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Top Reddit comments about Cake Stands:

u/foxtrot666 · 1 pointr/photogrammetry

I'm using a white plastic cake decorating tray and its been working out pretty good. The problem that I'm having is that the models have a hole in the bottom of them and I can't figure out how to make a solid from them. I'm using Memento and Meshmixer. Any tips? Here is a link to the .obj file if you want to take a look: Crested Forest Toad

u/gamininganela · 1 pointr/AskElectronics

Hmm, I do have 2-3 hard drives from old computers actually! Let me take a look inside. Thanks for chiming in.

Neat idea -- I'm guessing you happen to have used this kind of rotary mechanism before, and you used a hard-disk spindle?

The other thing I'm considering is goin on amazon and ordering a turntable like a somewhat precise/well-rated turntable (like this one) or maybe a revolving cake stand (like this one), both of which have stainless steel ball bearings for what is claimed to be smooth rotation.

Too bad they have beveled circumference edges though, might be hard to attach directly to the little rubber wheel or even using a belt.

u/tacoreina · 1 pointr/1200isplenty

Yep, it's the Blue Willow pattern. You can snag it on amazon! Foods just look better to me on a blue or blue-ish plate. It's the contrast, I think.

u/Hollaberra · 55 pointsr/DesignMyRoom

Okkaaaayyy. So! Does that vanity not possess drawers or cabinets? Start there. Actually, no.

  1. Get a trash bag. Every empty or NEARLY empty container gets tossed. I don't care if there's one pump left in that sucker that you're saving for a special occasion.

  2. Take EVERYTHING that's left and pull it off the counter and out from below and empty the drawers and set it on the floor of the room nextdoor.

  3. Slowly evaluate everything you NEED. You say it all has to stay, but I see 2 pump bottles of cetaphil. Y'all need to learn to share.

  4. The counter should be for the things you use DAILY, and really only 2x a day. Face cleanser and moisturizer and tooth shittery.

  5. Use a cake stand to elevate those items up off the counter surface. They have some at Target for $5 in their little dollar section. That plate will get full and when it does, STOP. That's all that should be out.

  6. Get a few of these to store under your sinks- once they are full, get rid of the rest

  7. Get some clear acrylic trays to organize the make up and make up brushes

    You don't need to spend a huge amount of money on this. Go to the dollar store. Go to a thrift store. Use discipline and discernment about what NEEDS to stay out and visible. Bathrooms should be personal sanctuaries. If you're visually overwhelmed the moment you enter, you probably won't feel clean or refreshed.

    Anyway, lots of luck.
u/flieslikeabanana · 1 pointr/weddingplanning

I'm hiring a friend! Since traditional tiered cakes are more physics-cally demanding, we're going with this cascading tier design. We're doing a fluffy sponge cake layered with whipped cream and fresh fruit topped with buttercream.

u/hotinhawaii · 1 pointr/cakedecorating

If you want really smooth sides, get an aluminum cake turntable. Here is a good set: Cake Decorating Supplies Aluminium Alloy Revolving Cake turntable with 12.7'' Angled Icing Spatul cake leveler Comb Icing Smoother Banking supplies cake stand baking supplies https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078SQWLXV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apu_rjGSBbF7RJXSN

u/Pitta_ · 4 pointsr/Cooking

looks pretty similar to this one

u/I_Have_The_Legs · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

How about a tired cake stand? A clear/glass one would match any theme you have, and you could hang stuff off the sides and put things on the tiers

I freaking ADORE that ferris wheel btw!

u/blizeH · 3 pointsr/lotr

It's the Hobbit board game :)


u/goddamnitgoose · 3 pointsr/Gunpla

Some think like this suit your fancy?

u/madbrick10 · 3 pointsr/weddingplanning

Personally, I think you may have a hard time finding 5 matching stands in different heights, but I have 2 suggestions:

(1) If you're DIY-inclined, head over to your local thrift shop (e.g., Goodwill) and pick out cake stands of similar styles. You could probably find cookie trays too, but not likely 3 matching ones. Spray paint them a matching color.

(2) If you're not DIY-inclined, get ready to search Amazon, Target, Michaels, and Joann with a fine-tooth comb. Pick a color you like and search for "X + cake stand":

u/angelfish2222 · 1 pointr/weddingplanning

My Mum & I are baking the cake(s).

Top tier: 6' lemon meringue pie

Second: 8' Fruit Cake (my grandma's recipe)

Third: 10' Victoria Sponge

Fourth: 14' Chocolate Sponge

We're not actually tier-ing them on top of one another. We've bought a 4 pillared tiered stand instead, and I'm making cake toppers out of some leftover fabric flowers I've made (also used in my bouquets/button holes/corsages) for the 3 larger cakes.

u/awfulthings · 1 pointr/Baking

Something with a ball bearing - it's smooth and reliable. They're not cheap, but if you make a lot of cakes (for sale, for example), it's worth it.



u/luckyhunterdude · 1 pointr/DIY

oh shoot, i didn't see your dimensions, that's pretty big. Could you just gut a cheap wall clock? That might get you going. Or there's these foam rounds you could hollow out a cavity for your electronics, but they cost about the same as a cheap clock.

u/oksharkchef · 2 pointsr/CulinaryPlating

I found a couple results searching "tea snack tray removable plate" on Amazon.



u/cball_ca · 6 pointsr/whatisthisthing

Looks like a fragment of a british copy of a chinese porcelain pattern.


Here is an example recovered from the HMS Eberus (late 19th century), halfway down the page:



Unfortunately, my mother has plates with the same pattern which means it is still a thing you could buy in the late 20th century.


Just found this:



Which gives us potentially, early 21st century.


I'm by no means an expert, so who knows, perhaps it is from the original chinese pattern the brits copied which could potentially tack a century or two to the back side.

u/blackplate68 · 2 pointsr/Baking

I haven't seen much aside from the visual critiques, so I'm going to provide some advice from someone who did the same thing. I was in the same boat as you a few months ago. I made a four tier cake for my friends' wedding. I decorated it simply, but it was a big and heavy cake. It was my first wedding cake and here's what I learned:

  1. Figure out your recipes early and practice them in the pans and oven you will bake in. I had a disaster with my top tier the night before that kept me up until 2:00AM rebaking two more cakes. If I knew how that recipe was going to bake in that pan and in that oven, I would have made a different choice from the start. It all worked out in the end, but it was unnecessary stress.

  2. Know the route you have to drive the cake on. I had to drive up a hill and I was not prepared for it. If you have to drive up any inclines with the cake, make sure you have something non-slip under them and leave the cake in individual layers. Also, have a helper watching the cakes as you drive so that you can stop if something starts to go wrong.

  3. If it's a big cake, know the venue. My cake almost didn't fit in the fridge. That would have been a disaster.

    Those are my big three. Also, depending on how big of a cake you are making (My base tier was 14 inches,) there are some great tools I would recommend:

    Ateco 14-inch Cake Kinfe

    Ateco Revolving Cake Stand

    If you're interested, here's the post about the cake I made