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u/Elongated_Moisture · 4 pointsr/BurningMan

I am also very, very fair skinned. I brought a lot of sunscreen, but it wasn't as necessary as I thought.

    1. I am mostly under shade structures during the day, and most active in late afternoon/evening and at night. Most people are like this for heat reasons. [I also work bike repair during days and was therefor under shadecover]

    1. I wear sleeves. some UV sleeves from Amazon, like these. Sunscreen can make you "sticky" and then you just get dustier. Also, you don't have to worry about your sleeves "wearing off". It's easier to pair a set of sleeves with a t-shirt or top... you can remove them if you want, and they aren't always attached to your outfit if you go inside somewhere.

    1. There is so much dust in the air usually, I think it helps block a lot of the sun/UV.

    1. I brought a cheap gas station wide-brim hat. I like the fisherman style, woven type. They breath well. I dyed mine with cheap dies so it is rainbow colored. This protects my upper face/neck.

    1. I wear a cool facemask/cover most of the day for dust reasons... and this protected my lower face. I found this type of mask on Etsy years ago, and it's awesome. Easy to drink through for a sip, and you can leave it open if you need to for heat without exposing your face to the sun. I wear mine everywhere on Playa.

    1. I wore a kilt, so I also brought a bunch of knee-high socks to protect my legs.

      Basically, Sunscreen is great, and I recommend you bring some. But layers and coverings should work better. If you grease up with lotion, you just turn into a caked-mess of playa dust. I recommend the spray-on sport kind that instantly dries, although it feels a little like you're wearing a coat of plastic.
u/Yeargdribble · 1 pointr/Accordion

I often play with a glove that only has a fingerless thumb. I got a cheap pair of fingerless gloves, cut the hand portion off, fixed a seam with fabric glue, and wear that on my left hand. It definitely helps, especially for large leaps like chromatics where counterbass might not be viable to shorten the distance.

I've thought of getting something a bit less ghetto and have wondered if some of the arm warmers like I see /u/JacksonParodi wearing often these days would work. I suspect Jackson does it purely for affectation as he seems to get around fine without such a thing, but it definitely looks like they could work for my purpose. There are some made of dri-fit material aimed at runners/cyclists (for sun protection) that have a thumb loop and look perfect and wouldn't add any bulk to the hand.

That said, I find that after practicing for a while with a glove, I can play the same tricky sections without it fairly easily. My guess is that it facilitates motion during practice, particularly when I haven't gotten very efficient at the motion, but over time the movement gets a bit more fine tuned and I don't need the help and my hand sort of floats a bit more rather than sticking and trying to anchor anywhere.

u/Myrrsha · 4 pointsr/selfharm

I usually reccomend something like this:

You can say you have eczema. Some good excuses: "I have eczema and I have to slather on medicine, the sleeves help from getting it everywhere, and keeping it on my arms" "my eczema gets really bad and the sleeves are to help the skin shedding and wanting to scratch" stuff like that. You can make up excuses that fit your job, like I'd you work in food you don't want to appear unhygienic to people who don't know what eczema looks like or that you don't want to shed skin particles everywhere. Hope that helps some.

u/reddit3k · 2 pointsr/sex

Small addition:

It might possibly look like it, but I don't want to take away anything from what I wrote earlier, because I still completely stand behind what I said. Please let this be clear! Having said this:

You didn't mention the location of your scars, but if they are (also) on your arms and if you ever know you're going to be in a situation where you simply don't have the energy to explain your scars, or perhaps for another practical reason don't want them as visible/exposed (e.g. if they are more sensitive to burns in powerful sunlight) or what have you:

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about this discussion and suddenly recalled that there are these sleeves available for covering up tattoos or for outdoor sports usage. Not sure if you've ever heard about or seen them, but I had the gut feeling that I should mention it to you. Hopefully this feeling is right!

Not endorsing these specific ones, but I'm talking about sleeves like e.g. shown in the links below. They be found in all kinds of colors, sizes etc. on the internet:



Hope this is a worthy addition!

u/perplexedbanana · 3 pointsr/AsianBeauty

They have UV sleeves. https://www.amazon.com/Shinymod-Protection-Protective-Compression-Activities/dp/B01GCJ6EWK/ref=sr_1_3?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1498861376&sr=1-3&keywords=uv+sleeves

I recently had an accident with an iron when the steaming mechanism malfunctioned. I have a wide prominent teeth bite-shaped scar/marks on my leg now where the steam hit. I honestly don't gaf. I wear shorts every day, and when people ask about it I tell them the "funny" story about me being an idiot.

Also, the fact that people ask you about it may mean that it's not as bad as you think it is: when I see someone with really bad scars, I'd never ask them (as stranger) because it may have been recently acquired and still painful for them to talk about, but if it's something I think is minor and may have an interesting story behind it and they look comfortable in their skin, I may ask.

I hope you also get to a point where you no longer care. I hope you also get to a point where you no longer care. Life's too short to let things like scars stop you from doing what you want to do.

u/freblame · 2 pointsr/crossfit

After thinking people looked silly in compression arm warmers for ages, I recently tried a pair on one cold South Florida morning. Absolutely wonderful! I bought a pair of these and love them. Compression, warmth and easy to dump if you get too hot.

u/doublechucklehaha · 1 pointr/Radiology

Worked in a hospitals for going on 10 years now. Tattoos have to at least be "able" to be hidden (that gives you wiggle room with things like wrists/ top of back/ reasonable small neck or behind the ear things). For a sleeve specifically you will definitely need to look into these. Your typical hospital setting will definitely allow this kind of cover up while you're on your shift, private or smaller doctors' offices may be more lenient.

u/sandyba · 1 pointr/Teachers

Floor length skirts aren't that much hotter and they're more comfortable in a lot if ways as a teacher. You could also get sun sleeves. My husband burns incredibly easy and has them. They're not as hot as long sleeves all the time (not the most comfortable thing either) but so easy to take on and off and wear with anything. They're not super fashionable but also look better than I expected them to. You can get them at outdoor stores, bike shops or golf shops I think. Like these: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B006964N02/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_rXGSub1XPD0NG

u/Doshkin · 1 pointr/golf

I've been using these this year and they work great. The size fits me perfectly. I'm 6'0" 185lb average build. If you are over maybe 6'2" or have really long arms they might not be long enough. shorter is fine because they are stretchy.

u/Stitchee · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

You still need "So. much. sunscreen." for your face, but have you considered getting sunsleeves for your arms? Something like this?

I've started using them, and they are fantastic. They don't feel hot (they're thin enough to feel the breeze) on your arms, but they're UPF rated.

u/malaysian · 1 pointr/teachinginkorea

Depends who your principal is but all 3 I've had so far gave me permission to show it (to children between elementary - high school), but this obviously depends on both the impression you make and how liberal he/she is. Top tip for those with tattoos and dont want to wear long sleeves: there's the arm cooler thingy that many 아저시 wear, I use them during summer. Makes it look like I'm staying cool but covers my big forearm tattoo.

u/peaceloveandgranola · 1 pointr/unpopularopinion

If it matters, I have a full sleeve, and I don’t feel that I’ve ever been hindered, even having worked in religious organizations. Worst case scenario, if i feel i NEED to be covered (which is rare), i wear one of those sleeves that you can put on under a t-shirt that wicks off sweat, so it doesn’t get hot either.

This one is my current favorite:

Men’s version:

Women’s version:

But of course, if you just don’t really want to get tattoos, that’s fine too. Just sharing what I do :)

u/JayL1F3 · 2 pointsr/Competitiveoverwatch

Hi Jort! I suffer from a thing called hyperhidrosis which causes my hands to sweat severly when I game. I've found a good sleeve for athletics, or just UV blocking one is very helpful in my case. WHen I don't wear it, my wrist and arm grip my mouse pad and when I try to track it's often jumpy.

I've had good luck with this one https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01GCJ6EVQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

u/full-bore · 3 pointsr/USPS

I was religious about wearing a pith helmet for the first 18 years, but upgraded this year to this hat because of the wider brim, and have been wearing arm sleeves for the past ten, just because I don't like the thought of the chemicals in sunblock constantly being applied to my skin. I know I look like a tool, but I figure it's better than getting a melanoma (I'm fucked though, 'cause I wear shorts pretty much year-round).

u/Recon2OP · 1 pointr/MousepadReview

It's rougher than a cloth pad but doesn't irritate my skin all that much. I've had 4 hour plus play sessions without trouble. If it does bother your skin then you can try getting a sports sleeve.

u/shiasur-prise · 3 pointsr/selfharm

I have UV sleeves that I got on amazon. They’re usually about $8 or $9 and they go all the way up to my shoulders. Just looks like you’re wearing a tight undershirt.

u/steamingpig · 8 pointsr/running

I'm a fan of wearing sleeves while I'm waiting to start (like these https://smile.amazon.com/Saucony-Drylete-Warmers-Vizipro-Orange/dp/B0052WS4OU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1497459785&sr=8-2&keywords=arm+sleeves+running) and then when you get hot you can start to roll them down your arm or take them off and tuck them in your belt.

u/rellow · 5 pointsr/bicycling

Winter can mean a lot of different things. In the USA, here are some starting points for you:

Alaska winter here

Minnesota winter here [here] (http://metrostatenews.com/?p=2237)

Seattle winter - pdf alert [here] (http://www.commuteseattle.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Winter-Bike-Seminar-Handout.pdf)

Florida winter - [here, ;-)] (http://www.amazon.com/Pearl-Izumi-Thermal-Warmer-Black/dp/B002KW3I3C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1344281506&sr=8-1&keywords=cycling+arm+warmers)

If there is ice, use studded tires.
If there is a lot of snow, use fatter tires.
If there is rain, fenders and a jacket.

Feet and hands are typically tricky areas to keep warm- but there are lots of ideas out there. Start by searching 'your nearby biggest town' + winter cycling in Google and see what happens.

u/eatmyshorts5 · 5 pointsr/Tekken

If you wear t shirts during the summer you can buy these sleeves that block UV rays and they don't get hot. Also of course hats and if you're real Asian umbrellas as well. I've seen pale ass Asian women wear UV blocking jackets at baseball games.

EDIT: example here: Tough Outdoors UV Protection Cooling Arm Sleeves, UPF 50 Long Sun Sleeves for Men and Women https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073TWJ7LL/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_9UDYDb4Q05ZRY