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u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Fitness

They are all dosed at approximately the lower end of what says is an effective dose.

From memory, I dosed the BCAAs at 5g ( as opposed to 10g as often recommended ) because they are the most expensive ingredient.

A few of the stims like synephrine, hordenine, and higenamine are just there in minimally effective amounts, as I had ordered small sample size packets to experiment with during my year long cut.

I'm hesitant to list amounts, as I don't want to be responsible for people mixing up batches of some 'magic potion' because 'some dude on the internet said it would turn me into a face eating zombie.'

I ordered all of the powders from, as they have really good prices compared to elsewhere, with the exception of the matcha green tea powder which I got from a vendor on in bulk awhile back. Oh, and the HMB for whatever reason I have a hard time finding for a good price from a US vendor, so I ordered 1kg of it from a vendor in the UK.

I mix it all up at once in an old foundation series 2lb casein container, as the containers are heavy duty plastic with lids that seal well, compared to some other whey powder tubs that are kind of flimsy.

I put 4 or so mini billiard balls in the tub with the powder and shake, rattle, roll it around until everything is mixed really well. It doesn't take long to get a good mix with the balls in there, and I give it a shake and roll briefly before I use it each time for a few seconds for good measure. They sink to the bottom and don't get in the way of me trying to spoon it out until near the end, at which time I know I need to check my powder stock as it's almost time to mix a new batch. Then I just take the balls out for the last dose or 2.

As for how I determine amounts and dosages ... for each ingredient, I take the single dose weight, and multiply it by the batch size. So for a 500mg dose x 30 doses = 15 grams total. Then I weigh out 15 grams using a small digital scale, and dump it in the plastic tub, and write down the total weight. I do this for each ingredient. At the end, I add up the total weight of the entire batch, and divide it by the # of doses, so in this example, total weight of all product / 30 = weight for 1 dose. Then when I make my preworkout drink, I just weigh out the single dose amount.

Add a little gatorade for a minor amount of carbs and dem electrolytes that plants crave, and a sugar free hawaiin punch drink packet ( the lemonade flavored ones are my favorite, avoid the orange, not tangy enough, and the 'tangy' flavors seem to mask the more bitter components well ) as those are the cheapest flavoring I can find locally ( like $1 for 8 or 10 packets at walmart ) and drink it down.

u/petermgates · 3 pointsr/billiards

Congrats on getting buy in from the other half. I'd be interested to know what you had to give up in the bargain :-)

If you're talking about the $800 set that the Brunswick site is offering, I'd think twice - you can definitely do better shopping around.

Seyberts have a similar Aramith set for $300. It's not got the premium ball set though, instead opting for Aramith's mid-range offering. Seyberts will also give 5% discount to APA members (or non-members I suppose) with the code APARULES.

You can also build your own package, tailored to what you want and omitting what you already have and save a fair bit. Here I will admit I to living vicariously through you in making up a list of what I would get. Again, prices from Seyberts.

  • $295.37 - Aramith Tournament Pool Ball Set (Top of the line although I might be tempted to go for the $200 Cyclop set with the strange colors). You could also get the Brunswick Centennial ball set on Amazon for $369.

  • $71.98 - 2 x Dufferin House Cues.

  • $23.19 - Players House Cue (to use as a bridge - I couldn't find a decent looking plain bridge stick from Seyberts but others do have them).

  • $2.97 - Moose Head Bridge Head.

  • $16.00 - Magic Ball Rack combo pack.

  • $21.95 - 144 pieces of Master Chalk (may as well stock up).

  • $89.95 - Simonis X-1 Cloth Cleaner

    Total: $521.21

    Now excuse me while I go and pay $10+ an hour table time and continue to dream...
u/andrefivethousand · 2 pointsr/billiards

Are you positive it is smaller in size? I believe most coin op tables these days use a magnet in the cue ball to pull it out into the other ball drop. If that's the case, you can purchase a high quality cue ball with a magnet and have no problems at all.

& I don't think this is bad etiquette. In fact, I'd be stoked to play against another bar shooter who understands the difference. On that note, you average bar goer may think you're "hardcore" or something seeing you with your own cue ball. I always am just super open, honest, and smiley when I am playing with my own equipment. Most people are cool with it.

u/ZombiesAteMyPizza · 1 pointr/billiards

English pool balls are reds and yellows with an 8 ball. Much smaller traditionally, but you can get them in American size. Just search up "red and yellow pool balls" on Amazon and take your pick, they've got various brands from cheap economy to Aramith Premiers - just make sure you order 2 1/4 inch size.

I did have a look myself and the Aramiths seem to be out of stock in 2 1/4, but I found these, dunno how good they are but at nearly $40 they're probably good for general use.

u/7eebee7 · 1 pointr/billiards

The Aramith Super Pro Cup TV Cue Ball is a very good cue ball. If you don't like the "measles", you can get the non-TV version. There are also cue ball carrying cases that clip onto your cue case.

Before I started buying individual balls though, I'd weigh your cue ball and a few object balls to make sure the cue ball is actually heavier.

u/nitekram · 1 pointr/billiards

I was unable to find the ball you are looking for, but either of these would be a lot better than the cue ball that is in the table - if I had to choose between these, I would take the second one.

Info found here:

u/Inigo93 · 4 pointsr/pics

It's a bottle for Bottle Pool. Fun game!

edit: Here... wanna buy one?

u/yusoderpy · 2 pointsr/Supplements

Creatine Monohydrate Powder 1kg @ $10.87 ... $0.054 per 5g dose

Instantized BCAA Powder 500g @ $25.18 ... $0.252 per 5g dose

Citrulline Malate ... 500g @ $23.05 ... $0.092 per 2.5g dose

L-Carnitine ... 250g @ $13.54 ... $0.081 per 1.5g dose

Caffeine ... dirt cheap

Mini Billiard Balls ... $15.50 ... put 4 of these in a large container ( I use an old casein tub ) and shake, rattle, roll to mix. Helps to break up any clumps, and won't chip / leave particles in your powder.

I use the above products. Creatine I put in my post workout shake, the rest I use in my pre-workout, flavored with sugar-free drink packets from Walmart + 1/2 serving of gatorade powder.

( if you don't have a small 0.01 gram scale, get one, they are cheap and extremely useful, especially when dosing caffeine ... amazon, ebay, powdercity, etc )

u/hgjkg · 1 pointr/Trackballs

I really want the cue ball from this set

But I don't want to buy a full set of billiard balls just for the one cue ball. Anyone know where I can find something similar? I want something translucent but a bit cloudy so it dims the LED.

u/Besca · 1 pointr/indianapolis

Pea Shake houses are all over the east coast and mid west. Buy your own pea shake bottle off Amazon for $5 and start a crime wave.