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u/pendorbound · 1 pointr/loseit

Congratulations on your dedication! It sounds like you're setting a reasonable goal for yourself, and seeking the advice of a physician certainly doesn't hurt things.

That said, there are few things in your list that are a bit inaccurate and may cause you to be less successful. I'm not sure if these are things that have come from your doctor or other expert, but you should be a bit careful with them:

  1. "Not all callries are created equally." This is false. A calorie is a calorie (is a calorie...). If you're at your daily calorie goal now, and you decide to snack on a 90 calorie apple or a 90 calorie cookie, you're still over-eating by 90 calories. If you do that every day for a month, you'll gain (or failed to lose, assuming you're still under your TDEE) about 3/4 of a pound.

    To be clear, the 90 calorie apple will certainly fill you more and satisfy you for longer than the cookie, but there are no "good" or "bad" calories. The only thing that matters (at least in terms of calories) is staying below your calorie goal. Not that that's a thing to obsess over. If you're using a logging app like LoseIt or MFP, log your apple, and get on with your day. Odds are you can fit an apple into most any calorie plan. Just don't deny yourself on the theory that snacking on one food is better than another. Your body can't tell a cookie calorie from an apple calorie. If you're over TDEE for the day, the apple's going to end up on your bum (or wherever you happen to "wear" such things =) just as much as the cookie.

  2. "Find healthy replacements for ... coffee ... with tea..." First, there's nothing unhealthy about coffee, unless you're drinking it to excess and over-caffeinating. Caffeine is actually helpful for dieting as it's an appetite suppressant. Unless you have some other reason to avoid caffeine (high blood pressure, or other health concerns), there's no reason to avoid it. If you're craving a snack, a (zero calorie!) caffeinated beverage can be a good stand-in to put down your craving without adding calories to your day.

    The common problem with coffee of course is the company it keeps. Milk & cream are loaded with calories, and sugar's not your friend either. If you don't take your coffee black, then this is a consideration. I like to use almond milk which has a fraction of the calories of dairy milk or cream, and I only use artificial sweeteners.

    The biggest problem with what you said here though is your substitute. It would be completely fair to label agave as "cactus sugar." It's true that for equal quantities of sugar and agave, the agave provides more sweetening, but it's still just sugar. You're still drinking calories... Assuming you don't have any health sensitivities to them, consider strongly switching to artificial sweeteners for your drinks. Even there, you have to be cautious as standard Splenda is actually sucralose plus maltodextrin and still has calories & carbs in it. My personal preference is this stuff (http://www.amazon.com/EZ-Sweetz-2oz-Liquid-Sweetener-Servings/dp/B002MO765O) which is just the sucralose, no maltodextrin. Easy to keep a bottle of it in your bag, and sweeten your drinks wherever you are.

    As far as the study vs. exercise time balance goes, be super careful of letting studies be "more important" than your health. College is expensive, and you screw it up, it's you're life, etc., no doubt. But your body is priceless, and you don't get a mulligan on that if you screw it up either. As far as finding that balance, I've found over & over when my life is hectic, the best use of my time is to EXERCISE first, fit the other stuff in after. Here's why:

    Exercise is an unequivocally positive "you time," doing something for yourself affirmation. Try to turn it into a little indulgence. A treat. You've got lots of other stuff to do, but dammit, THIS IS FOR ME!!! You're going to need something like that in your life, or you go nuts. The alternative (at least for me) is that it's WAAAY to easy to turn my "little treat" into a food indulgence. A candy bar, because "I deserve this." Danger..... "Be selfish" in a way that's completely and totally good for you, not just "mental health" good...

    Also, as far as time management goes, I find when I exercise on schedule I sleep better, concentrate better, need less sleep to be energized, and actually have MORE time to do other stuff that needs doing. I'm pretty sure 30 minutes exercising 3-4 times a week pays off in more than 2 hours of extra, actually productive time throughout the rest of the week. Obviously there's always a balance to be struck, but try erring on the side of getting your workouts in, and you might be surprised how the rest of the stuff starts falling into place.

    And bonus pro tip: See if you can get friends interested in going to workout (or find new workout inclined friends), and your workouts turn into extra social time. You get the people connection that's important, AND you get a peer reinforcement setup where if one of you feels like skipping a day, the other(s) drag you along for your own good.

    As far as weighing goes, look into an app that tracks a moving daily weighted average of your weight rather than your current actual weight. There's an older app for iPhone called FatWatch that does this. I'm not sure about others that do. The idea behind that is it smooths out the daily ups & downs (which are perfectly normal and don't actually mean you're "gaining weight") and instead shows you your over all trend and where you are on the line to your goal. Example: This morning I'm 3 pounds heavier than yesterday (weekend, family, blerghsszdfasf.a....) but given that I had a really good week over all last week, I'm actually still trending .2 pounds closer to my goal than yesterday. Granted, 3.2 pounds closer would have been nicer, but.....

    Anywho, best of luck with your effort!
u/breederofdragons · 2 pointsr/TeamSandcastle

First off, I am by no means an expert in keto, and almost everything I have learned has been from /r/keto, and trial and error. This may also be a novel, as I am very long winded...


With food, I found that most processed foods were off limits. This was hard at first because that's just about all I ate. Keto forced me to prepare every meal, every day, from scratch. I have no problem with that, as I LOVE cooking, and as a SAHM, I have the time for it. Some people find this very hard to do, and it makes keto very stressful for them. I'm sure there is a way to do it without being a good cook and having oodles of time, but you'd have to refer to someone else for advice there.

As for what foods worked for me, we ate a lot of ground beef, sausage, and pork. Anything that is usually on a bun/tortilla/rice, I just made into salad. Hamburger salad with (reduced sugar) ketchup and mayo for dressing, taco salad with no shells, fajita salad, stir-fry salad, etc.

My side dishes were usually spinach, cauliflower, asparagus, zucchini, or broccoli. There are a ton of ways to prepare them all, so it didn't get as boring as it sounds.

For snacks, I like them easy, so I'd have things like string cheese with pepperonis, handful of almonds, lunchmeat rolled with sliced cheese, tuna/chicken/egg salad with pork rinds, or leftovers. If I could just pull it out of the fridge, it was fair game.

I found millions of recipes and ideas just by googling whatever I wanted with the word "keto". For example, google "keto lasagna" and you will find a bunch of recipes where people have already figured out how to reduce the carbs. When you have learned some tricks from others, it becomes easy to start to see what you can do with your own favorite meals.

My biggest piece of advice for food is: do NOT drive yourself crazy trying to "keto-fy" everything. For example, keto fried chicken is easy, just 'bread' the chicken with crushed pork rinds, and cook like usual. Bam. Done. Then there are recipes for bread that call for physllium husk and xanthum gum. They are do-able, but will just make you crazy and leave you craving the real thing. Keep it simple, especially at first.


For electrolytes, I believe the recommendations are 5000mg of sodium, 1000mg of potassium, and 300mg of magnesium. For sodium, I just salt my food to taste, though I really like salt, so it was easy for me. My husband found that he can't salt his food that much.

For potassium, I bought Morton's Lite Salt at my grocery store. I used it for salting most of my food, and use it to make my own 'sports drink'. (I've found that most sports drinks contain high carbs, and the ones that don't contain so little electrolytes, you'd have to drink a ton of them.) 1/4 tablespoon in a bottle of water with a liquid 'drink enhancer' like Mio, though I use a store brand, and you have 350mg potassium and a little sodium knocked out. I usually did this 2 times a day.

For magnesium, I take a 500mg supplement with my multivitamin everyday. It's the only electrolyte that I needed to take a supplement to reach. You should be getting a lot of these from your foods, but sometimes it just doesn't work that way.


Log everything you put in your mouth. Every gram of every bite, even your supplements, and you will know what you need and where you are. Some people can do 'lazy' keto and have success, but I found that I needed to see my numbers everyday. MyFitnessPal is amazing for this, and after using it a while, it becomes even easier. You can add recipes to it as you cook, and get an accurate macro count. You can log your new 'sports drinks' and know if you are lacking in something. My husband and I were religious about logging, and I think that is why we had so much success. It is a lot of work, but it leaves you with answers to questions of "have I had enough ___ yet?"


I had a limit of 20g carbs and tried to NEVER go over that. Some days I saw 21g or 25g. Very rarely, I would have a 30g day. My reasoning for a super hard cap of 20g was 'hidden carbs'. Like I replied before, some things will be labeled as 0g carbs, because if it is less than 0.5g, they legally can. Two servings leads to one 'hidden carb.' Sometimes, MFP counts are off a little, especially veggies, and you don't want to ruin your day. I've read that people can stay in ketosis under 50g carbs, but I didn't want to near that. Capping at 20 guaranteed I stayed in ketosis, and theoretically gave me a 30g cushion, should I have missed something. I do not think I ever came out of ketosis, so it seemed to work well for me.


My husband and I are proud to say that in 100 days, neither of use had cheat days. We did, however, have days where we said "fuck it" to MFP and just relied on our knowledge of our food to keep on track, but this didn't happen until after a couple of months. I am not against cheat days, but they can knock you out of ketosis, make you retain water, and, in my experience, going from few carbs to a lot of carbs and back makes my body feel like crap. I say that if you need to 'cheat' make it one meal, and still try to keep the carbs as low as possible. Need french fries once a month to live? Have a bunless burger and your fries. It's roughly 70g carbs for a large McD's fries, so you've gone way over, but if it is for your sanity, once in a long while won't completely derail you, just make a couple days a little wonky.


This run was my third go at keto. The first two I didn't last over a month. Part of that was my lack of knowledge, and part was doing it alone. I live with my husband, 4 year old, and mother in law. The first two times I did keto, I did it alone. The first time, I found that I was cooking almost 4 different meals for every meal of the day: me on keto, something for my picky kid, gluten free for my MIL, and something 'regular' for my husband. That's 12 different meals a day. I love cooking, but not that much.

The second go around my kid was a little less picky, my MIL dropped the gluten free diet, and my husband is extremely easy to please with food. I learned how to make one meal that worked for everyone, by making different sides for myself and the others, or adding what I needed, like excess fats, after the fact.

What I found most beneficial from ketoing with my husband is that I have someone to commiserate with. Online support definitely helps, but having my husband to complain to was much more helpful, as well as instantaneous. I would tell him I want mashed potatoes, he would say that he does too. We would laugh a little, cry a little, and resign ourselves to our mashed cauliflower. Also, his successes made me just as happy as my own.

Well, I hope some of this helps! Sorry that it is a wall of text, but like I said, long winded. I like sharing my experience, because I really endorse keto as a great tool. I am currently coming off of keto, but have decided to keep my cap to 50g carbs because I have never felt better than I do when limiting them. This may keep me in ketosis, but that is no longer my main concern. I know that I have keto in my arsenal now, and I will return to it if I ever need to. Good luck, and feel free to ask any other questions you have, and I will be happy to try to help!

u/[deleted] · 9 pointsr/Fitness

First off, you aren't 23% body fat - that would mean that you'd be 284lbs with a six-pack, here is eight-time Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman at 297 for reference.

Now, your questions:

  1. Drink water, diet soda, or black tea/coffee, nothing else whne trying to lose weight.
  2. Yes. Coconut oil is also good, but quite pricey.
  3. See point 1 - don't drink juice. If you must, I guess tomato juice/V8 is better than fruit juice.
  4. Steaming vegetables is good, but anything other than battering and deep-frying them is fine - roast, steam, stir-fried, just remember to count the calories of any oil or butter etc that you cook them in.
  5. Never heard of it. Sorry.
  6. Not quite - shorter cardio sessions have a longer-lasting metabolic boost; basically if you do 20-40 minutes of cardio you will be burning ~30% more calories over the next 8-10 hours than you normally would, even just sitting on the couch. For best results, interval cardio > 20 minutes of steady-state cardio > 40 minutes of steady-state cardio > longer cardio sessions. Interval cardio is where it's at for maximal fat burning.
  7. Not at all. Resistance training (weights) is fantastic for trimming fat. If you have more muscle, you'll burn more calories, and the exercise itself gives your metabolism a huge boost.
  8. Lift weights, do interval cardio - sprints are great, hill sprints are even better. Fasted training (cardio/weights on an empty stomach) is extremely effective.
  9. Yes. I lost a bunch of weight (~50lbs) quickly and easily by eating well, lifting heavy shit, and doing cardio on an empty stomach for 20-30 minutes every morning...just a cup of black coffee and then jumped on the elliptical, then lifted weights after work. Starting Strength is the best beginners weight training program around.
  10. It feels great, and is relaxing. No real proven health benefits.
  11. There are no proven health risks with sweeteners. I cannot recommend ez-sweetz highly enough - pure liquid sucralose, which tastes better than any other artificial sweetener.
  12. Ease yourself into it, you don't want to suffer too much from overdoing things, that can be a huge blow to motivation. Remember that the only obstacle to you being healthy, looking good, and feeling better than you've ever felt is your own attitude; keep motivated, focused and committed to your plan and it'll be piss-easy.

    Good luck!
u/InTheMiddleOfSummer · 43 pointsr/1200isplenty

You're probably familiar with most of these already, but these are my favorite foods for filling up on minimal calories. Let me know if you want any additional info about any of them.

  • Puffed corn - 60cal per cup and lots of volume

  • Sugarfree jello cups - 5-15cal each

  • Halo Top ice cream (praise be)

  • All the green leafy vegetables

  • Soup (even cream-based ones can be pretty reasonable)

  • Egg whites

  • Oat fiber

  • Shirataki noodles

  • Tofu

  • Coco Lite - https://cocofoods.com/shop/index.php/coco-lite.html 16cal each. They're light, puffy, large crackers. Kind of like packing peanuts that you'd use to ship something. Not bad with Laughing Cow or something similar on them.

  • Laughing Cow - https://www.thelaughingcow.com/spreadable-cheese-wedges/ Mostly 35cal each.

  • Arctic Frozen ice cream - https://www.arcticzero.com/ 150-300cal per pint. Easier to find than Halo Top, but pretty gross. Good for desperately eating a whole pint of ice cream.

  • Rice crackers - https://www.amazon.com/Ka-Me-Crackers-Original-Ounce-Packages/dp/B000EPP56U?th=1 This link is just for reference. You can find different brands of these kind of crackers at most stores. Around 100cal for 16 crackers. Not bad, pretty bland.

  • Wasa Crackers - http://www.wasa-usa.com/products/crispbread/multi-grain/ Many varieties, pretty low cal.

  • Turkey/chicken chili – If you like canned chili, the turkey or chicken based ones are pretty good and have far fewer calories than the beef ones. I like Hormel's Turkey Chili, but it's admittedly pretty white trashy. Always get it with beans. They provide extra protein and fill you up more.

  • Rice cakes – 35cal each and good as a substitute for crackers.

  • PB2 - https://www.amazon.com/PB2-Powdered-Peanut-Butter-6-5/dp/B002GJ9JWS I've never tried this but have heard good things from people who like peanut butter.

  • Protein powder – 150ish calories per serving. Fills you up fast and is cheaper than your premixed drinks.

  • Hot Pockets – If you can stand these, avoid the low fat ones. The regular kinds have about the same amount of calories. 200-300 cal each. Good for a quick, shitty meal.

  • Walden Foods - https://www.waldenfarms.com/ - I've tried their salad dressing and their coffee creamer. You're not going to be wowed by any of their stuff, but for having almost no calories, it can be worth it.

  • ThinSlim Foods - http://www.thinslimfoods.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=8 – I haven't tried them, but have only heard good things.

  • Freeze-dried fruit – They are different than "dried" fruit. They've had all the liquid removed, so they're crunchy. 100-150 per bag generally and you can find a bunch of fruits.

  • Sprouts of any kind – alfalfa sprouts, brocolli sprouts, etc. Cheap and filling with good flavor.

  • Greek yogurt – Usually 100cal per serving. Comes in some good flavors, and you can find it pretty much anywhere.

  • Low cal pudding. Either premade or boxed-instant. You can find them in the 25-100cal per serving range. Can be nice for a quick sweet or you can mix it with other stuff.

  • FlatOut Bread - http://www.flatoutbread.com/ There are a bunch of brands that make similar items. Great for making little pizzas, rollups, etc. 90-110cal each.

  • Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers https://crunchmaster.com/products/multi-grain-crackers/ Delicious on their own or with a topping. Roughly 8cal per cracker.
u/Vulpyne · 1 pointr/Nootropics

> Peanut butter is actually one of the worst culprits for Omega 6 fatty acids.

Whoops! There's stuff like like this which has greatly reduced fat: https://smile.amazon.com/PB2-Powdered-Peanut-Butter-6-5/dp/B002GJ9JWS

A serving has 1.5g fat compared to about 16g for actual peanut butter. It only has 5g protein compared to 8g for regular peanut butter, though, so if you ate the equivalent amount it would probably be around 2.6g fat.

> But it looks like Macadamia nuts are nearly free of Omega 6, and they are lower in fiber than the other nuts.

Just keep 'em away from your dog, if you have one. They're pretty toxic to dogs. They're pretty high in fat, so you probably couldn't get a lot of protein from them without exceeding your caloric requirements but variety is always nice.

These are the kind I've had in the past: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OBIL8SU

I'd recommend them, but they are pretty expensive. They were the best deal for reasonably rated hemp hearts at the time I investigated. 10g protein to 1g fibre. They taste similar to wheat germ, just with a bit of a nuttier/sharper taste.

> I also saw seaweed can be great if you can actually eat enough of the stuff.

I'm not really a fan, but if you enjoy it!

> What do you use in substitution for eggs? Most substitutes I see are high fiber and I'd prefer not to use those.

For baking? I usually don't use anything, but I don't bake a lot of stuff like cakes. Apple sauce and mashed banana are two substitutes that come to mind which are frequently used in baking. You might be able to use silken tofu or arrowroot powder (mostly starch, I don't think it would have much fiber.)

There are also dedicated egg replacers, like this stuff: http://www.ener-g.com/egg-replacer.html
It doesn't seem to have any significant fiber. I don't think I've ever tried it myself.

By the way, if you crave the eggy taste for non-baking stuff there's a salt called kala namak which has a very sulfery-eggy taste. I like to toss some cubed tofu with a bit of cornstarch, kala namak, and black pepper then fry it in a hot pan with some olive oil. Tastes a lot like fried eggs and the texture is pretty much like egg whites.

This is what I have: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B001O1VDXM/

Not sure if it's still the best deal, but a little goes a long way. I bought the 1lb package back in 2012 and still have a decent amount left.

By the way, the Amazon links aren't affiliate links or anything like that. Just a possible place to acquire it if you're interested. I'd certainly recommend doing a little independent research before buying.

u/vectorlit · 5 pointsr/vegan

Regarding your question about helping the environment: http://thevegancalculator.com/ <-- Go here and put in "1 year" into the calculator. Just one year, you're saving almost half a million gallons of fresh water, 15 THOUSAND pounds of grain, 11 THOUSAND square feet of forest and 7 THOUSAND pounds of carbon dioxide (compared to a typical animal-including diet). The calculator is supported by sources. Just by changing a few minor things about your lifestyle, you can have an incredibly drastic impact on the world.


TL;DR regarding expense and difficulty - if you live in a very rural area in the USA, it can take some difficulty to find a good source of cheap bulk beans / lentils / vegetables / bulk (by weight) dried veggies. But they're sooooooo cheap; normally you can eat for $1-2 a day, plus B12 vitamin expenses ($5 a month).


Longer explanation regarding expensive/difficult: Expense is very low; I pay much less now for food than before going vegan. Difficulty may vary depending on where you live. I happen to live in Denver, and it's very easy for me to find pretty much any substitute/vegetable I want. If you cook your own meals, there's really nothing different about cooking vegan - just use vegetable oil/avocado oil instead of butter, and buy veggies instead of meat. That's about it. Just make sure you eat a lot of beans or lentils or tofu.


When I first became vegan, I was hit with the reality of vitamin/protein differences - I needed to purchase some vitamin supplements. Here's the list I have:

  • Vitamin B12 (vegan source) - $5 a month - https://www.amazon.com/Deva-Vegan-Vitamin-Dissolve-Lozenges/dp/B001GAOHTS
  • Protein Powder - $22 a month - https://www.amazon.com/Orgain-Organic-Protein-Chocolate-Packaging/dp/B00J074W94


    These two made a big difference in my life. About 3 months after going vegan I started having some troubles related to protein (I work out a lot and my body wasn't used to the lower intake). I try to hit about 90g of protein a day (I am a reasonably athletic 6' male). I think a lot of vegans downplay the issues involved with protein - it's the source of a TON of jokes in the vegan community - but the truth is a lot of vegans simply don't get enough protein. And then they fall back into eating meat because they didn't know better. Which is really pretty silly because it's incredibly easy to supplement if you can't get it in your diet.


    Other than what I've mentioned above, here's some things to consider (this list is HEAVILY biased towards a lazy, no-cook approach. If you have any cooking skill, just cook your own veggie meals, they're awesome, cheaper and fresher than anything listed below, but this is for the lazy days):

  • If you like cheese, vegan cheese substitutes cost about the same as dairy cheese
  • If you like milk, vegan milk (ANY type) is typically cheaper, better for you, and better for the environment than dairy milk
  • Most oils, spices, salts, flavorings - are already vegan. There's no real change needed here. Butter costs more than vegetable oil anyway.
  • Most BBQ sauce, buffalo sauce, spicy sauce, etc - all vegan generally.
  • Most chips and junk food is already vegan. Except for the "flavored" sour cream/cheese type chips.
  • If you like easy food/frozen food, Target sells a whole boatload of vegan microwave stuff (Gardein and others). "Chicken" nuggets, Fried "fish" sticks, "Chicken" wings, etc. Even Ben & Jerry's has a bunch of dairy-free vegan ice cream.
  • Speaking of dessert, vegan desserts are cheaper and easier to make (and safer!! you can lick the spoon - no eggs!). And they taste way better.
  • If you like burgers/hot dogs, check out Beyond the Meat. It's now cheaper than beef and is freaking amazing. They even sell it at Target now.
  • Most bread is already vegan (just check the label). Vegan bread is generally cheaper than non-vegan.
  • Most cereal is already vegan (just check the label).
  • Most restaurants in the US charge less for veggie-based items. Although it is VERY true that you'll have a much more restricted menu choice.
  • Fries are generally vegan, except for a few places (McDonalds, Buffalo Wild Wings, Smash Burger are the only ones around here that don't have vegan fries)


    Finally, there are a few things I'd like to point out in MY PERSONAL OPINION that might turn you "off" of vegan foods if you try them off the bat (a lot of people buy terrible choices and then say "vegan alternatives are bad". No, they are just poor choices lol)

  • Avoid buying Daiya products if you want a realistic cheese/dairy alternative. They are the lowest common denominator. They are readily available everywhere for cheap, but they don't taste very good. Try to find Miyoko's or Follow Your Heart instead.
  • Some substitute items are coconut based, or cashew based, or oat based, or whatever-based. There is a reason that 50 alternatives exist. Some people like some, some people like others. You know how you go to the store, and there are 50 different BBQ sauces, and the ONE you like is sold out, and you're super bummed? Yeah, same thing for vegan items - brand differences, tastes, and preferences exist - just because it's vegan doesn't mean it's any different than other products. Too many people say "vegan food" when really that lump-category doesn't exist.


    The best advice I can give is to JUST TRY IT. Just go a few days making vegan food. You don't need to say "I'M GOING VEGAN", you don't need to have some public moment - you can just privately try it out. It's pretty fun!
u/paingawd · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

I haven't tried Dewberry Cream or Strawberry Milk, but there are MYRIAD versions of fruit+cream DIY recipes out there, and most don't suck! (LOL!!)

Here's my recommendations for starting-The fact that you've got Amazon Prime helps in the shipping costs! First, head over to the DIY site of your choice. There's a TON of info over in the sidebar at /r/DIY_e_Juice! Here's the beginner's guide to get you started. If you'd like the TL;DR version, here it is:

  • Go to Amazon, buy these. SCALE, VG (I prefer to buy it by the gallon, but since you're first starting it's your choice), PG

  • While you're at Amazon, you might want to pick up some bottles. I really like LDPE bottles because they are easy for me to squeeze. If those are the kind you are used to, I recommend 510 Central Their bottles are sturdy, yet squeezable, hold up to multiple washes, available in sizes ranging from 10 ml to 120 ml and are Prime eligible. I really like their 60 ml-enough juice to get you through a few days, yet pocket or bag friendly. Smaller bottles are great for trying new recipes-I like 30 ml bottles for that. It gives you enough juice to decide whether you like it or not without leaving completely jonesing for more! If glass or PET bottles are more your speed, there should be some listed under the "Frequently Bought Together" slides of any of the above linked items.

  • While not absolutely necessary, I recommend getting two condiment style bottles for dispensing the VG and PG into whatever bottle style you choose. I actually bought mine at Michael's in their cake/candy decorating isle. They were cheaper there, and they're even less expensive at WalMart.

    Once you've gotten these items ordered, go have a look at some recipes either at /r/DIY_e_Juice, alltheflavors.com or e-liquid-recipes.com Here's a Unicorn Milk clone that seems right up your alley. find two or three more recipes that sound good and don't take a whole helluva lot of flavor concentrates, then order up the concentrates for those recipes only. It's tempting to buy a slew of concentrates that sound good. Some might be winners, some less so. The thing you don't want is a bunch of concentrates that you never do anything with!(This was the mistake I made-I now have a bunch of concentrates I don't use and are going bad) When you order concentrates, stick with the small bottles to start. This will allow you to make plenty of juice while you're getting your feet wet.

  • For getting concentrates, I really like Bull City Flavors, Nicotine River, and Ecig Express. I've used Gremlin DIY as well and they've got some great prices but their bottles tend to leak after a while. Don't get concentrates from Amazon, though! Some of the ones that are listed on the site aren't meant for vaping and it can be extremely difficult to discern what's what.

    Sorry it took so long to answer you-I think I've covered everything. If I haven't, shoot me a PM and I'll apologize profusely while covering whatever base I missed!
u/heisenberg747 · 9 pointsr/drunkencookery

I used to do it that way years ago but I've found better ways to add some class to instant ramen since then. If you're going to try it, I recommend using something other than American or cheddar. Go with something gooeyer like mozzarella or Swiss.

A better way to improve instant ramen is with egg, celery, bean sprouts, chili oil, sriracha, soy sauce, sesame oil, fresh green onions, cilantro, kimchi, or leftover meat. The absolute best thing you can do to improve your ramen game, however, is to buy higher quality instant ramen like Shin Ramyun (throw away the freeze-dried veggies if you have fresh ones, though). Find a local Asian market, they probably carry this stuff or something similar.

I always keep some chopped green onion and celery in the fridge because there's nothing that can't be improved by a little sprinkle of green onion and celery, not even ice cream. And any time I make steak, I always make an extra steak for drunken ramen that night or hungover ramen the next afternoon.

Here's how to make this masterpiece of an instant ramen. you will need the following:

-1 packet of Shin Ramyun

-a handful of chopped celery

-handful of chopped green onion

-1 TBSP kimchi

-1/4 tsp minced garlic

-Soy sauce


-1/2 handful of chopped white onion

-handful of bean sprouts

-leftover steak/chicken/pork/grizzly bear/whatever kind of meat you made last night, sliced like in the pic above

-one egg

-1/2 TBSP chili oil (I use this stuff)

-600mL of water (~2.5 cups)

Bring the water to a boil in a pot with a bottom no wider than 6 inches. While the water is coming to a boil, add the flavoring powder, and throw the freeze dried veggies in the trash where it belongs. Then add a splash of soy sauce, a good long squirt of sriracha, the garlic, and chili oil. When the water starts to boil, reduce the heat to medium low, and add the noodles and onion.

When the noodles are looking sort of close to done, take a spoon and scoop them to one side, and crack an egg into the space without noodles on the other side (being able to crack and open an egg one handed is very useful here) . Spoon the hot broth onto the egg until the white sets, then add your celery. The idea here is to get the egg and noodles to be done at the same time, but before the broth reduces too much.

Once your egg is cooked to your liking (which by law should be over-medium), pour everything into a bowl. Pour from the side of the pot opposite of where the egg is so it comes out last and lands on top of the noodles. Add your green onion, kimchi, bean sprouts, and meat slices (cold is fine, the soup will warm it up). Follow the Seinfeld Soup Nazi rules and eat this while sitting down, because it will make your knees buckle if you've never had anything but plain Top Ramen.

Edit: added recipe for instant ramen that doesn't suck

u/ludicity · 2 pointsr/powerlifting

Well I'm vegetarian not vegan lol but here's my $0.02:

  1. I can't think of any differences in coaching men vs women honestly. Form is form and either way you just gotta get work in and practice form. The one thing perhaps is that most women will start off with worse upper body strength relative to lower body strength, and people in general can recover quite well from upper body work. So for women especially I think it's important to emphasis upper body hypertrophy.

  2. My personal favorite cue is "coil up like a spring" for the descent of squat and bench and the setup for deadlift. It makes more sense to me than "get tight". On squat and deadlift this means tightening my hamstrings until they're loaded with tension, which is how I get stretch reflex. For bench this feels like "pull the bar apart" and "bring your chest up to meet it", which also feels like tightening up my upper back and loading it with tension before popping the weight back up for the ascent.

  3. I've heard that women handle volume better than men, but I'm terrible with high rep sets and have guy friends who are way better at them. I think that "women handle volume better" is perhaps a good rule of thumb with beginners but, as always, everybody's different.

  4. check out @powerliftingdietitian @lamaliciabkln @awill_lift for just a couple vegan powerlifting women (and myself @alice_lifts if you're open to vegetarians)! Here's an article that Stephanie (@powerliftingdietitian) wrote about vegan powerlifting. As far as diet tips, a plant-based powerlifting diet is possible but does require more planning if you want to make sure you're getting enough protein. Some of my favorite vegan protein sources include tofu, black bean spaghetti, beans/lentils obv, and more veggie meat substitutes than is probably good for me. I've even made gravy from pea protein powder that is heavenly with veggie meatballs in a "swedish meatless balls" concoction. As long as you cook for yourself though it's really not too bad -- the main difficulty is when you eat out. Also, since the only whole food source of creatine is red meat and it is an essential building block for ATP, it's especially important for non-meat-eaters to supplement with creatine. Oh I also used to write a veg protein cookbook blog. Not a lot on there unfortunately (been meaning to add more) BUT you and your gf might like the sloppy joes if you're into some good ol beefy comfort food!

    Hope that helped!

    edit: formatting
u/hornypineapple · 2 pointsr/nutrition
  1. I go a mix of plain and vanilla. ALWAYS unsweetened. They add sugar to it for no reason. It's plenty tasteful without it. Almond milk tastes like drinking an almond. If you haven't' seen the process, imagine soaking shredded almonds in water then straining it. It's pretty good but different. I stopped using milk for several reasons (won't get into it, but dairy in general I cut out a lot of). You can use water and it's not bad, but Almond Milk gives is that extra flavor and more vitamins like you said.

  2. Blueberries, pineapple, bananas (cut up and put into a plastic freezer bag) and mangoes. I used to buy them non frozen and freeze myself, but it's more expensive and makes no sense. Occasionally green apple (not frozen but not a bad idea now that I think about it.) Sometimes I get like a berry mix but usually stick to those. I don't mix them all in and I use very little. At first I used more out of being scared of tasting something gross, but after a while you'll notice you'll want less and less fruit and use just enough to remove the bitterness that is liquefied greens. I can't drink those strawberry/peanut butter/sugar loaded shakes people get anymore. If it's not slightly bitter with a faint hit of fruit (and I mean faint) I don't care for it anymore.

  3. I use pumpkin seeds, flax, almonds (cause why not?) and depending on what kind of shake I make, I will use Almond Butter/Nut butters (Trader Joe's sells cheap butters and they have nothing but nuts). You can use cashews and stuff like that. Whatever kind you snack on you can toss in there. Also depending on what you wanna add nutrient wise you can get them at the store and try them out. You don't really taste them too much, but you get the bonus of eating them.

  4. Mostly each day. I may forget or not be hungry enough. Sometimes for breakfast only, sometimes for breakfast and a light dinner or post workout. The thing about the shakes is they cut the fiber down on the foods almost entirely, so after you drink them you're full for an hour or so then looking for a snack sometimes. Specially after a workout. I make them fresh each time I want one. Making them ahead of time could be nice but a lot of unnecessary work. They take like 3 minutes to make one. Most of that is pulling the stuff out and putting it away.

    Once you start making these you'll find what you like/don't like. Start off small with ingredients you trust then work your way into the dark side. If you told me several years ago you drink things that have garlic, broccoli, peas and apples in it, I'd gag. Now, I can't get enough of it.

    I don't know if you are into fitness (fitness whole pizza in my mouf!) or just want to be a bit healthier, but either way you will fall in love with this kind of stuff. Specially when you get creative, start making random things and actually notice the difference it makes in everything. I feel more energetic, I am not bogged down or full feeling. If I do feel full, it's light. I wouldn't go for a run after I chug one, but taking a nap is not even near my list of wants after. Without being gross and just blunt, going number 2 is extremely quick, smooth and honestly reassuring your body is liking this (you'll see why).

    For protein replacement, I use this: https://www.amazon.com/Orgain-Organic-Protein-Powder-Chocolate/dp/B00J074W94/ref=sr_1_8_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1497277026&sr=8-8&keywords=pea%2Bprotein&th=1

    It's light, uses peas/spirulina (more greens!) for it's protein and adds a nice kick when you need it. I usually get the vanilla bean, but chocolate isn't bad. They just added Matcha which might be next for me...

    Here's what a typical daily shake looks like this for me, workout or not:

  • 3-4 handfuls of frozen kale/chard/spinach PUSHED into the cup (technically I fist it, but let's keep it clean like our diet) until the cup is half full or more
  • A light handful of your fruit of choice. Depending on what you use here, your shake may turn weird colors. My average shake color is dark green. Blueberries dampen the color a lot too, make it almost look like gross mud. But it tastes good, I promise.
  • Sprinkle nuts/extras you want
  • 1-2 scoops of protein (add this last otherwise it'll cake at the bottom)

    30 seconds of blending and boom, you're set.
u/yesitsraining · 2 pointsr/recipes

(Ask your doctor first) but perhaps consider a multivitamin and/or fiber supplement? Just to make sure that, with an altered diet (I am assuming that this is not your normal diet) you are still getting the nutrients that you need (and the fiber to not have the liquid diet wreak havoc).

If you find yourself losing too much weight or unable to keep up calories, drinks such as ensure or boost (etc.) are a good option (also, they make good snacks).

Be careful not to add too many artificial sweeteners to your diet, they tend to irritate the stomach.

Now for some recipes/food suggestions: you seem to be getting a lot of sweeter suggestions, and they seem to be a bit easier to think of (fruits, nut butters, different milks, etc.). Good smoothie additions are: tofu (lots of protein!), well soaked chia seeds (great sources of omega-3 and are much softer and easier to digest than flax seeds), and any sort of protein powder or nut powder.

For more savory foods, the beauty of having a great blender is being able to turn (almost) any soup into a creamy one! Make sure you keep a lot of beans, lentils, seitan, tofu, etc. to keep up your fiber and protein, because meat might be harder to incorporate into your meals.

One of my friends has Crohn's and she uses this website for when she needs to stick to a more liquid diet. Some of the recipes are soft foods, but most are liquid (or can easily be made into mush/liquid). Please let me know if you need any more recipes/tips!

u/goatnapper · 3 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

First, watch this, then come back: How to make your own E-Liquid : Mixing by Weight - DIY Tutorial I hate youtube tutorials, and I still recommend this, so seriously, watch it.

Now, a warning. You can spend a tiny amount to start DIY, or you can just take the plunge and spend a good chunk, but be set for a while and the cost per ml drops even more.

So you'll need supplies. Other than nicotine and flavorings, Amazon works pretty well.

  • Pipettes For adding nicotine, everything else we'll put in squeeze bottles.
  • Scale
  • VG
  • PG

    I put my PG and VG into some squeeze bottles I found at wal-mart for $0.97. Makes dispensing them super easy (just like in the video). You can also find them on Amazon for slightly more, but Walmart is on the way to work, so I just stopped there.

    I put my flavors into dripper bottles, which I got from Heartland Vapes, but that only works if you want 100+. Free shipping is at $75, so I also threw flavors into my orders, since I'd need them anyway. Personally, I started with single flavor juices that I knew I'd like. I ordered a lot from MtBakerVapor, and most of their flavors are just single flavor FlavorWest (FW) stuff, so I grabbed them. I made those for a month, then I started buying more flavors (like my favorite, TFA Chai). Now I'm adding more flavors into my juices, judging on what I think would work well (it doesn't always). Start simple, then build on what you learn.

    Buy some nicotine from your preferred vendor, if you want nicotine in your juice.

    Then wait impatiently while USPS loses your package in San Diego, CA, during which you can download the calculator and experiment with it. The bottom calculator on the side bar is amazing. Now you're going, "Crap, I gotta weigh my liquids!". Well, not really. You can take the specific gravities off the manufacturer data sheets (sometimes there, sometimes right, don't trust the ones from FW), google them, or ask here and someone probably has them. Or, you can use the built-in weights for PG and VG, and then set your flavors to 1ml = 1g. It's close enough.

    Most of all, remember to have fun.

    Quick tip: Better not enough flavor than too much. Too much flavoring mutes the flavor, not enhances, and spearmint burns your lips when you add too much. You can always add more, you can't take away.
u/Cdresden · 493 pointsr/Cooking

I worked at a theaterpub and got to work on developing the popcorn process for the theater. The best theater popcorn uses a coconut oil base as the popping fat. You want to use pure coconut oil or get a product like this or this. These products are primarily coconut oil with annatto for coloring, and they are solid at room temperature. They are better than regular oils or butter flavored liquid popping oil because the coconut oil tastes richer and more unctuous.

You also want to get Flavacol popcorn salt. This is a commercial product, and I've never seen it offered in retail, but you can get it from Amazon. Flavacol is a superfine powdered salt with butter flavoring and annatto. It's a finer grind than the popcorn salt sold in grocery stores. When you make popcorn, you add the coconut oil to the pot, heat it up, then add the popcorn and the Flavacol. It sticks to the kernels as they pop, and the popcorn doesn't need to be salted after popping.

Finally, the butter. You can't use just straight melted butter, because the water fraction of the butter will soak into the popcorn and make it soggy. You need to use clarified butter. Melt a pound or so of butter in a pot on the stove, and let it simmer for awhile. You want to let the water underneath the butterfat reduce and boil away, but you don't want to let all of it boil away or the butter will burn. You want to allow the milk sugar in the water to begin to caramelize. This will flavor the butterfat with a wonderful, nutty aroma. Once that happens, let the butter cool, then pour off the fat. Use this clarified butter to butter your popcorn. It won't make the kernels soggy. You can refrigerate any leftover butter tightly sealed for next time.

Once you have butter on the popcorn, you can add flavorings. But anything you use needs to be very finely pulverized. That's why Kraft-style powdered cheese is so popular. Even powdered parmesan cheese like you get in the green can is too coarse to really stick, but you can pulverize it finer in a food processor.

One of my favorite seasonings is bacon, cheese and chive. The bacon needs to be fried crisp and drained well, then frozen before processing. You can't get it quite as fine as parmesan before it balls up, but you can get it close enough. Then pulverize some good parmesan, Reggiano or Grana Padana. Mix together the bacon and parmesan with some Kraft-style powdered cheese, dehydrated chives, black pepper, cayenne and a hint of garlic powder to taste. You can add a little cornstarch to this mixture to keep it from clumping.


If you like popcorn, you should try mushroom popcorn which pops up rounder. It's not my personal favorite, but it's used by lots of kettle corn companies, and the shape is distinctive.

Here's a good recipe for butter toffee popcorn. It's better than caramel corn, because butter, and the candy coating is more crispy. This recipe includes peanuts, so it's like Cracker Jack, only better. I've made this with alder smoked salt and toasted chopped almonds/pecans instead of peanuts, and it's a big hit. Sort of like smokehouse almonds with caramel corn.

u/semi- · 5 pointsr/CrappyDesign

I commented earlier in the thread but I'm a strong proponent of Soylent as well.

I suggest trying both the powder and the liquid. Powder is much cheaper($1.83 powder vs $2.63 liquid per 400kcal), but that won't do you much good if it just sits in your pantry because you don't want to clean the container to mix up a new batch and wait for it to sit.

If you end up going liquid, it's now available on Amazon Launchpad - https://www.amazon.com/Soylent-Ready-Drink-Food-Bottles/dp/B01EUEIL3E?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0

If you set up a subscription for either the powder or the liquid on soylent.com, you get 5% off. If you subscribe to the liquid on amazon, it's 5% off, but if you subscribe to 5 items on amazon it goes up to 15% off.

I know this looks like a shill post, but I really have no association with soylent other than finding their product to be a real benefit to me. With that said, check out /r/soylent as well, because one thing that really makes me love Soylent is they really don't care about people making DIY copies or even competing with them, so there are a lot of soylent clones out there and if you're not in america some of those other ones will be easier to get. A lot of the clones have more flavor options which I'd love to try, but if you are in america, most of the clones are much more expensive to ship here.

You can of course flavor soylent yourself however you want as its very neutral, both powder and liquid. With the liquid I like to squirt in some chocolate syrup and just shake it in the bottle. With the powder, flavored protein powder works well if you know what you're doing (e.g you arent depending on the bottle being 400kcals /trying to use it to track your intake closely), and blending the powder with some fresh fruit is a good way to go. Though I most often just drink it as is, it's not bad, it's just not good, it's just..what you need.

u/andromedasuite · 1 pointr/keto

I hope you will try a kale smoothie!! They are hella nutritious. Here is my jam: buy a head of kale at the store (purple is the bomb), take it home, cut off the stems, wash it, dry it, chop it up, and put it in a big Ziploc bag. Then i stash it in the freezer, so it stays good and never goes bad or wilts. I keep an old protein powder scoop (1/4 cup) in the Ziploc, and throw 2 scoops in my morning smoothie. You can use any protein powder you like; i use Jay Robb whey or egg white powder. I also put some grass-fed unflavored gelatin because a lot of the keto/paleo sites recommended it. I also add a few (about 1/8 cup) of frozen blueberries to help the flavor.

Make sure you leave enough space in the jar for it to blend properly. My Ninja individual jar has a "max fill" line which is helpful. blend the shit out of it or else you'll get the "liquid salad" effect. I will add some Kerrygold butter, or olive oil, or coconut oil to the shake if I need more fat that day.

I used a Magic Bullet blender for a long time, then I upgraded to a Ninja, which is what I use now. Someday i want to get a Blendtec or a Vitamixer, but I don't have six hundo to throw down on a fucking blender.

I buy the Nature's Way brand of coconut oil, to me it tastes pretty coconutty. I tried to get my dad to eat some, because MCTs help with memory in addition to all the other amazing things they do, but the stubborn old man won't eat it because he is convinced it will make him fat. That shit is like catnip to me, I love it. I love all the other great "fat bomb" recipes folks post on here. Good luck!!

u/sycofaery · 1 pointr/keto

I am a newbie but I heard about carbquick. I have been waiting on payday (tomorrow) to order some but it looks like a nice alternative for someone who can't break their addiction to bread LOL.

Speaking of bread, I tried making Oopsie Bread 2-3 days ago and they were a success!! I used them to make me a real hamburger. Made my whole week.

To hit my sweet tooth, I blend some heavy whipping cream and peanut butter in a blender or food processor, squeeze a couple drops of liquid Stevia, and then freeze it. It doesn't take long to get an ice cream consistency. Or, you can line a plate with saran wrap and flatten the mixture on it, freeze, and then cute it into strips so it resembles a "bark". My kids love it.

I also recommend drinking as much water as you can, I know that helped me. Also if you like ice, munch on ice chips.

For convenience, you might even look into Keto Chow. It's basically a meal replacement shake that tastes really good.

I have seen others mention Halo Top. I have never tried it, but wanted to give you that suggestion.

u/Mr-Wabbit · 1 pointr/lowcarb

>I love them. I can't live without pizza. Fried food is awesome.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but the cravings aren't a psychological thing. It's a hormone thing. Go low carb, and it brings your blood sugar down, which brings down your insulin levels, which brings down your cravings. It's actually fairly amazing how well it works for most people. Stay low carb (I completely recommend very low carb, which seems to reduce cravings much better, so here's another vote for r/keto) and the cravings will go away.

For some people the cravings take a while to go completely, and sort of fade out over months. For others (including me), all carb cravings were gone in a week. Now when I have cravings it's for really good Brie, or olives, or bacon (you'd think all that bacon would get old, but it really doesn't).

Pizza? You got it. I like Fat Head better than regular pizza. No, that's not hyperbolic BS. I swear to God that stuff is amazing.

Fried food? Fry away! You can't fry anything with lots of carbs, but fried chicken is a go and fried mozzarella sticks are perfect. Basically you can fry anything as long as you learn how to use almond flour, coconut flour, and crushed pork rinds instead of bread crumbs (ok, I'll cop to cheating a little on this one; sometimes I mix in some panko because it coats better; just track your carb intake and if you're under your carb limit for the day, it shouldn't be a problem).

Missing pancakes? Got you covered.

Honestly, keto is a fucking delicious diet. The hardest part is really that you need to re-learn how to cook with new ingredients. I highly suggest hanging out in r/ketorecipes.

Oh yeah. Halo Top ice cream.

u/jarijasm · 3 pointsr/ramen

I made a trip to my local asian supermarket and picked up a few different kinds of instant ramen to try. I was looking for this one to try as well, but they didn't have any at this particular supermarket. I have another asian supermarket nearby that has a bigger variety of instant ramen and I plan on going there in the next few weeks. I would love to try other brands not pictured here, so let me know your favorite instant ramen that you think I should try. If possible link some pictures so I know what to look for at the store. The ramen pictured here are:


Mama Tom Yum


samyang spicy chicken

samyang 2x spicy I tried this one and it is way too spicy for me, the flavor was delicious though

saporo ichiban miso this is one of my favorite instant ramen, I buy it all the time, it's so good

shin ramyun spicy This is my favorite instant ramen. This was the first instant ramen I tried that wasn't maruchan and I fell in love. This led me to try other brands from the asian store that I wouldn't normally have tried.

*edit: i just tried the indomie and wow, it was delicious, so flavorful, definitely getting some more of those

u/RiverTrails · 5 pointsr/kratom

I use the cap-m-quik when i want to do small amounts of capsules (50). I also have a 100 hole capsule filling machine which works well for doing 100 at a time, someone on here gave me it because he didn't buy a tamper/press plate with it. The 100 hole machine has the benefit of being able to put the bottoms in, shake it and they fall into the hole - plus you press the caps on with the machine, its a lot less finger work... but i use both depending on what i need.

I don't capsule Kratom, i use them for other supplements.

Have you tried an actual, proper brewed and strained tea? You might enjoy it. It's so much tastier than toss/wash and so much stronger than capsule (IMO). Here is a couple of tutorials if you're intrigued, and bare in mind you can brew a bulk batch once or twice a week and keep it unsweetend in your fridge.

Mine often tastes like an acidic/lemon flavored green tea (I use an acid - Apple cider vinegar). It's easier to gauge your dosage, as you can sip and feel it much quicker (ime). I often take less than i did when I was toss and washing, i would toss and wash 2.5g in 1 toss versus sipping a tea and often feeling good enough before i reach the 2.5g worth (brewed in half a quart of tea).

Version 1 and Version 2

Credit to /u/WotAnAtti2d

Also a video tutorial

Credit to /u/NerdsTakeOnTheWorld

Oblate Discs are another option that many people on here find success with. This is for more of a parachute approach if you're interested in that (wrap 2g up, drink water, dip pouch in water, swallow it chase with water). They're totally food safe and easy on digestion versus Toilet Paper (>_<). Here's some past discussions about them;

u/NotUrAvgAddyPlug · 1 pointr/FIU

Did you know the active ingredient in Adderall can also be found in sugar-free gummy bears? You will need a large quantity, but it can be done. Hear me out...


Step 1: buy a 5lb bag of sugar-free gummy bears from Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Albanese-Candy-Assorted-Sugar-Free-Flavor/dp/B00DE4GWWY/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=sugar+free+gummy+bears&qid=1558646508&s=gateway&sr=8-3


Step 2: split the bag into 4oz portions, about 40 gummy bears each. That's 20 portions.


Step 3: place each portion in a zip-loc bag and carry it with you.


Step 4: every hour, on the hour, open one of the ziplocs and swallow the gummy bears whole. DO NOT CHEW!!! Water will help you, but carbonated water like LaCroix will speed up the reaction. Get yourself a few cans of LaCroix. flavor doesn't matter.


Step 5: you will burp! you need to stay active. walk around in circles, jump a few times to let it out. whatever you can do will help.


As long as there is always a good amount of gummy bears in your system, you will stay alert and focused. I've done this for many years in college and it has helped me a lot.


Best of luck to you, my friend!

u/qwicksilfer · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Oh god. Okay. I feel like I've been preparing for this post my whole life (or at least since I found these awesome things on amazon):

u/thefourthdr · 6 pointsr/electronic_cigarette


  1. I don't recommend a kit, but that's just me.
  2. Mix by weight. Buy this scale https://www.amazon.com/American-Weigh-Scales-LB-501-Digital/dp/B005UGBG20/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1474497797&sr=8-3&keywords=Digital+scale&refinements=p_89%3ADigital+Scale%7CAmerican+Weigh+Scales. The 500g one, not the others. You want 0.01g precision.
  3. Don't buy random flavors. Pick one or two juices over at http://e-liquid-recipes.com that sound good to you and have a good rating. Buy the flavors to make those.
  4. Buy your VG and PG here. https://www.amazon.com/Glycerin-Vegetable-Kosher-USP-Quart/dp/B004C7MTLA/ref=sr_1_2_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1474497923&sr=8-2&keywords=vegetable+glycerine and https://www.amazon.com/Essential-Depot-Propylene-Glycol-Quart/dp/B005F5OJG6/ref=pd_sim_121_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=D735R4MZTM0WJN6VZ840
  5. Get some pipettes. Plastic Transfer Pipettes 1ml, Graduated, Pack of 500 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005CD2I50/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_77W4xb3TT4MQX
  6. Get good nicotine. I like Carolina Xtracts and Nude Nicotine
  7. Read everthing here. https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/wiki/diy_beginners_guide
  8. Read the everything here. https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/3lu9gx/nicotine_need_to_know_all_your_questions_answered/
  9. Read eveything here. https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/wiki/verified_vendors
  10. Watch this. https://youtu.be/EMEY5L46b18
  11. Wear protective gloves if you buy high percentage nicotine solution!
  12. Enjoy your freedom. You're right, it is fun to do. And easy. My wife calls it vaking :)
u/Matt_and_Chelle · 6 pointsr/atheism

Can I nominate more people?

  • jengomez is great. I feel like an idiot for not nominating her in the first place. She's crazy generous with her awesome fun "contests" in random_acts_of_pizza and is constantly helping people out in assistance. It also should be noted that she's awesome at nabbing crappy scammers.
  • alliOops is hands down one of my favorite Australians EVER. She's quick-witted and awesomely generous. I dare you to find someone on random_acts_of_pizza who doesn't know of this fabulous gal. If you don't, be jealous. She's awesome.
  • my final nominee would have to be backpackwayne. I've just started modding with him at assistance, but we've been friends for quite a bit now. He's probably one of my favorite people ever! He's insanely generous and ALWAYS helpful. He's a great friend to have and an amazing Redditor. If he can't get a shirt, we should try to get him some Just Marshmallows and lots of soda.
u/BleuXShadoW · 4 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

Amazon has been where I have been getting my vg, almost done with my 7th liter. awesome quality and decent price. also the 2 free day shipping is awesome I have 2 gallons on the way and still ordered an extra liter off amazon the next day just in case i run out of vg today (amazon vg arriving today :D ) so i can fulfill all my weekend orders.

Candy cane is basically straight peppermint isn't it? found a candy cane flavor anyways haven't used it, but FW has some pretty decent flavors in their selection.

There are a few companies with straight pina colada flavoring, but out of them all, I have really started to love Inawera, as every single flavoring i have ordered of theirs has been top notch. Starting to become my new fav vendor, i just hate the bottles can be semi leaky (had them leak a slight bit once during shipping, was no problem, not much wasted, just got it all over my fingers). I still haven't had time to test out "peanuts" yet, but every other INW flavor i have is simply amazing and each one has made it into some very solid recipes of mine. Link to the INW pina colada watch out tho, as they have super concentrated flavorings and some only require less than 1% to hit where i think they taste great. over flavor and you will mute the flavor or create harshness. Try it at 0.5% and move up from there. My guess is for it as a single flavor, it might need to be bumped up to over 1%, but start out low first, then work your way up.

Flavor links are from BCV, which is an awesome company. RTS vapes is about a 10 min drive from me (can't go pick up tho, which sucks) and it only takes a day to ship to me, but sometimes they take a few days to process and also they don't have the nice selection of different vendors like bcv does.

Just realized the candy cane is outta stock at bcv, my bad, but they re stock flavors pretty quick. maybe check out here also since they have candy cane in stock. they also carry most other brands, so a pina colada flavor should be no problem, once again i would reccomend INW even tho ive never tried their pina colada. just some top notch shit they have. Be warnerned tho, it was my first time ordering from them this past weekend, so i dont know how fast they ship or anything. Also, they had a pretty massive sale (40% off) this weekend so that might make processing happen a lil slower than normal. link to inw pina colada on ecigexpress

just don't load up on tons of flavors without meeting the minimum requirement for free shipping. the more stuff ya get, generally the more shipping will be if you dont qualify for free shipping. i hope this helped, happy mixing!

u/ilikesleep · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

An electric one? I don't quite follow. None of the safety razors are electric in nature. In terms of difficulty, the rule of thumb seems to be, shaving the first week, you should spend about 30 minutes, and as time moves on, skill improves, you can cut it down to 5-10 minutes.

This hobby costs as much as you want it to cost. It'll be a high up front cost since you need to purchase the razor, but to participate in this hobby, all you really need is 1.The safety razor 2.The blades. The safety razor can range from a few dollars if you buy a vintage razor 70+ years old and clean it up yourself, a cheap $10-15 chinese razor, or a $20-40 Edwin Jaeger, Merkur, or Parkur razor. It's recommended to buy a MULTI-BLADE pack, because every razor blade brand will work differently for each individual. It is up to you to experiment with the dozen + brands available to find which blade is best suited for you. However, given that you'll suck at shaving starting off, that's also a bit hard to tell. My only recommendation should you choose to get a multi blade pack is to USE FEATHER BLADES LAST. They're the sharpest brand. If you want to get into the whole hobby, with the brush, the soaps, the after shave, etc, It'll run somewhere around $100. If you're cheap like me, a razor + multi blade pack would run you somewhere around $50. I haven't invested in a brush + bowl + etc yet, (again I'm pretty cheap), but I buy Coconut oil in this big tub to shave with. It's much cheaper than the tiny bottles of pre-shave oil you can buy, and works well as a hair/skin moisturizer/cooking oil as well. I also use witchhazel as an aftershave, I personally use the cheaper $5 Dickinson brand, but many seem to prefer $10 Thayer.

That said, It's more about preparation/skill to get a good shave than the money you throw at the hobby. It's a hobby meant to save money overtime while being healthier for your skin and being environmentally friendly. Many however, get sucked into starting a whole collection of razors, products, and the like and spend hundreds. Whereas others try to go cheap like me, or ULTRA cheap (Some people try to get 10+ shaves out of the same 5 cent razor blade, when they should be getting somewhere around 3-6 shaves). It is up to you.

u/redditmarks_markII · 1 pointr/ramen

Shin Ramyun is a solid A- at all times. Its a nice staple, good spice packet, good dried veggie packet (shiitake is always welcome). Some people will call bullshit, but I actually like Shin Ramyun black.

Mama's Tom yum flavor is awesome. just awesome. kind of tiny, but also cheap.

Same with Indomie hot and Spicy flavor.

Sapporo Ichiban is again a nice staple. I'd say solid B unless you really like one of the flavors. Wife REALLY likes the tonkutsu, but its artificially flavored, and the only one of the basic flavors that has that on the label. I don't know why.

I also enjoy the Myojo Udon you see there with a lot of scallions and white pepper added to the mix. Obey the instructions on this one: boil noodles separately from a pot of just water. use the hot water on the flavor pack (and white pepper to taste, probably a lot), drain noodles and put in stock, add scallions and whatever else. maybe do a soy egg or something. I like beef or spicy flavors on this one.

u/GeZ_ · 1 pointr/OkCupid

I was in the same boat when I started, struggling to put away 2000 a day, so I have like, powerful skinny person empathy.

A part of eating more is going to come down to just doing it consistently for long enough that your stomach expands, but we can focus on the finer details in the interim.

So for your breakfast, you should try replacing cream cheese with peanutbutter or some pb alternative, since 2 tablespoons of that are going to be like ~200cal. You could probly replace the muscle milk with some sort of seeds and have the same outcome for protein, with better results for calories.

Not eating meat is a little tougher but definitely doable. This Black Bean Spaghetti isn't crazy calorie dense, but it's got 25g protein per 2oz's, which is about the best it'll get outside of protein bars/ shakes.

I have no idea how your schedule looks in a day, but you could consider restructuring as best you can to better suit a big eats kinda rhythm. Waking up earlier so you can eat breakfast earlier is super obvious but some people just don't feel up to it. Something I'm a big fan of is putting whatever my cardio training is (running/ HIIT/ etc) first thing in the morning, cause it gets it out of the way for the rest of the day, and it helps kick start your appetite for breakfast.

When it comes down to it, all this extra stuff I'm talking about is just kind of tertiary, and you'll more than likely just get a bigger appetite as time goes on, cause your stomach will expand naturally, so don't stress if you don't want to try any/ all of these.

u/iKrunk · 2 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

I have been getting my PG and VG from Amazon. Its cheap and if you have prime it gets there super fast.

I use the essential depot VG, and PG. I get them quarts at a time for like 11-13 bucks apiece and that shit lasts a long time. You will go through more VG than PG usually.

I used to get my nicotine from wizard labs but I recently started using nude nicotine, I recommend it. In the DIY sub youll see a shit ton of vendors and a bunch of brands people swear by. Thats the part that can be overwhelming.

you can get bottles so many fucking places, if you just want a few amazon will do you right, wizard labs has em. Lately I have been just getting them from fasttech cause they are decent bottles (plastic) and they are cheap as fuck. when searching for bottles a good tip to have is 1/2oz bottles are 15mls and 1oz bottles are 30mls,

https://www.onestopdiyshop.com/ is a pretty awesome place.
http://wholesale.heartlandvapes.com/ is nice too.

For just starting you dont need much, PG, VG, NIc, Bottles, Flavors, Get a couple of 1ml and 3ml Syringes, and some 14g needle tips for VG based shit, and 18G tips for PG based shit.

My mixes are mostly VG, so I get my nicotine in VG Carrier base. I think I have pretty much covered most beginner info. I hope you decide to check it out its pretty rewarding and fucking fun.

Come hang out, Lurk about or whatever

I forgot you will also want to use a ejuice calculator, I use the POTV ejuice calculator on my phone it works well and its free. Its in the Android and iOs store. Peace!

u/WIttyRemarkPlease · 1 pointr/EatCheapAndHealthy

You've got a GREAT start, but a few items I'd be wary of that others have pointed out are - Granola (these are usually high in sugar), Breads (these are generally high in simple carbs and are treated in the body like sugar), Peanut Butter (these can have lots of sugar added and are really high calorie, try PB2). Your plain yogurt is pretty good as well, be careful of flavored yogurts though as they add a lot of sugar.

One of the most useful things you can do in determining what's 'healthy' is learn how to interpret food labels. The 2 most important labels to know are:

Nutrition Labels -
FDA standards maintain consistency between products so consumers can compare nutritional values, but consumers must also be aware that manufacturers can deceive shoppers by manipulating serving sizes. Products such as creams, butters, and cheeses are often listed in much smaller serving sizes than they are actually used in.

Make an educated decision in the store by converting servings on the label into the amount used in the recipe; providing a more realistic idea of the nutritional value each ingredient contributes to the recipe and allowing us to determine whether we want to find a substitute for it.

Ingredient List - The ingredient list is another important piece in evaluating product quality because every ingredient is displayed in order of prominence. As a rule of thumb the fewer the ingredients, the better and if I can pronounce the ingredients that's even better.

If you'd like to see some of this explained with pictures visit here.

u/mwave1239 · 3 pointsr/AskReddit

I came here to post this, but mine's an Amazon link.


I own a few bags of these and they aren't bad. There used to be a cereal restaurant at the college I work at and I used to get a bowl of lucky charms - extra charms. I vowed one day I would find out where they purchased the extra charms. 6 months ago, I found this link and have been buying them ever since. A regular bowl of lucky charms plus one scoop of extra charms equals pure happiness.

u/grckalck · 2 pointsr/diabetes_t2

Like someone else said, you need to test yourself before and after you eat to find out what foods in what amounts cause you to spike your BG level. When I am trying a new food to see if it will be OK for me to eat, I test before, one hour after, two hours after, and four hours after. If any of the readings after eating are 35-40 above the pre meal reading, I don't eat that food anymore. So once you have eliminated the foods you cannot eat, you develop a diet plan, one you can sustain for the rest of your life, around those foods you can eat. Potatoes, pasta, grains, anything made with flour, probably corn, many fruits, and of course anything with sugar is off the menu for you now.

If you have been diagnosed with T2 by a medical doctor, then you should be on Metformin. Its a great drug with decades of patient data to show that it works and has a low risk of causing other health issues. I get it from Walmart for under their $4 prescription plan. Be ready for at least a couple of weeks of tummy rumbling and frequent bathroom visits. I recommend psyllium husk capsules or metamucil to help balance this out. What Metformin does is it counteracts the resistance the cells in your body have built up to insulin, allowing the sugar in your bloodstream to be absorbed into the cells, thus lowering your blood sugar levels.

Many people feel sluggish after eating without being diabetic, so there is no way a kind internet stranger can tell you with certainty that Metformin will cure this for you. Overall I feel better taking Metformin and eating right.

I absolutely love pasta and have not yet found anything on the market that tastes as good as "real" pasta and doesn't spike my BG level. The best thing I found was this, which my local store carries, but its very expensive:


The best thing I have found is homemade noodles made from soy flour, which is quite low in carbs and high in protein, better than chickpeas. Here is the recipe I use. It is fairly labor intensive. I would roll the dough out as thin as I could and use a pizza cutter to slice noodles as thin as I could. They were still pretty thick but they worked as noodles.


One other tip that has helped me. At least browse some of the keto subs and sites and Youtube channels for recipes. Some are crap, some are ok and some are absolute genius. Its up to you if you want to jump on the keto wagon, some folks swear by for controlling T2. IMHO its worth looking at what they are selling and deciding for yourself what will work for you.

Best of luck to you!

u/luluinthelibrary · 2 pointsr/migraine

I buy from the company Gaia Ethnobotanicals. I personally don't notice much of a difference between the different kinds of blends/strains (red, green, white), but most people do. Reds are considered to be the most helpful for pain and most sedative, while greens and whites produce a more energetic effect.

My personal favorites from Gaia are Bali Gold and Purple 8-in-1 (highly rated for pain). I would recommend trying any of their reds or the two above for pain. If I were you, I would buy their welcome sampler so that you can try 5 different kinds. They often post discount codes on r/kratom and as a first time buyer you get a discount. I don't work for them despite this sounding like an ad, I just really trust them.

I take around 2.5 grams each weekday on an empty stomach - this is very important. Food can disrupt the effects. I eat a light meal about 30-45 minutes after I take kratom via oblate discs. Interestingly, sometimes I don't even notice the effects until mid-meal or even after. I swallow the powder in the oblate discs with lemon water, followed by a cup of ginger and lemon tea. Lemon potentiates the effects and is also good for all around health, while ginger settles your stomach. Kratom can be hard on some peoples' stomachs, so I highly recommend ginger. Like opiates, it can make you a bit constipated. TMI, but I'll always be honest!

Absolutely do not drink alcohol with kratom. It increases chances of nausea/vomiting and even if it's one drink, you'll be left with a hangover because kratom can dehydrate you. That's why it's important to make sure you're hydrated!

I can answer any more questions! I really support the use of this plant for pain relief. I'm not sure if you're a man or a woman, but kratom is also extremely useful for menstrual pain and/or endometriosis pains

Edit to add oblate disc link and more info about stomach stuff!

u/CatEarsAndButtPlugs · 1 pointr/vegan

Vegan athlete here who bikes, runs, rock climbs, and lifts. I get about 90-100 grams of protein a day (I'm also very small) and it's not hard.

There's a ton of brands that make plant based protein powders instead of whey. Vega is a very common one, but the consistency is a little thick. Orgain protein powder is tasty but doesn't have the best protein to carb ratio for my macros. I'm currently working through the Kaizen vanilla vegan protein powder which is 140 calories a scoop and 25g of protein I think. I also have a ride based protein powder that's 110 calories a scoop with 31g of protein but does need to be mixed with some fruit to make it taste good. Also make sure to mix your drinks with plant/nut milks for a better taste. You can buy large bags of protein powder off myprotein and there's a few vegan options. A lot of these protein powders list amino acid ratios on the tub and all of them are fairly decent. I've used a variety of brands and they've all done the trick.

I drink a lot of cashew and soy milk (2-3 cups a day, mostly cashew milk) so I tend to get my calcium and what not from that. I also take a daily vegan multivitamin, but you only really need to suppliment B12. I've also always taken a D3 suppliment in the winter for emotional support and there's even vegan versions of that just make sure it's from lichen sources.

It can be hard getting in omega-3s but luckily there's lots of options. One option is Gardein fishless fish which is fortified with an algae based omega blend. Another option is adding ground flax or chia seeds to a protein shake. There's also hemp seeds which not only have omega fatty acids but also have a decent amount of protein.

I get my iron from leafy greens. I like making green smoothies with lots of spinach and some berries for vitamin c to boost absorption. I track my intake daily with myfitnesspal and tend to meet my iron goals, if not go over them. Lots of greens in general have iron, even broccoli which is fantastic roasted with a little nutritional yeast. You can also get iron from beans.

u/polyethylene108 · 3 pointsr/ramen

My technique is not as posh as proper Japanese ramen, but it may give you a start. I tend to use something like Nongshim Shin in a flavour I like. First, I soft boil 2 eggs. Then I prepare veg like Pak Choi, spring onions, peas, asparagus, baby corn, and perhaps some sauteed mushrooms or cabbage, and maybe some water chestnuts for texture. I then boil water and add noodles and spice packets followed by my veg (excluding water chestnuts and things that needn't be cooked). I rinse and drain and peel my eggs. I pour my cooked ramen and veg into a big bowl and then top with the split boiled eggs, sauteed mushrooms and cabbage, spring onions and something like Shichimi Togarashi.You can also add grilled or stirfried meat to your taste. I'm allergic to meat, so I tend to keep it simple. You can use different kinds of seaweed, too. I like to soak arame in cold water while my eggs boil and then sprinkle this on top with my other toppings. The only limit to what you can do with your ramen is your imagination. The Wagamama noodle cookbook is quite awesome and you should be able to get it in America, too. It'll give you some starting points. Good luck and enjoy!

u/junk_science · 2 pointsr/vegan


full of msg, and probably horrible other chemicals, but holy fuck it's good. super spicy, can be found in any asian grocery. it's like mouth heaven.


Soy Vay Very Very Teriyaki is good and nice to have on hand:


Oh and I love this one:


just use hoisin or vegan oyster sauce. sooo good on broccoli

u/winkers · 30 pointsr/AskCulinary
  • Coating chicken breasts with powdered milk (in addition to whatever herbs+spices) helps it brown quicker so that the outside is nice and brown without drying out the meat.

  • I use a baking soda mix to rough up the surface of really smooth meats so that they brown much better. Chicken breast, loins, and other whole muscle meats take this well.

  • Using homemade shio koji in place of salt in many savory dishes adds a little savory bump to dishes.

  • When apple juice concentrate goes on sale, I buy 3-4 cans. 1 can apple juice concentrate + 2TB kosher salt = super tasty dark meat poultry brine. Bonus if you sear then smoke the birds. Citrus juices work too but the high acidity tends to make the meat mushy.

  • When recipes ask for the use of any citrus, I use at least 2 versions of that citrus to increase the complexity of the profile. If lemon chicken requires lemon juice, then I use lemon juice, fresh zest, and macerated lemon peel.

  • When recipes ask for vinegar, I sometimes mix and use multiple types to make the profile interesting. For example, a balsamic vinegar dressing might also include a partial substitution with rice vinegar or black vinegar.

  • Nearly every root vegetable can be made in the same style as mashed potato. My favorite is half celery root and half yukon gold potatoes. It's lighter and there's a slight herbal hint that goes well with the cream and butter. Parsnip and potato is a nice combo too.

  • When coating small items with salt.... nuts, popcorn, croutons, etc.... I use Flavacol. Read the reviews here.

  • When making poke, I always start by coating the fish with sesame oil first. If you salt and spice it first then the fish gets mushy quicker and weeps fish juice. Blech.

  • When making grilled cheese, I start by putting one piece of bread down in the hot pan ON TOP of cheese. In 3-4 minutes, the cheese browns and gets really nutty. Then I flip that slice, add more cheese, and another buttered slice on top. The nutty cheese inside of the sandwich is life changing if you use a flavorful cheese and brown it right.

  • When making kale salads, chop the kale and then roll it tightly in a kitchen towel. Then twist, massage, and bend the bundle to tenderize the kale. It removes some of the unpleasant toughness.

  • When serving foods that are accompanied by mustard and ketchup, I make 'fresh' versions which can be a refreshing change from the bottled stuff. Ketchup is basically a cooked combination of tomato sauce, vinegar, sugar, onion powder, and salt. I just mix those ingredients and add a tomato (shaved over a grater). The fresh versions are definitely different in flavor but just similar enough to make a friendly impression. I do the same with mustard starting with mustard powder, vinegar, soy sauce, pepper, salt, and spices.

  • When I serve steaks, I buy +15% more than I need and dry age at home.

    I have more but I have to actually work today.
u/a350z4me · 1 pointr/camping

Granola and trail mix are always yummy and good snacks for the heat because they won't melt. I like packing Fritos because they are have a lot of calories for their weight, and I'm a sucker for crunchy salty things (especially after hiking all day).

5 Hour Energies are probably a wonderful thing to bring, but I don't drink them so I can't comment on them specifically.

For larger meals, you can keep it simple and just pick up some dehydrated Mountain House type meals. They can be spiced up with some herbs/red pepper that you bring in. You can also pack in a few tortillas if you want. One of my favorite breakfasts is a Mountain House Breakfast Skillet with some of their fire roasted veggies thrown in, and put on a tortilla.

I would recommend bringing a small stove because NOTHING is better than a hot meal after backpacking. Or a hot coffee (I use Starbucks Via packets) in the morning as you watch the world wake up.

The stove doesn't have to be fancy, this cheap one from Amazon will work just fine. You can pick up a fuel canister on the island and it should hold you over for a 3 night trip. Pair with a little backpacking pot like this and you should be well set to heat up water for meals.

I'm also a big fan of bringing electrolyte supplements, especially when I know I'm going to be sweating a lot. I have also used Clif Shot Bloks, but they may melt in the heat.

For me, a day of backpacking food is something like:

  • Breakfast: Coffee!!! Mountain House Breakfast Skillet, 2 servings, ~800 calories. Add veggies or a tortilla if available. If I know I'm going to need a calorie boost throughout the day, I'll add some olive oil.
  • Snack 1: Granola or trail mix, 150 - 200 calories.
  • Snack 2: Peanut M&Ms, 150 - 200 calories.
  • Lunch: Tear apart some beef jerky, mix in with instant cheddar mashed potatoes, and crumble Fritos on top. Sounds weird, tastes great. Can be eaten hot or cold. Another option is a packet of ramen noodles mixed with Mountain House's fire roasted veggies, powdered peanut butter, and sriracha sauce. 550 - 650 calories.
  • Snack 3: Trail mix, Clif Bloks, or a Clif Bar, 150-200 calories
  • Snack 4: Fritos, Clif Bar, or Peanut M&ms, 150-200 calories
  • Dinner: Mountain House Chili Mac with Beef, 2.5 servings, 575 calories. Add olive oil mixed with sriracha for another boost in calories and flavor.

    Overall, for a full backpacking day I will aim for ~3,000 calories.

    It's not the best or lightest, but it's a plan that works for me without having to spend too much time thinking about food. Meals can be switched around and mixed and matched, but I try to keep the calorie distribution roughly the same.
u/idrumgood · 5 pointsr/goodyearwelt

WSAYWT: Trickers. Top down. Little redboi popping out.

AOTD1: I love spring. Chicago can be shit for a few months of the year, but when it's above 50°F and sunny, this city is the best in the world (I'm biased).

AOTD2: I grew up in a very spice-averse home. My mother is a self-described "spice weeny" so I never really did hot foods. Then I met my wife and she put sriracha and other hot sauces on everything and I felt like I had to learn or she would never love me. And I did learn and now I love hot sauce. There are currently at least 4 different hot sauces in my house.

  • Cholula - classic vinegar red hot sauce (way better than tabasco if you ask me)
  • Sriracha - the Huy Fong kind, accept no immitations
  • Green Chilli Sauce - Some off brand from Marianos (midwest grocer chain)
  • Ardvark habenero - it's freaking great

    [Edit] I just remembered we did have one "spicy" thing in my house growing up. This local radio station put out a mustard (I have no idea why) and it was called "Bite Your Butt Mustard" and we bought a bunch. It was actually really good, like a slightly horseradishy honey mustard, but almost more honey than mustard.
u/PanchoOfDeath · 3 pointsr/vegan

Super good and cheap. Plus prime shipping. 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿

Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder, Creamy Chocolate Fudge, Vegan, Gluten Free, Kosher, Non-GMO, 2.03 Pound, Packaging May Vary https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00J074W94/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_6KsvCb1YG2DE4

u/windolf7 · 1 pointr/keto

Did you remember to subtract fiber? We try to shoot for 20 net carbs, which is carbs minus fiber.

  • Your cheese probably had like one or two carbs, which isn't a big deal, but just so you know, harder cheese has less carbs. Sharp cheddar, for example, would have been 0 carbs.
  • You probably got the most carbs form your peanut butter.
  • Try using My Fitness Pal to track your macronutrients (Fats, Protein, Carbs.)
  • If you're looking for a good carb-free sweetener I highly recommend EZ-Sweetz. I put a couple drops in my coffee, along with some heavy cream. Carb-free coffee.

    GOOD LUCK!! Looks like you're off to a great start!
u/Dacvak · 14 pointsr/ketorecipes

Man, I am proud of myself for this one. First, let me specify once again: This is a large, blueberry scone that is only 100 calories and 3 grams net carbs. It's also only 4 (or 5) ingredients, and it's the easiest thing in the world to make.

First and foremost, the star of the show here is carbquik. I don't know why this stuff doesn't pop up in this sub more often. Look, I love almond flour and bread that actually tastes like eggs as much as the next guy, but when I'm truly craving a flour substitute, this stuff is the real deal. Assuming they aren't grossly lying about the carb content here, this is the way to go when replicating anything "bread".

Here's the recipe:

  • 1/3rd cup carbquik (90 calories, 2g nc)
  • Swerve (or sweetener of your choice) until desired sweetness. I usually do like a tablespoon or so. (0)
  • One exact splash of vanilla extract (optional) (0)
  • 8-10 blueberries (7 calories, 1g nc)
  • Just enough unsweetened almond milk to barely form a dough. Seriously, it should be crumbly and barely stick together. Like, maybe a tablespoon or two of almond milk. (3-8 calories, 0g nc)

    Then just mix all that shit together. You can knead it a little if you want, it's not super important. Then cook at 350 for 15 minutes or so, just until it starts getting brown on top. I actually cook mine in an air frier, so I'm not 100% sure how that translates to a standard oven.

    But dayum. Not only does this taste great, but it's right around 100 calories and only 3 net carbs. Ridiculous. Goes super well with tea or coffee.

    Enjoy, keto friends.
u/cxaro · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. My new favourite Disney movie is Frozen. I like that it shows someone being utterly herself and shows that as a good thing. I like that it actually, openly mocks the common Disney trope of "I just met you, and this is crazy, but my name's [something], now let's have babies!" I like that it emphasizes non-romantic love as being able to be true and life-changing and truly unconditional. I like that it tells my (special ed) students that even if everyone else thinks they're cursed, even when it's terrifying to even be around other people, they can still be loved completely, for who they are.

  2. These amazing chocolate bars that I found in Australia that will change your life! (Or at least taste delicious.)

  3. See ya real soon!

  4. This book written by a friend of mine.

    I've sadly never been to any Disney theme parks. Cost has always prohibited.
u/nice_t_shirt · 8 pointsr/vegan

Hey, I train 6-7 days a week, too. You should have no problem getting 60-70g protein a day just from whole foods, not even taking into account a protein shake. Though that also depends on your overall calorie intake, which you didn't mention. Just putting something simple together, 95g hemp seeds, 430g lentils, and 290g buckwheat is 2000 calories, 330g carbs, 43g fat, and 96g protein. There is plenty of room to play around there to swap out foods and stuff and still hit your protein macros.

  1. Vegan totally tastes like ass. Funny enough, mixed berry is the only flavor I think is half decent. Taste-wise, my favorite is Sunwarrior. If you can afford Vega, you should be able to afford Sunwarrior. I like the chocolate flavor. Though my favorite is TrueNutrition's hemp/rice/pea blend. Tastes better than Vega, not as good as Sunwarrior, but it's much cheaper than either and tastes good enough for me. Favorite flavors are chocolate fudge brownie and mocha.

  2. Sorry no recipe suggestions, I don't eat soy/tofu, but I eat a lot of beans and I just eat them with some spices or something, nothing fancy. Check out explore asia products - they're based on beans and have a lot of protein. Also lentil pastas are pretty good.

  3. Nuts, seeds, beans/lentils - or processed foods based on these like tofu, seitan, tempeh, TVP, peanut butter, etc.

  4. "Keep in mind I'm a broke uni student." You probably shouldn't buy Vega then :) Sounds like you have the bases covered. On top of oats, I might also add buckwheat, quinoa, and rice. Peanut butter is also cheap, very calorically dense, and has a good amount of protein.

  5. I'm not iron deficient, but just check out high iron foods. Molasses is one I use as a sweetener for shakes and stuff and it has a lot of iron. Also I've heard good things about the iron fish.
u/ilovepills · 3 pointsr/GetMotivated

Your diet is going to make the biggest difference in your weight loss. They say weight loss is 85% diet, and it's true. I too have lost 120 pounds and I honestly think exercise is unnecessary. I run now, but I do that for overall health. Here's a few things I eat on a weekly basis.


  • 8oz.non-fat greek yogurt with fruit (usually a banana)

  • 1 scoop protein powder, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, handful of baby spinach, 1 banana (or other fruit). Blend.

  • Oatmeal

  • 1 1/2 T. Peanut butter on whole wheat toast


  • 2 Tuna sandwiches. 1 can tuna, 1T. non-fat mayo, 1T. mustard, 1T. relish. Put onto 2 of these things. I usually eat this with celery dipped in PB2 and a side salad of mixed greens tossed in low-cal vinegarette.

  • Grill a shitload of chicken breasts and keep them in your fridge. I'll heat up a giant bowl of broccoli and throw a chopped-up chicken breast on there and eat it with sriracha. You can also put a breast onto 4 corn tortillas with some homemade guac and pico de gallo. Cook up some quinoa and eat it with the chicken.

  • Beans. Make low-cal chili with super-lean ground turkey and some canned beans - tons of fiber and protein to keep you full.

    I tend to pick a protein source and build a meal around that. I try to always add as many veggies as I can, usually in the form of a side salad or celery.

    I HIGHLY recommend downloading MyFitnessPal on your phone (assuming you have a smartphone) and log everything you eat. I winged it for the first year but the app makes it so much easier.

    Something I've recently fallen in love with - sweet potatoes. I scrub them clean and bake for an hour @ 400. Cut it in half, sprinkle a little salt or some cinnamon and eat it. Great desert, full of good shit, and it tastes delicious.

    There are a ton of things you can eat that are good for you. Lots of other fish, tons of ways to cook/eat chicken and turkey, beans, etc.
u/grewestr · 4 pointsr/grilling

Not OP, but I make wings regularly on the kettle. For regular wings:
-Set up kettle like OP, coals on one side
-Set all wings skin side down on a sheet with paper towel under it to dry the skin
-Sear wings skin side down over coals for 1-3 minutes until slightly charred
-Flip and sear other side for 1 minute
-Transfer to other side of grill skin side up
-Place lid on with vent open and directly over the wings
-Wait 5-20 minutes depending on how you like the wings done then toss them in sauce.

This gives the best of both worlds. A nice charred sear that makes the skin super tender and a indirect cooking period to crisp everything up. I usually marinade half of them in a mixture of Sabauce and Aardvark for some extra flavor. I've seen people have really good results using the Vortex as well.

u/punkinale · 6 pointsr/IndianFood

Trust me. Buy this: https://www.amazon.com/Kitchens-India-Butter-Chicken-3-5-Ounce/dp/B000V17MLS/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1487172075&sr=8-1&keywords=kitchens+of+india+butter+chicken

  1. Add oil to a pan (1 or 1.5 tbps)
  2. Add chopped onions, garlic, and a bit of ginger
  3. Reduce onions until transulucent
  4. Add tomatoes and allow to cook
  5. Add a packet of this Kitchens of India paste and mix well
  6. Add chicken and 1/2 cup of water and allow the chicken to cook on low heat
  7. Add more water (you can use cream or milk) until the gravy is as thin as you like

    Trust me... I've been trying to make curries at home for the last 10 years. I've tried many recipes, from scratch fresh ground spices, to boxed spices, and even other pastes. This brand has become a staple for me now. I can whip up a dish in 30 minutes and it's better than a lot of restaurants around me. My favorite paste they sell is the chicken curry, tastes like an authentic dhaba style curry you can get in India.

    ps) I have fond memories of helping my dad make "chicken" (usually this meant desi style curry) growing up and it wasn't until I became older that I appriciated how much I enjoyed that.
u/Stinky_McDoodooface · 2 pointsr/vegan

You can also look at tempeh and bean pastas like this one. Peanut butter powder (or just peanut butter), protein powder.

And whole foods like beans/lentils should be a staple, nuts/seeds (hemp seeds are great), and grains like buckwheat, quinoa, wheat/pasta, and oats.

You might also experiment with lower protein macros while maintaining overall calories. I know it's scary, took me the better part of a year to stop drinking protein shakes and try it, and I found I make just as much progress eating whole foods as long as I keep my calories in check. I still do protein powder, but mainly because I like the flavors they offer. I use true nutrition's vegan protein optimizer (hemp, pea, rice blend) and either chocolate fudge brownie or peanut butter cup flavor. Add that to a bowl of oats or something with bananas and it's amazing. You can add it to just about anything. I'll add it to a bowl of beans and add just enough water that it's thick/creamy like peanut butter. Tastes great.

u/tunersharkbitten · 3 pointsr/hotsauce

>it was uncomfortable, but it was also exhilarating. There was a little adrenaline boost. I felt high, and my consciousness was affected in a weird yet exciting way.

welcome to the club, friend.

a couple recommendations based on personal experience.

Ghost pepper: 1 of them INSTANTLY can be recommended. ADOBOLOCO HAMAJANG is INSANELY delicious. if there is a cost plus world market near you, they probably have it. if you are lucky, they are in the clearance section. manageable heat. EXCELLENT flavor. its more of a pepper water than your traditional hot sauce but w/e.

habanero: secret aardvark habanero hot sauce is by far my favorite habanero sauce. i would avoid "DA BOMB" like the plague. literally no flavor at all, and it just feels like you are stabbing your tongue with a hot knife.

Trinidad scorpion: personally, i cheated with this one. i am PROBABLY the only person out there with an actual BOTTLE of the Buffalo Wild Wings "Scorpion Rum" hot sauce. scorpion peppers mixed with meyers dark rum makes for a SERIOUSLY delicious sauce. shame it as a limited time only deal...

i actually havent had a sauce with carolina reapers in it, so i cant recommend anything. but if you stay here long enough, you wont just try one or 2 of them, you will probably find a GOOD one.

u/r0botdevil · 6 pointsr/veganfitness

If you're trying to build some muscle, it definitely is important to get enough calories. So if you've calculated your goal intake at 1515/day and you want to add a swim, you should increase your intake to account for that.

As for learning the lifts, I'd start with very basic stuff like bench press, squat, deadlift, and maybe shoulder press. There should be loads of video tutorials on YouTube for this, but proper form is extremely important to minimize risk of injury so don't be too shy about asking someone to check your form in the gym. Most good lifters will be happy to help out with spotting and/or form-checking once in a while, just try not to ask the same guy for stuff all the time or it might get annoying. The biggest single piece of advice I can give to new lifters on form is this: If your muscles are sore the next day, you're probably doing it right. If your bones or joints are sore the next day, you're probably doing something wrong.

As for getting adequate protein as a vegan, that may be your biggest challenge. This stuff is awesome, this stuff isn't bad, and this is a good recipe for a high-protein seitan.

Good luck!

u/coocooforcoconut · 3 pointsr/diabetes_t1

My son is the T1 but my husband and I are Keto also. Here are some fav snacks/foods:

Lowrey’s Microwave Pork Rinds: 0 net carbs. I hate bagged pork rinds but love these. We eat them with cheddar dip or guacamole usually. One bag makes about the same as the regular pre-bagged kind.

Mission Low Carb Tortillas: 4 net carbs. You can make your own low carb chips by brushing with oil and baking in the oven. Or make some wraps with your favorite meats and cheeses.

Blue Diamond Flavored Almonds: 3 net carbs (about 14 almonds) We love the wasabi, bbq, and chocolate.

Schmidt 647 Bread: 6 net carbs per slice. It’s indistinguishable from regular sandwich bread. We like the Italian the best.

Lily’s Chocolate: 4 net carbs for 1/2 bar. For when you have a sweet tooth.

Popcorn: 11 net carbs for 1/3 of a large microwave bag (about 4 cups) We use this instead of chips in my son’s lunch. I’ve read that it can spike some people so YMMV.

Veggies and dip: blue cheese, ranch, and Italian dressings are usually low carb.

Strawberries: about 2 net carbs per berry.

Lunch meats and cheeses, bacon, boiled eggs: <2 net carbs

u/citrusysecrets · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

AMAZING CONTEST!!! my favorite movie of all time is kill bill and I would like to win this for myself. I don't really have any spending money and I haven't bought make up in months, I would love this pack!

I would enjoy this yummy .89 cent candy

Thanks for the contest! Sprout :)

u/whatever_dad · 1 pointr/EatCheapAndHealthy

Check out [Soylent](Soylent Meal Replacement Drink, Original, 14 oz Bottles, 12 Count https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EUEIL3E/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_SDgQybNFG0JZX). Its designed to completely replace food if you want or need it to. It has all the nutrients and vitamins an average person needs, with 400 calories in a bottle. Buying a 12 pack from amazon works out to less than $3 per bottle, and a 2000 calorie diet will put you at 5 bottles per day, for a grand total of less than$15 per day.

The taste is pretty bland (lots of people describe it as the milk left over after eating cheerios), but works great as a base for smoothies. Personally, I use Mio "water enhancers" to flavor it, and those work great too.

Neither Soylent nor Mio require refrigeration. But I will say that Soylent tastes a lot better cold, so maybe pour it into a glass with ice or save up for a mini fridge if using your parents' isn't an option.

u/Cheesius · 4 pointsr/ketorecipes

Wow this got wordy! I'm gonna put a little TL;DR at the top here for easy reference:

Pork shoulder blade roasts or steaks are relatively cheap compared to other meat, are delicious and are great for keto. Chicken thighs are also fantastic. I use Nu-Salt in everything to make sure I get more potassium. I sweeten most things with Ez-Sweetz. I explain in more detail how I use the pork shoulder and the chicken breasts below.


I buy pork shoulder blade steaks, because they're relatively cheap and have lots of fat, which helps me with my ratios, and they're delicious. I cut them into manageable portions and cook them up for breakfast most mornings (I learned to cook them the way Gordon Ramsay does in this video, ignore the sweet and sour peppers he also cooks as they are loaded with carbs, amd go easy on the garlic, but this is a great way to cook pork chops), it's absolutely fantastic. Not so good if you're also watching your calories, but pork shoulder is a really tasty, really cheap cut of meat.

Anyway, my go-to breakfast is usually a portion of pork shoulder blade steak, about 6 small frozen brussels sprouts microwaved on a plate under a bowl for four minutes with butter, salt and pepper, and a couple of eggs fried up on the side.

Also chicken thighs, which I lay in 13x9 baking pan, sprinkle salt, pepper, rosemary and other delicous stuff over them, cover in foil and bake it for about an hour at 350... LEt it cool, remove the bones (keep the skin and fat in there, just chop it and mix it all together) and then you've got chicken to use in stuff. It's very fatty, but again, that's part of maintaining the keto ratio. I usually will portion that out into zipper-seal sandwich bags, about 200g in each bag, and freeze it. Then I use it to make quick lunches, I mix one portion with about 200g of broccoli or green beans and about 20g of cheese, add seasoning, and freeze it in a microwaveable container.

Aside from that, I always keep some potassium salt (I use Nu-Salt, which is carried in my local grocery store near the salt) on hand to help make sure I am getting enough potassium, I add some to anything I add salt to. Be aware, by itself it tastes just awful... But if you feel like you need some extra potassium, it does the trick. I always use extra if I am getting back into keto after cheating.

My go-to sweetener of choice is Ez-Sweetz, it just makes stuff sweeter without adding any other flavors (I tried stevia and it just was not good in my coffee), and one drop of the stuff is equivalent to 1 teaspoon of sugar. I haven't ever seen it in a store, but you can get it from amazon.

u/Bilbo_Fraggins · 10 pointsr/Cheap_Meals

http://www.efooddepot.com is pretty good and has sales around holidays and back to school times if you're not in a rush.

I get Shin Ramyun via amazon subscribe & save, not the cheapest noodles by far but a good deal on some good noodles with the 5+% off plus free shipping from subscribe and save. I order with a few other items every few months and get 15% off most orders.

u/hack819 · 1 pointr/IndianFood

Its kind of cheating but the best butter chicken I've been able to make comes from a packet. Using [this] (https://www.amazon.com/Kitchens-India-Butter-Chicken-3-5-Ounce/dp/B000V17MLS?th=1) with some boneless thighs is fantastic and super easy.

As for rice I just throw jasmine rice in my rice cooker. While neither the curry or rice are authentic they taste good.

u/UnicornBestFriend · 3 pointsr/happy


Fellow instant-noodle lover here. If you find your local Asian market - the legit one that Asian immigrants go to - you can find a ton of stuff to kick up your ramen. Cheap veg, we're talking 3 lb bags of baby bok choy for $2, fitty-cent green onion, and hella cheap ground pork, something like $2/lb. Also, delicious tinned fish (under $2).

But the best shit is the sauce aisle.

Good ramen comes with several packets: freeze dried veg, powder seasoning, and the grease packet. The ten cent stuff only comes with the powder. To make up for the grease packet, you can get either sesame oil or chili oil. You can get a tub of curry paste for under $3 and make curry noodles; one tub should yield 30-40 servings. Or Korean gojuchang.

This is my favorite and it's around $4 a jar in the market.

You can also save up any fat left from cooking, like bacon drippings or chicken fat, freeze it, and use it to silk up your ramen.

It makes a ten cent bag into at least a $2.50 bag.

u/QuestioningEspecialy · 1 pointr/bestof

I'll add to this, especially for the Afro-Americans out there.




After all of the cordless electric shavers I've used over the years, my Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver gives me the smoothness shave I've ever had without using an actual razor. I finish off by edging up and trimming with a [Philips Norelco G370] (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000FED5DU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_F702AbWT46ATE) (it was <$100 and it's probably outdated by now) I've used it for ~4-7 years and dropped it a few times. It leaves the skin a bit rough, though, but I've rarely ever nicked myself with it (if at all).


Instructions & Maintenance...


Read the instructions and follow proper maintenance (brush, clean, oil, etc.). Always.
And for the record, both of my shavers are easy to clean. The Remington requires more effort, especially once a month, but the Phillips only requires a quick brushing (I add Andis Clippers Clipper Oil). The "hardest" part is letting the Remington dry for so long before putting the head back on. Don't brush the clippers while it's on, btw. Seriously, you'll ruin the brush and end up needing to replace it.


Battery Life...


If the instructions say to let the battery die before its first charge, I do so. If it says to fully charge it for X hours before its first use, I do so. Now, people of Reddit had a particular conversation about battery life once. I never looked into the matter myself, but I started practicing it with all of my chargeable devices. After the initial required drain (if instructed), I always charge it after it hits 30-50%. I do my best to never let it drain completely to 0%. The idea is that the battery will actually degrade much quicker if it drains to 0% and will need to be replaced sooner. Feel free to call me a fool on this one, but please explain your reasoning.


Razers & Magic Shave...


This one requires a story or warning.
I wet shaved with my brother's razor when I was in high school because my cordless one (probably a Phillips) wouldn't work properly when I put it back together after taking the top apart for a full-ish cleaning for the first and last time (the school started reinforcing its facial hair policy).

Though it was my first time, and I shaved against the grain, I didn't cut myself or apply anything to my skin before or after. My face was so smooth that I kept touching it. Three days later, I start noticing bumps. By the fifth day, I had full on razor bumps everywhere I originally shaved. Bump Stopper II took a month or so to really any progress and around three months to really make an impact, but it left my skin dry and very flaky. Eventually, I moved to Skin Tight Razor Bump Ointment Extra Strength. It burned like hell in the beginning, but showed better progress. That and washing my face daily with soap and a towel of course.

Since I still had to shave, I just went over the bumps with a shaver and routinely wiped the blood away. Due to a barber's suggestion, I started using Bump Fighter Razors. He warned me that they were going to miss some hairs, but it worked well enough.

At some point, I was recommended (powder blue) Magic Shave because it would "eat those bumps up" (oh, boy). This stuff stinks, flakes all over the place, and can tear up your skin if you aren't careful. I tore a descent sized section of my skin off when I dragged a wet towel down my chin at the wrong angle once. I could see the skin sitting intact in the towel with the inner-end of my hairs barely sticking out of it. Was a really weird moment. That section of my face was pink and hairless for awhile before it healed over. Looked funny on my lovely complexion. For the record, I only used it every three or four days. Three is the minimum, IIRC.

If you're going to use Magic Shave, use a wet towel to wipe it off (prepare to rinse repeatedly), designate a magic shave cup that is to be used for nothing else, consider only wearing boxers, bring a broom and dust pan, and stay in one room or outside. Hell, turn the vent on, you stinky mutt. Overall, I do not recommend Magic Shave's original formula (powder blue). I cannot speak for its powder gold fragrant or creme light fresh scent version, though.

Now for razers...
I started using the cheap pack of (dark blue) Gillette dual-blade razers from Walmart in high school. They worked very well. Here are my instructions: Shave with the grain, rinse the blades after every stroke, thoroughly rinse the blades after you're done, wipe them carefully with a toilet paper to get extra crud off, and let air dry somewhere. Hell, thanks to another Reddit conversation, I kept a short round plastic container of isopropyl alcohol around in college to "shake" the razer in as a finishing touch of cleanliness. Supposedly, the alcohol evaporates after awhile, so I just let it air dry after that (read the 4/24/18 edit at the bottom). The blades lasted a pretty long time doing all of this before I need to pull out a new razor. That combined with how cheap they were...


Razer Bumps / Ingrown Hairs...


I found that daily shaving, Skin Tight creme, and actually washing or just wiping my face with a clean damp paper towel kept the bumps from fully returning. A trick I discovered to get rid of the ones that lingered was to grow my facial hair out. It looked awful for a month since the bumps returned as the hair grew (they might have been curling into the skin), but there's a point where the bumps start to recede into the skin and all you have is a full beard (minus some areas of the lower neck). Now just maintain it or shave it off. What you'll find is a smooth face with practically no bumps. You must keep the hairs from growing back, though (and maybe wash your face?). Mess that up, and the lingering bumps will return.

Oh, to hell with Bump Stopper II and don't bother with Skin Tight. My physician recommended Tend Skin Solution after I graduated college, and, let me tell you, it works better than both. I hear the ingredients aren't that bad for your health either.


My Routine...


I wash my hair (including facial) with Bubble & Bee's hard water shampoo (the price is worth it, especially since it lasts for a surprisingly long time), pour on and rub in their vinegar rinse ratio (a fourth of the bottle tops; it's optional when you purchase the shampoo), wash that out, apply Nature's Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to my facial and scalp hair while still damp/wet (I'm not 100% certain about using it on the scalp yet; used to use AVEDA Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil twice or thrice a week), brush my facial hair (soft bristles for the cheeks and neck; medium bristles for the beard and moustache) once in the morning, and apply Tend Skin Solution twice a day with cotton balls.

I should be using the foil shaver daily, but I don't always. Hence why I brush my cheeks and neck.


In closing...


If you're close to (or cool with) any Afro-American males, especially ones who've just started growing facial hair, consider having them read this so they can learn from my mistakes. Those razor bumps were rather unsightly.


tl;dr: Use Tend Skin Solution for razor bumps, wash your face, follow instructions, foil shavers leave smoother skin, read the section on battery life, don't shave against the grain with a razor, and don't use magic shave or bump stopper II.


EDIT (4/24/18):
About my shaving cleanup steps. I later realized that letting the isopropyl alcohol dry on the razer caused the blades to dull quicker, so I started rinsing them off and wiping them with toilet paper a second time as the final step.

u/okthisisgettingridic · 1 pointr/popcorn

The machine isn't totally necessary unless you want it for aesthetics, or for its ability to keep popcorn warm. You can get similar results by making it homemade on the stove-top though and you'd save a lot of money. Easier clean-up, too.

That said, I'm not too sure about good popcorn machines, but here are some popular options for good popping oil, salt, and kernels:




And if you're interested in the stove-top method, I wrote a blog about the technique here:


Happy popping!

u/xx2000xx · 1 pointr/DMT

If you're going to vape like he suggested here's what to get.

For VG/PG this is food grade and what everybody uses: https://www.amazon.com/Glycerin-Vegetable-Kosher-USP-Quart/dp/B004C7MTLA/

Here's the scale everybody uses which goes down to .01 grams and is flawless: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005UGBG20

Sign up for http://e-liquid-recipes.com/ and then you can use the calculator to measure with grams and break down the pg/vg nic and flavors which is the tool all DIY e-juice use. Back in the day we did it by volume which was a pain in the ass and doing it by grams is a game changer.

I wouldn't bother with nic but if you do choose so nudenicotine.com offer a free sample ($3 shipping) get the 100mg pg version. If you do go into ecigs DIY section for safety. Although if you have common sense it's actually very easy and safe but go to the right section in DIY.

Get pippets: https://www.amazon.com/Teenitor-Plastic-Transfer-Pipettes-Dropper/dp/B01G82SJRY/

Get some latex gloves or something.

If you're going to add flavoring this is my favorite: http://www.bullcityflavors.com/natural-mint-wg-inw/ - or their mixed mint which is the same but menthol - Eucalyptus will clear your sinus for a year.

INW is a premium flavoring company because $2-3 dollars for flavoring is expenisve in the juice world, that's why every vapor should DIY but they get overwhelmed with all the info, but it's easy as hell. The 10ml (don't bet the 30) will last you probably your whole life. I would go either 1% or 2% using the calulator, I couldn't imagine using anything above 3% because it's so crazy concontrated.

u/myredditpaleo · 1 pointr/Paleo

Well, as I wrote, there are some kinds that taste good (once the acquisition o' de taste is in effect yo) and the other that is just mildly singed grease. (not bad and not de best)
If you don't find a brand/type you like that way you can always flavor as the cashews (though those are high in carbs) post ahead of this mentioned.
your link wasn't specific enough - do you work for nutiva? 'cause it brought me to the homepage. It's cool, I dont' go on Reddit very often because of all the trolls and mean people but suffice it to write is that my experience is that if you find a tasty one like this http://www.amazon.com/Natures-Way-Organic-Coconut-Ounce/dp/B003B3OOPA
and you aren't a pussy, you can have spoonfuls as a supplementation quick and easy. I hate grease and dairy in my coffee and that is the only reason I'm saying once your palette can handle it, it's best to have the option in the morning or whenever.
Buy one brand for cooking, buy one brand for supplementation, and figure out which brand is best for sexy time. I won't be back so good luck.

u/kimburly · 5 pointsr/xxketo

Great!! The keto flu is much improved if you replenish your sodium, potassium and magnesium! So, make sure to drink a cup of broth every day this week... Morton Lite Salt is a good source of potassium and Natural Calm is my favorite magnesium supplement. And if you don't have magnesium or potassium supplements, try some Powerade Zero or sugar-free Gatorade to get those in your system.

Most of all, stick with it through the flu! For me it was only two or three days, and once I was through it I felt so great. More energy, more happiness, less need to sleep all the time... yay keto!

u/pyr02k1 · 6 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

On that starter kit you mentioned... It's fine, but it isn't the best route if you think you might stick with this.

First up, read up on mixing by weight. /u/Botboy141 has a fantastic write up on it. It ends up being cheaper and faster long term versus mixing with syringes. Take into account that you should use different syringes for each flavor and you'll have to clean them after use... The cleaning murders the time mixing and that kit doesn't have many syringes, so you'll be cleaning a lot.

A break down for you on mixing by weight... It isn't 100% I'd bet, but it should be close enough.
Scale: 16.99 http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0012TEQMG - this is the one I have, but the auto shut off is a friggin annoyance. Pick up the one Botboy141 recommends for the extra 14 or so dollars. So let's go with 30
Pipettes: 10.00 for 500 1ml. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B005CD2I50
10 for 200 3ml (you can probably find a better price) - http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B005IQTSE0
Dispensing bottles x2: 7.00 http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00B5139AG
Pg: 13.00 http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B005F5OJG6
Vg: 13.00 http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B004C7MTLA
Nicotine: 100mg/120ml 19.00 http://www.nudenicotine.com/product/500ml-100mgml-100-pg-nicotine-base-for-mixing-only/ 50 30ml ldpe bottles: 11.00 http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00F098JJA

$113, call it 130 with some shipping here and there.

Now add flavors, assuming you get 50 bucks of 8ml vials from wizard labs and you're running closer to 200. This will get you a good bunch of juice and the next time around you'll probably get 4oz bottles of your favorite flavors and maybe some more pg vg nic and possibly pipettes. It's worth the money, but syringes will be cheaper up start costs. You'd probably save about 70 bucks to start, but it'll cost you in frustration and time, which isn't worth the pain from all I remember with them.
Edit: I say wizard only because of the sample size of the vials... You can use bull city, tfa and lorann direct for 4oz and up on a bunch, or any other vendor really. But 50 in wizard with shipping will probably get you 25 or 30 vials.

Syringes will take away the scale and dispensing bottles and pipettes, so 60 bucks actually, and you'll add about 30 back in a bunch of 1ml, a few 3 or 5 and a couple of 10 for pg/vg and14ga blunt needles.

Hopefully that helps a bit. I can reformat it later on the computer if need be.

u/chestypocket · 1 pointr/Cooking

My husband and I have the same problem, and our go-to lazy meal is Butter Chicken. Our local Kroger sells a pre-made curry paste that we love (Kitchens of India, Butter Chicken Curry), and we eat that like most families eat spaghetti. Dice up some chicken, add whatever veggies you like, and make some rice and/or naan on the side. We also add a bit of ghost pepper because we like it really spicy, but our weak friends think it's very flavorful without no additional spices (except salt/pepper while the chicken is browning).

I also really enjoy fish as an easy, relatively healthy meal. Tilapia filets take no time to thaw in tepid water, so I just keep some in the freezer for easy, spur-of-the-moment dinners if I can't think of anything else. I season the fish with salt & pepper and either blackening spice or harissa seasoning (our local spice market sells a pre-made blend of dried spices that is my favorite thing ever). I usually nuke some frozen vegetables and make either rice or couscous on the side and add the same spices to the sides that I put on the fish. I usually make an extra meal to re-heat (in my HOME microwave) for lunch the next day.

u/TheDemonator · 3 pointsr/spicy

Check out theramenrater.com I promise I'm not affiliated but it's a hell of a resource. There's top ten lists that should help.

Also fwiw I used to and still buy the basic Maruchan ramen from most grocery stores and use powdered Habanero, Ghost and Scorpion peppers from Sonoran Spice Company and it heats up my ramen very nicely to the point where these Samyang varieties are delicious but I'm not blowing smoke out of my ears or anything.

Also I have these saved in my wish list from other recommended flavors people have shared (I'm hoping to get them on my asian market and not online):




u/team_pancakes · 2 pointsr/vegan

Cool, no problem. High protein macros on a plant based diet can be hard. For what it's worth, I really like this protein powder - https://truenutrition.com/p-1169-vegan-protein-optimizer-formula-1lb.aspx. It's just hemp/rice/pea protein, it's cheap (way cheaper than vega, at least half the cost) and you can pick the flavors. Nothing but protein concentrates/isolates, too, unlike a lot of vega products that have a bunch of other non-protein stuff in them.

I agree you should get your macros/micros from whole foods, but cutting weight while retaining muscle requires goofy macros, which in my opinion, require goofy foods :) You might also check out the explore asia bean pastas. Check out the macros - they're about 50% protein by weight. The black bean pasta is good but they make some others that have really great protein macros, too. And they're tasty and easy to make.

u/Wetip · 2 pointsr/RBA

just saying http://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice doesn't help that much but yes read most of their posts, the best help and advice is to get


^^ VG

and pick some flavors from TFA http://wizardlabs.us/index.php?route=product/category&path=79_85

also grab a 1ML syringe and a 10+ one for the VG

also look up flavors at


hope it was some help to ya

u/Eric578 · 1 pointr/keto

I had upper jaw surgery last tuesday. I was doing keto for just under 3 months before the surgery, and have continued doing it with my doctors permission during my recovery. I highly recommend sticking with keto, since the diet itself helps reduce inflammation if done right which helps you recover faster.

If you have any questions about the surgery feel free to ask :) Getting enough liquid keto calories is hard, so far my diet is basically the same thing everyday and ends up being a little over a thousand calories.

breakfast: this very soft scrambled egg dish I learned how to do from a gordan ramsey youtube video. About 300 calories: 2 eggs some cream and butter. You keep it moving until it forms a thick custard, super yummy and syringe-able.

lunch: 1 cup of almond or coconut milk with low carb protein powder and some pb2 powder.

dinner: soup. My current two choices are a broccoli and cauliflower cheese thing I made, and a thai inspired cucumber and coconut one.

u/hot-dickings · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Carbquik + Protein powder of choice + Unsweetened cashew milk = Magical pancakes or waffles. Usually around 190 calories, 26g protein, and 14g fiber when I make them. Around 2g net carbs.

I make waffles with them. They're crispy so be careful when transporting them, but it's an easy whey to get more protein. I like chocolate protein powder + carbquik + coco powder which produces a brownie-esque waffle/pancake.

Carbquik can also be used to make cheesy biscuits or whatever else your heart desires.

I also like string cheese, pepperoni slices, cottage cheese + protein powder (or yogurt), Kroger brand's carbmaster products, and oven roasted veggies.

There are also "parmesan crisps" and "asiago crisps" that are sold at grocery stores that are for salad toppings.. But could easily be a low carb snack. :-) You can prolly make those at home too.

u/sassytaters · 4 pointsr/keto

I love those little summer sausage bites: http://www.johnsonville.com/products/beef-deli-bites.html

Got this recently at Kroger and it was great, but it's already been discontinued at my store: http://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Z21YDQ4

Lily's Chocolate Bars are really good, but pricey: http://smile.amazon.com/LILYS-Chocolate-Variety-Coconut-Original/dp/B00PHMC9L4

Microwave Pork Rinds: http://smile.amazon.com/Lowreys-microwave-chicharrones-original-1-75-Ounce/dp/B000UPFWW6

Other than that, maybe individual sized packs of nuts, string cheeses, little sample jars of fancy nut butters (or like those squeeze packs of Justin's Almond Butter).

Congrats on the whole family getting on board. That's great.

u/SunBelly · 13 pointsr/slowcooking

TIP: don't cook the noodles in the crock pot. Boil the noodles by themselves, drain, and then add them directly to your bowls before adding the soup. This keeps the noodles from getting soggy and is much easier to portion and serve.

Also, please don't use crappy instant noodles for this dish. You already spent so much time and money preparing good ingredients, you can surely afford to spend more than a dollar on noodles. If you can't find any fresh or frozen ramen like Sun Noodle or quality dry ramen like Hakubaku, get Nongshim brand instant noodles. They're WAY better than Top Ramen/Maruchan.

Of course, you don't have to use ramen noodles at all. This recipe isn't Japanese, so why not use lo mein or rice noodles or Chinese flat egg noodles or buckwheat noodles or bean threads. If you can't find any of those, you can always substitute spaghetti or linguine. Literally anything would be tons better than cheap instant noodles.

u/willworkfor-avocados · 9 pointsr/ketorecipes

Many people are on the fence about this product, but Carbquik Baking Mix makes pretty solid biscuits. They’re a little crumbly/salty, but when you make them with cheese and garlic butter on top (like Red Lobster) they’re fantastic!

I enjoy the mix for pancakes and mug cakes too, I’ve also made a pseudo “pie crust” topping for chicken pot pie that worked well.

u/goalcam · 1 pointr/vancouver

I buy Orville Redenbacher kernels myself. Jolly Time tasted absolutely terrible.

Flavacol makes popcorn amazing, IMO. It's available on amazon.ca as well but the price isn't great: https://www.amazon.ca/Gold-Medal-Products-Flavacol-Seasoning/dp/B004W8LT10/

edit: this post prompted me to make some, and I finished off a container of kernels with a 'best of' date in 2015. They still taste amazing, they keep perfectly 'fresh'.

u/toddvelie · 2 pointsr/keto

I sooo want to like stevia. But I don't. Most of it tastes nasty.

In general, I try not to use sweetners at all, but when I do, I use this:

Or, sometimes, because I really want to like stevia:

For stuff with a strong natural taste, I can get away with the Stevia/Monk fruit combo. For things that are not that naturally strong flavored, or require quite a bit of sweetening, I just break down and use the sucralose.

On a related note, this year I'm growing a stevia plant in our garden. First time trying it. Those leaves are like candy! Just pop one in and chew. For some reason, a straight, raw leaf tastes fine. Maybe its just the novelty factor.

u/Silverlupin · 2 pointsr/Fitness

are you using the maruchan brand? (more commen in the US). Korean/foreign brands often taste...SO much better. LIke https://www.amazon.com/Nongshim-Ramyun-Noodle-Gourmet-Spicy/dp/B00778B90S/ref=sr_1_4_s_it?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1468863726&sr=1-4&keywords=ramen
and https://www.amazon.com/Nongshim-Neoguri-Noodles-Spicy-Seafood/dp/B00E9OWX0I/ref=sr_1_53_s_it?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1468864076&sr=1-53&keywords=korean+ramen.

I like to add veggies, Rice cakes, sometimes even the frozen dumplings, as well as some extra sausages if you want to make it taste better.

Edit: Im korean, and almost threw up when my friend gave me the maruchan "chicken flavor" to taste. *shudder, never again. Ah! forgot egg! egg always makes things more yummy

u/Red_statement · 1 pointr/kratom

>Plus the time it takes to cap that up (no cap machine) is a hell in itself. Like four hours at least to do 100g

Check out these. You can fit up to 3 grams in them, and they are super easy to swallow. You just put your kratom in the middle, fold it like a burrito, and then lightly dampen your finger and touch it on the folds to seal it. Then you swallow it with a drink. I guess it's an easier and safer way to parachute, but I don't how similar it is because I've never actually parachuted anything. They are cheap and you get 200 in a $6 pack. And they will save you a lot of time.

>Usually I buy 100g bags and enjoy it for a week and a half, then deal with minor withdrawal for a day or two.

Would it be possible to lower your dose? I know it would take a few days but after about a week of using a lower dose I start to get good effects from that dose. If you could lower your dose by just a few grams it each it would help.

Also, I know you said your low on funds but if you can afford it then get some agmatine. You can get 100g for like $12 of Amazon. If you take between 1-2g a day it can help you cut your dose in half. It makes you doses last longer, too.

I'm sorry you're going through this.

u/dryh2o · 1 pointr/self

I have started drinking Soylent for breakfast, one or two for lunch and then eating a healthy dinner. Soylent has everything I need nutrition-wise, is quick and easy and is portable (in pre-mixed form anyway).

As far as fruit, I have two of the small sugar free cups of fruit that come in the little plastic cups. I don't have the time or energy for fresh fruit. I add a couple drops of liquid sucralose (Splenda) and it's a great, sweet snack before bed.

u/aqble · 2 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

My experience is limited but if you want to be supplied for 2-3 years and only have $150 to spend I'd buy a liter of 100mg/ml nicotine (the key ingredient after all, ~$90), a quart each of PG & VG (~$25 combined total), some 3ml & 10ml syringes, and a few basic flavors you like. And of course some bottles.

Having bought both amber and blue glass bottles, I'll be going with clear in the future. The colors help block light, but you're much better off just keeping your mixes in a dark area (like a cabinet or freezer), at which point the color of the glass is entirely moot. Clear glass lets you see the level and color a lot better. You can get glass bottles with droppers (~$30 for 24) really cheaply if you buy in bulk.

u/ThisIsMyKetoUsername · 3 pointsr/keto

If you're in the states, look for [this] (https://www.amazon.com/Morton-Lite-Salt-Sodium-Table/dp/B0005YM0UY). It's cheaper if you've got a grocery store that carries it. This has your potassium as well as a a little magnesium, but I don't think the magnesium is that physioactive. It helps me a LOT more than the salt that I used before. Just add a bit, I've heard between a 1/4 tsp and a full tsp, to your bottle of water and, if you want, add some vitamin fortified water additive, like [Mio] (https://www.amazon.com/Mio-Vitamins-Tropical-Naturally-Sweetened/dp/B01I5RHUPM/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1497978718&sr=8-1&keywords=mio%2Bwater%2Benhancer%2Bstevia&th=1). I like this one with the stevia and the additional B vitamins. It's a wonder drink for me!! But, if you're feeling ok, then go with what's been working for you!

u/Woknblues · 1 pointr/keto

You betcha. Boiled eggs are good, as are pork rinds, Kirkland protein bars (only 4net carbs each) cheese like mozzarella holds well at room temps, too. For sweets, find the best tasting (for you) Sweetener and take it with you in the road, if I am right in assuming you drink lots of coffee. I use a product called ezsweets. Great stuff.


EZ-Sweetz (2oz - Liquid Sweetener 800 Servings/Bottle) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002MO765O/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_RZrxybM6VY5AZ

u/BarbellCappuccino · 1 pointr/xxfitness

Orgain! I love the chocolate flavor! Can be purchased here on Amazon


Also, I haven't yet tried True Nutrition, but they are my next one to try! They get super good reviews throughout a few subs I follow, and the pricing is similar or even better than Orgain. There's also lots of options to customize if you want to, and TONS more flavor options than Orgain.

u/foosanew · 7 pointsr/YouShouldKnow

I posted this in your LPT thread, I think it is worth reading so here.

A few years back, and even some today, I set out to find out how to make popcorn like at the movie theaters. Alton's recipe does not sound terrible and uses items most people will have on hand. However to make it better (read: more like movie theater popcorn) You will need to buy a few items for this.

  1. Gold Medal Flavacol popcorn salt
  2. Coconut oil for popcorn
  3. Whirley-Pop

    All total the items are under $40 (excluding popcorn) and all but the coconut oil will last a long time. Flavacol is a must have for this to work. I have not been able to find it locally near me. the 35oz carton will last you just about forever.

    The coconut oil is a bit on the messy side just because of the container, you can get different amounts which will come in a different container. I have noticed some differences in taste of some coconut oils and the one linked is the brand I am currently using.(note: Coconut oil solidifies at about 76F)

    If you are just toying with the idea of better popcorn, try Alton's method of popping. It cuts the total price in half and for a test run\proof of concept it should work. I have tested several poppers and settled with the whirley pop or similar design. Some outdoors shops sell these but charges about $10 more for them. Note: Yes it has a turn handle, but the gears are made of plastic, so do not hulk smash it.

    As for popcorn, not all popcorn is created equal. The artisan fancy colored stuff generally does not pop well in my experience. I have experimented with many different kinds and have mostly settled with Orville Redenbacher. This can be purchased off the shelf at most grocery stores or from Amazon. You can try others to find one you like better.

    As a note
    I do not have a set amount for any 1 ingredient. I just eyeball it, maybe one of these days I will get this down to a science with numbers and such. When starting out follow Alton's recipe but substitute the above items in it.

u/keladry12 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I mean, I'm pretty sure everyone has read the Epic Tuscon Whole Milk, 1 gallon, 128 fl. oz reviews (my favorite is the Raven parody: "Once upon a mid-day sunny, while I savored Nuts 'N Honey..."). I'll search for another one, but I'll leave this as a reminder for myself. :)

edit: Oh! I remember another one, although it's nsfw...there are some really good reviews for the Hitachi "Personal Massager" . I really like the different innuendos people come up with...although my favorite are the indignant "What are you people doing with this thing!!" posts...

(Let me know if you would rather I find a sfw one...:) )

u/sciencechick · 1 pointr/xxketo

I have yet to find a low carb brownie recipe that is actually close enough to the real thing to make it worthwhile. However, I do love make chocolate whipped cream. Just add coco powder to heavy whipping cream with your favorite artificial sweetener and blend until fluffy. You can also add cream cheese to make it more of a cheesecake type of thing. If I add cream cheese I usually also add natural peanut butter to make a [mousse] (http://www.yummly.com/recipe/5-Minute-Peanut-Butter-Mousse-Low-Carb-and-Gluten-Free-540020?columns=5&position=3%2F13). Definitely helps with the PMS cravings.

My favorite chip replacement is pork rinds. They are so good with sour cream or just on their own. I get this kind.

u/rabidpirate · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

Depends on what you consider spicy tbqh. There are many delicious sauces that are just way too hot for most people.

If you want to stick with the same general heat level as tobasco, Tapatio and Cholula are super mainstream and available everywhere.

If you want a bump up from that (a few times hotter), I can't recommend Secret Aardvark enough

My personal favorite all around sauce (Jolokia 10) is also what I consider a fairly mild sauce (about twice as hot as Aardvark), [is also my favorite sauce] (https://www.amazon.com/Jolokia-10-Hot-Sauce-ounce/dp/B0070XVW3E)

It's a puree style sauces instead of a vinegar/liquid sauce, so you get some chunk, some bite..but it's not an extract sauce like you get with some of the sauces starting at this level. Extract is a cheap way of giving more heat at the expense of taste (you get a metallic, carbon taste from the stuff)

u/menmybabies · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

these rainbow cookies I grew up eating these and sadly, in the midwest they don't exist and nobody even knows what I'm talking about when I ask about them. I get this retarded WTF are you talking about look from people about them! hahaha.

Then I've got this mixed bag of candy holy sweet jebus, a little bit of everything! Om nom nom nom.

I've got cereal marshmallows on my list that is fucking ingenious, the best part of the cereal minus the cereal! :)

I'm literally living vicariously through my wishlist! hahaha.

u/video-girl · 1 pointr/loseit

I buy PB2 which is like peanut butter but with like 90% less fat (its powdered). You mix it with water and it actually tastes a lot like peanut butter, or i use it in protein shakes if i want a peanut butter taste. I like it quite a bit, but it is kind of expensive. Or Id say just to have some peanut butter! Buy the stuff that doesnt have a lot of added salt or sugar, and only have the recommended serving size (usually 2 tablespoons). Peanut butter is fine in moderation just makes sure you dont go over board.


u/drfre · 1 pointr/funny

Found the link the OP probably intended on submitting

The Tuscon Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz poem

Once upon a mid-day sunny, while I savored Nuts 'N Honey,
With my Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 gal, 128 fl. oz., I swore
As I went on with my lapping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at the icebox door.
'Bad condensor, that,' I muttered, 'vibrating the icebox door -
Only this, and nothing more.'

Not to sound like a complainer, but, in an inept half-gainer,
I provoked my bowl to tip and spill its contents on the floor.
Stupefied, I came to muddle over that increasing puddle,
Burgeoning deluge of that which I at present do adore -
Snowy Tuscan wholesomeness exclusively produced offshore -
Purg'ed here for evermore.

And the pool so white and silky, filled me with a sense of milky
Ardor of the type fantastic of a loss not known before,
So that now, to still the throbbing of my heart, while gently sobbing,
I retreated, heading straightway for the tempting icebox door -
Heedless of that pitter-patter tapping at the icebox door -
I resolved to have some more.

Presently my soul grew stronger; hesitating then no longer,
'This,' said I, 'requires an extra dram of milk, my favorite pour.'
To the icebox I aspired, motivated to admire
How its avocado pigment complemented my decor.
Then I grasped its woodgrain handle - here I opened wide the door; -
Darkness there, and nothing more.

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing,
Doubting, dreaming dreams of Tuscans I had known before
But the light inside was broken, and the darkness gave no token,
And the only words there spoken were my whispered words, 'No more!'
Coke and beer, some ketchup I set eyes on, and an apple core -
Merely this and nothing more.

Back toward the table turning, all my soul within me burning,
Soon again I heard a tapping somewhat louder than before.
'Surely,' said I, 'surely that is something at my window lattice;
Let me see then, what thereat is, and this mystery explore -
Let my heart be still a moment and this mystery explore; -
'Tis the wind and nothing more!'

From the window came a stirring, then, with an incessant purring,
Inside stepped a kitten; mannerlessly did she me ignore.
Not the least obeisance made she; not a minute stopped or stayed she;
But, with mien of lord or lady, withdrew to my dining floor -
Pounced upon the pool of Tuscan spreading o'er my dining floor -
Licked, and lapped, and supped some more.

Then this tiny cat beguiling my sad fancy into smiling,
By the grand enthusiasm of the countenance she wore,
Toward the mess she showed no pity, 'til I said, 'Well, hello, kitty!'
Sought she me with pretty eyes that seemed to open some rapport.
So I pleaded, 'Tell me, tell me what it is that you implore!'
Quoth the kitten, 'Get some more.'

u/purebredginger · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I started a new diet and I want to start protein shakes. peanut butter is a great flavoring agent, but you have to be careful because of the sugar and what not. This is a great alternative to the regular stuff and is actually pretty healthy.

I was away this weekend and I got back and really wanted to snuggle with my cat and he kept squirming away... all I want is for him to love me =(

u/spacesoulboi · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh boy a scavenger hunt

  1. Deadly Class Volume 6 The cover is blue

  2. Summer Stars 2012 - Playstation 3 it got summer onthe box

  3. Cricket Lollipop candy is fruit related in cricket can be protein

  4. basketball socks my sister is a basketball coach I think she would get a kick out of them

  5. Survivor: by Chuck Palahniuk it's from the writer of Fight Club and it's a very peculiar story about a man who survives a creedish death cult ends up becoming a prophet there are other twists and turns

  6. The song Summer Breeze by Seals and Croft

  7. [This Pet Massaging Groomer De-Shedding Brush] (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075CQF8NJ/ref=s9_acsd_bw_wf_e_wfallpet_cdl_42?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-9&pf_rd_r=Z3KV8AJT1DAMJJHQGR2Q&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=0b3abadb-a523-41d7-b90a-e1319e3d094c&pf_rd_i=15469025011) great for massaging your dog and getting rid of loose hair

  8. [Xavier Institute T-Shirt] (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075RQTMHY/?coliid=I2XL814S1KI9XP&colid=T61FSWUV1I31&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it) The X-Men are awesome

  9. 8 1/2 I think everyone for once in their life should see this movie

  10. LED Flashlight Tactical Rescue Pocket Knife you don't need to reload of a knife and it's got a flashlight

  11. Black Panther #23 My goal is to have all the 90s issue of black panther this is the last issue that I need

  12. Strawberry Pop-Tarts this big box is an add-on for this price

  13. The book Aliens: Dead Orbit it's from the alien franchise

  14. Autographed Cards Of Mickey Mantle Set of Four it over 90,909.99 but it got free shipping

  15. Jaws the video game

  16. the scent of musty Leather Cologne

  17. X-Men Pocket Comics: Wolverine vs Omega Red when was a kid I had this I also remember I had another playset with Cyclops in it

  18. David Lynch's Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity in this book David Lynch talks about what he uses in his writing and filmmaking process thru Transcendental Meditation

  19. Haunted Love #3 my current Obsession and always will comicbooks

  20. sugar-free gummy bears the comment section alone just keeps me laughing

    Thank you for the contest
u/whattrees · 1 pointr/vaporents

Some comments:

2 You are looking for an Ego Threaded Beauty Ring.

3 You can also buy MUCH better tanks like an Evod for cheap and they have replaceable coils so they are worth the investment. I personally have had better luck with something like a protank or BDC, but anything with replaceable coils will be a big step forward. Also the better build construction means less leaking.

4 PEG-400 is not really an ideal base for any ejuice. It has a bad taste and does not carry flavors very well. You would have much better luck using Vegetable Glycerin or Propylene Glycol.

u/potensMatrem · 1 pointr/keto

Chiming in a few days too late, but for anyone coming back to read this at a later date: EZ Sweetz has been an absolute lifesaver for me on keto. It was designed as a sweetener for diabetics (so it doesn't spike your blood sugar), is affordable, and completely without aftertaste. Maybe I've been using it for so long my taste buds have just adapted, but I really think it tastes identical to sugar. The only downside is that, because it's a liquid, you can't use it in baking or traditional recipes that call for granulated or powdered sweeteners.

I hope anyone out there craving sweet stuff will give it a try. Buy it here!

u/unicorndanceparty · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

added lego mug to wishlist

Hmm, I haven't ventured too deeply into the depths of Amazon (just like I haven't ventured too deep into the subreddits of reddit because I'm scared of what I might find, like r/spacedicks). I guess most awesome I've found is 8 lb bag of Lucky Charm marshmallows! It's really my dream come true :D

u/justmyrealself · 2 pointsr/keto

These don't have the same macros (more protein than fat) but they are good in a pinch.


Also, I usually try to even out the macros and dip in mayo or throw some butter over them and treat them like popcorn.

Either way... they're delicious.

u/rokinlobster · 3 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

Im a huge fan of nude nic. I will always and forever buy my nic there. Cg ms verified, the owner posts great, in deth scientific info here etc... However, their shipping ends up killig it for me. Same with wizard labs. Once you order like more than a quart of anything the shipping goes to like 15 bucks. At wizard labs he shipping was more than the VG I wanted iirc.

Essential depot on amazon.

1,271.661 ml (43oz) of VG


12.95 free shipping.

u/Aksen · 2 pointsr/loseit

> I wasn’t even being adventurous in my fast food meal, I just liked that it was convenient and I knew what I was getting.

Have you looked into meal replacement drinks? I replace one meal a day with soylent for this reason. It costs about $3, fits into my diet nicely, and takes literally zero effort. There are things I could be doing that would be more healthy, but... they might cost more, be less delicious, or be less convenient. And I have an easy time sticking to a plan if it's this convenient.


u/marshmallowwisdom · 1 pointr/keto

Congratulations! I'm about one month in but haven't made it official with the Ketostix. Drink plenty of water and get yourself some Lite Salt or other source of sodium, potassium, and magnesium. It's comforting to see the great support in this thread.

u/TheKittenConspiracy · 2 pointsr/ARFID

Yeah pretty much what everyone else has been saying. I would recommend a doctor. One thing you might be able to do is try to get her to drink Soylent. It's used a lot here to introduce a complete diet in a case where otherwise someone is eating a limited group of foods. I think it could be good for your sister because each small bottle has 400 calories. It might be useful for slowing down her weight loss due to how calorie hence each bottle is. The "original" flavor tastes like nothingness or they also have flavored versions such as chocolate. Some of those bolthouse farms drinks are really calorie dense too. It may be a way for her to "trick" her mind into feeling like she still isn't eating a lot while still ingesting a lot of calories. If it's orthorexia rather than anorexia she should be happy too because the Soylent bottles only have exactly what the body needs. Five bottles and she would be getting 2000 calories and all her micro and macronutrients. I looked at a calorie calculator and if you can get her at anything over 1,422 she should stop losing weight. 2000 calories a day would be getting her about 1 lb per week back until she starts reaching a more healthy weight. As a heads up given her measurements she has a BMI of 14.64. Anything below 16 is the lowest category which is severe thinness. That's pretty dire medically. I would force her to go to a doctor whether she likes it or not.

u/storunner13 · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

it's not a terrible idea if you like peanut butter beers. I would probably be satisfied with taster.

What OG are you looking to hit? at 1.040, I would look to hit 20 IBU, 30 MAX, and move Fuggles to 20minutes to give a flavor complexity, but less aroma. Personally, I'd reduce the Melanoiden a little. Golden Naked Oats might be a nice addition too. If you're set on using a dextrine malt, use Weyermann Carafoam instead of Briess carapils. Keep in mind that Malted oats are much thinner than barley malt and therefore need a narrower gap in your mill--I would mill them separately.

Definitely use PB2. I'm not sure how people use it with success (dry hop? flameout?) so do some research on what has worked for others and mimic it in your recipe.

u/OrdertheThrow · 1 pointr/AskWomen

Real talk? A whirlipop popcorn maker, it makes the best damn popcorn I've ever tasted! I make a bowl or two a week and its amazing how consistently good it is. If you like your popcorn a bit saltier there's this stuff on Amazon called Flavacol which is the seasoning they add in theatre popcorn, I put about a teaspoon in with the oil & corn usually.



This is of course not factoring in the price of oil and kernels, let me just say that coconut oil will make the popcorn taste x10 better than any other kind of cooking oil.

u/liatris · 5 pointsr/Conservative

Cavender's sounds great on popcorn. I'll have to try that. I tend to like it prepared movie theater style - coconut oil, flavacol and fake butter. Cooked in a aluminum bowl with aluminum foil over the top and holes punched in the foil to let the steam escape.

This way is pretty good too....


u/sweetbeauty · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Crunchie! Because I'm awesome, and I deserve candy. Also, I have never had these before, and I would love to try them! :)

Thanks for the contest!

u/pudgypidgey11 · 7 pointsr/kratom

I read a comment here a couple months back that suggested Japanese oblate discs. You can get a pack of 200 on Amazon for like $6-7 and let me tell you: total game changer. Super easy to use and actually works. They're fragile so you have to be gentle but they're a godsend.

10/10 recommend

Edit: these are the ones I use

u/redeyemaster · 2 pointsr/keto

> Planning on doing just that once I get my fridge better stocked.

For sure. I think it's all about mindset; keto isn't supposed to be a fad diet you slip in and out of to lose some vanity weight, it's a lifestyle. Finding foods you genuinely enjoy that fit into the diet is absolutely key to sticking with it; afterall who wants to stick with a diet that makes them miserable?

>The problem I am having with this MFP states my calorie goal is 2820 But I would have to eat all day to reach this. Even with just what I mentioned above its always around 1300 end of day and I feel completely full.

Exactly. I disregard calorie suggestions almost entirely because they are pretty unrealistic for me unless I absolutely gorge myself and feel stuffed around the clock.

Typically speaking I start my day with a boosted coffee (which you can totally do yourself with butter + coconut oil + coco powder I just appreciate the convenience) and then around 1-3pm I have a grass fed beef stick and boiled egg or something roughly equivalent not because I'm super hungry but because I know if I don't eat a bit I'll be extra hungry at dinner and make 2 people's worth of food ;) and then I have plenty of room for whatever the heck I want for supper. I'm similarly recommended to eat ~2.8k calories a day and most days I'm barely half that.

On sundays I make a half batch of carbquik biscuits and have two of them, two eggs and a nice keto sausage gravy which clocks in at ~6 net carbs as my "cheat but not cheating" treat.

But ultimately, mixing it up keeps me loving the food I eat which makes it a breeze to stick with keto for me.

u/cedarSeagull · 1 pointr/EatCheapAndHealthy

One very easy way to make stir fry better is to add Lao Gan Ma brand sauce to it. You can find it in many asian grocers and online, of course. Ask any Chinese you know and they'll tell you the sauce is very popular in China and used often by people who want to "cheat". It's really good, though.


EDIT: They have 4 different types, they're all good.

u/coney_dawg · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I actually followed the ingredients from AIH's Genius Stout and modified the boil, adding 6.5 oz of PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter in the last 30 minutes of my 60 minute boil and 3 weeks into fermentation, added 1 dram of Peanut Butter Flavoring, which added HUGE amounts of delicious peanut buttery aroma and sweet PB on the back of the tongue. I can attest to the fact that this beer is getting better with age, and is far from perfect, but served at ~50 F, you're sure to have a good time.

EDIT: I let peanut butter flavoring infuse in beer for ~7-8 days before bottling.

u/Luxin · 1 pointr/keto

First off, check out /r/coffee if you really like coffee. Just be ready for a blue pill/red pill moment Neo, since /r/coffee is a trip down an awesome rabbit hole...

Anyway, I like to go for some fresh roasted (by me) and fresh ground (seconds before adding the hot water) coffee in a Chemex. I then add heavy cream and EZ-Sweets.

u/Cleeeeek · 9 pointsr/ketotrees

Get the kind you make fresh in the microwave.
Just look on amazon, you can buy in big bulk bags or single serving bags like popcorn. Eat them immediately after making when they’re still popping and cracking. They get less delicious as they sit and get stale.

The spicy flavor of these is the best I’ve had so far:

Lowrey's Bacon Curls Microwave Pork Rinds (Chicharrones), Original, 1.75 Ounce (Pack of 18) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000UPFWW6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_8AnXBbWJ3ZAZP

u/WilliamNyeTho · 29 pointsr/IAmA

I was also a movie theater employee, and I can confirm that this oil is NOT what makes the popcorn amazing. Here it is (or at least some similar variant): flavacol
This is some amazing tasting salt material which is grated extremely finely, giving it a huge surface area to volume ratio, thus allowing it to dissolve into the popcorn easier than typical salt.

u/Westrunner · 3 pointsr/pics

On top of amazing customer service, Amazon Prime (saved me a ton of money this past year), and the fact they regularly deliver on Saturdays Amazon is great for hilarious product reviews:

Steering Wheel Desk

Tuscan Milk
The Classic and Original

u/horquat · 3 pointsr/worldnews

Yeah that's not too bad. Of course you can get 1000ml of concentrate for $45! We bought 120ml of concentrate from three sources (1, 2, 3) to compare and she didn't notice a big difference between them. They've all been in the freezer since and still taste fine 3 years later (actually one of them is completely gone and the other 2 are getting pretty low).

I just started with an online calculator and went from there; it's easy to get to whatever % you normally vape at.

I found out quickly that plastic syringes suck - they wear out and the eliquid melts the markings off. So I got a few glass syringes off of ebay (though really I've only ever needed one).

Initially I was super-careful with the nicotine concentrate as it can be fatal in really small doses, but after handling it a bit I realized it's actually very safe and easy to handle. Unless you squirt it in your eye or mouth you aren't going to have a problem - but you definitely need to keep it away from children and pets.

Then a few glass dropper bottles, PG and VG.

Whenever she's getting low she'll order a few different flavorants (usually from here) in 10ml bottles. I rarely mix flavors as it's simpler not to - just dump a full 10ml bottle into a dropper bottle, add 4-6ml of nicotine concentrate, then around 20ml each of PG/VG. Let it sit a week and it's ready to use.

u/Fernando_el_Justo · 2 pointsr/funny

You can actually just order the marshmallows from places like Amazon

Though, I always liked the non-marshmallow bits of lucky charms the best.

u/AngelsHaveTheTardis · 2 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

Just for (possible) future reference, this is the only fake sweetener I can stomach. It has no weird aftertaste or anything, it just tastes like sugar. It seems a bit expensive, but I've had my bottle for about...2 months & it's only half empty. Highly recommend. Good luck! :)

u/RickZanches · 3 pointsr/phenibut

Yo you tried to snort it!? I commend your effort but that's a huge waste of time and god knows what it did to your nose. Not trying to be rude, but don't do that again man, yikes.

Have you thought of parachuting it? Amazon sells these little edible papers you can wrap your dose up in and swallow in one shot, no taste at all. People use them for Kratom a lot.

I forget what they're called, but if you're interested, I'll look them up for you. I'm on mobile rn or I'd just link to them.

Also, if you're trying to taper down, I've heard anecdotal reports of people cutting their large doses in half with minimal withdrawals. Kratom also helps with the withdrawal while tapering when taken on a as needed basis (you can get addicted to it too, so there's that).

Best of luck man.


These are what I was talking about:


You can put the dose inside, seal it with a lil water, and swallow it whole.

u/MadddBlade · 2 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

Hey dude! I purchased a starter kit when I started making E-juice, and while it was helpful I quickly realized that I could of gotten more for less had I known what I needed. It is a lot cheaper to just buy the products individually since you will also be getting a larger amount too. Here are some links and in my opinion this is the cheapest way for someone to start DIY:

VG- https://www.amazon.com/Glycerin-Vegetable-Kosher-USP-Quart/dp/B004C7MTLA/ref=sr_1_2_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1480546689&sr=8-2&keywords=vegetable+glycerine

PG- https://www.amazon.com/Essential-Depot-Propylene-Glycol-Quart/dp/B005F5OJG6/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1480546865&sr=8-3&keywords=propylene+glycol

Gloves- https://www.amazon.com/Liberty-Glove-Industrial-Disposable-Thickness/dp/B01MZZ0FHO/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1480546913&sr=8-2&keywords=nitrile+gloves

Syringes- https://www.amazon.com/10-Pack-Refilling-E-Liquids-Applicator/dp/B01HFTYINS/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1480546884&sr=8-6&keywords=blunt+tip+syringe

Nicotine- https://www.nudenicotine.com/products-page/unflavored-nicotine-base/

And as for bottles it is all up to you I personally buy mine from http://wholesale.heartlandvapes.com/eliquid-bottles/plastic-eliquid-bottles.html

*Lastly all you need is flavorings, I think it would be best for you to search around and find what you like, I personally prefer http://gremlindiy.com/ and http://www.bullcityflavors.com/ . Hope this helped!

u/eddy159357 · 4 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy


I like keeping this on hand for a super easy weeknight dinner plus lunches. I'll add chicken thighs, chick peas, onions, and spinach and season to taste.

Another one I like is this chicken and biscuits by tasty https://tasty.co/recipe/chicken-biscuits-bake. Delicious during the winter but not the healthiest meal. I just bake the biscuits while making it instead of they're way.

I'll keep a bag of frozen stir fry veggies and chicken thighs for chicken stir fry and rice or this stewed chicken https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/83421/trinidad-stewed-chicken/. Drumsticks are great in this recipe too and are cheaper too. Adding a carribean hot sauce/spices to this one helps a ton too over just red pepper flakes.

u/kernozlov · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

You can. I prefer to buy it off Amazon though TBH.

I buy Essential Depot Vegetable Glycerin And Propylene Glcyol

No reason I just like to stick with one company.

Heres The DIY Clone list. The all loved Nana Cream is on there and Im vaping it now and its wonderful. I think enough flavoring to make like 120ml was $10???? Cant remember off the top of my head.

u/dohlfhauldhagen · 1 pointr/veganrecipes

I'm not sure if this would be what you're looking for, but you could try using a plant based protein powder like this and making a smoothie with it. Add peanut butter for more protein, as well as bananas, frozen fruit, or whatever you like with some dairy free milk of your choice.

u/soullessparadigm · 4 pointsr/PS4

And here's the part where I get flooded with downvotes from those who haven't embraced the palate-ial wonder of lightly burned popcorn paired with some melted "real" butter and melted parmigiano reggiano, served with some Flavacol popcorn salt.

Don't be a douche and burn popcorn in your office/workspace, but you owe it to yourself to at least try a batch of what I mentioned at home. Just use something like a microplane grater to layer some decent parmigiano reggiano throughout the bowl of popcorn, add the melted (salted) butter and then microwave the doctored-up popcorn for about 15-20 seconds. Finish it off with the Flavacol stuff and enjoy the complex, slightly charred (in a good way) taste of what's certain to become your new snack addition.

u/Ajoeee · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This and this both look and sound delicious. I would be happy with either one <3

Thanks for the contest :)

u/CittyCat26 · 2 pointsr/kratom

Yeah, sure! I just heard about them by word of mouth, and found them on amazon. It is basically making a little “taco” or “pouch” and dipping it gingerly in water, then swallowing immediately. I have had instances where I filled it too much or didn’t wrap it well and it broke in my mouth so I choked on the powder while trying to swallow, but I’ve pretty well gotten the hang of it now. They were cheaper when I bought them (about 3 or so dollars less), but there are 200 discs in each little package. I just now have gotten through half of them since my order in October. Hope this helps!

Oblate Discs - Japanese Edible Film, 200pcs https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000FQOFLE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_eFzLAbDWEBDQZ

u/whiskeyinthebutt · 1 pointr/ramen

Not an expert, but I say get some Nongshim. It is one of the better repackaged brands I've had. Also seems to have relatively good reviews within this sub versus other instant packages. http://www.nongshimusa.com

Will be a step up in quality and easy to get from amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00778B90S/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_awdm_kgUvtb1K9BWJK

u/sassyma · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

pour some sugar on meh.

[These] (http://www.amazon.com/Crunchie-Milk-Chocolate-Honeycomb-Center/dp/B0007U5J40/ref=wl_it_dp_o_nC?ie=UTF8&colid=1PRII2BIRNFS3&coliid=I1CY46884RM2YJ) things are so good. They are sweet and crunchy. They also crumble a bit. My mouth watering right now. When I was growing up we called this type of candy seafoam. There was a local farmers market that my grandma would always buy some at. So they pack a nostalgic punch as well. I love these too because Cadbury chocolate is ma favorite!!!

u/miss_guided · 9 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Hey, I love popcorn, it's awesome. Maybe you love it too? Got a stove? If you do, get yoself one of these - http://www.amazon.com/Wabash-Valley-Farms-25008-Whirley-Pop/dp/B00004SU35

If you put it on medium high (electric stove), put in the oil and add three kernels, wait for them to pop then dump the rest of the kernels in, you will have popcorn that pops nearly all of the kernels. The Orville Redenbacher kernels pop the best IMO (I was buying bulk from sprouts, but they weren't popping as well). Also, get this - http://www.amazon.com/Gold-Medal-Prod-Flavacol-Seasoning/dp/B004W8LT10. You now can make movie theater style popcorn in less than five minutes.


u/OsterizerGalaxieTen · 1 pointr/Chaffles

AGREED! This stuff is addicting and heavenly. Here is the original

I am thankful I can buy it locally for cheap, (forget if it's $1.79 or $2.79), and happen to be picking up 3 more jars today. It is seriously great on everything - today I'm adding it to cauliflower rice along with some chopped green onion. I've put it on chicken, pork, beef....freaking awesome. It's got a nice kick, but not super spicy so I tend to use a lot on whatever I'm making.

edit: There were only 4 left, so I got them all. They were $2.49 each :)

u/Tintinabulation · 2 pointsr/fatlogic

I'm in South Florida, so I NEED to find a store that does them fresh. I know they're here somewhere! I've also considered getting the ones you pop yourself, like these guys.

I find if you use enough guacamole, even sub-par pork rinds are pretty good. =)

u/cutecottage · 3 pointsr/grainfree

My new favorite discovery is black bean spaghetti. I saw it at Costco and figured it was worth a shot.

At first, it reminded me of rubber bands. But then I got used to it and realized it's actually pretty good! It's much more filling than regular pasta, and can be used in a lot of different dishes. It's a nice break from spaghetti squash!

u/timsandtoms · 1 pointr/popcorn

That one just looks like a typical air popper. They're around $15-$30. I got this one(#2 Best Seller on Amazon) from Fred Meyer, and have owned it for about a year. It's great, no complaints, and the little cup on top for butter is even the perfect size to measure out how much popcorn you're supposed to put in it. My dad has an older model by the same company, and after around 7 years, it still works almost as good as when he got it.

As for seasoning it, ignore what /u/JustGreg said about using oil to pop if he likes the buttery flavoring. Oil popped popcorn is awesome(I have one of these too), and coconut oil that's been artificially colored and flavored for popcorn is what you should get if you want movie theater style popcorn, but if he likes the flavor of butter, just put butter on it. Take 1/4 to 1/2 a stick of butter, and either microwave it(AFTER you pop the popcorn, unless you have a 25 amp circuit in your kitchen!), or leave it on the the cup on top of the popper while it pops, and drizzle it on the popcorn after it pops. As for salts, I like Flavacol, which is what a lot of theaters use, Paragon Butter Flavored Seasoning Salt, or Jolly Time Buttery Popcorn Seasoning. Or if you're as lazy as I am, you can just pour some of all three into one of these.

Just remember with the air poppers, the only thing that ever goes into the area where it pops is popcorn, never put butter, oil, or seasonings in while it pops!

u/BasqueInTheSun · 3 pointsr/keto

You may want to add a pinch of salt to your water. LiteSalt is awesome and I use it daily. You could also try that pink salt that's super popular.


A general tip about adding salt to water. Don't add so much that the water tastes salty. That's way too much. Only add enough so that the water tastes a little off. Like a different type of tap water, if that makes sense.

u/suddenlyreddit · 1 pointr/spicy

Mentioned elsewhere but it is Lao Gan Ma. Lee Kum Kee is best for just about all the rest of the stuff I get like that though (hoisin, oyster, dark soy, etc), they may have an equivalent sauce. I know they have a chili garlic sauce, chili bean sauce and chili oil, but I don't know what the OP's sauces taste like for comparison.

I looooove Lee Kum Kee brand.

u/kinnder44 · 1 pointr/keto

I never thought about pumpkin seeds. That's a good one, too! I also agree that nothing really can replace popcorn, and popcorn was a frequent snack. However, I've been buying these microwavable pork rinds from Amazon, and it's the closest thing you're going to get to popcorn, and they're really good because they're nice and warm and crunchy, similar to popcorn.


u/bigroblee · 1 pointr/pics

Judges? We also would have accepted microwaved pork rinds. These are delicious. When I first tried them my friend asked me how they were, I said they were the best microwaved pork rinds I had ever tasted.

u/chronicallynervous · 27 pointsr/1200isplenty

PB2 is also a great alternative to peanut butter. It's 45 calories for 2 tablespoons. They also make a chocolate version, you can buy a two pack that includes one of each flavor on Amazon!! Overall a lifesaver for my peanut-butter-loving self. :)

u/MowGrassThrowMeDown · 2 pointsr/kratom

I've been using capsules, but I bought some oblate discs to give them a try and I love them. I can only get about .7 grams in one so I have to use a couple per dose, but man, they go down SO easy. Doesn't take as long as capsules to work.


One minute youtube video. It's in Japanese but the visual is all you really need:


u/acciocorinne · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

munchies AND muchies just in case :) Nice to see I'm not the only one awake!

I have this and this on my Under $6 wishlist--pick whatever you like the most if I win :D

u/ZackGreinke · 2 pointsr/Fitness

PB2 is a powdered peanut butter. I've never had it but I have heard good things about it and has pretty good macros.


u/cupcakegiraffe · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My guess is 638. =]

Best of luck bowling and thanks for the contest!

u/buriedinthyeyes · 5 pointsr/xxfitness
  1. legume soups (green split pea is my current fave).
  2. [this FUCKING AMAZING pasta.] (http://www.amazon.com/Explore-Asia-Organic-Black-Spaghetti/dp/B0078DU1CY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1406836758&sr=8-1&keywords=black+bean+pasta)
  3. throw seasoning on your greek yogurt (garlic and onion, for instance) for some awesome "veggie dip" or "chunky salad dressing"
  4. quest bars (19-20 grams of protein a pop).
  5. learn to make quiches for non-breakfast egg dishes. bonus points if you can make ramen/noodle soup with boiled egg using the pasta linked to above. (working on it, haven't figured it out).
  6. especially in the summer, learn to make a good ceviche. usually chopping up tomatoes, red onions, and cilantro and throwing in a splash of lime will do it, but you can throw in some jalapeño or chipotle to give it a kick too.
  7. lox. great breakfast/lunch/snack ingredient. cut up some apple/pear melon, add a little olive oil, pepper and capers and voilá.
u/tokisushi · 7 pointsr/rawpetfood

Salmon Oil

  • Benefit : Good source of Omega 3s and 6s, good for coat and skin health

  • Necessary?: Unless you have a steady source of grass fed proteins, it is highly recommended.

  • Use: Daily to several times a week, follow the recommended dosage on the bottle unless otherwise instructed. Avoid feeding multiple oils in one day/meal to prevent tummy upset..

  • Recommended Brand: Grizzly Salmon Oil - many salmon oils have soy in them, Grizzly does not.


    Pollock Oil

  • Benefit : Good source of Omega 3s and 6s, good for coat and skin health

  • Necessary?: Unless you have a steady source of grass fed proteins, it is highly recommended. Pollock Oil is a good substitute for Salmon Oil.

  • Use: Daily to several times a week, follow the recommended dosage on the bottle unless otherwise instructed. Avoid feeding multiple oils in one day/meal to prevent tummy upset.

    Recommended Brand: Grizzly Pollock Oil


    Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Benefit : Good for coat and skin health, frequently used as a dietary supplement and ointment for dogs who suffer from skin allergies. Some people will also use it for flea control.

  • Necessary?: Many people wont feed it because it is a plant based oil. It is not a necessary part of the diet.

  • Use: Added to food Daily to several times a week - Feed 1tsp per 10lbs of body weight. Can also be used as an ointment.

  • Recommended Brand: Nature's Way Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


    Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Benefit : Balance PH level, promote digestive health and treatment of parasites.

  • Necessary?: It is a plant based product which may bother some PMR feeders - the uses (especially external) are worthwhile for many, however.

  • Use: Added to food a couple times a week - 1tsp per 50lbs of body weight. Can also be used to bathe (instead of shampoo) and used to treat fleas.

  • Recommended Brand: Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar



  • Benefit : Support digestive health and nutrient absorption

  • Necessary?: Some variety of Pre/Pro-biotic is recommended, especially for dogs new to raw or dogs with sensitive stomachs.

  • Use: Added to food daily - follow recommended dosage on the package

  • Recommended Brand: Wholistic Digest All



  • Benefit : Ensure all necessary vitamins and minerals are included within your dog's diet

  • Necessary?: Some people opt to feed vitamins, others don't. I like the peace of mind of adding in a multi-vitamin a few times a week.

  • Use: Added to food daily or several times a week - follow recommended dosage on the package

  • Recommended Brand: Solid Gold Seameal - this contains plant products which some PMR prefer not to feed. There are other options out there if you choose not to feed plant products.



  • Benefit : Anti-inflammatory properties can help with allergies and joint health/pain. Also supports digestive health and can boost the metabolism.

  • Necessary?: No. Some people use it to support joint health with/instead of glucosamine, it is also used for dogs who suffer from allergies.

  • Use: Added to food daily or several times a week 1/8 - 1/4tsp per 10lbs of body weight


    There are likely others/other suggestions for brands, but this is what I regularly supplement with. I know many PMR feeders will avoid plant based products, but I don't mind them so much for supplementation.
u/joydeeann · 3 pointsr/xxfitness

Non-whey and non-plant, so are you basically specifically looking for egg protein recommendations?

I usually recommend Orgain, but it's plant based. However, it tastes great! And it's easy to get at Costco or Amazon.

u/MX956 · 2 pointsr/CFBOffTopic

They lasted me about...3 weeks. If I'm being particularly lazy, I'll eat cereal for lunch as well as breakfast. I probably bought more Lucky Charms in those 3 weeks than any other time in my life. It was glorious.

I think you can get them on Amazon as well.

Edit: Yup!

u/simtel20 · 1 pointr/Cooking

Learn how to make aoli. There's the "mayo with other stuff mixed in" aoli, and there's "made from scratch with garlic salt acid and oil" which is a whole other beast. They're both great ways of saucing up bland foods, but they won't drip off.

Herbed butter.

If your dad likes chinese food, experiment with silken tofu (or boiled soft tofu, which gets it to almost the same consistency) with chili oils (e.g. the disappointed grandma oil, but of course possibly without the crunchy bits. That stuff goes on oatmeal etc. for people who like it, too.

Chinese cuisine also has conjee, which is a rice gruel (look it up for variations, you make it with a 1:6 ratio of water to rice, and simmer until all the rice blooms and is very diffuse), but made with again perhaps small broken up bits of tofu, ginger and garlic (which you would probably need to mash before cooking to make it swallowable) and again with the spicy sauce.

Probably key to any endeavor is to find ways to make individual flavors hit at different times. So instead of blending masses of things together, try to make it so you have a bit of an herb like finely chopped green onion on something, or finely chopped cilantro. These garnishes will go a long way to making the food enjoyable.

Oh, and thin creamy curry sauces, maybe a paneer tiki masala, but with the paneer broken up into very fine pieces. Just make sure to reduce the salt in the sauce from any recipe you find since a recipe will be seasoned to be served with rice or bread.

u/Jack_Shid · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

I bought some of this at Walmart once, but it tasted a little funny to me, almost perfumey. I get the quart bottles from Amazon and they have a very faint sweet taste, but otherwise taste very clean.

u/myopicmoose · 1 pointr/Cooking

Not the healthiest, but I really like to make "butter chicken" with this spice packet. It calls for a lot of butter, but doensn't really need that much. I add cream to it at the end, but that's all depending on your tastes (I'm a wimp for spicy foods, and the cream cuts it). It's good with rice and cauliflower, all mixed together, and super easy to make.

u/BrinnyCakes · 4 pointsr/ketorecipes

Thank you for doing this! I've been meaning to ask the Keto Reddit for recipes for Thanksgiving.
Another thing you can use for biscuits is buying Carbquik on amazon. It's amazing! I love using it to make anything "bread" related.

u/BendyZebra · 2 pointsr/mildlyinfuriating

Easy way to get revenge...

Buy a bunch of the bags of just the marshmallows, then refuse to buy more lucky charms until the current box is finished.

While you make them finish the box of marshmallow-less cereal make sure to enjoy a bowl of the all marshmallow variety right in front of them!

Make extra "mmmm" sounds, just to add salt to the wounds.

u/killwhiteyy · 1 pointr/keto

man, if you can get these pork rinds, one bag is 210 cals, 7g fat, 4g carb, and 35g protein. that'll help you hit your goal pretty easily. they're also DELICIOUS.

u/Swartz55 · 1 pointr/wholesomememes

Okay friend so this right [here ](http://www.NongShim.com/ Shin Ramyun Noodle Soup, Gourmet Spicy, 4.2 Ounce (Pack of 20) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00778B90S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_FikMAbEZMZQNA)is my favorite ramen but I don't know how much spicy food you have in Norway (I'm from Southwest USA so spicy is my go to and this is spicy) so if you want something quality but not too spicy I found that [this one is really good](http://www.Maruchan.com/ Yakisoba Teriyaki Beef , 4.00 Oz., Pack of 8 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0025UOMZM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_3kkMAbDG7SNXZ) and [this one](http://www.Sapporo.com/ Ichiban Noodle Instant Bag, Original, 3.5 Ounce (Pack of 24) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004AH778M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_nmkMAbASTY94S) is a favorite of mine too!

u/Hopkins3030 · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

> make sure it says USP on it and you're good

USP at minimum, Kosher is even better... USP is pharmaceutical grade but that could mean topical, like for a hand lotion... Kosher means that it's pure pure and it's intended to be ingested / used internally.

Don't know if they ship to Canada, but +1 on the Amazon sourcing...

Propylene Glycol 1 Quart

Glycerin Vegetable Kosher USP - 1 Quart

u/slick8086 · 1 pointr/movies

I have worked it out... well I googled it and now my popcorn tastes like it was fresh popped in a theater.

You need to:

  1. cook in coconut oil
  2. use Flavacol salt added to the oil before popping

    There is special coconut oil but I just use plain the special stuff is just colored.

    I use a fancy schmancy popcorn popper that lets the steam out but you should get excellent results following this advice (but still add the Flavacol to the oil with the kernels)
u/sp3kter · 2 pointsr/politics

Home made ejuice (usually runs around $0.70/30ML)




Example recipe:

80% Vegetable Glycerine
20% Vanilla custard flavoring
Do the math on 100mg/ml nic to get it down to the level you want when mixing.

Buy restaurant style ketchup bottles and note how many ml each contain for your math later.

Pour in flavor and your nic (the flavoring is in a thinner liquid and easier to mix the nic down with). Then pour in the VG and shake the shit out of it, dispense to smaller bottles for use as needed.

Always wear gloves, if any of the nic gets on your skin you dont need to dial 911 but make sure to rinse it off in water as soon as possible. It will slowly absorb into your skin if you don't. Also make sure to clean up and ensure pets are not able to get to any spills or supplies.

u/youmaddiebro · 1 pointr/beauty

Amazon, really, they have the best deals. Something like that, with prime. Such a great deal. I just rubbed some on me before showering :).

u/Treefeddy · 2 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

I ended up not ordering a kit, just nic + pg/vg and some syringes from NudeNicotine and some flavorings from WizardLabs.

Right now WizardLabs nicotine (120ml of 100mg/ml) is cheaper than Nude's (cheaper shipping too) so I'd grab nic from there while it's on sale. To save on shipping order flavorings from there. They're only 8ml, but they'll give you an idea of how they taste. To go bigger you'll probably have to order directly from the company (The Flavor Apprentice, Capella, Inawera, Flavor Art, Flavor West, etc).

Order PG/VG from Amazon. Essential Depot is like $13 for 940ml of PG or VG.

Syringes/bottles can be had a lot of places, I'd just get them from wizardlabs if you're getting nic from there.

HeartlandVapes also has good prices on bottles, syringes, nic (same price as wizardlabs), and bigger bottles of flavoring. Never ordered from them, but have seen them recommended a lot.

u/miyari · 1 pointr/StLouis

I did keto for a few years before moving up here and a little bit after (unfortunately, STL's great food scene got the better of me). Trader Joe's was good for some of the staples. I honestly never found anything of value at Aldi's except meat and cheese, which I can just get (better quality) anywhere in STL. Everything else was overprocessed or frozen food shit.

TBH, literally the only thing you'll run into SOME issue with is the flours/powders. If you end up having to find them online, so be it, just buy bulk and don't worry about it. Be sure to get unblanched almond flour AND almond meal, as they're two different things for two different uses. Don't let anyone fool you.

Also, Schnucks carries at TON of flavors of Halo Top ice cream which is keto-friendly you are welcome.

I did end up ordering online a few times but I'd make huge bulk orders of staples. I did most of my keto shopping at Netrition.com, they have a lot of "weird" stuff. I bought some CarbQuick but never ended up using it. Most people would say you're "not supposed to" make foods that are keto versions of baked goods (mostly) because it'll just make you crave the real thing, but who knows. I fell off that ship a long time ago. Now I'm big enough to sink one.

u/microthought · 4 pointsr/fasting

Initial 24hr fast while transitioning off carbs left me feeling a little woozy.

Later, when fasting for 48 hours coming from ketosis, I managed to work out hard (ie. running for 30 minutes with heart-rate 180-200bpm) both fasting days without any problems.

Sounds like you may want to be prepared with Light-Salt saying your diet sounds awfully sodium light, and the extra potassium is also good for your heart when water fasting.

u/Toke_On_420 · 1 pointr/amazon

Yeah, a lot of the reviews suck because they are written by random people. The good ones get upvoted to the top. There is also something called "vine voices" or something like that, where if you write awesome reviews for stuff on amazon, they will send you free products to get some reviews going.

Sometimes reviews are funny though, check these ones out.


3 wolf moon shirt

and last but certainly not least we have

Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz

u/sh2003 · 11 pointsr/dogecoin

I'm sorry but if you've purchased something from a business you should contact them about it, not post it on dogecoin dragging everyone else into your drama.

Should we start ragging on Amazon on here too while we're at it? I fucking purchased Tuscan whole milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz and it was not what I expected. Mine came used and had formed cheese curds at the bottom, which, while it's perfect for poutine, I didn't ask for. Now I have cheese curds and no french fries. Thanks obama.

Edit: The number of people who seriously thought I bought milk makes this all the more hilarious.

u/SeafoodDuder · 4 pointsr/veganfitness

I just bought this Orgain Protein Powder in chocolate. I mixed almond milk + tablespoon of peanut butter + two cups of this protein powder. Tastes pretty good and it's pretty cheap. :)

u/TheLepos · 2 pointsr/bjj

Physio-Nerd here. Potassium, Magnesium, Water. If it's a big problem try to aim at at least get 4000-5000mg Potassium daily and 500mg magnesium. Stay hydrated because your kidneys need water in order to clear magnesium from your system. These values are slightly higher than the RDA if you look it up, but RDA values are typically a "what's the least amount that you can function properly on" not a value that provides optimal performance. (NOTE: I'm NOT saying that there isn't a max value you shouldn't cross, but these values are typically much higher than the RDA). We also lose electrolytes through our sweat, so going slightly higher will help balance that out.

A recommendation I can make is to buy something called lite salt (https://www.amazon.com/Morton-Lite-Salt-Sodium-Table/dp/B0005YM0UY) It's half sodium, half potassium, so that can give you a good way to passively get more potassium.

TL;DR: Electrolytes, water, something, something, something, salt.

u/TheBeardedMann · 8 pointsr/funny

Bought one. Worked great till I spilled my Tuscan Milk all over it while reading How To Avoid Huge Ships. Luckily I had bought some Uranium Ore at the same time. Sprinkled a little over the cable, and it works perfect now.

u/mkwash02 · 2 pointsr/hotsauce

Wow it's going to be tough to have a less spicy one without a significant decrease in spiciness but secret aardvark tastes so fucking good and is definitely less hot than those.

Whoever downvoted this had better tried this sauce before bc it's fucking amazing.

u/Doublestack2376 · 5 pointsr/standupshots

Love the joke, but for real, the alton brown method is awesome and gives you real movie theater popcorn at home. (I LOVE movie theater popcorn and microwave shit just isn't the same.)

In a big metal bowl on the store and a couple spoons of coconut oil. Throw in one kernal, when it pops it's ready. Throw in the rest of the premeasured popcorn and flavacol, the stuff they use at the theaters, and then seal with aluminum foil poked with holes to vent and then shake it jiffypop style till it just stops popping.

Perfect pop every time, transfer to another bowl and drizzle butter on top if you want.

I still get popcorn at the theaters, but there have been times where I have wanted to go to the movies just because I was having a popcorn craving, and now I don't have to, LoL.

u/strobonic · 2 pointsr/keto

Just to clarify, they're talking about Morton Lite Salt which contains Potassium.

I supplement with chelated Magnsium (have done since before keto) as pretty much everyone could stand to have more. Potassium is more challenging to compensate for nutritionally on keto. I haven't heard much good about supplementation besides the rec's here re: lite salt and aiming for potassium rich greens in your diet.

Electrolytes are super essential. A lot of people also swear by epsom salt baths!

u/mixedmaterials · 3 pointsr/Cooking

Butter chicken!
I don't make it from scratch but I use this packet of seasoning:
I also add about a cup of red lentils and add extra water for additional protein and fiber. You can skip the butter and cream if you want... or maybe just add a splash of half and half... I leave out the butter and don't even notice. Sometimes when cauliflower is in season i'll use that instead of chicken. I love this stuff!

Sandwiches... thinly sliced or pounded down with a mallet and cooked in a skillet. Add a favorite bread, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, etc. I hit up the salad bar at the store for toppings sometimes too.

u/MillenniumIce · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Would love these

I have been stuck in bed, sick like a dog. This candy will most definitely fortify my taste buds with the rich chocolaty goodness, that it so greatly needs.

u/rachelrad · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have wanted to try this powdered peanut butter forever! My favorite candy is Dots. Or anything with peanut butter and chocolate. Candy in general is my favorite food =P What's your favorite?

u/lylet · 1 pointr/nutrition

When I am trying to gain weight I use a nutrient shake called Soylent. It has 400 kcal per bottle and all an appropriate amount of all essential nutrients per calorie. I usually drink 2 bottles per day to add extra calories to my diet. However, in your situation you could add as many as you need. You can usually get 12-packs delivered with next day delivery on Amazon if you have a Prime account: https://www.amazon.com/Soylent-Replacement-Drink-Original-Bottles/dp/B01EUEIL3E

Also, they have flavored versions, but I honestly think the original flavor is the best for general use. Maybe cocoa flavored one on rare occasions. Nectar flavor is awful.

u/dreiter · 3 pointsr/fasting

>Apart from electrolytes, I have been supplementing with a multivitamin, B12, iron (once a week) & calcium tablets.

Please ensure that your supplementation regime is on-point. It's easy to get too much or too little of certain nutrients unless you have plugged everything into a tracker like Cronometer. My primary concern without knowing more details is your electrolyte status. You want to be getting at least 3000 mg potassium and 1500 mg sodium in your day, which is generally very hard to do on a water fast unless you are purposely ingesting something like Lite Salt. You could also be getting too much or little of the iron and calcium, and you are likely not getting enough vitamin D (~1000-4000 IU per day, depending on your situation).

u/MrBig0 · 1 pointr/technology

If you miss the theatre popcorn, you can always replicate it at home as well. The yellow salt that the theatres use is normally Flavacol, and it's super cheap.

$6 here gets you an absolutely absurd amount of the stuff.

When you combine that with coconut oil and pop your corn in it, it's identical to the stuff you get at the theatre, except made whenever you feel like it and virtually free.

Edit: You can also buy the butter topping in small jugs on Amazon.