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5. KEEN Women's Wichita Hiking Shoe,Sand Dollar/Hot Collar,7.5 M US

KEEN Women's Wichita Hiking Shoe,Sand Dollar/Hot Collar,7.5 M US
ColorSand Dollar/Hot Collar
Weight0.81 Pounds
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7. Salomon Women's Ellipse GTX W-W, Thyme/Asphalt/Dark Green, 8.5 M US

Approx. weight: 11 oz. / 320gGusseted tongueHeel foamProtective toe and heel capsMudguards
Salomon Women's Ellipse GTX W-W, Thyme/Asphalt/Dark Green, 8.5 M US
ColorThyme/Asphalt/Dark Green
Height5 Inches
Length13 Inches
Weight0.75 Pounds
Width9 Inches
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Top Reddit comments about Women's Hiking Shoes:

u/bizaromo · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

I like Keen shoes for comfort. They aren't the sexiest shoe in the world, but they are wide and supportive. Currently my everyday shoe is the Presidio. I also have a pair of (discontinued) Keen loafers.

Dankso is too narrow for me, but Alegria clogs fit well. Some of their shoes are pretty gaudy, but their Stonewall boots are pretty simple.

In the summer time, I wear Birkenstocks (ugly but comfortable) and Vionic sandals.

I have wide feet, but a narrow heel. I needed to stop wearing heels and pointy shoes due to a Morton's neuroma. So all of these shoes are very supportive, and provide adequate space for metatarsal bones.

u/Reverserer · 3 pointsr/xxfitness

I trail run/hike in these

they are amazing! light, rock plate, stiff but not too stiff, EXTREMELY comfortable from the minute i put them on. I find the stiffness of this shoe keeps my feet inline and when i do trip/misstep it keeps my ankle from rolling.

I find hiking is so soothing. nature, good sites and sounds, being alone thinking but not stress thinking bc i can't be in my head too much while all the beauty of nature is around me - just soothing

u/_AVA_ · 0 pointsr/hiking

I have these merrell's and I love them.

They're super light, fit true to size, have good traction, and I had minimal blistering when breaking them in. I'm not a super avid hiker so I just wanted something affordable but good quality, these totally fit the bill.

They have men's boots too and my husband likes his. They also have other styles, higher ankles, etc.

u/abby89 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Holy crap, that looks absolutely stunning. Great job! I would love a copy :D

I'm excited because we just booked a rental cabin for a weekend next month in MOAB!!! I've never been, so I'm SUPER excited. Related item: hiking shoes!

u/iamthewallrus · 1 pointr/vegan

I have these:

Not sure why they're so expensive right now but they are amazing hiking shoes. Comfortable and SUCH good traction. I climbed all over rocks and boulders at Joshua Tree NP with no problem.

u/rawwwrcaitmonster · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

I do a lot of hiking/backpacking in the Cascades, and I actually prefer hiking boots without ankle support. They're usually a lot heavier than hiking "shoes," and I don't find that I typically get any added benefit from the additional support.

I have these from Salomon, and the break-in period was super minimal, and find they have enough room in the toe box to make going downhill actually okay (otherwise your toes can jam against the front of the shoe -- not pleasant). Otherwise, you can totally get away with sneakers, but I like the support these provide.

u/LadyMizura · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

for hiking gals: if you're going for long hikes, is it worth it to invest in a hiking shoe vs just a basic running shoe? I have some hiking boots that I LOVE in the winter but I'm not sure a hiking shoe would be better than my old tennis shoes. I'm thinking like this Merrell vs. my old Brooks.

u/jsage21 · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

thanks! My brother who is an avid hiker also recommended Merrell to me. I'm into these would you say the pair you have fits true to size?

u/bugdog · 3 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

They must be all dehydrated from the great Labor Day Weekend Wank Off.

Here's a link to the shoes on Amazon - Merrell Women's Mimosa Lace

The only thing you want to be careful with on any of the Merrells is that the back edge digs in some. I usually get something to put in there to keep it from giving me blisters (thick socks don't help).

u/RedTrailedHawk · 4 pointsr/WildernessBackpacking

I'm now quite fond of trail runners as opposed to boots. For many years, I was a die-hard, "you can only wear boots when hiking!" kinda' guy. But ever since trying on a pair of Merrell Vents, I haven't looked back.

Here they are on Amazon, in the women's variety: Merrell Vents

I can't attest to how well they wear for women, but I've put 200-300 miles on mine and absolutely love them. There's still plenty of life left in them. I recently did 18 miles in February and thought that I would put on my old boots because of the low temps. In no time at all, my feet were hot and sweaty. I was wishing I had just worn these instead.

I think they are worth looking in to, but that's my 2 cents. Let me know what you end up going with!

u/lilyofyosemite · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

I'm an 8.5 in Keds and an 8.5 in Merrells. I have narrow feet, which is why I love both Merrells and Keds. Also seconding the Sirens.

If you're only doing light hiking, you could also look into trail running shoes, which will give you more options and might be cheaper. Either way, if you live near an REI or other outdoor store, I'd recommend going in and trying a bunch on to get a feel for the brands (Merrell runs narrow-ish, Keens run wide, etc) if you want to try to score a sale online.

u/bexcellent101 · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I'm an 8.5W and think they are very true to size. I'm not familiar with the ones you posted, but I have these ones and have worn them for about 5-6 yrs, and they are just starting to give up. I've heard great things about these ones too.

u/blissdancefly · 5 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I just figured out what my partner got me for my birthday (it's arriving late, today). I just sat here and cried when I figured it out.

I've been asking for these hiking sandals for my birthday and Christmas for the past 7 years or so. My mom usually just buys me things that SHE would want if she were me so I never get anything useful.

I had mentioned these shoes, in passing, to my partner about two months ago or so. I can't believe she remembered. I'm not really used to people listening to me when I talk. I am so grateful, loved, and spoiled. I don't know what today has in store for me but that was a great way to start the morning.

u/mrsjksnowwis · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I would take this to help keep you hydrated. And if you don't have any trail/hiking shoes, I'd invest in those, too

u/browntoe98 · 1 pointr/CampingGear

My Merrell’s come in a wide because the regular is pretty narrow. I’m on my 3rd pair. I like the non-waterproof kind for less foot sweat but they make a waterproof Moab

u/abrahamdrinkinn · 1 pointr/hiking

my wife was having similar issues and after trying on almost every boot/shoe in REI she chose Ahnu Sugarpine . I would recommend at least a half size big.

u/laquecuelga · 6 pointsr/chile

Totalmente. Tengo zapatos especificos para otras cosas (ciclismo, formales, pa correr, etc.) pero dia a dia uso de este tipo.

Tengo un par Salomon. La cubierta es de malla y son la raja pal verano. Ademas son livianitas.

Los Merrel que tengo son de cuero y partes de malla. Mi unco pero con estas es que tienen poca traccion en mojado. Metal mojado (tapas, rejillas) he patinado un par de veces.

Tengo otros Columbia para invierno que tienen cubierta mas gruesa (algo asi) y tengo unas botas que he tenido que usar cuando hay nieve (como estas)

u/stuckandrunningfrom · 1 pointr/Ultralight

I saw Life Straw for $10, and some styles of Keene hiking shoes are on sale and I've needed new shoes for a while so I've ordered both and will see which work better.

peanut butter rx bars

some off brand Beyond Silence Ultralight Packable Day Pack It doesn't say how much it weighs, but it's shipping weight is 5.6 ounces. Maybe store in your glove box for emergency hiking situations.