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u/ahatmadeofshoes12 · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

I think so much of this depends on your style everyday life and body shape. Jewelry works differently on different features and skin tones like colors and fabrics in clothing.

I pretty much only wear silver jewelry just because my skin has very cool undertones and yellow gold next to my skin makes me look sickly, but plenty of people can wear different metals or additionally have warm undertones that look better with rose or yello gold.

Body size and shape makes a big difference too. Conventional wisdom is not to do too much like the Chanel quote that gets repeated about taking something off. If you are tall or have a bigger frame I almost feel like the opposite is true. I'm 6' and small dainty or delicate jewelry either looks ridiculous or gets completely lost on me. I don't care what I am doing or wearing I will always have at minimum two sets of studs in my ears and usually the first of those will be pretty bold and it will get paired with necklaces as well and still works on me since I'm tall enough these things remain spaced out.

I generally wear shorter earrings with bigger necklaces but ditch the necklace if I'm going for very big or long earrings. My daily default earrings for the last year are actually advertised as "statement earrings" but they don't function that way on me. This would be more along the lines of what I would wear as a statement earring where it actually hangs down the length of my neck. My second set of lobe piercings usually just have a small cubic zirconia stone or something like these geometric studs. I also wear an ear cuff in my right ear that is kind of subtle (by my standards) and usually hidden by thick hair.

If you have a small frame my default minimum might be your statement piece. I feel like small studs pair well with necklaces just fine even if you are snaller. I feel naked without two sets of earrings in at all times. I pair my default earrings paired with necklaces big and small. I often layer necklaces such as a black choker with one or two longer pendents (works great to break up the longer space between my neckline and chest). I have to tone things down a lot at work in my rehab job but even then I still wear my [dopamine necklace] (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014QLWQ7S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_7W5LBbHG4YSFK) most days. I work in neuro rehab so it's appropriate I honor the neurotransmitters responsible for executive functioning skills.

I love rings and don't buy the conventional wisdom that a lot is always too much on everyone. I think the trick is to make ring pairings or stacked rings look intentional. My fingers are very long so I probably get away with things others don't. I like flatter wider rings generally since they are visually striking but don't get in my way. The same shop that makes my favorite earrings makes my favorite everyday rings (Ashkal jewelry, they're an amazing company). Here are some of my favorite examples that are bold but don't seem to come off as too much on me.

Stacked midi cuff rings

Rhombus ring

Stacked chevron ring - I wore this daily for almost a year and one of my pediatric patients always called it my wonder woman ring.

Black knuckle ring

Overall jewelry is highly individual in terms of preference and style so it's hard to offer tips that work for everyone. You have to try different things and see what feels right on you because that may be dramatically different from someone else. I would start with cheaper costume jewelry, and see what you like and feel best wearing. Once you know what feels comfortable you can make informed choices and buy higher quality pieces.

u/ThatsNotSkanking · 2 pointsr/RandomActsOfPolish

OOH YAY I LIKE DOING THIS KINDA THING. I'm gonna end up buying some for myself, I just know it.

As far as hoops go, I thought these were really pretty.

These are kinda random but they're too freaking cute not to include :'D

I love giraffes, so there's a possibility these are more here for my benefit than yours but here are some giraffes.

More giraffes.

A cute pair of studs.

This is super cute for cartilage too

Also, have you checked out Claire's Accessories? They sometimes have some really nice ones, if a little bit pricey for what they are.

Also, not for everyone, but I personally love the chain style cuffs - like these and these! But this is just me getting carried away now so I'm gonna go and probably buy some of this stuff for myself :'D

u/spacecasedilla · 2 pointsr/weddingplanning

Oh yes! I have a rose gold opal engagement ring. Definitely going to get a rose gold band and FH will have some rose gold on his as well. He hates metal, he won't even handle change, so he's looking at something like this My engagement ring is minimalist, hammered/brushed band with an bezel set oval opal, so I'm thinking of getting a little creative with the band. I love this one, but I'd have to get it custom made to fit with my engagement ring. And I'd prefer morganite over diamonds. Any other jewelry I wear will be rose gold as well, I love these earring and they're only $25! In fact, rose gold is one of my wedding colors! Our colors are rose gold, blush, and olive green.

u/Varasque · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Ooh congratulations on the job interview! I'm glad it seemed to go well! ♥

Uh.. this is probably the closest I've got to business casual? (from a photoshoot a little while back!) Hope that works! :'D

If I get chosen I'd love you to pick one of these: one, two, or three!

Thanks for the contest, you rock!

u/AFutureMrs · 7 pointsr/weddingplanning

I definitely bought those earrings on Amazon too. Or at least very similar: RIAH FASHION Sparkly Rhinestone... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07683N89G?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

I saw this a lot with Etsy where they are just upselling stuff from Amazon. Definitely recommend reverse image search and checking Amazon for similar looking products!!!

u/Pink_Floyd29 · 4 pointsr/piercing

Amazon! I got the little spiked huggie hoops there as well 😊 here’s a link!

u/Miss-Omnibus · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I love green! And petrichor! And sometimes I have complete emotional and mental breakdowns because I can imagine a world without cheese. Also, I care not for pants.

Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his Karma level?

u/great-bumpkin · 1 pointr/weddingplanning

Thank you! I got them on Amazon!! They’re adorable but it takes a while to get used to if you only have normal studs usually - these are quite thick.

u/Veruka_Salt · 1 pointr/jewelry

2 Pairs Chic Elf Ear Cuffs Pearl Wing Handcraft for Cosplay Elven Cuff Wrap Earrings for Elven Halloween Costume, Cosplay, Wedding https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VC4BPY8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_7cPMDb7AW0J2H

2 Pairs Chic Elf Ear Cuffs Pearl Wing Handcraft for Cosplay Elven Cuff Wrap Earrings for Elven Halloween Costume, Cosplay, Wedding (Style B) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XHJK6T9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_yePMDbE4DDF4A

u/SapphireLeprechaun · 1 pointr/weddingplanning

Maybe something like this for the necklace and these for the earrings.

u/dahngrest · 5 pointsr/cosplayers

It looks like a take on cuffed earrings with a chain. Only instead of being cuffed to the upper cartilage of the ear, it's being cuffed to the horn. Considering folks don't have horns IRL, you'd probably have to make them or have them made.

u/MahDarling · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

It depends on where I am when it rains! At my parent's home in the country, I'll throw on a swimsuit and use the rain to shower. No worries, I have biodegradable shampoo! Seriously, it's such a fun experience to go out and run around and shower... When it's warm, anyways. I'm not going out in the middle of the winter to shower! Sometimes I'll rope the neighborhood dog into it!

If I'm at school, or elsewhere, I put on my fattest pants (meaning the most stretchy, ratty, comfortable pants) and sprawl. I rope my cat into forced cuddles and we position ourselves near a window to watch the rain. When we inevitably get bored with that, and she's clawed me for my loving troubles, I'll switch to watching movies or harassing my roommate into lying around with me and doing virtually nothing.

If you're into gifting books, I'd love an used copy of the 2^nd Foxfire book, but I'd rather have new ear cuffs.

u/Lexipotimus · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

KaNikki got a job! Fuck yeah!
I have a NSFW work story for ya!
So I cook at one of the 850 million Waffle Houses in my area. One slow night a customer walks in. He looks completely disoriented which is quite common. So anyways, one of my waitresses goes over to take his drink order. This mother fucker has his dick out jacking off. My waitress walks a few feet towards me with the look of disgust on her face. I asked what was wrong. Now this waitress, she has a very loud mouth, She says to me "I swear to God if I see that man's dick again I'm going to something something something" I forgot what she said. I was lost at "If I see that man's dick again". I walked over to the mans table (when there isn't a manager, grill op is person in charge) where I had to kindly ask this man to put his genitals away and never come back to our establishment. I'll never forget that night, we still joke about it from time to time, but we are both a little scarred.
Is it cool that I link you two things, still keeping it under 5 bucks? :)
I sure hope so! D: