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u/iam_hexxd · 3 pointsr/Hair

Honestly check out YouTube. I'm sure there are plenty of good tutorials there. This one and this one are both fairly straightforward and will look good if done right.

A few things of note. MAKE SURE you work with wet (rinse thoroughly, then pat to damp with a towel) hair and have the following:

  1. Decent quality scissors designed for cutting hair. They don't have to be the $300 per pair or more kind that real stylists use, but you'll have a hard time with kitchen scissors.

  2. A good comb like this one.

  3. Sectioning clips. If you're working with long hair, I'd suggest these.

  4. A spray bottle.

  5. You may want a cape for cleanliness purposes, but it's by no means necessary.

    General tips

  6. Work with clean, conditioned hair. A good way to do this is cut it just after she's gotten out of the shower.

  7. Make your sections straight and clean. It won't be easy if you've not done it before, but it will make some difference.

  8. Take your time.

  9. Cut less than you think your target amount is at first. You can always trim further if needed, but you can't put length back once you've cut it off.

    Good luck! Let me know if I can be of more help.
u/Uberbobo7 · 1 pointr/theydidthemath

Since your professor doesn't have a mustache he'd still need to shave, but I'll assume a full beard and just use him for beard length reference to make this a proper comparison.

If you trim your beard with scissors (which is how you'd do it at that length) you only need a set of scissors. You can get them for as little as $4,27 with free shipping and they should last you a lifetime, but for the sake of argument I'll assume a scissor gnome comes every 10 years and steals them so you have to get new ones. Assuming you maintain your beard from the age of 18 to the age of 78 years (life expectancy is actually 78,8-80 years, but this gives a round number) you will have to buy exactly six scissors and then croak just as you were on your way to get the seventh. This puts the cost so far at: 4,27 x 6 = $25,62. Since you have to maintain your beard you have to get shampoo to do it. I'll assume you use a large pack of Head and shoulders (since that's what I use) which goes for $9,84 for a liter bottle. That pretty much lasts at least two months (so six bottles a year) since that's about how long it lasts for me and I have relatively longer hair. I'm assuming that you don't have an enormous mane of hair to wash, but rather short hair, so that the main expense for shampoo is washing your beard. With that we have the cost of washing your beard at: 9,84 x 6 x 60 = $3.542,4.

This gives a grand total of $3.568,02 for a beard.

If you shave, you will presumably be doing so every day. Since I based the part above on the items I use, the same will be true here. For shaving gel (because it's so much better) you have to pay $3,17 for a bottle and it lasts for about the same time the shampoo does. So I need to spend 3,17 x 6 x 60 = $1.141,20. Now we come to the issue of razors. I personally use this one at a rate of one per year (but since I shave once or twice a week, because I'm lazy and go to an college with no women, I assume you'd spend at least three if you shaved daily, also I obviously buy razor cartridges as replacement). I will also assume you have to replace the handle for unknown reasons every 10 years. This means the total is 11,47 x 6 + 32,54 x (3 x 60 - 6) = $5.730,78. Now you'd also have the cost of aftershave to account for. Again I use this one and it lasts for around a year (I don't shave every day). I'll assume for the sake of argument it'd last everyone that long which gives: 6,97 x 60 = $418,2. This gives a grand total of $6.263,18. for shaving every day. This is almost twice what you'd spend on cutting your beard with scissors and conditioning.

Now you might say, but I don't use those shaving products, I use the cheapest brandless ones. Lets see how they hold up. The cheapest shaving gel listed was $2,74 for a bottle, and the cheapest razor were $0.20 a pop, while the cheapest aftershave went for $2,12 a bottle. I'm going to have to assume a much higher attrition rate for both razors and shaving cream, since they are of much crappier quality. I'm assuming you go through a razor a week and finish a can of shaving cream on a monthly basis. I'll leave the aftershave at the same level, even though in my experience aftershave gels last much shorter than proper aftershaves.
Plugging all of this in we get: 2,74 x 12 x 60 + 0,20 x 52 x 60 + 2,12 x 60 = $2.724 for cheap shaving. This is less than a beard, but now we have to see what if we use the cheapest shampoo.

Again the cheapest listing I got was $2,88 for 0,8 liters. Since it is 0,2 liters less than the previous one we'll multiply the number of purchases accordingly. I will also increase it further by additional +1 multiplier to account for the fact it's crappier at doing its job. This gives us: 4,27 x 6 + 2,88 x 2,2 x 6 x 60 = $2.306,58 for cheap haircare which is again less than shaving.

So in conclusion, if you use mid-range products for both shaving and hair care you can save almost 57% by not shaving, but if you're using lower end products you will be only marginally better not shaving due to hair care being more sensitive (damn dandruff) to the quality of the products used.

disclamer: I used Walmart and Amazon for prices since they're the most recognizable names I knew which sell these things and I guess most of you guys don't buy your stuff at a Croatian supermarket which is what I'd use normally.

u/Chunksmommy · 2 pointsr/Hair

I would get an electric razor with guides. They go as short as 1/16 of an inch, so you should be able to at least do some maintenance. I am a woman with undershaved hair (the back of my neck is shaved under my long hair, about 2 inches up), and I have to redo it every 2 weeks as well, because my hair grows so quickly. I also cut my husband's hair and my hair because of our financial situation. I have gotten very good at it, and really, most of cutting hair is about blending. Look up some YouTube videos and you can learn a lot. I learned how to do my own layers and bangs, and I bought some professional shears on Amazon for 15 dollars. They are higher rated than the 100 dollar German professional shears, I will link below. You will probably never be good enough to replace a professional cut, unless you go to cosmetology school yourself. However, I see no issue in a little upkeep as long as your stylist approves. I bet you could even ask them to help you learn to touch it up if you ask nicely and are a good tipper when you do go in.

Here is a link to those amazing shears. Be sure to watch some youtube videos for how to adjust, clean, and maintain them. I hope I have been helpful!

Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series - Barber Hair Cutting Scissors/Shears - 6.5" Overall Length with Fine Adjustment Tension Screw - Japanese Stainless Steel - Lifetime Guarantee!

Edit: I forgot to tell you to keep in mind that no matter what happens, hair grows--and what luck, yours does so very quickly! I have messed up my own hair before and it becomes unnoticeable in a week or so, which is nothing in the grand scheme of things. So, if you mess up, your new mantra shall be, "Hair grows." :-)

u/02139 · 1 pointr/BeardTalk

You should get an oil, wax, shampoo and a comb. I love the smell of this oil has a vanillay spicey smell that I love. This is a decent oil that doesn't smell like anything. If you wanna try a balm Amish Beard Balm is the one I use.

This and This are the two combs I have and use. Depending on what your mustache is might not need the smaller one. Scissors are nice to get rid of the crazy hairs.

Wax for me was the hardest to find a good one that didn't leave white stuff. Amish has one that I like and then I like This.

Any questions just ask!

u/luminous_delusions · 3 pointsr/curlyhair

I don't do special curly cuts but I trim any wonky ends myself between salon visits. I use these shears and really love them, they cut great on wet or dry hair (I prefer trimming my ends when they're still a bit damp, it's easier for me).

Just snip off any parts that aren't the same length, lightly trim any rough edges, and only do when the curls are in solid clumps. You'll want to avoid trimming spots that are too separated, I've ended up with weird sections that way. Cutting before you scrunch out any gel is probably ideal.

u/jusdiffy · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

It is definitely not a problem (difficulty-wise) if you have some sort of interest/passion in cutting hair.

Just make sure you have a light touch, use fast movement, and flick up and out.

Let me help you by providing some resources:

  1. I suggest buying a "clipper". Buy a decently good one like this: (Andis Masters -

    It's not cheap but it's just not worth it buying a crappy cheap one. In the long run you WILL save money from not paying 20 dollars for each haircut.

  2. Buy some cheap "straight barber shears" off eBay or Amazon. They cut well enough. (

  3. I suggest you watch some of this guy's videos (

    Watch how he moves his hands. That is the difference between a rough and smooth haircut; Is how fluent your hands are. Just practice.

    You don't need to learn to "fade". A simple shave around the sides with the clipper is good enough if that's all you want.

    To trim the top, watch some of his other videos and notice how he holds the shears and comb. (Always spray water on the top before cutting. Keep the sides dry.
u/manytrowels · 2 pointsr/beards

I recently picked up this guy: and I love it. Right balance of price/performance. Had it for a week and only lost about 3 or 4 bristle hairs.

Using Honest Amish heavy duty beard balm, as well as a bit of oil from a local shop (Mary Todd Hairdressing in Atlanta,) that is mainly jojoba and tea tree, if memory serves.

Finally, this is the best beardvestment I've made in a long time:
I fan out with the comb and brush and then sort of "lay" my scissors on the bulk of the beard and snip the extra-long hairs.

u/td42 · 3 pointsr/benzorecovery

Less is more, be careful taking anything that might be stimulative.

In my case I introduced more vegetables and occasionally eat paleo/primal meals (but have yet to adopt it completely), along with a basic multivitamin/mineral once a week.

Supplement wise, it's hard to say what really helps. Anything that does provide improvement will be minimal.

The only things I personally used (and still use) is Turmeric+black pepper (this brand specifically), for the anti-inflammatory benefits -- during benzo withdrawal I should imagine inflammation is increased.

After recovery I introduced probiotics, because years of benzo usage, and often the things we do while on benzos can't be good for the gut. Some of them can (in theory) help improve our mental state, and indeed the brain-gut link is often underestimated. (I used this one for 30 days, and now I'm using Primadophilus Reuteri, once it runs out I will probably just take 1 a week of a general one)

It is hard to say if any of these had any significant benefit, because I have been using them for months and haven't really stopped.

Recently (now that I'm 6 months clean) I added Lion's mane for the nerve healing benefits (specifically Time health's brand) -- but I probably won't take it long term (just a few weeks of 'treatment').

u/twahlin · 5 pointsr/onebag

I've been traveling for the past year between the U.S., Europe, and Southeast Asia—about 24 flights in total. I've had 3 micro tools with me:

  • Leatherman Piranha 2
  • Gerber GDC Zip Driver
  • Gerber GDC Zip Hex

    The two Gerber pieces have never been looked at by security. They also double as zipper pulls, so that's kinda cool, and maybe it helps them blend in.

    About half the time, the airport security would inspect the Piranha 2, but would always let me through, until I went to Malaysia (my last destination) where security confiscated it, stating "no tools are allowed" (even though I had 2 others they likely didn't see). Here's a photo of it, sadly confiscated:

    Overall, the Piranha 2 was kind of a pain to travel with because I would always get held up and questioned about it, sometimes even needing to convince security that it was OK by talking to supervisors. I don't really blame airport security for inspecting it—the thing must look pretty weird under x-ray. I reached out to Leatherman for a replacement or a discount on a new one, and they weren't helpful stating they weren't liable. Again, makes sense, but kind of annoying.

    FWIW, The Hong Kong airport (which is known to be strict) also took away my scissors, but didn't touch any of the 3 micro tools. Didn't go through Beijing like /u/jaymeetee though.

    For the most part, you're always at the mercy of 1). that countries airport rules and 2). the individual security person and their mood that day + their supervisor.
u/MrLoveSack · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

you'll want something like these buddy, the Amazon reviews are pretty decent as well :)

u/Noroeste · 3 pointsr/proED

Eh, depends on your hair really. My hair is not fine and not stick-straight, so I'm less concerned that I'll mess it up. Mine is long with long layers, so it's easy for me to section it out (according to layer length), pull the hair forward in front of my shoulders (so I'm not cutting anything I can't see and/or having to use mirrors to see what I'm cutting) and lightly trim. This is pretty much the method I use, although she is intentionally defining more layers whereas I am just maintaining the layers I already have.

Tips -

I trim the lengths my hair when it's dry or mostly dry. Otherwise I'm not able to section out the layers as easily. If I'm cutting my bangs, it's easier to do it when it's wet.

I trim a very small length of hair at a time, because my focus is primarily on split ends. I find that the more you do at a time, the easier it is to cut it unevenly.

I use really, really sharp shears that are solely for hair. Mixing your shears (fabric shears for paper, desk shears for kitchen, kitchen shears for hair, etc.) is sacrilege.

As for tutorials, watch them ALL. Seriously. Even the less helpful ones will add to your knowledge. Watch the more helpful ones several times. Focus in on those that have hair similar to yours. Watch professional hairstylist videos too, not just DIY. Reflect on how they section hair, hold the scissors, how much they snip at a time, etc.

u/ataraxia89 · 2 pointsr/MavicPro

This is a waaaayyy better bag for the Mavic Pro >>

Also, bought a couple of these to protect props >>

This to connect the drone directly to your phone to copy over 4K videos (for a USB-C phone, I'm sure micro USB or Lightning cables are available) >>

MicroSD card holder >>

Launchpad, for use on grass/dirty areas, also the Mavic takes an image of it's take off position which should mean more accurate return to home (I've not tested it yet) >>

I've also bought these silica pouches to put in the cases (got the same case for the Osmo too) to keep out moisture, you'd be surprised what they've picked up so far, and they're rechargeable 😀 >>

High speed MicroSD >>

u/ThatThereTim · 1 pointr/woodworking

Ok, so I'm thinking:

u/samk19 · 1 pointr/Wishlist

I could really use some thinning shears!

Thanks for the contest! :)

u/NiceIceX · 4 pointsr/butchlesbians

Oh god, I get you on the haircuts. I spent 10 minutes trying to convince the barber to just shave my hair off, since I couldn't find a single place that would give me a fade. My dad would have never had this trouble, they just would have done it without question. I got a lot of "But it won't be pretty." And then she just shaved it off. Now I just maintain it at home with a Wahl clipper.

As for getting a haircut... Maybe an undercut? Most hairstylists will do this one. I actually know several femmes in my area who have gotten this haircut. You could have the hair stylist do the undercut initially and just maintain it at home with a clipper to buzz the sides, and a pair of hair scissors to trim the top.

u/weavesunlight · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

I've had my hair thinned before (it's not especially thick, but i just have a LOT of hair)

They used a scissor like this and did it when I had a shorter haircut to reduce some of the volume. My hair is straight though, so I don't know how it works on curls.

u/arbarnes · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

Hmmm ... for trimming mustache hairs, what scissors might work best? Mustache scissors, maybe?

u/pluckythewhale · 1 pointr/beards

Clippers? Clippers encourage large mistakes and leave your beard hairs with split ends.

I encourage you to start training yourself to use a pocket comb and barber shears.

Both can be found without much investment:


Pocket Comb

u/shiplesp · 2 pointsr/doggrooming

Maybe a human thinning shear with teeth on both sides? These are an inexpensive but nice pair.

u/dirtyrobot · 1 pointr/beards

I would recommend using a small pair of scissors (something like this). You'll have more control compared to using electric clippers.

u/qqpugla · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


Thanks for the contest!

u/captaincannibal · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

Looks good if you ask me. If you really want to thin it, you can just ask your stylist to do it or get some thinning shears and do it yourself.

u/LoversElegy · 2 pointsr/HaircareScience

You definitely won't need to drop a large amount of money, especially since it's for personal use but I saw some decent ones for relatively cheap (~$50 or less) that also included thinning shears on amazon. Also found these for $30.

u/Lucosis · 2 pointsr/Barber

Honestly since you're in school I would recommend getting a cheap set. My school set came with shitty shitty terrible shears as well, so I ordered a set from Equinox on amazon for $30 and they're fine. If you screw them up you're not out a lot of money. If someone walks off with them you don't have to worry about it. If another person in the school forgets his shears and grabs yours you don't have to worry about it.

Hattori Hanzo shears are great, but they're professional shears, not student shears.

u/ana393 · -1 pointsr/Wigs

Here's the link Professional Barber/Salon Razor Edge Hair Cutting Scissors/Shears (6 ½ Inch, Forged) with Fine Adjustable Tension Screw - Detachable Finger Rest - Japanese Stainless Steel - by Utopia Care

u/southwade · 1 pointr/beards

Amazon link to the ones I'm currently using:

u/deidaraa · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

Oh. Thats reasonable. Ask your stylist, he should do it for you. Or do it yourself with this

u/keyboardqueen90 · 1 pointr/longhair

Just bought this pair from amazon a few days ago - seems to work really well, as I just did search and destroy over the last several days.

u/SaintFever · 2 pointsr/malehairadvice

Texturizing is really annoying to do by yourself, cause you might cut off too much and remove some length. You could purchase some $5-$10 dollar thinning shears (see: and just cut a little bit in different sections. How deep you go depends on how long your hair is; generally try not to go below an inch away from the scalp, or you risk making short hairs that stand straight up.