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u/nows · 2 pointsr/personalfinance

Assuming you want to avoid adult oriented things - and thing that may be considered shady.

I am also assuming your computer is a laptop or relatively mobile.

My suggesting involves a form of selling. First you must pick a subject that you know very well and then think about questions and answers a novice would have.

For example, I know computers/Internet well. Things a novice might ask are:

  1. How can I set up my gmail/yahoo mail/outlook account so it checks mail in other accounts?
  2. How can I set up my gmail/yahoo mail/outlook so that email certain emails are automatically deleted?
  3. How can I see what programs are using the most memory on my computer
  4. How do I backup my computer?
  5. How can remotely view my home computer desktop from my iPhone?
  6. Etc. etc.

    Come up with a nice long list of questions and solutions. The idea provide quick/succinct computer advice.

    Buy a folding table, folding chair, poster boards, markers, and cookie jar.

    Create Signs:

    Computer Questions Answered! - FREE

    Ask me about Computers - FREE QUICK LESSONS

    Quick Computer Solutions - FREE

    Got an Internet Question? FREE answers

    Pack the computer, table, signs and jar into your car and find a spot with high foot traffic. This could be a downtown street, near public transportation, entrance to your neighborhood, community function (street fair, swap meet), the beach, etc.

    Once you pick your spot, setup shop. Unfold the table, chair and put up your posters. Get the jar out, take off the top and affix a piece of paper that kindly asks for donations. Be ready to demonstrate you solutions on your computer.

    Here is what will happen:

    First, because you are offering the services for free, people will be more inclined to visit your booth.

    Second, everyone has a computer and therefore the topic is familiar. You will have people come by that know their answers and want to see yours. You will have people that are genuinely ignorant about a topic that you can help. You will also have know-it-alls that quiz and grill you.

    The trick is to be a good salesperson. You are offering good advice, for free, but without warranty. "This works for me, it should work for you, but I can't 100% guarantee". If you have a great demeanor, people will appreciate the novel advice and provide you a donation you.


    As an added bonus, I would figure out how to record some of your sessions (web cam?). Then you can post the video with the title "How I made $$$$ quickly...." You can also contact the press describing your adventure and I am sure someone would bite.

    Finally, check out this video (6 mins): Tina Seelig: Classroom Experiments in Entrepreneurship I think you will enjoy it.
u/frabjabulous · 2 pointsr/vipassana

Personally, I struggled with a lot of leg and knee pain until I started using small cushions to support my knees while sitting cross legged on a cushion on the floor. Made a huge difference. I'd recommend testing that at home to see if it helps.

For ankle pain, try floor sitting on a folded blanket or two - something with a bit more padding than what you're using.

I saw several people at my 10 day retreat sitting on the floor but using seats with back support. I think it was this kind of thing -

Good luck!

u/MaggiPi · 2 pointsr/HelpMeFind

Its called a hexagon folding chair. Looks like this particular one was originally sold by walmart (with pillow) but it is not in stock. I have found some similar on amazon (without pillow and different pattern). But at least with a name, you should have better luck in searching for the right fit.

u/UnicornBestFriend · 2 pointsr/Meditation

No lie - exercise and strengthening your core support muscles can help (and can help your posture, too!). Eating healthily and being properly hydrated can also make a huge difference. Or you might look into a sitting aid like this chair or a zafu. Emptying some of the buckwheat makes it easier to mold into the support shape you need.

In my experience it does get easier with practice but everyone's physiology is different so it's hard to say how it will be for you. This does seem to be a common struggle though so at least you know plenty of other people are working through it and lots of meditators have succeeded!

u/AdonisChrist · 1 pointr/InteriorDesign

This is not an appropriate submission for this subreddit. I've removed it under rule 4.

I suggest posting to /r/Furniture_Design, /r/Furniture, /r/Home, or /r/HomeDecorating. Maybe /r/homeowners.

Best of luck.


This is not an appropriate submission for this subreddit. I've removed it under rule 5.

Try /r/furniture, /r/furniture_design, /r/home, or maybe /r/designmyroom. Maybe /r/homeowners or /r/homeimprovement as well, for particular questions.

Best of luck.


But also, this is similar. It doesn't rock, though. The pear-shaped one from Brookstone is best but it's out of stock.

u/sosoconsistent · 3 pointsr/TrollXOver30

Since OP hasn't replied with her chairs, I'll go ahead and share mine. We host our friends pretty regularly for games and movies, and get compliments on how comfy these are at least once every couple months.

u/TurboCooler · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Highly recommend that you try chairs before purchasing. We have 4 of the Ikea High Back Office Chairs. I also have two SecretLab Titan. And several of these folding chairs when we have more guests.

Once again, highly recommend trying the chair before buying or making sure there is a good return policy.

u/BigSlickThrowaway · 2 pointsr/poker these are really nice (not the best value though)

u/Hebron00 · 5 pointsr/magicTCG

I know these are decent and survive for a damn longtime. They’re a bit expensive though and aren’t the absolute most comfortable thing in the world but definitely good enough to sit in and not have any complaints.

u/Fonsecas · 1 pointr/DIY

I didn't really keep an exact track of the total cost. In just materials it was probably around $300 or so. The playing surface was $115 with shipping. The oak was like $90. The melamine that is under the neoprene was like $25. The pine 2x3s and 2x4s were probably around $60. I also had to buy some tools, clamps, and random other things, though. It probably cost ~$500 total.

The chairs I got from Amazon. They are super comfy for folding chairs. Home Depot has them in the store if you are thinking of getting them and want to try one out before buying.

u/polypeptide147 · 1 pointr/audiophile

Ooh hooray I started this.

Okay, I've got $2k.

Two of these for $20. I have $1980 left.

One pair of Quad S-2 for $1000. I have $980 left.

One pair of Speaker Stands for $60. I have $920 left.

One Rythmik Subwoofer for $540. I have $380 left.

An integrated amplifier for $350. I have $30 left.

Some speaker cable for $8.50. I have $21.50 left.

A chair for $21.30. Hooray, I have 20 cents left.

u/randolphcherrypepper · 2 pointsr/boardgames

I've been looking at HERCULES series as well, but the folding chairs.

Good to hear other chairs in the series work well. I might actually buy a few of these after all.

u/weird_al_yankee · 1 pointr/boardgames

I was at a party once sitting on chairs similar to these. They were much more comfortable to me than standard size folding chairs.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I'd go with something like this:

My church used a similar design for overflow seating when I was a kid, and they are pretty indestructable.

u/1_small_step · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

We bought some of these as extra dining room chairs when we have guests:

They're very sturdy and well made, and much nicer looking than normal folding chairs. We're actually thinking about buying more and just replacing all of our dining room chairs with these.

Google the name and you can find them a bit cheaper on other sites too.

u/Cypher_Reagan · 1 pointr/novaboardgames

It's probably more than you're looking to pay, but these have really good reviews.

u/wormCRISPRer · 24 pointsr/fatlogic

I got a 4-pack of some standard metal folding chairs off of Amazon and the chairs are really sturdy. I think these are they. I’ve had plenty of heavy guests sit on them and have never worried.

Cosco All Steel Folding Chair Black (4-pack) - 1471105XE

u/auto_pry_bar · 1 pointr/minimalism

I own these. They aren't bad, but I have a tendency to slouch in them which makes my legs fall asleep.

u/GreatWhiteToyShark · 2 pointsr/boardgames

These folding chairs are what you want. We bought 8 and they are amazing. We found out about them from The Wirecutter which is our first stop when considering a purchase for our house & hobbies.