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u/davidrools · 42 pointsr/AskReddit

I rescued a german shepherd mix when he was about 2 months old and he just turned 2 years! He's awesome!

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Here are some of my dog's favorites if you're lost on what to Wishlist on Amazon:

  • Hands down the best ball for fetch, if he likes fetch
  • And the launcher I like this one b/c you can just throw it in a backpack and it'll zip all the way closed (I like to keep a backpack w/ my dog's park toys, some treats, poop bags, wet ones/purell, and his shot records) The best thing about the chuck-it is that you don't have to pick up a slobbery ball.
  • Three very good chew bones
  • Advantage Multi if you're not often taking him onto tick-heavy hikes. If you need tick control, get Frontline and Interceptor for heartworm.
  • The best dog frisbee and I've tried a half dozen. Doesn't fly the best, but it's the most durable, safe, and flies great with a little practice.
  • This Car seat cover is great
  • Flexi leash is really handy when used appropriately.
  • Poo bags can never have enough of. and you go through them pretty quick.
  • Dog backpack great for burning off energy on walks/hikes, and makes them feel like they're doing an important job! I have this one in black. works great.
  • Collapsible water bowl handy for hikes/camping/outings
  • european style leather lead (leash) I'm preferential to the feel of leather for leashes/collars. And the european is absolutely the best - adjustable length and super easy to tether them to a pole/fence if you're eating outdoors or running into a store or something (of course use common sense when doing this!)
  • Harness I'm not a fan of harnesses - they're annoying to put on/take off and just encourage a dog to pull more. But if you want him to pull, towing you on a skateboard or something (my dog loves this) then it's great
    Furminator GSD mixes don't need regular brushing, but this one works great for shedding season
    Dremel for nail trimming GSD = black nails, a bit trickier to trim. I use this with lots of treats to put a nice round edge and take off a bit of length of my dog's nails. works good but get him accustomed to it slowly and with lots of treats. Pretty soon he won't mind.
    *Zukes are great treats for training
  • Bowls that don't tip over. Easy to wash. can't break. My pick.
  • Big crate I use for vacations when I bring my dog but need to leave him in a hotel room or something. It's big and bulky but I like to give him room to move around comfortably.
  • A good shampoo I like hydrosurge unscented but it's not on Amazon =\
  • deodorizer I give my dog a little spritz between baths if he starts to get funky
  • A shower head like this makes bathing super painless. I just bring my dog in the shower w/ me along with some treats and it's quick and easy.
  • a scrubber like this gets my dog cleaner than I can with my hands. I found one at petco I like

    Wow I kind of didn't realize I have so much shit for my dog. But he's family so...anyway. Also costco has great beds for $20ish (comparably $80+ from a petstore) They also carry Frontline, lots of treats (buscuits, duck breast jerkey - the best!) good food (Iams ProActive goes on sale once in a while, and they also carry Natures Domain salmon/sweet potato food that's really good).
u/shinyumbreon1992 · 10 pointsr/dogs

Lots of big dog stuff here! Here's some nice things for the little guys (~25 lbs and under). Many of these items are good for big dogs, too; will note them with a * sign and list them first in each section.


  • Himalayan Dog Cheese Chew*: Long-lasting hard cheese chews; can be microwaved to make "cheesy popcorn" for your dog when it gets small enough to pose a swallowing hazard. Comes in a variety of sizes.

  • Brushless Toothpaste*: Our dog LOVES this stuff, and it keeps his breath smelling awesome. Also helps keep his teeth clean. May want to introduce these into the dog's diet slowly, as some are sensitive to the ingredients but acclimate over time. Comes in an even smaller size for the really tiny dogs, and bigger sizes for the big dogs :)

  • Freeze-dried chicken*: Easy to break into small pieces and sprinkle over your dog's kibble or regular food.

  • Stella & Chewy Meal Mixers*: Great to sprinkle over your dog's regular food for both nutrition and novel taste.

  • Fruitables Minis: Small and low-calorie; great for clicker-training your dog. Comes in a wide variety of flavors.

  • Crazy Dog Bacon Treats*: Also small and very-low calorie; another good clicker-training tool.


  • KONG Mini Squeaky Tennis Balls*: Great for dogs who like either balls, squeaky toys, or both! My dog had zero interest in balls before these, and they're still the only ones he'll play with. Come in lots of sizes; not good for strong dogs who like to chew up their balls.

  • Dog Tornado*: Easy introductory puzzle toy that's not too big for little dogs. Good for kibble, wet food, and treats. May be too big for dogs under 7 lbs.

  • Dog Tower: Another great introductory puzzle toy suitable for small dogs. Good for kibble and small treats. Not sure how this'll hold up to big dogs, although I think it'd be fine with the gentler ones.

  • JW Treat Pod: Kind of like the Kong, but better suited for gentler, 'licking'-type dogs. Easier to clean out as well, IMO; the small Kongs are so hard to get completely clean even with a brush.

  • Outward Hound Flirt Pole: Fun and easy exercise, the Outward Hound version is more lightweight and suited for small dogs.

    Harnesses, Collars, & Safety

  • Pet Stairs*: Large collection of pet stairs. Some on this page are suitable for large dogs as well.

  • Hurtta Active Dog Harness*: High-quality dog harness for dogs that love to run around the outdoors in all kinds of weather and elements. Comes in a variety of sizes; for dogs 7+ lbs.

  • Ruffwear Swamp Cooler*: Comes in XXS, XS, and S. Great for keeping your dog cool in the summer if you don't live in a humid area.

  • Hurtta Pet Overall*: Great for rain and snow; comes in a variety of small sizes. Fit perfectly on our Pom mix and very high quality.

  • Musher's Secret*: Protect your dog's paws in cold weather.

  • Sleepypod Clickit*: Crash-tested car harness, comes in a variety of sizes.

  • Sleepypod Mobile Carrier/Car Seat/Pet Bed: Crash-tested dog bed/car seat/carrier!

  • Lil Pals Step-in Mesh Harness: For the seriously small dogs.

  • Ollydog Marin Collar: Completely waterproof, rustproof, extremely durable, easy to put on...the perfect collar!


  • The Stuff Detangler and Conditioner*: Keeps your dog's coat looking clean and glossy; easy to apply and doesn't have a strong odor.

  • Lil Pals Grooming Kit: Miniature grooming tools for your miniature dog at a very affordable price.

    Edited to add more+formatting!
u/r-u-aware-ur-a-cat · 2 pointsr/greatpyrenees

Yes, I would recommend DIY over PetSmart. I just wanted to let you know about that in case you were not able to do it yourself. I think you've got the procedure more or less down. I personally wouldn't bother washing twice unless your dog is really dirty. If you wash regularly (every 4-6 weeks) then you should really only need to shampoo once, but every dog is different so I would say try it both ways and see which result you like better! Washing too much can dry out the skin, that's the only reason I would say maybe try just washing once and see if it does the trick. I don't usually bother letting the shampoo sit, but you can certainly do that. The conditioner is the one I let sit, although I only rub the conditioner in the spots that are hard to detangle otherwise (back of legs is the biggest place, although I do put some on the more coarse back hair just because it makes it so soft and fluffy).

If you really wanna see some hair fly, try using the conditioner, and then while the conditioner sets, use the dryer! The conditioner makes the hair heavier or something and so you can sometimes see a ton of hair flying out this way, especially if the dog is blowing out their coat. It's especially spectacular with huskies.

But yes, in short:

  • Get wet (you will have to keep doing this throughout, don't be afraid to add more water if you're not getting a good lather with the shampoo)
  • Scrub in shampoo, don't be afraid to really dig your fingers in to make sure it gets all the way to the skin, and add water anytime you need to
  • Rinse
  • Add conditioner, and let sit for a few minutes. Most of the self-service washes I've used really only let you access one side at a time, so I'll just condition one side, then turn dog around and condition the other side, then go back and rinse the other side, etc.
  • Optional: Use dryer while conditioner is in hair
  • Rinse out conditioner. Really spend some time making sure the conditioner is out. You want the water to run clear. When you think you're done rinsing, check hair all over the dogs body by rubbing it in between your fingers. If it feels kind of slick/slimy, then you need to keep rinsing
  • Dry off as much as you can with towels, especially head and feet (almost every dog I've ever encountered does not enjoy the dryer on the feet or face).
  • Use dryer with nozzle on for body. Start from the top and work down. Take nozzle off to dry more sensitive areas (around ears and face, etc)

    The hair should be completely dry before you start brushing. If your dog really hates the dyer (some dogs so) then you can wait and just let him air dry the rest of the way, but try to use the dryer for as long as you can. It really lifts and separates all the hair so it stops it from clumping up as much. You can definitely use the dryer after you brush if you want, it can help get out any extra hair that you loosened with brushing but that maybe you didn't quite get. I usually don't hang out at the self-serve wash after I'm done drying, though, so I just do the brushing at home. My guy is 7 now and it's hard for him to stand for that long so I like to give him a few hours break in between the bath and the brushing.

    Start with the slicker brush, and do a motion where you brush back and up a little bit. You kind of want to lift away from the hair. Just be gentle and smooth, and make a note of where you find any mats or clumps. Be gentle with the clumps, try grabbing the base of the clump so you're not yanking on the hair too much. Once you can easily run the slicker brush through the hair, then you can use the deshedding rake. Go with the natural direction of the hair, or a little bit sideways is okay, too. Just don't go against the grain, if that makes sense.

    As far as recommendations on hair on hind legs and chest, just be patient. It will take some time to work through the hair. I usually trim my dog's back end up a little bit to make it easier to manage. I'm not an expert by any means, but I worked in a grooming salon for a year (just gave baths and easy trims, though, I wasn't an actual groomer), but I picked up enough to be able to trim up that hair without making it look too awful. Most groomers will do cheaper express type trim, so if you wash, dry, and brush out, you can just take her somewhere and have them trim up the long feathers in the back. I find it makes it a little easier to manage. If I don't trim it, it's just too hard to brush it all and my dog's back end gets pretty matted up. Trimming out mats is risky to do if you don't know what you're doing so I would recommend taking her somewhere if she gets any

    Once you make the initial investment of the brush, the baths themselves are definitely much cheaper than taking the dog to the groomers. You can also buy the Furminator shampoo and conditioner in a bulk containers and that makes it a little cheaper than buying the individual bottles every time.

    The place near me charges $16, and I always give them an even $20 because he makes such a mess. Most of the time these places actually include some kind of shampoo, so feel free to give their shampoo a try if you want to save money. I just happen to love the Furminator shampoo. It smells sooo good, and it really does work. It takes me several months to go through these big jugs of shampoo and conditioner, so for me it ends up working out to around $30/month or so.

    Wow, I ended up basically writing a book. I hope this helps you a little bit, and let me know if I can clarify anything for you! :) Good luck!
u/dianthe · 1 pointr/samoyeds

Hey! I'll gladly share what I use:

  • This is the grooming table, it makes brushing and drying them a lot easier.

  • This is the dryer I use, but you don't need something as powerful, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives, I just like that one because it does the job quickly. Here is a cheaper dryer that some of my Sammy owner friends also use.

  • Comb

  • Pin Brush

    I can't find the brands of some of the other brushes I use as I bought them at dog shows but here are some alternatives:

  • Slicker brush

  • Rake

    For shampoo you don't really need to spend money on show quality whitening shampoo, I only use it for show bathing, for a regular bath I use this shampoo, it is sold at Petco.

  • Conditioning/Detangling spray that you can use during the weekly brush to get the tangles and matts out easier and to moisturize the coat.

    So these are the basics :) For the regular weekly brush what I usually do is spray the detangling spray all over the coat, paying particular attention to the more matted areas (behind the ears, on the thighs etc.) then I start gently brushing the dog with the Rake, this will get the largest tangles out. Then I line comb using the Comb, line combing means you comb the coat in small sections (lines), here is a good video that shows how to line comb. Then I use the Slicker Brush on their legs, brushing them against the grain. To finish off I brush the tail with the Pin Brush and lightly go over the rest of the coat with it as well, brushing against the grain around the neck. Never use anything but the pin brush on the tail because it is the gentlest brush you have so it won't break the hair on the tail which regrows very slowly if you damage it.

    I know it sounds complicated but it really doesn't take a long time, takes me about 20 mins per dog once a week and their coats look great :) Bathing is a whole other story but you don't need to bathe a Samoyed very often at all.

u/itmelul · 0 pointsr/puppy101

Oh man, it's gonna be a wild ride for you. I spent over a year researching dogs before I got my pup and it's still been tough. I'm not here to lecture though, since I'm sure you've already heard enough of it by now, so will do my best to offer some advice.


  1. Check out Simpawtico's videos on how to train your new pup. He's super informative and explains things in a simplistic, easy to understand way.
  2. Crate train your pup. It will save your sanity and also be good for pup. Here's a sample schedule. Also, this website offers a step by step instruction.
  3. As for food, I personally think you should put the effort in to research this yourself. I think choosing a diet and food for your dog is a very personal thing as it needs to consider your own budget and values. This website breaks down a lot of dog food brands. Some ppl appreciate it and some ppl don't think it's reliable. You decide. I can tell you which one I bought if you dm me.
  4. Here's some very informative resources you can read up on. It'll help with before you get your puppy, after getting your puppy, house training, etc.
  5. Puppy Blues are a thing and it's okay to have it. You can find other ppl's stories on reddit & they're comforting bc at least you know you aren't alone.
  6. Have treats ready.


    Some things to expect the first week:

    -WHINING. They will whine. Ignore them if you've already taken them out to potty and fed them. If you give in, then you will teach them that whining gets them attention. Can't hold it against them though. They're scared and in a completely new place away from their mom and litter.

    - They may not eat that much the first few days. My vet said this is normal since they are still adjusting to their new environment.

    - Take the pup for a vet exam. Don't just trust the word of whoever/wherever you got them from.

    - They potty all the time lol...pls still take your new pup out at night. Mine was 8 weeks old when I got her and I took her out every two hours in the middle of the night. I still do every 2.5 hrs because she's only 10 weeks old now. Goodbye to an uninterrupted 8 hour nights rest. You can slowly extend the time as they get older.



    Some essentials I bought:

  1. Poop bags I didn't think I needed this many, but boy oh boy, I do.

  2. Crate

  3. Play Pen For when you can't supervise as closely. I also like it bc it teaches them that they can't always have access to you

  4. Puppy Shampoo They'll probably get dirty soon lol. Or maybe they smell when you picked them up.

  5. Dog tag Way cheaper than petco's and is okay quality

    I'd recommend shopping at TJMaxx for dog toys. It's wayyy cheaper than anywhere else I've found.


    Overall, just keep working with your pup and be consistent with them. Consistent with your expectations, routine, training, etc and it'll get better slowly. I know I've only had my pup for 2 weeks so maybe I'm not the most credible person based on experience, but I've definitely put a lot of effort into learning as much as I could before I got her. Hopefully some of this is of some help.

    Good luck!

u/Synaxis · 3 pointsr/dogs

I own and love this comb and this looks very similar to a fantastic comb one of my coworkers uses.

For slickers, Les Poochs makes some pretty awesome ones - their red one is amazing at dematting! Unfortunately they're also really expensive! If you don't mind spending, the Pro Brush (F/F) would be the way to go. If you're cheap like me, this has very good reviews and should perform acceptably as well. I personally like flexible slickers, so I recommend them.

Truthfully I seldom use undercoat rakes. A high velocity blow dryer (k9 brand is good - don't bathe at home without a blower, it's a good investment) serves the purpose for me both with my own dog and with the dogs at work. Still, if you want an undercoat rake, stay away from things that have blades - Furminators, Furminator knock-offs, Mars Coat Kings, coat king knock offs. There's a time and place for those but I would not personally use them on a spitz of any breed. Something like this will do. I also like shedding combs though I haven't found one without a handle yet.

Additional stuff: you need a good pair of nail clippers, and I also recommend spray like The Stuff or Ice on Ice to keep things feeling nice and fresh.

u/BeachyBeans · 1 pointr/doggrooming

Is that your poodle in the chair? Omg too cute lol

I recommend using “The Stuff” to help keep the tangles out. Some ppl hate it because it’s a silicone spray but I consistently use it on client dogs that are in long scissored trims (havanese, Maltese, yorkies, Bichons, Standards) and come in every 6-8 weeks. Their owners do not brush at home. I have not had a problem with keeping tangles out. In fact most times I can toss them right in the tub without having to brush first. Regardless of coat type. It smells good, and leaves the dog hair soft and manageable.
One of my Maltese clients asked me what I used because she washes her dog at home between visits, and her dog was matting up overnight but after I groomed the dog it would last for weeks... I told her the same info.

It’s a leave on spray. You can get it ready to go, or in concentrate which you mix with distilled water so it doesn’t spoil. Wash your dog, towel dry lightly, spritz sparingly on his hair and rub your hands over where you sprayed to get it into the hair. You don’t need much.

Make sure you spritz this in an area where you won’t be walking. It is slicker than snot on the floor and you will break your neck!! Works great for the bottom of sleds during winter, by the way lol. Try putting a towel down before you spray it on him so no overspray gets on the floor (or in your tub if you’re washing him at home). Then dry him like normal.

You can also lightly spritz this on his dry coat if you have a problem area that has a mat, but it’s designed to go on wet hair. No other demat tools needed. Just a good brush (I’m old school and still use a slicker).

Here’s a link to it on amazon. The Stuff

Hope that works for you. :)

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/dogs

Go to the vet. Our dog was experiencing similar issues and it was allergic dermatitis that was taken care of by an antibiotic and cortisol. Medicated shampoo helps with the itching too. You can get it without a prescription- this is the brand we use and it works well. You will need to treat the underlying cause though or it will be an ongoing issue. The vet can help if it's something less serious but they can also rule out something more serious like an infection.

It's always a good idea to keep the house clean and keep the dog on a flea/tick preventative. My vet has said an oral preventative like nexgard works better than the topical stuff like frontline and in my experience that's true. Vacuum soft surfaces every other day and wash pet/human bedding on hot every week and that should take care of any fleas unless it's a large infestation which you'd definitely notice.

u/WRCousCous · 1 pointr/WiggleButts

So, we avoid undercoat rakes and combs on the advice of our breeder (don't want to pull out or cut any of the active undercoat). It took us a while to really get that she was right (at least for our pup), but it is what we've had the best luck with. We use a metal comb to do the line-comb technique as /u/cpersall suggests, and then we finish with just a normal human pin-brush (which he likes quite a bit) for the topcoat. We also brush him at least every other day while we're watching TV of the evening.

You asked about shampoo and such: we've had enormous luck with The Stuff spray in conditioner while we're brushing him out. Makes him look purty (seriously got so many compliments at the herding-dog park parties that we now have half the town using it on Corgis, Aussies, and BCs). We've been using AvoDerm for shampoo (about once every two-three weeks depending on how much mud he's gotten into). Aussies tend to be great self-groomers. We only really give him baths when he's muddy and we don't want it in bed or on the couch. Also he loves bathtime, so sometimes I give him 'baths' sans shampoo on hot days. Drying off with the towel is the Best Game Ever!

u/sumerian_mother · 1 pointr/Catahoula

We just took her to the vet Sunday so I didn't get to order it until Monday morning, but it shipped very quickly. Here are the links to what I ordered.




I would have done this last night, but I replied to you on my phone. The vet said apply twice a day to spots until healed. The Nu-Stock was of my own choice and I'm sure it's the same application, but I haven't read the directions yet. Regardless, it seems like a product I want to have on hand for just about anything....human or animal, so I figured why not? As far as the shampoo goes, I just looked around on Amazon and read reviews. I'm not expecting that to be the cure, I'm just hoping that helps relieve the itching until the ointment can kick in. I was initially going to order something else, but this was more shampoo for my dollar.....which is always best.

u/browneyedgirl79 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You did say each of my wishlists, right?

Here I go:

  • One of my highest items are these light bulbs. Why? We moved into a house during Thanksgiving weekend last year. One by one each of our light fixtures have blown their bulbs. We've been getting bulbs as we can, but we still need about 40 bulbs to be able to say we have light everywhere we need it.

  • Another highest priority item is this Kindle. It's for our 13 year old daughter, who has ADHD and is bipolar. She had another one that she very accidentally dropped on her way to school (she has special permission from her principals and teachers to have it at school. It helps calm her down, and her teachers have told us since having it at school her GPA has gone from a 2.0 to a 3.5) two weeks ago. We taped it up and put more screen protectors on it so she wouldn't hurt her fingers on the glass which was shattered but still usable. Last week she put it on her bike to come in and get something, and her youngest sister sat on her bike, effectively shattering the glass the rest of the way and we had to throw it away. I did take this pic of it before we threw it away. I snapchatted the pic as well when it happened. Since she first dropped it, it hadn't been charging like it should. She had had it for a couple years. Hers was a first generation Kindle Fire. She carried it everywhere, and we can't afford a new one for some time. She is devastated, her grades are dropping, and she's getting in trouble at school now because she can't calm down when someone bullies her without it. She has breathing exercises and medication she takes, but her Kindle helped her out tremendously. When we moved here, she started a new school, and her old school never allowed her to bring her Kindle like this school does. Her grades suffered so much, and she always got in trouble. It breaks our hearts to see her heading down that same path at her new school again.

  • Then I have some headphones on another wishlist that are high priority. My girls have been taking mine and essentially breaking them from so much overuse. I can't wear the earbuds, they mess with my ears too much, so I have to have good ol' fashioned headphones.

  • This blanket because I am always super cold in our house.

  • This watch on another of my wishlists. These are so cheap that I want to get one for me and one for each of my daughters in different colors.

  • This book for my husband. We had it once, and lost it in our cross country move. He's wanted it again for years.

  • This video game for my husband because he is kicking himself in the bahooky for not buying the download when it was $15 right before and during the Super Bowl. Plus, I wouldn't have to keep watching him play COD: MW3 all the time!

  • This pan because with 7 of us in our family, we can always use another big pan to cook in.

  • This pet shampoo because once our dog and cat get bathed in it, they smell wonderful for weeks. It says "Puppy Shampoo", but we use it on our long haired cat too, and he loves it as much as the dog does.

  • Another high priority movie on my list besides the one I received from PBG. Because I <3 Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. I also haven't seen this movie.

    Thank you for this discussion. It's helped me get a bit off my chest. I hope you don't mind.
u/katylovescoach · 3 pointsr/Bulldogs

Order this shampoo:

Bathe her once a week - Letting the shampoo sit for at least ten minutes on her skin.

There’s absolutely all sorts of things you can do for her - the old owner is an idiot.

It’s very likely she could have a food allergy as they are very common. I would go visit your vet and get their recommendations on how to scale her diet back to try and identify what the culprit is. There are allergy tests that can be done as well. Chicken is a common allergen among many bulldogs I know. We feed Taste of the Wild but you can find many different foods that are grain free and have single proteins.

Benedryl will help as well - you can give her 1mg/pound of body weight (one pill is 25mg) every 4-6 hours to help relieve itching.

That shampoo brand - Duoxo - makes many different products that are basically gold if you own a bulldog. They have wipes as well - but I just buy unscented baby wipes at Costco to help keep their faces and rolls clean.

u/vinegarbath · 2 pointsr/labradoodles

Oh I've been there with my own doodle. I took to grooming her myself after I was charged $60 for a 3 hour session (I know it is well worth the money and groomers deserve every cent, I just can't afford that!)

I have found that a slicker brush works well to brush/fluff out the coat, as well as brushing/pulling apart matts (instead of just cutting them out). Also, to prevent matting close to the skin, a pin brush works well because it reaches the base of the coat. A good detangler used regularly will help make brushing an easy, painless process. I use Isle of Dogs products, this shampoo and conditioner has saved my life and my dog's coat! I also use a detangler by them, bought it on amazon. I use this product at my work, and it is amazing although a little pricey.

Also, it generally helps to brush out the coat before bathing. This includes brushing out all matts as best as you can, as getting them wet makes it harder to get rid of them. After bathing, dry the coat by toweling them off in direction of hair growth (vs just toweling them off all willy nilly every which way) and take breaks to brush out the coat as it dries. This process can be sped up with the use of a blow drier. I like to spritz detangler in here and there as the coat dries too.

I hope this helps!!! That doodle coat is high maintenance but oh is it worth it :)

u/bluyota · 2 pointsr/dogs

I am not affiliated with any of these links and you can get them at stores like Petco or Petsmart. Just sharing these links so you can learn about they products I've had great results with. Hope it helps!


This is the shampoo I use for all three of my dogs and it works great. We use the vanilla & almond one.


Same company as above for the conditioner. Again we use vanilla & almond.


This is the tar based shampoo I have used with good results every few baths for one of our GSD's. Follow it up with the conditioner linked above


u/sparrklez · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

That is my best friend Rex! He does not like baths at all but he does love to snuggle!!

We could really use this hypoallergenic shampoo for him, as he has sensitive skin and gets real itchy with most regular shampoo. Thank you for the contest!

I love my pet!

u/gee92 · 1 pointr/corgi

Cinberlin is not the monopoly, she is actually very selective about who she sells to and is a reputable breeder/shower, but her prices were high as well, but I respect her because she explained to me the care and effort she puts in, and informed me of the backward practices of the monopoly person as if they're dogs are always pregnant, basically a backyard puppymill. Basically his pricing is 1.8-2.2k without papers, 5-6k with limited papers, 10-15k fine if you breed without their consent. Obviously the no papers are not registered with the AKC.

Thanks for the info on the standards, I read up on the corgi standards and mine seems to be in good shape, but that's just me measuring.

So for whitening shampoo i use this,, I have no idea how much help it does because I only bathe him every month or every other.

What is the frequency I should bathe him to get his coat cleaned and ready?

u/whatrosasaid · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Sounds like a perfect opportunity to get this fancy blueberry muffin scented dry shampoo for my pup! She's not a fan of baths, and won't let me dry her, so this would be the best option for keeping her clean, and not a pupsicle. Thanks for the contest!

The Item: $7.29 PRIME

The Result: A 10lb blueberry muffin that also happens to be my dog.

u/canotila · 3 pointsr/Assistance

This is what I get for my dog:

My pup has grass allergies pretty badly, so every time she goes outside, she starts with the itching. This is actually an antiparasitic & antiseborrheic, but it helps my pup. Coal Tar shampoos is what the vets use for mites/mange and such (I was a kennel tech at a couple of vet hospitals years ago).

For $7/bottle, it might be worth a shot for you.

Hope the pup gets to feeling better soon!

u/Teshaka · 3 pointsr/dogs

I highly recommend The Stuff after bathing and conditioning! Its a finishing spray that leaves the coat very light and in most cases will even keep your dog feeling cleaner longer. You can even use it in between baths when you brush to keep his/her coat feeling nice and soft.

Another great thing about it is that you never need much and a bottle will last you months for a little yorkie :)

u/paint-can · 4 pointsr/AskWomen

The tea tree oil in dog shampoo makes it smell sooooo good.

I really want to try this doggie dry shampoo that smells just like blueberry muffins but dry shampoos have yet to agree with me. But it smells AWESOME.

u/Byul911 · 1 pointr/dogs

I did more research and I think my dog has canine seborrhea. I purchased a shampoo on amazon that targets this skin condition. I'm definitely going to wash my baby more often like you recommended. Thanks a lot! :)


u/smt232 · 1 pointr/pitbulls

I have a dog with allergies and have been through everything including skin testing and now weekly shots. More than likely your dogs allergies are environmental. Food allergies often will have GI symptoms as well. The smell is from overgrowth of a fungus called Malassezia. Chlorhexadine shampoos work great. I use this one:
You can also try wiping her feet off when she comes in from outside and also wiping her fur down with a damp paper towel to remove pollen, etc she may have picked up from outside. Unfortunately antihistamines don't work very well for dogs.
Your dog will also likely get skin infections from time to time. Ketoconazole treats the Mallasezia well if she is having hair loss with thickened gray skin in the area and cheap clindamycin works well for mild bacterial infection. Good luck!

u/kevgibbs · 2 pointsr/germanshepherds

It looks like a yeast infection. Use some regular antibiotic ointment and hydrocortisone cream alternately until it goes away. I also recommend this anti-bacterial anti-fungal shampoo. During a bath use extra shampoo on this area with a washcloth. Good luck!

u/walkswithwolfies · 2 pointsr/Yorkies

I have had great success with this shampoo to relieve itching/scratching:

He gets a shampoo at least once a week. I try to leave the shampoo on at least ten minutes before rinsing it off.

u/PK73 · 2 pointsr/pugs

You can use Neosporin, but be careful that she doesn't lick it off.

I have medicated pads that I bought online:

For routine maintenance, I use unscented baby wipes.

Try to keep it dry and clean and it should heal pretty quickly.

u/rohsez · 3 pointsr/dogs

You could try switching to a fish flavored food. However, Earthbath makes a few deodorizing sprays that work as leave in conditioners. Our groomers use The Stuff its concentrated so it lasts forever. Smells amazing and definitely helps keep flakes away!

u/RushIndustries · 3 pointsr/cats

As others have said... but, here is my spiel. Unfortunately, it does look like it has developed to the point that it is bothering your cat and has become an actual wound. Thus, you will probably need more than just cleaning pads and need the antibiotic that I talk about below... good luck.

That is definitely cat acne. It is a common condition. Veterinarians don’t know the exact cause. However, it can be seasonal and in most cases mild. There has been some discussion about plastic contributing to this condition. So, if you have been feeding or holding water in plastic dishes, it is recommended that you switch to an alternative kind of vessel and clean them regularly. You can manage this by cleaning the affected area with Chlorhexidine 3% PS pads once a day to help cleanse the area. However, if the area seems to bother your cat and they begin to scratch, they can cause damage that may develop into an infection. If that is the case, your veterinarian will most likely prescribe an antibiotic ointment such as Mupirocin usp 2% once or twice a day for about a week or so. That would need to be prescribed and would require a veterinarian visit.

The Chlorhexidine pads are available over the counter. Here is a link.

u/saremt · 1 pointr/dogs

I use Chris Christensen's White on White. It's fantastic. It's a toner/shampoo and it leaves him smelling good and helps erase brassy tones.

u/lind0 · 1 pointr/dogs

Have you tried using any shampoos for it? I have used this - for various skin issues on my dog and it seems to help tremendously. It's pretty cheap so if it ends up not working, you aren't really wasting much money. Just a thought!

u/mintjubilee · 1 pointr/terrier

For keeping skin/hair moisturized without provoking allergies, I swear by Espree Aloe Oatbath Medicated Shampoo. I've also tried Espree's Bright White shampoo, and it's the only whitening shampoo I've found that's gentle enough for my jrt's sensitive skin (but I still wouldn't use it more often than once a month at most).

I've been using Veterinary Clinical Care Antiseptic and Antifungal shampoo at my vet's recommendation to help clear up some allergic dermatitis. I was afraid this stuff would be harsh, but it is shockingly gentle.

u/sudosussudio · 5 pointsr/HaircareScience

This dog shampoo is my secret weapon against sebderm

The reason it probably goes straight is probably what happens to me: my curl isn't that strong and also like most people prone to sebderm my scalp tends to be oily. The combo of just time and oil relaxes out the curl. I have to wash every 2-4 days. A strong hold gel can get me some more time, plus in the morning I can use a bit of water scrunched in to "reactivate" it.

u/Cammi524 · 1 pointr/WiggleButts

We groom her at home using thinning shears. If you use regular scissors it will look choppy. We also use a spray conditioner called "The Stuff". It makes her fur so soft and easier to brush through. Amazon link to "The Stuff": The Stuff Dog Conditioner 16oz Ready to use

u/berryferry · 3 pointsr/aww

My husband was having allergy problems and i suspected my cats, I found these after researching a bit:

apparently this stuff helps a lot of people, I have yet to try it but it seems promising.

(ps I don't think Siberian Cats are truly hypo-allergenic, I've read somewhere that is just a myth.)

u/joyinthe42 · 1 pointr/Shihtzu

I like for my shih tzu. I spray on and work in or Tropiclean Tangle Remover, 16oz first. And if puppy is getting too fussy... Bzzzzzzzz go the tiny clippers. Cause it's better than a matt from a snowball.. snowballing.

u/SunRaven01 · 1 pointr/dogs

Some dogs have naturally lighter patches behind their shoulders and on the sides of their neck. On a white dog, this can make the other areas of the coat appear more yellow in comparison, especially if the dog is naturally ivory instead of bright white.

In American Eskimo dogs, the fur can be white with "biscuit cream" and that appears to be the case for your dog.

See this article:

And this one:

You can try a coat shampoo that has UV brighteners in it, which the eye will perceive as whitening the coat, or you can try a shampoo with bluing (careful to not dye your dog blue), which will optically balance the yellow in the coat.

Some shampoos you can try:

u/thechiodo · 1 pointr/personalfinance

Just an FYI most pet insurance will not cover heartguard and flea/tick. Most also have per incident deductibles meaning you need to hit $x on eye issues, knee issues, stomach issues, etc before they cover 90% or whatever it is. I'm also not sure how they would underwrite a 5 y/o dog since we added ours when he was a puppy. We ended up using Trupanion because I like that you can adjust your premium and it will adjust your deductible i.e. if you want to pay a higher premium, your deductible will be lower. I think it really only helps if something major happens. All the little things could add up but you'd need to submit a claim each time so they can add that to your deductible and admittedly I have not been that diligent.

Hope this helps a bit on the insruance question.

For the paws you could try these pads:

My dog did what you are describing alot and we thought it was a grass allergy or something and we started using these (per our vet) and he has stopped doing it as much.

u/lakilla21 · 1 pointr/dogs

If you want to untangle dog hair you need some of this called The Stuff. This stuff works WONDERS! At my job we sometimes have to groom dogs like Shih Tzu that really tangled. I sprayed some of this stuff my boss said to use and rubbed it into the coat. The brush started to just flow through!

u/kaleidoscopic_prism · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

[Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic and Antiseborrheic Medicated Shampoo for Dogs (16 oz bottle)] (

I'm not the only human using this as shampoo. It's a sulfur and salicylic acid combo.

u/suzystumpjumper · 1 pointr/Allergies

Is there any way to tell them that you are really worried about your allergies and can't dogsit? Tell them you can't afford the bill. It's sad when we don't feel comfortable telling family about our allergies. My sister keeps insisting on a big function at her 3-dog house, I have to explain over and over that I CAN'T.

I have allergic asthma as well. Terriers/schnauzers are the best type of dogs for me to be around (tolerable- My parents have a cairn terrier) Helps to get the dog allergen sprays (that you spray onto the dog) but ideally you shouldn't have it in your house. But if you do, a mask/or nose filters, latex gloves+bathe the dog in anti-allergen shampoo. Maybe your parents could pay for that? The dog shampoo listed below helped me last time I stayed at my parents. i doubt it would do much for a big black lab, but that terrier/scnauzer type dander is more manageable.

Nose Filters

Allersearch Laboratories Pet+™: Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo, 16 oz.


u/fffreezing · 0 pointsr/dogs

On this note, I use [Duoxo Chlorhexidine PS shampoo] ( (recommended by vet) and it can help a LOT.

u/heyyall13 · 17 pointsr/greatdanes

Probably just puppy acne. Mine had it and these pads helped clear it up.

u/RedMare · 1 pointr/Pets

You could try an allergen reducing shampoo, like this product

u/gedvondur · 1 pointr/Bulldogs

Our frenchy hates it while its going on but is relieved afterward.

The pug has an extensive face-rubbing and scrubbing routine she does on her own, she rarely needs intervention.

We use a product called Duoxo, with chlorhexidine 3% for the Frenchie.

u/tittermilk · 2 pointsr/dogs

I use The Stuff detangling spray. It really helps. Bizarre word of warning though, don't spray it over a wood or tile floor. Any spray that doesn't land on your dog will land on the floor and make it very slippery! I only spray it over carpet or rugs.

I also use Kinky Curly Knot Today as a leave-in conditioner on problem areas like the arm pits. It's a product for humans but it works on dogs as well. I've also rubbed a bit of this into a mat and then combed it out.

u/thisisaredditacct · 3 pointsr/puppy101

I've been using this: (sorry, can't hyperlink on mobile) Isle of Dogs Tearless Puppy Sulfate Free Shampoo, 16 Fluid Ounce

Pup doesn't seem to have any problems with it even when I accidentally get a bit in her eye. Very mild and subtle scent. Highly recommend!

u/MaachaQ · 1 pointr/Pets

I have a Maine Coon who is having a similar problem right now. Sometime this summer her gorgeous tail began thinning, to the point where it was nearly bald. We realized that she is pulling it out herself from excessive grooming, and our vet said it appears that she has a type of acne. We are now washing her tail with a medicated shampoo twice a week, and she seems to be digging at her tail less often and the hair is growing back. Here is a before and after to show how dramatic her hair loss has been ;.;

u/AuntieChiChi · 1 pointr/DogCare

First - always consult with the vet. We did and for My pit-mix (who also gets this sometimes, particularly in the summer), it is one of two things: a bug bite or folliculitis. Although I think there are some plants that irritate his skin in the summer.

We have another dog with a weird skin condition, so we have a medicated shampoo (we use this one) and when he gets all bumpy, we use the shampoo on him. Sometimes a plain old benedryl can help as well (only plain benedryl (chemical name: Diphenhydramine) though, 1mg per pound), but only if he's itchy or they become a little red.

Like you, we're in Florida, so there are all sorts of bugs that can cause itchies and bumps around here, so we have our dog on a flea and parasite prevention and just check for ticks regularly.

u/epeacecraft · 2 pointsr/dogs

I've used a variety in the past and have recently switched to this one

u/ohnoitscindy · 1 pointr/samoyeds

We use this but I think for puppies, you should use shampoo specific for them. We used Earthbath’s puppy shampoo when Keanu was a baby.

u/blueskyblond · 1 pointr/dogs this works wonders. Also benedryl at night and you will get sensitized to hi.

u/fakeeez · 1 pointr/dogs

Our dog smelled similarly and everyone said it was just a "musk." He began to shed a lot too. Finally, one vet suggested a medicated shampoo that gets rid of fungal and bacterial infections. After the first bath, smell was GONE. It was a lot of bathing, every other day, then every 3 days then once a week. Likely our dog had some fungal infection. And, I'm not selling anything, this was just a link that shows the shampoo.

u/i_am_pantalones · 3 pointsr/popping

Sogeval Douxo 30 Count Chlorhexidine 3-Percent PS Pads

u/mistalanious · 1 pointr/rawpetfood

Most likely a fungal or bacterial issue my vet told us. This shampoo helped my dog who was constantly scratching. Leave it on them for a 5-10 minutes then rinse off. Took away all scratching. Douxo Chlorhexidine PS + Climbazole Shampoo 500 ml (16.9 oz)

u/wineandshine · 1 pointr/AskVet

I use these:

I wipe the entire area pretty hard (at my vet's recommendation), but never enough to puncture any of the infected regions. I then go on a short walk with him so it has time to "air out" and absorb so that he doesn't immediately lie on his bed or anything. I never wipe it off. I do this 2x a day, and have not seen my dog try to lick at it. I even let him sniff my hands after and he turns away so he doesn't like the smell lol.

u/AnyColorIWant · 2 pointsr/HaircareScience

Okay, so "cured" is probably the wrong word there, but it's made it far more manageable than it's ever been.

SynergyLabs Veterinary Formula

Scalp massager\_pop\_ma\_swf

u/Aurimoon · 1 pointr/Newfoundlander

My pupper had to have his entire head shaved when a small cut turned into a vicious infected rash, you would never know looking at him now but he was Friar Tuck for a few months, poor guy!

It could be yeast, my newfie also has these red patches on his tummy, I give him allergy meds and treat it with this shampoo that has really made a major difference: ask your vet if this could be a good idea for your pup too.

u/indipit · 2 pointsr/dogs

The fleas are probably the cause of the problem, or your dog is allergic to some of the spring pollen in your area.

You need to get the dog on a flea preventative that kills the fleas when they jump on him. A flea collar or Hartz brand items from the grocery store are not going to fix this. You need a prescription flea killer, like Advantix or Revolution.

You will probably need round of antibiotics too.

I suggest also, bathing your dog once a week in a tar based shampoo. This helps with hot spots. My Borzoi needed these baths, once a week, for every summer of his life.

This is the one I used.

Good luck!

u/lonedub · 1 pointr/pitbulls

My guy gets these sometimes. Mostly from his food bowl I think, even though I try to keep that clean.
There was a thread about this many moons ago and I got the recommendation to use These Wipes and they help tremendously when he breaks out.
Edit - and don’t mess with them. You’ll want to try to pop them but that just makes them worse