Glass Beads

  • 【NATURAL SLEEP HELP】Zonli weighted blanket offers a natural way like a feeling of a hug to give kids and adults a better restful sleep and provides comfort. Perfect for helping you relieve pressure and giving you a relaxing and good sleep.
  • 【SAFE&BREATHABLE HEAVY BLANKET】ZonLi heavy blanket makes high-density sewing technology, two-layer microfiber are added to prevent the loose of the thread and leakage of the beads. Unique 7 layer design will firmly keep the beads inside for the best breathability and keep you at the perfect temperature, perfectly adapted to year-round safe use.
  • 【EVEN WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION】Zonli cooling weighted blanket features 5x5 small compartments with precision stitching (2.5-2.9mm per stitch) to prevent the beads from transferring from shifting from one compartment to another, making the blanket distribute the weight evenly and allow the blanket to conform to your body.
  • 【BUYING SUGGESTIONS】Choose the Zonli weighted blanket weighs 6%-10% of your body weight and a lighter one for the first try. 60*80 weighted blanket 20lbs is suitable for Singe ~250lbs or 2 persons sharing(Twin/Full/Queen). Note: the size of the blanket is the size of the blanket, not the bed.
  • 【HOW TO MAINTAIN】Any heavy blanket may damage your washing machine, but the duvet cover is machine washable and very easy to clean and dry. We recommend that you hand wash and hang dry as the best way for cleaning. If possible, a Zonli duvet cover is highly recommended. Any questions, please contact us.
ZonLi Adults Weighted Blanket 20 lbs(60''x80'', Grey, Queen Size), Cooling Weighted Blanket for Adult, 100% Cotton Material with Glass Beads
ColorDark Grey
Height0.0393700787 inches
Length78.7401574 inches
Weight20 Pounds
Width59.05511805 inches
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u/nutmegtell · 2 pointsr/popping

Gosh, I'm so sorry. If it really is a pilonidal cyst, you need to have the whole area removed. They should have taken the whole thing out the first time. If it is a PC, the recovery may be uncomfortable for a few months, but if you don't take care of it now it will get more painful, and can become infected causing more painful and expensive surgeries.

Here's my free advice (lengthy but worth every penny lol)

-Make sure your surgeon understands what they are talking about, and are current with what these cysts are and treatment. Don't be afraid to get a second opinion. Ask about the length of hospital stay and post op wound care. If they want to suture it closed, get out of there. That's a good way to have a reoccurrence and infection. Which I'm guessing you don't want.

-The wound is basically like taking an ice cream scoop out of your back. It may go to the bone. It will need to be left open and will heal from the inside out. Your body will create 'granular tissue' that fills it in. In a couple of months, skin will grow to cover it. You will NOT have a lasting scar at all!

-They may offer you either 'packing' or a wound Vac. Go for the Wound Vac. It gently pulls your tissue up, and in recent studies it's been shown that the wound will heal the granular tissue faster and with less pain and trauma to that area. They will have them at the hospital, and will give you a portable one for at home. My daughter carried it in a backpack so it wasn't really noticeable. But it does make a farting sound every so often. Not awesome for a 14 y/o shy freshman :/ )

-My husband had his wound packed with gauze (back in 1983). He had to have his mom change it twice a day for 6 weeks. If this is your only option make sure you get strong pain meds. I suggest for the first month or two go to the wound care clinic and have them do it.

While at the hospital:

-Get as much information as you can. Bring someone who can be your advocate. Obviously, in our case, as her mom that was me. It has to be someone who has a cool head and can listen to the care team to process what they are saying to help you. If you don't have a person to help, keep some note cards or a journal next to you and write down all of your questions as they come to you. Make sure they are answered in a way you understand. Don't be afraid to ask more than once or twice. My thoughts on hospital staff- If you're nice, ask the nurses about their families and don't yell at them you'll get much better care. Be assertive but not aggressive.

-Take any and all pain meds you need. It might start with (most likely) morphine, but they have everything available. Don't be afraid to ask. If you have a history of abuse, they can help monitor so you don't get on fragile ground. They gave my daughter an rx for morphine patches, Vicodin and Xanax for wound changes. Because they caused her severe pain but also anxiety. She never needed the patches and she stopped needing the others after two months. She takes a Tylenol or Motrin every few weeks now. Her granular tissue is healed, her skin is getting thicker, but it's still a bit tender.

Post surgery:
You won't be able to sit on your bottom or lie on your back for a few weeks. Get this body pillow - called the Snoogle was recommended by her Physical Therapist while in the hospital. You could get one now, it might help release the pain in your lower back before surgery. It was VERY helpful and worth the trip to the baby store on the way home. These inflatable waffle pads are also great for when you can lay on your back without putting pressure on the coccyx -- and far better than the inflatable doughnuts they give to some people.

You won't be able to get it wet, so get some dry spray shampoo, and you can use these disposable wash cloths to bathe yourself as needed. Showering wasn't too hard, the wound Vac is sealed and I just set it outside the shower while she was in it. Once she was done with the wound Vac and able to shower again the wound care team recommended this tea tree body wash from Trader Joe's .

I have a list of post op necessities, I can post if want (even more) information lol. I figure knowledge is power, so if you go in knowing what you want, what to ask about, and knowing what's coming up, you'll feel more in charge and have control/agency over your own care.

Best of luck, let me know how it goes! Maybe it's not this at all :) 🤞

u/whenwillthewaitend · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

If I had it to do over again I would have gotten the Leachco Back 'n Belly or the "chic" version of that pillow. What I actually got was a mini snoogle and while it was fine and perfectly sufficient early on I'm now having to supplement it with a couple of other pillows. Sure using 2 other "normal" pillows that I already had laying around the house is cheaper but it's also a huge pain. Every time I roll over or get up (ya know, approximately 20+ times a night trying to get comfortable or getting up to pee) I have to move every single pillow then re-position every single pillow. There is nothing that takes you from mostly asleep to wide awake during a position change like having to wrestle a snoogle and also move 2 other pillows while struggling to get everything in the perfect spot. And, ya know, no pressure to make sure it's all in the right spot because if it isn't I'll just wake up an hour later with severe rib/back/round ligament/whatever pain and won't be able to go back to sleep at all.

At this point the $60-90 for the back 'n belly (or chic version) that I thought wasn't worth it is feeling 100% worth it. I'd love to have a pillow that goes around so I can just roll over and already have stuff on the other side if that makes sense. I've actually seriously considered spending the money just for the 3rd trimester because honestly maybe 3-4 more weeks is enough to get my money's worth. At this point anything that helps me not hurt all the time and helps me sleep is kinnnndaa priceless.

So that's my advice. Definitely get a pregnancy pillow. Definitely don't think about "but it's so expensive for something I'll only use for X long!" unless you just really don't have the money in your budget. Get whatever you honestly think has the best chance of keeping you comfortable for the next however long, including the 3rd trimester instead of saying "maybe this will be good enough and it's so much cheaper!" like I did.

ETA: If it matters I had a bad lower back before pregnancy. I've also always had a tendency to get intercostal chondritis (rib pain) and pregnancy has only made that 100x worse. And I have bad pelvic girdle pain. If you don't have any preexisting issues and you don't end up with PGP it's possible you wouldn't need as much support to stay comfortable.

u/MacabreChaos · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hugs for youuuu <3

I think Alpacassos/Arpakassos are the cutest things ever. <3 :>

If you're a fan of round, big, soft cute things, I'd definitely recommend checking out :) I have a Squishable myself and can attest to how awesome they are for cuddling!

I've also heard great things about body pillows. Similarly, there's those "dakimakura"/Japanese body pillows where you can replace the pillowcase with your favorite video game/anime/TV show character/male/female/whatever if that floats your boat. Example here slight NSFW.

There's also the infamous boyfriend pillow.

Hope this helps! I love cute soft things myself. :> Thanks for the contest and good luck. <3

u/TenmaIsMyLight · 2 pointsr/Dakimakuras

Many foreign websites primarily target the domestic market, which in this case is not us. Most Japanese sites are only in Japanese, only ship to Japan and some even only accept payment from Japanese cards and bank accounts. Because of this Proxy companies will purchase items from these websites on your behalf , hence the name proxy.

The typical way of doing things is providing the proxy site with the link to the item you wish to purchase, some sites have interfaces to help browse popular sites but you can just use a link to the item you are interested like this. They will then see that they can purchase the item and will then typically ask for payment for the item itself. Once they have purchased and received the item they will then determine what it will cost to ship it to you and then ask for payment for that. There will also typically be a handling fee which is what they make their profit off. Once that is paid they will ship it to you and you now have your item that you could technically only buy in Japan.

There are a number of different proxy companies out there that have different fees and services so I would advise that you have a look around and see which service best suits your situation. Some example of proxies are listed in the side bar ( or opt out of the redesign to see it if you cant) as well as some other ones like ZenMarket, Buyee and many more. I personally have used SutoCorp and Tenso (forwarder service, Buyee is their proxy service) to order items from Japan and I would recommend NOT going with SutoCorp for this type of purchase if you can avoid it due to their very high % fee. Their service is better if you want lots of small items as they dont charge per item like some others do.

u/tylerrobb · 2 pointsr/grandrapids

I'm sleeping on a Casper currently. I used to sleep on a Sleep Number mattress but I honestly like this one a lot better.

When I worked at that mattress factory back in the day, I had to haul off a 1 month old $5000 Tempurpedic memory foam mattresses that this couple really didn't like. I was really surprised to find that people pay so much for a mattress that they end up hating. That memory foam absorbs body heat and doesn't breathe like latex does. You end up sinking into the mattress to the point where rolling over or moving in the middle of the night becomes frustrating.

Whatever mattress you end up with, buy a mattress cover to protect it. I got this highly rated one off of Amazon:

Nice pillows and pillow protectors are a good upgrade too. I ended up saving so much money from buying my mattress online that grabbing extras like new pillows and a really nice set of sheets didn't hurt my wallet so much. These pillows are super squishy and provide low-to-medium support:

Sheets make a big difference to me and when I first saw the price on the sets at Parachute, I chuckled at how ridiculously high they seemed. I asked around online and bit the bullet. I have never been so satisfied day after day with any purchase. (They talk about how they get softer after each wash and I thought that was total BS. It's actually true. The sheets get softer the longer you use them!)

Watch this video to learn more about what makes the Casper and Tuft and Needle mattresses different. It talks about what they're made of and who they're geared towards.

u/0ywiththepoodles · 1 pointr/March2018Bumpers

I have scoliosis which has affected my hips (among other things) since I was about 12 years old. So I've been sleeping with a pillow between my legs for at least the last 15 years. My physical therapist told me (and was absolutely right about this!) that if you're laying on your side, you want your bottom leg down and straight-ish, and your top thigh in line with your hip. So you'll actually want a pretty thick pillow under your top leg to keep everything in line. That's held true for me during pregnancy, too.

At 12 weeks I splurged on the Leachco Back 'n Belly Contoured Pillow and it's amazing. The head part was a little too thick for me and hurt my neck until I broke it in, but the body part was absolutely perfect for supporting my back and my little belly. Also, the reviews about the seam along the head part are absolutely true, but I took a seam ripper to it and also cut vertical slits along the head part seam and it's perfect now. I figured the sooner I buy it the more use I'm getting out of it! And truly, you need to do what makes you comfortable and forget about any preconceived notions of "but I'm not even that big/far along yet!" :)

u/DakimakuraGuy · 2 pointsr/Dakimakuras

The sidebar is probably the best place to look, since the main site I linked in my old thread isn't really active anymore. Nijigenshingu on the sidebar is still my personal favorite active site, but not every site is going to catch every single release, so it's good to look through a few. Pixiv/Twitter are great sources as well; just follow a bunch of hobby artists/companies/etc, and you'll see stuff pop up regularly.

There is only one accepted option in this sub, honestly: Suck it up and buy a DHR6000. Total cost will run you about $160, and you can either pick it up from using a proxy/forwarder, or buy it directly from Amazon with the shipping cost already factored into the inflated price. Yes, shipping is an absolute bitch (almost the cost of the pillow itself.) Yes, it's absolutely worth it. You can look at previous question threads, and you'll find at least one question each month asking about the best pillow, and the answer is always the same.

But I'll directly respond to some of the questions/points you made.

For Royal Pillow, you'd have to call them up and do a custom order. Pillow will run you about $15-20 depending on the options chosen, but they don't (or didn't when I ordered) vacuum seal pillows and they shipped UPS, so shipping is expensive. Back when I ordered 3 pillows, shipping cost me about $70, which is around what it takes to ship a pillow from Japan (that will arrive sooner, most likely.) The actual quality of the pillows is pretty lackluster. I bought their base filling, and it was too puffy for me to initially lay on, and got beat down really quick, with no good middle ground. The gel was a little better, but also didn't have any longevity and I also had an issue with feathers poking through the pillow and through my cover, damaging it.

Amazon pillows might be decent, but I don't know. Most dakimakura covers are going to be 2WT, which is rather elastic, so it's generally okay if the pillow is a little bigger, but if it's smaller you're going to have some irritating slack.

If you're going to buy a Japanese pillow, don't cheap out; shipping is going to be expensive no matter what, so you may as well opt for quality.

Air filled pillows are a cheap alternative, but I doubt they're a good long term or comfortable choice.

u/LadyTechnocracy · 16 pointsr/pics

My OCD (along with radically different sleep patterns) keeps me from sharing a bed with my fiancé, but he loves cuddling, so as an anniversary gift, I decided to make a body pillow version of myself for him to keep in his bed!

I started by commissioning a very large anime-esque portrait of myself by starexorcist and then had the image printed on a pillow case through ArtsCow. Shipping took forever, but the quality is great! The pillow itself came via Amazon.

I suppose I should say the technical term for this pillow is "dakimakura"- I get a kick out of seeing dakimakuras with anime characters on them at conventions and my fiancé loves anime too, so I figured this would be a fun (and funny) gift to give.

What do you think?

u/Hrothmund16 · 1 pointr/Dakimakuras

Greetings myBAD77. You mentioned "for a good price" before it got removed if i recall correctly (We have a question thread for questions as you can see in the sidebar or the sticky post as the first post thingy)

First off as far as i know EVERY English site where you can buy dakis sell fake dakis. As in they steal the art and then print them themselves which may results in an altered/blurry image and inferior quality.

I assume you are familiar with the limited time you can purchase most covers in the pre order periods and sometimes events. Most covers are 160 x 50 cm. There are some that are 150 x 50 but they might only make up 5% of what gets released.

The cheapest best price/quality that is printed on demand is from AcHobby. Which cost 75 USD excluding shipping.

You can contact Alknoal on facebook he is able to just ship things to US without needing a proxy.
Most of their work can be found here:

The average MSRP for a new Japanese Tricot <--- only material you want if you intend to sleep with it cover is about 105 USD excluding any extra costs.

If you want a cheap pillow:

If you want a bit more expensive but good pillow that most of us have and everyone here is greatly satisfied with. If you intend to buy and use more covers do yourself a favor and buy at least a good pillow. (It will have a reasonbly large shipping cost):

If there are any characters or series you like just mention them and am sure one of us has the time to look what has been released for that character or series. Most of the covers that get released are NSFW being about 95% NSFW and the remaining 5% being SFW.

For older covers the easiest way to get them is to see if they are listed on Mandarake or Yahoo Auction. The majority of what they sell are unused and sometimes opened. Mandarake does not sell counterfeit items but a lot of cheap stuff on Yahoo is. Everything under about 8k on Yahoo has a good chance of being fake so always check for tags and other auctions of the seller. You can always ask in the question thread if you are not sure.

u/N_Rage · 2 pointsr/vandwellers

I've slept for about a year on cheap air matresses from kmart and even though I've got some issues with my back it worked well and was comfortable.
However most matresses only lasted about 1-2 months until they developed a hole, even though the material seemed reasonably strong, so if you're planning on finding a long term solution, I'd get a real mattress.

You also mentionned in another post that you will be camping in cold weather. Air matresses do not insulate well, so I put blankets on top of mine, but it still wasn't as warm as a regular mattress.

The biggest advantage of air matresses is their ability to be able to be emptied and stored in a small space and the flexibility this offers. This is great for weekend trips, but when you're living in your car on a permanent basis, it's not necessary.
The only time I deflated mine was when I was doing a road trip with a few people and simply needed the space.

The mattress you linked also seems rather wide and would take up a lot of space, something you already don't have a lot of. Just lie down and measure how much space you actually need to sleep, for me it's about 60cm/23.5 inches, the mattress you linked is about twice as wide.
Another thing to keep in mind is vertical space in the back of your car. In the wagon I was sleeping in I had about 80cm/31.5in in the back from the trunk area to the roof. After putting in 1/2 inch plywood on 4-5inch stilts and then placing an air matress with a height of 6 inches on top, there was very little space left.
So little in fact, that my shoulder had to squeeze along the roof when turning around while sleeping. I'm not even going to go into the effort of getting into the spot in the first place.
Something to consider, in case you're claustrophobic.

After a few weeks a big storm hit the city I was sleeping in, causing heavy rains for about a week, so everything got really damp and the plywood construction started to get moldy, so I got rid of it for good.

I'd try to get a foldable foam mattress like this one instead, it can still be stored somewhat easily while being more durable and insulating better.

u/shadowedhopes · 2 pointsr/sex

These waterproof blankets from LL Bean are my go to. they're a little crinkley (mostly when you're unfolding it) but cheaper and way better than the liberator blanket.

ETA: This mattress protector is really great and a super effective backup. It's not crinkley or hot like some waterproof mattress protectors I've tried and is great for the times you can't stop long enough to get the blanket

u/Kvothe_Kingkiller · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

Just an opinion, but I'd avoid the futon if at all possible. I know they are supposed to be the perfect mix between a couch and a bed, but in my experience they end up not doing either very well. And they really do scream "college guy," which I assume is something you are trying to get away from.

I recently faced the same dilemma (and am moving into a place that is about the same size as yours), and while there are some sleeper sofas out there that can pull double duty and look nice, limiting yourself to that makes it much harder to find something you really like.

My honest advice? Find a couch you love and buy that, then buy a really nice air mattress for those days when someone needs to crash at your place. Honestly, the folks that have slept on the one I have claim it's as comfortable if not more comfortable than most beds.

In case you are curious, I ended up ordering a custom couch from Joybird and currently have this air mattress.

u/ValarDohaeris · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

My partner has been over the moon. This is a man who was considering getting a vasectomy over the last year (and he's not even 30) - our pregnancy was a big surprise. But he's SO HAPPY and excited about the pregnancy; he always has a hand or two on my bump, and loves to lay with his head on my belly to hear & feel movement. And he genuinely loves my pregnant body, which is a relief sometimes when I feel like a land whale. (My self-confidence is sometimes really high - but it also falls victim to the fact that pregnancy has given me the unpleasant, uncontrollable ability to change my mind at a moment's notice and hold a vastly different position on something than I did 30 minutes prior. And I'm supposed to name a child with this kind of indecisiveness? DAMNIT.)

Being pregnant makes you feel a little bit like superwoman, once you get past the initial misery. Right at about 13 weeks is when mine finally knocked off. 16-17 weeks were SO AMAZING - I wish I could have bottled that whole time period and kept it going forever. Energy, libido, mood, everything was GREAT!! Now I'm starting to sneak into "Ehhh, nothing is comfortable anymore =(" territory, as well as dealing with my GOD DAMN BRAIN failing me at every turn.

Get a pregnancy body pillow. The normal flat ones they sell at home furnishing stores won't do it. I got a Snoogle and it is AMAZING. OMFG. Best sleep I've had in a long time, and it's actually been helping cut down the insane pregnancy dreams. I slept for 12 hours last night. A-mazing.

Once you get out of the first trimester - where YOUR body is doing all the really hard work - it's up to the kiddo to just get bigger and develop. So it's been really fun to track all the changes and see him on the ultrasound. Feeling him move is crazy, and getting crazier all the time. In the beginning (I first felt him at 16 weeks), I could only feel him if he kicked the front of my stomach. Now I can feel him moving around and kicking down or toward the back. It's very bizarre, but kind of cool!

u/Travis100 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You do have some pretty practical things on your wish. I'll try to keep my choices under $75 in case you really want something, that way you can buy it right away (or even buy a few things at one time)!

  1. This Pillow can be very important for you if you really need a new pillow and/or don't sleep well at night. New, comfy pillows can really help with staying cool, clean, and comfortable at night.

  2. This Laptop Cooler also seems very important. If your laptop does get very hot, or you can't use it on your lap, then you need this! This cooler/stand/lap thing will really help as your laptop will stay cool, last longer, run faster, and you can use it on your lap and on the go!

  3. Rechargeable Battereis are always very important as they save time, money, and the earth! You don't have to buy batteries all the time, you can have new batteries ready all the time, and you don't have to throw batteries away when they die!

  4. Got to have some NSFW fun every once in a while

  5. Nutella... That's all I have to say

  6. Music is very important. It is always good to have a decent pair of ear buds so you can always relax, jog, bike, clean, or do anything to music!

    I may add more stuff to the list, but you get the point! Go for important, but also fun, stuff!

    Surprise me and pick anything from my wishlist! :D
    Go Ben
u/inspiredesires · 125 pointsr/sex

Although the liberator feels nice, it actually doesn't do a good job of soaking up the liquid. I just got a new squirt-friendly blanket from Amazon that I love, and it's worked very well so far.

( THROWS OF PASSION Waterproof... )

I also have waterproof mattress protectors and have even soaked through those on good days, so being able to absorb volume is what matters to me.

I also take puppy pads with me to other partners' homes or to sex parties so that I don't leave big puddles everywhere, haha. Look for super absorbent ones.

Good luck!

u/blaaaaaargh · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I see you like Harry Potter. I am a fan of this throw. Or you could get the Marauder's Map! This is also really cool. You need.

I love Harry Potter collectibles. I'm in the process of acquiring all the Horcruxes right now.

If I win I really need a new pillow. It's $1.50 over, so a giftcard towards it would be amazing.

Thank you for the contest and I hope you feel better soon!

Also I just saw you're from Michigan as well! Rad. Are you thinking of going to the meet-up?

u/financiallyanal · 1 pointr/Allergies

This isn't exactly what you asked, but I struggled with it too. The issue I had is that my mattress was maybe 12" thick before and these encasements are more like 16" thick, which is meant for the thicker mattresses.

The issue it created is that the dust mite cover would slide around, bunch up, etc. and that made it hot and uncomfortable. I hated it. But I didn't know what to do and couldn't find products with a snugger fit.

I also realized my mattress was a little old. I went to Amazon and bought a new one (Zinus green tea mattress) that was actually 16 inches thick and allowed the cover to be a better fit. This resolved the fit issue and made it nicer to sleep on.

Because the cover causes sheets to still slide around (it isn't as grippy as the mattress itself), I use those little corner clip things that help keep the cover in place.

It can run a little warm, but isn't as bad as before. I've learned to leave the temperature in my home down a little and use a fan as needed.

Hope that helps a little bit. This is the cover I use:

u/LunarStone · 2 pointsr/minimalism

I have a trifold foam one that I bought on Amazon, and it was much cheaper and far more comfortable than the "stuffed ones", like the one in the picture.

This is what I have, though you can get the queen sized one as well I'm pretty sure:

I'm not even exaggerating when I say it's the most comfortable bed I've had, and my previous bed was some $900. Just look at the reviews. Before buying this foam one, I had purchased one of the "stuffed" roll up ones, that was about $300.... I regretted it, wasn't comfortable. I purchased the foam one directly after.

The only thing I can think to complain about is that the material it is made of doesn't feel amazing on the skin, but obviously you're supposed to put a sheet over it, so that's not an issue.

For college, I think it depends on your living situation. Are you in a dorm, your own apartment, what? Speaking from experience, I've never lost out on a sexual opportunity from using a floor mattress, but then again I don't bring the girl to my room first thing. I usually don't even bring them to my room until they are displaying obvious interest, like us making out. If they comment on it as we go there, I just say tell them it's an fancy traditional Japanese bed, ha.

I've never had complaints about it beyond that, but obviously you just have to make sure that the area in the room is clean. It's one thing to have a floor mattress in a clean room, and another to have it in a room with mess on the floor. So think about that.

u/Plutarch_Rime · 1 pointr/CCW

The first thing I learned is there are things I'd like to carry with me all the time, and then there's the annoyance of encumbrance. All of these EDC videos on YouTube show some interesting products, but there's no way I could walk around with all the shit people carry on them all day.

I have found nothing better than the Troika for organizing keys, and things that can be carried on keyrings. Since my latest vehicle is push-to-start, I no longer have to concern myself too much with weight on my keyring the way I used to when I had to put it into the ignition. I am such a fan of these Troikas that I just give them out as gifts to everyone I know.

I realized that I don't have a lifestyle where I really need full-sized tools on an everyday carry basis. Accordingly, I just use a Leatherman Micra and a one-cell Fenix E01 flashlight. If I know I'm going out walking at night, I'll bring something larger, but my point here is the first thing I did was pare down what I carried to what I actually needed. Both are connected to the Troika with my keys, and easily detachable (that's what the Troika does best.)

This way, my front right pocket contains my keys, the Micra, and a Flashlight.

Secondly, I always wear an unbuttoned overshirt everywhere I go. This provides me breast pockets in which I carry a pen. So-called "tactical" pens are mocked, in large part because they are called "tactical" pens, which is hilarious. However, these have a variety of benefits:

  • They are me-proof. Because they are made of durable metal, they won't get bent or explode on me. This is important.

  • The one I use has a rape whistle and a firestarter (srsly) in it as well. I will likely never have use for either, but I get them "for free."

    One pocket contains the pen, and sometimes a penlight (which is as much "full sized" flashlight as I need.) The Streamlight Stylus Pro is simply the best flashlight I've ever owned:

  • It is affordable.

  • It is not "too much" flashlight. I used to carry a Fenix LD20 for walking at night, but, aside from its annoying features (the stupid strobe mode, for example), I found that in the event it moved across the window of a house, it would likely alarm the tenants. Super-powered flashlights have their uses and fans, but for walking at night where I live, it's overkill for me. If I was searching for something in the dark, I'd maybe bring something heavier. In addition, it doesn't fuck with my night vision the way one of the super bright ones does. Sometimes less is more. It's also more carryable and less fiddly.

    The Stylus Pro lives in my breast pocket next to the pen when I carry it, and it has one feature I love more than others: one mode, and one mode only. I never engage the strobe by mistake or anything like this. If I ever need to use it in combination with a firearm, I won't have to worry about activating the wrong mode. It has a single "proud" clicky at the back, and is just the shit. So much so I own 4 - one for the car, and a few in other rooms of the house.

    The other breast pocket carries my cell phone.

    Wallet is a Maxpedition Spartan, the best wallet I've ever owned, and the longest-lasting by orders of magnitude. That ALWAYS GOES IN THE BACK LEFT POCKET, because on the occasions I have a gun, that is carried on my right at about 4:30. As I am rountinely stopped and questioned by police just for walking at night, and asked to produce my ID, I don't want my hand going anywhere near my pistol (or exposing it by lifting up my shirt on that side).

    Lastly, sometimes (generally when hiking, because I need it to handle cactus spines - mainly cholla chunks), I carry an assisted opening blade clipped inside my left front pocket - a Benchmade Barrage, or my Kershaw Volt, which is ambidextrous.

    I have this fear of someone grabbing at my firearm, which is, when carried, always carried concealed. This frees up my right arm to fight off Mr. Grabbypants and secure the gun, and my left hand can go for the knife to make my point in a somewhat more strident manner, if necessary.

    All of this took years to work out.

u/GizMo_SANHEDRON · 4 pointsr/predaddit

Two pieces of advice that I hope are helpful for you.

First, get a Snoogle... This will help her stay comfortable, and will give her something to wrap around so that she doesn't wake you so much during the night. It's been a life saver for the wife and I, and she'll get more uncomfortable as things progress.

Next, something that's worked for me, when the wife has been passing out early (which has been pretty consistent the entire time she's been pregnant, since she's a bit anemic), is to go lay down with her at 7:30, then when she starts to doze, go find something else to do for a few hours. When you come into the room later on, since hopefully the Snoogle will be keeping her comfy, you can slip into bed without waking her.

The Snoogle will take up a decent amount of space, so unless you have a King bed, you'll be relegated to a smaller portion of the mattress, but hopefully she'll stay sleeping, and you'll be able to get to bed at a more normal time, and sleep through the night.

Hopefully this is helpful, best of luck with everything!

u/tenaciousb83 · 2 pointsr/NewParents

Hey, congratulations!

The first thing I bought for my wife, after we found out we were pregnant, was the Snoogle pillow. Basically a contoured body pillow for you to sleep with. It especially helps in the later weeks of pregnancy.

A sitz bath is awesome, for you, right after childbirth.

The newborn Boppy is good for the beginning. We used it A LOT, especially in the first couple of months.

The regular Boppy is a must have, in my opinion.

Swaddling is the best, and BREATHABLE swaddle blankets are important. We have a couple of muslin blankets that we’ve used from day one.

The American Academy of Pediatrics book, ‘Caring for Your Baby from Birth to Age 5’, is a an absolute must-have general reference book to keep around, in my opinion. It gives you a lot of the exact same advice and tips as your pediatrician will. Every now and again, my wife and I read or re-read the section that correlates with his current age range, and then we read the upcoming age range. It also answers a lot of basic health and care questions that many people just don’t think to ask.

Also, quick piece of advice: Don’t get attached too early to any specific brand for anything that’s meant to go in a baby’s mouth (bottles/nipples, pacifiers, teethers, etc.). Your baby will choose her preferences. It kinda sucks to go ahead and buy and wash the full Dr. Brown’s bottle set, only to find out that your baby doesn’t like Dr. Brown’s, and prefers Munchkin Latch instead. Trust me.

u/SkySongWMass · 5 pointsr/Fibromyalgia

I have one of those pillows with the cooling gel which helps me a lot


The heat totally does me in too.


Also, I tend to run cold water over my wrists (underside, where you can see the veins) or hold an ice cube between my wrists for a few seconds or as long as I can. It really helps even though for some it's just an old wives tale. Also putting a cold cloth on the back of your neck, groin area, and on top of your head is supposed to help.


If you can Percale sheets tend to stay cooler longer, they tend to be a bit expensive (around $60US) but I've had mine for 5+ years and they are still my favorite sheets


A strong (8000btu) window a.c. unit is helpful too, and sometimes you can find them on Craigslist.


I hope you find some relief

u/ttbblog · 3 pointsr/CampingGear

Awesome! I remember camping with my parents from the time I was knee high. What great memories.

For car camping, we use a standard home queen sized air mattress. We use one of these to air it up. Depending on the weather, you can get by with using your own bedding and pillows. Big savings there. And bonus - you now have an air mattress for the unexpected guest.

A good Coleman two burner camp stove is a great investment. As is, as someone else mentioned, a separate set of camping cookware.

Have a great time!

u/onebittercritter · 1 pointr/Parenting


Lots of great advice already on this thread, but I wanted to recommend this book as well. It is witty and playful, but has a lot of really good information.

Also, be the best husband in the world and as soon as your wife starts getting big, buy her a body pillow. I made it through my first pregnancy without one, but now at 31 weeks along with my second, I can't imagine how I survived without it.

u/KatoPotato · 1 pointr/curlyhair

I will warn you that they get SUPER dirty looking super fast. Drool, makeup - stains it. I would steer clear from a white silk one because it just looks so gross after like a week haha. I buy this one off of Amazon and end up getting a new one every 3-4 months, so it's not that bad of a deal! Not staticky for me at all. It also feels really nice on my skin :)

u/Luckyshades · 1 pointr/Dakimakuras

Alright so the first part of a pillow is knowing the size you need, are your covers that you have, or are interested in 150x50 or 160x50.

The problem with I think any body pillow is, is the fact that they will sag/flatten over time of use. The higher quality pillow, the longer they will generally last. I have never used a Walmart body pillow, but I can only assume the quality of that pillow is far inferior to almost any other pillow, especially because it only costs 12$. If you are using the dakimakura for usage, you have to invest in 2 different products. The pillow and ofcourse the dakimakura.

If you want to avoid having a somewhat high cost for a body pillow, you are rather limited in your options. I assume that you are from the United States, I assume this because you are talking about Walmart. In the United States you have a decently priced option for a pillow and the shipping shouldn't be too high in price.
So are those pillows really good? I only have experience with the Cluster fiber or Polyester Fiber version (Can't remember which one I had). Was it good? Uhmmm due to the fact it was my first body pillow I thought it was oke. It started flattening still rather quickly though. And for the cost of the product I couldn't expect anything more really. Non the less I used it for a bit over a year, this was mostly because the cost of a pillow is much higher for me. In Europe there is no option like royalpillow for a low priced pillow that had the size I needed. If you are searching for a 160x50 you have to call them to order the custom product, this is not a size they have on their website.

The pillow we recommend though is a different story in price. It's the DHR6000. This is a pillow that's a much higher quality, the actual product cost is around 80$. But it ships from Japan, so the shipping cost will be another 70$ I think. Is ~150$ worth it to you? That is all up to you, that is the pillow I would recommend. For me, it was worth the extra investment. The DHR6000 is 160x50, for the 150x50 you will need the DHR6001

A dakimakura is the actual cover of the body pillow. You said you purchased your covers from the likes of Amazon and Ebay for less than 50$. This is a clear sign you are buying bootleg covers.

What does a bootleg cover mean you might ask. A bootleg cover means the art on that cover is stolen from artist and used without permission of the artist. That is why you will be able to find those covers for so cheap, they didn't need to invest in the art. A bootleg cover you can purchase from anywhere between 40$ up to 90$ if I remember correctly. Those prices are considered cheap in this hobby. The lower the price the worse the quality of the material. But I'll come back on the material topic.

Next to bootleg covers, there are another 2 classifications of covers. These other 2 classification are considered the legitimate market in comparison to the bootleg market which is considered illegitimate.

Doujin / Circle cover. These covers are created by artists from the fan base. This is by far the most common sort of cover amongst the legitimate covers. The price for these covers are normally 12000 yen(~100$). And they are made from 2WT(Best material). You can either get them while they are up in their preorder period or on the second hand market.

Officially licensed covers. These covers are made by the likes of COSPA and are made with full permission from the company behind the character that is depicted on the cover. These will cost around 10k yen (~85$), but are printed on materials such as Smooth Knit (Half way in between material). It is difficult to find the character you want in these classification.

As brutal as it may sound. But the only material you want for your dakimakura is 2 Way Tricot (2WT), every other material is inferior and is kind of a waste of money really.

In the 2WT material group there is a lot of different, all depending on the manufacturer. Bootlegs offer 2WT as well, but they are at the worst end of the 2WT group, the preferred 2WT are from A&J and P80(There are more, but these ones came up in my head first).

The covers you have are made from Peach skin, this is quite clear because of the price you paid. And all I can say is, you do not want peach skin. The material just feels off, the print quality ain't even good. There is no stretch in the material.

How to spot a bootlegger
I will just quote a previous post from /u/DakimakuraGuy for this.

  • If the site is in English, it's probably a bootlegger. The few exceptions to this are big Japanese sites that also run an English store (Mandarake, Hobby Search, AmiAmi, etc..)

  • Generally, legit covers run ~/> $100, and the price will almost always be in yen (regular MSRP is usually 12000 yen.) That doesn't mean you won't find deals for less than that, but if a site its selling nothing but covers in the $40-80 range, it's probably a bootlegger.

  • If a site offers multiple materials types for every cover listed, it's probably a bootlegger. If a site offers peachskin, *it is a bootlegger.

    Those tips are probably enough to weed out 90% of the bootleggers you'll come across. The other 10% can be a bit trickier, so if you ever have any questions feel free to ask.

    If you are willing to invest more in your dakimakura and need help finding a cover, or searching through the Japanese sites. You are always welcome to ask for help here. In the case of the price range you are searching, I can't help you further because I don't advocate the willingly knowing purchase of bootlegged covers.
u/cogthrob · 1 pointr/Dakimakuras

Fascinating, thank you for the detailed write up. Although I imagine it's kind of like headphones and the only real way to test a pillow is to hug it :] all the same I am curious if you've ever checked out something like this memory foam pillow that's readily available in USA... the size is a little off but it's super stuffed AND they will send you a whole pillow's worth of stuffing to customize it to your liking (fluffier, denser)...

u/make-me-waffles · 4 pointsr/BabyBumps

It's never too early to invest in a Snoogle!

I also started with a chiropractor around maybe 18 weeks and am finding it to be extremely beneficial.

Best of luck to you!! And congratulations!! :)

u/shibbolething · 1 pointr/boulder

We have put up out-of-town guests at a friend's house, if you have any close friends with spare bedrooms in larger homes who wouldn't mind sharing. I have a friend with a large basement with a bathroom and bedroom that she would let me use for my older family, they're there basically to shower/sleep only.

For the kid brother and younger guests who don't mind roughing it and have good joints and backs, they get a very nice air mattress in the squishy gaming room. This is the air mattress, it was worth every penny and is super comfortable.

u/Kigahen · 1 pointr/Dakimakuras

I really hope you can help me out.
I'm finally able to buy my very first Dakimakura and I'm currently looking for a DHR6000 pillow. But before ordering one from Amazon Japan through a proxy I wanted to ask if I can just by this one from Amazon Germany.

It seems to be the Original DHR6000 and I saw some people ordering theirs from Amazon US as well. Most of the sellers also have a good rating overall so I'd much rather order through Amazon than through a proxy. Do you think it's safe to order from Amazon Germany or is it possible that it could not be the original?

u/perennialoptimist · 7 pointsr/BabyBumps

I have the snoogle!

It's kind of the same thing. I LOVE it. I must admit, I tried sleeping with it in my first trimester and didn't like it. But once I was well into my second I thought it was amazing. Still sleeping with it now, and sleeping well even 5 days past my due date. I must say though... it's HUGE. It's really like having a third person on our bed. Though my husband doesn't seem to mind propping his leg on it, too.

u/marmaladeskiiies · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. I think you might like this, it's perfect for cuddling ;) :)

  2. I would really appreciate a gift card for wWalmart or similar places, I'm having some financial strugz and could use the groceries. :)
u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Lets face it, we are all adults here, and as adults, we know what we need after a long day at work.. you get home, its already waiting for you, you touch it, feel how its silky and inviting, but also somewhat firm. Plain and simple.... it wants to be abused.. use it how you see fit.. you take your time, enjoying how it feels, then you realize how easy it goes in and out.. you never knew it was this enjoyable... so you take it out... get on top of it.. and sink into the best sleep youve ever had.. go ahead, pull it out..

u/POMpyro · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

I have this pillow And I love it, it's so nice to be able to flip sides without having to flail the pillow around with me, I do pleanty of that on my own :) it also props the belly up so I can do a half side half stomach sleep. it takes up a good amount of space so it's not ideal for sleep cuddling but it seems you don't have to worry about that :) other than that the only thing I have against it is its kinda expensive. But then again how do you put a price on good (as good as possible) preggo sleep?

u/I_Cant_Math · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

So I was looking through your wishlist and I see a lot of things you really don't need. I took it upon myself to prune your list and save you some money.

$200 for a mattress? Get this highly attractive and equally awesome queen size pull out sofa for just $60.

A tie rack? Real men make their own.

Mini fridge. Bam, $12.

Odor Eliminator Gel? Use vinegar.

Cleaner/Degreaser? Vinegar.

Make your own laundry detergent.

Cloth wipes will save you so much money, and they feel soo nice on the butt. Just ask my son!

Reed Diffusers? Pffft, just pick up some cedar shavings and shove them into corners. You'll be smelling like a real man in no time.

I guess your friends need somewhere to sit. Carry on. But you can make your own bean bag by sewing up a sheet and collecting all the packing materials you get from RAoA boxes.

u/wdr1 · 2 pointsr/NewParents

A body pillow.

I've recommended this specific one at least 6 or 7 times and each time it's a big hit.

Tell her you love that she's carrying your baby & you want her to be comfortable.

(And congrats to you both! We're in our first year and loving it!)

u/Havok3c · 1 pointr/CampingGear

My wife and I recently got a bum h of new gear for a trip we have coming up in April. In deciding what to get I did a lot of research price comparison and review reading. My eye was towards price for performance. When I looked at items I looked at online reviews the questions section on amazon(this is a great tool) and even looked up some of the manufacturers. Here is what I came up with and perhaps can help you with gear selection.

Tent I chose NTK Colorado I looked at tents from Coleman, Kelty and a few others and kept coming back to this one. It fit my budget and all the reviews for all their tents were very high. I looked up the company and it said they have been making tents for 40 years in Brazil. I will be test setting mine up today but it looks like a really solid tent for the money.

Air Mattress sound asleep this one I do have experience with as my kid has one and sleeps on it all the time. She has abused the heck out of it and it is still going strong. It was a no brainier for me on this one.

Cooler frosty cooler I wanted a yeti but 600 bucks is crazy for a cooler but still needed something better then a plastic Coleman. After looking at all the yeti clones this one seemed to stand out from the rest.

For sleeping bags what ever fits your budget I wouldn't spend a lot since your car camping you can bring blankets with you for both comfort and warmth.

Camp stove Coleman classic I have had mine for years and the damn thing keeps on going. No need to get fancy the classic Coleman does it well.

My trip is coming up the second week of April we will be going to Zion for four nights then the Grand Canyon for 4 nights then across to Texas where we will be camping just outside of Austin for the Moto GP race. For the tent and the cooler that I have not tested yet I will let you know how they preform.

u/martinibini · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Ooooh wedding things! We had these at our wedding and EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE A PHOTOBOOTH, they're awesome! Our guests used them a whole bunch and it made for super funny pictures!

And in the home section, I highly suggest a good pillow. You won't believe the difference it makes! And we do spend most of our life sleeping.

You can't pick your friends nose! ;)

u/mymagicalbox · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have MS and heat is a huge problem for me. My neck and back hurt constantly(also an MS thing), so I need contoured pillows for support. Normally those absorb heat A LOT and make it so much worse for me, and I get huge migraines. This pillow I think would help me A LOT, I wouldn't have to wake up with huge migraines anymore! That's a major comfort. :)

Awesome idea for a contest, thank you!

u/waifudakilord · 1 pointr/anime

Not the same person, but the general consensus in the daki community for 160x50 cm sized dakimakuras is the A&J DHR6000. It's pretty pricey, but it feels really nice. Usually people order it from Amazon Japan with the help of a proxy, but I think if you live in the States they recently made it available on Let me know if you need anymore help!

u/dry_cabin · 2 pointsr/4Runner

I've got this
Only spent one night on it so far but for the price it was great. It fit perfectly with the rear seat bottom removed.

u/Cranberry_Lips · 4 pointsr/MakeupRehab

I own an Alaska Bear mulberry silk pillowcase as well as their silk sleep mask and I love them. The reason it's called mulberry silk is because the silk worms eat only mulberry leaves (at least from what I've seen when I helped out at a silk farm as a kid).

I thought about buying the one with the cotton bottom, but I like to flip my pillowcase after a couple of days, and I've never had issues with it moving around.

Silk is a very soft, light, slippery, and breathable material. I've tried satin before and it makes me sweat. It's like I'm cold and hot at the same time. It's also not as soft and it feels heavier.

I definitely recommend at least buying one and trying it out. I wouldn't spend $100 on something from Nordstrom, though, unless it was made in the US by strapping young men.

u/lu1ipuli · 5 pointsr/BabyBumps

I am almost 27 weeks and all I have needed so far is a pillow to help support my belly - this one is what I've been using since about 16 weeks and it is awesome. I actually have one of the large u-shaped pillows - this one ...not a Snoogle, since I was told by friends who tried one during their pregnancies that it sucked because you would have to reposition the whole dang thing every time you wanted to switch sides. I actually haven't used it yet because we have a queen bed and it will seriously take up SO much of the bed. I'm perfectly comfortable with my belly pillow so far.

u/PM_ME_UR_exGFs_BOOBS · 1 pointr/AskMen

I recently bought a new bed, and I looked through this site to determine what would be best. I ended up going with a latex mattress. I'm pretty satisfied with it. The frame depends on what type of mattress you're getting. You'll probably want a frame and box spring for an innerspring mattress, but everything else just needs a foundation. Also, be sure to get a waterproof mattress cover to protect your mattress.

What I went with, for reference:

P.S., buy at least a queen if you're going to have another person in your bed. A double will be pretty cramped.

u/AnguisetteAntha · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. This Slide because my daughter loves to climb on everything and her outdoor toys are here favorite toys and this could be used inside too when it's too cold out or raining. She's got so much cabin fever right now. This is a great way for little ones to burn off energy inside or outside.

  2. This office chair I work from home on a laptop so I need a good, supportive chair for my lower back pain. This chair is ergonomic and great for use when you're online!

  3. Memory foam cool pillow. Everyone could benefit from a high quality, comfortable pillow to improve their sleep!

  4. This book on making yourself happier this is an awesome book!! It's a creative way to find more happiness in your life and help depression and anxiety. This book would be a great tool for anyone.

  5. Cooking, with SCIENCE how cool is this?! It's using science to learn awesome ways to cook!! This is for anyone who needs food to survive, but hates those annoying kitchen fires!
u/itsTHATgirl · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes

You need a body pillow! A friend of mine couldn't sleep without it in her last trimester.

I found a list of stuff that should get you started: But another thing is just remember to take care of yourself too before and after the baby. Treat yourself to a prenatal massage before baby comes, and maybe even a mani/pedi. Congratulations :)

u/MsYutai · 2 pointsr/sleep

I have this Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow and I love it! I think I only paid like $25ish for it though. Its super supportive and has a higher and lower side depending on your needs which I like!!

u/1new_username · 1 pointr/HVAC

Not an HVAC person, nor a doctor, but I am an allergy sufferer that lives in Texas.

Allergies suck here. Come up to D/FW and you'll think you are going to die. Nice air filters and room air purifiers can help, but you'll never create the "clean room environment" you think you will.

Here are things I would try/check:

Get a good allergen reducing pillow case like this:

and a good mattress cover like this:

Those two things will do tons more than the air filters.

Reduce or remove strong scents from the house (candles, scented plug ins, etc) as well as from detergents (try All free and clear). Try cleaning with "green" cleaning products, like any of the stuff from Mrs. Myers instead of the standard stuff. It takes a bit more elbow grease, but it can really help if you have respiratory issues.

If all else fails, buy some Flonase and use it reguarly (every day, even if no symptoms that day) during your bad allergy season:

It will take anywhere from about 3 days to a week to build of effectiveness after you start using it, but it generally will help almost anyone (I'm not a doctor, I have no idea what it will do to your girlfriend, check it out with a doctor if you aren't sure).

Good luck.

u/Aspel · 7 pointsr/wowthissubexists

Eh.... Not too expensive for a body pillow itself. Plus they're really good for actually sleeping with if you need something between your legs for support and find it easier to hug something when you sleep (whether crippling loneliness or back support or whatever).

It also looks like they're actually slips/covers, which I only really just noticed, and I bet most of the money comes from the print pattern. They don't seem to like "bootlegs" though, so I can only guess that they don't approve of making your own. Dunno why, since like /u/PotatoMurderer says, they're not exactly official.

Also, I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and assume most of those Redditors are using their own money and are moderately well off, not using their grandparents' money. Probably more well off than the actual Japanese the things are made for, considering Japan's economy is suffering from people not fuckin'.

u/LittlesLittles_Esq · 2 pointsr/relationships

This is the best. I have tried a bunch of them, and have always gone back to my Snoogle. Yes, it's considered a "pregnancy pillow," but that means nothing--it's just an awesome body pillow marketed to pregnant women. Also, buy the pillow case that has the zipper, if not, it's a pain in the ass to get the cover on and off for washing.

Good luck!

u/someborderlinegirl · 5 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

YAY! :D let me think.... I'll add things to this post as I think of them.

Bed Caddy

Bed Risers


This Book (my cousin got it for me when I started college way back when, and it really has a lot of good advice)


Dry Erase Calendar

Small Room Safe

Dorm Security

Command Strips

This amazing food/beverage station

A freaking PURPLE fridge


Make pooping in a shared bathroom less embarrassing

This photo display

An electric kettle

Also a planner! I like to make my own and use different colored pens to differentiate between my classes! If you want the template I use for my planner, I can send you a link to it! :D

u/willoweep · 8 pointsr/thebachelor

I was gifted this one!:

It was a life saver! But I like to be cuddled up.. friends I know who really enjoy their space and don’t like to feel “constricted” didn’t seem to enjoy it as much.

u/GingerAle55555 · 2 pointsr/internetparents

This air mattress is $120 and is excellent. It has a built in pump so you can just turn the knob to add more air when needed. It's also pretty much the height of a regular bed so it doesn't feel like your sleeping on the floor. I highly recommend getting a mattress pad like this one and it will really make it feel like a real bed.... we have this set up (along with some IKEA sheets and comforter) and guests who use it always rave that they can barely tell it's not a normal bed. By the time you add it all up (mattress $119, pad $20, sheets, pillows, comforter) you'll be under your $250 but probably close unless you can just use stuff you already have!

If you absolutely have to go the futon route, check Craigslist and IKEA, but to be honest they're pretty pricey for the decent ones and the cheap ones aren't very comfortable.

u/not_that_girl · 1 pointr/InfertilityBabies

My issue with the snoogle was that I turn over a lot, and it was impossible to deal with. I ended up with this one that's basically a U shape where your head is in the bend with pillow on both sides, but your legs are free. It's a vast improvement, but is pretty big.

u/can_i_get_a_wut_wut · 3 pointsr/sex

Try this: THROWS OF PASSION Waterproof Pleasure Blanket

20-30 orgasms is a lot. That’s like hitachi / powertools territory. Are you two pounding it out? Or going slow and passionate? Maybe try slowing it down a bit.

u/clifgray · 1 pointr/vandwelling

I've got a Crosstrek as well, if you end up doing a build like this make sure you post it! I've slept in mine with this little tri-fold 75" futon and it has actually been surprisingly comfortable. But it eliminates most of my storage room and I would like to fit two people plus storage under the futon. I think it is doable though!

u/suckinonmytitties · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

this was the pillow, its one of those cooling type ones but also specifically for side-sleepers. I really love it because it isn't too firm and is the perfect height!

u/Qu1nlan · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This sofa looks pretty perfect to me. Cheap, easy to move, and comfortable. And convertible to a bed!

u/netty5522 · 3 pointsr/DesignMyRoom

honestly just do the same setup as u/carcaju suggest and mount the tv as it is in the picture, put the desk in the same spot as well. Definitely ditch the entertainment center. if that dark blue (?) lounge chair thing has 4 legs you could potentially get bed raisers like these to put creat some space for your records and games and such, and then itll be a little higher as well for better tv viewing

u/frontreverie · 1 pointr/Dakimakuras

Hey there! Uhh...first off, I don't think we're allowed to mention..that/any bootlegger name here? I mean, its not a technically a link but..perhaps just don't name it?

Anyway, I only know second hand info but...

1.) The art quality of bootleggers are always worse, unless they somehow happen to get the original files. Peach skin pales in comparison to tricot. There are loads of different tricot brands but you can bet that the 2 way tricot that bootleggers use are going to be poor quality. Oh, and A&J 2WT is considered the best tricot brand.

2.) Sites? I know bootleg sites often sell their "own" pillow is that what your referring too? I'd forget about those and opt to buy a DHR 6000 by A&J! The best of all inner pillows. Gate also sells them but I think they stopped.

If the price is too much, maybe other the other DHR series? Royal body pillows is said to be a good alternative if you're in the US. Or if you want, you could do a DIY method, /u/DensetsuNoBaka knows how if you've access to Joann Fabrics.

3.) There are loads of legit sellers and sites available, they're just not in the sidebar. Here's ACHobby for example Taobao, JPN booth. Also Dakemakura. The others might/will know more legit sites.

u/markesh0 · 3 pointsr/camping

So I know how you feel, im 6'3" 375 and i hate sleeping on the ground all together.

With that said, I hope price isnt too much of an issue.

I started with a double tall air matress from some generic company. Its just to offer the buffer between me and the floor.

The winner is this guy, who makes it feel like your laying on the most comfy home bed ever... When your done, use it a home on top of your mattress, but I bought mine just for camping first.

All totaled its around $200, but you will love sleeping in it for sure.

u/ShippoLover · 1 pointr/Dakimakuras

The DHR6000 is available and in stock on Amazon Japan no problem, I just got one for my friend less than a month ago. You need to use a forwarder like Tenso or BigInJapan though since Amazon JP doesn't ship the DHR6000 internationally anymore.

And if you found something on eBay, I'm pretty sure there's a 95-98% chance it's sold by a bootlegger. There just are pretty much no legitimate eBay sellers in this hobby.

u/SilverViper · 1 pointr/migraine

Yes, sleep is insanely important and anything that's disturbing it or your neck will cause issues. Go to a store like Bed, Bath and Beyond and try out some pillows if you can. If you get a memory foam, make sure to take your contacts out at night as they often dry out your eyes.


^i have the standard one. It's very nice but needs a few days to air out. It doesn't stay 100% cool if you aren't a person that falls asleep quickly. Best description is that it is firm but giving. I use the gel insert below to deal with the coolness issues.

Cooling gel insert:

u/Rhesusmonkeydave · 5 pointsr/godtiersuperpowers

Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel and Memory Foam Double-Sided Pillow, Soft and Comfortable Orthopedic Support, Standard

Or any of the similar products, sweet dreams

u/Granny_knows_best · 1 pointr/camping

If you have electric, stick with an air mattress but dont skimp on that. They have nice ones, I slept on one for a year when I first moved here. I also sleep on them when camping. Get a nice thick one and lots of blankets to make it comfy. It really does make a difference.....mine...


Your kids are going to enjoy spending time with you, they will have your whole attention while camping as there wont be all the electronics going on. So plan family activities and make some memories!

u/razorbladecherry · 3 pointsr/tifu

Thanks! I'm 6 months along now, so sleeping is getting harder. I start sleep on my side, but sometimes wake up on my back. I have one of these ( ) and i use it to prop my legs apart to support my hips, behind me for my back, and under my belly to hold it up. Getting settled in to bed is like assembling a puzzle. Lol

u/swedish_horse · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I got one of these

It felt like a lot to shell out for a pillow, but honestly - it's amazing. I use my regular pillow for my head and position this like a U around my body. I can elevate my feet, prop myself into a semi-side lying position (which helps with my hip pain), and tuck it under my bump when I'm on my side. It's seriously made a huge difference in the quality of my sleep. (I still get up 5 times a night to pee, of course.)

The downside is the price and the fact that it takes up so much space. My husband is definitely counting down the days until he evicts the pillow.

u/Braggot_Main · 2 pointsr/sexover30

We went with this biometric safe. It actually fits perfectly in my nightstand.

We also got bed risers which allow us to stash the Liberator Ramp & Wedge underneath our formerly very-low bed. I only found out after ordering that our bed has 6 supports (not 4) so I had to order a second set. But it was still totally worth the investement. The new height allows for better edge-of-the-bed sex too. At any rate, if you are willing to raise the bed, you will have more options for storage.

u/artipants · 2 pointsr/infertility

Totally depends on what kind of pillow you want!

My husband absolutely loves his memory foam countour pillow, something like this. I got an old friend of mine this pillow after he complained about always getting hot at night and I know he was still using it a year later. I personally just use $5 cheapies for my head but absolutely need a body pillow to get comfortable. I'm considering one like this because it's longer and firmer than the one I have now.

u/bbdoll · 5 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

i use and love these:

they're extremely nice and well made imo. i read that mulberry silk is one of the better kinds too.

u/Aerys1 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Today i am going to bake some chicken boobs, and make a chocolate cake thing, play some games, reddit, maybe nap. Its my day off XD

You need a body pillow you can fold it up behind you, lounge on bed and read revisions, make notes, or just nap! if you're gonna be working at least be relaxed :D

Optional: nose away! :P

Who needs revision?!

u/m4rsandv3nus · 3 pointsr/ElectricForest

Here's an intex one for $38. However! If your friendly neighborhood Kmart or Sears is closing, it's worth a look there. My hometown Kmart is, and I snagged a REALLY nice Coleman cooler for pretty cheap.

u/NapsBeforeWork · 3 pointsr/MGTOW

I'd recommend a firm air mattress that can be easily transportable plus save money on furniture by picking up cheap/free stuff from craigslist, even the ones already assembled from Ikea.

The minimalist living style begets freedom.

u/IrwinElGrande · 1 pointr/DesignMyRoom

I got this one for guests, it's super comfortable and it still is in great shape after 2 years.

u/estherfm · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Memory foam pillow. Because awesome pillows are relaxing.

I read to calm down, or pet a dog. Deep breathing too! Any combination thereof calms me down, usually.

u/Friend_Of_Mr_Cairo · 1 pointr/sex

Don't be embarrassed. Have a quick discussion. Get a waterproof blanket for fun times.

THROWS OF PASSION Waterproof Pleasure Blanket

u/kanadia82 · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

Definitely get some support to distribute the weight. I had a full body length pillow (basically the length of 2-3 pillows) my first pregnancy. It was helpful. For my current pregnancy, I have this Snoogle, and it’s been a godsend since the first trimester for me.

u/aimeenew · 4 pointsr/CautiousBB

My husband just bought me a Snoogle as we laid down to bed! I am sooooo excited! I should have it Saturday. I'm a belly sleeper and have had a lot of issues falling asleep so this will be amazing!!! I love him soooo much!

u/internethistory4sale · 1 pointr/Dakimakuras

dakimakuri sells a good one according to reviews. this one will probably be the easiest (and cheapest? (after shipping, using free shipping)) to buy.

if you want made in japan and high quality, look at A&J's DHR6000, A&J's DHR7000, fules' withAQUA, chara@'s marshmallow (expert edition or mark 2). they should all be available on amazon jp.

u/hersheykiss7761 · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

It's a body pillow that makes sleep so much more comfortable during pregnancy. It's really amazing and is so helpful. Here is an example of one :)

u/fluttershy123 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. This pillow!. It would help me relax because of the memory foam. The memory foam would help my neck/back pain so I can relax when I sleep or just want to lay down.

  2. Anything light blue would be nice.


    thanks for the contest!
u/VicodinMakesMeItchy · 1 pointr/Fibromyalgia

The best thing I ever did for sleep-pain is definitely learn to sleep on my back. I've not personally experimented with mattresses, but as for hardware, I loooove my foam pillow with neck support (like this one, though not exact ) and to use a body pillow I bought (similar: ) to go underneath my knees when I'm on my back to take strain off my hips, or put it between my knees and elbows if I'm on my side. They also make pregnancy pillows for extra support!

u/ninjabutt69 · 1 pointr/Dakimakuras

I am a first time buyer and just pre-ordered Maidoll's Reika cover


I have been doing some research on an inner pillow and came up with three options:

  1. COMODO CMD9900LS:
  2. dakimakuri pre-order
  3. DHR6000 (anyone know if this is legit?)

    Does anyone have any recommendations among the 3? Especially as something starting off, the DHR6000 at $170 feels pretty steep. I was thinking of starting off with a mid-range pillow and upgrading eventually if I felt like it. Any comments is greatly appreciated!
u/nutella47 · 1 pointr/OctoberBumpers2017

I originally had the snoogle but exchanged it for the back and body pillow, which I like much better. As you can see, this pillow hugs you on both sides. It's been hot as hell here lately and the pillow hasn't made anything worse. I sleep with a fan pointed toward me and haven't woken up overheating. I highly recommend this one if you toss and turn a lot like I do.

u/goboinouterspace · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I sleep on this futon I got from Amazon. I find it more enjoyable than sleeping on my pillow-top mattress. It is also easy to fold and store and very cheap for the excellent quality:

u/kmarieanna · 2 pointsr/sexover30

I love this one:

I've had the same one since 2011. It's never failed, even with the kids sleeping in it and wetting the bed sometimes.

I think it's important to take care in washing and especially drying for it to last a while. Always, always let it air dry. Don't use harsh detergents.

u/GunStinger · 2 pointsr/Dakimakuras

Cospa isn't bad, but it's not a premium body. From what I've seen on this sub, most people seem to prefer something more in the line of A&J, Comodo or Marshmallow, but those are the more serious collectors.

I was plenty happy with one that was basically Cospa's price-class with more stuffing for many years, though I have a Fules WithAqua now, which I think is the cheapest premium pillow you can get thanks to their ongoing introductory price.

u/SeattleWhoDat · 5 pointsr/HomeDecorating

Weighted blankets are supposed to be amazing. Have you looked into them? ZonLi Premium Weighted Blanket for Adults Women, Men, Children | Great for Insomnia, Autism, ADHD, Stress and Anxiety Relief | Fit King Sized Bed | Grey, 60'x80'', 20lbs

u/mirusmundi · 9 pointsr/AsianBeauty

Came here to say this. I got this pillowcase several months ago and it’s been great for both my hair and my skin (I have fine hair that gets frizzy really easily, and this prevents it from breaking overnight). I sleep on my side with my face slightly off the pillow because I’ve yet to find a sleeping pack that helps everything dry down at night, and I usually wake up on my side or on my back.

u/snCoolyFooly · 2 pointsr/Dakimakuras

I’m not sure about a physical location, but you can just order one online and ship it to wherever you’re staying. Looks like it’s free domestic shipping as well.

u/Vahlir · 2 pointsr/minimalism

I've owned a dozen beds and lived in a twice as many places over the years, mainly from being in the army. The best thing I got into was using bed pylons or cinder blocks (one time I used both). They lift the bed up (pylons about 6-8") which makes the area under the bed GREAT for storage. A lot of containers (even plastic ones with sliding drawers) then fit underneath.

The best part is how cheap it is. The pylons are really cheap and you can get them at walmart/amazon wherever.

If you're worried about then bed being unstable I never had a problem. I'm 6'2 and at my thinnest in the army I was still 230 and I've always had a vigorous dating life. The bed never fell off them (they actually have a depression at the top where the legs of the bed sit in and they're shaped like a ziggurat (aka Frustrum) which is just a pyramid With a flat top)

Just saying It's a 20$ fix and after 20 years I'm still using them.

edit: addendum I actually bought a set of similar items to raise my kitchen table up so I'd stop hitting my knees on it and I have a set for my electronic drum set which I felt was too low to the ground. Being tall (and I really don't consider 6'2 too tall) means you're constantly having to adjust things for height.

u/lolthepoi · 2 pointsr/Dakimakuras

Deciding between two pillows, please offer your opinion, which one do you think is better? THANKS!

First one

Second one

Follow up question: Are the two links below authentic sites? That also does international shipping?



u/DensetsuNoBaka · 1 pointr/Dakimakuras

Well, first you need the link to the pillow's sale page. linkie

Next you need to decide what proxy to use. Personally, I recommend SutoCorp (link on the sidebar). Obviously there are a few other entirely acceptable proxies you could use, they're just the one I have the most experience with. Read through some of their service information on the site, and then shoot them an email containing the URL of the goods you want them to order. They should contact you back within 24 hours with down payment instructions, and then keep in touch with you as the order process progresses.

That's about it. If there's anything else I can help with, feel free to ask \^.^

u/Skallox · 1 pointr/Dakimakuras

Thanks. I'll make a habit of checking it regular with the sites linked in your ancient post, that seems to be the best way to avoid the terror of missing out.

As a side note, where is the best place to find the 1600mmx500mm pillows? I understand that royalpillow will do them in the states but the options I'm finding that are readily available are:

  1. Buy this 60"x20" pillow and deal with it being a bit too short for 1600x500 pillows and perfect for 1500x500 pillow.

  2. Buy this silly round style of pillow and deal with it being too long for 1500x500, just right for 1600x500 but now everything is cylindrical.
  3. Buy a pillow directly from a retailer like amiami and potentially get gorrila-ass-pounded on shipping costs. Not to mention how quickly this style of generic pillow breaks down.

  4. Buy an air filled pillow and potential puncture and deflate your waifu.

    Is there a good/better/best option that I am overlooking?

    EDIT: These appear to be the regular suspects here but they're pretty damn expensive. Do you really get what you pay for? DHR6000 and DHR5000.
u/cortexgunner92 · 4 pointsr/Wellworn

also if anyone is looking for a good way to organize keys, these things are very well worth the price and work fantastic:

u/CuteLittleParasite · 3 pointsr/predaddit

Generally if you don't want to use the name around others, the easiest way to avoid slipping up is to not use it much when alone either. I hope the dog is okay with sharing it's lodging for the time being though!!

If your wife doesn't have a Snoogle yet, it might be a way to get back on her good side!

u/Cmaclsu · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

If you want to be the star of your campsite bring this amazing blow up couch.

People will try to steal it. I buy a lot of festival items and this is the one thing that has gotten the most attention. Great way to meet new friends as well.

u/snowcliff84 · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

I got my wife this.

Its definitely big but she loves it. Thank goodness we have a king size bed. As soon as she gets up though the dogs steal her spot.

u/kdennis · 5 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I would say flannel isn't the best for sensitive skin. I have both these silk ones and these cotton ones and I like both a lot.

Someone already mentioned making sure you have clean pillowcases, which I think is definitely the most important piece.

u/trippknightly · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

I recommend a memory foam pillow like this one which I've had for four years and it is awesome. More like a thick cloud than a cloud per se. No affiliation.

u/lexm · 3 pointsr/predaddit

You can always buy her this pillow. It does feel like you have a medieval fortress in the bed (even in a king size one) but it helps my wife quite a bit.

We're at the beginning of the 3rd trimester and she's having issues being comfortable even with the pillow though.

u/CuddlyOctopus · 1 pointr/Dakimakuras

The DHR6000 should also ship international now according to this thread and can be found here

At the time i have purchased mine through Sutocorp. There may be cheaper services for the US.

  1. Send them a mail with the item you want.

  2. They will request a deposit for the initial 9225 yen.

  3. They order the item, you will recieve confirmation they ordered it and wait.

  4. The item arrives at Sutocorp, they require you to give your adress info and desposit money for the costs for various things such as their service fee, local shipping, international shipping, bank transfer fee and if paying with paypal, the paypal %.

  5. They put it in a box, mail it, and give you the tracking number.

  6. After about a week your bell rings and the mailman gives you your pillow.

  7. Unpack your pillow, put a cover on it and hug it! : D

    It is also available through gate-japan

    I have owned 2 " Cheap" (50 USD, Ebay) pillows before knowing of the DHR6000 or /r/dakimakuras. They where both badly filled which usually resulted in a sleeping arm after 2 hours of sleep. The DHR6000 is a lot better filled, softer and the shell sticks a bit to your cover so it stays better in place. Getting a decent quality tricot cover also helps a lot.
u/ljmunoz · 1 pointr/Coachella

I ordered a bunch of stuff for this year. I went a little amazon crazy.

I stubbed my toe on a tent stake last year so I ordered these glow in the dark tent stakes.

I figured this blow up couch would be a cool addition to our campsite.

I got one of these battery powered fans for my tent.

I ordered a few of these batter powered led lights in different colors for decoration.

I ordered like 4 of these portable fans for our camping group to clip onto their camel packs for the daytime heat.

I ordered this portable battery pack to keep my phone charged.

I ordered a 300 pack of glowsticks 100 for each day.

I ordered these light shooter things. They are fun to play with in the camping grounds.

I ordered one of these anti chafe sticks for my fat legs. It's truly a life saver.

Also I ordered The Watterpuff for obvious reasons.

u/kaolin224 · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Here's a link to the pillow I have:

Also lol @ getting murdered in my sleep. The place I work is a huge gated tech campus where a bunch of companies rent office space. It has a private gym, two cafeterias, hundreds of security cameras, and a small army of guards patrolling the grounds 24/7. It's perfectly safe for a mid-afternoon nap.


u/WiscMlle · 7 pointsr/BabyBumps

:-) I just bought a "Snoogle" off of Amazon the other day, and it is amazing so far.. It is basically a giant C-shaped body pillow, but it is worth its price tag for good sleep!

u/NinSonNar13 · 1 pointr/Dakimakuras

Also, since it doesn't look like anybody has mentioned it, have you considered the actual pillow insert yet?

Almost anybody here would suggest (or if a smaller 150x50cm daki), which is pretty much guaranteed to delight her as it's very soft and squishy while holding it's shape well, but it does unfortunately come with some extra work as it doesn't ship to the US.

I myself don't have any other good substitute suggestions (help anyone?), but if you are willing to put in the extra effort, using a proxy service suggested in the side bar will help you get one.

u/Kozinskey · 4 pointsr/BabyBumps

My hips have been killing me since second tri and the only thing that helps is a pillow between my legs. I also hate my Snoogle and think it's too warm, so I caved and bought this cooling body pillow with this satin case and actually stay cool enough to be comfortable with it. I especially like having a place to rest my arm that's not on the belly. Sometimes I also put a bolster pillow behind my low back to provide some counterpressure and that helps too.

All in all, I think pregnancy pillows are a racket. I hope you find a good solution. =\

u/vurplesun · 1 pointr/funny

I prefer this.

Best thing on the god-damned planet. I'm in a relationship and it's still the best thing in the world to cuddle around.

u/aArem · 3 pointsr/Coachella

Ok so here is a rundown on what is included and I’m going to try to do this from the top down for House Items and Personal. Roughly speaking House items are on the tile (left) and personal is on the carpet (right). The clothing is mostly from random online shopping or things I had around anyways. Tupac & Gucci Mane shirts from urban outfitters.

  • 2x Glowsticks (100 count): $9.99 LINK

  • Beer Pong Raft: $14.99 LINK

  • 2x Flamingo Floaty (only 1 in pic): $15.99 LINK

  • Unicorn Floaty: $39.96 LINK

  • Inflatable Mattress + Pump: $49.99 LINK

  • 50 Total of Morning Recovery: $99 (purchased off Instagram Bo-Go Deal) LINK

  • 8x Walkie Talkie: $70 Total LINK

  • 12x Bandanas: $10.88 LINK

  • 4x Collapsible Water Bottles: $24.99 LINK

  • 2x Waist Running Fanny Pack: $9.87 each LINK

  • 12x Safety Glasses: $13.99 LINK

  • 2x High Fidelity Ear Plugs: $13.46 each LINK

  • Bottles: Kids Multivitamins, Ibuprofen, Imodium, Tums, Zantac 75, Sunscreen, Baby Powder, Cheap Foam Ear Plugs

  • Other Items: Band-Aids (Fabric and blister specific), Blow Dryer (someone will forget), playing cards, glasses repair kit, playing cards, stick massage roller

u/sailorsaturnn · 1 pointr/Accutane

I like spectrum coconut oil, which is carried at whole foods. I use it as an occasional mask when i have some time to let it soak in and then wash it out well at home. any brand will do through!

Whenever I shower, I use head & shoulders 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner AS my shampoo, followed by [this mask] ( When I get out of the shower I use this towel that doesn't break my hair because it's microfiber. Then I rub this camellia oil through my hair with my fingers and lay it on really thick if my hair's looking dry. I don't brush my hair anymore because I'm too afraid of breakage.

I sleep on this pillowcase which has helped to not break my hair as well!

Take fish oil capsules if you aren't already, they will help. Lay off of styling products and take a break from brushing if you can.

u/adhocflamingo · 6 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

You might consider getting a satin pillowcase or sleep cap. The slippery surface musses up your hair less than regular cotton, which is nice for having second-day hair without pillow frizz, and will probably keep your hair from getting all snarled when you sleep.

I have this silk one, which I really like. (The zipper keeps the pillow in the case in nicely.)

Also, if you aren't already, getting your hair cut by someone who specializes in curly hair and can cut your curls to have good separation and movement would likely help. Hair cuts for straight hair can make your curls clump into a single mass, and I think that gets tangled up more easily.

u/Zerimas · 1 pointr/Dakimakuras

That listing doesn't ship to Canada unfortunately.

>As a counter point to your statement on the insanity of spending that much on a pillow, the price of the cover of said sexualized depiction of an anthropomorphized aircraft carrier would often be in the ranges of $115+ CAD assuming that it was a Japanese cover.

I just paid for it. $173 CAD including shipping. It was this cover. I rationalize the cost somewhat because it is a small production run, and presumably the artist is making a healthy commission on the whole thing. At least I hope that is the case, otherwise I'd feel a little silly about going all in the authentic Japanese cover. Pillows are a simple and mass produced object. Granted all my pillows are shitty, but a pillow would have to be really impressive to command that kind of dough.

Is there an English friendly seller of these pillows from Japan? I found one listing on but it is $184 plus another $96 shipping. There has gotta be a more inexpensive way to get the same item.

I don't know. The whole thing is completely insane. I may as well get a decent pillow. That daki cover of Unicorn was just too goddamn cute. I had to have it. It seems weird to sleep on it because it so lewd, but whatever. I would have preferred a lurid, but more clothed version, but the illustration is just so perfect I couldn't not buy it. I rarely see covers that I really like, and when I do they aren't available so I had to jump on this one.

Sorry just trying to come to terms with fact the fact that I paid a princely sum for (hopefully) high-quality, large loli pillow case.

u/kindall · 2 pointsr/Frugal

What you want is a terry-lined Gore-Tex protector like this one. It's breathable, but water and mites don't get through. The top of it feels like a towel and won't make you sweat. Bed Bath and Beyond or any mattress store should have them. We got one when we got our last mattress four years ago; it has saved that mattress from two pre-housebroken puppies and a kitten. Mattress still looks brand new.

u/yooossshhii · 3 pointsr/videos

Mattress protectors are a thing. You should get one. It's like a plunger, you hopefully never need one, but great for that one time you do.

u/cumfetish · 2 pointsr/peegonewild

We have this mattress protector. We keep it on the bed 24/7 (except when we wash and dry it), so we can wet the bed any time we want - which is AWESOME!

We hardly even notice it, really. The only thing is that it makes the bed a little bit warmer than normal. There is a slight crinkliness, but you get used to it really fast and we don't even notice at all.

We have only had a small leak once, and that's because a cat clawed a tiny corner once and we didn't notice. Aside from that it has been absolutely perfect, and we've had some really heavy piss play on it.

As far as care. Wash it like normal, but air dry it. Putting it through the dryer will ruin it.

u/hops_on_hops · 1 pointr/DIY

Agree with the other guy that raising the bottom would be easier. Something like this might get it done easily.

Home-it Adjustable Bed Risers or Furniture Riser bed lifts in Heights of 8, 5 or 3 Inches Heavy Duty Set of 4 bed riser

u/OMGSpaghettiisawesom · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I got tired of flipping the snoogle and got this. It's expensive and takes up most of the bed, but it was very worth it. I didn't have to adjust it. It was like a giant hug.

u/im_twelve_ · 21 pointsr/wheredidthesodago

It's a ridiculously comfortable pregnancy pillow. Keeps my back aligned nicely or can support my belly once it starts getting bigger. Plus I can use it as a nursing pillow after baby's born!

u/Tornadodash · -1 pointsr/Dakimakuras

I recommend this insert, it has a great weight to it, it's firm, and I just like it. Do not try to wash it, you will break your washing machine. Don't ask me how I know

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Full Size Body Pillow

u/Emckey · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I had a straight one too....the curvy is definitely better as it supports the back and neck at the same time. Also, it is firmer than my floppy straight one. Seriously, I swear by this thing. Here is the link to the one my hubby got me

u/ButturedToast · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This game looks awesome and a friend of mine has it and has raved about the fuckery that it can be, hahah.

Oh my goodness, I think I'd have a panic attack if this thing showed up in my mailbox. NO.

I'm a real boy ! Except, ya know...not a boy.

Needs more 4th things. 4 is the superior number.

Thanks for the contest :D

u/katsumii · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I was reading about silk/satin pillowcases last night for hair and skin, and Alaska Bear is a top choice of a few. Lo and behold, this brand has some of their mulberry silk pillowcases on Prime Day sale today (I ended up buying some from their Lightning deal this morning).

idk what momme means, though; still researching that.

Stuff like that, I would say, it's worth investing in.

For all here against Amazon (I understand), see if your local store or favorite e-tailer will price match the products in this thread.

u/BroB-GYN · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Troika keyholder

Kinda nerdy, but it lets you take rings on and off really easily. Useful for taking out keys that I won't need for the day and also when I go for a run.

u/toodr · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

This quick-release keyring is the best I've owned and shows no signs of wear after years of use.

I've tried various other units of similar design but the quality was lacking. Other keychain designs are far less useful if you like to remove keys or other items on a somewhat regular basis.

u/roboslobo · 2 pointsr/Dakimakuras

What is the easiest way to get a DHR6000 shipped to America? I've looked into proxies but honestly I don't feel like going through the hassle of providing identification and all that. I checked and it's weird because people here say that they offer international shipping on the DHR6000. But when I check it says it cannot be shipped to America. I'd rather just buy it from amazon america here: It is more expensive but really I think it's not that much more compared to the shipping from japan. Is this amazon listing legit? If so I think I will just shell out the extra to get it from amazon and avoid the effort of going through a proxy.

EDIT: Thanks for all the answers guys.

u/ChasingLena · 1 pointr/sex

Mattress Protectorsare pretty cheap. Or a bath rug can work just as well. Both can be thrown in the wash post sexy time.

u/blobbytables · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

Yes yes to this style! I just upgraded to one of these:


I've gone through a couple different setups by now and this one is much better than what I've used before. I need to sleep on both sides throughout the night so I really need something left/right symmetrical so I can sleep on either side with it.

u/backdoor_nobaby · 7 pointsr/TooAfraidToAsk

You need to check out the pregnancy pillows, they are like a giant 5' horseshoe. Your sleep comfort is your business, don't be ashamed of what makes you feel good.

u/mamakat415 · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

I have the Snoggle too (here it is on Amazon), and it's been great! I have a queen sized bed, and my husband and I still sleep comfortably (I know, the pillow looks big!)

u/freepantsu · 1 pointr/Dakimakuras

Sorry for the late response. I am a huge fan of the DHR6000 pillow from Amazon JP if you want a 160x50 cm pillow which fits the corresponding cover amazing showing off the artwork perfectly without the little flaps of left over fabric. If you get a 160x50cm cover get a 160x50cm body pillow. For some of the licensed Cospa covers they have 150x50 dimensions, so if you wanted to sleep on them you would probably wanna get a Cospa 150x50cm body pillow to match, but any body pillow would work.

When it comes to material for covers there is usually just one material. Covers that come in a variety of materials are usually bootlegs. There are rare instances where dakimakuras can be reprinted with different materials.

u/bonafidebob · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Do yourself a favor and get a keyholder like [this], each key has it's own tiny ring and a little nub. There are cheap ones at any hardware store or locksmith, they all take the same nubs, so you can get two or three if you've got a lot of keys and save the hubs for later. Then you only carry the keys you need that day, and nothing rubs on the bike.

u/Socific · 3 pointsr/onebag

Hammock is awesome. A decent one will probably run you $30.

If you have $150 to spare, grab one of these. I had this for 8 months+ and still own it, it's comfy and supportive.

If you're cheap, get a second sleeping bag from a thrift shop and stuff it with eggcrate foam. I slept on one of those for a few months and it was not bad.

u/INS0MN14C · 2 pointsr/sex

Happy for you!

My girlfriend had a love hate relationship with squirting before we started dating. She loved it, because it was much different than just having an orgasm, but she hated the clean up of it, so she would always try to hold it back. All of my previous girlfriends had also been squirters, so I was already prepared for cleanup when we started dating.

I own what we like to refer to as "The Sex Sheet".

I own a memory foam mattress, and if you expose them to too much liquid they kind of start to break down (or so I've heard). Anyway, this thing is 100% water resistant, so there is no wet spot left on the mattress. When we're done, I usually just toss it to the side, throw the regular sheets on, and save laundry for the next day.

u/SweetBabyJ69 · 2 pointsr/insomnia

Here you go!

They come in different sizes. I got one that doesn’t cover my whole bed, just my body.

If you have pets that love to play/sleep on your bed, definitely get a cover or use a blanket/sheet for protection.

u/Figdaki · 1 pointr/Dakimakuras

For purchasing a inner pillow it seems like the general consensus from looking around here is that the DHR6000 is the best. Do most people purchase it through a proxy or forwarding service? I found this and this on the japanese amazon but are they the same as the one from the A&J site? If they are the same would it make more sense to purchase it from amazon and use a forwarding service instead of directly from A&J with a proxy? While using a forwarding service seems like it would be cheaper everyone who mentions buying one seems to say they used a proxy. Is there some aspect of purchasing it that I'm missing?

u/HH_Boba_Fett · 1 pointr/Dakimakuras

Well it seems you can't directly purchase it so you either have to use a proxy or a different kind of forwarding service.

This pillow is an amazon item from one of the DHR6000 links below (from

So yea those listed amazon from their respective companies should indeed be fine.

I ordered mine with SutoCorp as that seems to be one of the most used proxies in this board and while I could've gone cheaper with some other proxy I wanted to try out SutoCorp just to see how they handle things.

u/chrisp909 · 2 pointsr/gifs

Nice but the 'Throws of Passion' brand takes the top spot for quality naming for water proof sex blankets.

u/SilentStill · 5 pointsr/AskReddit

Indeed. My wife found the Snoogle to be well worth it as well for sleeping. It is a bit funny to recall the 'fort' of pillows that was amassed on her side of the bed as we got closer to term...:)

u/AdeptPixelants · 5 pointsr/BabyBumps

Depending on how much you move at night (I like to change sides several times) This is the one I love!

u/justsomemammal · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

Our bed is pretty low to the ground. I pushed it up against the wall on one side, and have this floor mattress on the other side.

I usually lie down and nurse baby girl to sleep on the floor mattress, then bring her in bed during her first wakeup after we get in bed.

She actually hasn't ever rolled/crawled off the bed onto the floor mattress (yet), but it's there if she needs it.

The rest of the room is super babyproofed too. Which was a nightmare because it's a loft.

u/boogsley · 2 pointsr/rareinsults

Mine is 20 pounds, I think. It’s comprised of little beads, no chains. I’m pretty sure this is the one I have

Edit: luckily, the beads don’t roll around very much since the blanket is made of little squares so they can’t roll that far.

Just was looking at my old comments, and figured I’d add the additional info.

u/babytwins · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

I am 30 weeks with twins, and I am sorry to say that it doesn't get any better. I have a maternity pillow, but it only helps a little. I sleep less and less since about 24 weeks, and have become really uncomfortable since 26 weeks. I hope you feel better.

u/vmcreative · 0 pointsr/minimalism

Ive been sleeping on one of these trifold mattresses off and on for about three years. Theyre surprisingly comfortable with nothing else between them and the floor. The only issue is when I have someone over for the night (generally if I'm looking to hook up with someone I go over to their place so its not a huge issue... lol) I'm currently in the market to upgrade to a higher quality shikibuton, which can run pretty expensive for a nice onw but I think might be worth the investment.

u/wtcnbrwndo4u · 1 pointr/DIY

Sleep Innovations - $16

Sleep Innovations w/ Gel - $25

I've had the first one for 9 years now. Still kicking. I paid $140 back then though.

Also, if you have a Costco near you, they sell pillows that have pieces of memory foam (like diced up) in a 2-pack for $10. They don't retain shape well, so you can't really prop them up or anything, but they're awesome for sleeping.

u/ladystrychn9ne · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
i usually sleep terribly, and once i tried this item, i would knock out comfortably. may be useful to help you rest up for next shift :)
You're a big girl now

u/Sasquatchtration · 3 pointsr/reallifedoodles

Take a look at the Snoogle - it's pretty damn comfy and around $60. Also if you use it every day for a year or more then $100 is actually pretty cheap especially if it improves your sleep every night.

u/abbylangner · 1 pointr/news

For pregnancy back pain, a friend recommended the Snoogle and wow. Amazing. My daughter is almost 3 and it lives on her bed now -- but just using it for 2 years has trained me to be a better side-sleeper and have fewer aches in the morning!

u/WatPasswort · 2 pointsr/Anxiety

ZonLi Adults Weighted Blanket 20...

I've been using it for about two weeks now and love it. It can get kinda warm, but it's not unbearable. I also have a fan directly over my bed. If I don't turn it on I've woken up too hot once or twice. I'm in Denver and we've had some pretty hot days since I got it.

EDIT: Sorry for the delay, I'm still figuring out how to use reddit on android. It doesn't tell me I have replies so I have to check everything. I figured this post was so old it was done.

u/AlexTakeTwo · 2 pointsr/Fibromyalgia

I absolutely love body pillows, I usually end up laying half on them in addition to having it prop up my knee or support my hips. You can get a basic one at Target for around $15, and they'll last for a while. I went through those every couple years til I got a better one online that lasted about 5 years. I recently upgraded to the Cadillac of body pillows, though, and it's amazing. Memory foam so it contours really nicely, and heavy enough that it doesn't shift around. It is stupid expensive, but I decided it will last long enough to be worth it.

u/ohmybrown · 4 pointsr/ElectricForest

these are hands down the best ear plugs I have ever owned and totally worth the money. Make it sound wayyyyy crisper and I will never go to a show without them.

Got the girlfriend this gem for lounging around at camp.

u/sri745 · 12 pointsr/DadReflexes

They just look like pregnancy body pillows...

Source: wife had it at one point

Edit: Guys trust me, you don't want one. I slept on the couch because not enough room for pillow + two people in a queen sized bed. Spent the money and got one of those adjustable's worth every effing penny.

u/Matt8348 · 1 pointr/buildapc

Oh yeah, so much naughtiness, mmm this one is sooo hot...

EDIT: Damn, I need to clear my Amazon history now since I'm getting some strange recommended items on my Amazon front page lol!

u/Ayiten · 1 pointr/HelpMeFind

I used to have this blanket and never had that problem! It was a really great blanket. ZonLi Adults Weighted Blanket 20 lbs(60''x80'', Grey, Queen Size), Cooling Weighted Blanket for Adult, 100% Cotton Material with Glass Beads

u/adaml223 · 8 pointsr/minimalism

I sleep on a shikibuton. I bought it about 6 months ago after becoming interested in Japanese futons. Because I didn't want to break the bank to purchase an authentic one, I settled for this one.

I fold it up every morning, fold my blanket, and set it and my buckwheat pillow on top of it and set it away in my room.

Before this I was using an old mattress that was in the spare room of my grandma's where I live. Being that my grandma isn't too interested in the idea of minimalism, my room becomes a very calming place for me when I head up to bed at night.

Just thought of this after I posted. I wish I would've realized the idea of minimalism before I moved out of my apartment. I was already on the side of have fewer possessions than most people, but I hadn't gotten to the point were I realized it and was able to fine tune it. I was basically a minimalist that didn't know it and therefore didn't put much thought into it.

u/NBPTS · 5 pointsr/InfertilityBabies

I agree with grabbing something to eat. I'll also add getting this pillow. I'm carrying twins and this has been my best friend since about 11 weeks. I took a trip once without it and missed it so much! My hips were pissed off all day.

u/goon540 · 3 pointsr/pics

"Iso-Cool pillow responds to a body's changing temperature by warming or cooling" ... Sounds way too good to be true.

u/efforting · 2 pointsr/EDC

I use one of these..
It's a little pricey but very well built. Items tend not to bunch up and it's quick to remove and add stuff.
I replaced the split rings with smaller ones and the connectors are tiny nubs so that if you take something off like a sak it doesn't interfere with its use.

u/sayyestolycra · 2 pointsr/January2018Bumpers

I find it pricey when I compare it to, even considering the exchange rate. The last thing I was looking at was a Snoogle. $48.99 USD on $89.99 CAD on $48.99 USD is only $62.47 what the heck is that? I do like the Amazon reviews and bestseller lists - sometimes I look stuff up on there just for the reviews haha.

u/Dragonbear64 · 3 pointsr/Dakimakuras

Hi all,
Do you have any inner pillow you would recommend? I've been using this pillow and while it's comfortable most of the time, it tends to not keep its shape. The pillow's filling just clumps to one side of the pillow. I was thinking of getting a DHR6000, but I'm not sure if the "new" one is good or not. I've also seen the CMD9000, but I don't know much about that one.

u/Snoophile · 4 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn

Well, you most definitely should. Just read the reviews for this mattress protector for example. There are plenty of them, they're synthetic (not entirely sure of what type of materials they are made of), and they work. Keeps your mattress stain and odor free, and if we're discussing what's sanitary and what's not - I'd rather not to sleep over old body fluid stains, be it mine and SO's or anyone else's.

Edit: There seems to be a company called LineSpa that advertises a mattress guard that protects even from bed bugs. Don't know how reliable their claim is, but simply use judgement when getting a used mattress.

u/rao4400 · 1 pointr/simpleliving

This is the one we bought. Survived a massive water spill. My boyfriend did the research on this one. All I know is that it saved my mattress.

u/thatstoomuchman · 12 pointsr/ptsd

Thanks for this, after looking at the website you provided I found one cheaper on Amazon, by a significant amount. I wanted the extra large blanket on sensory goods which was 58" X 80" and 21 pounds. With the discount code it cost 143.99.


On Amazon I found this weighted blanket that was 60" X 80" and 20 pounds for 85.90. This is what I ended up purchasing.

u/FeelTheWrath79 · 7 pointsr/sex

I don't know if you were trying to format it in any particular way, but put brackets [] around the words and parentheses () around the link.

[THROWS OF PASSION Waterproof...] (

If not, carry on.

u/reol7x · 1 pointr/GERD

It's usually cheaper than a pillow, and from those I've talked to more comfortable for sleeping

You can pick up a set of these at a local retail store for like $8