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20. Inkjet Temp Tattoo Paper

Inkjet Temp Tattoo Paper
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u/choruscat · 15 pointsr/GothStyle

Hey- real life vampire here. Here's my vampire makeup advice, modified for a beginner.

The main thing you wanna focus on here is red, white and black. Make your hair darker, your skin more pale (contour(define)) your cheekbones and put red under your eyes.

Before you start, gather these things:

  1. Clown White
  2. Liquid foundation of some kind (match for your skin or not, doesn't really matter)
  3. Eyeshadow (with red and black and white) or oil face paints (same colors)
  4. Possibly a brown/black eyeliner pencil for your eyebrows
  5. An ashy contour colour (just a brown, greyish color)
    > 6. A contour brush. Some people will insist that you need more brushes but honestly you can probably get away with using your hands.


  6. Put on some Joy Division. Mix together some of the clown white and foundation and apply it to make your face seem more pale. Try to make it even, and the consistency shouldn't be too thick. If it is, add more foundation. Also, put this over your lips so that they look super pale.
  7. Put white eyeshadow on your eyelid. Then, take just a bit of black eyeshadow and try to blend them to make grey. The eyeshadow should get darker towards the outer corners.
  8. Take some of the red eyeshadow (on the tip of your finger) and dab it on the lower lash line (not your waterline. don't try to stick your finger in your eye!!!). Smear that downwards so that it blends in with the foundation you have on. Try to make it look natural, like your eyes are really red. After all, you are a vampire.
  9. Use the ashy contour colour and the contour brush to make your cheeks look gaunt. This will help you look more dead. Also, contour your temples. Blend it in to the white so that the lines aren't harsh (you don't need to use that much product, and start in the hairline and work out.)
  10. If you don't have a widow's peak, make one with your eyeshadow and contour. Use the brush for this, and just try to be subtle with it, moving in a swooping heart shape out from the point in the centre. You might need to pack more product in at the hairline.
  11. If your eyebrows need to be defined, define them. You can make them look more evil/intense by adding a dark line along the bottom and then angling in like this. You don't have to do this though, and you could even white out your eyebrows (not all vamps have them after all.)
  12. If you want to, do lines of black eyeliner on your eyelids. You can smudge this if you want, and I suggest only doing the top so that on the bottom the main focus is the red.

    If you want any more help/explanations don't hesitate to ask, I could send you more pictures if you want. Here is a picture of drag queen Aquaria with a vampy look: she might be a bit too shiny for what we're going for here, but the eye makeup is a good example (and the expression.)

u/itunesdentist · 2 pointsr/ActionFigures

I used Mehron Clear Liquid Latex after doing some research on cosplay forums to see what they tended to use with chalk paint. I only used it to make the grey chalk paint more flexible so that it wouldn’t crack or flake when moving the cloth around a lot. I just mixed a small amount in with the paint—it was a bit of trial and error on some test fabrics before I hit the right consistency.

For the bat emblem, the gloves and the boots I used black heatshrink tubing and was shocked at how useful it was. For the gloves and boots I cut it to the desired shape, slid it over the appendages and then hit it with a hairdryer until it was nice and snug. For the emblem I took the widest bit of heatshrink tubing I had, split it down one side so that it was one flat sheet and then shrank it as much as it would go with the hairdryer. Then I stencilled the bat symbol onto it and cut it out. Heatshrink comes in tons of colours so I have a feeling it’ll be finding its way into future projects in some interesting applications :D

Sorry that’s probably not much help with your project, but hopefully that info is useful to someone. If you plan to paint the patterns onto the costume while it’s on the figure I’d suspect fabric paint or acrylic (with some added latex or “textile medium” to make it more flexible) would be a good bet, using masking tape to mask off the areas you don’t want affected. I would definitely recommend looking into how cosplayers add patterns to fabric; there might be something there that you can adapt for your uses. Please let me know if you pick up any good tips!

u/dumbassthenes · 18 pointsr/surfing

Because you ruled out the obvious solution:

  1. Tell people you have a strange case of advanced vitiligo.

  2. Accessorize with a jaunty tattoo. Like a dotted line with "cut here" written on it. Or tattoo your entire torso up to your neck so no one can tell.

  3. Draw attention from the tanline using bright eye shadow.

  4. Turtlenecks!

  5. Slather yourself in body paint or mud.

  6. Never, ever, let anyone see you naked.

  7. Quit surfing.

  8. Wear a Mexican wrestling mask in the water.

  9. Coat your face in a thick layer of peanut butter. It's 100% UV effective!

  10. Just accept it, ya boner.
u/Austintatious_ · 7 pointsr/halloween

Thank you! And of course. We used Mehron Paradise Makeup in Storm Cloud for our bodies and then the black accents were done with the Mehron Basic a Color Pallete.

Mehron makes amazing water based body paint. Highly recommend! The trick is getting it on nice and thick so it doesn’t look streaky.

u/ikma · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

Not an expert or anything, but I think that you would want to go for body-paint, not some kind of make-up. I think that something like this would probably work well, in terms of the color you're going for.


wait, that's just regular paint. don't use that. something like it though.

-double edit-

maybe this? and I imagine you'll want to apply it via some sort of template, rather than by hand.

u/PeggggedHubbbbzzz · 2 pointsr/StraightPegging

So much fun! Impressed with the vibrant quality as well. We used a lot and probably could get another 1 or 2 uses for each of us.

Cheaper than lube!

u/Codyrd91 · 8 pointsr/Boruto

I used this. Mehron Makeup Paradise Makeup AQ (1.4 oz) (Red)

Funny enough, I also bought yellow because I wanted to do a blend to orange to add a “glow” effect to the seal. Didn’t work out. Neither did my original yellow hair spray. It looked more orange. Ended up using the yellow paint on my hair and got a much better result. Only problem it that it smeared pretty easily.

u/teraftercar · 3 pointsr/bonnaroo

I bought this last week, shipped fast, looks good in the bottle but I haven’t put any on yet. Happy roo :)

body paint

u/RandomRebelRose · 2 pointsr/RedditLaqueristas

Liquid latex. There are tons of different kinds out there since a lot of companies make their own. Some that come to mind: Bliss Kiss Simply Peel, Bundle Monster Poli-Peel, Liquid Palisade, Glisten & Glow Crtl Alt Del, and there are several on Etsy (Cuticula is a fave of a reader on this subreddit TheBaseCoat). You could also just get a big tub of it off Amazon. Some people use this instead since you can pick the color plus you get a much larger amount.

u/OrganaSolo · 5 pointsr/cosplay

For anyone wondering about body paint, I used Mehron Paradise Paint in the colors Storm Cloud and White for Marceline.

We have more Bubbline photos to share on our IGs :) Marceline & Bubblegum

u/I_stole_yur_name · 2 pointsr/Ghostbc

Thanks! we were thinking of doing the outline but since we couldn't find her brushes this was easier to do at the moment.

Also we used Mehron Brand makeup

The White

The Black

And a setting powder that keeps the paint from smearing and coming off

They cost about 10 dollars each but are super dense, one container will last a long time

u/Marsandtherealgirl · 1 pointr/cosplay

I'm not sure! I'm going to maybe try to make mesh green sleeves to cover my arms and torso instead of trying to cover my tattoos. So I only need to really cover my face and neck/top of my chest maybe. I was looking at this on amazon, but I'm not sure. It got good reviews. It's actually a powder, but I don't know much about it. Good reviews though! If not that, probably something from Ben Nye.

u/PirateDaveZOMG · 8 pointsr/WredditSchool
u/Borsaid · 7 pointsr/cosplay

Yup! Made the shirt. Bought a black turtleneck and yellow long sleeves. I layered the yellow on top of the black, then used chalk to draw cutting lines across the top. I recommend putting the shirts on to do that (especially with boobs), as it looks a little different laying flat vs on your body. I then took it off to cut out the top portion of the shirt. I can't sew, so I used a hot glue gun to glue it on. Then I layed the shirts flat and used chalk to draw the angled front/back and cut those out of the yellow shirt. I recommend putting the shirts on again before gluing the rest.


For the communicator pin I found a template online and traced them onto foam. You can use spray paint to get the colors right. I used a metallic gold marker and metallic silver hair spray because I had them laying around. Glue the two pieces together, then glue onto the shirts.


For the pips I just found these gold sticket things in the scrapbooking section at walmart and painted over two of them with the gold marker. The third I used a black sharpie to fill the center in black.


I followed this guide almost exactly for the makeup. For the white, I used Mehron Clown White. The NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in "Yellow Gold" was not available so I subbed it in with NYX Pigments in GO H.A.M.


The contacts I ordered through and got "Avatar." Although, if in the US I recommend just seeing an eye doctor and getting contacts that actually fit your eyes as these were pretty uncomfortable.

u/Explorasaur · 1 pointr/sfx

I bought these in black and white to start:

Ever used them? It's only an oz but I'm hoping a little goes a long way. Plus since it's paint maybe I won't need so many layers? I also looked into wolfe FX (Holy crap so pricey for so little!). I didn't find as many results for alcohol activated paints/makeup but from what I've read they sound ideal. Also do you know what kind of makeup skin illustrator is? I saw it on SFXwarehouse and I see people talk about it here a lot, but is it just a high quality cream pallet?

u/nealesa · 2 pointsr/Makeup

I just used this over Halloween. I loved how easy it was to apply, how long lasting it was and it never cracked or flaked for the 5+ hours I was wearing it.

UV Glow Blacklight Face and Body Paint 0.34oz - Set of 6 Tubes - Neon Fluorescent

u/helem0n · 1 pointr/exmormon

So sweet oil is olive oil or other vegetal oil. So basically it was glow in the dark makeup that the would be angel smeared on their face.
Here is a safer version you can use for next halloween or testimony meeting:

u/Beetunes · 35 pointsr/UnconventionalMakeup

The green and yellow are from a UV face paint kit I found on Amazon, the teal is from the Wolfe FX Hydrocolors Essentials Palette. The liner was NYX Matte Black Liquid Liner. Lashes were Dodo D105 (these have huge lash bands lol, beware).

u/buffalochickenwing · 1 pointr/aves

I bought the body paint and hair from here for EDC next weekend.

Got this one as well.

I'll find out which one is better next weekend.

u/Zispinhoff · 2 pointsr/dragoncon

Never used it, but I had a friend shopping around for Andorian makeup.

Try seeing what you of think of these?

u/AxtManCan · 45 pointsr/rickandmorty

Me and my girlfriend did Rick and Unity for DragonCon last week. She used Paradise Makeup Light Blue - Amazon. The stuff spreads great. Just a little water and a makeup applicator is all we used. Barely used any of the makeup. Here are some pictures of us from the con At DragonCon Parade Close Up.

u/paternoster · 1 pointr/SexToys

"amazon fluorescent body paint" as a google search comes up with a few good hits. That should get you started!

These are the ones I have had:

u/EgoFlyer · 2 pointsr/halloween


I got my bruise wheel and two of the fake blood types from Amazon. I'm still waiting on molding wax to show up. It'll give the gashes more depth, instead of them just being blood.

Edited to add that there are links in there to the things I bought. You can't really tell in the Halloween subreddit style.

u/MedicsOfAnarchy · 3 pointsr/LucidDreaming

You might wish to try this first, and see if it works, before committing to anything permanent. This also gives you the opportunity to experiment with various locations.

/r/I_Am_Coder's response is interesting - I don't know if this was the intent, but think about it: a tat on the shoulder/shoulder blades/back. If you can actually see it (without a mirror) you must be dreaming.

u/Koala011860091 · 2 pointsr/daresgonewild

Depending on you not having a latex allergy. Use some body paint to paint on a bicycle shorts and jersey outfit. Then go biking :)

u/13798246 · 0 pointsr/bestofworldstar

> oh sure, that explains the actual blood and the actual injuries in some of the follow-up videos i've seen.

Case closed then huh?

u/UpsideLight · 2 pointsr/photography

Here ya go. There's tons of different kinds, just google 'uv fluorescent paint'.

u/MaesterDragonhooves · 7 pointsr/StarVStheForcesofEvil

Find out if her cheeks have this in them!