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u/reddilada · 2 pointsr/learnprogramming

I used the Green Dragon Book eons ago. It did the job but it was in a small classroom setting with a good teacher for support. Some things just sink in better when you can discuss with others. Used an IBM 1130 in that class. Good times.

u/stevefolta · 2 pointsr/programming

Amazon link. Available for $0.01 (plus shipping).

u/thegleaker · 1 pointr/programming

I am very disappointed that no one has as yet recommended the following book: Principles of Compiler Design

And you guys call yourselves programmers....

One of my courses in university was to do just what you've described: write my own language. Writing a language requires far more analysis and design time than it does technical implementation. The above book describes it all (although as I recall focuses more on precedural languages).