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u/Grogeba · 1 pointr/tressless

Not a prob! Always happy to help.

The ACV bar's shipping is a bit pricey, but it helps to get several of them at once to make it cheaper. It also helps if you don't shampoo daily, lol. If you haven't yet, I'd also check out Worm's thread on HLT if you want up-to-date assessments on Zix, as well as his formula.

I understand your hesitation with LLLT. There's a lot of controversy surrounding it and I definitely wouldn't touch the combs with a 20-foot pole. The helmets, however, have been put through the ringer many times and I do feel like a good majority of them can definitely help. Again, I'd look through the scientific studies and testimonials rather than just online anecdotes (including my own!) if you want a more professional breakdown on them.

Here's the taurine I currently use and the curcumin I used before trying a more thorough one with resveratrol that ended up being more expensive and hurt my interest quite a bit, lol. I'll make it clear that I'm not a shill! I'm just sharing what I've found worked decently for me without massively raping my wallet. =)

I have faith we'll get an update and solid pics. This looks to be the most promising treatment we've got so far that doesn't involve surgery or "just 5 more years of waiting." On the offhand chance we don't, I'll almost certainly be getting on Super Minox. We gotta hold that line something fierce!

u/MovementTom · 5 pointsr/bodyweightfitness

Ultimately intelligent training and proper recovery and mobility work will give probably the biggest benefit to your joints. However when bodyweight training or simply aiming to be healthier it is important to have low levels of inflammation. Glucosamine can help but a solid omega 3 supplement would be similar. I'd personally recommend the following as a joint stack.

Collagen - Can by in a collagen hydrolysate form which is powdered (here) or simply drink a good bone/chicken broth daily. Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and the one found in your joints. among other places. I'd recommend 10g a day, you can add to shakes or even cups of tea or coffee as it is heat stable. Alternatively drink 1-2 cups of bone broth a day. I personally have the bone broth daily and collagen every now and again.

Omega 3/Cod Liver Oil - To generally lower inflammation. I prefer a good cod liver oil, like this as it comes with those good omega 3's and a load of fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E, K2 etc. I take 1 tsp daily. Consuming oily fish daily can give the same effect.

Curcumin Phytosome - Curcumin is a turmeric extract that is a very powerful anti-inflammatory, I personally take this daily and feel huge help with inflammation compared to when I don't. 500mg of a good extract daily. Consuming just turmeric isn't as good as you'd have to take like 20g of it, it's also not particularly well absorbed.

Vitamin C - This helps your body synthesize it's own collagen. Buy it in a crystal form of L-Ascorbic acid. Would recommend 1-3g daily taken throughout the day.

Generally have a good diet that is low in inflammatory foods, like grains (wheat, oats, barley), pasteurized dairy, seed oils (rapeseed/canola, sunflower), processed foods and sugar, but high in oily fish, good quality meat, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruit and raw dairy :)

u/CelticMara · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

It may sound odd, but chicken soup from my "Help/Needed" list would greatly improve my life right now. My beloved became disabled about ten years ago. I threw everything I had, body, mind, and soul, into getting her health stable and possibly reversing some of the disability. I am over-the-moon happy to report that her health is almost completely stable, and she has regained enough movement capacity to live a fairly "normal" life, one that includes a hobby or two and even getting out to visit friends on occasion. My health, on the other hand... I got a wake up call that I need to take care of myself, too. (Duh, of course!) I knew that. But she was more important and immediate. So now, prepared chicken soup that I could just heat up, to deliver delicious nutrients to us... Heaven. Perfection.

Still, every and any item on my lists will make me smile for one reason or another.

Edited to add: You might be interested in the health and (apparently) pain relieving benefits of turmeric.

u/lobster_johnson · 8 pointsr/Psoriasis

The U.S. is a very hostile place when it comes to healthcare. However, there are programs and clinics for uninsured patients, and some normal clinics do accept uninsured patients. I can't give you any specific pointers, unfortunately, because these things depend on where you live.

Unfortunately, there are relatively few over-the-counter products that can help. Off the top of my head:

  • Coal tar (shampoos, gels, ointments) work very well for many people. It is the only over-the-counter medication that actively treats psoriasis; it reduces inflammation, slows cell growth and descales. Good products include Psoriatrax (has the highest-dose shampoo), Psoriasin (has a very fast-drying but expensive gel), Neutrogena T/Gel and MG217.
  • Some studies have shown that creams with zinc pyrithione help with psoriasis.
  • A few studies have shown oregon grape (mahonia aquifolium, sometimes marketed as berberine, which is one of the chemicals that are known to be active) has an effect on psoriasis. There are creams available online. (Ignore oral supplements; research indicates it must be applied to the skin.)
  • A supplement called Meriva, also called curcumin phytosome, is a particular formulation of curcumin, which is a compound that comes from the turmeric root. Studies have shown it to have a good effect on psoriasis (while other curcumin supplements seem to be digested and eliminated by the body too fast to have much of an effect). See my comment here. Products include this one from Jarrow.
  • A university in Bergen, Norway, has gotten very good results in an initial preliminary study of a herring roe supplement called Romega (also see this slideshow). In the US, it is licensed under the name Swanson Ultra. It contains the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, extracted from herring roe, which has unusually high phospholipid content. Omega-3 acids have been shown to reduce psoriasis symptoms (e.g. this Brazilian study). It's relatively expensive considering that the recommended dose is 6 capsules per day, which makes it about $2.34 per day currently (in Norway, Romega costs 500 NOK, or about $55, or about $1.80 per day; but I don't think you can order it from Norway to the U.S.). The university is currently conducting a clinical trial where they're testing a more concentrated version called Psorax25, which the company hopes can be marketed specifically for psoriasis. (They haven't posted the results yet, but when they do, they will be published here.) In the meantime, that's something you could try.
  • Many, many studies have found a strong correlation between psoriasis and smoking, alcohol consumption, stress and obesity. Eliminating any of these will help.
  • Descaling helps a lot, and all the tools you need for that are all available without prescription. You currently do baths, but there are good products you can use that don't require soaking.

    Please do visit our wiki, which has a growing collection of guides. Good luck!
u/Ginger_Libra · 2 pointsr/PCOS

I just can’t get my ass back on keto again. All my will power has flown out the window.

What is working is intermittent fasting and moderate carbs. Gives me a ton more flexibility.

I’m doing 18:6 which means fasting for 18 hours and eating within a 6 hour window.

I’m trying to get myself to 20:4 or OMAD which is one meal a day. Some people do 4:3 which is every other day fasting all day. So you would fast for 36ish hours.

Yesterday I was hungry at hour 18 (3pm) and I was at the grocery store. I got three tiny cookies. Then I went to dinner with my husband and had a pre-dinner of ice cream and then went to our favorite pub. Turkey and gravy with mashed potatoes and open faced sourdough were on special. Oh my god yes. And I had a cranberry cider.

It was so effing delicious. One of my favorite meals.

I’m still down .8lbs today from yesterday. In the past if I had eaten like this I would have gained.

I don’t eat like this every day. Most of the time I try to stick to meat and veggies for dinner. But I feel like I have so much more freedom. Not worried about higher carb veggies like store bought cauliflower mashed potatoes or sweet potato fries.

This feels way more sustainable. I love sweets. I’m trying not to but I do.

Another thing that is keeping me in check is using a cheap glucose meter. Depending on the scale used my blood sugar is normal or prediabtetic but lower is always better if you’re not Type 1.

My post meal numbers are normal but my morning fasting numbers are almost always in the prediabtes range or sometimes diabetic.

Last night I went to bed with a blood sugar of 109. Pretty good for potatoes and cider and ice cream.

Woke up to 122. Thats 3 points away from diabetic and I’ve been fasting since 7:30pm.

What this is saying is my liver is kicking out a bunch of glucose overnight.

I’m taking the full dose of Berberine at night before bed and a blood sugar support supplement a few times a day.

Taking my glucose readings reminds me that my food choices have impacts. It’s also taught me at a full sugar coke on an empty stomach doesn’t send me nearly as high as lentils. Who knew?

Anyway. Probably way more than you wanted to know but I just wanted to share in case it helped.

u/paxtana · 3 pointsr/kratom

What's up man. A couple things you should know right off the top: Turmeric itself is not nearly bioavailable enough. Neither is the pure extract of its active chemical, curcumin. Significant effects require a version of this chemical bound to nanoparticles to increase absorption. It is typically sold under the trade name theracurmin.

It has only been proven to lower tolerance and withdrawal symptoms, not increase longevity or increase potentiation if you have no tolerance. So if you only take kratom once every week or two then theracurmin will have no effect.

I am using this product. Currently am just taking one pill a day a couple hours after my dose but I may up that to see what happens. So far so good but I cannot say for sure yet. I am thinking I need to take both kratom and the supplement daily for a week straight to draw solid conclusions and I am only on day 2 of this little experiment.

This report in /r/opiates suggests taking it for a day and a half to build it up in your system before expecting good results, that seems like a pretty good idea the more I think about it when considering the latest research. I also like the idea of trying to spread it out over the day so you have consistent blood plasma levels.

Also it is worth noting you should not take it if you have diabetes, hypoglycemia, or are taking any blood thinners. Recently I was talking with a pharmacy tech who said he had customers reporting spontaneous nosebleeds when combining these medications with it, so don't do that.

u/1r1d3sc3nt · 1 pointr/Supplements

I appreciate the reply. I looked through your posts and I noticed you have knowledge on different curcumin formulations. I have some additional questions if you would be so kind.

Do you recommend Longvida or Theracumin for cognitive benefits (improved mood & memory)?

The most recent study I found in regards to improved memory and mood is

Subjects were given 90mg/day. However, your suggested dosage for Curcubrain works out to be 320mg/day. The cost of 4 doses of Curcubrain works out to be approx the cost of 2 doses of Theracumin Double Strength

In light of the above, which would you recommend? I would appreciate any additional info on where I could find dosage recommendations or is it based on personal experience?

Much thanks!

EDIT: In addition to my own personal use, I am also looking into curcumin for my ageing parents (late 70's) to slow/prevent cognitive decline and improve overall brain functions.

u/howdypartnr · 1 pointr/OCD

Glad to hear you're also feeling less anxious! The friend who recommended it to me (via her psychologist) had very similar experience to you - she pairs it worth some sort of antidepressant and thinks it's having some sort of affect but not is complete game changer.

I've been taking 400mg once a day with food - I ordered this kind from amazon: [NOW Curcubrain](NOW CurcuBrain 400

Thanks! It really is such a relief. My biggest fear is that my body will at some point become immune to it and the feelings will come back. But learning to try and take life one day at a time. :)

u/Badd99 · 1 pointr/ankylosingspondylitis

Give this a shot. Works pretty well. I'm also a resident and there is a good amount of scientific validity to this product. Take it twice a day with food for better absorption. It should really help.

Life Extension Super Bio-Curcumin Turmeric Extract 400mg, 60 Vegetarian Capsules

u/kitschlich · 3 pointsr/Nootropics

Looks like Amazon carries the Thorne Meriva curcumin. It's pricey at $70 for a two month supply, but apparently it's the best for bioavailability.

Edit: Just a note about third party sellers - some things on Amazon are counterfeit, so beware if Amazon is not the seller.

u/delph · 2 pointsr/Supplements

I take two of these per day. I can't remember why I chose this one specifically but I did a bunch of research via Amazon reviews with some preexisting info going into it and felt pretty good about it. Not the most expensive product but solid, AFAIK.

u/kittenplusplus · 1 pointr/Supplements

This one is pretty expensive, but I really feel like it's been helpful for me.

u/redgrrrl · 1 pointr/lupus

Awwww, you're so sweet! I hope you feel better soon.
Another thing that helps with the blood clots are turmeric pills, which can be ordered here:

(but word of warning- DO NOT take if you are already on blood thinners, like Warfarin or Coumadin)- it will thin your blood excessively.

Get better soon! <3

u/Mister_Cupcake · 1 pointr/nutrition

Youtheory turmeric is good and Curcumin with Meriva is good. Youtheory is just a good complex, contains bioperine, and is enteric coated. Meriva is equally good, but different - it's a liposomal encapsulation, so the breakdown happens in the gut and enters your blood stream easily because it's encapsulated in a liposome.

u/whoisbambam · 1 pointr/Nootropics

building muscle alone is good enough IMO... i have no issue not doing cardio... esp. if trying to build muscle. if one needs to do cardio, if u dont have contraindicated health/injury issues, a type of HIIT training works well, like running on an incline treadmill as fast as possible for 90seconds, rest 45 seconds, repeat times 5 (you may have to build up to that), three times a week.

chronic low level inflammation is different than the inflammation associated with weight training/resistance training.

avoiding processed foods as much as possible, flour/chips, products made of corn, lowering cane sugar/honey (any substance that abruptly raises blood sugar) helps.... and eating more whole foods helps (1 cup frozen organic blueberries a day, red bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach leaves (only lightly steam veggies, ie 6 minutes, set a timer)... limiting high temperature fried foods (ie less than 350 degrees)....

one could consider adding perluxan or apresflex may help

as for curcumin, curcubrain passes blood brain barrier for brain effects, so i would use that

curcubrain has other benefits other than affecting mildly low level inflammation (when taken once a day, mild effect)

to reduce low level inflammation, i wouldnt think one would need all three products....

as for omega's, i think it is better to get that thru white tuna or a quality can of sardines in water that doesnt have bpa... sardines are loaded and balanced IMO and a better source than a pill

u/dreiter · 1 pointr/ScientificNutrition

Well the subgroup analysis only looked at <500 mg/day and >500 mg/day and the benefits were definitely stronger in the >500 mg/day as per Table 3. You can see in Table 1 the various dosing's that were used. Many of them were 1,000 mg/day with 5 mg/day piperine but some were 1,500 mg without piperine. There are few products like that on the market, Doctor's Best is one.

u/Sorin61 · 2 pointsr/Supplements

Now is an acceptable brand, generally does its job but is not at the top of the supplement companies.

This is good , this is Longvida formulation :


Now (only) Curcumin , I don't know ... If you read a little more about curcumin you'ill see that it cannot be absorbed optimally by itself.

In the end it depends on what you wish to get from curcumin

u/Jack_Strident · 1 pointr/Psoriasis

I've been following Dr. Ely's supplements on my own for about 3 weeks now. I haven't been able to get the antibiotics yet. So just this part:


u/joe183288 · 1 pointr/BrainFog

I guess you are right I’m not taking a lot of the stuff you mentioned. As for the b vitamin, I double checked it is a b complex.
Ive spent so much money on tests and different vitamins. If I knew it would help I would for sure try the curcumin you mention. The curcumin I’m taking is pretty cheap:

As for the things you’ve listed I’ve had a lot of blood work to check those things, tried a diet, more sleep, not drinking, exercise.
One thing that really sets me off is being at work. I believe the Florescent lighting there causes my brain fog get much worse. I’m on a parasite cleanse now to see if that does anything.

u/doin_big_things · 2 pointsr/Supplements

Life Extension brand Curcumin for sure. Been using it for a while, uses a certain type of curcumin preparation called BCM-95 which is proven to be absorbed better.

u/VirtualMoneyLover · 1 pointr/Supplements

I think you do have to pay for quality. This one is expensive but got very good reviews:

The other one recommended is the Thorne brand, same price range.

u/Bukujutsu · 2 pointsr/Nootropics

This, I was sold by the top review. Compared to others, it does seem to be the best available, and the price is reasonable for the efficacy.

I recently reordered some, along with curcumin from powder city (already have piperine powder). I'm thinking of taking one tablet in the morning, followed by 2 grams curcumin w/ 20mg piperine later on.

u/anothercoffeefanatic · -1 pointsr/medicine

I'd enjoy reading anyone else's opinion on supplements based on concentrated curcumin. It seems to be one of the compounds that are heavily promoted by Rhonda Patrick PhD. I only mention her name, because I've recently read up on some of her suggestions.

This is the supplement I'm referring to.

u/faraz3050 · 2 pointsr/tressless

I have done research on this and would offer a couple of suggestions to try out:

  1. Your blood test will likely measure CRP (I hope it did). CRP is a non-specific test for inflammation so it will average out all the areas and wont tell you a lot.
  2. Try using tea tree oil (10%) + coconut oil (90%) mixture on the head. This has really good antifungal and antiseptic properties. You might also get a shampoo with tea tree oil.
  3. Start eating a pill of bio available curcumin supplement. It kills inflammation like a badass. You can get any of those with BCM 95. I take this in case you want a recommendation.

  4. If these fail, go see a Trichologist. Sorry to say this, but hair derms dont look with a microscope at your scalp, and a trichologist is usually way more equipped to help you.
u/hannahmoro · 1 pointr/xxfitness

Some brands of arnica gels are homeopathic -- read the labels carefully. You can also get prescription anti-inflammatory gels like voltaren. I have arthritis in my knee from a bike accident, and it works really well for me. I've also found these supplements to be excellent (after a lot of trial and error): tumeric; joint supplement.

u/haole1 · 1 pointr/Supplements

I just ordered a curcumin supplement made by NatureWise that gets 4.8/5 stars with 2,789 reviews on amazon(that's a lot of reviews). It costs $27.60, but that's for a three month supply (or just $9.20/month). It has 1,500 mg of curcumin plus 140 mg of ginger and 10 mg of BioPerine.

I bought it from someone selling it on ebay for $14 (or $4.66/month).

If you read the reviews on amazon, people really love it. I just have some recurring lower back pain and I expect that it will help with the inflammation.

u/shrillthrill · 3 pointsr/Supplements

That curcumin product doesn't say it's an extract. It just says "Turmeric curcumin". Are you sure it's legit? Doesn't look legit to me. I notice a lot of products do this misleading thing, since turmeric only contains 2-3% curcumin, they can technically still write curcumin on the label while increasing their profit margin.

What you really want (per the entry) is a 95% curcumin extract + piperine.

For example:

u/Snowismycat · 1 pointr/Biohackers

Like this?

Smarter Turmeric Curcumin - Potency and Absorption in a SoftGel | The Most Active Form of Curcuminoid Found in the Turmeric Root | 95% Tetra-Hydro Curcuminoids (60 Count - 1 Month Supply)

u/SlightlyStoopkid · 2 pointsr/bjj

yo i came here to make the same suggestion - i take this brand:

my dad recently had surgery on his hand and was having some residual pain, and this stuff was a huge help for him too.

u/nikto11 · 1 pointr/Nootropics

Is this what you're talking about? So the benefit over their regular is the bio availability?

u/Indira_Gandhi · 2 pointsr/Nootropics

I take this one that I initially chose more or less at random:

I've done experiments taking breaks as well, and I'm convinced it works. Keeps me on my single-speed mountain bike.

u/Thundercruncher · 2 pointsr/bodybuilding

Brother I know how frustrating it is.

When I decided to negatives a try, I didn't have the research studies in front of me so I couldn't remember exactly what the protocols were. I think most of them are using 4 or 5 seconds or so, but since I didn't know that, I started with 20+ second negatives.

I only did the negatives, and I started with 10 lbs total for both legs. I would pull the weight up with my arms and then do the negative with my legs.

In my situation, if I took a month or so off of any kind of quad activity - no running, no squats, no leg ext, no bicycling, etc. etc. - then the pain would pretty much go away. It was only when I tried to do those things that the pain came back.

So that's why I started with such a low weight. I went completely by the way I felt afterwards - later the same day and subsequent days. If I could do the negatives and feel mostly ok the next day, I could add a little weight and keep going (there would still be a little bit of pain but if it was improving or minor I would consider it progress.)

So I started with the 10 pounds, no concentric at all, 20 sec negatives (or longer), for one set of 10 reps to 20 reps. If I felt like my knees were handling it ok, I would add a pound or two and repeat. If they hurt a lot afterwards, I rested them until they felt better, then kept the weight the same and did the same or fewer reps each workout until I felt the pain was minor enough to add some weight or reps again.

Eventually I started adding a positive rep or two on each set. Same process for progress based on feel.

I basically focused on trying to make slow and steady improvement to get back to where I was. I had gotten so frustrated and desperate I decided to go as slow and easy as it would take.

So for what you're doing, I think the amount of weight and whether or not you go to failure, etc.etc. is up to you but keep in mind you're trying to progress back to pain free lifting. So if you're doing something that's making you hurt, back off. Lower the weight and sets and reps until you feel you're at the point that you can handle it without the pain recurring, then slowly coax your body back to healing and strength.

You might not have to go as drastic as I did but I just got sick and tired of it.

ALSO - I tried cissus powder, but the evidence really isn't there for connective tissue repair and it didn't help me at all. HOWEVER, curcumin has got some solid science as an anti-inflammatory and I do think it helped me a lot. I still take it every day. Here's the brand I take.


u/Ld2387 · 2 pointsr/kratom

I use agmantine as well and it works but it seems you build tolerance towards it as well so after finding that out i did some research and found these 2 products:

-High Absorption CURCUMIN TURMERIC Extract ( Curcumin from Turmeric is poorly absorbed and quickly clears from the body in an hour or two, this formula maintains a steady level in your body for 5 to 7 hours)

-Pure Grapefruit Seed Extract Powder (cheap as hell and the dose is 250mg so it will last a lot)

Both work really well and it made me remember the first time i tried kratom ( amazon maeng da) gud jajaj

u/Stinky_McDoodooface · 2 pointsr/vegan

The meriva form of curcumin is supposed to be really effective.

u/ducked · 1 pointr/cfs

Yes this is my primary symptom. Also I used to get severe burning along with the pressure in my head, but the burning seems better lately. However, I take super bio curcumin and it does literally nothing for me.

u/hazeFL · 1 pointr/Supplements

They are pills

I also like these two fish oil products: one and two

u/Schrocklobster · 2 pointsr/kratom

CurcuminRich Double Strength...

This is the strongest I’ve found

u/theskepticalidealist · 2 pointsr/Nootropics

I use the Life Extension brand. One a day, is it worth taking more?

u/TheGrayRapp_ · 1 pointr/Nootropics

I took it today which would be my third day at a full dose. I had a physical test today that I have to do every now and then. It could be something else or placebo, but I came home and my girlfriend made a comment how I am usually hurting pretty bad. I am not hurting at all and was wondering why. Could be the turmeric; It's the only change that I've made with my supplements. I took one before and after.

The stuff I have works all angles of Turmeric so it does have some of the inflammation stuff in it too (which i think is more of the black pepper).

High Absorption CURCUMIN TURMERIC Extract (by InnovixLabs). 100 Time Release Tablets. Award-Winning Curcumin C3 Reduct + Curcumin C3 Complex + BioPerine. 3X More Powerful than regular Curcumin extracts.

That's the stuff I am taking. It supposedly already in a digested form, making absorption real high.

u/BellTower76 · 3 pointsr/Supplements

Amazon. Below is a link to the last berberine supplement I ordered. Each capsule is about 600mg though so its a bit more than you were asking for. You should be able to find others though.

u/sudo_life · 2 pointsr/GetMotivated

Glad to hear you're getting better and best of luck with your recovery. Life is always a challenge but god damn sometimes it just shits on you. It's cliche but the saying "the harder the life the sweeter the song" is true when you beat it.

Edit - For me, joint inflammation is the biggest bitch. I've found this supplement to help out a lot.

Everybody is reacts differently but curcumin greatly reduced my pain and actually elevated my mood. Each time I run out I notice more pain. It's cheap too and curcumin is an all around good supplement to take.

u/amstarcasanova · 1 pointr/xxfitness

Hi! I have carpal tunnel as well and it affects my fingers and wrist when I grip. I take curcumin as a supplement and it keeps the inflammation and pain almost gone as long as I am consistently taking it. If I go 3-4 days without taking it then my pain immediately comes back. This is the one I am currently taking. It seriously makes me go from unable to grip anything without pain to 90% pain free.