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u/FoxDie29 · 2 pointsr/Polaroid

Hi, there! I've used a ton of the impossible expired film in the past. Their expired 3 pack grab bag is one of my favorites! I love the experimenting and the learning! Hopefully I can help with some insight.

First, your film stock pile. I have tons of different film from over the years filling up my fridge as well so I know the joy and fear you are having. I am happy to say at least in my experience If you have kept them in the fridge the who time before use you are likely to get the same quality of picture that you would have if you had used that pack the day you got it. I just used their Lucky 8 film from its original release over a year plus ago and got results similar to what other did from it. That being said, I do try to rotate out older stuff as I see it just for peace of mind.

Second, when it comes to the expired stuff it really can be a crazy hit or miss, and I have no idea why. I've always wondered if it had something to do with certain batches or maybe how these packs have been stored by there individual distributors. During the IP holiday sale I bought some super cheap B&W Spectra film that expired in 2014 and it still delivered great shots. On the other hand the 600 Paradise Lost edition that are expired turn out red and over exposed every single time... And this is the only trend I've seen consistent, certain runs will give similar results. So if you have more of the same run I would expect something similar to happen. I would suggest taking what works well to get shots in this pack and be ready to apply it to another. For me the Paradise Lost was always red so I tired to shoot images that were more green to attempt to even it out. Again its hard to tell but what you got is not the sole experience of the expired film, you will find better results in some packs, some even look the same as brand new film.

As far as trying to work with with whats left of this pack, the best advice I can give is to play with it. It seems like you know quite a bit about what you are doing so keep pushing forward with new ideas. My own two cents would be to try darkening your exposure all the way past the 2/3 mark and and try some filters. And not those over priced mint ones either. Just make your own and hold or just tape them with masking tape to your camera for each shot. I made my own after watching this video.

You could try and use the impossible filter pack too. I know you said you are already using the correct film in the correct camera but with they way they are looking it might help if you have a second pack to use; they are on Amazon. if you have a local camera store you might be able to get them cheaper, I think I got mine for 6.99

Good Luck and keep shooting!

u/gcbriel · 16 pointsr/Journaling

Oooo, this is my favourite thing to do with my journal!

  • Water colours! I am by no means an artist, but I have a kiddies pack of water colour paints and a crappy brush that I use to swipe colour over the page. I quite like the texture from the brush being bad quality! Sometimes I scrunch up toilet paper and dab the spot, half to dry it, half to add texture too. It dries quickly otherwise, or you can blow a hairdryer on it if you’re impatient like me. Sometimes I have to stick two pages together to reinforce them but I don’t mind that.

  • Distress ink pads and oil paints can be used for more vibrant colours! It just takes longer to dry and the distress ink bleeds through more, I’ve found.

  • I impulsively splurged a couple years ago and bought a Polaroid printer. It’s a tad pricey if you use it constantly but it’s SO worth it. It’s a palm-sized little thing you connect it to your phone and print whatever you want off it in a couple seconds — whether it’s personal photos or just things you find pretty. I take it with me everywhere because it makes things so much easier. (Some people prefer to just use an Instax camera but I’m a perfectionist and the thought of screwing up photos on expensive film makes me sweat, so I appreciate being able to edit beforehand. I also like being able to print off other things as well.)

  • Otherwise, I just print things off the internet using my desktop printer. I do find it super annoying to cut things out but some people enjoy it, so you do you. My printer also has a built in photocopier so I use it to get duplicates of pieces of text or art from important books/magazines, book covers — anything I can’t actually cut out of and put it in. I once copied the front cover design of a mixtape my then-girlfriend made for me and stuck it in.

  • Quite niche but if you have a typewriter, that’s great for titles and stuff to paste in.

  • Washi tape! You can usually find bins of it for cheap, or order it in bulk online. I also like it because it’s reusable, so if you don’t like what you’ve done, you can move the strip elsewhere or do away with it. I use it to stick things down and just for decoration in itself.

  • Stick in random things. Movie and train tickets, receipts, pretty wrappers, notes, maps, whatever you want. I tend to only do this while traveling, personally, but that’s just my preference.

  • Speaking of notes, I have tons of random old half-finished notebooks and notepaper I won’t use again, so sometimes I tear empty pages out of them and stick them into my journal to write on top of. I just like the look of it, really. Same works with sticky notes and such. Some people may find it sacrilegious but I also have a lame vampire novel whose pages I tear up and paste down as a sort of collage. The same one has lasted me years, so no other books have been harmed in the process.

  • Once I set a page on fire to singe around the edges. You probably shouldn’t do that but hey, it looked pretty cool.

  • Otherwise, if I don’t have anything on hand, I tend to just cramp up my writing quite a lot and leave very little free space (terrible doodles etc). That makes the pages look a tad more used. I used to use a lot of colour and still sometimes do, but currently I’m on the go and don’t always want to bring all my supplies with me. When I do, I use metallic markers, puffy gellyroll pens, various colours of fineliners, whatever. Just to make the page look more layered with the different kinds of ink and line thicknesses. Writing in different directions also helps.

  • Coin rubbings with foreign currency, jewelery etc can look pretty cool, but I find it kinda hard.

  • Sometimes I make little zines out of A4 paper. If you google you can find how to fold a zine out of one page.

    Here are examples of some of the things mentioned in case I didn’t explain clearly :) I hope this helps!
u/densetsu23 · 2 pointsr/Edmonton

No specific suggestions for providers, but just an idea we liked. We bought an Instax cameras (basically Polaroid cameras) and a bunch of film and left them on the front table with the gifts. We asked people to use them all night and take polaroid-like photos, then deposit them in a box.

We got a ton of amazingly goofy photos with them. Loved the retro feel of the film, and the permanence of film over a digital camera seemed to bring out the best in people. It's been 3 years and I still take a few shots with that camera at birthdays, parties, etc. Compliments our DSLR and cell phones nicely. It's a modern take on the "leaving disposable cameras around" idea, better because people can immediately see the photos they took.

We had the Instax 210, no longer made; they replaced it with the Instax wide 300. We both like the wide format onces better, but the square-film Instax mini 9 cameras and film are more widely available.

u/jeffk42 · 3 pointsr/analog

> When you get your negatives developed at a local lab, if they have the option to scan the negatives and send it you as jpeg or tiff do you get both or one or the other?

If they have the option, it's generally going to be one or the other.

> Do you think it's worth the extra cost to get a tiff and post process the image more through Lightroom/Photoshop or do you already like how the labs develop the photos and just go for jpeg?

I've done tests comparing images scanned with both of my own scanners, scanning as jpeg and as tiff (at the same resolution) and then testing to see if there's any difference in the amount of data available. In those tests, the images came out exactly the same. I manipulated them, moving slides into crazy positions in Photoshop, and the results were always equivalent.

Maybe that's not 100% definitive, but in my experience a scanned jpeg vs tiff is not the same as digital jpeg vs raw. The latter makes a huge difference. The former makes none. Of course, those are with my scanners and not with lab scanners.

> Can you ask local labs to push/pull your negatives?

You have to ask your lab. They're all different.

> Does that cost extra?

Yes., usually a couple of dollars per stop.

> What are reasons for wanting to push/pull your film? What is the major difference?

Pushing film means you're leaving it in the developing solution for longer than the normal amount of time. Pulling means you're taking it out sooner. It's usually (though not always) done in connection with overrating or underrating the film (setting the camera's EI to a value other than the ISO printed on the box). There are a number of reasons why you'd want to do this. If you're in a position where you need an ISO 1600 film because of the light levels and all you have is ISO 400 film, you can overrate it to 1600, and later ask the lab to push process 2 stops. It's also useful for contrast control when you have a difficult scene. Exposing for the shadow areas and then developing for the highlights allows you to set the "boundaries"of your tone and allow the middle tones to fall into place between them, increasing or decreasing the contrast as the case may be.

The side effects depend on which way you're going. Overrating and pushing increases contrast and grain, can kill shadow detail, and in C-41 films may result in color shifts. Underrating and pulling film reduces grain and contrast, but is hardly ever done with C-41 film because you can overexpose it a lot without changing the development and still get perfect results.

My advice? Don't get ahead of yourself. Be comfortable with an emulsion before you start changing variables. People love to jump on the bandwagon and start push processing before they know what they're doing, and it's really easy to be disappointed in the results.

> I mostly shoot portraiture so any film for portraits would be great! Both black and white and color. Or any 35mm films in general that are just spectacular?

It seems obvious, but the Portra films (160, 400, 800) are designed for that kind of work. Fuji 400H is also nice. These are all professional grade films, so they cost more. If you want to make cheaper decisions for messing around and learning, look into Agfa Vista Plus 200, Kodak ColorPlus 200, or Fuji Superia 400.

For B&W, Ilford HP5+ and FP4+ are my primary films, but I also use Pan F+ and Delta 3200 when appropriate. Fuji Acros is also a great film.

u/disneylurker · 2 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

I don't know if your kid is into photography, but I got one of these Polaroid cameras that I plan to take with me to Disney. It's really cute and easy to use. You could maybe even get a Disney themed scrapbook for her/him to put the photos in?

They also have Disney themed film for the camera so when it prints out, the borders have Disney characters depending on which film you buy.


The only downside is any super bright outdoor areas and the photos don't show up that great. Shady areas, night photos, and indoor photos are best.

u/petercylo · 3 pointsr/ThriftStoreHauls

> For people and family photos, I love ISO 400 color print film. It's fast enough to let me shoot without flash in any light, and good enough to look good even if I have plenty of light.
>Any ISO 400 film will work, and you can get it anywhere that sells film. Fuji Superia 400 is my favorite low-cost ISO 400 film. It sells for about $3 a roll.
>Fuji 400H Professional is my favorite — but costs about $8 a roll. I order it online as I always have; good film always has to be ordered.
>If you're expecting to be shooting in very dim light, ISO 800 print film doesn't have much more gain than ISO 400, and you'll be much better able to stop motion. It has slightly less vivid colors and a little more grain, but that's much better then a blurry picture if the light is very dim.
> ISO 100 print film is even better if you're outdoors and don't expect to be indoors during the same roll of film, except that ISO 100 print film is usually optimized for nature and landscape photos more than for people photos.


u/opDimitri · 1 pointr/Polaroid

I'm a polaroid fan but to be objective, if you are on a budget, fujifilm is a better bet for a new camera. Cameras are ~ $100 and film is much cheaper - more than 2x cheaper per shot than Polaroid and produce better quality that current polaroid originals film.

These are both great Instax cameras to give as gifts I think.

I'd personally recommend the WIDE camera (second link) as the "mini" photos are just too small to be useful (to me at least). Mini camera (1st link) does have more options however. But both are better cameras than current iType OneStep 2 PO sells.

If you are going polaroid route, I'd say avoid plastic consumer cameras of the 90s. And even the new onestep2. They are just too basic and too cheap (i know I'll get flamed for this). In my opinion, there are 3 cameras that are really worth having from polaroid:

SX-70 (Model 1 and 2) •
680 SLR <-overall best pick but pricy •
Spectra SE/PRO (Or Minolta variant of the same).

If you don't mind gifting a used Polaroid camera and on a budget, Spectra SE sells on ebay for 20-50$ based on condition and it's all inclusive (no need for any add-ons), higher end camera that shoots larger format film. If you snag one for 40$ like I did, you will still have enough for 3 packs of film to go with it!

my 2 cents.

u/dougolupski · 1 pointr/Polaroid

Congrats! Its said Steve Jobs used the SX-70 as part of his inspiration for a lot of apple designs. Its a sexy fantastic camera. My suggestion to start since impossible film is really picky at times would be to buy some expired film from them and just play with it and learn (its wayyyyy cheaper). Also when you do buy new film the Black and White 2.0 is a lot easier to use compared to color, so you will get better images right off the bat with less learning curve.

When you feel comfortable with it look into buying these filters they will allow you to use the 600 speed film in your camera. The only thing it will do is allow you to purchase more types of film and different frames. It helps when trying to find cheaper or sale film on Impossible Projects website.

u/adamsw216 · 2 pointsr/Polaroid

This is something I've mentioned to PO--a serious lack of good, archival photo album. I don't like those ones with sticky pages, nor do I like those ones where the photos barely fit or are too loose. I want something nice looking and stable. Even those old Polaroid SX-70 albums aren't ideal because they're just paper pages with corner holders, so there's no covering protecting the images from finger prints.

So far, I have not been super successful. I have only tried two out so far, but here are my findings:

  • Polaroid Photo Album for Zink

    This album feels ridiculously cheap and kind of crappy. Amazingly, it does fit Polaroid photos perfectly. The only downside is, because the new Polaroid Originals photos are pretty thick, it is a bit too snug to fit in the photos front-to back (two per sleeve) in order to reach the maximum storage capacity of 48 photos. I'm worried about the photos in the front and back of the album getting bent if I fill it all the way. Still, it works.

  • Finite Wallet Photo Album for Instax Wide

    Decent build quality. It is pretty ideal for Instax Wide photos, and that's what I'm using it for, but I was surprised to see that Polaroid photos fit in there very well. The only downside is you have to put them in sideways so you'll have to hold the book horizontally and flip through it vertically if you want to view the photos. I don't really like that and prefer to flip through it like a book, but it's a decent album and would work in a pinch.

    There are a couple others on eBay that I've been thinking of trying. I'll probably make a post if I find the perfect, affordable album.
u/Sempere · 4 pointsr/Polaroid

Again, failing to actually address the point of longevity - this is their competition mass produced, half the price per shot and affordable. 8 shots per pack for a price point on par with when they used to have 10 shots in a pack is not a successful transition or rebrand. It's not making good on their promise to lower prices and the fool hardy suggestion that it's art and people who care will pay more will not help them win. They have the most recognizable name but that name will not help them where they need it to. I know people who like the idea of polaroids, love them when they see me taking them but cannot afford to spend the money on getting into it as a serious hobby and that is the problem - if art is for everybody, how can we claim that they're even close to fulfilling that idea? I can support my purchases as I'm lucky enough to be able to afford it - but I'm not going to sit here and pretend this is a revolution or a success beyond corporate branding and an effort to make more money without actually bringing something beyond a new formulation to the table. They promised more shots per pack and price drops for years - we've seen nothing from them. So why pretend? I want them to succeed but they will never be able to in the long run if they don't seriously gear up for a way to lower the prices and increase access.

u/jelliknight · 2 pointsr/Polaroid

I have the instax mini.

Over time it's the cost of film that really matters, the cost of the camera will be negligible once you've taken 100 shots. Fujifilm Instax are the cheapest for film. It doesn't matter how much nicer the camera looks if you can't afford the film to use it! If you want the bigger film size you can always get the instax wide though that means the camera is bigger and less convenient to carry around (though so is the polaroid).

Do take into consideration the size of the camera itself. If you have to carry an extra bag around for it you're less likely to have it on you when you see something you want to shoot. The instax mini fits in my handbag, the other two would not. Google for pictures of people using them to get an idea of the size.

As for the smaller film, I considered that too but the truth is I'm never looking at my pictures from across the room anyway - they're in my hand when I look at them. Credit card size is plenty for that.

In conclusion i think the instax wide is a good compromise if the film size is important to you. The films for it are about US$16 for 20 (as opposed to US$50 for 16 for the polaroid) and they're comparable in size. Here's a comparison of the polaroid, instax mini and instax wide films.

BTW you could always get a groovy case to make it prettier.

u/Zamiewithazee · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh man, I have that exact model! I got mine from Costco so it came with a bag and 2 lenses.

Oooh, no, I have one of those cameras, but I'm pretty sure there's some light leak going on with it :/ I'm taking about this bad boy.

You're a human that moves into this small town where your neighbors are cute animals that act and talk like humans. In the original one, you have to pay off your mortgage and what not, and you can do tons of stuff around town like help out your neighbors, catch fish & bugs, visit your friend's town, and decorate your house. In this new one, you're the mayor of the town and you can actually purchase things for the town like benches and other decorations. The trailer might help :)

u/ghostforest · 1 pointr/keto

Bravo! I always choose non-food rewards as rewarding myself with food is part of what lead me to being overweight.

For 100 lbs, I'd really want to splurge. Maybe a really great outfit for upcoming holiday parties, a special piece of jewelry, or something fun like an updated Polaroid style camera .

u/11m4a · 2 pointsr/weddingplanning

I don’t know if they’re necessary, but I’m so excited for ours!
I got this book from Amazon (only $34!), and will have the black pages for people to write little messages on it in metallic markers, and our Fuji film mini Polaroid camera to add their pictures! I totally stole the idea from Pinterest and that’s ok :)

We registered for the film to cut out that cost, and I think it will be a fun experience for our guests and something that we will enjoy looking back on. Hope this helps!

Wooden Wedding Guest Book (11" x 8.5", Burnt Cocoa Wood Finish) Personalized Rustic Polaroid Guestbook Album Bridal Shower Registry Made in USA

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera, Smokey White

Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film (3 Twin Packs, 60 Total Pictures) - International Version

u/aprofessional · 2 pointsr/AnalogCommunity

> wasting my precious film

A real waste would be the film expiring in the camera body because you never shot anything on it.

On the other hand, I'm sympathetic to what you're saying. In fact, the feeling that film exposures are scarce is what keeps me in film photography as a hobbyist - whenever I play with other people's DSLRs / my own mirrorless digital I'm just firing off at anything. Knowing I've got a fixed number of exposures left on the roll and maybe one other roll on my person at the time forces me to slow down and think about why I want to take the picture. Maybe that means I should be more thoughtful even when holding a digital camera, but hey whatever I'm doing this for fun, so I figure whatever makes me happy. Plus there's the experience / suspense of taking the roll to be developed and seeing the results, etc. I'm probably preaching to the choir here at this point.

Maybe taking some time to learn on a cheaper film - you can get four 36-frame rolls of Ultramax 400 for like $15 - and seeing the results will help you feel more confident, without feeling like you're wasting "precious" film. (Note: I'm not here to slam Ultramax. It's just cheap, and it works. Whether or not you think it's "good" is another question entirely, and honestly I don't have enough expertise to argue / have an informed opinion.)

Overall though, remember, you're here to have fun! You don't owe the film, this hobby, anyone else, or even yourself anything. Be thoughtful as you shoot, learn, take advice, do research, but if you're afraid to take any pictures you'll never get better at it or enjoy yourself. The worst case scenario is the whole roll sucks and you spent $20 learning thirty-six ways to not take a good picture. The next roll will be better.

u/Transplantedreality · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Sonya, your momma wouldn't tell you this but... LIVE, every single day to the best of your ability. If you love someone , tell them. If you have a dream, chase it. If you want to see the word, do it. Love with all your heart, laugh whenever you can, show kindness to everyone you meet. The whole point of living is to be alive. When you're young its easy to put things off for another day, but someday you'll look back and may regret the chances and opportunities you didn't grab hold of. So take them, own them and give it all you've got.

A camera to capture all of the memories she makes

u/cantthinkofausernam · 2 pointsr/ThriftStoreHauls

If you're interested in using the camera, film is still made for it. It's pricey but fun! Just make sure you read the instructions to get the best results!

u/Morejazzplease · 24 pointsr/Ultralight

I pretty much only make a list because my In-laws and parents want to me too haha:

  1. Mountain Laurel Designs 28L Core (Greay, Sz. Large w/ two bottle pockets):

  2. Mountain Laurel Designs Small Packing Cube:

  3. Mountain Laurel Designs Bug Net:

  4. Lightheart Gear Silnylon Rain jacket (Large, in gray):

  5. Borah Gear Down Vest (Large):

  6. Deuce of Spades Trowel:
  7. Zpacks Large Rectangular Dry Bag:

  8. Mountain Laurel Designs UL Mug:

  9. Bedrock Cairn Adventure Sandals (Size 11 / copper): or Gift Card:

  10. Kahtoola MicroSpikes (Large):

  11. Portra 400 35mm Film:

  12. Tanner Leather Utility Bifold Wallet (in Natural):

  13. Develop and scan few rolls of my 35mm film? Using the Find Lab:

  14. Books by: Kerouac, Everett Rouse, Noam Chompsky

  15. Books on house / cabin fabrication.

    Don't really expect to get anything from there (usually end up with a gift card to REI lol) but it can fun to find little doo dads that I don't really want to buy myself haha.
u/Hoosierfellow · 2 pointsr/pics

The good thing is, 35mm is still super affordable! Happy shooting, friend!
35mm Film!

u/MikeRollerson · 1 pointr/Polaroid

If you're on a budget, Instax is the way to go for sure.

As someone else mentioned, the Instax Neo 90 is a very safe bet and right around your range. The camera is very "automatic" but also has some creative control if you prefer (night more, multiple exposures, bulb mode, flash off, darker, lighter, macro). The film is also very cheap (approx. $12.50 for 20 shots but can often be found for less on sale)

The downside is that the Instax Mini format is about half the size of Instax Wide or Polaroid film. I still really like it, it's cheap, it's easy to use and a fun system to shoot with!

Price does vary, but don't spend more than $129 (bestbuy/urbanoutfitters will sometimes list it at $179-199). You can sometimes find a used one for about $79:

u/Gargladdy · 3 pointsr/Polaroid

If you're price conscious on film I would shy away from any of the 600 series cameras. $25-30 for 8 shots? Not worth it if you want to actively shoot with it.

If you don't like the mini form factor, you could also consider an instax wide. the pros are the film is cheap, it's wider than the OG square polaroid film which some people like too. (cheaper than the instax mini film even) but the cons are the camera itself is HUGE.

I personally have the mini 25, and have been enjoying using it more as an out with friends, or throw it in my bag camera. For more artistic stuff I use a Polaroid Land and FP100c film (8.99 for 10 shots) If you can go that route I would do that for cost. The cons of pack film is you can't just throw it in your pocket after you peel it, you have to wait for it to dry first.

u/3zero1ne · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. I really love my polaroid camera... just it's not a polaroid, it's a Fujifilm Instax . It's just a lot of fun to bring around places and casually shooting. Plus: instant gratification!

  2. LOTS of crazy stuff happens. I can't talk about some of them because of NDA's i've signed...but i'd say probably some of the weddings i've done. Seeing a bride's dress tear/start to rip as she put it on, seeing a cake almost fall, a few too many drunk people, REALLY awkward toasts/speeches...also some very cool cultural experiences from weddings. Ethiopian weddings are cool, and some of the Jewish and Russian ones i've been to have been amazing.

  3. I've never had one!
u/ficus16 · 1 pointr/photography

Amazon would probably work best, but being in NYC I'm sure I have plenty of option. Thank you for the advice! A bit off topic but what do you think of Lens kit or Polaroid Camera as gift options?

u/Howls_Castle · 3 pointsr/Polaroid

I have this Fuiji Instax camera. It works awesome. And you can buy film for it via amazon. Its not as awesome as the good old Polaroid 600 type, but it is a great equivalent, although a bit big. But has a nice set of features.

u/Gabgra11 · 3 pointsr/instax

That's pretty much the best price you will find for a twin pack. You can buy a 60 pack for around $39 HERE if you are willing to buy that much film at a time. If you don't want to wait for the film to arrive in the mail, Best Buy usually sells twin packs for $14 plus tax, but they tend to run out quick at the Best Buy near me. All in all, it will usually be around $0.60 - $1 per picture with this type of film.

u/EastCoastGnar · 3 pointsr/photography

The Impossible Project stuff is nice, but the film is extremely expensive. I would recommend going with a Fujifilm Instax Wide. The camera itself is pretty cheap...roughly $50.

If you buy the film, you can get 40 sheets for roughly $30.

If you want the film to be a little cheaper, you can buy an Instax mini, but I think the bigger prints are worth the little bit of extra money they cost.

u/ElXGaspeth · 3 pointsr/photography

Get a Polaroid 440! Or any camera that uses Polaroid Type-100 film. Fuji still makes type-100 instant film!

They've got ISO 100 color film or ISO 3000 black and white film available. Both look great and work really well.

I use it on my Polaroid 440 and Polaroid back for my Mamiya RB67. It makes really great prints.

u/MakinBaconPancakezz · 1 pointr/CasualConversation

So cute! If she’s creative she’ll probably live something like these:

Make your own mini erasures kit

Wreck this journal

Lip Balm Maker Kit

Instant Camera

Also, if she loves to build, you can never go wrong with Legos.

u/sanfran54 · 5 pointsr/Polaroid

This manual should work for you if you don't have one. This uses 600 type film and can be found at Polaroid Originals or places like Amazon and such. The battery is in the film pack so the camera will not function until you insert the film pack. The current film is not exactly like the original stuff that was discontinued around 2006. It's a bit faster (more sensitive to light) than the original so you'll likely need to adjust the lighten/darken control a bit to darker. The new film is also a bit sensitive to light when it is first ejected unlike the original stuff. They sell an extended light shield to help cover the film for a bit when first ejected. Otherwise quickly shield a new print in a pocket or something for a few minutes at first.

u/laggy2da · 5 pointsr/ElectricForest

Here's one that uses actual instant film

Here's one that is digital and prints the photos as you take them-

And here's a portable printer so you can just print photos from your phone


I've used both of the first 2. The Fuji instax photos look best but getting them to come out good with lighting can be tricky and the film is expensive. I wouldn't reccomend the instant print polaroid. The pictures rarely came out good in my experience.
I haven't had experience with the pocket printer but they seem really nifty.

u/MrBattleRabbit · 2 pointsr/Cameraporn

I shoot a Canonet and a Canon F-1, which are both designed for PX625 lead-acid batteries. I use an MR-9 battery adapter with a silver-oxide battery to power those meters.

I've talked to my camera tech(I've used the same tech for 15 years or so), and according to him a modern 1.5v silver oxide battery will work fine in most situations. Modern films (like Tri-X, TMAx, Ilford HP5, Ektar, Portra, etc) have a ton of latitude. The extra .15v from the modern battery will cause you to overexpose, but not enough to mess with the exposure of modern films in a significant way. If you shoot older emulsions (Ferrania P30, Eastman Double-X, etc) the difference will be much more noticeable.

But really, pick up a battery adapter and a pack of silver oxide batteries. The adapter is expensive, but you can transfer it between a ton of film camera bodies that used that common PX625 battery when new.

Worth noting- a handful of vintage cameras are internally regulated. Several Pentax Spotmatic variants have voltage regulating diodes in their circuitry that allow them to use batteries with a wider array of voltages.

Happy shooting!

u/futuremrsc2017 · 1 pointr/weddingplanning

This is the newest version of the one I own. I LOVE mine :) This is the film (20 pictures for $19).

u/Kerbero · 1 pointr/Polaroid

The best thing I could find is this
Fintie Wallet Photo Album. I ordered one and the photos fit snuggly in there. I like it alot but probably not great for bulk storage as it's fairly compact.

But yeah, I wish Photo File made a correct fitting sheet.

u/woobie1196 · 1 pointr/analog

Is this the Superia you are talking about?

Seems pretty cheap; worth a shot!

Thanks for the recommendation!

u/SLRWard · 2 pointsr/ThriftStoreHauls

For what it's worth, that looks like a SX-70. You might have luck with something like this:

Old Polaroid film is more expensive and a lot dicier proposition as to if it works or not after so many years.

u/Eal12333 · 3 pointsr/photography

I'm looking to get an instant camera this upcoming Black Friday!

Right now I'm looking at the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9, the Instax Wide 300, the Intax Mini 90 Neo Classic, and the Polaroid Onestep 2.

Right now I think the one I'm most interested in is the Mini 90; It has the most features, looks nice, and seems to take great pictures. But I'm unsure if I really think it's worth being 3x the price of the Mini 9. And I've heard of possible issues with the longevity of the proprietary battery.

I also really like the larger prints of the Instax Wide, and the Onestep 2, and the Onestep 2 has that real nostalgic look, but they're both very simple cameras, and I've heard very conflicting things about the quality of the pictures they produce.

And the Mini 9 has by far the most attractive price; I can get a bundle with 2 packs of film for $80 CAD at Costco, but I really hate that it cant really take landscape pictures (at least, not without holding it in an awkward way it wasn't meant to be held)

Any thoughts on the cameras? would you recommend any to me specifically? And are there any good deals going on?

u/ezirb7 · 2 pointsr/weddingswap

When is your wedding? We ordered 2 instax mini 8's, and we will be done with them after this weekend.

What is a nearby zip code to estimate shipping? :)

As for film, here is the best price we've found:

u/jasonepowell · 3 pointsr/photography

I bought a bunch of these DIY 35mm TLR's for friends. I built one the other night, it was fun because that's the kind of nerd I am. It was pretty educational as well; it's not often you get to see the actual guts of what makes a camera work and just how absolutely simple they can be.

u/FIBpackfan · 1 pointr/nfl

My wife does a lot of that too, Google offers photobooks straight from their service. A lot of digital printers also offer similar integration.

But nothing beats the old-school cool of either polaroid or fujifilm instant photos.

You inspired me to go find this and now I kind of want one just for the instant gratification of a quick pic of one of the kids or the family.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/instax

If you have Amazon Prime, check here:

There are multiple sellers listed here with Prime Fulfillment that can get it there as soon as tomorrow (just check to make sure it's New condition). I know BestBuy used to sell it instores at a high price but seems to have taken it out of stores. If you have prime, also check out Prime now ( - they give free 2-hour delivery even on weekends but items vary from city to city since it's all from the local warehouses

u/finaleclipse · 1 pointr/photography

> So they're​ expensive for B&W film standards because they're priced similar to color film.

But they're not at the moment. The color film can be found easily for ~$0.60/shot while the monochrome seems to be holding steady at $1/shot. A 65% markup on a film that's historically cheaper than color seems backwards. To be fair, it has gone down since launch from $15 for a 10-pack, but it's still pretty pricey compared to color.

u/EvolutionXVIII · 2 pointsr/photography

I just fixed my land camera 100 a few weeks ago! I used fujifilm that I bought off of amazon. ( and It can be kind of expensive, but I thought it was definitely worth it.

u/RentalCat · 3 pointsr/ThriftStoreHauls

Hah! The film is more expensive than the camera! Good find. Also, the market value of the camera seems to be over $100!

u/MAD_JIHAD · 1 pointr/photography

Theres also a good DIY 35mm TLR out there. I personally love using mine for the weird results and lens flare. There are a bunch that are just rebranded, if you search you can find them cheaper probably.

u/Zuiko · 1 pointr/photography

I just bought this 5 pack of Portra 400 off of amazon for $29 with free shipping.

I plan on buying more 5 packs from Amazon in the future.

u/whatamionabout · 1 pointr/analog

I use Amazon to buy my film, it's been pretty reliable, and not too expensive really. Although I have only just started out with taking photos, so I could be wrong.
I've been using the Fujifilm Superia range, which aren't too badly priced.

ISO 200, fuji superia film - 5 pack for £14.89

ISO 400, fuji superia film - 3 pack for £9.27

ISO 200, fuji superia - 3 pack for £3.90

The film you wanted to use did seem rather more expensive, is that because the fim you want to use is of a better quality?

Okay, just googled the Kodak Portra film and it sounds way out of the league of Fujifilm superia, so I apologise haha. I'll still post this though.

u/thnikkamax · 1 pointr/analog

I actually think Fuji Instax mini, if you are buying the value pack at usually 60-67 cents per frame, is cheaper than shooting film after you account for the amount of shots you might mess up in film. Take a $7.50 roll of Portra and $12 to process+scan, at 12 of 36 good frames you are shooting $1.63 per frame. If you get 36 of 36 good shots you are shooting 54 cents per frame in 35mm, but that is typically difficult to do.

It's not exactly the same thing as there are pros and cons for one vs the other. And on the Instax you still have to scan, though the 35mm you still have to print.. but for a student I think Instax will bring you the most joy for the cost.

u/puppies6uui · 3 pointsr/GiftIdeas

What about one of the Fujifilm cameras?

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 - Ice Blue Instant Camera

I was given cash for my birthday and bought one for myself. I'm 20 and use it all the time. I love having a tangible photo. This would allow your boyfriend and his kids to do something together and give them something to hold onto.

u/Twistedlittlelady · 3 pointsr/curlyhair

I got the Fujifilm Mini Instax camera on amazon! It’s cheaper than a standard Polaroid with more access to film but it’s not cheap either. Here’s the amazon link for the one I got:
Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 - Ice Blue Instant Camera

I’m genuinely having so much fun with it. I got it for our wedding reception in May and I’m excited to have guests use it and take pictures for our guest book!

u/Soundstep · 1 pointr/photography
These cameras are both manufactured by Polaroid, so there's that... the prints are a bit small, and I cannot vouch for build quality or handling and things like that, but it might be neat to look into!

u/surfinVelociraptor · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

0-5: Campbell's Soup poster because it will look good in my kitchen and maybe in yours too

5-10:Fuji Superia X-TRA 400 (35mm film) because you need film to capture your favourite moments

10-20:The battlefield where the moon says I love you I can be an ispiration for you or get you started reading poetry

20-50:Lomo Fisheye 35mm CameraTo capture your favourite moments in the most unexpected-fun-memorable way

This is my first time commenting on this subreddit, nice to meet you all

u/JFRHorton · 6 pointsr/analog

600 packfilm is pretty expensive. The Impossible Project sells film for about $25 a pack (so, $2.50 a shot). From what I've heard and seen, the film isn't that good either, unless you're into the whole "lomo" or "artistically shitty" thing.

If you want to get into Polaroid cameras, I'd recommend picking up a Polaroid Land camera on eBay. Fuji makes two types of film for those, FP-100C, which is color, and FP-3000B, which is really fast black and white. I've used both, and am very happy with the results. I just bought a Polaroid Land 104 for my flatmate for $25, so they're not too expensive. You'd also need to attach a modern battery pack, which takes only a couple of minutes and $2 at Radio Shack. I could describe how to do that.

u/someguynamedjohn13 · 1 pointr/Cameras

There is always the Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP-1 you can use a smart phone or tablet.

The Fuji Camera looks fugly and cheap for its price. The again it looks like Polaroid makes a fugly model too. This Polaroid looks better, but cost a lot more.

u/Rude_Ass_Ray · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

This is probably your best bet if you haven't found any already

u/dave_890 · 1 pointr/photomarket

Why use old when you can buy new?

Just out of curiousity, what makes the 450 worth the effort?

If you're just into instant film, check out The Impossible Project. The film is really expensive, but at least you can buy instant 8x10 B&W. You can also turn the peel-off portion into a usable negative if you have the proper chemicals on hand. So, kind of "best of both worlds", as long as you don't mind paying $20 per shot.

u/GamaMiki · 1 pointr/weddingplanning

They sell a Bluetooth Instax Film Printer ($150?) It will allow you/your guests to be selective as to which photos are printed. If the wedding is outside, the exposure is hard to gauge with the instant camera it's self so you may get a lot of bleached photos. You can get film for a bit less than $1/each.

I'd recommend a blue tooth selfie stick and tripod if you go this route.

u/Mrsparklee · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Right now I'm really diggin' this camerea I think it could be a lot of fun.

u/bkquadstacker · 3 pointsr/toycameras

Another fun, way cheaper DIY toy camera:

All sorts of corner softening and vignettes and oversaturated colors to be found:

u/SageieGirl · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Does anyone else on RAOA collect cameras? I walked into my favorite thrift store for the first time in months. Everything was half off. I walked away with a BRAND NEW [FujiInstax Wide] ( for $5! AHH!!! <33333

If I can I try to shoot with film over digital as I work with digital all of the time.

u/ocdude · 1 pointr/photography

That's medium format, 120 film. You're looking for 35mm rolls, which I do have to admit can get pricy. It's probably going to get weird now, too, with Kodak flitting about in bankruptcy land.

There are much cheaper stocks out there, but Portra works really well with skin tones, and has much more muted colors than Ektar does.

u/systemA · 2 pointsr/photography

If you're feeling a bit like going against the grain, try this

u/thebobsta · 3 pointsr/analog


Nope, you need 600-type film. Fresh stuff is being made still, it's pretty expensive but them's the breaks with instant cameras.

u/notquitenovelty · 1 pointr/analog

There are adapters. And if you don't like buying extra stuff, you could just compare it to a known good camera and compensate with the ISO dial.

u/SweetPotatoesAreGood · 1 pointr/analog

thank you! I actually got a camera from my father, a Cannon ae-1 but its not in working condition.
Is this film worth checking out?

u/sueness · 1 pointr/AskPhotography

I used this from Fuji film. It was opaque... I opened the camera afterwards and made sure the pinhole existed, and it did too.

u/Atari1977 · 2 pointsr/photography

Why use Instax? You can get an older Polaroid Land Camera and use Fuji 100 and 3000 pack film, available on Amazon. If you're looking to spend a bit more, you could also get yourself a medium format kit with a polaroid back.

u/scubachris · 1 pointr/analog

This [battery adapter] ( will allow you to use modern batteries so your meter will work.

u/xnedski · 1 pointr/analog

The old F-1 and F-1n take a PX625 mercury battery which is no longer produced. This is the modern replacement, but it's a zinc-air battery with a shorter lifespan. There are battery adapters that allow the use of common silver batteries.

The new F-1 with a battery compartment on the front takes a 6V lithium (Duracell 28L) or alkaline (Energizer A544).

u/killerofgiants · 2 pointsr/ThriftStoreHauls

Got one of those cameras a few months ago. I see Polaroids at Goodwill all the time but this particular OneStep definitely screams gaudy and it had to be bought. The camera is powered by the battery in the film so it most likely won't work (though it's possible). This should be compatible with the camera though:

u/Elwood_ · 2 pointsr/photography

I was excited when the impossible project was announced a couple years ago, but as I've said before, the price and quality of the film isn't for me.

A realistic alternative is buying an instax camera and using instax film.

u/Max_Kas_ · 1 pointr/Polaroid

Shipped and sold by Amazon via Polaroid originals. I contacted Amazon and they just told me to file a return and have a new one sent out.

u/ampeed · 1 pointr/orlando

Fujifilm 1068620 Superia X-TRA 400 35mm Film - 4x24 exp, (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

u/mrdat · 1 pointr/Cameras

Only thing I can think of is the Instax Mini Printer

u/jonmacpodi · 1 pointr/Cameras

You can buy an old cheap Polaroid camera off ebay, but then you're going to be spending $2 per shot, with a 8 shots per pack. Or you can buy the Fuji Instax Neo 90 (which has considerably more manual-ish control) and buy Instax film which can be as cheap as $0.60 per shot with 10 shots per pack. It won't take long for the Instax to be the more economical option. Instax film is smaller than Polaroid/Impossible film, however.

u/RetroRhino · 7 pointsr/saskatoon

I believe that camera will actually take 600 film which means it's actually 3.50$ a picture. amazon link

u/NightEmber79 · 1 pointr/Polaroid

Last packs I bought from Amazon. I buy from Adorama and B&H when it's over $8.99

u/dream_tiger · 7 pointsr/analog

Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400 35mm Film -4 Pack

Close to $2 a roll.

u/ratatek · 3 pointsr/analog

I'm under $6 a roll doing this:

u/PatchworkSoul · 1 pointr/lifeisstrange

There's a Fujifilm Instax mini printer. I imagine that's how they did it.

u/RichardDickrich · 2 pointsr/ThriftStoreHauls

Remember this is for the pull-apart film. This is not for the 600 series instant cameras.

u/cngodles · 1 pointr/Cameras

I want that!

It looks like it has a pack film back. I'm not 100% positive, but I believe you can buy this film:

And use it in that camera. I'm not sure if it needs batteries or anything.

u/cedricisawesome · 2 pointsr/photomarket

If you apply a 20% off coupon on google express it comes out cheaper. The lowest it has been on amazon is $31.49.

Do you have a link to the six pack?

u/Lindsch · 0 pointsr/photography

Why don't you just go buy some more? Or did I miss something?

u/_galacticat · 2 pointsr/weddingplanning

I'm planning on doing both an Instax and selfie stick(s). We actually got a Mini 8 for Christmas, but we're exchanging it for the Mini 90 because it has a timer and a tripod slot. It's double the price and not as cute, but seems much more practical!

u/dertigo · 3 pointsr/ManyBaggers

Damn this guy knows way more than me, listen to him!

Do you think a city sling would hold this camera? I need a sling that can hold it.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera

u/uglynasty · 1 pointr/analog

Oh, I misunderstood! I was thinking you would shoot the shot with your hassy, shoot the same scene with the Instax & give them the instax print as a business card of sorts. I do not think there's a Instax back for a hassy. I have shot instax film in a RB67 polaroid back, but the process probably wouldn't work for street photography. If you're looking for polaroid FILM alternatives that CAN be shot in a pola back, I think FP-100c is your only option

u/herehaveallama · 4 pointsr/analog

A Fuji Instax 210, it’s old, big and ugly. The battery compartment broke so I have a bunch of electrical tape on it 🙈 Here’s the Amazon US link.