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9. BENCMATE Protective Inflatable Collar for Dogs and Cats - Soft Pet Recovery Collar Does Not Block Vision E-Collar(Large)

  • ✅ 【COMFORTABLE FOR YOUR PET】 - While wearing the BENCMATE Collar, the inflatable function and the soft outside material will let your dog wear it comfortably and it does not block your pet’s vision, they can eat, drink, sleep and play at ease while staying protected.
  • ✅ 【DESIGNED TO LAST】 - The protective collar is not just soft and washable but also featured scratch and bite resistance. It will not mark, scrape or damage your furniture. The materials we selected are meant for durable and long-lasting use. You can insert your pet’s everyday collar through the inner ring loops for stabilization.
  • ✅ 【PROTECTIVE AND GENTLE CARING】 - The dog cone alternative after surgery is designed to protect your pets from injuries, rashes, and post-surgery wounds, it will prevent pets from biting and licking their injured area or surgical site and promote recovery from surgery or wounds. The comfortable material also provides gentle caring for your pets.
  • ✅ 【ADJUSTABLE AND EASY STORING】 - You can easily adjust the collar strap for a perfect fit and put the strap side at the back of your dog’s neck in case of biting. Deflating and storing is also handy, store it in a small space for space-saving, and there is a zipper opening on one side, you can take the bag out and wash the outside cloth.
  • ✅ 【BENCMATE SUPPORT】 - BENCMATE recovery collars are designed to last. If a collar is defective or breaks within a year, we will issue a replacement. You are most welcome to contact our friendly, USA-based customer support team with any questions or concerns.
  • ✅ 【USEFUL TIPS】 - ①Measurement differences may exist, hence BENCMATE sincerely recommends you measure your pet’s neck circumference before purchasing to get a perfect size. ②If the collar is a bit large for your dog and easily falls off, please try to loop the daily collar with the recovery collar, it would be helpful to prevent the collar from falling off.
BENCMATE Protective Inflatable Collar for Dogs and Cats - Soft Pet Recovery Collar Does Not Block Vision E-Collar(Large)
Height3.74 Inches
Length15.3 Inches
Number of items1
Size[Neck:12"-18"] Large
Weight0.1 Pounds
Width9.45 Inches
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u/DinkaAnimalLover · 3 pointsr/Rabbits

am so incredibly sorry for the loss of your darling!

It happens during surgery (not often, but it unfortunately it does)... I hate that is had to happen to your darling, but truly it is not your fault... what you did was your absolute best and what was without a single doubt best for her! Spaying is sooo important for their health due to the risks of uterine cancer... I work at a bunny rescue and i have seen what cancer looks like in the unspayed girls who get it....we had a girl who was abandoned pregnant and when she delivered we discovered she had cancer... the babies were not even 5 weeks old when she passed away. Please don't doubt that you made the best decision you could have for her. You wanted to protect her future and you could not have know... I am so very sorry it happened.

It's always hard to part with your friend... but no matter how long or short life her with you was, it was a happy one and she would not have traded you as her parent for the world! Think of all the joy she brought to your life and you to her - the cuddles, the zoomies, the binkies, the flops, the treats! She was so lucky to have you in her life! I know it feels like it’s not enough and it’s not, but it is so much… She is in a happy place now and she would want her memory to bring a smile to your face, not tears. She would not want you to blame yourself, she knows how much she meant to you!

It feels like you lost a part of yourself, but she will never really be gone forever, her spirit and joy will stay in your heart. :) And you know she would not want to be the last bunny you ever love.... if she could talk she would tell you so!

Remember how many other little ones like her are waiting right now to have someone love them even a fraction of the amount you loved her. You sweetie would not want you to feel alone, she would want you to adopt and love another little bunny who will not take her place in your heart, but will remind you of all the happiness you had together and just multiply it. :)


Pain medication and syringe feeding are quite important after a spay however.... if something seems alarming it's key to go back to the vet.

Take a look at the threads below for post-op care advise that is very good:

  1. Metacam (pain meds) is very important for recovery and a good vet will know this - (0.6 to 0.9 mg/kg twice daily for 4 to 6 days. Be sure you get enough before you take her home.

    1. A bunny in pain will not eat, so no matter what you vet says demand metacam and don't believe anything else. Though a good vet will know this.
    2. You will just give meds via syringe - try this method. Ask the vet to show you how.
  2. Also get critical care and a syringe to be able to feed her if needed while she recovers.

    1. You will syringe feed critical care if her appetite is low
  3. Also when you get home try to hand feed her hay and favorite greens (rinse and give wet for extra hydration). Handfeeding works better after spaying.
  4. Prep her enclosure in advance to restrict movement for a few days with soft blankets and if she has a very tall litter tray, get a lower one for a while.
  5. To avoid her messing with the stitches, instead of a cone use a baby onesie like here. Buy it and bring to the vet before you pick her up and the vet will help you put it on.

    1. Or try a recovery shirt like this one.
u/kagzig · 6 pointsr/dogs

I'm sorry that happened to you and Brutus -- that's just terrible. I can't say I've experienced anything close to that, but I have had to deal with crate rest and recovery when my pup broke a toe. Obviously very very small potatoes, comparatively, but hopefully some of the crate rest advice may be helpful to you.

In our case, my pup was on the most restrictive possible crate rest, and also had to have a cone or similar on whenever she was unsupervised to prevent her from tearing off her cast. If you are in a similar situation, I recommend trying out a few cone alternatives -- like this or this -- so you can leave the cone off as much as possible. That way, Brutus will have his head and paws free and you can keep him occupied with Kongs, chews, and puzzle toys. Since physical exercise is out, mental exercise is absolutely critical, and the toys/Kongs are key, along with training. With a little creativity, you might be surprised at how much you can train while your dog is in stationary and even crated!

As for the driver, unfortunately the best I can offer is just to stay in touch with the officers who responded and, when applicable, the prosecuting attorney's office. Keep records and documentation for all your expenses related to recovery (including vet bills). In the event the driver is caught and charges are filed, this documentation could be very helpful to the prosecutor, and potentially even financial restitution through the same process, depending on your state's laws. Be sure to ask the prosecutor if there is a mechanism that allows for victims' restitution through the criminal process and if vet bills would qualify, and then keep following up on the restitution aspect to make sure it is part of the prosecutor's sentencing recommendation. This can obviously take a while (resolution will easily take months, and restitution, if any, would take even longer) and enforcement through this route still leaves something to be desired, especially if the offender is indigent, but it has helped a lot of people and at least saves the time, expense, and hassle of trying to pursue restitution civilly.

I hope the driver is found and convicted, and I wish you and Brutus the best as you recover.

u/signgirlamy10 · 3 pointsr/dogs

I got my Aussie fixed about a month ago, and it wasn't the greatest experience. He ripped open his stitches right after he woke up (this really didn't surprise me at all) so he was stuck with the cone of shame for a week and a TON of bruising down there.

If your dog has to wear a cone, GET a Comfy Cone. I used the clear plastic cone the first night and my dog was terrified of going in the crate because the cone kept banging against the sides and making loud noises. It's kinda funny to think about but he was completely miserable and spent a good hour barking pathetically at the wall. He wasn't overly happy about the Comfy Cone, but his neurotic behavior went completely away compared to the plastic one.

He wouldn't go in the crate with any cone on, so my boyfriend and I set up the most awesome floor bed ever (complete with memory foam mattress pad!) and we had a fun week of sleepovers on the floor since he couldn't jump anywhere and wouldn't sleep in the crate. I left his cone on while he was sleeping and while no one was home, but I took it off when someone was around to watch him. We had to do a combination of calming pills + leaving him in the bathroom when we left so he wouldn't jump on anything and wouldn't go crazy. If your dog likes to lick things, be really vigilant in watching him without the cone for the first few days.

I don't know much about small dogs so I have no idea about the energy levels of Yorkies, but Aussies are very high energy breeds and once he started feeling better (about 2-3 days after he seemed back to normal), he was a huge hassle to keep under control. We have another dog so they had a strict no playing policy for a week since their idea of playing usually involves jumping on each other, the furniture, and running madly through the house. We did lots of on leash walks :)

He should be back to normal in a week. He'll probably be feeling better way before then, but a week is a safe amount of time to wait before going back to normal activities. I was maybe a little too cautious, but my pup was miserable and I definitely didn't want the incision to reopen so he'd have more time with the cone!

u/QueenOfDragon · 2 pointsr/dogs

Vets don't provide the best equipment when it comes to that, but I really recommend the cloud collar that is around 15 bucks. A lot of dogs like that collar because their sight isn't inhibited.

Could you do gauze pad soaked in Epsom salt and water and quickly tape it around him? If not, get a doggy diaper, place the cloth in there, and put it on your dog. At that point, your only job is to keep him still as opposed to holding him down. You'll have to get a female diaper, but it would be fairly easy to put a cloth in there and place on your dog. You can get disposable diapers or a cloth diaper with disposable liners. You could even soak the liners/diapers in the solution as they are meant to hold liquid. Not sure how well that would work, but I do suggest trying the diaper and cloth thing.

Is he getting antibiotics? If not, ask your vet about that. Cream, which is good, can be horrible to apply and antibiotics sometimes can replace the cream.

Edit: Also, whenever you apply anything, I highly suggest giving treats or something to occupy him. A kong with peanut butter works amazingly. Anything to associate that routine with something positive and fun for him.

u/goldensunshine429 · 10 pointsr/lifehacks

If you do need another solution (which it sounds like it's working okay since it has a snap to hold it in place), our golden did better in a foam soft cone called Comfy Cone (amazon link, not an affiliate link or anything weird). He ran into everything in the plastic e-collar.

Stiff enough that he couldn't get around it, but a bit more forgiving in tight quarters. The plastic cones for large dogs are just so wide. It was so bad :C. I can't Imagine in an apartment.

Hope he feels better soon! He sure is a handsome boy (but I'm biased)

Edit: words are hard

u/moon_watcher77 · 2 pointsr/germanshepherds

This is the one we used after we had our gsd spayed at 6 months. It worked really well. It was a lot more comfortable then the cone. Plus she was still able to get around without banging into everything and fit comfortably in her crate.

My mom has older dog that was doing the same thing on his back leg. What's hard is once there's a sore there the only want to lick it more. She ended put him in a cone and wrapping the leg. Thankfully once it was healed he finally left it alone.

Good luck! Stay strong! It will get better!

KONG Cloud E-Collar, Dog Collar, Large

u/ColourfulConundrum · 0 pointsr/AskVet

They've finally started to modify collars for post-surgery, I used this Kong collar, but make sure she has the right size. Pet stores near me sell them, or similar styled ones. Can you call your vet and discuss the howling, possibly a trial run of pain meds to see if it helps - honestly I'm careful not to assume that my dog letting me touch something means it doesn't hurt, the pain may be further in, or i may not be applying the right pressure. If the medication helps, then you know there was pain, potentially inflammation, and as you wean her off them ensure the howling doesn't return. Aftercare should be a part of her surgery - when are you due for a wound check? Ideally you could trial the meds and discuss results then.

Sorry for all that - it comes down to, is she eating well, drinking well? For the howling call your vet and see if a trial of pain meds is possible, or if they think it's behavioural. Does one of the nurses know if she was howling in the kennels? Given she is also limited with walks and such at the moment that may play a part. Either way, call the vet, discuss eating and drinking habits and make sure you feel right about their response. And check your check up date :)

u/EasyFlowElbow · 1 pointr/pitbulls

Aww, the poor little girl! My baby Macey just had 5 different spots removed on Monday, a few being mast cell tumors and some melanomas. She's recovering well though :)

Not sure if you've heard of them before but I can't recommend enough getting a "Comfy Cone" for her recovery. Macey has been through several surgeries during her life and it makes her SO much more comfortable than the plastic style cones.

Good luck to Zinnia, and wishing her a quick recovery!

u/Tangiegirl · 1 pointr/DogCare

I second trying a soft collar. There are ones made out of flexible material as well as the inflatables. Amazon has quite a few. I'm sure your local pet supply stores carry them too.

My spaniel just had soft tissue surgery on her ear last month. I used this and she did fine.

One of my dobes was a foot licker and would cause a lick granuloma on her front leg just above her foot. I used a double layered baby or kid sock. I used adhesive or paper (medical) tape to keep it on. Sometimes I used an ace bandage instead. Both worked pretty well.

The dobe stood without moving so much as a paw for over an hour when we tried using the rigid plastic cone of shame from the vet. She won. We took it off and went with wrapping/socking it. I've never had a dog that adapted well to the rigid cones.

Hope you find something that works for her.

u/funnythebunny · 12 pointsr/cavaliers

Beautiful boy; wishing him a speedy recovery. Our Blenheim does get separation anxiety, but manages quite well with lots of napping. We leave the TV on for her so it itsn't too quiet.

Let you Vet know of this condition (but it seems you suffer more of it than he does) and they'll likely not leave him alone for extended periods. He's likely going to be sedated most of the time and will not realize how much time has passed... They will be monitored as they come out of sedation and will not be left alone during this period; be ready to be there when this happens.

Suggestion, get a ComfyCone instead of the hard plastic cone provided; he'll be more comfortable when sleeping, which will happen a lot after surgery.

Hang in there; this is for the best.

u/Gungnir5 · 1 pointr/shiba

Please try a [soft cone too] ( It is far more comfortable, allows them to sleep better, and reach their food/water bowls.

When we first got our rescue, he was very insecure, and nervous. He licked and gnawed a spot on his foot until it was raw, and bleeding. But lots of love, reassurance, and Neosporin cured it.

However, as others have mentioned, it's probably impacted anal glands. Even groomers will empty them for you. It's a substance that has the consistency of old rubber cement, and smells like fish that has been left out in the sun a few days. Not pleasant.

Good luck! And please update!

u/anonyME42 · 2 pointsr/Chihuahua

She is adorable!

We have 3 Chi's, so we invested in a soft cone (similar to Great purchase; SO much better than the hard plastic ones.

Zelda will thank you.

u/lurkynic · 2 pointsr/aww

Poor pup! That breaks my heart. I'm glad he has good fur-parents. It sounds like he's a strong little dude.

This is what I had to eventually get for my yellow lab:

u/realpigwidgeon · 2 pointsr/NamFlashbacks

Not OP but I just purchased one for my dog on Amazon for his neuter. He’s been super comfortable — uses it as a neck pillow to prop his head on the edge of the couch and look out the window. Link: Total Pet Health TP3630 16 19...

u/steve-d · 2 pointsr/pugs

Poor pug. :( I am sorry to hear that, but I'm glad she's okay now. Since she has to have the cone on for so long I would maybe recommend a comfy cone. Check with your vet to see if they approve, but it's got to be a lot more comfortable for the long term.

u/bynL · 1 pointr/BorderCollie

When my older BC had surgery to remove a wee lump, the vet didn't give her a cone, but a neck pillow - kind of like you see people use on airplanes. It was great! Worked really well, and it didn't seem to humiliate her that much. (

u/jamierocksanne · 3 pointsr/Rottweiler

This is the one we got. My dog is 55 pounds/Labrador retriever and we got a large. It even looks more comfortable than a lampshade hah. She looks like she’s ready to go on a long trip to somewhere fun. (Which who knows when’s she’s on these painkillers hahahahaha)

Protective Inflatable Collar for Dogs and Cats - Soft Pet Recovery Collar Does Not Block Vision E-Collar (Large)

u/FinalOfficeAction · 3 pointsr/AnimalsBeingDerps

We got this for our dog after surgery and it was SOOOOO SOOOOO much easier and better for her! They sell something similar at Petco, if you don't have time to wait for shipping. Hope your pup gets well soon!

Protective Inflatable Dog Collar, Soft Pet Recovery E-Collar Cone for Small Medium Large Dogs, Designed to Prevent Pets from Touching Stitches, Wounds and Rashes, Does Not Block Vision

u/manatee1010 · 4 pointsr/AskVet

I agree with all of this.

The neck donut collars are tolerated SO much better than the cones. Most dogs get overwhelmed by the cone and will shut down. The donut is more like a travel pillow that conveniently prevents licking.

You want to find a veterinary behaviorist, NOT a regular trainer. This is past what a trainer is educated for and is a medical issue.

u/MutterOfPearl · 4 pointsr/LifePupperTips

We got one of these inflatable Elizabethan collars for our pup. It worked perfectly and we could still snuggle comfortably. He could eat easier and he didn't knock as much stuff off the table.

KONG Cloud E-Collar, Dog Collar, Large

u/Bellyfluous · 11 pointsr/rarepuppers

Doggo Frendos!

Don't get hard plastic cones. They're heckin uncomfortable! There's a better cone!

The COMFY CONE!! bork bork bork! (that's Fizzgig the Samoyed saying "it'sa good cone!")

(that link should be a plain link, with no referral/affiliate heck added)

(I am not in any way associated with amazon or the comfy cone humans. I am just a frendo of doggos who wants to see them be more comfy with happy borks)

u/RedditsInBed2 · 1 pointr/phoenix


Bolbove Pet Plastic Clear Cone Recovery E-Collar with Dots Design Soft Edge for Small Dogs & Cats (Small, Rose Red)

Petsmart carries them as well.

Most vets have them and will either give it to you for free or sell it to you.

u/The_Celtic_Chemist · 1 pointr/WatchPeopleDieInside

The comfy cone.

Great idea for giving your pet some comfort during an already hard time.

u/Arimmer90 · 8 pointsr/Pets

We had the same problem, and ended up with 4 different cones. The best one was this - KONG EZ Soft E-Collar for Cats and Dogs, Extra-Small
Because it was soft it would bend and she wasn't able to get a good grip on it to pull it off. Also continue with the meds, hope it all works out!

u/MATTDAYYYYMON · 2 pointsr/labrador

You can look into getting a kong brand donut that goes around their neck instead, I used it for my pup and he hated it but it worked like a charm and it looks just like those travel pillows you use on planes.

KONG Cloud E-Collar, Dog Collar, Large

u/enjolique · 1 pointr/dogs

If you're able to get to a pet store in today, there are inflatable donut collars that we've used with my dog that are really great.

They look like airline sleeping pillows. They make it impossible for the dog to lick but easier to be in confined spaces:

King Comfy Cone:

u/PunchyPractitioner · 3 pointsr/Boxer

My girl did the same thing. We got her one of these and it seemed to work just fine. We didn’t use that brand, but the idea is pretty straight forward.

u/oshiitake · 2 pointsr/Pets

If you want to save your legs, look into getting her a ComfyCone! It's padded and more comfortable for her and anyone she may run into (and the walls!). It has a type of removable boning in it, too, to maintain rigidity when she can't be watched. You can get it on Amazon cheaper than you'd find it at most pet stores.

u/lyoknsedvs · 2 pointsr/AskVet

Definitely keep the cone on him, but maybe look into some more comfortable cone options. The Comfy Cone seems to be a hit with many dogs.

u/court67 · 2 pointsr/dogs

Just a clarification, this comment is referring to an elizabethan collar (cone), not an electronic collar. I ordered a really nice, soft cone like this one for my pup when he got neutered, and he liked it way more than the hard plastic one we got from our vet.

u/theantigod · 1 pointr/Pets

Short term Benedryl might help - long term ask you vet about Fluoxetine (Prozac).

I found this collar more effective than the cone.

May be a Coflex wrap would be close to the cast that you are thinking about.

u/PJsAreComfy · 1 pointr/Pets

If the plastic cone is adding to his agitation you might try a soft cone like this one. I just recently read about them in another post but they seem to be effective and less cumbersome.

If you can't keep him from moving around then perhaps he can be enticed to use pet steps instead of jumping? I got these for my senior cat and they were very sturdy. But if he's not in pain, and he's determined to jump around, he probably won't use them.

I'd try keeping him in the bathroom but put a big cardboard box on the sink so there's no space for him to jump onto. Counters or shelves could be filled with folded or rolled towels or blankets to block access.

u/sethule · 1 pointr/AskVet

It might, it might not. Some dogs are super smart and realize this type of e-collar can be pushed against something and moved out of the way so they can still lick. Also this might make your dog knock into more things since it isn't clear. You could try that soft e-collar paired with an inflatable e-collar behind it and that might work keeping her away from the incision.

u/rangerdangerrq · 2 pointsr/dogs

Well, we use the comfy cone and that works for us.

The Original Comfy Cone, Soft Pet Recovery Collar with Removable Stays,Large 25 cm

You could also try spraying the booties with nasty tasting stuff (what is it, bitter apple? The stuff they sell in pet stores?). I also have a friend to makes spray from spicy peppers and uses that to keep his dogs from chewing or licking some of his things.

Has a vet taken a look at the paws? Maybe the vet could recommend something soothing that can prevent your dog from chewing them?

u/e_claire · 1 pointr/Pets

I would certainly ask your vet first, but I always keep a bottle of Vetricyn around the house for when my kitties get into trouble and get cuts and bruises. It works well on small wounds animals get once in a while. I highly recommend it. It's like neosporin for animals.

I would also look into either tightening the cone or investing in a new type of cone. I own this soft KONG cone for my cat and she has not been able to pry it off, whereas some other cones I've owned she's been able to escape in the past.

u/5426742 · 2 pointsr/dogs

How to Make a Dog Tail Cover

Have you tried an inflatable dog collar? Or this one.

I hope this helps. Poor Sam. I'm sending good thoughts his way.

u/MjrGrangerDanger · 1 pointr/WhatsWrongWithYourCat

If your cat is that distressed by it just get a baby shirt that covers the incision (check with your vet first).

There are even kitty versions...

The Suitical


He'll be able to groom more of himself but won't be able to get to his sutures.

I believe 1-3 month fits most cats.

Otherwise we'd just get a Comfy Cone and turn it down a bit. Most cats are a small. My tiny kitty is about the size of a typical 9 month old kitten, hers is an extra small but she can still fit her sisters size small cone.

In the evening we would do supervised cone free time. I know it's hard to watch your kitty feeling uncomfortable or in distress, but the sooner he heals the faster he's done with the cone. He'll be used to it to a certain extent soon.

Hope your kitty heals quickly!

u/mikeyo73 · 2 pointsr/dogs

One of my huskies does this with his back left paw sometimes. The most important thing is to put a cone on them ASAP and keep it on. It sucks, but it will keep them from making it worse.

Then I make sure to spray it with Vetricyn, works great.

u/StubbyToenails · 2 pointsr/puppy101

Surgical onesies or diaper when he's supervised and a cone when he isn't. Mine got used to the cone by the third day and loved digging with it

u/dustinpdx · 1 pointr/lifehacks

You can actually buy a similar product, we have one for our small dog and it works great.

u/Polyester_Smoothie · 1 pointr/Bulldogs

If you haven't seen these cones before, they are awesome

u/LilKaylie · 1 pointr/goldenretrievers

While Clifford is displeased, he’s still adorable. May I ask if he’s tolerating the donut on his neck well, and if he is what kind is it?

Edit: I see the Kong label. Not sure if it’s from the donut or it went with something else originally 🙂

Edit 2: Found it!

u/pizza_ho · 3 pointsr/Pets

We tried the onesie, as well as a baby tshirt and they both rubbed the incision badly. Off we went to the vet, because the cone was a no go in the first place, and they had flexible fabric cones that moved with the pet. My girls both did well with this in the end, although, they did seem to forget how to walk for the first half hour. Lol! 😂

u/InIt4theD · 9 pointsr/popping

Just went through this in May with my Lucy (black lab - and tumor came back benign). After her chewing through two cones bought this soft cone and it was awesome. Vet asked where we got it on her check ups.

the original comfy cone, soft pet recovery collar

u/christinna67 · 1 pointr/Rabbits

Has anyone purchased and tried it with their bunnies? Do you think they would get it? I've seen cats and pigs do it, so I thought that my bunny might be able to figure it out too :-D

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/dogs

You aren’t failing! My dog is the same way with a cone, and I fear the day she’ll need one.

I’ve seen these:

inflatable colar

Maybe it’ll be a better alternative? Also, for the activity level, could you try nose work? Get a treat and break it apart and hide it around the house. Help your dog find them at first then make it progressively harder. It’s been a big help for us in the summer heat.

u/TonyWrocks · 3 pointsr/WiggleButts

We got this for our little wigglebutt when he needed a cone. It's fantastic.

u/MurphRat · 5 pointsr/Maltese

Here is the link to the exact one. I think Wilson used an x small but now he would definitely be a small.

u/imprl59 · 1 pointr/Advice

The first thing is you need to find out why the scratching. Usually fleas or food. A trip to the vet is in order but if you want to experiment first you can get pills from Walmart that will kill any flea on them and a get a high-quality non-allergenic dog food.

For the scratching you can use the cone of shame or I've seen new inflatable pillowsyou can use like this one . Should do the job and not be as aggravating for everyone involved (including the dawg).


The flea pills are pricey and say they just work for a day but I've had really good luck with them. I get the ones for the bigger dog and cut them in half. Give one pill when he starts scratching and we're good for a couple of weeks.

u/tennisplayer789 · 5 pointsr/WiggleButts

I've used one that is like a pillow you bring on a flight; my dog wore it for months 24/7 and didn't mind at all - he had a built-in pillow at all times (although he's always been a world-class napper). It's an inflatable pillow with a washable soft cover, all secured by Velcro (which wears down easily, but it's so inexpensive, I would just replace it).

u/Cyt6000 · 1 pointr/roughcollies

He's wearing a zencone in XL. Its nice since it's machine washable. My bulldog is wearing the [Calm Paws] ( cone in L which is a less "floppy" cone.

Have you tried a long sock? My boy has a nail bed infection so when his cone is getting washed I tape a sock so it won't fall off his foot. Here's a picture of it

u/jerf_mayne · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

Alternatively, if you're okay with spending more money, there are inflatable oversized "donuts" that can go around your dog's neck which are normally used to prevent licking, but might prevent the dog from being able to scratch it's ears too. They have full peripheral vision and their nose can still hit the ground. Here's an example:

u/TwoNewfies · 2 pointsr/Newfoundlander

We've had newfs eat entire large batches of chocolate chip cookies with absolutely no Ill effects ...
But I do recommend the Kong doughnut--type cone Much easier for them to eat and maneuver - plus makes a sweet pillow!

u/boredguy12 · 1 pointr/videos

aren't octopi super smart? i'm trying to think of toys an octopus would be interested in... like a taught rubber band he could pluck, or a crank that would power some sort of water pump that would blow bubbles when turned. What about something like one of these that does a simple light up memory game meant for dogs that dispenses treats, but water proof and crab bits.

u/femalenerdish · 2 pointsr/dogs

Have you used a cone that attaches to the collar? We have one similar to this.

You could also try putting him in clothing like pajamas. I've heard of people using baby onesies or buying one online specifically for dogs.

u/Z_as_in_Zebra · 1 pointr/Greyhounds

I haven't had to deal with anything like this so I can't give any advice, sorry. I'd be worried with the hard muzzle aggravating the wound more if he was trying to get at it. Have you tried one of those blow up rings instead of the cone? Like this: KONG Cloud E-Collar, Dog Collar, Large
I've heard good things about them.

u/SebastianTyr · 3 pointsr/pics

Have you looked into soft e-collars? We use them at work, they look like little inflated donuts. Might save him some shame :P

Either that or literally cloth e-collars. Might be able to get one at petco. Either that or I can find out where we get them



u/reddyoulikeabook · 1 pointr/Greyhounds

I would suggest getting a cone. You can buy soft cones, which are more comfortable (for you and him), but it sounds like you need to use one. I can’t imagine there’s anything you can do to get him to stop other than restricting his access to the wound.

Something like this:
I’ve used this one in the past.

u/Bierp · 60 pointsr/gifs

+1 on this. It's much more pleasant for them. Not enough to make them forgive you for cutting off their privates, but it's a step.


u/readrunrescue · 2 pointsr/dogs

I have a Comfy Cone that I've used for a couple of dogs. I think they are more comfortable for the dog when it is resting. The downside is they are not see-through and they are somewhat heavier than the typical plastic ones.

You can find them here:

u/w0lf3h · 2 pointsr/dogs

My first thoughts would be either pillow collar (or another form of cone like collar) or dog boots.

u/normal3catsago · 2 pointsr/cats

I used this one. I did extra-small for an ~4-lb kitten and it was fine.

u/Izira · 2 pointsr/dogs

Might not be a bad idea to invest in a soft cone (this is just an example). I think that's probably what I will do for Fiona when she gets spayed.

u/kristephe · 3 pointsr/dogs

This is a similar style to what our vet used on a foster kitten that had to have surgery. I'm not sure if a motivated dog would get past it but you do need to be careful that they don't get it off or around their belly's but with dogs who wear collars it may be easier sine you can loop through collar. I just don't like the hard plastic ones and how they bump into things and can't eat that well but they can be manageable if cut down if they're too long.

u/k-jo · 3 pointsr/corgi

Something you can do is an inflatable E-Collar if the cone proves too much. You just want to keep her from getting to her incision. I used this

u/lost_profit · 2 pointsr/aww

Comfy cone! $26.99.

u/happyjujube45 · 2 pointsr/BostonTerrier

try one of these out. they’re not so clumsy. KONG CloudTM Collar - Plush, Inflatable E-Collar - For Injuries, Rashes and Post Surgery Recovery - For Medium Dogs/Cats

u/adagrl · 3 pointsr/Boxer

I bought this pillow version and it's been awesome. After surgery my pup already doesn't feel good so the cone of shame just made it worse. This actually seems comfy too.

u/complainsaway · 1 pointr/corgi

It’s this one. We got the large size. My other dog slips out of it easily, but I didn’t want it to choke them. Tucker doesn’t mind it, so it stays on.

u/Andersoncoupe · 0 pointsr/husky

After surgery for tumor biopsy, my poor boy kept slamming that damn cone into everything. Furniture, our legs, his brothers, etc. I found a soft collar alternative and he was sooo much more comfortable! It worked fabulously.

BENCMATE Protective Inflatable Collar for Dogs and Cats - Soft Pet Recovery Collar Does Not Block Vision E-Collar(Large)

u/FirosAhoge · 1 pointr/aww

Cones are horrible. Most dogs hate them, including my own. Get yourself the soft, pillowy kind.