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u/Jehu920 · 9 pointsr/FixedGearBicycle

Is this your first bike?

You should really check out the beginner advice thread and the $200-600 thread in addition to this one. There's a lot of helpful advice in there including SIZING. KNOWING YOUR SIZE IS SUPER IMPORTANT SO KNOW THAT FIRST.

Also, if you're in this price bracket and you don't already have the essential bike accessories:

  • A Front Brake and Lever and Cable if you're not sure what sizes you need make a post in the weekly questions thread. Some of the bikes I suggest have one already, but if they don't GET ONE.

  • A Floor Pump

  • A Metric Hex Set

  • A 15mm wrench if your wheels require it (most do)

  • A Lockring Tool 100% essential if you plan to ride fixed

  • Some Grease

  • Good pedals! Clips and straps, bmx straps, or clipless can all benefit greatly from a little extra cash.

  • A helmet

    Note there are other options for all of these that could allow you to save money/space/whatever, but you won't go wrong with what I linked. I'd really suggest having these even if it means you go down a price bracket on the actual bike, they'll all come in handy.

    New Bikes

  • An Upgraded Dolan Precursa at £Whateveryouwanttospend is just so customizable and awesome and the pricing is great and really everyone should get this if they can. I'd highly suggest opting for the front brake, miche pistard clincher wheelset (tubular if you're riding track ONLY), and sugino75 crankset options. You can even get direct drives for only £109 extra ( a $500 crankset whaaaat) so that's cool. If you really want to dive headfirst you can get clipless pedals too, but if you don't know what those are definitely make a post in the weekly questions thread.

  • The Specialized Langster at $650 retail is a super solid street and track bike. They go on sale sometimes for less and for $600 or less it's really a no brainer.

  • The Wabi Classic at $750 has been my go to recommendation for a long time. It's made of super high quality steel has excellent customization options, and is all around awesome. The biggest downside is the super relaxed geo. If you want something that rides more like an average road bike check out the Special or Lightning

  • The PoloandBike Williamsburg at £760 is a great option for European riders. The name brand finishing kit and artchetype rims give it that custom bike feel for a good value complete bike. If you swap out the front tire and maybe upgrade the crank this bike can be truly superb.

  • The All-City Big Block at $950 is easily the best looking bike on this list imo, but that aside it's a super ultra double awesome track bike. Really well rounded and could easily be the last fixed gear you buy. One thing to watch out for is the long top tubes that all city loves so much so take a close look at that geo chart.

    Used Bikes

    Another great thing about this price bracket is the used market. I daresay it is easy to find outstanding value bikes used in this price range if you know what you're doing. I helped a friend source this for $1100 and we were being choosey! Again, if you need help post in the questions thread or just PM me because I like helping people with this stuff.

u/gimpwiz · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Thanks a ton!


What is the benefit of a 3/8 set when I have a 1/4 and 1/2 set? The physical socket sizes are more or less all covered, I believe, though I will check to make sure.

My friend told me I should get a 3/8 set simply for ratchet size reasons - he thinks that the 1/2 ratchet is simply too big to fit in most places.

On the other hand, I have a 2000-model american car, so there is a lot of space... and I'm simply not sure that a 3/8 set will be able to take the torque I need to get a lot of things loose.

I really appreciate the advice, by the way. If you think it's indispensable regardless of the above, I'll get one.


What makes a very good screwdriver set? What should I look for? I assume you mean I should get a set of fixed screwdrivers, instead of one screwdriver with replaceable bits. (And honestly, as much as I like my screwdriver with bit set, it won't handle the torque I need for cars, so this is probably a good idea.)


I'll look into what channel lock pliers are. I have normal pliers and cutters. I'll get vice grips.


Is this a double sided line wrench that you mention? I have this set of normal wrenches.


I do have a bunch of nice bright headlamps. I find headlamps to be awesome for car stuff... light goes where your face goes. Would you recommend any other lights? I think I've seen some magnetic LED lights, where you stick 'em to the car to keep the light on a certain place.


I'll look into an electric impact wrench.


I have a half inch breaker bar, two feet long. Do I need the 3/8ths? Same question as above basically. And I have the adapters.


Great call on the ratchet straps, I keep forgetting how great those are.


So a few questions above, and I'll get ratchet straps, channel lock pliers, vise grips, double sided line wrenches, and look into an electric impact.

u/Exuberentfool · 7 pointsr/cars

For tool boxes, I'd go craigslist, 100%. Get in the habit of looking for toolboxes twice a day, and you'll find a good deal eventually. I'd also recommend buying power tools on CL, especially corded ones (where you don't have to worry about a worn out battery). If you want to buy new, the harbor freight tool boxes are a great deal and work really well.

As far as tool sets, I've found it better to kinda just accumulate the stuff you need over time. To start, definitely get a good socket set with 1/4" and 3/8" drive sockets, as well as a couple ratchets. I'm partial to the composite bodied tekton ratchets on amazon, as it's great to not have to worry about dinging the paint by swinging a ratchet into it. I'd also reocmmmend getting a set of gearwrench ratcheting wrenches. They're phenomenal, and once you go to a ratcheting wrench you'll never go back.

As far as other tools, you can't go wrong with a big hammer, a set of pry bars, and a good screwdriver set. It's expensive, but the chapman manufacturing bit driver sets are incredibly well made and super versatile. It's not cheap, but it's also essentially the only screwdriver set you'll ever need. A good impact wrench can be very helpful for general use, though I'd recommend getting a set of impact-rated sockets to go along with it (the 12-point sockets in most socket sets can strip quickly when used with an impact).

Also, buy as much lighting as you can, and get something comfortable to sit on. Trust me, you'll thank yourself later.

u/DirtyWeRX · 2 pointsr/Tools

I got my first automotive job about 2 years ago. I am also a nut at buying tools. I started off with an 8-drawer Cornwell cart. Loved it. Once I got a decent amount of tools, I bought a SO Classic 96 box. Worst decision ever. Granted it was a fantastic box. But for $6000? No. I was paying about $200/mo (my minimum payment was only $38/week but I wanted to put more down)... the interest rate... 22% which I was told was average. I cant tell you how stupid I felt seeing that, out of that $200/mo, $60 was going to a finance charge. I paid until I got down to owing $3,500, bought it completely with a credit card that I got 18/mo-no interest and then sold the box for $3,000 cash. I took a $500 hit, but it sold after 3 days and I wouldve paid more than $500 if I kept paying to SO.... I went back to the cornwell cart for about a year and realized that SO and their interest rates suck and I really didnt need that box at that time. I just bought a used Cornwell 58" box with a hutch for $4,500 (normally $9,000 brand new. Got repo'd from some guy that stopped making payments. Don't be that guy) at 9% (lowest they got) and sold the Cornwell cart to a coworker for $500. Couldnt be happier.

The ONLY hand tools that are absolutely a must from SO, are their ratchets, pry bars and cordless ratchets. Best out there, no doubt about it. Get long flex head ratchets

For sockets/extensions, Gear Wrench. You can get shallow and long metric sockets from your local Advance Auto Parts from a pretty good price. Gear Wrench also makes Torx and Hex (allen) sockets.

For wrenches.... Gear Wrench or Cornwell. Also, these are my favorite...

Deep Impact sockets, Harbor Freight. Seriously, they are impact sockets, they rarely break and youll be chucking them on the ground to loosen a bolt that got stuck. No need for anything fancy. I dont really see the need for shallow impact sockets

For pliers, Knipex Knipex Knipex... You will thank me later. Snap On prices, but 10000X better quality. Snap On pliers suck ass and wont warranty the teeth on them. Knipex does warranty the teeth. Just look at their needle nose pliers... every tooth on them lines up perfectly (point to point) with each half. Their long-handled Wire cutters are awesome and their channel-lock-style pliers just bite harder the more pressure you apply when youre breaking something loose. Ze Germans might make shitty cars, but they do know how to make quality tools.

For cordless impact tools, Ingersoll Rand. Pricey, but they are the best out there. I have the 1/2" and 3/8" IQ 20V series. Little secret. Look for when they run a special on the 1/2" impact that comes with a charger and 2 batteries. The 1/2" impact batteries also fit on the 3/8" impact so you can save some money and just buy the bare 3/8" impact tool. The batteries for the 1/2" are 3 amp while the 3/8" are 1.5 amp but the 1.5A batteries wont work on the 1/2" impact.... sorry if that was hard to read.

I know that having the Snap On name stamped on everything you own is every new mechanics dream. Been there, regretted that. So much money wasted. Snap on USED to make the best of the best and SOME of their stuff still is the best. But they have gone down hill and more and more of their tools are made overseas now. Granted, some overseas made tools are actually top notch. Youll never be able to convince anyone that, but its true. A guy at my shop has a ton of older Snap On stuff and works just fine. But every time one of his 20 year old tools breaks, he gets upset. SO still warranties it, but then he has to keep getting it warrantied because the quality isnt there anymore and they keep breaking.

Start small, avoid too much debt, and fuck SAE sizes except for 7/8". I dont think car manufacturers use them any more

u/d_paulson · 5 pointsr/HomeImprovement

As someone working through this but a few years ahead of you, I'll pass along the list of stuff I've bought and/or wish to buy...

Hand Tools

  1. You say you have screwdrivers, but ifs worthwhile to have a full complement of them. You might consider getting a hand tool set like this one. Also, diagonals. Can't stress that enough. Eventually, you might upgrade a lot of these, but it'll get you started.

  2. Ratcheting wrenches, along these lines. Conventional wrenches are functional, but these are much more so.

  3. Ratcheting hex key set. In fact, this one looks good. If you have any Ikea furniture in your future, these will be worth their weight in guld.

  4. Maybe a vise. That particular vice is mid-priced, but you can find well-reviewed vises at just about any price point.

  5. A good range of sand paper grits: 80, 100, 120, 150, 180. You might also pick up a sanding sponge.

    Power Tools

  6. A Dremel

  7. Maybe an electric circular saw or a jigsaw. I really don't know which I'd prioritize, but you should probably have at least one of them.

  8. If there's money left over in your budget, I'd suggest a random orbit sander.

  9. A drill press

    Also, there are fluids to consider

  10. Simple Green

  11. Penetrating oil

  12. Wood Glue

  13. Mineral Spirits

  14. Linseed Oil

    Of these, I'd focus on the hand tools, fluids, and the Dremel. You can always ask someone to buy you a saw for Christmas. If you have these things on hand, there probably won't be a job come along that you can't handle at some basic level. I'm assuming you don't need yard grooming tools, because that's an entirely different list.
u/Ordinate1 · 13 pointsr/Tools

Craftsman is junk; Husky is decent; Snap On is overpriced.

I re-tooled last summer from my old Williams set. Here's what I wound up with:

-Snap On GF80: 3/8" drive ratchet, got it off ebay for $50. I probably wouldn't buy again, but it is very nice.

-Pittsburgh Pro extendable 1/2" drive and flex-head 1/4" ratchets: Less than $20 each, and they are 90% as good as the Snap On. I would probably buy the 3/8" instead of the Snap On, if I had to do it over again.

-Pittsburgh Pro 1/2" drive impact sockets: These boys have taken some abuse at this point, and other than the etching having been stripped off of a couple (see abuse above), they are still in great shape. $25 for shallow, $32 for deep, Metric or SAE.

-GearWrench 3/8" drive impact sockets: $60 for a pretty complete (8mm-19mm + 21mm, 5/16"-3/4") set, and they are very thin-walled so you don't really need chrome.

-Pittsburgh Pro 3/8" chrome (shallow only): $9/set for 12-point sockets, which is the only reason I got them.

-Pittsburgh Pro 1/4" chrome sockets, shallow and deep: Overpriced, really, but I got the color-coordinated ones which are pretty cool. I might go for a cheaper set if I had to do it again. $8-9/set.

-GearWrench Long Pattern Wrench Set: I got the 22-piece Metric set (6mm-32mm with some skips) for $97; I haven't bothered to get the SAE set, I just have a handful of Pittsburgh SAE wrenches on a wrench ring.

And a big rally box to put it all in. I bet you could get all of it for under $500 if you use coupons at Harbor Freight and shop around for the GearWrench stuff.


I also got a DeWalt cased set to keep in my trunk:

But I had to add some wrenches (it has 10mm, 11mm, 13mm and 14mm; wtf?!) to my trunk bag to make it "complete," and even then it has some oddness to it (3/8" drive starts at 14mm, so you'd better not have any really tight 12mm bolts...) so it might not be what you are looking for, but they make a few different sets.


Other things I considered:

$320 for a complete Williams socket set, but the wrenches are about the same...


This might be the "bang for the buck" winner, simply for the completeness of the socket sets:

$270 ($180 for 1/2", $88 for 1/4" and 3/8") for a staggeringly complete set (10mm-32mm in 1/2" drive, shallow and deep, with no skips!) and then $42/set for the wrenches, 8mm-22mm.


GearWrench socket, wrench and allen key set, $210 for a whole bunch of tools, although they aren't the high-tooth-count ratchets.


Then there's this thing. It is actually quite well reviewed, and surprisingly complete on the socket side, if a little short on wrenches. It's usually on sale for $160.


...and then there's the dream: If I could get away with having this stripped-down of a set... $600 for a very nice, but fairly bare-bones set. No deep-well, no 3/8" drive at all (hello, super-tight 12mm bolts!), and only great big long extensions... if you never need to get into really tight spaces, maybe. The 3/8" drive set is another $260 on top of this, and still doesn't have short extensions or deep-well sockets.

u/RJHermens · 6 pointsr/Tools

I own that Joker set. They look cool. They've got a feature list a mile long. But my Tekton wrenches are just... better. For what it's worth, the quality on the Joker's aren't even that good. Wera sent their manufacturing for the Joker's out to the Czech Republic, which is kinda like the China of Europe for cheap manufacturing.

If you need ratcheting wrenches, I'd recommend you get the Tekton WRN53170 set. 8-19mm with no skips, which is the same range as the wera plus the 9mm. And the set is only $80 for some strong wrenches with better quality control than the Joker's. Great warranty too.

If ratcheting isn't that important to you, the WRN03393 set is also great. 8-22mm with no skips. Only $50 bucks.

Oh and always buy the Tekton sets with the pouches - if you like the plastic wrench organizers instead, you can always buy those separately for a few bucks, but those roll up pouches are gorgeous and strong and you can't buy them by themselves.

Anyway, sorry if I sound like a Tekton fanboy, but I own all three sets I've talked about here. I hardly use my Joker's because the Tekton sets are way better. TL:DR Jokers not worth it.

u/Psilox · 1 pointr/ft86

I just put together a tool kit for my BRZ, and I ended up getting a set of Tekton metric sockets and a Tekton low-profile 3/8s inch ratchet. I've used Tekton quite a bit and I found them to be pretty great. These metric sockets will cover just about everything on the car that can be loosened or tightened with a socket, and since they're deep sockets you can loosen lug nuts with them.

I'd suggest getting a breaker bar or torque wrench if you want to get an additional accessory. The breaker bar is great for loosening tough nuts, and the torque wrench is terrific for tightening a fastener to the exact amount of force it specifies in the manual.

If you really want to go above and beyond, an open ended wrench set (also metric) can be great for when a socket just won't fit. They even make a version with a built-in ratcheting mechanism

In summary, a metric ratchet set that goes from about 8mm to about 20mm is a great gift idea, and you can easily add on other accessories or wrenches if you want to make your gift a bit bigger. I can personally vouch for the Tekton stuff--sure it's not the most expensive fancy set of tools out there, but they look, feel, and work well.

Hope this helps!

u/mrtramplefoot · 1 pointr/Tools

Best deal for starter sets is these two together from tool discounter, plus the 1/2 kit of you need it/really want it. Add this when they go on sale more or take advantage of the spend $75 get $75 back in points. Bondhus Allen wrenches, Bondhus 22199 Hex L-wrench Double Pack, Long Length, 12137 (.050-3/8-Inch) & 12199 (1.5-10mm) add whatever screwdrivers you fancy and you're probably under the cost of that kit with better stuff

Edit: looked at the link again and missed some stuff, get this extension set at Sears with those bars and get to $75 to get the $75 back wrenches if you want standard 12 point ones like are in the kit, wait for the holiday tool displays to get put up and get the 28ish piece husky set at home Depot for like $30 or step up to this gearwrench set or like a tekton set like this TEKTON Combination Wrench Set with Store and Go Keeper, Inch/Metric, 1/4-Inch - 1-Inch, 8 mm - 22 mm, 30-Piece | 90191 if you prefer 12 points for some reason

u/RuthlessGravy · 1 pointr/CasualConversation

Corollas are great cars! I thought about getting one as my second car.

Yeah, you do need tools for most things. If you are able, you can assemble a small tool kit for under $100, and that will allow you to do a lot of stuff. Changing your own oil is a very good place to start, and most cars only need a single socket to do it.

If you want to get into car maintenance without tools, you can clean your car out, check and top off the fluids accordingly, or go to a gas station that has an air pump to pump up your tires.

Here is a good beginning to a tool kit:





u/jcblackwell84 · 30 pointsr/Tools

Checkout Tekton, can get all their stuff on Amazon and I've been very pleased with the stuff I have from them. Best part is for the most part they don't skip sizes in their sets like other cheap stuff.

Check out, TEKTON Combination Wrench Set with Store and Go Keeper, Metric, 8 mm - 22 mm, 15-Piece | 18792

I have this set and a couple others. They have been awesome.

u/IntoxicatingVapors · 4 pointsr/bikewrench

I have one of these style posts, and it looks like yours is even a Raleigh-branded one too (presumably to match the frame) which is nice. They're among the strongest seatposts ever made, and infinitely adjustable for tilt. Though I use the original vintage Campagnolo offset wrench others have described, if I didn't have it I would look at a flex-head ratchet wrench like this. Cheaper and ought to be significantly easier than the old style.

u/huntthequiet · 2 pointsr/bikewrench

I would carry a 15 mm short ring spanner (I think Americans call this a stubby box wrench). The other end doesn’t matter but will most often be open, making the tool a combination spanner if you’re looking for terms to Google.

This frees you to choose a smaller multi-tool. And it’s much stronger than anything in a multi-tool. Push it with your foot for higher torque if necessary. Use the ring/box end that allows much higher torque than the open end before deforming tool or nut.

Also much smaller, lighter, and capable of much higher torque than an adjustable spanner.

Example from a known good brand.

u/LJ-Rubicon · 13 pointsr/cars

Tekton and harbor freight are your best friend.

Go to harbor freight and get a toolbox, 3 ton jack, and 4 jack stands. A creeper is nice to have.

If you want sockets and ratchet from harbor freight, get the Icon ratchets and Pittsburgh sockets.

I suggest Tekton from Amazon. Start with the 3/8 set, then get the 1/2 and 1/4 set.

That'll cover your socket needs for the most part.

For wrenches :

With a toolbox, Jack, Jack stands, socket set, and wrenches, you'll be able to complete most jobs.

Over time, you'll accrue more tools as you need them. I'm a mechanic by trade and, even with a fully matured tool setup, find myself buying tools I need every once and a while.

Join us at /r/tools and

u/clockworkdiamond · 4 pointsr/Tools

As stated already, GearWrench gets my vote as well. I have a full set, but have had other similar brands before, and would not go with anything else now.
Good luck on the z31! (I've had 5) These wrenches will tare that VG30 apart well enough, but sadly, nothing is going to save your shins and calves from that front clip.

u/V-chalk · 6 pointsr/Tools

Here are some suggestions of good brands but substitute with lesser brand as you see fitted:

u/Mr_Dakkyz · 1 pointr/Tools

Just the way Amazon works sometimes.

Small example not the best.

Elora 205500801000 Form B Combination Spanner Set, Multi-Colour, 8-22 mm, Set of 8 Pieces

Retail £100

Ebay £60

Amazon £31 but will probably go down £3 tomorrow

Some of the better deals I have gotten are stuff like Elora Allen / Torx Bit sockets both 1/2
4mm Allen to 19mm
Both kits include a ratchet and extension both were like £45

Milwakuee 1/2 high torque impact gun with 2x 5ah batteries charger and case was £249

Most recent were some facom Allen keys 3mm to 19mm short and long both were like £13

u/reboticon · 2 pointsr/MechanicAdvice

these are less than half and use a big shoulder on the ratcheting section which makes them more fun to use, but they aren't quite as sturdy. I have a set of each and I use the cheaper ones more, but they aren't good for breaking tough nuts/bolts loose like the Matco ones are. They are also all spline drive so they are great at gripping stuff that is partially rounded and star heads.

u/etaets2 · 3 pointsr/Tools

For 3/8 impact sockets go with the Sunex 3342 master set. It has both SAE and Metric and comes with both short and deep well for $68 and they're made from Cr-Mo instead of Cr-V like the Tekton ones are.

Edit: For wrenches check out the Tekton 18772 and 18792 sets, I own both of these sets and like them a lot and just now noticed that they're on sale right now.

u/Ricotta_Elmar · 2 pointsr/MechanicAdvice

The US General 5 Drawer Tool Cart is a beginner mechanic's best friend.

A word of warning though; don't buy combination wrenches from Harbor Freight. They skip sizes, and that's not what you want when you're working on several types of cars that can't agree on standard sizes.

IMO this is the best set you can get for your money, but you will need to get a 23mm separately if you ever want to change the diff oil in a Miata.

(PROTIP: 15/16 is 24mm and 5/16 is 8mm.)

u/Homeoftheben · 15 pointsr/Tools

Always great to see the yellow stickers!
Just a heads up too, this was on slickdeals today as Amazon's deal of the day:

u/_LS7_ · 1 pointr/Tools


After turning my Gearwrench set for a couple years, I finally pulled the trigger on an upgrade. I'm a huge fan of Proto (best ball peen on the market), so went with their Blackhawk set of wrenches.

Amazon link :

Sizes 8mm-19mm

u/cinemanerd · 1 pointr/FixedGearBicycle

I've got one about that length in my Ramblin' Roll. It was part of a set but I'm sure you can find them individually. Here is one for you

u/SalsaShark037 · 2 pointsr/aviationmaintenance

I have those and these from Tekton. I honestly haven't needed the angled wrenches for much yet, but I didn't notice anything wrong with the combination wrenches.

u/b3nchvis3 · 2 pointsr/Tools

I've been happy with my Tekton metric set. The prices have gone up though, I got my metric set for about $35 in early 2017, but now they're about $50 each or $100 for both the SAE/Metric set.

Here's the SAE/Metric sets:

u/lipton_tea · 3 pointsr/networking

I agree, build you own kit. Below is my take. Know that some of those tools are not for every day use in networking, but who can resist getting more tools? Also, if you get all of these I realize it will be over $200. So, just use this list as a guide not a definitive list.


u/cumminsnut · 7 pointsr/Tools

They're not top quality but for $20 you can't go wrong!

u/Tools4Tyler · 2 pointsr/Tools

I almost bought them a few years ago when I decided on upgrading from my Gearwrench set. I work industrial maintenence, and even then do I rarely come across situations when the Jokers would actually make a difference.

I ended up going with a Blackhawk set. Having a reversible ratcheting head was more important to me

If you're just looking for a set for the house, and not work, I suggest just going with a Gearwrench set

u/Dmills488 · 4 pointsr/Tools

Tekton wrenches:

GearWrench sockets and ratchets:

Kobalt cabinet I found on clearance for $160:

Anyone have recommendations for mounting the wrench holders to the pegboard on the inside of the lid?

u/EllestadJ · 2 pointsr/MechanicAdvice

I set up a tool box for my younger brother this year and this is the socket set I picked for him
GearWrench 80550 57 Piece 3/8-Inch Drive 6 Point Socket Set

I also got the
GearWrench 81210P 120XP Cushion Grip Flex Teardrop Ratchet, 3/8-Inch

Wrench set
TEKTON 90191 Combination Wrench Set with Store and Go Keeper, Inch/Metric, 1/4-Inch - 1-Inch, 8 mm - 22 mm, 30-Piece

Basic stuff
Ball pein hammer
Dead blow hammer
Feeler gauge
Brass drift pin
Sparkplug sockets
Assortment of pliers
Assortment of screwdrivers
Crescent wrenches