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u/happyeggplant_ · 5 pointsr/nursing

I see lots of students and experienced nurses alike using these clipboards or similar designs.

Compression stockings are super nice, and come in cute designs. They help with foot/leg pain because we're on our feet a lot.

For a new student, a study essentials kit is a very kind gift. Notecards, post its, pens, highlighters, notes of encouragement, favorite snacks. You can DIY this to be very tailored to her.

Lastly, nursing school is tough, and mentally taxing. The best gift you can give is your support. Cute idea is an IOU book of things like a movie date, back rub, 1 hour of study help, etc etc. Just a sweet way to show your support. It's very nice of you to want to find her something to make school better for her, I hope she does well!

u/StewofPuppies · 1 pointr/StudentNurse

Brands for any of those things don't really matter except for Stethoscope. And even then you shouldn't be overspending. Like there is a good Littmann scope for $200. I recommend people to get that one but not for nursing school and 2nd some people lose their stethoscope like potheads lose bic lighters so it's not always a good thing getting the most expensive thing. Or if you are, make sure you get a really unique/flamboyant color in which when people see it they will automatically think "YES that's u/AviatingPenguin24's Littmann." Littmann scopes have a lifetime warranty if you are buying from a certified and genuine seller (heard there's a lot of fakes for littmann's).


BP cuff, a cheap one off Amazon will be miles better than most BP cuff you use in lab for practices. Really that's it. The rest you can pretty much get basic/cheap or simple brands. Check the reviews to make sure it's not some bootleg quality material and that they have good enough customer service/warranty service.


As for pulse oximeter I have no idea. We weren't required to purchase one. TBH I would go for the cheap one; the cheaper and easier to replace the better.


You're going to likely be buying more supplementary equipment for clinicals and stuff (optional things but very useful IMO) like a clipboard or small notepad or other NCLEX supplementary material. So save money when you can where you can and make sure they are easy to replace. Also expensive and good brands don't always mean more durable/longer-lasting (the girl who bought the $200 Littmann scope broke it on her 2nd week of use and took almost a month to replace under warranty). Which is why I stress "easy/convenience in replacing." This includes cost and how fast can you get it/if it is readily available. You preferably want everything to be accessible within the week and with warranty, in 2 weeks

u/svonrader · 3 pointsr/DnD

Here I have listed out what I feel to be the most bare minimum to run an impromptu efficient session of D&D 5e focused on new or first time players.

I am sure the everyone has their own preference to items and approach on this type of kit, but I am just demonstrating mine to help any others thinking about making one of their own. I am also more than welcome to constructive feedback.

I will do my best to provide links to the specifics if possible.

First off the Clipboard: Here is a link to the closest I can find to mine, any other storage clipboard with a moderate amount of storage space should do.

I keep this in my car and with me on any trips or special events I go to. After a year of carrying it I have been able to play 3 times with groups of brand new players.

Whats inside

1: Pre-made character sheets. I was never happy with the content or format of available pre-generated character available online so I took the time to write up my own. I went with the original 3 classes (fighter, cleric, wizard) and added in the rouge as a 4th option (it seemed to round out the party). I went with the races of Human, Elf, Dwarf, and Halfling as the cliché fantasy races to help introduce first timers the the world of Faerun. On the back of the cleric and wizard are the spells printed out in card style with help from this site

2: Dice, pencils, and paper. Dice; a full set for the table to share and a D20 for each player to use and keep as a keepsake of their experience (I also offer them the character sheet and restock after use) Paper and pencil; I will be switching out the plain for graph. For use toe keep track of enemy HP and to draw basic maps and fight scenes. Most is done with theater of the mind but a little extra does not hurt.

3: Published adventure. I use published adventures because there is so much info wrapped up in one book that I do not feel I need the MM, DMG, or PHB. The book will list out everything from traps, maps, NPC's, antagonists, plot hooks, and the full campaign story. I know HOTDQ is not most peoples favorites but its the one I have run the most and that gives me the advantage of not needing to stop and read the book, slowing down the game. I suggest to you to use the adventure you know the best. The only thing the published book dose not have is monster stats for the more common enemies. Shown next to the book is a printout for the DM of the monster stats for all enemies in the first few chapters (printed front to back in small front just a few pages).

The only thing not show that I use is my smartphone which I use for enemy spells though an app.

Everything else I do without, and it has worked out just fine. I tweak specifics after use to try and be more efficient at the table to minimize slowing down the game.
What I don't use

Dungeon masters screen: I have been playing long enough I know enough of the rules to either be able to remember the rule, or fake it on the fly. Most of what I might need can be found in the published material as a table or helpful reminder.

Dungeon master Guide: again most of the pertinent info I would need can be found in the published material.

Monster Manual: I print out any and all monsters the group should encounter on front and back small font printouts.

Players Handbook: Usually the characters don't (or just) level in a single impromptu session. I can either look up the leveling info on my phone, just remember what advancement the level 2 classes get, or use it as an opportunity to invite them into playing again later (where I can have their updated characters prepared).

Battle Map and Minis: just not feasible in this small format, I am thinking about adding a packet of M&Ms for use on the grid paper.

So what do you all think? What additions or subtractions do you think should be made, or any changes to specific items?

u/blissdancefly · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

On a zero dollar budget, I got my lover a pretty great 1-year anniversary gift. I painted a cardboard box and wrote WHY I LOVE YOU on the outside, one word on each side. Then, in the box, I filled it with "100+ things I love about you". I colored the back of each piece of paper and wrote something I love about her on the other side. If I had done this different, had I more money I would have liked to put it all into a nice glass jar rather than just a cardboard box lined with felt. I gave it to her when we were camping. She ran to the bathroom and I set it out on the table and encircled it with tea light candles in the shape of a heart. Talk about cheesy...

you suck at shopping and I realy need this :P

u/hopefullyromantic · 2 pointsr/nursing

She's talking about the whitecoat clipboards. There are different versions though, so think about if she wants the standard nursing one, the pediatric one, etc.

If she doesn't already have one, a good Littman stethoscope is nice, but $$$.

Badgeclips are a cute and cheap present. Etsy has a bunch. I have a cute little felt one with a fox on it that I like, but there's a lot of variety if you just look around.

If you guys are shoe people, nice sneakers that are comfortable would be nice and it's not specific to nursing.

u/aphrodite-walking · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh my goodness you are a godsend!
I'm going to college right down the street from my house which happens to have one of the best nursing programs in the entire state! This is my last semester of prereqs before I can apply for the nursing school. I will be finishing my degree in biology and mathematics this winter! Being a nurse is my dream job ahh!!

Super handy binder thing

Uniform pants

LIFE SAVERS for studying


Just under $50 :) Thank you SO much for this contest, you are the best ever! <3

u/Aphyd · 1 pointr/ArtFundamentals

I had a similar concern when I started. I settled on a setup with printer paper attached to a clipboard (I use the Officemate Letter Size), and the clipboard mounted on a Artisul Freestyle Stand, with a strong clip securing the clipboard to the stand. I let the bottom of the clipboard rest on the lower rubber edge, so that my hand doesn't brush against the resistance.

With this setup I can mostly keep my neck straight and look with my eyes down at the angled paper. I'll also sometimes put the stand on top of a book to raise it higher up. It'll challenge your shoulder muscles but no more than an angled tablet. You also won't be able to rotate the page easily. I used that as an opportunity to practice drawing at all angles, instead.

It's a little pricy (about $70 for all the pieces) but your health is worth orders of magnitude more. As a bonus the stand works great with a tablet when you want to try digital drawing.

u/Glitterbugtoo · 2 pointsr/policeuk

Thermals, thermals and thermals - merino wool ones from Aldi or TK Maxx. Couldn't do without them.

I also wear long ski socks in winter that come up over my knees (attractive, I know!).

Torch - LED Lenser. Not linking as it's an old one, but they're good torches. I also bought this to put over it for signalling.

Decent kit bag

My own rubber gloves - ones that fit me and I'm not allergic to (latex allergy).

Earpieces. RocketRadio on Amazon are good for these.

Radar key for disabled toilets. Had a shift where this would have been REALLY useful.

Tyre depth gauge - expensive but worth it.

Individual face masks for CPR on a keyring and have one clipped to my bag and vests and anything else I can clip them to.

I've bought multiple long handcuff keys with clips because they are very handy - as OP said.


u/femalenerdish · 1 pointr/dndnext

I like the idea of a set. It looks great and it's cool to have it all match.

But.... A lot of the pieces aren't as useful for me. I don't DM or use spell cards. I'd want full size paper to fit in there. (For character sheets and my own random notes.) There's no place to store dice.

I like the ruler and the 3-ring aspect. But overall, the fake leather clipboard binder the plastic storage clipboard that my SO and I use, respectively, serve mostly the same purpose. And my dice fit in the plastic storage clipboard.

I think what I'd really want are full size, quick reference cheat sheets for classes, conditions, spells, etc. So I wouldn't have to open the book all the time. But you can't really do that without upsetting WotC.

Maybe you could add a part that's magnetic. (Like a page in the binder.) And then make magnets for spell slots, HP, conditions, etc. That would be more useful to me. Then I don't have to search for my pencil, erase, and rewrite every time I cast a spell or take damage. That could make your product more special than the individual pieces that already exist. But, my group doesn't play at a table, so that might be less useful for others.

u/XJadynX · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

alright it might not seem like much of the same thing but coming from being a tour guide there is one thing I know.. Paperwork. I had a TON of paperwork as a tour guide and in your job.. you will also... trust me when I say.. even though you won't be on the road you will need THIS

I even conferred with my wife who works in a ton of offices and she agrees :p

as for what I want well honestly Bacon sorta... however if you don't have prime then

I'd look really cool adding this new Top hat to my collection :D

u/CupofTia · 3 pointsr/nursing

A folding clipboard for clinical was really popular at my school. The maker is “white coat clipboards” they have a website and also sell on amazon. It comes it lots of colors and has useful information on it. I’d recommend NOT buying the nurse edition as it isn’t very useful info. The medical one is better.

I have the pink one

u/G0ATLY · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Happy happy cake day! :3


















Bonus: This?

u/LadyVimes · 3 pointsr/EDC

Whitecoat clip board. I have a foldable version that fits perfectly in scrub pockets and has a quick reference to multiple values and such. Well worth the cost in order to keep my brain in a handy and safe place.

u/lumabean · 1 pointr/EngineeringStudents

Bring a clipboard that can hold papers and pencils. Such as this. It'll look more professional than just a backpack and can help protect papers/calculator in the elements. Worked great in the Marines and it'll work good for you.

u/bunnysoup · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

1.Cake Related. Gotta have that butter!

3 [A book I am eager to read!](

4 Eating Utinsils

5 Animal

6 Purple

7 A game

8 A guilty pleasure

9 A tool. Have you ever seen this movie? All these dudes are MASSIVE tools. It's amazing.

10 Something from my childhood

11 An organizational item. Can't have bottles scattered about!

12 Hobby

13 Nerdy/Geeky. I mean, PBS Home video... that's properly nerdy.

14 Natural Book are made from trees, and trees are au natural!

15 Green

16 Something you wear

17 Funny

18 This could work for rinsing dried beans

19 Gardening

20 Mine broke, I'm gutted without it. Luckily, I have a birthday coming up, and I plan on getting this bad boy asap.

This was fun! Thanks for the contest!!!

u/rattacat · 1 pointr/rpg

While not pretty, a [Clipboard Storage box] ( would make an inexpensive and very useful gift, especially if you’re giving them to multiple players. We got one for our tech-challenged players and they’ve usedit for years: Holds a notebook, pens and even a little dicebag. Fill it up with a world map, a custom sheet and some trinkets to top it off. (Im a fan of cheap brass compasses myself)

u/littlecodemonkey · 2 pointsr/rpg

Is he the DM or a player?

For a DM office supplies can be nice:

u/ZombieButch · 1 pointr/learnart

"Don't work on a flat surface" is the easiest one; if an easel or drawing table - full-sized or desktop sized in either case - is out of the question, you can get a toteboard like this that you can hold upright in your lap or lean in a chair like the woman in blue in the center of this painting is doing with her canvas.

If even that's not an option, stick it up on a wall / door /whatever. Even if the surface you stick it up on isn't smooth enough to work on (though you can put a piece of cardboard or something down first to create a smooth surface, the backing board on pads of drawing paper are good for this) you can at least take a few steps back to judge your proportions without distortion.

u/Heplayer92 · 7 pointsr/medicalschool

Personally I've always wanted one of these:

Also a nice set of pens like will be clutch and they're on sale right now too!

Besides that, just lend an ear when she needs to rant after a long day. Prepare meals for her. Take her on dates. And don't get upset when she's working long days and has to come home and study. But honestly if y'all made it past M2, you're probably in the clear in terms of understanding her busy hours.

You the real MVP

u/dracomalfoy24 · 4 pointsr/ultimate

I like the clipboards with internal storage so I don't have to worry about rain on my papers.

This is the one I use: Here.

Honestly, I like all the features it has; I can even keep a little whiteboard inside of it for diagramming things. I just kind of wish it had a little clip at the bottom to hold the bottom and top of papers since it gets kind of windy in the midwest and my papers fly all over the place.

u/erica1990 · 1 pointr/nursing

A drug reference guide is helpful. This clipboard I loved
Lastly, a massage or spa day is nice after she takes her boards.

u/moonablaze · 4 pointsr/OccupationalTherapy

A clipboard is a great idea. One like this would be even better.

Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy/Anatomy Reference Clipboard with Wire Clip

u/mynameMD · 10 pointsr/medicalschool

One of those foldable metal clipboards are helpful to keep everything together. I keep all my PHI on easily throw-away-able pieces of paper in the clipboard, and then a separate small notebook for notes I have on diseases, treatments, things to look up for the next day etc.

That way its just Clipboard for PHI crap, Notebook for Stuff to Learn.
What I need help with is how to organize my PHI half-sheets. Some residents have beautifully organized half sheets on their pts.. mine are always kinda scattered.

u/fredshort · 1 pointr/Bestbuy

I guess that sounds like that could be pretty efficient.

When I was working back in computers, our store tested these out. No one really liked them, it was hard to organize.

u/susiexlynn · 1 pointr/OccupationalTherapy

I'm a little late to the game, but these clipboards are a useful gift:

u/hotspots_thanks · 3 pointsr/nursing

My boyfriend got me this folding clipboard when I went back to school.

I have used it every single day of work to hold papers and notes. When I fold it up, it fits perfectly in my scrub jacket pocket. It's the most practical gift I've ever received.

u/truthdoctor · 3 pointsr/medicine

What I started with: Stethoscope, sphygmomanometer or a sphygmomanometer for the lazy, pulse oximeter, reflex hammer, tuning fork, a pen light, notebook, Maxwell, pocket medicine, clipboard, 48 pens (of which I somehow only have 2 left), and finally a pack of decoy pens to hand out to people that need to "borrow" a pen but never give back.

Seriously where do all of my pens go??? It turns out half them went into my gf's bag x(.

What I was given or picked up along the way: scalpel, needle drivers, tweezers, scissors, various types of vicryl, bandages, gauze, alcohol wipes, surgical lube (that I took from the hospital when no one was looking ;) ), and a pocket CPR mask. I took a bunch of normal saline and IV kits as well but they don't fit in the bag.

u/purebredginger · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I would eat sushi!! ALL the sushi! surf clam, squid, tuna.... mmmm....

God this clipboard would so help my OCD.

u/contemplativecarrot · 4 pointsr/rpg

They look like these

u/SwimIntoMyMouth · 38 pointsr/medicalschool
u/jinx614 · 3 pointsr/nursing

I use this great beast of a clipboard:
I keep my report sheets, saline flushes, alcohol pads, stethoscope, port caps, pens, highlighter, penlight, dry erase marker, cell phone, clamps, 2x2s, disposable thermometers, and tape in it, with room to spare. Also a few dollar bills in case I can run to the vending machine. I carry all the crap with me because our unit is huge, with one nurses station. Everyone gets private rooms, but it also means we are more spread out.

u/Karen8172 · 3 pointsr/OccupationalTherapy

They make a clipboard that is a cheat sheet and then you could add post it notes to that!