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7. Rip Toned Lifting Wrist Straps (Pair) - Cotton - Neoprene Padded - for Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Xfit, Strength Training, Powerlifting, MMA

  • No Slip Grip – Power your strength training with wrist straps for weightlifting from Rip Toned! Secure a strong, steady hold with these weight straps when your hands are sweaty without worrying about messy chalk or ripped calluses. Improve your grip and lift more weight or we’ll send your money back.
  • Zero Break-In – Avoid the blisters and bruising of sub-par deadlift straps. Thanks to the flexible, nonslip cotton material of your wrist straps for weight lifting, you’re ready to train straight from the box! Your grip is holding you back. Hits your goals faster with our workout straps.
  • Superior Wrist Wrap Support – When using your wrist wraps for weightlifting, you’ll never cut a workout short due to wrist pain again. Protect your wrists and joints with the neoprene Soft Tech padding and reinforced stitching of your weight lifting straps for men and women. Only lifting wrist straps endorsed by World Champion Powerlifter Kevin Weiss.
  • No More Failed Attempts – Try our Rip Toned weight lifting wrist wraps to equip your goals and boost your lift potential. At 23.5 in. long, these wrist straps for weightlifting give you an extra wrap around the bar AND the confidence to set a new PR! Quickly and safely improve your lifts and maximize your gains.
  • Safety Made Simple – Using these gym straps allows you to exercise with assurance by enabling more control. Safeguard your lifts from potential mishaps caused by lost grips with the easy-to-use, one-loop design of your weight lifting wrist straps for men and women. Perfect for powerlifting, bodybuilding, strength training and weightlifting.
Rip Toned Lifting Wrist Straps (Pair) - Cotton - Neoprene Padded - for Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Xfit, Strength Training, Powerlifting, MMA
Height0.787401574 Inches
Length6.8897637725 Inches
Weight0.2094391489 Pounds
Width4.42913385375 Inches
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8. Bodylastics Stackable (12 Pcs) MAX Tension Resistance Bands Sets. This Leading Exercise Band System Includes 5 of Our Anti-Snap Exercise Tubes, Heavy Duty Components, and a Travel Bag.

  • ✅ Get An Extra-Durable Exercise Band Set: Our exercise bands have a robust and patented Snap Reduction and Safety Tech design. The reinforced inner safety cord increases the fitness bands’ durability and safety by helping to prevent overstretching and snapping.
  • ✅ Durable Clips For Safe Attachment: Our resistance bands have premium patented clips with a no fade nickel finish and a custom closure. Unlike other brands, our clips stay in place and do not flop around when using them. The custom gate closure ensures that the Bodylastics resistance bands are securely anchored every single time, and are safer for fingers.
  • ✅ Wirecutter Pick For Many Years Running: Our premium tube exercise bands are recommended by The Wirecutter, a highly respected news source.
  • ✅ Workout With Easy Grip Ergonomic Handles: The upgraded, nonslip, sweat resistant handles for our exercise bands provide a firm, secure, and comfortable grip and help you make the most of your cardio, weightlifting, or strength-building workout.
  • ✅ Long-Lasting Tube Resistance Bands: This workout set includes 5 premium workout bands of different resistance levels, 3lb, 5lb, 8lb, 13lb, 19lb, offering a total of 96lbs stackable resistance. Our resistance bands are crafted of 100% natural Malaysian Latex with a continuous dip method which creates a superior resistance band. Each band incorporates our patented Snap Reduction tech and are great for high-impact training.
Bodylastics Stackable (12 Pcs) MAX Tension Resistance Bands Sets. This Leading Exercise Band System Includes 5 of Our Anti-Snap Exercise Tubes, Heavy Duty Components, and a Travel Bag.
ColorYellow, Green, Red, Blue, Black
Height5.3 Inches
Length10.8 Inches
SizeOne Bag
Weight3.25 Pounds
Width9 Inches
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10. Bodylastics Stackable (14 Pcs) MAX XT Resistance Bands Sets. This Leading Exercise Band System Includes 6 of Our Anti-Snap Exercise Tubes, Heavy Duty Components, and a Travel Bag

Bodylastics Stackable (14 Pcs) MAX XT Resistance Bands Sets. This Leading Exercise Band System Includes 6 of Our Anti-Snap Exercise Tubes, Heavy Duty Components, and a Travel Bag
ColorYellow, Green, Red, Blue, Black, Purple
Height3 Inches
Length9 Inches
SizeOne Bag
Weight3.5 Pounds
Width8 Inches
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u/pvnickblah · 46 pointsr/travel

I hope you one day get the chance to realize your dream :)

My hobby since I was 12 or so has been computer programming, and I am very fortunate to have become quite good at it, so I work remotely a couple days a week and make enough money to fund my travels. I think I had about $3000 in the bank when I left, as a buffer to get me started.

I had been dreaming about traveling for the last two years as a college undergraduate, and there were a certainly a couple "f it I'm going," moments. One was when I posted a curb alert on Craigslist and gave away all the stuff I couldn't keep in the corner of my parents attic. That night I was sitting my empty house having a beer and thought, "well, I guess I'm committed now." The second was buying a plane ticket. I procrastinated on that for some reason, perhaps because I was overthinking where I would start. Once I dropped $500 on my flight to Madrid through (great website btw for super cheap flights if you're a student), that's when it became real.

I mainly use or for recommendations, as well as suggestions from fellow travelers and hostel staff. is pretty good too but I think that tends to cater more to a non-backpacker crowd.

Random unsolicited advice:

Use a small hiking backpack (something like 30-35 liters), and a smaller handbag to carry all your stuff. You want to be able to carry all your luggage on an airplane and not have to check anything. This messenger bag is great for your valuables.

Get a small combination padlock for hostel lockers.

If you decide to go, I wouldn't rush to buy a Eurorail pass. I'm sure it's helpful to some people, but I haven't actually met a single person yet who has one. Backpackers these days tend to be more serendipitous with transportation, either using for budget airlines (I flew from Seville to Barcelona for something like 30 euros on Ryanair, but make sure if you use carry-on that it matches their size/weight guidelines or you will pay a 50 euro fee. One trick is to take a bunch of clothes out of your bag and wear them all at once, but you feel like the Michelin Man and sweat a lot), buses, or BlaBlaCar is very popular these days.

Try local beer everywhere you go.

Keep a journal on you all day and jot down random thoughts, things you do, etc.

Get a decent camera. Don't be like me and think your smart phone will cut it (how I took this picture). Now I'm actually trying to find a camera to buy. I want a used Canon Powershot G11/G12/G13 or something and haven't found anything yet in former Yugoslavia.

Be social, get out of your comfort zone, hang out in hostel lounges, and participate in their events. Speaking of which, try to find smaller, more intimate hostels, even if you want to party. Everybody staying in a hostel likes to party, and smaller places actually offer better chances to meet more people.

One piece of unconventional advice, this is something I alluded to in another comment. Solo travel can either be a wonderful opportunity to learn to love yourself, or you could set yourself up to be lonely and depressed. I recommend this book, which uses cognitive behavioral therapy to treat loneliness, help you to love yourself, and become a more attractive person (it's tailored more towards dating but is actually very beneficial even to people already in relationships). When you travel by yourself, you're somewhat in a vacuum and can experiment with core personality traits, and doing so with the help of scientifically-proven therapeutic techniques is so powerful.

If you're going for a while, you might consider exercising. I carry a set of resistance bands around with me and do weightlifting 3 times a week, modeled loosely around p90x. Day 1: back (pullups) and biceps (curls), Day 2: chest (resistance pushups), shoulders (resistance overhead press), and triceps (resistance tricep extension), Day 3: legs (resistance squats or lunges) and back (resistance deadlifts and pullups). About 16-24 sets each day, alternating your body parts after each set.

There's so much advice I could give, but the first half of this book goes pretty in depth into everything (the second half briefly goes into specific advice for different countries). Rick Steves is an authority on traveling Europe, but he tends to cater more towards the older hotel crowd, so I would get Lonely Planet Guidebooks specific to any region you're traveling.

I hope some of that massive brain dump was helpful :)

Edit: one more thing. Get an unlocked smart phone and buy sim cards wherever you go. You can get them everywhere, they cost just a few euros, and let you use several hundred megabytes or a few gigabytes of data, which is super useful for google maps and looking up random stuff while walking around.

Edit 2: For completeness, as someone mentioned below, is another great website everyone uses to find transportation

u/howiegroove · 2 pointsr/progresspics

Here are a couple products that look good and have good reviews. I have had friends use these when they go out of town for business. The deal is, you can combine the bands to get more resistance. So you would hold a red AND yellow at the same time and its much more difficult to lift. You can literally do just about every excersize with these. Squats, deadlifts, bench press, curl, back exercises, just about anything. Of course, nothing beats old fashioned iron, but this will get you going.

Other than these, try to get in cardio in some way. The best way to get in cardio in a short amount of time. HIIT is great. 20-25 minutes is the equivalent of 60 minutes of regular training.

Here is an excerpt from (which I posted the link to the article below as well...

Minutes 1-4 (Warm-Up)
Jog at about 50% effort
Minute 5 (Workout Interval 1)
Sprint 30 seconds at maximum effort Jog/Walk 30 seconds
Minute 6 (Workout Interval 2)
Sprint 30 seconds at maximum effort
Jog/Walk 30 seconds
Minute 7 (Workout Interval 3)
Sprint 30 seconds at maximum effort
Jog/Walk 30 seconds
Minute 8 (Workout Interval 4)
Sprint 30 seconds at maximum effort
Jog/Walk 30 seconds
Minutes 9-12 (Cool-Down)
Jog at about 50% effort
After every two workout sessions, one can increase the number of "workout" intervals they do each time up until about 10 total "workout" intervals. This will allow for a steady progression of fitness levels, and help one realize the full potential and results of interval training.

> While it's definitely possible to perform this training using a variety of methods like with a Stairmaster, bike, or treadmill, it's more beneficial to apply a simple unassisted running technique. Because sprinting causes a greater peak in oxygen consumption, it is most ideal for HIIT workouts.

> It's been shown that the closer one gets to their maximum oxygen intake (or VO2max) while exercising dictates how much fat will be used for energy afterward. So the use of sprints conforms best to our goal of losing adipose tissue.

> However, the option of sprinting is not always convenient for those who want to reduce the stress on their joints. For such individuals, a bike or elliptical machine may be the perfect solution. These types of machines might also want to be used once in a while just to provide a different stimulus for the body, and to prevent adaptation and plateaus. But for the most part, it's highly recommended to stick with the alternation of sprinting and jogging for HIIT.

> For those who have progressed through the previous workout that was outlined and are still seeking new challenges, the following HIIT workout might do the trick. It's certainly not easy and might be the closest to being "the best" one can do for a HIIT workout in terms of intensity.

Minutes 1-4 (Warm-Up)
Jog at about 50% effort
Minute 5 First-Half (Workout Interval 1)
Sprint 20 seconds at maximum effort
Jog/Walk 10 seconds
Minute 5 Last-Half (Workout Interval 2)
Sprint 20 seconds at maximum effort
Jog/Walk 10 seconds
Minute 6 First-Half (Workout Interval 3)
Sprint 20 seconds at maximum effort
Jog/Walk 10 seconds
Minute 6 Last-Half (Workout Interval 4)
Sprint 20 seconds at maximum effort
Jog/Walk 10 seconds
Minute 7 First-Half (Workout Interval 5)
Sprint 20 seconds at maximum effort
Jog/Walk 10 seconds
Minute 7 Last-Half (Workout Interval 6)
Sprint 20 seconds at maximum effort
Jog/Walk 10 seconds
Minute 8 First-Half (Workout Interval 7)
Sprint 20 seconds at maximum effort
Jog/Walk 10 seconds
Minute 8 Last-Half (Workout Interval 8)
Sprint 20 seconds at maximum effort
Jog/Walk 10 seconds
Minutes 9-12 (Cool-Down)
Jog at about 50% effort
Using these 12 minutes as planned, for 3 times a week, will no doubt have anyone reaping the benefits of new leanness and more within 8 weeks. To help stay on track for the duration of the program it is be best to monitor heart rate during exercise in order to ensure that the desired intensity levels are reached.*

u/nmp12 · 2 pointsr/aspergers

Ok, I'm 5'9" and 160, and I've been at 175. Are you calling me fat? Because I've not once considered myself fat.

I've considered myself a little overweight at times, but never fat.

That brings us to step one for every problem I've encountered in life: be honest with yourself. Don't hype up your problems so you can give yourself a pity party-- that's some bullshit that depression, social anxiety, and a host of other mental conditions use to thrive in your mind. Dig through the bullshit within your head to come to the truth: yeah, you're probably overweight, but the only thing keeping you that way is you. Is that depressing? A little.

Know what's more depressing? Not doing anything about it. You are capable of changing your physical appearance, quite dramatically in fact.

Summer is coming up. Set a date once school is out. Buy a calendar now and get hyped for it. Circle that date with a big red marker. What is that date? It's the date you start a new daily routine.

Invest $30 in a set of workout bands ( the set I use ) off of amazon. I'd also suggest buying a pull up bar, as bands are annoying for those kinds of exercises. Get yourself a solid pair of athletic shorts, some protein powder, some creatine powder, and a whole shitton of powdered gatorade.

I advise you to buy this because I'm someone who needs a routine to accomplish anything, and having the proper equipment and supplements is like lubricant for my resistance to change routines.

Now that you have everything, you're going to acquire the P90X videos, plans, and diet guide PDFs. Yes, you know how to do this without money because the internet is magical, though if you have the cash to buy them go for it. You don't even need P90X, there are plenty of amazing workout routines. Insanity is another popular set of instructions.

I don't care what stigma you've attached to people who do P90X or Insanity or whatever else. If you're posting on this forum, imma assume you score on the AS. If you score on the AS, chances are you like your routines, as do a lot of other people. Video workouts-- in my experience-- are outrageously useful because it's a prepackaged, professionally planned routine that you can follow or strive for. Follow the diet, too, ESPECIALLY for the first three weeks-- after that you can add in a little wiggle room. If it helps, get your parents in on it. Chances are they'll be your cheerleaders and buy you a bunch of awesomely delicious, but still healthy food.

So now we have the date marked on the calendar, we have all of our equipment, and we have a routine ready to be followed. The hardest part is holding yourself to it.

Wake up every morning, get yourself a good, light breakfast, and hit the routine. Follow the diet as closely as you can, counting calories and changing the kinds of meals you eat. If you can't do the day's full workout (god knows I couldn't) don't get down on yourself. Instead, put that energy towards making sure you do better the next day, even if it's just one more pushup. Record your results. Once you break past the three week barrier, you'll find your routine on auto-mode. You'll wake up looking forward to completing the workout, and getting to that beautiful last stretch in the cool down where a bead of well deserved sweat trickles off your nose, and you hit the shower.

Take a picture of yourself every fucking day. Get a full length mirror, mark where your feet go on the floor, and rest your camera in the same position each time. If you need motivation after the first two weeks, scroll throw those pictures and you can literally watch your body change. After the first month, you'll have enough pictures to see how quickly the change happens. After two months, you'll look forward to taking that fucking picture and comparing it with the one last week.

After the summer is over and you've completed whatever routine you stuck with, you'll notice some things: you won't feel uncomfortable when people are physically close to you. Smiling becomes easier. Most importantly, when you stand up straight, you'll realize what a confidence boost it really is to hold yourself high. Your teeshirt won't be poking out from a belly, but with newly minted pecs and abs.

And at the end, when all is said and done, you will realize what a huge effort those "attractive people" go through to keep looking that way. You'll also realize what a huge social advantage it is to take the time and effort to invest in your personal appears. Go to Goodwill and buy yourself a couple casual button downs and some tight tee shirts and you'll have more than you can handle.

Once you understand "them," your hate will start to dissolve. Additionally, you'll probably be a stud. So there's that.

u/garbageaccount97 · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

This is the best example I've seen of someone using bands to their max advantage:

However, she previously did regular lifting for a long while, I guess, so, not sure how well her results reflect the bands per se. But they didn't do nothing :)

I use bands because I'm working around injuries - that's why I had the other sets before, because of grip issues, and now I have a knee thing that doesn't feel good when it gets direct weight from above, and because I'd given my weights away (bc injuries), and there's no way I can get new ones up to my place. It takes no time at all to max out on a band set like this one, that's why I keep buying bands :) Although, hopefully, I now have enough to double/triple up.

If it's at all possible, I'd invest in free weights for home, honestly :/ The bands are pretty good, but I think they'll eventually wear out (and plates won't). I think I'm up to close to $200 CAD spent on bands, all told, so far. Not that much less than I spent on my old free weights.

That said, although I think there are subtle differences in how the weight kind of behaves, ultimately, resistance is resistance, and signs are pointing to failure being failure. (See e.g. some of the studies mentioned in this thread.)

The good things about bands are that they're light, portable, don't take up space, and you can use them in lots of ways (I am inspired by the creativity of the person I linked to above). Really versatile, great for people with injuries.

It's worth getting a big set with a lot of bands, with several handles and door anchors, so you don't have to keep switching them out, that's annoying with the small set I have. Like get something like this instead of the very cheapest version (which is what I got). At some point you'll probably want a few big looped bands like I just got - like these (for squats, deadlifts, and hip thrusts). Couple of smaller looped bands would be good. (For that I am just using old cheap Therabands from physio that ended up snapping, or the flat bands I have, tied together. I am so cheap)

also, I got my big bands from a fitness depot type place, for about half the price of what was available on Amazon. i'm pretty sure that's also where my gym gets their crap, I think these are actually the bands they use, so they must be ok :)

u/PapsmearAuthority · 3 pointsr/Fitness

Obviously check craigslist for deals, but be careful. I'd get the rack new (I have the 'valor fitness bd-9', which is fine since I don't squat 350 lb). I got a good deal on used weights + bar, but I'd still echo other ppl's suggestion to get the bar new, especially if you want to do oly lifts and/or already lift a ton of weight. Works ok for me since I don't jerk/snatch any more, and my numbers aren't very high. If you do get a used bar, be super sure it's not bent even the tiniest bit. You probably also want mats, too, so don't forget that. Some ppl buy horse stable mats from farm supply stores or w/e for cheap, but you can also get something like When you DL, it'll eventually smash a super compressed rut into the mat, but you can rotate/swap the tiles when the happens if you're concerned. For weights, buy them used or on sale only. You may have to collect your weights over a longer period of time to get good deals. Make sure to weigh any weights you buy.


It'll still end up being pretty expensive, and depending on your area and the deals you find it might take 2 years to pay for itself. The real value is in the convenience and flexibility, which should let you work out more often in less time with any schedule.


FWIW, if I had space I would have gotten an actual cage, but those individual stands get the job done, at least at my modest weight (my garage barely fits the current equipment comfortably).

u/SockPuppetDinosaur · 2 pointsr/wiiu

I have a similar experience to /u/Vayshen. The biggest benefit for me was the Wii Fit U telling me how many calories I needed to burn every day for X amount of days to reach my target weight, and then the Fit Meter keeping track of my steps/calories. I've been more motivated to go on short walks, take stairs instead of the escalator, ride my bike, or just park further away from my destination so I can walk a little bit. The fit meter really shows you how far just a little bit of extra effort can go.

That being said, I now use the actual software to track my progress and do Yoga three times a week now that the weather is better. The software and routines were amazing during the winter, though! I was using it 3-4 times a week without a ton of weight loss but I was feeling much better about myself. I don't have much to lose (5'11', 150 lbs) so most of the exercise I've been doing has been more mental strength about my body. I feel better physically, even if my weight has stayed the same. I've seen success stories for people with more weight (even around 200lbs at the same height, you can see great results).

I've also supplemented the software with this cheap ab roller which I do 4 sets of 10 rolls on off days, and 5 sets of 5 during my Wii Fit workouts (mainly in between workout activities. I also got a set of 10 or 15lb dumb bells that I do the same with.

I've lost about 4 pounds in the 4 months that I've had the software, but I haven't weighed myself in 3 weeks as of today. All in all, I use it more of a motivator to get active! It's been more of a mental help than anything else, especially during those cold or rainy days when I can't walk or bike.

If you did it every morning, I'm sure you would see results! I suggest doing the premade routines so you don't end up doing only the fun activities. They usually have 8 fun things and 2 aerobic type exercises. Mix that in with a short walk each day and some light weight lifting and you'll be much more tone than you are now!

u/Eibhlin_Andronicus · 5 pointsr/xxfitness

Loads do, myself included!

Ok so admittedly I haven't kept up with the gym-lifting much in the past couple of months, but before that I was combining a 1x/week moderately heavy lifting session with ~50 miles/week of running, mostly 5k focus but this year is shaping out to begrudgingly become more of a 10k-marathon. ANYWAY, back in college, I was running about as much, all for 1500m/mile/k/5k/6k XC, and lifting twice a week, a bit heavier but still not "powerlifter" heavy (for a scope, at 115lbs I was occasionally doing 3x5 deadlifts at 145lbs, but sometimes I'd just do 3x8 at 105 or whatever). Went find, the key was to always do the heavy lifts on the hard running workout days.

Now that I'm in my mid-20s and "whatever" (though I still care about PRs and aim to get them and have within this year), I do more what you're doing. Single-legged movements are key, so I'm so glad to see that you're already doing them. When I'm at home, I use loads of bands of relatively strong resistance for clamshells, sissy squats, etc. I also use a 15lb kettlebell for bulgarian split squats and for single-legged deadlifts. When I'm at the gym, I go into those with a bit more weight, slightly lighter regular deadlifts than I used to do, because I don't have as much raw strength as I did when I lifted regularly, rows, OHP, full-on 60lb barbell hip thrusts, etc.

One general bodyweight routine I recommend is the Myrtl Routine, which is targeted towards common running weaknesses. I also recommend you order a pack of resistance bands on Amazon, like these (just picked a random set of exercise bands, shop as you please, but those are cheap and look fine). You'll really be able to be sure you're strengthening the right muscles when you use those bands, and you can elevate your exercises to the next level. Bands are GREAT tools, and it's awesome how simple and cheap they are!

u/shorthairtotallycare · 1 pointr/ehlersdanlos

That's a challenge, sorry I didn't address that. I just would strongly, strongly advise not rushing into some mad plyometrics or anything like that. I wish I could tell past me the same thing, it's so hard to heal after injury :/

I have IBS - I manage it with diet, but have seen that some use psyllium fiber supplements to help. If (like many here) you have IBS also, maybe that would assist with it? Because, psyllium fiber also apparently expands in the stomach. Which might cause some bloating but might also help you feel more full.

Can you get any protein into your carbs at all? Any protein would help with hunger. I sometimes have eggs with rice and a bit of soy sauce. Fried, but you could mix them in so they're less noticeable. Could do something similar with pasta. Greek yogurt? Cheese?

When I resistance bands, I use these bands. As well as bands like this, for squatting and hip hingeing movements, like this.

I had a ton of PT before I got into bands, and I really recommend it if you can find someone good. Having that guidance is helpful, especially if you have injuries.

For example, before I could really do a proper row, I had to understand how to engage my scapula, and do things like internal and external shoulder rotations. Before I could properly squat, I had to strengthen my quads and hamstrings in less challenging, more isolated movements.

Most people can get away just starting any program without that stuff, but prehab (and rehab, if applicable, as it always is for me) helps to activate stabilizers and is (imo) essential for people with hypermobility. One thing I've learned is that I just can't afford to do just any off the shelf program, without tailoring it to my needs and preparing for it. And being very careful about recovery, listening to my body.

I also found these videos from the EDNF helpful

u/BigTexan1492 · 5 pointsr/keto

I love it when people plan to succeed!!! That company also sells some pretty good exercise bands on Amazon:

Back when I bought them, I got a free "membership" into their website which had a ton of exercises. I sporadically did them. Mostly I walked.

So, I want you to know that you can PM me any time. I live in +6:00 GMT, so if I am asleep, I will get back with you as soon as I wake up. Us big boned dudes have to stick together.

Lot's of people will tell you good luck. I don't think you need any luck. So I wish you success. Sweet, glorious success.

u/Fall3n · 1 pointr/P90X

Bodylastics Bodylastics Stackable (12 Pcs) MAX Tension Resistance Bands Sets. This Leading Exercise Band System Includes 5 of Our Best Quality Anti-Snap Exercise Tubes, Heavy Duty Components, and a Travel Bag.

May be a little more expensive but you get what you pay for. I still use bands from the first set I bought 10 years ago. I’ve bought 3 sets over the years just to add to what I already have. Never had a snap or breakage. Customer service and support is great as well.

Id also recommend, specifically the Chiseled show. Great band focused workouts.

It sounds like I’m shilling, but these bands helped me turn my life around and I’m eternally grateful for it.

Edit: I didn’t realize this was the p90x sub my bad. Love p90x as well. German potato soup is excellent.

u/suckinonmytitties · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Welcome to RAoA! You don't have to have prime but it does make shipping costs free for many items so if you use Amazon a lot it is good. Are you currently a student? If so then you get 6 months free of Prime!

Anyways what kind of pets do you have? Have you ever treated ferrets?

It's nice to meet you! If I win I would like this jump rope or you can pick something else from my list and surprise me! Thanks!

u/Coffinspire15 · 2 pointsr/homefitness

I've been working out at home for 6 months now with, IMO, significant improvements. I'll mention that my goal is to gain muscle, not lose weight, but you should still be able to take away something from my advice. I get a lot of my cardio from the youtube channel fitness blenders. They are super nice, easy to follow, and they have a ton of videos. I owe my budding ab definition to their videos. Secondly, I use resistance bands for all sorts of different exercises. I bought these specific ones for $25 and they're still going strong. You can double them up for added resistance as you progress. Lastly, I wound up buying adjustable dumbbells recently. They are costly, but are compact and I can change the weight in a flash. These may not be needed right away. I personally waited to get this 5 months in to make sure I was persistent with working out, so I didn't waste the money. I hope some of this helps! Good luck!

u/jephthai · 2 pointsr/bjj

Bosu -- you can get them inexpensively at stores like Academy. I have the "mini" size one. I use it for several things: (1) using interval timer, stand on one foot on the bosu for 3 1-minute sets for each leg, (2) when you get good at that, do one-leg squats on the bosu, (3) flip it over (flat side up) and do normal squats while holding extra weight as needed. You'll find that you'll wiggle all over the place, and maybe fall off sometimes, until you get good. Just standing one-legged on the bosu will strengthen your foot, ankle, calves, knees, and hip, and especially in all the little micro-adjustment places that you need for stability.

You can do the same thing with a sissel.

Rubber bands: put band around your ankles and do side-shuffles and walk forward/backwards (move like a speed skater). Put them around your knees and do clamshells. Anchor a band in a door, stand on one foot, holding the free end of the band at arm's length and rotate your upper body against the tension of the band. Think wood chop exercise but standing on one foot so you put some beneficial torque on the knee and test its stability.

Movement exercises: sit on the floor (I have smooth wood floors) like you're in open guard, stretch your feet out in front of you, anchor your heels, and pull yourself forward; think like a butt-scoot, but using nothing but your glutes, hams, and calves. A bunch of normal calisthenics that work the leg chain (leg lifts, scissors, crazy legs, etc.). Lots of normal BJJ warmups are probably really good stability workouts.

Stretching: every leg stretch you can find. I found this book from the flexibility subreddit, and it's been amazing.

I'm really not sure where to find this stuff all put together, it's what I learned from my PT guys. I do this stuff about three times a week. Bosu every time, the other exercises I kind of mix in so I get to all of them once or twice a week.

Protection: I do wear knee braces, with the little silicone donuts in them. It helps a lot with impacts. Also keeps you thinking about knees and being careful and healthy.

u/jennifer1911 · 1 pointr/pelotoncycle

Congrats! This is a great way to exercise when you have kiddos at home. I think you'll love it.

As for a mat, I went with one of these from Amazon. I have hardwood floors and this has done a great job of protecting the floor.

For an arm band monitor - do you mean like a heart rate monitor? I use a Garmin chest strap with mine and have had zero connection problems. I love it.

Once you get the bike be sure to check in here and let us know how you are loving it. We've got a fun community here.

u/killswitchendave · 3 pointsr/P90X

I've done both. I started p90x in 2010 to lose weight to join the military. I started doing 4 push ups. 0 pull ups around 210 lbs. Followed the diet and workouts religiously. Got down to 170. Could bust out 50 push ups and 10 pull ups no problem. Loved p90x. Changed my life. Fast forward a few years. In the Marines, still in great shape although I added some belly fat (can still run 3 miles in around 20:00 minutes and do 20 pull ups) and got p90x3. Dropped from 200 lbs to 180. Much easier diet routine to follow and 30 minute workouts are fast and really effective. I got in even better shape. If I wanted more, I combined two workouts. Did an upper routine then lower, or weightlifting and cardio. (Doing 2 workouts is still only an hour) Tony talks a lot, sometimes I'd do 5 burpees in between sets. There is a lot you can do. Only complaint is no dedicated arm day. I felt like I got in better overall shape, but my arms were looking a little smaller than I liked. Today I dabble in it all, X,X3, traditional weightlifting, crossfit type stuff. Keeps me in great shape. Wouldn't be where I am fitness-wise without both programs. Now on to what you asked... I'd go X3. Easier to commit to 30 minutes and equally effective. Also, you can make needed adjustments for pull ups. If you have a pull up bar you can use resistance bands to assist you. You can use just bands as an alternative. Or you can use a pull up bar and a chair. (They advertise pull up assist device that is unnecessary. Regular bands will work for half the price). Bands I bought are off Amazon here...

Hope this helped. PM any questions.

u/TooManlyShoes · 2 pointsr/JuneBumpers2017

I hope your birthday gets better. :(

For the sciatica, the yoga ball has seriously helped me. And I imagine you sit a lot at the call center. Maybe get one of those yoga ball chairs? Like this:

Or they have those ones where it's like half a ball, but I dont know what they're called.

But that might help. But maybe check with Dr to make sure it won't mess with your cervix.

Do you and your fiancee have a day off together soon? You can wait and celebrate your birthday then. Which I know isn't the same. But a nice date or a delicious meal he makes for you might be something amazing to look forward to.

Pick out the crib you want, and tell your mom that if she wants to get you a crib, she can get you that one. And then put it on your registry. And whoever actually buys it, buys it. And if she doesn't get on it, that's on her.

u/ArchGaden · 2 pointsr/cosplay

I would suggest EVA foam. It is easy to work with and CHEAP. You can often find it at hardware stores as workshop flooring. Harbor Freight sells them in packs of 4 big tiles for $10...which is more than enough to make a large sword. I love Harbor Freight for cheap hardware stuff... check them out if you have one around.

Basically, this stuff;

It is easy to cut into desired shapes. You will probably want to add some sort of boning for support (wooden dowels, bent coat hangers, whatever). Judging from the Zabuza sword you want to make, you might need more of a mop handle support.

Before painting it, you will want to seal it. This is best done first with heat to melt a lot of the foam cells on the surface closed. I used a cheap heat gun I got for $15... its like an industrial hair dryer. A hair dryer would probably work to if its hot enough at close range. A very quick brush with a blow torch has been used for this purposed. You want to hit it just enough to make it a little shiny... not deform the top. I suggest cutting out a small tile to test with first.

After the melt sealing, I suggest going over it with Modge Podge craft glue (from any hobby shop... Hobby Lobby, Michaels, ect). Once that dries, you can prime and paint!

There is a useful EVA foam tutorial series that you might want to look at,

Best of luck! I'm having a blast working on my DragonCon costume now. I'm doing an armored version of Captain Harlock from the old Galaxy Express animes.

u/farsideofthemoon · 2 pointsr/BeautyAddiction

It's actually really awesome cardio! :) It's totally a great workout for someone like me who hates running, and I've seen some studies say it's just as effective as getting out for a jog (but TBH most of those studies were published by jump-roping advocacy groups so who knows, lol).

Haha that's okay, I didn't know either! Are you in the UK or stateside? This is the bestselling one on Amazon, and only $7! If you're short like me you can pop the handles off and get the rope to your ideal length. Haha. I also believe Target has them!

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Jump rope is one of the best exercises that can be done anywhere, improves coordination, builds muscle and improves cardiovascular endurance all at the same time. Ideally, you want to aim for 10min straight of rope work, you must slowly build up your endurance if you never really jumped before. Here is what I recommend to get started

  1. Get yourself a proper rope! This is the most important step, go to a sports store and find a speed rope, the cheap plastic ones you get at Target etc, do not help.
    Here are two examples
    Great for beginners

    Great for more experienced jumpers

  2. Adjust the rope to your height and jumping ability. Put your foot on the middle of the rope and grab both handles, it should reach just underneath your arm pits. Adjust accordingly to either a slightly longer (easier) or a shorter length (harder).

  3. Practice every single day, even twice a day so that you may get proficient in jumping. Wasting energy jumping too high is not effective and could cause injury. A slight jump is all that is needed, with alternating feet. In the beginning, keep feet together and jump slightly for the rope to pass under foot.
    I have a video that I made showing jumping techniques, message me and I will send you the video from youtube.

    Here is a great program to try for beginners

    1min jump, 15 to 30 sec rest for 10 minutes (use a tabata timer to keep track Eg, Endomondo or Gym Boss

    Progress your jumps to shorten the time you take to rest and introduce different jumping techniques as you become more proficient at it. Eg, jumping jacks, shuffles etc.

    Here is my jumping program that I do after a workout

    10 minutes non stop
    3 minute warm up, 1 minute double unders, 30 second jumping
u/erpascal · 2 pointsr/santashelpers

Oh, perfect.

I'm coming out of my cage [If she likes yoga/fitness:]

And I've been doing just fine [Fine point permanent markers, perfect to outline with!]

Gotta gotta be down [Down throw,]

Because I want it all [Laundry detergent!]

It started out with a kiss [Hershey's Kiss]

How did it end up like this? [Picture of you + girlfriend, preferably in a nice frame.]

It was only a kiss [More Hershey's kisses, could be a different flavor to spice it up. Or this guy:]

Mr. Brightside isn't a very romantic song, so you can then write a card about how your relationship is more than just a kiss, how you love her, etc.

Hope this helps!

u/VMwareJesus · 11 pointsr/homegym

I hate my local gym(s). So. Damn. Much. I know it's just me. I'm impatient, intolerant, and generally just can't stand the douchers everywhere. So, I finally finished up my garage gym. It's not pretty, but it works. I just need a few more plates, and a really good deal on a row machine (and to clean up the other half of the garage).

Strength Training:

u/idgelee · 3 pointsr/breakingmom
I have a 3 year old. Deployed husband. Work full time with a commute. My workout routine is a few different little things:

I bought a Stretch Out Strap and do this nightly before bed for about 10-15 minutes. Keeps me limber and loose and is fantastic for all that great sexy time. :) I've discovered how tight I was and didn't know how to move my muscles properly.

3 days a week I do the C25K program. Kid gets strapped into the stroller, and given the ipad and goldfish and some water. Sometimes the rainshield if we need it and sometimes not. One headphone in the ear, and off we go. I use mapmyfitness as well as Zombies Run 5K training app. Both let me use my own playlist. It takes about 40 minutes of my time, and by the end of it supposedly I will be capable of running a 5K. I repeat weeks and miss days but that's my big one. I have a 10K in September I plan to run most of.

Might be TMI, but whatever: I discovered in running that I was having "stress incontinence" issues -- sneeze, jump, run and I'm peeing. So I bought a vaginal cone and have been doing weighted kegals while I get ready in the morning for work. Brush teeth, shower, do hair, little bit of makeup, and suddenly I've gotten to work on something I know I need to improve.

I also try and get on the WiiFit with the kid about twice a week. Even just a few of the moves have helped. I can get her started while I cook or clean then I do a few moves, then it's her turn again. It's been working so far.

Overall I've lost 65 lbs since July 2013. Mostly through diet, adding in the fitness has helped me feel better about the capabilities of my body.

Check out Achievemint as it gives you real money for logging food, moving more, and being healthy. (50,000 points gets you $50, and in a day I'm earning about ~200-300 points right now)

) Feel free to AMA

u/aijerithai · 13 pointsr/rant

That's sounds a lot like having depression too which is a huge beast in and of itself. Deal with that myself too and it's a struggle to just be motivated to really even get out of bed. So I feel for the family friend.

I use Exercise Bands to help me drop weight. It can be done while sitting down comfortably and there are loads of exercise videos on YouTube (and DVDs) that show seated position workouts for folks like him and me.

Might also be wise to try finding other things that also interest him instead of feeling the need to eat to fill in the gaps. I know it's super tempting to just chow down on something, because it's easy and it's something to do that can be done easily for enjoyment.

u/BabyBlackBear · 5 pointsr/xxfitness

Here's a list of all the home workout equipment I've purchased on Amazon :)

Stretch Bands for Dancers and...

Elite Sportz Exercise Sliders are...

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop...

Mini Exercise Ball - 9 Inch Small...

Yes4All Agility Ladder – Speed...

A stretch band, sliders, mini bands, a pilates ball, and an agility ladder. I also have cute workout clothes, a bluetooth speaker, a mat, pilates socks, handstand canes, yoga blocks, handstand blocks, a yoga wheel, a pullup bar, a headstand bench, a kettlebell (r/kettlebell for recommendations), 5 and 10lbs dumbbells, long/stretchy bands like therabands, a bosu ball, a jump rope, boxing gloves, focus mitts, a stopwatch, a swiss ball, and a pullup band.

Also not included are the kegel balls I bought on Amazon but I didn't know if you were counting pelvic floor workout equipment lol. Wow I think my house is actually a gym lmao. I'm actually a personal trainer lol.

u/Pink_182 · 1 pointr/RedPillWomen

I would start a home workout system if you don't like the gyms near yoga mat, set of dumbells, and resistance bands should get you through any home workout to start.

I find 30 day fitness challenges on pinterest and try to complete 1-2 every month. I think having that whole month of things planned helps me. I also set up a reward for it. So this month I'm doing an abs and arms one. If I get 28/30 days done, I will go get a manicure.

I set more weekly rewards too. I love new workout clothes. I have a whole list of things I want. So I set a goal with a new tank or sports bra as the reward. Example for the upcoming week (i run my weeks Monday-Sunday, I know that is weird) I want to run 12 6-minute miles. Obviously not all at once, but over the course of the week. If I do it, then I will be getting this tank. This is a hard one, I've been trying to get it for a few months now, but trying keeps me heading out and motivated.

I would also say find an accountabilibuddy (south park reference anyone?) to try and help keep you motivated. That can be online (me if you want me pestering your inbox) or a RL friend.

u/mtempissmith · 2 pointsr/Fitness

When I was in this position my doctor started me working out with a set of resistance bands. At first it was just simple stuff like arm pulls, and using one on my foot and flexing it but as I got stronger he developed a more comprehensive workout of therapy exercises for me to do with them. Most exercise resistance bands come in several weights/strengths and they will usually come with a set of exercises to do. But I later found and like this book. It's got a lot of the exercises my therapist used and I still find it very helpful.

These are the bands I like and use. FYI, I'm not affiliated with the company in any way. I've tried a few sets now and these are the ones I like that's all.

u/Rhynegains · 4 pointsr/homegym

So, why all the dumbbells?

The price depends on the stuff you want. There's plenty of cheaper options. I spent around $650 to start and did fine. My current set up now may be $3000.

Here's the beginner sets I usually recommend:

  • Dicks Sporting Goods 300lb Weight Set which is currently at $199. It also includes a bar. I do not recommend dropping these for Deadlifts, though. Decent price for weights, but the bar isn't great. May want to pick up a Rogue bar but isn't necessary. I love the Chan Bar.

  • Fitness Reality Full Cage which is currently for $234. I have this cage and love it. Only thing I dont like are the chrome attachments. They run off on the knurl.

  • Fitness Gear Bench which is currently about $90. That is a budget bench, so if you want to spring for something better, that's a good idea. I have this bench and it works fine, I just have to tighten the bolts every couple months.

    That'll probably run you about $650 after taxes. Other supplies:

    Additional items:

  • Weight Storage Tree which should hold everything from your set.
  • Bar Weight Locks currently $9.
  • Floor Protection which are for walking around, not weights to land on. Make a platform for your cage.
  • Pull Up Bands
  • Back Extension/Sit up Bench
  • Platform: 5 pieces of plywood (1 of those can be "pretty" to be stained and coated), 1 4x8 horse stall mat, 1-1/4 in wood screws, wood glue, stain of choice, polyurethane, brushes.


    For the other questions:

    Mine is set up in a spare bedroom. I love it. I dont have to deal with temp swings. Just protect your floor and make a platform.
u/jetson_x · 6 pointsr/bodybuilding

I have traveled extensively in the developing world without giving up lifting. Here is what you need to do:

  • For each city you're going to, try to find a gym before you go. This will require some serious research. Start with google, "cityname gym". In some parts of the world they'll use another word instead of gym. Look at local business reviews, local facebook groups, any local contacts you might have. Wikitravel sometimes lists them. There will be more than you think.

  • Buy a set of resistance bands. They suck to work out with, but they'll do when you can't get to a gym. I bought this set:
    There's a cheaper set but this one has the heavy (high resistance) bands.

  • You'll want to write a band-based routine.

    Arms and shoulders are pretty easy to work: lateral raises, OHP (stand on the band), front raises, rear delt flies, curl variations, kickbacks, overhead extensions.

    Back is harder. But if you can loop it over some sort of pipe in your room or hook, it's pretty easy to do pulldowns. You can also simulate deads by using all of the bands together and standing on them with wide feet (so the bands are at their tightest). Rows are easy, you just need a column/desk leg to wrap around.

  • I won't sugar coat it: lifting with bands sucks. But, it's better than nothing and you won't lose size.

  • Maybe also look into dynamic tension

  • As for nutrition: street meat is always cheap and a fine source of protein.
u/christmas_sweater · 1 pointr/bodyweightfitness

First of all, this is extremely common. Welcome to the club! I first got tendonitis after about 8 years of regular strength training. It's just not a problem that you can resolve through exercise/getting stronger. Like a muscle, you damage your tendons through wear and tear. However, they generally receive less blood flow than muscles and heal slower as a result. This allows them to worsen over time until you develop tendonitis. Recovery is usually easy, but it's a pain in the ass if you love to work out. I sympathize with you there. All you can do is RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). That's probably a good order for importance. Rest is absolutely necessary and the other three will aid and speed the recovery process. In addition, anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen will help.

This compression band has worked well for me. I recommend wearing that band (or any band) when you resume training, at least for a little while.

If the condition does not start to heal, please do take cblupo's advice and see a doctor.

u/quick_quip_whip · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Do you like spending time outside now that the weather's not absolutely abysmal?

Do you like working out, or at least tolerate it in effort to have a general good-for-stuff body?

Do you think back to the days of recess with fond memories of jump roping?

Do you want to work out outside to enjoy the nice day?

Then buy yourself this jumprope that I can endorse personally, and keep limber while having fun outside!

My favorite part of spring: walking outside without bundling up.

u/_BlaiddDrwg · 2 pointsr/bjj

You can try these from Lowes. I can't vouch for them (yet), but I'll be putting them in a basement play room for my almost 2 year old son. They should be adequate for infrequent light workouts. Each package covers a 4'x4' space. For 10'x10' you will need 7 packages, which will set you back $140. Lowes coupons are pretty easy to find on ebay if you don't have any handy so you can probably knock another $10-$20 off.

Sorry it's not an amazon product, but figured you may have a Lowes in your area. Home Depot has something that looks very similar for the same cost.

On Amazon I found these which are also $20 a pack, but they cover more square footage (24 sq ft vs 16 sq ft). So it will be cheaper for you. Reviews are pretty good, but I can't vouch for them.

u/thr33littlebirds · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. I recommend baking carrot cake. It's so darn wonderful and very forgiving (it's damn near impossible to make a dried out carrot cake) It's my go-to cake!

  2. I would love this jump rope. It would make my day because it would help me reach and maintain my fitness goals while having fun!

  3. 'Tis the the season to be baking.

    Thanks and happy baking!
u/U_FUCKING_WOT_M8 · 1 pointr/bouldering

Maybe take this as an opportunity to work on your upper body strength. Pull-ups are the obvious exercise of choice, as well as resistance band backward rows (or even better with a cable if you have access to one a machine).

If pull-ups are difficult for you, start by maxing out on negatives until you can eventually do a full pull-up. There are lots of videos on YouTube with information on pull-ups.

Regarding resistance band exercises, buy a few resistance bands from eBay, they're very cheap. Just the red one and the black ones will do (the two with the least resistance).

These ones are the best from my experience

Loop them around a post an do some seated rows.

Core exercises are of course important too. Avood crunches and anything involving spinal flexion. Hanging leg raises, planks, exercise ball rollouts and (if you can), dead bugs are all good exercises.

Best of luck, hope the toe heals up soon!

u/Fmradiochick · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My old boss had [this and loved it] (

My best suggestion would be to make sure you're eating really healthy too I always feel way better when I eat healthy :)

u/browster · 1 pointr/bodyweightfitness

Great, thank you. I'm still new to this, so some of the acronyms are unfamiliar. I found a GHD, which looks like it has the quality you recommend.

I'm not sure what a step platform is, unless you mean something like this. But I don't see how that relates to saving space on weights.

I understand an ab roller to be this. I remember using one of these once and was impressed with how much it seemed to exercise my abs. Good suggestion.

As for suspension system, would that be something like this? Would a weight rack serve this purpose?

u/Killiano92 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Well Happy Birthday!!! What has made me happiest this week is realizing that I am almost done with school for the semester!! Well this happens to work out perfectly, my favorite food is sushi!!

This is under $10

u/Whatshouldibecalled · 2 pointsr/bodyweightfitness

Might be relevant might be not, but i would recommend adding a bit to the equipment section aswell.

-Recommendations for foam rollers/lacross balls

-A few rings recommendations for diffrent needs (cheap, roof mounted etc) Also the ring recommendation site is not working (at least for me). Here you can also add something about pull up bars (door mounted, wall mounted etc)

-Things such as bands (i dont know if they have another name but search thera bands) Imo i would recommend something like [this] (

-Maybe a few recommendations on powertowers and you can also add how to build your own in that section (although i know its in the sidebar)

-Jump rope is really such a great tool to have for conditioning and i would recommend it.

However these are just suggestions so you don't have to follow up on them and are just my opinions so any criticism is welcome

u/gimmeyurtots · 2 pointsr/Fitness

I love them. And very easy to start with light resistance and work your way up. I'll probably bring them with me to the beach at the end of the month and our winter vacation.

Hope the link works, I'm on mobile.
Best Resistance Loop Bands - Exercise Bands Set of 5 - Physical Therapy Bands - For Strength Training, Stretching and Home Fitness - Instructional Booklet , eBook and Online Videos

u/RumpleAndBelle · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I've recently started working out and getting into shape, after losing I am more determined to keep it going :) so I guess you can say I am in love with getting into better shape. I've lost 22 LBS so far my goal is to lose another 50 LBS. If the prize could be a GC I would put it toward This weight set. Otherwise This jump rope or This work out DVD would be fantastic. I would love to do more than ride on my stationary bike and swim, I also walk which is great but getting toned with other work outs would be nice too. Thank you for hosting this 3.14 contest!

u/90Days_Lex · 2 pointsr/insanity

I've found that thicker exercise mats are better for two reasons: (1) they muffle noise better, which is because (2) they reduce more impact and save your knees a lot. There are several kinds of exercise mats, some that are yoga-mat thickness (which don't reduce impact as much, I didn't like mine for insanity at all because it just helps you grip the floor but not cushion jumps) and puzzle-mat thicker ones like this here that I've found help me a lot. I'm only 24 and fairly light (125lb female, 5'5") but my knees are awful so I've found those are the best for me.

I know a lot of people that do Insanity on carpet just fine (I have hardwood), so it's really what you're most comfortable with but especially for the noise factor I'd use something on the floor. :)

u/chugotit · 1 pointr/loseit

This. And I call bullshit on you not having the time to get some exercise during your "busy but sedentary day". Sure, you may not have the time to hit the gym or take a shower if you get sweaty, but you can get more exercise during the day... Walk between meetings or appointments. No time? Park further away and walk fast for a few minutes.

Stuck at a desk on the phone?

Swap your chair for one of these

Get one of these under the desk

If you can make this work in your office and have the funds, I highly recommend this

Sling some weight while on conference calls

My point is that your best chance at success is not to come up with excuses or be a victim. Instead, figure out how to get some exercise, in spite of being busy and having a sedentary job. Sure, it's not the same as freeing up an hour or two a day to 'hit the gym', but if you can get 25% of your exercise requirements addressed without adding a 25th hour to your day, your 25% closer to your end goal.

Lots of little things add up... A little more exercise, a little more water intake, a little more attention to portion control, a little more of your plate filled with veggies. Suddenly, a new you! You can do this.

u/the_oogie_boogie_man · 3 pointsr/Fitness

If possible, spend the extra to invest in one that you can hang from the ceiling, and if you aren't that handy have someone install it for you. Depending what you're doing, the free standing ones can be good, but if it's to increase the strength of your punches, a real heavy bag is pretty much where it's at.

A trick I learned from my old Sifu (Master) for if you don't have a punching bag, get yourself some cheap exercise bands, and stand on the middle just like you would for doing curls with it. Get into your fight stance and shadow box away! It pulls down as well as back so you get lots of extra resistance, it adds a lot of speed/strength to punches.

u/Batman_the_Brony · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. Not sure if this counts, but I'm getting it for my boyfriends birthday...

  2. Simon Pegg is English, Game of Thrones is English, and I need a beanie

  3. I will write a book on this and I'll read it? God, I'm sorry, This is horrible.

  4. Ha! Bet you weren't expecting these, were you?

  5. I need a new flash drive...

  6. The Knight Bus is purple.

  7. A game.

  8. I love steampunk.

  9. A Dremel

  10. Triforce key chain.

  11. I can organize my DnD dice?

  12. DnD is a hobby. Right?

  13. This is kinda nerdy...

  14. Turtles are totally natural.

  15. Cthulu is very green.

  16. Shirt

  17. I find this funny

  18. I'm still scared of the dark, and I could string these together as beads...

  19. I can cut down some trees?

  20. I need one of these


    Happy happy cakeday!!!!!

u/TheDuckOnQuack · 1 pointr/Fitness

Resistance bands such as these are good, versatile pieces of equipment and they can be used for almost anything.

Jump ropes are also great pieces of workout equipment although honestly, I don't see that many people using them. Still, if you think people would like them, you can get them relatively cheap and they don't take up much space. Something like this would be good although if you decide to buy jump ropes, you should get at least 3 or 4 different lengths. As long as you have a place to hang them up, they should last a while

u/lookalive07 · 1 pointr/P90X

If you want to use bands (which are good if you don't have much room for weights), I recommend these: Bodylastics full kit

This includes a door anchor, so you can work on pull ups without a pull-up bar. In the videos you'll see one person typically modify the pull-ups with a band, so this is helpful to get the form and some of the strength if you're unable to do pull-ups right off the bat.

Other than that, I'd suggest a good Yoga mat, and a Yoga block can help you get the moves down.

Good luck!

u/hellomarissa · 1 pointr/pelotoncycle

Vornado mid-sized fan- got mine from bb&b, used a coupon!

Microfiber towels- from Marshall’s/homegoods/the maxx near the yoga stuff. These are my favorite. I ordered some on amazon and they smelled like chemicals.

Those lavender wipes from amazon

Shoes- get them from peloton if you have a coupon, get a second pair from a bike shop or REI. My spouse got Shimano, which cater more to a wider food. Pearls are a bit more narrow. Bontrager are somewhere in the middle.

Cleats- you’ll need a second set for your second shoes, look delta is the same price on pelotons site and in stores.

HRM- I got the scosche rhythm +, I like it! More accurate then my Apple Watch.

Mat- I got the amazon one and it’s great. No issues. I got a second floor covering to set next to my bike too because mine is on hardwood and the shoes are not friendly to that.

Make sure you properly adjust your seat height, seat distance and handlebars. It’ll make a HUGE difference for your performance and comfort.

Another purchase i made to go with my bike is a good meditation pillow and yoga blocks. I do yoga, but needed more stuff that I always used at a studio. I really like using the app on my tablet/phone.

u/anthonyyyn · 9 pointsr/IWantToLearn

If you have access to a gym, they have an assisted pull-up machine. Basically you put your feet or knees on a platform, which is attached to weights, which help pull you up. you can adjust how much assistance it is giving you.

If you don't have access to a gym, you can buy some bands and try to wrap it around the handle of the pull-up bar. Then put your knees or feet on the bottom of the band, and it'll help pull you up until you can do one on your own! Amazon sells these bands, depending on how strong you want the band to be. They're also useful when stretching.


u/Cothilian · 3 pointsr/oculus

Games (in no particular order):

  • Chronos
  • Lone Echo
  • Echo Arena
  • Gorn
  • Superhot VR
  • Thumper
  • Blazerush
  • Eleven: Table Tennis VR
  • Edge of Nowhere
  • The Mage's Tale

    Honourable mentions: Space Pirate Trainer, Audioshield, Soundboxing, theBlue, Apollo 11 VR, New Retro Arcade: Neon, Defense Grid 2, Pinball FX2 VR, The Climb, The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of the Starseed.



  • WidmoVR face cover - Keep your Oculus fresh.
  • Zeiss Alcohol-free Lens Cleaning Wipes - Take good care of your Rift lenses.
  • Cheap camera wall mounts - Stable mounting for the Rift sensors.
  • Halo Skull Cap - For sweat intense VR sessions.
  • Interlocking exercise mats - Turn your play area into a tactile zone.
    Gives the additional benefit of padding.
u/tahoegiant · 1 pointr/DIY

I am hoping to convert our 1.5 car garage into a hang out room. I am hoping to make part of it for our gym equipment, part of it as a guy's hangout room (old couch and coffee table will go there).

The main things I need to do are:

u/odd_affiliate_link · 1 pointr/loseit

I really like resistance bands; they easier to store and transport than weights. The workout is very different than free weights as well. There is a constant resistance as opposed to being able to use inertia to cheat and 'push' the weight up with a strong initial effort. It is kind of difficult to describe but you will know what I mean if you use them.

I used to have a cheap set that I got a wal-mart but the handles cracked and they got dry-rotted from sitting outside (back porch) in the sun. I picked up this set from Amazon and they have been going strong. So, don't get the cheap wal-mart ones and don't let them sit in the sun too long.

As far as routines, most sets come with a little card that tells you different exercises to try. Most any routine you can do with free weights can be done with these, and if you have a door mount, you can do pull-down exercises too.

u/Rawrsilentdragon · 3 pointsr/solotravel

I literally asked this exact same question in one of the fitness subreddits a few months ago. The best answers I got was the body weight fitness that another commenter here mentioned and the best advice for me personally was to simply take a resistance band with me. I made sure I brought 2 different band types of different weight values. Neither were heavy or inconvenient to carry and it made all the difference for my several month trip. Here's the set I bought:

u/aintnohatin · 1 pointr/CampingGear

I havn't had a chance to use a "real" camping sleeping pad before, but I have used these foam puzzle mats and for the low price they provide pretty good comfort under a sleeping bag!

If you can still feel sharp rocks through 1 layer you can easily lay another on top

u/j_e85 · 1 pointr/Fitness

Not a solution for right now, but for future traveling. These are great bands that can substitute a gym when you are on the go. Might not be as flashy or nice as a fully gym (obviously) but if you want to at least maintain, these will help tremendously.

u/discodancing · 1 pointr/pelotoncycle

Hello everyone! Used a code from here earlier, now leaving my own code:

Also if you're considering getting a bike mat, you can save yourself another $30 and grab this one instead. Perfect fit:

Enjoy your new bike!

u/davey_darling · 3 pointsr/sewing

How about this stuff? A bit thicker than a yoga mat. Not free, but not overly expensive if you were building more than one or two bags.

They are sold at walmart/big box home improvement stores as well.

Ooh, I just thought of something else - go to a carpet store and ask if they have any underlay remnants - there should be something that works perfectly for your needs.

u/ccampbellsos · 3 pointsr/ketogains

My initial set up when I didn't want to spend a huge amount, but wanted the capability to do any major lift was as follows:

Bench and Rack

Barbell and weights

Plate Rack


Plate compatible dumbbells

I highly recommend buying a few extra plates if you plan to go heavier, I picked up 2 more 45's, 2 25's, 2 10's on top of what that set comes with. I was happy with it until I upgraded the rack and bench as my gym grew.

u/pallo1234 · 1 pointr/xxfitness

Oh that sucks! My gym has a velcro ankle wrap attachment (also good for cable kickbacks)... I think ankle attachments like that are cheap; maybe you could ask the manager to get one? Or maybe pick one up yourself and take it with you (if you think you'd get use out of it)? Resistance bands are a great substitute, imo - I have some for use at home for this and many, many other exercises. (I use them for donkey kicks, hip thrusts - for this I attach them to the feet of my bed, with shoulders on the bed.) For hip thrusts, in a month, I went through (this)[ and this (looping bands around twice for some things, and tying them), need a pullup band setup now. But I use the bands for a million things, they're worth the small investment, imo.

u/carissalf · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hooray for finally getting the hula hoop! I hope it's awesome. Can't wait to hear how it works out!

I was thinking about getting a stability ball as well. Or, have you seen this chair?

u/threedeemelodie · 1 pointr/yoga

Why not look into getting something like: Foam Interlocking Tiles. I think they are much more dense than mats which are designed to be rolled up and carried around. But if you are just using it at home, it might be more comfortable than a yoga or pilates mat. Or look at gym/fitness mats.

Unless you are really forceful on the mats during some movements like "burpees, mountain climbers, V-push-ups" (from an Amazon question) they should stay together. You can even lay your current yoga mat on top of this if you want, I guess.

According to some reviews, they are not as squishy-soft as the stuff in kids' playrooms. You may be able to find it in a fitness/sports store like Sports Chalet or Big 5 if you want to see in person.

u/dampmemelord · 1 pointr/cosplayprops

Ok, so if you don't think you can eyeball it, that's perfectly fine. Your going to have to make a top view of Whisper and after you finish cutting out the side view of it, put the top view blueprint where it should be, trace major lines onto the foam, then cut roughly, sand it and make adjustments as needed. You can do this man, and don't be afraid to fuck up, it's your first time doing this, plus if you buy this kind of EVA foam then your fine cuz it's super cheap and u get shitloads for like 20 bucks.
Edit: I used a 3D model of ingame thresh to make my blueprints accurate, so you could use a site like this to get a top view of the gun ( don't do this on mobile)

u/devilhanzou · 1 pointr/PSVR

Did you use something like this? Cause that’s a great idea. I notice the more comfortable I get in VR, like from just standing there like a jack ass to using things like rocks and walls in farpoint to duck and cover (and thus look like a total jack ass lol) I tense up and put a lot of pressure on my feet so a little cushion would be awesome!

ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat, EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles, 24 Square Feet, Grey (Includes 6 tiles)

u/Biosnarf · 2 pointsr/wow

The foam is the interlocking tiles of puzzle piece looking foam you can get at most stores. If you have a harbor freight nearby, that's the cheapest place to get foam.

If you want to go with EVA, it would need some structural support so it isn't floppy. For that you could use 1/4" cpvc pipe and bend it into the shape with some heat (just be careful that the pvc doesn't burn and turn yellowish/black since it can release toxic fumes!). Another option could be something like plywood or aluminum cut into the shape with foam layers over top of that.

Carving it out of XPS foam is an option as well. It's the pink or blue insulation foam at hardware stores.

I hope that helps a bit

u/jaylapeche · 1 pointr/running

We definitely have the same thing going on. I bought one of these. It comes with a book of stretches, but the one I liked the most looks like this. This isn't a photo of me. I just figured it would be easier to show you than try to describe it. Really stretches the groin and hamstring.

u/decosting · 1 pointr/travel
I did p90x while travelling, using these.
Even if you're not doing that program, these are a great way to strength train on the go. Weigh just a couple of pounds, and take up about as much room as a toiletries bag.
I'm still travelling with them, and am running every other day, working out with these every other day. I like it to the point where I will probably keep that pattern going when the travels are through.
u/CrunchyGum · 1 pointr/progresspics

Congrats!! I also could not afford weights, so I went with the alternative bands and they are AMAZING!

Even better is that I can bring them anywhere, even when I'm traveling for business or vacation.

u/OiledPelicanEgg · 5 pointsr/homegym

I got a cheap 15$ one off Amazon works perfect. It's just two wheels with handles doesn't need to be a 60$ hand crafted masterpiece. Here is the one I got sometime ago

u/RubSomeFunkOnIt · 2 pointsr/Games

If you're not looking for anything particularly luxurious try a yoga ball. They're cheap as shit and can be used as a foot rest as well. They're also easy to move and store and super good for your posture (I guess).

They even make a special yoga ball chair if you're interested.

u/uberphaser · 2 pointsr/camping

Ground cover. You're going to want to first clear your tent area of as much snow as possible, and stake down a tarp on which to put your tent. Ideally, I'd love to have some of this stuff to add another layer of insulation and to keep any moisture from leftover snow from seeping in.

Have multiple ways to create fire.

Being cold eats more calories. Plan on consuming more food.

Stay hydrated, of course.

Make sure your gear is rated for the temperatures you'll be at, and above all make sure you have a solid method of communicating with the outside world if you get lost, or the weather gets extreme.

u/Hotblack_Desiato_ · 1 pointr/xxfitness
  1. OHP = OverHead Press. Usually standing. Occasionally known in the US as the military press. It has a bit more to keep track of, form-wise, but OHP, as I said, creates more REAL strength in people, because it teaches you to use your entire body as a structural support in the lift, which is what happens when you have to move heavy stuff in the real world.

  2. Only degenerates and the morally dissolute use straps to do the front squat. :P In all seriousness, though, it's not an especially good idea because your control of the bar is not very good when using straps. People use them, though, because they generally don't know how to do a proper rack, and lack the flexibility to do so in any case. Why do you want to do a front squat anyway? Do it if you like, but I don't think it's really necessary for you right now.

  3. There are a bunch of videos on youtube about how to use straps or hooks (search for "lifting straps" or "lifting hooks"), but they are very straightforward to use, and don't take up a lot of space. You can get them on Amazon, and same with hooks. As to whether to use hooks or straps? Hooks are easier to set up (just hook and lift!), but can be a bit uncomfortable, whereas straps feel more natural and comfortable, but require some screwing around to set them up right. I'd go with the hooks I posted, though. It looks like they solve a lot of the problems with most hooks.

  4. That depends. I hate to eat soon before I train. I feel full and bloated and gross. If you can tolerate it, go for it.

  5. Yup. You got it.
u/SawBo · 2 pointsr/homegym

Check out this post I wrote up
and this

and This for a bench if needed. Cheap combo IMO, but I can't bench 500 lbs yet, so I can't tell u max weight on this bench.

I bought this mat from Amazon

I probably would end up buying 2 if I did it again, but honestly the horse stall mats are probably going to work best. The tiles keep coming out when I do some aggressive lifts or HIIT. I'm yet to get a rack, but I'm certain I'll be getting a Titan 21.5" rack for my garage since I can put it back into the wall when not in use and can park my car.

u/Steveesmuyguapo · 2 pointsr/kettlebell

try some heat, epson salt may help and then try some mobility.

These things are pretty good for building some stability in the shoulders and getting a good stretch. They are a lot cheaper than then Crossover symmetry and does the same thing.

Just be careful smashing a beat up muscle to much.

u/NonNisiTe · 1 pointr/Fitness

I highly recommend getting Black Mountain Products Ultimate Resistance Bands Set with Starter Guide on Amazon. It costs about $45 with prime. Bands can be combined and can get you up to between 136-162 pounds (bands give a range of weight on amazon).

It allows you to do various workouts and has a door attachment. You can do presses and work your triceps overhead. It all comes in a small black bag that is easy to transport and store.

I am not affiliated with the company, I just really love this product. I have lost about 15lbs since January using these bands while doing P90x. Would have lost more but I had to stop halfway through to free time for exit exams coming up.

Also another great product is the Valeo Ab Wheel. While Abs are made in the kitchen, not through pure ab wheel will work you hard and strengthen your core... not that I recommend getting down on your knees in a hotel room... ick. I don't know if I could even do push ups in one... but I am a borderline germaphobe.

You could also get a jump rope.

Weight loss simply involves expending more calories than you take it. For exercise to be fruitful you need to balance out eating too.

Edit: Added links

u/craigster38 · 3 pointsr/running

This is my best friend.

I was also gifted one of these and it is amazing.

u/yapinjapin1 · 2 pointsr/P90X

I will also recommend the Bodylastic. I did a lot of research before I purchased any bands. These are the best bands on the market (from what I could tell.) They even come with a pamphlet about how to properly use them for a few certain exercises in p90x (since they know a large majority of sales are for that reason.) Also I will mirror the warranty mentioned below. I have not personally had to use it but from the reviews on Amazon the customer service seems to be top notch.

Bodylastic also has a few more options if you want heavier resistance. I would recommend buying them from Amazon though. Usually much cheaper and if you have a Prime account, they will be delivered in 2 days!

u/skymelissaler · 1 pointr/xxfitness

Yes definitely they are. There are many resistance bands available in the market like:

  1. Black Mountain
  2. Rogue Fitness
  3. Booty Bands
  4. Walmart

    You should try one of these. They are the best in the market.
u/p0rcelaind0ll · 1 pointr/ACL

I have been quad setting and leg lifting like it’s nobody’s business. lol I am FINALLY starting to see some definition! :)
These are the straps they use at PT and I liked them so much that I purchased my own. No regrets. They’ve been great and there are so many ways to use them!

u/CATS_ARE_FABULOUS · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Buy elastic bands.

I take them with me when I go out of town and they provide a pretty good workout. You vary the distance with the different type of bands or just put the band on greater stretch for greater resistance. You can do them anywhere and you can work out every part of your body in multiple ways (youtube will help).

The only downside to resistance bands is that the tension is not consistent with elastic bands. For instance if you were to bench 200lbs, you would feel that 200lb resistance the entire way in both eccentric and concentric phases. With elastic bands if you were to do a similar set up where you do the bench press motion with resistance bands pulling against your arms, you feel increases resistance the more you put the band on stretch (concentric phase) and less resistance as you let the band return to its desired normal length (eccentric phase).

Regardless, I think resistance bands are better than just doing a billion pushups. Combine this with your current equipment that you have and you are set.

u/AyePushIt · 13 pointsr/StrongCurves

I have these from Amazon and they work great! I always use the X-Heavy with crab walks, donkey kicks and clams I can definitely feel it! They also come with the little pouch to keep them all together. Only complant, my husband asked why my hands smelt like weed when i got back from the gym...
So they do have a smell first time out of the package.

u/ralfTn · 2 pointsr/Fitness

I Had great progress doing Stiff Leg Deadlift and using this stretch strap from amazon, it has a nice book with exercises you can do.

u/Quanteriffic · 2 pointsr/StrongCurves

I would use resistance bands. Either loops, or the kind with handles, you can attach them to a door and it's just like cable weights. I have this set and I love it.

You could easy do substitutes for all of those exercises with these. For extra weight, double or triple up the bands. Watch that little video on the Amazon page, they show how to use them.

u/ALL_the_Dum_Dums · 2 pointsr/knitting

I ordered these plain, gray ones on Amazon with free shipping with other items. They arrived in like 2 days and are perfect.

u/robbie_3_rob · 1 pointr/Cloud9

This is a great point. I spent a lot on a nice gaming chair and ended up just giving it to my brother because it didn't really help my back. I now play games on this bad boy

u/Avridt · 1 pointr/dogs

I'm not sure a product exists exactly like that, but you attach EVA floor tiles. You can find them in home improvement, department stores, sport stores, and even discount stores like five below. They are easy to cut with a box cutter and could be attached to a regular gate with some zip ties.

u/AngelicBabyGirl · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This and this looks fun! :3

This is also great for cooling off after a workout!

u/ValarMorghulis69 · 3 pointsr/homegym

I've been a big fan of the Black Mountain bands. They have a few different packages on Amazon.

Black Mountain Products Ultimate Resistance Band Set with Starter Guide

I've had them for about 6 months now and they are still in good shape. I don't have a good set up for rows in my home gym so I used them alot of seated rows and for some core work. Pretty happy with then so far!

Let me know if you have any questions.

edit: typos :(

u/xcrunnergirl11 · 8 pointsr/xxfitness

Resistance Bands. I have this exact set and I love them, they are so versitile and great if you travel often.

u/Ask_Seek_Knock · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Thanks for the contest! Hosting contests is a lot of fun. I've already done three and I will do more. They can be slightly addicting.

Matts & T- pins I would love to have these because they will make blocking my knitting projects so much easier. And I'll be able to use it to block Christmas gifts too! Yes I am already planning Christmas.

u/lpbman · 2 pointsr/BuildaCarAVForMe

I am sure this will be downvoted... But I've installed cheap as hell eva foam floor mat with nice results. Budget and time ruled the day for this... there would be no waiting for stuff to come in over the internet. Just a trip to Aldi where I'd seen these things on sale for $10. It worked pretty well considering it was just stuffing foam under carpet.

25% cld and then Noico foam pad , 50 mil mlv covering the entire floor will bring the noise floor down. Sealing doors is important and can be done with just mlv in a pinch, but plywood or plastic works best to fill the gaps in the sheet metal.

u/CheetahSnake · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

These are actually a few things from my own wishlist.

Adjustable Weights

Weighted Gloves

Speed Rope

Punch Mitts

All these are great for home working out, granted most of them are geared towards martial arts & boxing which is primarily what I do. The punch mitts require a partner so it might not be the best prize unless there are competing couples.

u/spikebaylor · 5 pointsr/bodyweightfitness

I'm sure there is a park somewhere near you with pull up bars.

Start with negatives. Hold the bar and jump up, hold yourself up for a second and slowly let yourself down. These will help. When I started last year I could maybe do 3 pullups. Doing pullups 2-3 times a week for 3 months and I had easily progressed to 10-15 as a max.

If that isn't an option and you can spare ~$35 then you could always buy a pullup bar for your house. Or if you want something that will help in a different way (and give you many other exercises to do at home) you could go for a set of resistance bands that have a door anchor

u/husker_who · 5 pointsr/P90X

I had the same problem. I've used these bands instead of the pull up bar:

I like that with these you can use more than one type at the same time. And they didn't break at the end of the first month, either. I got them back in February and they're still going strong. Good luck!

u/jtiseo · 3 pointsr/P90X

I'm using Black Mountain Products. They are great and have great customer service. They also have a heavier band than the bodylastics.

u/huntingwhale · 1 pointr/Fitness

I got these mats from Amazon and they work great. Comes with 6 4x6' mats. I stack 3 on each side when I'm doing deadlifts in my basement and they work great.

u/lagostim · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

Gloves actually make things harder to grip because they effectively make the bar thicker. Wrist straps would make more sense instead as a crutch.

I use chalk and hook grip, and that's more than sufficient for my deadlifts. Also make sure that your hand placement is correct. For deadlifts, keeping the bar at the top of the palm will reduce callous formation. For bench press, keeping the bar in the middle of the palm will reduce strain on wrists.

u/GoWithTheEbbAndFlow · 1 pointr/homegym

I have the Titan short rack, love it so far after 6 weeks of use.

I got these floor mats, might not be what you're looking for, not good if you're gonna be dropping and looking for the weights to bounce, but great overall.

u/catfield · 7 pointsr/homegym

Ab wheels are great, definitely not a gimmick. But also dont spend more than $20 for one, its a simple piece anyone can make. Pull up Amazon and get the one with the most good reviews on it.

FWIW I have this one and have zero complaints, used it for years -

u/NoWheyDude · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

I keep a Stretch Out Strap in my gym bag and use it in between sets after chest day when things are pretty tight. I put my hands between equal loops on each side and pull it over my head, extending to my hips in the back.

The Scoripon Stretch is also great!

u/abuzzooz · 1 pointr/DotA2

there are many models on the net, but from the reviews I read, this seemed to be the most popular one. I was going to buy it for myself but then I started going to the gym regularly for half a year now so now my posture is much better. I might still buy it in the future.

u/Vaztes · 2 pointsr/Fitness

You want some thicker ones. These are generally used for weightlifting and such. The red one is a good start for shoulder prehab movements.

It doesn't need to be this brand, but this type of band is the best for your purpose.

u/1mBehindYou · 2 pointsr/DIY

You sir, are getting boned. rowr, out of stock for now, probably because Halloween.
They're 1/2" 2'x2', you get 6 (like 4 bucks a square) and work wonderfully.
Im doing a master chief xD.

u/DannyKwood · 1 pointr/cosplay

Thanks :D Looks good, what did you make it out of? Or was that the foam...? Is it like this foam

u/jackofff · 2 pointsr/rav4club

Glued some athletic flooring to the top of the plywood for a little more padding. Found this stuff on amazon: BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat...

Cut plywood to 38 inches x 73 inches. Fits pretty snug with the seats down and the front seats moved forward. The only disadvantage of the set up is that the front seats have to stay further forward than I usually would have them.

Originally I was going to build a 2x4 frame to prop up the bed near the trunk so everything stays level. This ended up turning into simply stacking some 2x4 pieces because I ran out of time before the trip. Honestly this worked just fine.

Then there’s a 2” mattress topper to help with comfort. This could have been thicker

Sorry for the delayed response. Let me know if I can answer anything else.

u/snowsilk · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

My physio gave me the really cheap ones--but those snap very easily.

These two were recommended by friends, though I never invested in one. (I got lazy after I stopped going for physio... :P)

u/PM_Trophies · 2 pointsr/Charlotte

I have pretty much a brand new weight bench with 40lb bar and weights totaling up to 185lbs (with bar weight added) that I want to sell, I'm just not using it. Had it about a year and might have used it 10 times at most. Only issue is with the pin that raises the bench up for incline presses, the dog chewed on the black ball part of it but it still works fine.

here's the bench I got off amazon

heres the bar:

the weights:

About $450 total from what I got off amazon. Make me an offer? I'll start at $380 and throw in the mats I also got:

u/kyeks · 2 pointsr/ITCareerQuestions

I used to sit on one of the big exercise balls but found it limited my movement between monitors and when people would come up to my desk. Found the perfect solution:

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair, Black

I've been using it for two weeks and don't have back pain anymore or hip pain! Well worth it.

u/lileor · 2 pointsr/pelotoncycle

I didn't buy any accessories from Peloton directly since there was no offer at the time and the referral program was still the old version where both parties got 2 months free. If you use a referral code to get $100 off accessories, I would suggest to use it toward shoes ($125) and buy everything else you need elsewhere.

Bought Diadora and Shimano shoes for me and DH from UK cycling sites at substantial discounts that offered free shipping.

Got the mat and wireless earbuds from Amazon.
2.5 x 5' mat:
Earbuds (I have an older version); I only use them on the bike so I didn't want to spend too much:

Also got a Mio Link HRM from Amazon that died within a few months, so I replaced it with the Scosche Rhythm+, which was recommended by many other riders.

I don't do arms while riding, so didn't buy weights.

u/HeartMeansEverything · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

It's pretty bruised and still swollen (and all my co-workers seem to think the nail is going to fall off), but I can bend it at both joints so I'm pretty sure it's not broken.

The straps in my gym bag are these - that my boyfriend bought and never used. I already planned to skip my deadlift day for at least this week and just re-try to my chest day (what I was doing Monday when I had the oops) so I'm hoping that by next Wednesday/Thursday it won't hurt so bad anymore and I can resume DLs.

u/ElectricInfinity · 2 pointsr/Fitness

This is what I have.

And these.

I bought them all in one set about 5 years ago. I love them. These are better than mine, mine don't have the weight identifiers on them.

u/kimmerbajimmer · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

I got this stretching strap that I am kind of in love with that helps with this . . .. sometimes . . . . when I want it to [also it has a set of stretches to do, which is helpful because it means I don't have to think about it].

u/zoomdaddy · 1 pointr/flexibility

I wish I could help more. I'm just now getting into flexibility myself. I do feel more qualified to speak about general fitness though. Are you able to order from amazon? I'll assume not(if you did you could order a set of these) but maybe you have access to something like bungee cords? You could attach them with solid anchors and use that for stretching and exercises. Either way, you can always lose weight (I know it's hard!) even without working out if you start counting calories.

My wife also tells me she's 108lb (3 lbs is apparently a big difference when you're 5'1") but she's also small framed. Just used her as an example that you can do it, shes 38 with three kids and she hasn't even started an exercise program yet. It's a long road but it's very possible! I'm rooting for you!

u/Shadowstep1321 · 2 pointsr/cosplay

Amazon Prime beats most retail stores, even Walmart and Home Depot. You're looking for anti-fatigue mats for about $20-25.


Another option that could work is foam board. It's cheap and light, but I would caution that some paints can dissolve it. 4ftx8ft piece is about $10. I once had a 6' prop scythe that was foam board with paper mache reinforcement that I could swing pretty forcefully. Not quite the same but a PVC skeleton could work just as well.

u/CrivensAndShips · 1 pointr/bodyweightfitness

I’ve had good luck with these: bodylastics from Amazon. You can purchase higher resistance, too. They’ve held up very well since 2017.

u/SteveIsAtWork · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

What's the best chair for your back? My coworker has a chair like this Chair ball hyperlink, should I get something similiar?

u/vagabondjames · 1 pointr/P90X

Like many others have mentioned, I'd also recommend the resistance bands. I used them for a while and found them convenient for travel. I've since loaned them out to a friend who now uses them. I believe these are the bands I purchased.

u/onthejourney · 2 pointsr/Fitness

First thing that comes to mind is getting a pull up bar (especially one like the this one with multiple grips):

Between chin ups and multiple arm position pullups (and dips using a chair), you'll hit the majority of your upper body. You can even use your back pack to increase the weight.

Also, have you checked out the side bar at /r/bodyweightfitness ?

You can also get a resistance band set that would allow you to workout your chest standing up. Something like this: (very versatile and affordable).

I actually own both of those so feel free to ask me about them.

u/thehomeeconomist · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

I bought this set from Amazon, and I am very happy with them.

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop

u/elephantballerina · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I've had this Gaim yoga ball chair for the past 2 years. It has held up really well, and I like that it has the seat base which makes it a bit taller and also a bit easier in the workplace (don't want that thing rolling away!).

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  • Ab wheel ($12.96)
  • Collapsible weight bench ($112.00)
  • Dip station ($79.99)

    Total: $204.95, plus any tax and shipping.

    Note that the parallel bar station does not store as easily as you might like. It's very useful, though; you can use it for dips, bodyweight rows, L-sit training, etc. The paralette bars linked by batman1285 are probably a good substitute, though they won't give you as much clearance from the ground.
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For adults haha its supposed to be great for your back and core.

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Exercise bands are the best bet for travel, if you get them make sure they have an attachment that can be used with a door as some kits do not have that piece, then you can work just about every muscle group in your body. They will come with several bands and you combine them to get various weight resistance. Never used the TRX stuff, but it looks like its completely suspension, where bands will provide resistance, not sure how much of a difference that makes, and you might find yourself somewhere that you cannot attach the TRX stuff, with the bands you stand on them, or use a door, etc.

This is the kit I think I have, but you can see the piece for the door, which is the foam circle attached to the strap:

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That's good to know. I will almost certainly never lift 500 but I'm a fan of some amount of over engineering.

While looking for horse stall mats I came across these:

It looks like it's basically the same thing at the same price but without the smell. Any reason not to use them?

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Abs are made in the gym, and revealed in the kitchen. You have to build your abs by working them, but you won't actually see them unless you diet properly and reduce your body fat %.

The best all around ab workout is done with an ab wheel.

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Lifting Straps?

You can get them pretty much at any fitness store. I got a pair at Hibbet for like $4.97 and they held up during a 575 deadlift, so you don't need to spend much on them.

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Here's a couple ideas that have worked for me in the past:

  • Perform exercises which place particularly high levels of stress on the elbows on an every-other-workout basis (think preacher curls, reverse-grip anything)

  • Try sleeping with an elbow splint to keep the arm straight at night. This helps to relax the ulner nerve.

  • Try using the BandIT Therapeutic Arm Band, especially while sleeping.

    Hope some of this helps.


    Author of Bodybuilding: From Heavy Duty to SuperSlow
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Elastic bands got me to a level where the people where complimenting me even when I had long sleeves, can work out while watching Youtube, or in the breaks of writing a paper.

For routines I started with this guide and kept looking on the other exercises with cables and dumbbell and adapting for the bands.

On an important side note, did you checked your spine for deviations? Your alignment seems a lot like the younger me, and I'm really glad I started tackling the spine curves problem when I was young.

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These are what I use for my prehab on the days I press. Pretty cost efficient if you aren't happy with yours.

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise 5 Bands with Instructional Booklet ,Carry Bag, eBook and Online Videos

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do the position in the 1st picture against a wall (so your legs are resting "flat" against the wall. If you cant do that fully then do 1 leg at time up against the frame of a door, with your other leg flat on the ground (because you opened the door -- like a walk in closet, or door to your bathroom)

something like this (which i own) can help you to pull back your toes and get your stretched leg flat:

whenever stretching attempt to go further in small bursts. making stretching a habit will get you there -- stretching is not an "instant" result practice (even at 3 months). Showing up to class, whether it be yoga, pilates, math or science is not enough; you have to do your homework too.

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Squats for sure. There are tons of variations. I highly recommend picking up a set of resistance bands. They are super cheap:

With these you can do a ton of different workouts at home.

Lunges will work as well but will incorporate more glute work. Not a bad thing but not exactly what you asked for.

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You can get straps for around $10, I don't know your financial situation so maybe you don't have it to spare and I hope I'm not being condescending, but just trying to be helpful...also switching to chalk pretty much made me ditch straps until my final reps.

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Here are some other great options too.

Workout Puzzle Mats

I bought enough to fill my space because I have cement floors and would like to pick them up after.

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I don't know if you meat to ask this question to me since I didn't mention a mat but I would recommend this one from Amazon: Amazon Bike Mat. I purchased my mat from amazon (I think it was this one) when we had another bike before Peloton, I just kept it and used it since the Peloton mat was so expensive and this worked just fine. This one is a bit smaller than the Peloton one but it still works and I have plenty of room for the bike and some kettle bells. The Peloton mat is nothing special, just Peloton branded.


I also found this one from Walmart Bike Mat from Walmart, just not sure the quality of it or if it's as thick. It's also not free shipping unless you get over $35 or ship to store. This one seems a bit bigger than the Amazon one and more on par with the Peloton mat dimensions.


You can also get the weight from Amazon, colors will be a little funky, but much more economical than Peloton weights. You can get a set of 2#, 3#, and 5# weight for about $29... Amazon Dumbbell Set

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It’s an inexpensive foam (not rubber) puzzle piece mat that I ordered off amazon . This is 3 sets shown.

It’s actually very warm to stand/lay on, even on the cold basement floor. If you leave weights on it (like overnight), it will leave an indentation, but it’s always popped back up. I’m happy with it so far, but it’s too early to give a proper review of its durability.

I’ll upgrade to a plywood platform with rubber mats once I’m in the new house and have a rack, but I’ll likely keep this for floor work (stretching, yoga, etc.).

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I've got concrete floors with a laminate tile on top. Super unfriendly for certain videos. It was almost a necessity to put down some mats. I bought these ones -

They are holding up well I've had them for a year and a half with minimal signs of wear.

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For just a month... there's no need to add any paperwork to your life.

I'd focus on cardio, doing HIIT cycles of bodyweight. Jump Rope and using [these] (

There are other gyms that allow 1 month memberships like Planet Fitness. Just notify them before the month is out that you're leaving.

I hope this helps.

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I have golfers elbow from hockey injury for a past 1.5 years. I recommend this brace

It will provide great support, but do not wear it all the time it will cause muscle atrophy.

Make sure to do stretching and exercises, use brace when needed.

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Also, I have these and they work great and are holding up well too.

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A brace for my tendonitis. The one I currently have is uncomfortable and doesn't really seem to help anything. Thank you for the contest! :)

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Bumpers would be fine without a mat, but a thin fitness mat or rug wouldn't hurt. I used one like this with my iron plates for years, but the price of one of those new is the same as a thick 3/4" stall mat so at that point I'd just get a thicker mat

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these are fantastic. I use them at my computer when ever I feel like it for arms and legs.

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This one is my absolute favorite.

The Original Stretch Out Strap with Exercise Book by OPTP – Top Choice of Physical Therapists & Athletic Trainers

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I have Bodylastics. Started with this set a few years ago:

Stackable bands are nice, cheap alternative to cable machines (though not quite the same). All of the bands stacked in the initial kit provide a great deal of resistance, but you can also order bands separately. I just ordered an orange one as well.

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Something like this mat, along with good shoes should let you do some of the plyo moves without disturbing your neighbors...

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ProGear 1600 Power Rack w/ Bench
Fitness Gear 300 lb Olympic Weightlifting set
AmazonBasics Dip Bar
Valeo Ab Wheel
TSC Horse stall mat

Various bands

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill

When it comes to working out, I'm a huge introvert. Being able to stay in my own house and workout is probably the only reason I've been so committed thus far.
Plus, I can get a pump whenever I have an extra minute. It's the best investment I've ever made, bar none.

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You should go to a Dr. Sorry, but it's true.
It could be more than just lack to padding (fat). I am and have always been very thin. I all of a sudden have pain in the same area and was diagnosed (MRI) with a bone marrow edema in my sits bone. It's from a number of factors including overuse, inflammation, sitting at a desk, and my mattress needing to be updated. I did strong curves and ride a bicycle 4 times a week, I sit on a Giam ball chair (link below) and got a new (expensive) mattress.
I still have pain when sitting for over an hour so I'm looking at standing desks. I've also had a cortisone shot in the area. All of which has helped.
Go to the Dr and find out what's going on. Plenty of skinny people can sit all day without pain - something likely needs attention from a Dr. Good luck.

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I ordered a lifting straps

to support my hands, and looking for lifting belt, what are the good products to buy?

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I have made myself a home gym, however the only spare room in the house had hardwood floors. I have bought a bunch of these,

and was wondering if you guys thought they were enough to protect the floor if I dropped deadlift on it? Could I stack 2 or 3 on top of each other and drop safely? I just don't want there to be a hole in the floor from me dropping them.

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Both my gym and my physical therapy place use these! I use the blue one for hip thrusts and glute activations. I have these at home but they don't seem to have as much resistance as the others - I pretty much only use the black one for everything

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im going to buy these foam interlocking squares around my pool table and that should help. they are inexpensive and seem to have good reviews!

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For the axle I use WOW straps.
For barbell deadlifts I just use Rip Toned straps that I got off amazon for less than $10. I like these better than elite fts or Cerberus straps that I have.

u/II------II · 1 pointr/Fitness

> Straps

Something Like this from amazon:


Or something else?

Thanks for the suggestion. This could possibly provide the captain hook method to do pulling exercises.

u/daddyscientist · 1 pointr/homegym

I have these laid on on my garage gym where I don't have plywood or horse stall mats. They're a great value for what you get (6 large tiles).

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Interesting gif. Well I want these. Don't really need it as I can just lift Baby K up and down to get a workout on. But, they'd be fun to have. Plus I could probably make a giant rubber band gun with them at some point.

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Oooo check out this set of exercise resistance bands! You can use em anywhere and they've got a bunch of great reviews!

I don't think you have the willpower

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I use straps. You can work on grip strength on its own. Don't let your deadlift progress stall just because of grip. I usually do warm up without straps, then straps for heavy sets, and last set as many as possible without straps. I train my grip with deadhangs, or holding heavy dumbbells when doing other single leg exercises.

I waited so long to use straps because I thought I was cheating. Then I sucked it up and bought it. I immediately wish I did it sooner when I crushed my RDL reps at the gym without the worry of focusing on grip and was able to focus on form.

I don't use straps for regular deadlifts, because the quick tap reset at the bottom (even if it's a quarter of a second) seems to help and not require the assistance of straps.

This is what I got:

Lifting Wrist Straps by Rip Toned (Pair) - Cotton - Neoprene Padded - for Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Xfit, Strength Training, Powerlifting, MMA

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I don't have issues with my knees collapsing but if science says it will give me a sweet ass I guess I'll do it. Any suggestion on a which bands to get for a 6'2 guy with a very wide stance? They all seem to be 12' at varying thicknesses and these seem to be most popular on amazon.

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I've been using a set of foam mats, like these:
3x3 fits my space with a 6in padding around it. I haven't hit the walls yet (but have hit the ceiling).
Also, these make it a lot easier on the feet for long sessions!

u/Toast- · 2 pointsr/bodyweightfitness

These are the bands I use, I believe they are the same ones recommended by Ido and/or Antranik. I have no complaints about them whatsoever, they're great.

Otherwise yeah bands alone can do full body, it just might not be optimal. If you have any questions on specific exercises or ways to adapt certain movements we could help out with that.

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I just got this set a couple of months ago and I love them. There is a large variety of resistances plus several anchor options. I also bought this and the combo has really helped my stretching.

u/thinklewis · 1 pointr/Fitness

Having lots of issues with this as well. I am pretty sure my problem is poor ergonomics at work (bad keyboard/mouse position) as well as softball season. Hoping to alleviate this by getting a trackball and positioning it and keyboard better.

And yes working out with this is a pain. I have issues with pull upos, squats, bench and others when I am having my pain. I just got one of these which seems to help during a workout a bit, but its a bandaid not a problem solver.

u/omnislash00 · 2 pointsr/MuayThai

Personally I use the "stretch out strap" I got from amazon. 15 bucks, does the job. It doesn't expand at all like an elastic band. There's loops every few inches to help really get the angle you need.

u/spackattak · 1 pointr/ketogains

A couple years ago, a friend of mine picked up a set of resistance bands and suggested I do the same so we could work out together. I ended up getting this set off Amazon, I think they were the best/most reviewed at the time. I had no complaints about the quality, but to be honest, I only used them a couple times because our schedules didn't align and if I'm by myself I'd prefer the gym.

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This is awesome I have a few items on my wl. Cook book, An wheel, Ankle weight, I also have yoga pants & other assorted items on my wishlist. Thanks for the contest :) I have set a weight loss goal of 68lbs long ways to go but I will get there.

u/ibuprofiend · 3 pointsr/bodyweightfitness

I have this set, which is similar to your first option but slightly more expensive. I think in my research I saw these recommended more often than the Black Mountain ones, so I paid a little extra for them.

I haven't really experienced any problems with them. I don't think they're as good as actual weights, but they cost like 1/4 as much, so I'm happy with my purchase.

u/he_could_get_it · 5 pointsr/Fitness

Hi there... I'm handicapped and looking to do something for working out my arms and possibly my residual limb. Any advice is appreciated. I'm looking at purchasing this:

Which has a door anchor, in hopes that I can use it from my wheelchair. I also have a ten lb dumbbell to start off with.

Does the linked resistance band set seem legit?

u/HaricotNoir · 5 pointsr/gainit

One of these infomercial-lookin' things.

Shitty "As Seen On TV!" marketing aside, they are excellent pieces of equipment for the price.

Just make sure you have good form. The movement is essentially a dynamic plank - meaning you still have to maintain a "hollow body"/activated core throughout the ROM.

u/D5x1 · 1 pointr/Fitness

If you want to increase your reps and a pulley isn't available, score yourself some woodcutters. They help out a ton. I'd post a video on how to use them but I'm on mobile.

Woodcutters are on Amazon!!

u/LoSientoMrRoboto · 10 pointsr/StrongCurves

basically these I use a pretty heavy resistance for thrusts and squats and a much lighter one for clams, hip raises, and side lying abductions.
Getting set up for barbell thrusts with a band around your knees is a little bit of a circus but its worth it haha