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1. Return Of The Super Ape (VP)

Return Of The Super Ape (VP)
Sentiment score: 1
Number of mentions: 5
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2. Black Uhuru - 20 Greatest Hits

Black Uhuru - 20 Greatest Hits
Sentiment score: 1
Number of mentions: 2
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4. Shrunken Head

Shrunken Head
Sentiment score: 1
Number of mentions: 2
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5. Skream! [Vinyl]

Skream! [Vinyl]
Sentiment score: 1
Number of mentions: 1
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6. Radiodread [Vinyl]

Radiodread [Vinyl]
Sentiment score: 1
Number of mentions: 1
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9. Hed Phone Sex

Hed Phone Sex
Sentiment score: 1
Number of mentions: 1
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12. Original Rockers

Original Rockers
Sentiment score: 1
Number of mentions: 1
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13. Disassemble Dub

Disassemble Dub
Sentiment score: 1
Number of mentions: 1
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14. Laika Come Home [Vinyl]

Laika Come Home [Vinyl]
Sentiment score: 1
Number of mentions: 1
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15. Trojan Reggae Chill Out

Trojan Reggae Chill Out
Sentiment score: 1
Number of mentions: 1
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18. Trojan: Skinhead Reggae

Trojan: Skinhead Reggae
Sentiment score: 1
Number of mentions: 1
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19. Gecekondu

Sentiment score: 1
Number of mentions: 1
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u/raddit-bot · 1 pointr/listentothis

| | |
|name|Black Uhuru|
|about artist|Black Uhuru is a Jamaican reggae band probably best known for their hits "Shine Eye Gal", "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner," "Sinsemilla," "Solidarity," and "What Is Life?". They were the first group to win a Grammy in the reggae category when it was introduced in 1985. They originally formed as 'Black Sounds Uhuru' (the Kiswahili word for freedom). The first line-up of the group was Garth Dennis, Don Carlos, and Derrick "Duckie" Simpson. ([more on]( Uhuru))|
|album|20 Greatest Hits, released Jul 1991|
|track|Guess Who's Coming To Dinner|
|about track|This song is an excellent example of roots reggae.|
|images|album image, artist image|
|links|mp3 on amazon, album on amazon|
|tags|reggae, dub, released1983|
|similar|Burning Spear, Israel Vibration, Bunny Wailer, Don Carlos, Steel Pulse|
|metrics|lastfm listeners: 395,824, lastfm plays: 3,588,345, youtube plays: 51,983, score: 5.25|

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u/3gv · 13 pointsr/vinyl

Anything by Toots and the Maytals. They mix a bit of funk & soul into the music and made (in my opinion) the best party song ever recorded: "54-46 Was My Number". They did two of the tunes on The Harder They Come. Speaking of, Jimmy Cliff is also a must have.

One more suggestion, it's not quite the same style as Marley, but one time at a record fair there was an album with a hand-written sticker that read "The Best Album You'll Ever Buy" and I was feeling up to the challenge. The album was Dance Hall Style by Horace Andy and I certainly cannot argue with that sticker.

u/Stregano · 3 pointsr/trees

If you want some great Gorillaz to vibe to, check out the remix album they did Space Monkeys vs. Gorillaz: Laika Come Home. I am a huge Gorillaz fan and if you just want to vibe out to some Gorillaz, this is the way to go. It is a Raggae remix album of their Self Titled Album Gorillaz (I believe they do add a couple extra songs on there as well).

u/verygoodname · 0 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

Funki Porcini -- "Hed Phone Sex" -- that album has been associated with sexy times for me since high school. And it's just great ambient music in general. I often put it on at parties and just leave it on repeat.

Oliver Nelson -- "The Blues and the Abstract Truth" Damn. Fine. Jazz.

And for some reason, this one movement from Mahler's 2nd Symphony, "In Ruhig Fliessender Bewegung." But only this recording by Zubin Mehta and the Israel Philharmonic. Especially the part between 7:45 and 8:30 <--Here, this link cues it up for you.

u/ubermonkey · 1 pointr/houston

I was pretty bummed out about it.

What's weird is that Pink Floyd seem to be the progenitors of a whole new subgenre of covers: Covers of entire albums. I have three.

  • Rebuild the Wall, by Luther Wright and the Wrongs, which is an astonishingly good bluegrass rendition;

  • Dub Side of the Moon, a reggae/dub take on DSOTM. Fun bit: the repeated song starting "Money" is a bong bubbling instead of a cash register.

    plus the Lips one.
u/tuna_safe_dolphin · 3 pointsr/dub

This album blew me away when I first heard it and it still continues to blow me away.

It's amazing.

Seriously, it's the meeting of two musical geniuses.

I've been meaning to get a copy of this one too, I hear it's just about as good as KTMRU:

EDIT: didn't even check before, but the whole thing is available on YouTube. . . it's really good.

u/intmain · 1 pointr/dub

This is the CD it was released on:

I'm sure you can find some more on YouTube as well:

Not extremely familiar with the group myself, looks like this is their Myspace and Facebook pages:

Looks like they have only one other release, according to

u/snsr · 2 pointsr/vinyl

I love Demon Days. My all time favorite Gorillaz album -

Gorillaz vs Spacemonkeyz - Laika Come Home

Also, I had no idea this wax was worth so much, one of my all time favs. I've been listening to Plastic Beach lately as well, which reminds me of this film - (The Lost Continent - 1968)

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Music

If you go to any decent record store (or online I suppose) they may have some Trojan records compilations. They cost about 13 -20 bucks and have about 50 songs on three CDs.

Are three I own and enjoy immensely. From there you can pick artists or styles you're into and find some stuff you really dig. I didn't get into reggae really until recently so I'm sure there are some people who might have better recs than this. Enjoy the journey.

u/PriceKnight · 1 pointr/VinylDeals

Price History

  • Return Of The Super Ape (VP)   ^PureLink
    CamelCamelCamel - [Info]Keepa - [Info]Discogs

    We don't Horse around here.
    ^(Info) ^| ^(Developer) ^| ^(Inquiries) ^| ^(Support Me!) ^| **[^(Report Bug)](/message/compose?to=The_White_Light&subject=Bug+Report&message=%2Fr%2FVinylDeals%2Fcomments%2Fdtjmx1%2Famazon_lee_scratch_perry_and_the_upsettersreturn%2Ff6wzh9s%2F%0D%0A%0D%0A
u/betti_cola · 3 pointsr/postpunk

I'm a huge fan of the Messthetics series (and the other hyped2death compilations, like Homework and Teenline). I haven't met too many people who are also into them! At least half of my 7'' record collection I bought from the guy who runs the label, too.

Nao Wave: Brazilian Post Punk and the Soul Jazz comp The Sexual Life of the Savages

Strange Passion: Explorations in Irish Post Punk DIY and Electronic Music

Fame: Jon Savage's Secret History of Post Punk

Minimal Wave Tapes 1 and 2

Perfect Unpop: Peel Show Hits and Long Lost Lo-Fi Favourites

Rough Trade Shops Post Punk 01 - I had to add this one because it was the compilation that introduced me to everything, ten years ago.

Scared To Get Happy: A Story of Indie Pop 1980-1989 - technically an indie pop compilation, but there's a lot of material that should be interesting to a post punk fan (Wild Swans, Josef K, bIG fLAME, Nightingales)

I'll add more as I think of them! I have a ridiculous amount of post punk compilations lying around.

u/chantron · 1 pointr/pics

Sounds pretty logical.

if people are interested check this out:

Also check out the Skinhead Reggae boxset released by Trojan Records a while back.

u/shmatt · 2 pointsr/Music

NICE. I remember making mix CDs and that would be the final 'climax' ending track (with an epilogue track of course). Hard to belive this is so old now. Hang on to the CD of you have it. It's only by import to US, but it is on itunes and it's not available digitally that i can find.

It's called the K&D sessions. not piggybacking here, just trying to share.

my favorite track which is totally hypnotic

edit- Here's a playlist of the whole album

u/Ra__ · 2 pointsr/Music

Yeah, I heard that this morning. They said Tosh quit when their band manager made Marley the front man because he was light skinned. Surprised they didn't mention Tosh's killer duet with Mick Jagger on Don't Look Back.

u/VinylDealsBot · 1 pointr/VinylDeals