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1. Addalock - (1 Piece ) The Original Portable Door Lock, Travel Lock, AirBNB Lock, School Lockdown Lock

Addalock - (1 Piece ) The Original Portable Door Lock, Travel Lock, AirBNB Lock, School Lockdown Lock
  • The original portable door lock: Addalock is a portable door lock that can be used on most doors that are hinged and swing inwards. Our home security door lock is designed to offer additional safety, security, and privacy in your space. The bolt or latch of the door lock does NOT have to fit through the hole of the Addalock for it to work
  • Safety at home: The Addalock door lock provides additional safety and privacy while you’re home. This lock installs in seconds without tools and can be used for apartment security, as child safety locks and is great for a secure college dorm room.
  • Safety on the go: Take it with you when you travel whether you are in a hotel, staying at an AirBNB or any other short term rental. Keep one in your travel bag and always stay safe with your travel lock while on vacation or on a business trip.
  • Authentic Addalock: The Addalock Original Portable Door Lock has a metal body that is engraved with the add-A-lock logo and comes with a red addalock storage pouch. This is how you know you have the real and original Addalock portable door lock.
  • Who we are: We are Rishon Enterprises Inc., the creators of The Original Addalock and the Burglabar. We have focused our time and efforts on promoting and bringing attention to safety, security and privacy for your everyday life, home or away.
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u/pfs3w · 3 pointsr/homeautomation

> My husband and I are closing on our first home next month (yay!) and we know one of the first things to do is change the locks. A smartlock is very appealing but I'm having trouble deciding which one is best for us, because it seems the more I research the less certain I am. I also have a couple questions.

Ah, the perks of home ownership: feeling optimistic and creative, with a blank canvas in front of you. I envy you both!
Let me tell you why you should be considering the August Smart Lock brand of locks. I will post a small blurb on my contextual background and specific situation (which I posted elsewhere), then briefly mention the possible choices you have, and then respond to your list of requirements and setup,




I am a renter; so obviously a lot of what I have to say may seem irrelevant. Seeing as I do not have a lot of creative control over the property, this would make smart locks tricky business. However, my landlord gave me permissions to replace the entire deadbolt, if I wanted. So, the first set of requirements were drafted as:


  • We have a dog that requires a dog walker to enter our house multiple times a week. The lock must allow this situation in as safe a manner as possible.

  • We do not want to have to make copies of keys

  • We do not want the dog walker (or any visitor) to HAVE TO download an app to get into the property


  • Smart home integrate-able

  • Reliable and well rated

  • Cheap

  • Connect to it remotely to lock/unlock and monitor

  • Z-Wave compatible (came later, when I realized I wanted to have a smart home integration environment)

    So, my research began, in earnest. It consumed me. Off the bat, the first names to pop up were August, Kwikset, Schlage and Yale.
    Of those, three had keypad options, which became a requirement soon after. Despite the perks of the Kwikset Kevo (the touch to open), I removed it from the list.
    Also, despite the fiance having an iPhone, I had an Android, so the lock had to have equal footing mobile phone ecosystem-independent. That removed things like Schlage Sense and other Homekit-only options.

    The final list:

  • August

  • Yale YRD226 (A really good Yale lock choosing guide here)

  • Schlage Connect

    I did a ton of cross referencing, reviews websites, pros and cons, etc etc. And CONSISTENTLY, the August locks were ranked #1/#2/#3. I won't go into too much more detail on what those websites and reviews indicated, I trust you guys can do that research.

    But, in the end, the August locks were exactly what we needed, AND more. They were going to be the easiest to set up, and the best out of the gate. So we went with them, and haven't looked back since. My fiance, a "smart-home-always-listening" skeptic, casually told me yesterday how awesome she finds the smart lock.




    So, what options to choose from?

  • The August Smart Lock Pro (August | Amazon)

    Pros: Most up to date, improved tech under the hood, Z-Wave Plus compatible, Door Sense, most smart home integrations available, Auto lock/unlock

    Cons: Most expensive

  • The August Smart Lock 3rd Generation (August | Amazon)

    Pros: Improved tech under the hood from the previous generation, Door Sense, Auto lock/unlock, traditional form factor, Cheaper

    Cons: No useful smart home integrations (missing homekit, alexa/echo, google home, z wave)

    To compare the above two, go here:

  • The August Smart Lock 2nd Generation (Amazon)

    Pros: Most cost effective ($125, but last week it was $109!) but still ranked #1 on MANY reputable websites (CNET | PCMag | etc), has built-in HomeKit capability, can be enhanced with additional devices

    Cons: Least impressive underlying tech, no Door Sense capability, no effective smart home integrations


    "Door Sense": The ability to detect "Door open" / "Door Closed" situation.


    An Aside : Enhancement Products

  • The August Smart Keypad (August|Amazon)

    This keypad adds in the functionality that you'd expect:

    -- keyless code entry for guests (unlimited codes, managed via the app)

    -- Lock it with a button press

    -- Attachable for preferred outside entry


  • The August Connect Wifi Bridge (August|Amazon)

    This device enables you to link your otherwise-bluetooth-range-only smart lock to your wifi, effectively allowing you to connect and manage the smart lock from ANYWHERE that you have network connectivity. With it, you can:

    -- Remotely lock/unlock your door

    -- Receive alerts on any actions taken on your door remotely

    -- have faster access to your lock as your app selects the best connection to use



    Consider price-watching for sales; I saw the 2nd gen for, like $109...
    Personally, I jumped when the Smart Lock Pro + Wifi bridge bundle went on sale for $229 (same price as the lock itself), and the keypad was $55, on Amazon.

  • August Smart Lock Pro + Connect Wifi: AMAZON $249 | AUGUST $249

  • Sale price - August Smart lock 2nd Gen HomeKit: AMAZON $125 !!

  • August Smart Lock 3rd Generation + Connect Wifi: AUGUST $199



    PART III : Why the August Locks work for your situation (below)
u/throwawaytnt · 5 pointsr/lockpicking

Alright, so this is risky -recommending these picks with the admin here, but I've got my reasons.

This set right here was my first lock picking set. It has everything you need to attack low security locks, but you do need to put some work into them with some sandpaper. Here is my 30 minute video review. I think I cover everything in this video if you feel like dedicating your time.

If you have more money in the budget, Southord sells a decent set for about $25 US. Link

Also, I really love Sparrows stuff. They're great for higher security locks and their tools are very presentable to any prying eyes. Plus, they require much less finishing. Here are a few good beginner kits:



BTW, here's a copy-pasta that I made if you live in the US and want to order from Sparrows:

To get the most bang out of your buck, you want to spend more than $24.72 (total). This is because the Canadian currency's value is less than the US currency's value. Math below.

Break-even point where $CAD = $USD for Sparrows Lock Picks:

Conversion rate: $1 CAD ~ $0.78 USD

Shipping rate: $6.99 CAD

0.78(x + 6.99) = x

0.78x + (0.78)(6.99) = x

(0.78)(6.99) = 0.22x

(0.78)(6.99)/0.22 = x

x ~ $24.72 CAD and USD.

Of course, you could always PM me, and I could put together a list of stuff to fit your budget.

Locks to pick

  • Beginner: Easily found at Walmart. Low security, 4 pins. You can learn Top of Keyway (TOK) and Bottom of Keyway (BOK) very easily on this. This has low tolerance machining, but the great news is that you could feel the pins setting! Plus they're nice and cheap. Master No. 3 and No. 5 are good beginner locks, but unfortunately, they're super expensive relative to Walmart security.

  • Advanced: This is where you start hitting security pins. This will have 2 spools out of 4 pins total, but you will absolutely feel them. Many would recommend the Master 140, but personally, those spools are too low quality and 1 spool out of 4 pins is not enough to get a good feel.

    Feel free to ask me anything!
u/Encelados242 · 4 pointsr/woodworking

Glubot - it looks funny to a non woodworker, but it is an amazing thing to have around the shop. It makes glue ups about 100 times more enjoyable. Maybe get some silicone brushes to go with it.

Magnifying Lamp - a great addition to any shop. Be sure to get one with a long arm like this one so he can mount it behind his bench and still be able to use it.

Incra Rulers - these are the best damn rulers you'll ever use. The slots make consistent marks that are very reliable. A 12 inch T ruler would be best, but this one is also cool.

Wool Socks - if you live in a cold climate and his shop isn't heated, this would be an awesome gift. I got these socks specifically and they are awesome. Me feet never overheat, but they keep me very warm and are very comfortable. This is a damn good deal actually... I might order these now.

u/BlamRob · 1 pointr/funkopop

Haha, thanks! Yeah, I've been wanting to do this for a long time, it just took a while for me to actually pull the trigger. I'd say it was hard work, but only because I don't really do this kind of stuff.

If interested:

  • Sides: .75" (thick) x 2.5" (wide)
  • Shelves: .75" x 5"

    Both are available at home depot. Mine had them in 4 foot lengths.

    I used red oak, which is a very hard wood. And more expensive than I planned for. 😝 They have cheaper woods though that would probably work just as well.

    The shelves are 33" long, which is long enough to fit 7 pops (in soft pop protectors) across. Place them 7" apart and there will be just enough room on top to pull them out with your finger.

    I messed up though... lets just say I didn't intend on putting Dorbz on the top, lol. There's more than 7" between shelves. But, hey, the dorbz fit nice though.

    I wanted the extra edge in front of the pop for mystery minis. But if you'd rather, you could use 2.5" (or 3") width all around and the pops would probably show a little better.

    Lastly, I used D-Ring ring "Picture Hangers" on the top corners of the unit:

    And "Monkey Hooks" in the walls:

    I suck at finding studs, but those hooks can hold over 50 lbs. each in just drywall. And you push them into the wall with your fingers. They're amazing.
u/Astramancer_ · 5 pointsr/legaladvice

Regarding personal security, window locks are all and good, but be sure to get security film as well. It's surprisingly cheap (dunno how good this brand is, but 30 inches by 6.5 feet for $40)

A good security film goes on clear, or close enough and makes it dramatically more difficult to break the glass. It's not the end-all be-all, of course, but it should buy you more time if he goes full psycho and tries to break in.

And if there's any chance at all that he has a key to your place, rekey. Replacing locks is easy and relatively inexpensive.

u/mr1337 · 7 pointsr/homedefense

Actual bullet-proof glass is expensive and probably has to be professionally installed. Even so, bullets will still go through exterior walls and drywall quite easily.

My first suggestion if you truly fear for your family's safety is to move. I know you said the property has been in the family for a very long time, but you should ask yourself it the property is worth a family member dying - if that's what you really think would happen if you stayed.

My second suggestion if you can't afford the stiff bill for the bulletproof glass - is to add some basic fortification to the home to prevent unauthorized entry. A door jamb reinforcement kit and some window security film will go a long way for preventing access to anyone trying to break in. A firearm (or a few) is a must if allowed in your jurisdiction. Just make sure everyone gets some safety training if they're not familiar with guns. Another thing to look into is a monitored alarm. Dogs are also great deterrents and alerts.

My point here is, it's much more effective use of your money fortifying and securing your home than it is to try to make it bulletproof. Unless you are very wealthy, that is going to break the bank. Go browsing around the subreddit and read some wiki articles to get more ideas on fortification and what other people have done.

u/antarcticgecko · 4 pointsr/homesecurity

I’m no expert, but I have these items and they make me feel a little safer. They’re well reviewed and won’t break the bank. Not sure how management will feel about installing hardware if it’s a rental but they may allow it given that someone broke in.

door armor - amazon

window locks - amazon

Additionally, your local police department may run safety seminars about how to secure your home against this sort of thing. Mine does.

And of course Wyze cams which may be good for your peace of mind, $25 each. Be safe.

u/vincientjames · 5 pointsr/vinyl

That looks pretty nice. I came up with a different solution myself last year so I thought I'd share. It's pretty cheap and all you need are some Monkey Hooks. You can find them at any Wal-Mart or Home Depot as well


If you've never used one before you simply push the longer end into the drywall and it leaves a hook it the wall like so


Then I held up a record to get the spacing right, two on bottom, one on top


End result

The records sit nicely in the grove left by the hook without leaving any scratches. The remaining exposed part is also pretty small so it's barely visible

u/primo_pastafarian · 11 pointsr/homeowners

Do it yourself. It is MUCH cheaper.

I recommend this one if you want to replace the entire knob. (kwikset) It has the benefit of being able to re-key your locks in about 10 seconds, without disassembling the knob, if you decide to change your locks again in the future. Super easy. $20 per knob.

Alternatively, you could get something like this (re-keying kit). It's only $10, and you can re-key several locks. It's definitely a bit delicate though. Make sure to follow the instructions very precisely, or you'll end up with pins shooting everywhere from the springs.

Whichever method you choose, you should be done in about an hour. Do you like the idea of having a job that makes/saves $130 per hour?

u/CaliMel · 7 pointsr/CalPoly

Ugh. Definitely be careful then. Like seriously, I would suggest ordering those lock things off of Amazon ASAP. It's ballsy to go through someones wallet while they are sleeping right there, so obviously the person has no shame. Make sure you do not keep ANYTHING out that has passwords in it. No diaries. Sleep with your wallet in the bed with you. I would not say a word about it, just install the locks on stuff, and protect your stuff nonchalantly. Also I realize this sounds insane, but if you have credit cards, put a fraud alert on your account. Do not underestimate people. Does your part where your stuff is have a lock on it? you might even talk to the RA about switching rooms just to be safe. I know it'll flame your relationship with your roomies, but you can make new ones and that's some real serious Klepto stuff that will just add way more stress to your life than necessary. If you cannot switch rooms, figure out a way to lock your door. Also, from reading how the locks work in those doors, it looks like you can just open them with the credit card trick, which is REALLY not good. I would for sure figure out a way to lock the door while you are sleeping with one of those bar things that attaches to the door and the floor so that they can't do that and sneak in. It won't help while you are out, but if you lock everything down, they'll move on to your other roommates who presumably have not protected their stuff. Something like this might be good: this thing while you are IN the room:


If you have a laptop, get something like this for when you aren't taking it with you. It's good to have anyways for when you are using it on campus and need to get up and go to the bathroom or get a coffee.

u/sdfg9dfg9hj · 25 pointsr/LetsNotMeet

Thats why its useful to lock your door from the inside. You can use addition locks like this or just a chair wedged under the handle.

It takes about 30 seconds to pick the lock on even high end dead bolt locks. Consumer grade door security is garbage.

Here is someone using two bobby pins in less than a minute.

You can make bump keys, electric lock picks, manual picks, etc, etc. The locks on your door mean nothing to someone who understands how basic they are.

If you suspect someone is entering your house like this you can set traps to detect them. Place some small pieces of dust or "trash" like paper in windowsills where if someone came in and out they would disrupt it. Remember or write down the exact positions of these items. Similarly, when you leave your house reach inside the door and place a small piece of trash right behind the door so if its opened the trash will be blown or otherwise moved from the position you remember placing it in. Carefully open the door and check your trap when getting home. They might see the trap but it doesn't matter, they already triggered it and you will know no matter what that someone was there.

>I keep a metal baseball bat by my bed now and I will use it.

Make sure you know how to swing it well. If I saw someone with a bat it wouldn't really make me hesitate and in fact would just make me think they were focusing too much on the bat as a useful weapon when its really not, especially inside a house where you'll almost always not have room to generate power.

I would suggest a Ruger .380 LCP loaded with high quality ammo kept in a fingerprint locked safe. Total cost is under $500.

Make sure you bolt the safe down so your children don't get any ideas later on in life. Also, make sure you teach them gun safety before they're teenagers. The four rules. Treat all guns as if loaded. Never point a gun at something you wouldn't accept being destroyed. Know your target and what is beyond it. Finger off the trigger/out of the trigger gurd at all times until you want to shoot.

u/schmin · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

  • Riddle the First

    Wine -- flask for sneaking butterbeer into class so I can win the Defense Against the Dark Arts duels. >_>

  • Riddle the Second

    A broom -- organizer so I can keep all my brooms tidily stored and make points with /u/dragonflyjen, the Flying Instructor. =D

  • Riddle the Third

    A hat -- for the Tin Man, because I want him as my lab partner in Potions, to use his parts, err brain, for the exams, because /u/rarelyserious, the Potions Master values ingenuity like that. <_<

  • Riddle the Fourth

    A book -- the start of one, anyway, being a children's book I have in mind, for the History of Magic project /u/Morthy will assign.

  • Riddle the Fifth

    A trunk -- a teeny-tiny one that allows me to hide myself in music and charm the Magical Creatures in /u/Stefanienee's class.

  • For Bonus Points

    A cape -- on a pint glass, because it can be used to insulate warm beverages for the night Astronomy classes taught by /u/tandem7!

    Mischief Managed! =D
u/ShaneDAWS0N · 1 pointr/videos

TL;DR (at bottom)

Hide-A-Key (Amazon Link, basically the same thing as a Hide-A-Key, I'm just saying the name brand I think)

Costs under $5 and even if you NEVER lock yourself out they'll be the time where you're in a hurry and you hear that door shut and you'll be like "Fuck"' Then you'll spend 2 minutes top grabbing your Hide-A-Key and unlocking your car door.

Just be sure to check on your hide-a-key every now and then, pull it out and inspect it (preferably where people don't see you do this, I always kick my gym water bottle under my car and go to grab the bottle and secretly grab the hide-a-key, that way if someone sees me they aren't watching my slight of hand key snatch). You'll want to visibly inspect the key box as well as check for your keys (car key and house key is what I have) and make sure the keys still work. It's important to check because one time I checked the key box and the top had been busted and the keys had fallen out. So I was able to replace the box and the keys (still under $15).

Also make sure to put your keys inside a plastic bag if some sort the hide-a-key boxes are not completely water proof. I live where it gets pretty snowy on the roads and you don't want salt and sand getting all over your keys.


Get a Hide-A-Key (magnetic key box)

  • Under $5
  • You'll never have to wait for your spare key to arrive by a family member or pay a locksmith
  • Make sure to check them often
  • Use a small plastic bag to keep your keys dry
u/CantStopPoppin · 4 pointsr/LetsNotMeet

If you can't move arm your self and get security cameras. Please look into something like this for your door

Visit r/wyze and r/homedefense post this on home defense there are people that are more knowledgeable than me on there that can point you in the right direction. I am beyond glad you and your child are safe and I am also so sorry you had to go through something like that. you are an amazing mother and your survival skills are a testament to it.

u/robmcguinness · 5 pointsr/Abode

The Abode Reddit Wiki has a list of unofficial compatible devices which includes the Yale lock. I purchased Yale Assure Lock Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt with Z-Wave in Satin Nickel (YRD240-ZW-619) from Amazon and it works like a charm with the Abode gateway. As soon as I can I'm buying another lock for the other entry door.

Best of luck.

u/naikousei · 1 pointr/Nanoleaf

I'm so glad you like them!

I would pick up some of these:

Either small or medium should work fine, just get whichever are cheaper! I ended up getting this huge box:

But with nine, using 3 on each panel (the other ones stick to the wall), you really only need 27 pairs (for now -- you're gonna want to upgrade, trust me, heh). Looks like the best deal right now is $12 for two of the 18-pair sets from Amazon, and you'll have some to spare in case you end up moving them, getting more, etc.

I still need to set mine up -- be sure to post pictures of what you decide on!

u/GenericUsername42069 · 74 pointsr/trees

An app is nice but you should always assume cops are around every corner and behind every bush.

I don't know how well it would work but I recommend something like this. Just put that shit under the car and don't worry about it. Though, I'll admit, I recommend it in theory. I've never used one myself, so I don't know if something like that is all that great.

u/carissalf · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Awww, this is so sweet! <3

  1. I feel loved when my husband does the smallest things: picks me a flower, tells me I'm beautiful, cleans the litterboxes (haha, seriously).

  2. For some reason, these headphones, in pink are an add on.

  3. Under $15

  4. Affirmation

  5. Thank you for the contest. Best wishes to you and your boyfriend in the future. <3
u/Dzimm666 · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Thanks! I'm very happy with how they are working out great how ever I would recommend not getting the 4" ones if you a shorter person. I'm 6'4" and it is border line to tall for me lol unless you don't mind you legs hanging.

BQLZR Stainless Steel Kitchen Adjustable Feet Round 2" Dia Furniture Leg Pack of 4

u/KatelynFit · 4 pointsr/TropicalWeather

I know of two, purchasable options that exist:


Security window film on the inside of windows - won't stop glass from breaking, but will control glass particles and could prevent something like a branch breaking all the way through the glass:


Hurricane clips exist, which let you place plywood in the window casing without drilling (not an option on all window types, but pretty great if it works for your space):

u/1111100111 · 3 pointsr/watercooling

I just used these fittings for my build. I tried super glue first. Would not recommend it. It cause the collars to become cloudy when the glue dried. And some cloudyness migrated up the tubing too.

I ended up buying this UV glue from amazon as i couldnt find anybody who carried monsoon's branded UV glue.

This stuff was perfect. Very strong and is holding well. And it cures clear.

u/FrontpageWatch · 1 pointr/longtail

>I can understand the use of referral links and lots of people say they don't care. Nor do I honestly, except he wasn't contributing to this subreddit. He posted the exact setup 9 months (and 8 months) ago, this means he's here for the sole purpose to gain profit.
>Sure, he spent a lot of money, it's not disruptive, it's victimless, it doesn't hurt anyone and it's not a big deal. But it seems as if he's only here to earn money, he didn't even show a walkthrough of the computer build, he isn't a regular, he doesn't contribute to discussion. He posted multiple times like I've already mentioned and nothing has changed in all those posts.
>He's not here to show people his setup, he didn't even build anything. He's here to profit off us. Multiple posts of the same setup with all the affiliate links in every post, including links to something like a phone...
>Also, the problem is links like this act as infections. For approximately 24 hours (I think) after you've clicked a referral link, he will get a portion of the sale on anything you buy, so if you click a link to see the price of the something or investigate, he will earn money off everything you purchase in the next 24 hours off Amazon.
>So earlier today I came across this post.
>I thought it was a bit suspicious how he documented absolutely every part of this "build" even though it isn't a build, it's a battlestation.
>He has since removed all information from his Reddit post, presumably after I commented about the Amazon links found in the post.
>It didn't look right because he provided links to every single item in this setup. All Amazon affiliate links, for him to make money off us.
>Not so bad though, right? Well, his Reddit username is "BlackWhite01", his Imgur username is "blackandwhitebattlestation", and he's been posting this absolutely identical set up on both Imgur and Reddit multiple times for a year.
>He did not intend to show off his battlestation, or even his computer build, he intended to come here and make money off of /r/battlestation and /r/buildapc mainly, but he's posted to a lot of other subreddits as well - presumably to pay off this setup and the ridiculous chair ($1,500).
>What really pisses me off is that he's also included affiliate links to stupid products like his phone. His phone?! It's fucking /r/buildapc.
>Alright, so there's a run down of all his Imgur and Reddit post history.
>Please do not click on any of the Amazon links, I've posted all items without any affiliations below.
> Submitted Imgur albums!
Imgur Album 1.
> Imgur Album 2
Imgur Album 3
> Imgur Album 4
Imgur Album 5
> Imgur Album 6
Imgur Album 7
> Imgur Album 8
/u/BlackWhite01 - archive link: /u/BlackWhite01
> Reddit Post 1
Reddit Post 2
> Reddit Post 3
Reddit Post 4
> Reddit Post 5
Reddit Post 6
> Reddit Post 7
Reddit Post 8
> Reddit Post 9
Reddit Post 10
>* Reddit Post 11

>Below is a list of all the items found in the pictures. These links are NOT affiliate, I spent an enormous amount of time to provide you with the unaffiliated links.
>This subreddit and others shouldn't be focused on making money, it should be the exact opposite, just sharing our hobbies, enthusiasm, skills and to have open discussions without the aim being to profit.
>Screw this guy for trying to profit.
>PC Specs:
>Type | Name | Link
>Processor | Intel i7-4790k | Link
>Memory | Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB | Link
>Storage | Samsung 850 Pro 256GB | Link
>Motherboard | ASUS ATX DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 | Link
>CPU Cooler | Corsair Hydro Series | Link
>Video Card | ASUS GTX 980 STRIX 4GB | Link
>Case | NZXT H440 | Link
>PSU | Corsair RM750 | Link
>PSU Sleeved Cables | Corsair Power Cable Kit | Link
>Type | Name | Link
>Front Intake | Noctua NF-F12 | Link
>CPU Cooler | Corsair SP120 | Link
>Rear Exhaust | Corsair AF140| Link
>Name | Link
>RGB Lights | Link
>White Lights | Link
>Type | Name | Link
>Monitors | Dell UltraSharp 23.8" | Link
>Mounts | VideoSecu Articulating Arm | Link
>Mouse | Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse | Link
>Mousepad | Zalman Accessory AMP1000 | Link
>Keyboard | Rapoo Black KX 5.8GHz | Link
>Phone | Motorola Moto X 16GB | Link
>Phone Stand | Cooler Master JAS | Link
>Speakers | Harman Kardon SoundSticks | Link
>Webcam | Logitech HD Pro Webcam | Link
>Headphones | Samsung LEVEL | Link
>Headphone Holder | Ikea Bjärnum Folding Hook | Link
>Strip for Holder | Command Mounting Refill Strips | Link
>White Videocard Backplate | Performix 11207 Plasti-Dip | Link
>RAM Light Bar | Corsair Dominator Platinum LightBar Kit | Link
>Type | Name | Link
>Desk | Euro Style Donald Desk | Link
>Chair | Embody Chair by Herman Miller | Link
>Clock | Modern Clocks | Link
>Lights | Philips 259982 | Link
>Wire Cover | Omnimount CMK | Link
>Triple Monitor Wallpapers

u/Nalin8 · 1 pointr/oculus

This is what I use, and it works perfectly amazing:

Velcro Command Strips (3 lb holding limit):

Super lightweight plastic mounts:

Put a strip on the wall and a strip on the mount, screw the camera head into the mount, and stick it to the wall. Holds perfectly fine. I've never had it fall off or had any problem.

u/threatdisplay · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

Thanks for the update! I just installed this rubber padding and I actually quite like it:

It comes in a huge 24 x 36" sheet so it's plenty enough for a bunch of keyboards. It has a rubbery smell (which makes sense because, duh, it's made of rubber), but after airing it out it will be just fine. It seems to give my keyboard a nice THOCK and I think the thickness of it is perfect. I'm still not done with my build but when I am I will post pictures and a build guide.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

cracks knuckles I am the organization queen.

Wall organizer 1

Wall organizer 2

Pantry organizer

Office organizer

Hair dryer caddy

Bed caddy

Under shelf caddy

Door organizer

Good luck with your new apartment, I hope you find what you're looking for. Thanks for the contest too :)

u/Nateispineapple · 1 pointr/Nanoleaf

I recommend the Command ( strips. They are SUPER good and one strip can hold around 3 pounds (I think a whole aurora ways less then that), so it should hold them pretty well, just use A TON.

u/insipidgoose · 5 pointsr/vinyl

This was also my first turntable. May I recommend a small upgrade that will improve the sound quality?

This may also be a better solution to your speaker / turntable configuration given the limited space:



You can place the speakers on the top of the Kallax with the turntable (normally not recommended), and then cut the anti-vibration padding to fit your needs.

In any event, don't pay the haters any mind, and welcome to the hobby!

u/Muttly2001 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Redditing at work is AWESOME

I think you are a unique snowflake in the blizzard of life. That is how awesome you are. I really think you need this because safety is important for everyone when traveling!

u/ChilbroSwaggins · 2 pointsr/pcgaming

That's normal. You just need to lift your hand a bit sometimes. What I did was put a little sticker on my W key - similarly to what P1SONET said about getting lost and the F key has a little bump on it, I use the sticker with my fingertips to find the W key and get back into position. With heavy use, it comes off sometimes but I just put a new one on and it works great for me. something like this is what I used - clear so I can still see the letter through the thing, and small enough to not get in the way for normal typing

u/LedToWater · 17 pointsr/homedefense

Have they been breaking in one particular way? If so, maybe we could help prepare for their preferred way.

I always highly recommend hardening your home. It helps that you are in the second floor, that means they are less likely to target your windows (unless there is access to your windows). So, let's focus on the door. Doors (and their frames) are often quite vulnerable.

If your door doesn't have a deadbolt, get one and use it! A deadbolt is much, much stronger than the lock on the knob, but it doesn't do anything for you if you don't lock the deadbolt. It is slightly less convenient because you have to use a key to lock it when you leave, but the extra security far outweighs the slight inconvenience. Use your deadbolt.

You may be limited in what the landlord allows you to do, but I'd suggest you do some version of the following to reinforce the door. You can get a door reinforcement kit like this or this (I've sometimes seen the prime-line kit for sale at HD or Lowes for more like $25). These will reinforce the weak door frame and make it much harder to kick in the door. If that is too big of a change, maybe you'd be allowed to replace the strike plate with one like this. That would be a good step up from a standard strike plate. If you aren't allowed to do any of those, at a minimum you should replace the short screws that your strike plate and hinges likely have now, with longer screws (3-4 inch screws are good). The longer screws will anchor the strike plate not only to the weak door frame, but to the strong 2x4 structure behind the frame too. Also a few of those long screws on the hinge side of the door; stock hinge screws are often too short for good security too.

Reinforcing the door will make it much harder to kick in, so they will probably move on to a softer target. It would also take longer and make more noise, giving you more time to call for help, arm yourself, or escape.

If their preferred method is not to kick in the door, but to attack the lock (using a bump key or lock picks), I'd suggest switching to a high security lock like a medeco or assa/abloy. If you can't afford that, then a lock that uses a non-standard key would at least help some. Kwikset KW1 and Schlage SC1 are the most common keys, so those would be the most common bump keys carried by thieves. Getting a lock that doesn't use either of those would at least make them less likely to have the proper key handy.

What I wrote above can help keep people out; that is most important in my opinion. After that, some sort of alarm may make an intruder want to leave more quickly, or also give you extra warning.

Edit: I just wanted to add that many companies use the KW1 and SC1 keys, not just kwikset and schlage. So if you want a less common key, you have to do your due diligence to know what key it uses. For example, I think Baldwin uses either a KW1 or SC1; also, i think Defiant uses a KW1. And definitely avoid anything that uses Kwikset's "Smart Key". The Smart Key locks are just weak junk.

u/techyg · 2 pointsr/3Dprinting

I have been waiting 7 weeks for mine, and I have about 2 left (I got the pre-assembled one). Here are the upgrades I am planning, based on joining the Slack channel, reading the Facebook group, etc. I recommend checking out those sites as well.

  1. Vibration Dampeners. These are needed because the printer is very noisy. I also have a rubber mat that I am going to put the printer on.

  2. An improved spool holder. Apparently the stock one breaks pretty easily and isn't that good. (Someone else in this thread even said theirs broke).

  3. Pinda height calculator. The number one question I see on the facebook page is around the PINDA sensor. This helps you adjust it and get it set straight.

    I also have an enclosure for my kickstarter 3d printer, which is going to relocate to where my Replicator v1 is (which will go in a box) after my Prusa i3 mk2 arrives. I think an enclosure is a must have if you are printing ABS, otherwise you may have layer adhesion issues, especially if you have a drafty room (I do). If you are just printing PLA, PETG, or Flex you probably won't need one. There are a million different designs with Ikea Lack tables that people use. I had some spare 2x4's and plywood so I just built my own.

    These are all fairly minor upgrades. Unlike most sub $500 printers, you don't need a lot of upgrades to make the printer usable and it really does well just out of the box.
u/01208500 · 2 pointsr/wyzecam

I just bought the August smart lock+connect on Amazon. It was on sale then got a 20% off coupon. Made it $170 before tax. It's great, no subscription. Uses existing lock and can still use key if you want. I'd highly recommend it. August Smart Lock Pro + Connect,...

Edit: looks like the price went up.

u/TransNOC · 3 pointsr/sysadmin

Deploy a Citrix or RDP redirect to his corporate PC over VPN VM for him to use with 2 factor authentication and a US-based certificate authority. That way he can travel with no corporate data in tow, where he might be forced to decrypt the laptop for foreign border agencies which are known to work with intelligence services. Since he will want to travel light, perhaps buy him a Macbook and don't forget power converters for Africa. Don't forget to deploy antivirus (with an uninstall password set) and filevault, even on Mac and make sure he cannot save the password in the RDP software. If you do go the Mac route, don't forget to deploy a password on the firmware as well. Don't give him local admin on the laptop but insert a local admin account for a backup he doesn't know exists unless told about in a troubleshooting session.

I hate Surface Pro's but they are such a bitch to tamper with (don't forget to also setup secure boot microsoft only, no USB boot allowed in the uefi firmware and set a password on it) that most attempts would be physically visible. Remember, give him a REALLY GOOD remote experience (Citrix works good over high latency / low bandwidth links) and he will want to comply with all of this.

Do not allow him under any circumstances to take an Android phone overseas. I highly recommend a iPhone with a heavy duty "Unicorn Beetle" case (check Amazon) and a USB charge only cable:

For everything else:

and send him with at least two of these: these should be inside his laptop bag and with him at all times. I recommend a backpack: North Face Borealis.

If he's going out of cell range, I recommend purchasing a Garmin Inreach and activating it for $65 a month. It will allow him to cheaply send and receive SMS messages via Iridum and a smartphone. Let him know that any communications over this is not secure whatsoever.

Run firmware updates on everything right before he leaves.

u/bluedog00 · 3 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

If it hasn't been suggested already, this doorstop is what I and my apartment mates use. It's renter friendly and you can use it on any door with a lock. It actually works really well. Best of luck!

u/hadtoomuchtodream · 1 pointr/longbeach

Did the thief actually break the window glass? There's stuff you can get called security film to protect glass windows.

One thing I do is use a bar of some sort that makes it so my windows can't open, like this.

My heart really goes out to you, and I know how violated something like this can make you feel. I highly recommend speaking with a counselor or therapist. Also see if any friends would be willing to stay with you at your apartment to help you feel safe and get some sleep.

u/SandyWandy29 · 7 pointsr/ucf

I’m an international student as well and living by myself with no friends/family gave me major anxiety about feeling safe in my first year at UCF. I have this door stopper . It’s cheap and portable. It’s given me back my peace of mind and I’m not worried as much anymore.

I’m sorry this happened to you, and I hope something like this can help you as a precaution and give you some amount of security.

u/Flickstah · 2 pointsr/MusicBattlestations

The desk is IKEA and one part from Amazon:

Karlby Countertop:

Alex Drawers x2:

Desk Risers:

BQLZR Stainless Steel Kitchen Adjustable Feet Round 2" Dia Furniture Leg Pack of 4

If you look up the “Karlby IKEA Desk” online or YouTube or any media outlet I’m sure you’ll find a plethora of information. It’s a very popular desk setup.

Not to mention it fit perfectly in my bedroom nook.

u/jobu01 · 1 pointr/InteriorDesign

If you have some basic wiring skills, you could use LED lights like some mentioned. I went this route connected to a remote controlled outlet and it works great. I like the light bars since you can reuse them later more easily than taping plain LED light strips onto the underside directly.

Some cheap lights if you're patient and willing to give AliExpress a try: LED Light strip bars, 12V driver (it also works for 120V), sticky strips, wireless outlet and/or switched cord.

u/Etatheta · 2 pointsr/Aquariums

Get bondic. I used to use super glue but discovered Bondic. I confirmed with the company its 100% Salt and Freshwater safe once cured. Takes 4 seconds to cure once the UV is blasted on it. The stuff is amazing.

u/gryhrt · 3 pointsr/DIY

Fellow 1920s house owner here...obviously, CHWK's suggestions are best, but if that doesn't work I've had good success with these into the plaster and lathe.

u/FullKage · 2 pointsr/lockpicking

This is exactly what I would recommend as well. Although if you can grab a cutaway lock over an acrylic, I think they’re a bit better. But you’ll soon be done with both so it’s probably a moot point. Then I’d go MasterLock #3 and then into MasterLock 140, both are pretty available either online or in stores.

MasterLock #3 are $6 on Amazon.

MasterLock 140 are $7 on Amazon.

u/Naturist02 · 3 pointsr/CCW

Glad she kept her wits and is ok. She might think about installing this product on her doors. It’s for outside doors. I installed this on my house. NOBODY is getting inside my house. It comes in different colors to match any door. They are a bit pricey but work awesome.
Door Armor MAX – Complete Door Reinforcement Set in Satin Nickel — Door Security by Armor Concepts

u/Spurlz · 2 pointsr/oculus

Fully agreed - I had similar issues until I 'mounted' my 3 sensors a bit higher.

You can just use 3M Velcro strips and either of the mounts from Amazon below:

3M Velcro strips

White stationary mount

Tripod mount

The nice thing about 3M Velcro strips is they hold tight, but are easy to remove when needed without leaving any marks or residue on the wall :)

u/ElitistMango67 · 2 pointsr/battlestations

You all are correct, I went to ikea store and got the countertop karlby wood. Very durable and meant for rough encounters. Mixed with Grey or black Alex drawers and I love it. Very popular on reddit, I don't bolt them down but you can with these if you want. Also upgraded from a glass desk and I love this setup!

VOVOV Furniture Cabinet Metal...

u/YankeeTxn · 3 pointsr/HomeImprovement

> Get a metal or solid-wood (not hollow core normal) door, preferably metal.

Those are both good choices. However, fiberglass doors will absorb some of the energy, and bounce it back at the offender if kicked, are more resistant to dings (in my experience), and can be easily patched. Down side is that they don't work with the magnetic trim seals.

Renforce both sides:

Edit: I did my first door in less than 4 hours with a friend helping. Re-trimming/painting took another couple hours. We were both handy, but not experienced at the time. Just make sure you buy the whole door/frame combo, and the right depth (for 2x4 or 2x6 framing). And don't try to be too gentle removing the trim. Just count on replacing it too.

u/Naay_ · 1 pointr/JUSTNOFAMILY

Could you get something like this so that you can be safe? Since you use it on the inside your parents don't have to know.


I hope you will be OK.

u/NonsensicalSteph · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Mischief Managed!

u/EpicThotSmasher · 3 pointsr/battlestations

I have almost this same desk (check my post history). The capita legs at Ikea are 4inches tall which almost made my desk TOO high. Love it over all though. There are better ones which I wish I would have went with BLQZR legs on Amazon which I believe are 2-2.5inches which would have been better, although I don't know the build quality on those. The Ikea Capita legs are sturdy as hell.

EDIT: these are the legs I was talking about on amazon, they were the ones the YouTuber RandomFrankP used as well

u/uncle_soondead · 1 pointr/DIY

I would assume the radiator kits would be toxic.
Other info would be
Why cant you find a leak in something that is 1/2 inch big.
Needing it to be non toxic would be helpful
What is the pipe to maybe replacement is your best case
Googling "non toxic liquid pipe fixer" came back with this
Good luck

u/fakebrains · 1 pointr/DIY

maybe you could use these somehow? if not for the fabric, they are awesome to have in a rental to hang heavier pictures and things.

At our old rental we had a tapestry hanging behind the bed and I just ran a thin rope through the top (and if your fabric doesn't already have a tunnel like curtains do you could easily fold it over and sew one) and then we just did two nails on each side and tied the tapestry up. you could use smaller panels of fabric to get that drapey effect. does this make any sense?

u/codewired · 2 pointsr/buildapc

I got a Ziotek Chassis lock to prevent people from opening the case, to quickly steal the GPU. Yes, anyone can bypass these lock, but it would be more challenging than just having thumb screws.

I plan on, within a few weeks, drill a small hole at the back of the chassis, enough to fit one of these padlock using this security cable , tied down to either the bed or desk.

  • edit: nvm, I don't think you can do this to your rosewill challenger. I can with my R4 because it has a side panel hand scoop thingy(don't know the technical term) where I can drill a hole Like this
u/GhostOfTheNet · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I haven't really gifted anyone with security related items, but I did work with security for a while. This for door locks, and this for main windows. Bring a few wooden sticks for sliding windows. Make sure they are a bit thick and won't break/crack easily. I also recommend some legal self-defense items - check local laws.

u/anarchtica · 2 pointsr/lockpicking

For the Abus 64TI/50, I use the Peterson .040 pry bar and Peterson hook 1 in .018. Once you've picked it a few times and know the binding order, the lock becomes pretty easy to pick consistently.

The Master Lock 570 is a challenging lock due to the dead core. I recommend working your way up to this lock. The Master Lock 140, Brinks 40mm (non-brass), and Abus 55/40. For these locks I use Sparrows' BOK tension and Peterson hook 1 in .025.

Once you've got these down, you can step up to the Paclock 90A, Master Lock 410, and American 1100. For these locks I'll use the previously mentioned Peterson hook 1 in .018, Peterson hook 7 in .018, the previously mentioned Peterson .040 pry bar, and the Peterson .050 pry bar.

Good luck!

u/kiwiandapple · 4 pointsr/DesignMyRoom

You can of course just hang the plant on the wall. There are also some pretty awesome no damage wall hangers. No screws at all used for these.
They are also available in different shapes and sizes for potentially attaching it to the ceiling. My sister used these for paintings on a stud wall. Worked well and it's super easy to remove!

u/twaddington · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Love these things. Used them to put up some Ikea shelves and they worked great. You can buy them on Amazon for fairly cheaply.

u/electricburrito_ · 2 pointsr/LetsNotMeet

Wow! This is infuriating. I am already paranoid and I haven't even had a bad apartment experience yet (fingers crossed!).

There are these locks on Amazon that are an addition to the regular locks, something like this:

My landlords also use something like this on the backdoor:

Stay safe everyone!

u/xamindar · 3 pointsr/homeautomation

I have both a yale (keyless) and a schlage connect. I like them both. Here are a few notes about them both.

-The yale feels more solid (heavier vs schlage) schlage case is plastic, not sure about yale.

-yale appears to be more element resistant with a gasket, schlage does not have one.

-yale you have to press an unlock key after entering code so codes can be different lengths, schlage unlocks as soon as correct code is entered and all codes have to be same length.

-yale is quieter, schlage is loud.

-yale has a nice little jingle that plays when lock is successful, schlage makes no sound or it can just beep.

-yale you lock by putting Palm on the touchpad, schlage you touch the "schlage" button to lock.

-the yale can store something like 250 codes, the schlage only 30.

I love them both. Yale seems to function more solidly but the schlage is a little simpler to lock and unlock, which the wife prefers. So I moved yale to the back door and schlage is on the front.

Oh and I use them with smartthings. More of the schlage advanced functions are available to smartthings, but both locks can be code managed and lock/unlocked using built-in smartthings tools (yale with z-wave module installed).

I have this yale:

u/Mayhem52 · 7 pointsr/DeskCableManagement

Since you can't screw anything into the desk, here's what I would do:

Grab some of these while they're on sale

Then grab some 3M Command Strips to hold up some sort of cable raceway like this (Although you can probably find something cheaper than this particular one at Lowes or Home Depot.)

Or you could just buy a few of these

Or a cable box like this. Personally, I'd go with the box and velcro strips, since your tower is so close to the outlet. Unless you plan to relocate it.

But most importantly for college dorm life: 3M command strips are your friend for almost everything.

u/randomwtf2 · 26 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

You absolutely lock your door every single time and just flat out tell her "I'm locking my door. This is not negotiable."

In addition to locking your door, get a few other things:

u/eduardojlino · 36 pointsr/lifehacks

Addalock - (1 Piece ) Portable Door Lock, Travel Lock, AirBNB Lock, School Lockdown Lock

Just got this from Amazon the other day. I love it. Take it with you anywhere. Works great. I leave my home at 1am and my kids and wife stay at home alone and this makes her feel much much more secure.

u/MOEB74 · 10 pointsr/PSVR

Thanks! I just looked and I have some of the Velcro Command strips. These would be nice because you can move it from the wall to the TV so suit whatever you're playing better

u/Ligress · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I spy with my little eye. (And your contest is better than any other currently running I SPY related things, /u/186394.)

Wall Organizer

Thanks for the contest! This was fun!

u/Crimsonghost999 · 3 pointsr/hoggit

What I ultimately wound up doing was going the Ikea route. I bought 2 of the Alex drawer units, and a 98" kitchen counter top as well as 4 legs. You can get a smaller counter top to match your available space. I am very happy with the set up and the whole thing was around $300 which is far less than you would spend on a purpose made desk. Links to the parts are below.

Alex Drawer Unit

Ekbacken Counter Top

Olov Legs

Small legs for spacing off the top of the drawer units.

u/spartacus_e · 5 pointsr/OP1users

Sure thing:

u/OLiViUSGaming · 1 pointr/battlestations

Thanks and sorry for the late reply. The wallpaper is from Ori and the Will of the Wisps, an upcoming game (first game called Ori and the blind forest is also worth looking at, has some great visuals too). The two stands at the side are custom made simply by using some small furniture legs similar to these which made it easy to adjust the height of the monitors.

u/eaudaemon · 2 pointsr/PSVR

I would suggest just to save your walls use these instead, it can hold a good amount of weight and safe on your paint

u/FoxTrotW · 1 pointr/preppers

Here is a smaller roll, I think:

Does this stuff seem to be as good as the 3M film? It looks like they only sell it through "authorized" channels.

u/bahkins313 · 1 pointr/woodworking

Yeah that's awesome. A little pricey for my current use I think. I found this which seems like a cheap alternative

Shop Fox W1322 Anti-Vibration Pad 24-Inch by 36-Inch, Black

u/exophrine · 48 pointsr/childfree

I say invest in 2 things: a door wedge and an AddALock device.

If your door has a good latch bolt on it, you don't have to invest in a whole lock. I've discovered an invention called an AddaLock that just fits right in the little slither between the door and door frame. When it's locked in place, it keeps the door from ever opening, regardless of how hard you try to open it. Of course, it's only as strong as the door's wood.

Amazon link - it's small and easy to install, and it really works.

EDIT: You cannot lock a door from the outside with the AddALock. It only works from the inside. Keep that in mind.

u/chicken_herder · 2 pointsr/Leathercraft

I have a glu-bot for woodworking and I'm thinking of buying one for leather as well -

One of the primary values of the glu-bot for woodworking is that you can use in multiple orientations, but it is also amazing at keeping glue for long periods of time and is fairly cheap.

u/AlfonsoTheX · 7 pointsr/woodworking

Great ideas in this thread; I'll put in a plug for the GlueBot - good deal less than $50, but there is a little accessory kit you could add to bring it up closer to $20. Maybe for an occasion other than Valentine's Day.

It is definitely something I didn't know I needed until I used it.

u/rubixcube6 · 1 pointr/OculusQuest

Oh no! lol if the super glue isn’t enough you could use liquid plastic. Its a clear gel that hardens with UV light.

u/Dropouter · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

Hey! Thank you I appreciate that! I made them using these [legs] ( and used just the top part of this [monitor riser] ( Anything for the top works, one of the stands is a computer door from an ikea desk (can you tell which one, haha). I just found a monitor riser that was close in size.

u/Davolo · 2 pointsr/ActionFigures

/u/zodd06 mentioned bondic which I really hope I never need but that looks like a future solution.

u/DesSiks · 2 pointsr/edmproduction

I have a desk very similar to this and I love it. The clear glass one is cheaper right now though.

Edit: If you're going to place your monitors directly on your desk I would suggest getting something like this to decouple them from your desk.

u/scrager4 · 1 pointr/shopshowcase

These are cheaper, easier, more versitile, and require smaller holes. You can also get them in bulk for even cheaper. They are useful for hanging anything that requires more than a plastic anchor in drywall. They are tested to something like 150lb capacity each in 1/2" drywall. I use them for tv mounts, coat hooks, floating shelves, etc.

u/Nemo_Griff · 2 pointsr/lockpicking

TA DA! A small number of Schlage pins to pin up a few locks.

You really can't take apart a SFIC like you would any other lock. Here is a great write up on them. LFIC can be gutted and pinned in the traditional way.

u/drawyourswordramza · 2 pointsr/battlestations

That height is correct. The KARLBY is 1 1/2" thick. So the top of the desk is 29". My old desk was 31 1/2" high so I was skeptical about loosing the few inches as well. But I can honestly say I much prefer the height of the IKEA build now that I'm used to it.

Also you can always use something to make it higher if you don't like it. I've seen a few IKEA builds use these to make increase the height. Here is a Reddit post where the person has these legs

u/notkot · 1 pointr/IKEA

It's a rubber pad that goes in between the glass top and the metal frame of the TORSBY table. I need to replace the ones on my table and don't know what to call them and I can't find them on any IKEA replacement part sites.

bought some of these:
might also work as substitutes. I searched for clear rubber pads. THANKS

u/gxbes · 2 pointsr/battlestations

I’m also 5’10” and I fit in just fine. I went from having the IKEA Linmon desk and it was almost the exact height as this one so I’m already used to it. If height is a problem for you I would recommend ordering some adjustable metal legs like for furniture. A lot of people are using these to put between the desk and cabinets to raise it up a little bit, and plus they make it look a bit nice imo. VOVOV Furniture Cabinet Metal Legs Adjustable Stainless Steel Kitchen Feet Round Black and Silver 50 x 50mm Pack of 4 + 16x Screw

u/Ellistann · 1 pointr/woodworking

Edited the post above so that you can see exactly what I was talking about.

Some of the other stuff I didn't mention will be listed below.

Tried this as my marking knife , rather than the narex at first. Didn't sharpen easily for me, so I got the Narex Marking Knife.

Needed a coping saw so I could start doing dovetails easier. This is the one I have chosen. Does the job well enough, nothing to write home about.

The Glu-bot Sure you could use a mustard bottle, but I'll be damned if this little thing wasn't a bit useful. Being able to squeeze glue in any direction is very useful. This is one of those 'you mock the crap out of it until you try it yourself' items. Remember 6 of these gives you 96 oz of glue, but is the same cost as a full gallon and the cost of the gluebot together.

For sharpening: use one of these. Yes, freehand sharpening is fairly easy and quick. But at first using training wheels is both easy and convenient. It gets you a sharp blade everytime because it takes that pesky human error out of the equation.

After I did a long bit of youtube videos and making my own projects, i ran into this book. It solidified my understanding of a lot of woodworking knowledge. I don't know if it is a beginner type resource, but it definitely helped me out.

u/michrech · 2 pointsr/HomeNetworking

Don't drill holes. Routers, modems, and many smaller switches are light enough that you can use 3M Command picture hanging strips. This is what I did with most of my equipment, and it's been hanging there for six months now with zero issues. Plus, you can pull them off the wall and move them around without making more holes. This is especially excellent if you're renting. :)

u/c800600 · 1 pointr/DIY

You can use picture hangers or monkey hooks. Both of these come with weight ratings, so get something rated to hold the weight of your picture or more.

Can you easily press a thumb tack into the wall? Then it is drywall. You can hammer a nail or push the hook straight into drywall. If the wall is plaster, first drill a hole slightly smaller than the nail or hook you are using, then gently hammer or push into the pre-drilled hole.

u/jim2point0 · 1 pointr/ultrawidemasterrace

I found them!

They look perfect. Thanks. Now I just gotta rip everything off my desk and put them on. Hmph.

u/EatMyPenta · 2 pointsr/Multicopter

Bondic - Liquid Plastic Welder - LED UV Light Activated Bonding Tool - Waterproof And Heat Resistant - Starter Kit
Something along these lines seems like it would work great for on the fly repairs. Im gonna take my fathers advice and just buy one for myself for the future!

u/HomeSickInNY · 8 pointsr/homedefense

These are options as well.

Door Armor MAX – Complete Door Reinforcement Set in Satin Nickel — Door Security by Armor Concepts

As another reddit user mentioned, longer screws improve the lock's security.

u/SecretCondition · 1 pointr/raisedbynarcissists

Addalock might work for you. Has decent reviews, although the common caveat seems to be "it only fits traditional doors, and only when the door and lock fit the frame perfectly" or similar.

u/squired · 3 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Trying to keep your landlord out? Lol

Try this, if you just like to be secure you can also take it with you when you travel. It is cheap and you don't have to mount it.

u/redroguetech · 1 pointr/homeautomation

Retro-fit smart locks do it (eg this). Gives the best of both worlds. Allows bumping, picking and drilling like a traditional lock, and getting hacked from any developing country.

u/veelox_incident · 2 pointsr/homeowners

I actually just did this at my house we bought last week! I bought schlage rekey set and even got the override on a smart key.

Hope this helps. Took me a few hours to do 5 locks and the smart lock but I also didn't know what I was doing. Really worth it.

u/Drathus · 2 pointsr/homeautomation

Definitely. These are the ones I put in.

And for my front door, which is 3/4 window, I put in a high security dead-bolt (AssaAbloy Protec2) with a locking thumb-turn. So even if someone smashes through the glass they can't unlock the deadbolt. The key is out of reach. They'd have to climb through.

The camera above the front door would likely discourage anyone from wanting to even try that. Or at least that's my hope. =P

u/palejolie · 6 pointsr/myfavoritemurder

For those that travel for a living... this is what I use. Apparently the door jammer has been known to slide on certain surfaces. The Addalock doesn’t! I love it.

u/GangaMonster · 1 pointr/eldertrees

What about one of those key boxes? they are usually magnetic and are a small black box with a slide to put keys in but im sure you could fit a small stash in it. like this

u/smartache · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

From my Under 10 WL, I NID DIS I RLY RLY DO! I've got a bucket (yes, a bucket) that I am putting all my mops, brooms, shovels, rakes and stuff in and it falls over all the time and UGH I like things to be organized! Thanks for the contest darling!

u/13AccentVA · 1 pointr/homeautomation

I'm not aware of any off the shelf units, but you may be able to mod something like this. To my knowledge these just turn a standard deadbolt, if you modify the mechanism in the unit, or the key for your door you probably be able to get it to work.

Edit: I just noticed the keyhole looks like it's also a button, so maybe not without a complicated work around.

u/sgtsnyder88 · 10 pointsr/homedefense

Wow dude, either you downplayed the danger of your neighborhood or the severity of your paranoia. That said, here are some options:

If you're just looking for an audible alert, a door entry sensor that makes a tone when tripped (like on store entrances) may work, or you can hang some bells from the door knob. There are also alarm options such as this ( )

If you're looking for added physical security, there are several temporary/travel lock options:

Hope this helps, but honestly you may consider moving if it's so bad you have to pile things in front of the door and leave a TV on all night.

u/dfnj123 · 2 pointsr/Nanoleaf

They definitely are bright enough to light up a room. The latest update to the Nanoleaf app/panels also comes with a few default white light settings and you can access a white light color palette when setting up a scene in the app.

For the adhesives issue you could aways test the adhesive strips on a less frequently seen part of your wall. The box comes with extra 3M adhesive strips, so you can afford to use a few as a test. Personally I use a velcro version of the strips, which were pretty helpful if you want to be able to easily move around the panels. The adhesive parts are the same though.

A good resource may be to look on 3M's website, as they offer advice/FAQs on how to install command strips in order to avoid damaging your walls:

Personally I've used command strips as well as mounting tape to hang items to walls. Mounting tape usually offers a more secure hold, but always damages paint when removed. 3M command strips usually easily remove without any lasting marks.... as long as you remove it properly by pulling the tab on the strip.

u/MCubb · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hey congrats on your new home!

This wall organizer would help loads with brooms and mops and what not!


Thanks for the contest!

u/mrwillbill · 1 pointr/diyelectronics

Ive used this a couple times: Bondic

Its a type of glue that cures using the UV light from an led. They got a few of them at my workplace and they seem pretty useful.

Edit: Just read the description, apparently its not a glue but a plastic that remains liquid till you cure it with UV light and has quite good bonding capabilities. The reviews are hit and miss so maybe it depends a lot on the bonding surfaces.

u/NewkTownTN · 10 pointsr/HomeImprovement

I'd also like to add "Door Armor" to the list. I like knowing that my home is at least a little more secure while I'm away.

u/w1sdumb · 2 pointsr/gifs

This was me after like 2 days with a cheap lock pick set from amazon.

Got the Master Lock from a local grocery store for $8...I would suggest gettin a different lock if you want to keep your things lol

u/nishnasty · 1 pointr/homeautomation

Ok so once I buy this


I need to install the connect for the bridge? And also the SmarThings hub since it has z-wave? I think I am mixing up things but is that the general gist?



u/Sharptoe1 · 4 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

These work pretty good in my experience. Cheapest ones I've seen are around 5 bucks.

u/Irrepressible_Monkey · 1 pointr/PS4

Even if a door doesn't have a fitted lock, you get extremely strong temporary locks like the Addalock that you can put on a door or remove in a few seconds.

u/penfencer · 1 pointr/childfree

Look on Amazon. There's a little do-hickey that you can stick the door jamb that works as a lock.

Addalock - (1 Piece) The Original Portable Door Lock, Travel Lock, AirBNB Lock, School Lockdown Lock. PLEASE NOTE: The Genuine Addalock is exclusively sold worldwide only by Rishon Enterprises Inc.

u/gathered9 · 8 pointsr/StonerEngineering

UV Light Glue is perfect for fixing glass. I have used it on 2 bong bowls that I broke at the stem and a steamroller I split in two. One pen will last for a while and they are only 20$

Edit: My dad owned a window and glass repair shop, we used pens like this all the time to fix small chips in stained glass. It dries clear (it can be lumpy though if you use too much) and will not break from high heat.

u/Taboobat · 2 pointsr/Vive

I mounted my lighthouses with 2 large 3M strips each (, and they're holding up perfectly fine.

Out of an abundance of caution I take the lighthouses off the mounts when I'm not using them though, so just the wall mount stays affixed. I think doing that they'll last practically forever, or at least until the next time I move.

Haven't had any tracking issues either, the mounts stay pointed the right way so you can just stick the lighthouses back on and they end up in the exact same spot, or close enough to not matter.

u/cardinal29 · 1 pointr/legaladvice

[This comment] (, from a post yesterday addressed a similar issue:

>I'd put a chain up, and use it whenever you are home. If you can't do that (screw holes, etc.) there are security door stoppers or this device that stops maintenance people, even if they have a key.

This way at least you'll stop the surprise visits while you're at home. This creep was definitely hoping to catch you in the shower. Be careful.

u/nikongmer · 2 pointsr/smarthome

I have the August Smart Lock Pro with Connect and it's been pretty handy. I have it unlocking my door as I pull up to my house and since I have it connected to my smart lights via IFTTT, the patio and indoor lights will turn on when it's dark.

u/saverism · 1 pointr/lockpicking

If I where you I'd try out a master lock 140 to step it up a bit. In comparison to the #3 they feel a lot better and give you better response in my opinion. Master 140

u/CapitalizedInterest · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

FYI: you can buy kits to rekey your own locks if you're looking to save some money. I moved into a house and used this:

Took ~2 hours to change 5 locks. Way cheaper than swapping out 2 deadbolts and 3 knobs.

u/slam_bike · 1 pointr/oculus

These have worked really well for me for about 6 months. They're not as elegant or versatile as the camera mounts, but they're cheap and you don't have to drill holes =)

u/SolusOpes · 5 pointsr/preppers

Buy clear Security film from Amazon.

Remove when you leave.

The stuff on Amazon isn't the most amazing stuff. But it's still quite good. But since you rent there's no point in having the top shelf stuff professionally installed.

u/indianblanket · 1 pointr/JUSTNOFAMILY
  1. Order or purchase one of these, immediately. Doubly so since your landlord refuses to change the locks.

  2. Go to the apartment appointment. Lock your pets in an area of your current place that doesn't contain his laptop/necessities. They will be fine not having the run of the place for a few hours. If you don't like this plan, take them, and all up to date vaccination records (esp rabies) to a pet day care location. Explain your situation. Tell them you only need a few hours, and that you'll pay whatever they charge you.

  3. Sue him for the damages to your car in small claims. Even if you don't have a written document, him telling you he would pay for the repairs at the end is still a verbal contract. Talk to your lawyer (the same one for Ramon[a] situation) and get his input, but IMO this case should be worth the total value of the car, not just damages, because you asked him to maintain the vehicle, and running it into the ground is not "maintaining".

  4. PM me if you're in NC. We may be able to figure something out with your pets.

  5. Did they already do the repairs? I'm sorry, but I wouldn't have done them. If the car won't be worth $5k when you sell it, it's a lost cause already, and you might as well just buy another cheap car for that price, if you even need it. Since the repairs are done, they will need to be paid. If you don't have the money, can you ask for a moderate payment plan? They may be willing to accommodate.
u/onefreehour · 1 pointr/DIY

A cheap stud finder will help you locate the studs. if you can hit one stud it will be sufficient to support the TV. That being said these wall anchors are amazing if you can't find a stud. pop four of those in and it will hold the TV no problem!

u/blindxx · 2 pointsr/homeautomation

Don't have the schlage connect but I have Yale Z-Wave Real Living Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt
with Smartthings and have been noticing since the last few days randomly smartthings has been showing it unavailable. If I lock and unlock the door manually sometimes that forces it to reconnect or if I hit the refresh or reconnect button in the smartthings app.
I have only had the both devices since about 3 weeks ago but issue only started this week.

u/JAI82 · 6 pointsr/CCW

>We will also be staying at Air BnBs, which is another concern of mine. Not only would they not have security or anything like a hotel, someone else definitely has keys. I think a door brace would be too bring to take with me, is there anything else I should look into? A door wedge, alarm, etc?

You might be looking for something like this.

u/digitalPhonix · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Amazon's saying there's a new version and doesn't seem to have the same thing anymore (still sold by third party sellers but for ridiculous prices :P). I remember the Yale website having the best price when I bought it.

u/fish_kisser · 1 pointr/homeautomation

I actually use Yale locks( If you use the one with a key(, They are re-keyable to match either Schlage or Kwikset locks to match the rest of the house. Also, you can add either Z-Wave or ZigBee, also to better fit the rest of your house. The Geo-fencing is a feature that comes with the Vera Plus and its app.(

u/often_wr0ng · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

If you’re interested in a smart lock, you could consider an August lock. You would install it over your existing deadbolt mechanism on the inside of the door. You can then lock/unlock using the August app, Siri, Alexa, and more. You can set it to auto-lock when you close the door.

u/Oberoni · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Add-a-Lock is a great product that prevents this sort of thing. Doesn't matter if they have the key, the door doesn't budge.

u/rhombusordiamond · 7 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Why are you not allowed to puncture the wall? This is considered normal wear and tear and is very easily patched over when you leave.

That being said, here is a good solution that will leave a needle sized hole in the wall that will not be noticeable unless someone is really looking for it. You can also cover the hole with toothpaste before you leave and it will disappear. Rated to 100lbs.

Monkey Hook Picture Hanger Home and Office Pack, 30 pc Set

u/BranchySaturn28 · 1 pointr/keyboards

If you've left it in the sun or in a hot room for too long it might have flexed a little but rather check if it wobbles on another flat surface before jumping to conclusions, could just be the table.

In either case you could always get yourself some of these or these to try and even it out :)

u/GeoHogan · 1 pointr/battlestations

I used these for center support :) That's the way to do it.

VOVOV Furniture Cabinet Metal Legs Adjustable Stainless Steel Kitchen Feet Round Black and Silver 50 x 50mm Pack of 4 + 16x Screw

u/stab_in_the_eye · 4 pointsr/howto

Let me preface with saying I have never bought a Schlage Prefab Repin kit.


This one on Amazon looks good for the price.

It seems to have everything. There are few complaints in the reviews:

  • The keys don't work (it is possible they used the wrong keyway)
  • Lack of pins (You can buy more in the link below)
  • If the key does not work or you want a different one a locksmith can make you one for few dollars, not a big deal.

    Schlage are a little bit more money. These are the pins I buy from CLK Supply. You can try their discount code RCLP2 and that is good for 20% off all pins most of the time.

    If you need any additional help feel free to ask!

u/TheReal-Chris · 3 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Sure? Or one that has a strong magnet so you don't have to drill into your chassis. $4
Edit: oh I just now see you are referencing that other thread. Weird. Carry on.

u/CBRjack · 1 pointr/HomeNetworking

Easy solution : buy a power bar with a timer, plug the router in it, put that in a metal locking box.

Timer power bar
Metal lock box

u/BL24L · 14 pointsr/hometheater

I figured you were rattling them off the walls with all them subs. :D

Theses work great,

Just make sure to avoid the studs.

u/MyPonyMeeko · 2 pointsr/homeautomation

This is the one that I have, I love it. I've had the lock for several years now and I think I've only changed the batteries once.

u/random_account_538 · 1 pointr/MLPLounge

I was going to say, basic stud finders are usually around $12. Some of them have AC voltage detection features built in as well so you don't electrocute yourself.

Really though, the easy way to do things is to buy some Monkey Hooks or equivalent. Then you can just say screw it and put most things where ever you want - as long as you don't hit a stud.

u/jonnyrocket · 3 pointsr/nonononoyes

You don't need to use studs anymore. 4 of these guys and you can hang 75 lbs off of drywall. I've hung two 3 screens recently this way, works great. The two most recent were 55" samsungs and they only weight about 35 lbs a piece.

u/johnny3810 · 1 pointr/homeautomation

Is anybody here using Yale locks? I'm considering the Yale YRD 240 based on good reviews, functionality and appearance. It's Z-Wave which should work great with my ISY994 based Insteon + Z-Wave system.

u/TNGMug · 1 pointr/Calgary

When I bought my house I nearly spent hundreds to have it re-keyed... Then I found something like this:

$20... I think I spent $15. It was pretty easy, you just replace the Tumblr pins to the new code and bobs your uncle. Takes a few tries to get the hang of the little tool that holds everything together, but it's not too tough.

u/keithsweatshirt_ · 6 pointsr/PSVR

I've been using the same on the bezel of my TV. You must be using the 3M Command strips too? They're excellent!

u/avlambo21 · 1 pointr/PS4

Here's what i use. They stick to the bottom and the console "sticks" more to the table thus not sliding like coins or soda caps could. They've been working great!
I'll take a picture when I'm home later.

Amazon Protective Pads

u/revmamacrystal · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I love your username. It's an important message all on its own.

It's not romantic or funny- just practical for my new house. Broom Hook

u/MachTwang · 2 pointsr/guitars

Try these Monkey Hooks they only make a small nail sized hole which is much easier to fix with quick dry spackle.

Install it as directed and I use leather boot laces tied in a square knot like this to loop around the neck and hang it off the hook. Be certain to tie a square knot and not a granny knot...

u/CunderscoreF · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

Grab yourself one of these They work great. You can hide them in your bumper or under your car. I've always had them and ive never had a problem with them.

u/Tryin2B · 1 pointr/SmartThings

I'm considering this same type of setup since letting the dogs out in the middle of the night is a pretty common occurrence. Seems like this security concern could be mitigated if a deadbolt with no exterior key hole was used in the setup, right?

Similar to this one Yale YRD246

u/nosleep2016 · 2 pointsr/battlestations

They are not from ikea.


As for the install... I screwed mine into the tops of the alex drawers and put a small piece of double sided 3M tape on the top of each leg. I have a 98" top with a lot of equipment on it, so im comfortable with it not fully being bolted to the top, it really doesnt move at all.

u/wwabc · 10 pointsr/homedefense

you can reinforce a door jam pretty cheaply:

that would assume a solid door, not hollow core that could be kicked in

u/ilikestuffandjunk · 1 pointr/hometheater

I use the 3M temporary two sided tape. Holds solid and easy to take off with a plastic card between the stand and speaker. Just cut into smaller strips, they hold really well.

Edit: these

u/gtcom · 4 pointsr/electricians

One of the guys I work with swear by those snaptoggle things (not an affiliate link).

I haven't tried them, personally, but I hear good things.

u/rightjason · 1 pointr/vinyl

These for the turntable.

These for the Kallax.

My toddler loves to run around the house and this combination helped me dramatically with my skipping issues.

u/mobius1ace5 · 1 pointr/3Dprinting

Not sure if you are in the states, but here is a good link for one:

For $8 you can't design and print it for less, especially out of a material glue won't stick to.

u/ldjd · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

So first off you'll need this sign so there's never any misunderstanding about the house rules.

You'll need these multifunctional pillows.

A full barbeque set of accessories because it will make grilling life easier.

A manly looking comforter set

One of these wall racks because it's really annoying when they keep falling over.

u/unsupportive-tech · 13 pointsr/battlestations

Ikea sells similar ones, but it looks like the risers in OP's photo are these ones.

u/Kwolf4 · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Hello, not OP, but they are something like these I believe.


u/whiteboardMAN · 1 pointr/DIY

(sorry - thought this got eaten in a spam filter and was sad)
This is 3M magic adhesive that I have used before and doesn't cause damage when removed a year after application.

My flatmate speculates the wall is made of plaster, if that helps.

I was planning on using either:
large 3m strips
which are rated by 3M at 5 lbs/strip, and put 9 strips/board, and maybe fill in the gaps with something that comes 9 strips/pack like these medium strips (3lbs/strip)

u/BobLoblawATX · 1 pointr/woodworking

I just started about six months ago, and I thought I would add some pretty un-sexy things to the list... but Im so happy with them

u/SixSexySockPuppets · 3 pointsr/AskWomen

I have this for extra peace of mind. Addalock - (1 Piece)

u/Kedan · 1 pointr/battlestations

The counter tops are just resting on the Alex units but with some rubber pads. The pads that came with the units were terrible though, didn't stick in place and the desk pulled them off. I got some of these from amazon which are meant to work with glass tops. The desk doesnt move anywhere now.

Then there are some Olov adjustable legs in the corner.

u/cherriessplosh · 6 pointsr/legaladvice

I have Yale touchscreen locks. Bonus: they're pick-proof.

u/Yago20 · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Yes, there is! I used to be subscribed to a subreddit for home Security and I'll be damned if I can find it from my mobile. A quick Amazon search found this.

EDIT: /r/homedefense

u/CryptoMaximalist · 0 pointsr/videos

Not all entryways have windows, such as apartment buildings. Windows and doorwalls can also have security film to hold together like windshields You could also of course install bars over the window or door if needed

Lastly, there are glass break alarms via sensors on the glass or sonic sensors which detect the sound. These are a solid deterrent

u/n0esc · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

I hung several of these style of shelves in my gf's apartment using some of these without any problem. Plenty good enough to hold a picture or candles / knickknacks. Also leaves a much smaller hole.

Edit to add Amazon price of $10 for 30 instead of $30

u/ms23789 · 19 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Came to recommend this, specifically this kind of lock which doesn’t require special install so is perfect for an apartment. Addalock - (1 Piece ) Portable Door Lock It doesn’t look like much but will keep your door locked even if someone has a key.

u/TheHungryHeathen · 0 pointsr/DIY

You might try snap toggles. I was an installer for a commercial company and we hung a lot of cabinets and heavy cubicle systems with these. I hung my 60" plasma tv with them as well. They are rated at several hundred pounds. Check the specs at the website. But if you don't want to have to locate the studs, this may be a solution for you.

u/Doofbeef · 1 pointr/Vive I've just been sticking two of these refills on the provided wall mount. I've been moving my vive around a lot for demoing so they're great for temp use. The longest I've had a mount up before moving it is a week and it still had a strong stick.