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1. 3M Accuspray ONE Spray Gun System with Standard PPS, 16580

3M Accuspray ONE Spray Gun System with Standard PPS, 16580
  • ONE GUN FOR ALL PAINT SPRAY NEEDS – 3M Accuspray original handheld HVLP paint gun works with original PPS or PPS 2.0 disposable lids, liners and nozzles to measure, mix, filter and spray a variety of paint materials
  • ALL-INCLUSIVE PAINT SPRAY KIT – Includes 1 Accuspray spray gun, 4 nozzles (1.2 mm, 1.3 mm, 1.4 mm, 1.8 mm), 1 plastic paint cup, 1 collar, 5 disposable lids (4 with 200-micron filter, 1 with 125-micron filter), 5 disposable liners, universal mix ratio insert and sealing plugs. Air compressor and hose coupler not included
  • PICK YOUR PROJECT – Comes with 22-ounce standard-size cup, ideal for any painting project including cars, boats, furniture, equipment, cabinets, arts and crafts
  • VARIETY OF MATERIALS – The different nozzle options allow you to spray paints, stains, varnishes, basecoats, undercoats, primers, sealers, clearcoats, gelcoats, sprayable adhesives and more
  • LIKE-NEW PERFORMANCE AGAIN AND AGAIN – With replaceable atomizing heads, you get the performance of a brand-new gun each time you replace the nozzle
  • 360 DEGREE PAINT RANGE – When used with included PPS cup system, you can consistently spray at any angle, even upside down
  • LESS WASTE, MORE EFFICIENCY – Less paint waste, mess and contamination than traditional methods. Use up to 70% less cleaning solvent, and shorten prep and cleanup time by as much as 50% compared with conventional metal paint cup systems
  • For industrial/occupational use only. Not for consumer sale or use.
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Top Reddit comments about Body Repair Paint Spray Guns:

u/Thresh99 · 1 pointr/Powdercoating

silly question, but how many 1" square clasps do you have to coat at once? As u/the_crx states, the Eastwood gun is fine, but has some build limitations for longevity. Great starter type gun, and also good for quick colour changes, small things, etc.

RedLine makes a next step up. A bit sturdier. I'm sure you can find them cheaper, as I'm just looking for quick links. The advantage to this cup-gun being on the bottom is there is less spitting. It means more when doing candy, clears, effects.

Columbia has the next step up. Now we're getting into similar to job-shop type of coating guns. One of the styles, is drawn from a fluidized bed (the other is a stick-feed). Larger batches, smoother finishes with no regard to how the gun is held. Variable Kv. Things get easier with these types of models. BUT, cleanup and care is a bit more in-depth.

After this, we are really stepping into pro-user territory. More options, better flow, ergonomic and accountable for years without issue. My favorite in the lower price point is the Nordson. It's a good solid gun. If you have the money, though. I'd be going after a Gema gun. I've used them for almost three decades. They simply perform at the upper tier.

Best of luck in your search. Let us know what you chose!

u/volvoguy · 1 pointr/Autos

Bottom feed paint gun + Plastic horn

I've never seen them before, but they look like they could be helpful at times.

u/tprice1020 · 1 pointr/maker

I bought this guy and it looks and sounds very similar the one in the video.

Tacklife SGP15AC Advanced Electric Spray Gun 800ml/min Paint Sprayer with Three Spray Patterns, Three Nozzle Sizes,Adjustable Valve Knob, and Easy Filling 900ml Detachable Container

Have been happy with it. Used it to spray my kitchen cabinets.

u/IntoxicatingVapors · 2 pointsr/bikewrench

No problem, in no particular order of relevance, a few other great ones to consider are:

Knipex Pliers Wrench - My single favorite tool ever

Felco C7 Cable Cutters - You can usually find these used and sharpened for $20 on eBay

Dualco Grease Gun - Your bike needs grease, this makes it easy

Motorex 2000 Waterproof Grease - Can grease be beautiful? I think so. Exactly like the Dura Ace grease

Wera Hex+ Keys - I know you have some already, but the slightly scalloped faces of these "hex plus" keys really do allow you to remove very stuck fasteners without stripping, and I have even removed bolts stripped with standard keys

u/The_Mad_Potter · 3 pointsr/AutoPaint

3M Has a great disposable gun with multiple tip sizes.. you’ll need to buy their liner system as well.. Harbor freight has some decent inexpensive guns.. But if cost is not a factor Sata is always a good choice ..

u/The_Wheel_Man · 1 pointr/Jeep

I used AL's Liner kit with the spray gun. It turned out great for less than $200. I sprayed it 4 years ago and hardly ever had my top on for many of those years. It has held up great and still looks killer. No areas are coming up even where there is high traffic.

u/dammitijustwantmemes · 1 pointr/AutoPaint

Try something with a plastic air cap. Much more beginner friendly and cheaper to replace. One I started with was this or something very similar Accuspray 3M (16587) Spray Gun Kit

u/Drocelot · 2 pointsr/guns

Oil - Birchwood Casey synthetic gun oil, extremely slick and a tiny bit goes a long way

Grease - Mobil mobilgrease xhp 222, high temp extended service grease

I use a dualco mini grease gun for the grease, makes applying it super easy, a longer tip is handy but not necessary

u/NightKnight529 · 1 pointr/watercooling

If you're just looking for coverage, this is probably fine. For more detailed work it's probably going to be a pain in the ass. It's designed for painting larger surface like furniture and walls.

Automotive paint sprayers are probably a better bet. I actually bought this set recently. Having different nozzle sizes is helpful. Obviously you need an air compressor, but I though this was a better option long term then household paint sprayer.

u/rieslingatkos · 2 pointsr/vermont

Or just buy it yourself and DIY

u/xcrunner3141 · 1 pointr/3Dprinting

Not OP, but I believe he was referencing this: link

u/GaryDuder · 3 pointsr/Bombing

Yo dog:

Of course, this thing gives me carpal tunnel from all the tunnels I'm bombing with it.

u/Castleloch · 2 pointsr/videos

> It shows the pressure gauge, plus he's using standard poly air hose, not something that can handle vacuum.

You're correct that what he is using is a pressure pot, it's typically used for a paint gun( However that calibre of hose just to point it out can be used for Vacuum.

I have a small table that has heavy poly on an aluminum frame that sits on canopy tape. A buddy of mine made this little box with regulators that creates suction on just a 2hp compressor and this is how I do odd shaped veneer bends that I can't wrap on a jig. I've also used it to sink resin in like large knot holes and to deeply penetrate cracks and such on door faces and it works well. I've used this particular system years ago which is what we copied and while it's somewhat expensive on the site, it was cheap to make at home

u/LennyNero · 2 pointsr/whatisthisthing

They just push on to the end of the standard (non-OSHA) blowgun to make it compliant.

I prefer to use a purpose designed high flow safety blow gun. It's cheaper than the snapon and no little tips to lose.

u/quizno50 · 1 pointr/AutoPaint

It really depends on what you're going to be doing. Sadly paint guns don't really come in one size fits all. If I was just starting out again I'd look really hard at this set:

It may seem a bit pricey, but this set should cover about 90% of what you would do for paint on a car.

u/collegefurtrader · 2 pointsr/Skookum

for the air- check out a HVLP turbine

Its a High Volume Low Pressure turbine pump used for painting

I have never used one myself so I cant make a recommendation, but here is one rated for 7 psi at 115 cfm (3200 lpm):

and here is one from harbor freight with no specs at all, but its far cheaper:

u/jkwill101 · 5 pointsr/whatisthisthing

They look like parts for a paint spray gun. Its a needle that goes in the gun.


u/pbgod · 2 pointsr/MechanicAdvice

If you have access to compressed air....look into a product called the Tornador .... maybe direct to the manufacturer

You spray a healthy amount of your cleaner of choice (for carpets either a watered down gentle degreaser or a bespoke carpet cleaner). Get it a little damp. The Tornador is a little hose that whips around inside that cone, keep the cone right at the surface and it will lift everything out of the carpet. You kinda go back and forth as needed using the tornador and vacuuming after. It can save you pulling carpets and liners out.

You can do the same thing with a regular air gun and compressed air, but you'll tear up the carpet more, make lines in it, and it's difficult to do an even job and actually get it all. The air gun also tends to shoot stuff through the carpet, and not actually lift it away as much.