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u/prahladroy · 1 pointr/AskDocs

Hey I'm not sure if you two can still see this, (@Jennifer and the other comment), but I've been doing a lot of research and I decided to do something that really helped my psoriasis clear up a lot. Its been a few weeks, and its thankfully stayed down but and I'm hoping it stays that way.

So i did not get a lot of replies on the concept of parasites in us and that being directly related to psoriasis, but theres a bunch of research out there on how different types of worms & parasites that you can get from simply eating foods that were not fully cooked through or processed foods, building up over the years in your body and basically acting as a medium that tricks the body into believing that it has a problem and your immune system working against itself. Psoriasis is believed to be an autoimmune disease and that would tie into the whole concept of worms or parasites tricking our immune systems. One guy on a page that i read mentioned cleaning out our digestive system. So i got this off of amazon and I used it for ten days, just as it suggests. And i encourage you guys to read up about it and see how its worked for other people in what they were looking for it to do. Its basically black walnuts and it cleanses out our digestive track.


Thats the link, if you guys feel comfortable to try it out, give it a shot. Do your research, this is just the one that I used, theres multiple ones out there and heres to hoping that it can help clear up your skin in the same way it helped with mine.

u/techtoyman · 1 pointr/diabetes

Hi I am not a doctor!! But I have been recently after 15 years taking very good care of myself by low carbs (Keto), excercise, and I have been eliminating my meds (Actos, Glimeperide, and Metformin). I have replaced the Metformin with a supplement of Berberine 500 mg twice a day and my BG is still averaging about 116 which it was before I discontinued the Metformin. Berberine is derived from roots and apparently has been used for centuries in China for medicinal purposes.

I have been making these changes slowly over about 3.5 months. The 1st 6 weeks my A1C went from 7.9 to 7.4 (not a full 90 day test) and I fully expect to be in the low 6's in 2 weeks when I go for bloodwork.


Regarding the Berberine at Amazon, I bought this one, but I think I may try this next. You indicated you are testing regularly, so please if you do try this as a substitute continue to test. Good luck!

u/carrotliterate · 1 pointr/SIBO

Those doses are right, you could even do berberine at 5000mg/day.

Berberine link (but can use others if you want)

Allicin link (really need to use this brand)

Prucalopride is the best option prokinetic for most. Erythromycin is second best, just don't take it with berberine and watch other interactions. Natural supplements often aren't strong enough, but given your slightly more mild case, you might be fine with them. Iberogast is considered very safe despite that one outlier. For it to cause liver issues, you'd supposedly have to take a lot higher dose.

u/CharlieGlickman · 1 pointr/sex

One thing that can cause both fissures and hemorrhoids is straining too hard when you go to the bathroom and irritating the anus. You can alleviate that with many of the tips here like drinking more water and such. Another good idea is to use this stuff. Put some on your finger and lubricate your anus before you go to the bathroom to make it easier. You can also use it afterward, or after you get out of the shower, to keep the anal tissues comfortable. It can help a lot.

u/AutodidactSC · 2 pointsr/zerocarb

Berberine Complex
Oregano Oil
t.i.d. means three times daily, and b.i.d. means twice daily. I take them with food. I bought most on amazon but I think I found better prices on some in other places, but the links I provided are the exact type that I am currently using.

u/brainskan13 · 1 pointr/Supplements

This one. It seems OK and like it's working.

Micro Ingredients Pure Longjack 200:1 Powder (Tongkat Ali), 1.76 Ounce https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01L2TFPNE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_9pCfeRb46cpML

u/crankifrites · 6 pointsr/Wastewater

No worries, most common sign is itchy bum hole, especially at night. Sometimes you can see them in your stool but it is rather difficult. Also scotch tape test: right when you wake up or middle of the night but tape right on your butt hole and then look at it under the microscope you will see worms/eggs.

Otherwise you would need to give your doctor a stool sample.

I have been looking into getting this product. The reviews are great but I am afraid of the results.

IntestinePro Intestine Support for Humans with Non-GMO Wormwood, Black Walnut, Echinacea + 15 More Premium Ingredients, 60 Vegetarian Capsules https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TET0MS8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_D4.xDbQ5JMWAD

u/CureIBSForAll · 1 pointr/SIBO

Okay thanks.

For Berberine, do you think this would be a better option than this? It has more mg per capsule but the ingredients look different. The other one seems to have Barbery Root Extract, Oregano Grape Root Extract and Goldenseal Root Extract which I'm not sure if I need those or not.

u/cigahuy1 · 1 pointr/NoFap

No prob bro, have any questions just holla. I didn’t have those inability to laugh and emotion. I did have wide jump in emotions, ups and down. I do believe most problems start from the gut.

Here’s a good supplement I think will help. But candida takes months to rid off. Still battling for me


u/validstatement · 1 pointr/Nootropics

I've been using this berberine complex, this Pau d'Arco tea, and also red clover tea. I also have oregano oil that I haven't used yet, because I haven't really needed to. I've found that after fasting, the Pau d'Arco tea is extremely pott at killing candida - for the first few weeks, I would herx a lot after fasting then drinking the tea. That's kinda how I knew it was working. As far as the berberine goes, I would just take it with or without meals. That one works pretty well, too. Can't speak on the oregano oil cause I haven't even tried it yet, the first two worked so well.

u/westcoastgeek · 5 pointsr/Supplements

How are you guys feeling on Berberine? I recently took this one (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003FIMNJK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_WlohDbTN3HQZM) for 60-90 days but started to get concerned that it could be bad as a long term supplement.