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8. Book Safe with Combination Lock, Ohuhu Dictionary Diversion Book Safe, Portable Safe Box, Great for storing Money, Jewelry and Passport

  • LOOKS LIKE A REAL BOOK: The hardest things to find are often hidden in plain sight. Thanks to our unique book design, this safe will blend seamlessly into your bookshelf or coffee table! The hardback exterior and ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION RESIN simulated book pages and hard back book
  • SECURE 3-DIGIT COMBINATION LOCK: The Ohuhu Book Safe keeps your valuable safe with a state of the art, 3-number combination lock. No keys necessary! Just set your code, write it down in a safe place, and re-shuffle the numbers to keep thieves at bay
  • UPDATE MATERIAL AND PORTABILITY: Made of great materials, the lock is made by zinc alloy, much sturdier and hard to break than the plastic ones. This book-like safe box is compact and lightweight enough so that can be slipped into your briefcase, backpack for business trip or personal travels
  • NICE AND ROOMY: At 9.56 x 6.22 x 2.2 inch, this book safe offers plenty of valuable storage space. You will be able to store your jewelry, important documents, and more. It is even big enough for a handgun!
  • SATISFACTION SERVICE: At Ohuhu, your satisfaction is our priority. We're confident you'll love our book safe, but we'd love to hear from you if you encounter any problems. Call our customer service for assistance!
Book Safe with Combination Lock, Ohuhu Dictionary Diversion Book Safe, Portable Safe Box, Great for storing Money, Jewelry and Passport
Height2.1653543285 Inches
Length9.448818888 Inches
Weight1.4109584768 Pounds
Width6.1023621985 Inches
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u/cloudy_eyed_stroll · 1 pointr/anxiolytics

This source that shall remain un-named right now, sent me 150 fake "GG alprazolam bars" advertised as authentic with a stock pick OF authentic GG bars. Well, they were fake and said source got more complaints than mine, but not so many that they couldn't make it right by sending 300 ie 15 boxes/150 blisters of ten authentic PFIZER FOOTBALLS (1MG) in two shipments. This time they all came in non flattened boxes in a much larger god anything coming from the this area from this source is packaged so damn well... 👌😎👌

Opened to see this....

One box opened... Contents:


Tested, and absolutely great stuff. The good ol Upjohn 90s I used to get years ago. Ive had the lavender ones, the blue ones, and they've all been great. But I can tell you, these are ABSOLUTELY LEGIT. Hell, they cost $140 or something for SIXTY 1MG FOOTBALLS. From the exact same place. I PAID A LOT less for those bars. So I came out way way way ahead. They made it right. And I have 20 blisters of NEURYL coming 🔥😄🔥

EXPENSIVE AS ALL FUCKING HELL??!! Absolutely. But I'll pay it. I absolutely love these things. If my main source for Roche Double-Dots shipped them in the Blisters like the picture I'd pay more but they told me they come from the loose bottle. So they need to change their pic

I thought I was getting blister packs the first time (from the source that always has legitimate authentic ROCHE™ DOUBLE-DOTs... They ARE 100 percent legit, and have been through thousands of dollars in orders from me personally and I know my klonopin (Different source than the source that has the Neuryl/sending me the xanax. Stay away from their Roche Clonazepam or anyone getting them in the EU) loose or not I've always been happy with my orders with the other vendor. But I LOVE THE BLISTER PACKS and OG boxes for the Neuryl Kpin "BARS" and fuck... I'll overpay. Fuck it... And I'm the type that'll pay extra for that. :shrug: 🤗

Oh, and btw...I almost NEVER sell anything I get from an (three letter source, starts with I) but these Neuryl strips could sell for $50 per blister pack, and I'm not even slightly kidding. I took the local markets temp and that seems to be what I could get. So even though they sell for almost $2/per kpin bar, if I WANTED to, I could sell for a LOT more.

But nope they'll be going in my nice large safe (BTW, for ANYONE looking for a quality safe for a good price that is pretty fucking hard to pick because of their unique keys, PARAGON SAFES! Both my girl and I have one. I have a huge one with a top section and a huge bottom section. Lost both keys though when I was using... So I always need to change the batts before it even warns me for the hell of it.)

Damn... Mine isn't on Amazon anymore but it had hundreds of reviews, 4-4.5 stars so I went for it at like $110 with free prime shipping.

My girl got this one I THINK.

Paragon Lock and Safe Premium .24 CF Drawer Safe for Easy Compact and Sturdy Security

Id have to ask her for the number, but (back when I gave up the control to avoid dependence and it worked. Fuck reddit for wiping that thread out) this fit a LOT of Indian strips back then. Now, she uses if for extra ammo for her Sig and some other stuff like older expensive jewelry handed down to her and such. She only needs a little small guy.

Now, Im not POSITIVE, but I think the ONLY way you can get into one of these is VERY STRONG Rare Earth Magnets. Which DO seem to work. But with how the keys for these are designed, you can't pick it like you can most sentry safe crap.

I've been thinking about getting a new safe, keep this one and just put it in our room, and the new one in the studio... I'd like to step up a bit for my MAIN safe (Maybe a wall safe tbh...this is my house for my life. If we ever move out of MN, for a job opportunity, well... I can always get another safe put in a wall lol) in the studio.

u/dsatrbs · 76 pointsr/personalfinance

Credit freezes are permanent until lifted. And OP definitely wants freezes, not the weaker "fraud alerts". (With just a fraud alert, businesses and banks can still issue and offer services, they are just supposed to do extra verification. A freeze stops it altogether unless you unfreeze your reports.)

Here's a quick guide. I'm making it kind of general to anyone so that I can copy/paste it in the future:

  • First and foremost, report any stolen credit cards or missing checks to their respective banks or issuers.

  • As immediately as possible, place freezes with each of the following Credit Reporting Agencies (the "Big 3" plus 1):
    Experian Security Freeze
    Equifax Security Freeze
    TransUnion Security Freeze
    Innovis Security Freeze
    Depending on your state, these may be free for everyone, or may only be free for identity theft victims. If it's free in your state, or if you don't mind paying for immediate peace of mind, then place the freezes online and skip to the next bullet point. If you can't afford to pay, but your state makes it free for identity theft victims, place a fraud alert immediately online (free, and unlike a freeze you only have to do it with one agency, they will report it to the others), then file an identity theft affadavit and police report (info below) and then come back and file your free freezes (you will need to mail them in with copies of your documentation).

  • Next, freeze ChexSystems (so nobody can open a bank account, at most places, in your name):
    ChexSystems Security Freeze

  • Also, opt-out of pre-screened credit offers from coming to you in the mail:

  • After all your freezes, create an identity theft affidavit and file a police report. You can file your affidavit online with the FTC. When you are finished, save your complaint reference number, and click "Click here to get your completed FTC Identity Theft Affidavit". Make sure to save a copy and print it.
    Then, file your police report. Bring your filled out affidavit, a form of government issued ID, proof of address, and a copy of the FTC memo to law enforcement with you.
    If you haven't signed the affidavit yet, bring your affadavit to a notary public to have notarized. Many banks offer notary services for free. DO NOT sign the affadavit until instructed to do so by the notary public! They must witness your signature! Now you will have a notarized identity theft affadavit along with the police report. Together these two documents make up your "Identity Theft Report", and will be the basis for any future disputes.
    Resources: Identity Theft Affidavit (.pdf)
    If you don't want to file online with the FTC, you can print this blank affidavit and fill it out. Identity Theft Guide (.pdf)
    There are sample documents at the end of the identity theft guide, including a blank identity theft affadavit, and also sample dispute letters.

  • File a Form 14039, Identity Theft Affadavit with the IRS. Read it, fill it out, sign and mail it. Then continue to file and pay your taxes like usual.

  • Pull a copy of your credit report to look for newly opened accounts. You will need to dispute fraudulent accounts with both the credit reporting agency, and with the fraud department of the bank or lender where the accounts were opened. You should also look for recent credit inquiries that you didn't initiate (signs of attempted fraud), and check to make sure that the only addresses being reported on your credit report are your actual address (thieves will open accounts using addresses they control, or try and change the address for your existing accounts to one they control). Dispute any fraudulent inquiries or addresses. You can get copies of your reports for free via, or through a credit monitoring service (read below).

  • You should also consider signing up for a credit monitoring service that will let you have daily report pulls, and keep it signed up for at least a couple of months (preferably a year). If you have AmEx, I would sign up for CreditSecure Unlimited, otherwise any service that has 3 bureau monitoring that has alerts is fine, such as USAA CreditCheck Monitoring Premium. You placed freezes, so if nothing comes up in the next couple of months, it probably never will. If you can't afford a paid service, consider signing up for Credit Sesame (uses Experian), CreditKarma (uses TransUnion), and Quizzle (uses Equifax). It's a pain in the ass to have to manage three logins and look out for alerts from different places, but it's your only (long term) free route.

  • If you want to reduce the amount of personal information about you available online, use a service like SafeShepherd. You can cancel after a couple of months, because once they've done the heavy lifting of opting you out of databases, you probably don't need them anymore.

  • While you are at it, put all of your phone numbers on the Do Not Call Registry if they aren't already. You can verify online if you aren't sure.

  • Keep an eye on your accounts. Check your recent transactions frequently. Set up SMS alerts with your bank and credit cards for things like "address changes", "failed log-in attempts", and/or "suspicious activity" so that you can be notified immediately.

  • If you need to mail anything, send all mail certified, return reciept requested, and make a note to yourself of what you sent along with the certified mailing number. It is important to have a paper trail for documents, and certified mail is the gold standard for sending legal correspondence. Send copies of original documents if possible, but if you need to send original documents keep copies of them for yourself (write brief notes like the Certified Mail #'s on the copies, so that you don't lose that information). When you get back the green signature receipt cards, attach them to your copies of what you sent.

  • Change your passwords, and use two-factor authentication (2FA) for any accounts that support it. Especially Email and Banking services. Gmail, Bank of America, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, and many other services support two factor authentication. You can find a whole list at Make sure to print out backup codes (if applicable), and keep the backup codes in a safe location such as a fireproof safe. Two factor authentication will keep anyone who gets your password from being able to log in, but if you don't have your backup codes and you lose your phone or device, you'll be locked out too!

  • Immediately dispute fraudulent activity as soon as you learn of it. Dispute debt collection notices within 30 days (to protect your rights under FDCPA), and send all disputes via certified mail, return receipt requested.

  • Protect your information more carefully in the future. Keep important identification and sensitive documents on your person at all times when they are not in a secure place (a locked car is not a secure place). If you don't have a safe deposit box you should invest in a safe (preferably a fire resistant RSC-rated safe, but any cheap locking fire safe is better than nothing) to store your documents in at home, and only take them out for as little time as is absolutely necessary. Don't carry your social security card in your purse or wallet.

    FYI OP: If you had a passport or passport card, those are considered a "List A" document, and you could have presented just that with your I9, without needing to provide your birth certificate or social security card. You should use those in the future. Although, if you lost your passport you would still need to report them as missing or stolen.

    edit: Thanks for the gold! I've also cleaned it up a bit and added it to the wiki, so it'll appear in the index list at some point: /r/personalfinance/wiki/identity_theft
u/call_me_cthulhu_ · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Okay I have a few things I think would be good to have. First of all target sells these amazing sheet sets. They're inexpensive and they last a long time. Whether you're dorming or not its good to have one of these. Do yourself a favor and get one of these and maybe one of these as well so you're not fighting over plugs. I see you play some instruments so its good to have some of these. Do yourself a favor and get one of these but this one may be better for you. This would be great for all your laundry and accessories. And last but not least this is an amazing desk to have for your computer and books (plus its free shipping :D).

If I win I'd love this and this

Would you like a falafel with that?

u/Fmradiochick · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm currently planning one and have helped with quote a few :-)

Thanks for the contest!!!

[I would love this!!! I think it's so cool] ( but surprises are super awesome too :-)

What a cool contest idea. Thanks so much :-)

I'm a fucking beautiful swan.

u/VideoGameLover · 3 pointsr/homedefense

a burglar would need access for minutes to not only find a well hidden safe, but then to access it. and minutes really make a world of difference.

it really depends on what you wanna store... there's combination and key lock safes that are books. that are, of course, not secure. but if hidden in plain sight, nobody would know a thing, it just looks like a dictionary.
Visit a locksmith that also sells safes, find a T-rated safe, or an E-rated safe (depends on the manufacturer). OR i read a thread where a guy said if you can ask around or send some emails to local businesses, you might find one of them looking to upgrade their safe and they'll let you buy their old one... a properly secure safe will be EXPENSIVE but sometimes businesses will sell an old one of theirs just so they wont have to dick around to get rid of it. there's fast ways to open all of the popular consumer safes..

here's some stuff to look at

whatever you choose to buy. bolt it down no matter what. A safe is a damn good investment. i'd spend somewhere from $850-$2500 on one personally. anything more than that is likely overkill for a residential application. (unless you're storing the fucking holy grail in your closet).

u/1800OopsJew · 8 pointsr/funny

Holes in the bottom? I don't know what you mean. To put a bolt through a hole in the bottom of a fire safe, and then bolt it to some other surface, wouldn't the holes have to go all the way through the bottom of the safe, and you'd put the bolts in while the safe was open, from the inside? And then the bolts protrude out the bottom, and you put that length through whatever you're bolting the safe to, and then finally the nuts on the other side of that?

I might be wrong on the placement and depth of these holes, but if that's the way your fire safe is laid out, you might want to get another one. Your safe shouldn't have gaping holes in it. Definitely not your fire safe, meant to keep things safe from fire. Multiple holes in your safe seems like it'd make a better furnace.

Edit: I think the difference is, I'm thinking of something that looks like this:

And you're talking about something more like this:

u/Selectbk · 3 pointsr/Drugs

I'm not sure what size you're looking for but this may be your best bet. I've had the medium sized one and it worked great for about a year and a half before I broke it. This would be your best deal because the ones with actual metal are a lot smaller and way more expensive.

SentrySafe 1210 Fire-Safe Security Chest

If your looking for something concealable I've also bought this and it worked great. Both are key locks but are perfect for our uses. Easy as hell to hide too.

Ohuhu Dictionary Diversion Book Safe with Combination Lock

u/Bananapepper89 · 4 pointsr/homedefense

Are you buying this to secure items from theft or mainly protection from fire/floods/etc.

How much are you looking to spend? How much fire protection is needed? Will you need fast access to the contents?

Location of the safe is also important when considering a purchase. My handgun safe, for example, is fire resistant to 1700F for an hour and waterproof. Average house fire temperature is something like 1100-1300F, not hot enough to melt my safe. BUT if you place it in the basement the accumulated material/embers are going to act like an oven and it might get hot enough to melt it. Even if the safe itself doesn't melt can your hard drives and documents withstand 1000F? Make copies of everything important and keep off-site backups.

My small safe

I also dislike anything battery operated and prefer mechanical locks. Personal preference but I feel like there is less chance for failure of the mechanism as long as you buy something of decent quality.

Lastly, if you are expecting the safe to protect from theft BOLT IT DOWN. Anything sub 300lb is easy to carry off with a hand dolly. I would recommend a minimum 600lb safe if you don't want to bolt down.

u/JJMcGee83 · 1 pointr/WA_guns

Biometric safes are shit and easily cracked. Electronic locks are unreliable. You want something with a mechanical lock either with a key or a combo. I"m not sure if that exists in a small dedicated pistol safe so you might just want to get one of the lockable safes from lowes or home depot that can be bolted to the floor. As a bonus you can put important documents (Social Security Cards, Birth Certificates, Passports) and any other random valuables you have. It's going to be way more secure than any cheap gun safe option.

Something like this

or this

Is going to be way way more secure than any basic pistol safe and I lknow it sounds expensive but GunVaults are going for $100

As a bonus the small Lowes safe doesn't scream "HEY I HAVE A GUN IN HERE" like the pistol safe does.

u/Awesomesauce1492 · 8 pointsr/DIY

The linked post is my recent hobby/boredom project of making a decoy safe. See the Imgur album for specifics on the steps I took.

This all arose out of another recent and odd hobby, ancient coins. Long story short, I spent a whole weekend watching HBO's show Rome, and since then have been engrossed in learning about ancient history. I'm deep into the History of Rome Podcast, read the Epic of Gilgamesh, and bought some Dogfish Head beer that's based on a 2700 year old recipe. Then in the midst of all this I impulse purchased a few [Roman/Byzantine coins]( because I thought it would be cool to hold them while reading The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Then I realized that I can't have solid gold coins laying out on my shelf... so why not buy a safe.

Well it turns out that pretty much every safe under $2000 is useless, so I started looking into decoy safes, like this [Dictionary]( But really, who the hell has a dictionary on their shelf, so I began looking into hollowed out books like [this one](, but that would have been about $250 for the size I needed. So then I embarked on the project linked above.

All in all, the project itself is probably wholly necessary, as I've just posted my secret to reddit and basically told all my friends about it because I think it's cool. Also, keeping valuables in your home is usually not the best idea. Also also, gold and silver are terrible investments.... but they are shiny and I've always wanted a treasure chest.

So TLDR: HBO show -> impulse purchase of antiquities -> cheap safe -> idea to spend hours hunched over textbooks with an xacto knife -> lockbox that is probably 10% more secure than it was. But it was fun to tinker with.

u/throwaway_23458 · 20 pointsr/tifu

I feel bad for you OP, but you really should have secured better.

I have a 1.x cubic foot safe (similar to this) that is bolted to the floor with about $15 worth of anchors & bolts from Lowes (bolted through the inside of the safe). I bought it for protecting document & valuables from fire & theft. While it might be small enough to carry it away (it's about 100lbs), bolting it down prevents that, and there is no way it will be pried out (seriously it would probably take a stick of dynamite to force it out).

It sound like overkill, but for $200 & a couple hours work it is absolutely worth alot of piece of mind. Honestly if you are going to have thousands of dollars of anything in your house (be it jewelry/drugs/cash/etc), shouldn't it be secure?

u/Barking_at_the_Moon · 2 pointsr/chicago

Since what you're storing aren't items of intrinsic value, have you considered a PO Box? They're a lot easier to break into but in reality quite secure and access is often much better than the local bank vault - I think the UPS boxes are mostly available 24/7.

Alternatively, if you're access these documents regularly, it might be worth investing in a small safe to keep at home. Again, with little intrinsic value to the items, they won't be much of a target and you can hide the safe in lots of places. Something like this, tucked away, would probably be all you need and you'll never have to leave home to access it.

u/HeloRising · 1 pointr/guns

I will say, having owned several Stack-On cabinets, you really have to be aware of what you're getting when you buy them.

For starters, they just categorically will not keep someone out if they've got even a minute and the mind to do so. I pried open the door of one with my bare hands in less than a minute after the lock broke (more on that in a second.) If you lack my chad-like physique, a screwdriver (or hell even probably just a pen) would do the same job no problem.

They are also one step short of an actual cage in terms of airflow. If you want something that's even remotely air tight or you're concerned about moisture, a Stack-On cabinet has shit load of holes in it. I took Sugru and patched the majority of them and that worked okay but realistically it needs a lot of work if you're going to keep it even moderately air tight.

The locks are the cheapest of the cheap. The first two cabinets I had failed because the lock just fell apart. They're made of some egregiously terrible pot metal. You can upgrade them and, if you can find the right type of lock, it's relatively simple to do but if the lock fails while the locking bars are engaged you will almost certainly have to bend the door open to even get at the contents of the locker and at that point it's pretty much toast.

What worked pretty well for me was getting one of those key safes and just bolting it to the outside of the locker. The key safe is far more resistant to fuckery than the locker is and anyone determined to get into the locker is going to bypass the key safe entirely and just yank the door open.

This is basically just a locker to keep kids and guests away from guns and to keep things in the same relative space. Do not count on it to protect your shit during a burglary because there's very little you can do to it that's going to prevent that.

I'm not saying "avoid" but do be aware of what you're getting into and adjust expectations accordingly.

If money is that tight where you cant get something a little better, at least go for their "tactical" model. I have not personally had my hands on one but from what I've seen they are a step up from the basic lockers that solve a lot of the issues the lockers have and the price bump really isn't that bad.

To help with moisture, get a silicone cloth and wipe guns down before they go back into wherever you're storing them. Even just doing this will help immensely and I have one stuck to the inside of my safe for everything that goes in. Being in the PNW, moisture is foremost on my list of concerns for firearms. Plus it's like $5.

u/MeghanAM · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. If I'm going to be drinking wine at school, I should really upgrade my tastes from "Boxed Franzia, on sale"!

  2. This is pretty much a robot broom. I'm not sure what could be more magic than that! He would also be my friend and companion, and I bet with a few spells he would be a beloved housepet.

  3. Sounds like I need a new topper!

  4. I'm going to need something to reference all of the crazy new things I'll be learning!

  5. A chest to keep all my things safe from prying hands.

  6. One might also say, a concealer?

u/Wrinklestiltskin · 11 pointsr/trees

I almost don't feel bad for people in some of these stories... Don't smoke in your car and don't be high while transporting. I honestly don't think you should drive high at all, but you need a clear head (and eyes) if you end up dealing with police.

I don't drive high, and am always sober when transporting stuff. I also make sure it doesn't stink and is well hidden. That's why I use this liquid wrench stash can and throw it on my floor boards with other junk. (Police expect shaving cream/soda can stashes so avoid those.) The liquid wrench one is also significantly larger than soda cans and a lot of other diversion safes. This thing really helps contain the smell too.

Be careful and smart out there people.

u/Snackys · 1 pointr/personalfinance

I don't do the best record keeping but this is what I do with any documents involving medical, loan, credit and payment history.

I bought one of these

SentrySafe HD4100 Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Key Lock 0.65 Cubic Feet

Then I got this

Avery 47993 Two-Pocket Folder, 40-Sheet Capacity, Assorted Colors (Box of 25)

I took all of one color (blue) and labeled one of them Person 1 credit, person 1 dental, person 1 "year and make of car" and put all the maintenance invoices there. Just repeat till you have a spot to dump all the paperwork for a person. Get another color and repeat for another person.

Things that are joint are a third color, and I have a fourth color for pets. I have folders just dedicated to employement history so if I for whatever reason need to see some pay stubs or documents I signed I should be able to grab the folder and dig there. For me, I think it's fine enough since you rarely need to review those files, you just want to know exactly where to dig when you do.

u/oscarsn0w · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is neat. You should get it.

I can't help but enjoy the Lonely Island sons when I need cheering up. This and this, even this.

At least you are comfortably at home. Last time I was sick, about 2 months ago, I was driving to work and couldn't pull over in time and vomited EVERYWHERE. So give a doggy a rub and stare at that porcelain throne and know you are lucky!

/u/youmakemyvaginasmile is someone new I met today - she's a lovely gal with a keenness for animals. SO go her!

Summoning /u/lauran2323 and /u/batfacecatface

u/journalizing · 2 pointsr/Journaling

a lockable safe shaped like a book could hold a smaller notebook

a safe for letter-sized documents

a cheaper document safe

In addition to increasing your privacy, some of these safes provide water-proofing and fire-proofing for your journal. On the other hand if a burglar visits your home (or your have a druggie in your family) she will assume the safe is full of valuables and steal it.

u/squeakysqueakysqueak · 1 pointr/Constructedadventures

at this time, I get a ton of stuff from amazon, hobby lobby (bleh) and alibaba. Nothing I have is super customized (yet).

I hate to say it, but Hobby lobby has the best inexpensive chests. they are ornate and decently put together and tend to be much cheaper than you'd expect. From there I buy hasps at a hardware store, and if i need to, I'll age them with salt, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide.

When it comes to an inexpensive cryptex. This one is my favorite

I've tried others but they just aren't as good.

If you want to go suuuuper fancy, This is your jam

hope that helps!

u/kyriedonovan · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Probably not the most surprising, but I thought this was cool when I found it! 💖

u/Xexx · 1 pointr/Silverbugs


Might be best to get something like this

Take an air powered chisel to your boat flooring, put the safe in, then pour some cement around it and place something over top of it.

u/hi_lampworking · 1 pointr/glassheads

get yourself a small fire safe for $50 like this and keep it tucked away in a drawer or under a bed.

(fireproof is important because it helps keep things air-tight)

if anyone asks what is in it, just say your parents gave it to you for your paperwork (checkbook, passport, birth certificate, SS card, etc...) and you'll be fine.

Side note - feel free to PM me if you are looking for a small custom rig for college! I have some for-sale threads on /r/entexchange :-)

u/totalkant · 2 pointsr/trees

They also have ones shaped like water bottles, cans of fruit, shaving cream, wd-40, and my favorite one. Some of these ones look like they might suit you better because the opening isn't smaller than the chamber like the soda can.

u/I_Fuck_Whales · 6 pointsr/Silverbugs

I keep all of mine in a gun safe by made by sentry safe. Mainly because I own guns as well. I know sentry safe makes smaller safes built more towards fire and floods. I have my gun safe bolted down to prevent theft. Im more concerned about fire as well as I live in a pretty safe area (I know anything can happen though).

Here is a smaller one:

And here is one similar to mine:

u/SlowSteadyProgress · 1 pointr/steroids


My preferred solution:

  1. Book safe
  2. Wal-mart seat cushion foam (Buy it in the store, it's cheap.)

    Approx 2 layers of foam will fit in the book safe. Use scissors to cut out shapes for vials. Enough room for at least 10x 10ml vials, plus you could just throw in a bag of orals.

    Put the book on a high-enough shelf, because the "pages" look fake. Other than that, it's a great way to prevent snooping, and if you shook it or dropped it all dem gainz are safe inside.
u/crumpledlife · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Congratulations!! You keep mentioning that you bought a nest for your new home. What the hell is a nest? Like a bird's nest?

Do you guys have your fireproof box yet? My parents house burned down when they were newlyweds & they've been really careful about keeping important documents in the fireproof box ever since. Seems like a smart idea.

u/kelseync · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This has to be the lamest item listed lol but it would be wonderful. A fireproof safe.

u/costellofolds · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm going to assume you're living in a dorm. Dorm living can be a real beast, especially if you're on a floor where you share a bathroom. Things that can make it much more comfortable:

u/dbccw · 1 pointr/handguns

It really depends on how much security you are looking for. This Amazon basics safe is perfect for keeping my handguns out of reach of my kids.

Not so good for fire/water/burglary protection though

u/chrismetalrock · 2 pointsr/ebikes

This brings up an interesting thought. I used to be in the money pit of a hobby that is drone building, and for drones it was recommended to use fire safe battery pouches or an actual safe. I did have some LIPOs that expanded a bit and made the pouch look bloated but never any real issues. Being that ebike batteries are much larger it is probably a good idea to store them in an area that won't cause trouble when not in use and not being watched.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/askgaybros

If you want a fleshlight, get one of these,
Im pretty sure a fleshlight would fit in there. Maybe not, I dunno. There are other types of diversionary safes. I like the book because I can keep it with my college stuff in my backpack no questions asked.

u/CrossP · 1 pointr/Pathfinder_RPG

I have good fun with a box like this
Then I put my spells on colored note cards with color representing spell level. That way, when my wizard preps spells each morning, I lay out the spells I want on the table in front of me and turn them over when I use them.
I also throw in white sheets of paper for scrolls and labeled popsicle sticks for wands.

u/notmyselftoday · 3 pointsr/StonerProTips

Little kids are curious. Get a small fire safe for $50-60 and lock up your stash and pipes whenever not in use. This one is waterproof so it does a pretty good job containing any odors.

u/Undercover_Dinosaur · 2 pointsr/JurassicPark

Can safe

It's on Amazon, I got one for Christmas! it didn't come with the vial holder like i had hoped. But it's still cool.

u/quarl0w · 2 pointsr/homeautomation

I just saw the episode of Shark Tank the other day with something like this.

But even with the publicity of Shark Tank and their backing it went out of business family quick.

Not what you are asking for, but you can get lock boxes that you can put the key into, like realtors used to use.

Mount something like this to the garage:
ORIA Key Storage Lock Box, 4-Digit Combination Lock Box, Wall Mounted Lock Box, Resettable Code

Or even a key pad deadbolt placed correctly in the door might work.

u/CunningKobold · 2 pointsr/DnD

The best part is it's cheap! $12 on Amazon! for the cost, I'm VERY happy with the quality. The box is wooden with cork paper inside and a faux leather cover with the design embossed into it, so it looks REALLY nice, especially for 12 bucks. I didn't like the way the die clattered in the bottom so I snagged a bit of felt for it, but that's also only a couple bucks at any given craft store, and it's got a rare earth elements magnet to close the lid, so your stuff stays relatively secure during travel and won't spill out easily.

u/Laockey35 · 1 pointr/personalfinance

Not exactly fort knox but if a house burns down your still good with something like this that costs $65

u/LucioSCrowley · 2 pointsr/DnD

I found it pretty cheap on Amazon!

Small Faux Book Safe

u/GrumpySteen · 9 pointsr/offbeat

"You're right: I won't have enough time to break into that safe where you keep your valuables. But if it's not bolted down, I'll take it with me."

I bought one of these at a yard sale (it seemed like a good idea at the time). Because I own nothing valuable that would fit in it, all it contains a cheap 15 lb concrete gargoyle that I bought at a garden center. Some day there's going to be a very pissed off burglar in my town.

u/parksj1 · 1 pointr/guns

Just got this and it's a great little safe, and cheap. Fits two handguns with extra room for mags, etc. It's out of stock right now, though. You can request to be notified when it's back in stock.

u/calladus · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

It's time to start watching out for your stuff.

First, get a cheap fireproof safe. This one is pretty good quality and won't get opened easily. You may need something bigger. Try a second-hand store and ask for lockboxes and fire safes.

Next, make sure you can find your safe if someone steals the whole thing. Also, bicycle chain lock it to something solid.

Then keep your room safe. Buy a lock for the door when you're not there, and get a room alarm for when you ARE there and someone thinks they can sneak in on you.

Last, find a good hiding place for your stuff - even if you have to make one.

Find a place where you can hide your safe where people don't think to look. Does your house have wood floors & carpet? Time to pull up a corner and see if you can loosen (or saw through) a floorboard.

Don't be shy about be shy about modifying your room to get a hidden area!

u/jcnbama · 3 pointsr/CCW

I have a 6 and 3 yr old. I keep mine in this very basic keypad safe in the nightstand. I wouldn't trust it to stop a thief but it keeps the kids out. The key stays locked up in a different safe and we just use a basic combo easy to unlock real quick. It holds my Shield 9mm, extra magazine, survival knife, couple shotgun shells, the key to the closet with my rifle in it.. And has plenty of space.

u/Dark_Knight_Reddits · 3 pointsr/alberta

May I ask what safe you bought?

Was is something cheaper like this? Specs only rate it for 30 minutes at 1550°f.

Or something slightly more expensive and larger like this? Specs slightly better at 1 hour at 1700°f/927°C.

I'd expect it takes longer than 1 hour to completely burn a house down. So I doubt either safe contents would last. But I thought I'd ask to be sure. I own the second safe I linked, but I have it mainly for burglary, flooding, and smaller fires. Not completely burnt down houses.

I don't recommend electronic safes unless you are spending big money, most have a severe venerability to magnet opening the solenoid. Save your money and buy the standard combination dial with the extra key. Unless you don't care about the burglary aspect and only want a safe for fire and flooding. It's less convenient, but means a burglar would have to take longer than 5 seconds to open your safe. All safes are able to be broken into, you just want to slow them down as long as possible.

Edit: According to Google, most house fires seem to only reach 1100°f, so it's probably the length it burns for. Though the added part of a forest fire might increase temperatures. For normal house fires where firefighters can actively try and stop it these safes might stand up to the heat, but with no firefighters combating the house fires as the forest fire was too large they really don't stand a chance. They also recommend storing it on a concrete basement if you have it, and next to any metal that won't burn like a furnace. That way it's getting heat from less areas and will last longer.

u/trickeypat · 2 pointsr/SexToys

Get an aneros. Use it regularly - makes all orgasms better, but on its own it takes a while to actually enjoy the sensation.

I've kept things hidden through a small slit in the fabric covering the bottom of my box spring, inside my desktop computer, in the bottom of my backpacking backpack underneath my camping gear, underneath clothes in my dresser, in jacket pockets hanging in my closet, in the attic crawl space accessible from a door in my closet, and more.


u/glitch1985 · 2 pointsr/homesecurity

Do you happen to have a large gun safe that you could put something like this into?

You might also want to think about getting a safe deposit box at a bank/credit union if it's not a document you need quick access to.

u/Zman420 · 4 pointsr/airsoft

Yeah, don't fuck around with damaged lipos. It might well be fine, but I would not keep it indoors, just to be safe. Keep it somewhere fire-proof. Also consider getting lipo baggies - LIKE THESE

u/JoyJoyHappyHappy · 2 pointsr/college

Shared expenses-an app, some poster board with the info written on a way..something in written form (be in an app or otherwise)

Safety deposit box-It's these little things office supply stores sell-

Something like that. There are different styles and sizes and prices. Good place to stash loose cash/valuables you don't want stolen/lost/apartment catches on fire.

u/xabrol · 3 pointsr/Vaping

I keep mine in a safe with a manual button lock to keep kids out of my stuff.

Similar to this one:

Wall mounted in a closet.

Thinking about moving it to the basement next to the hvac vent near the utility closet. I have a ranch house and the basement stays cool year round, it's completely underground.

Once I get my gun safe (Really Big) I'll probably keep everything in there with my rifles and extra pistols.

u/chrisrico · 1 pointr/TREZOR

> Id quite like to know mine was waterproof and fireproof but still kept in my house. Any cases you can recommend?

Probably your only option is going to be a fire and water rated safe. Something like this provides half hour fire protection. Prices go up from there. I'd probably worry more about securely and redundantly storing your seed words somewhere outside of your home.

u/buttplug_thro · 3 pointsr/sex

What I would suggest as someone who went through this as well, is to get one of those [book safes.] ( That one is the one I used and it can fit a few in there. There are also some [good butt plugs] ( on Amazon for relatively cheap. Also, if you can find an Amazon locker near you you won't have to risk your parents opening your package.

Source: Am teen with butt plugs

u/uLAYeAMpStri · 2 pointsr/Glocks

I have AmazonBasics Desk Drawer Safe and it would fit your needs.

u/bemon · 2 pointsr/ToyotaTacoma

It's like putting "Secret Book Safe" on the outside of this

u/Jr712 · 1 pointr/personalfinance

First question, she's not a joint account holder to your checking account is she?

If not, you need to find a way to prevent her from getting your financial card. Maybe get a cheap safe/lock box off amazon? Assuming she's not willing to go as far as steal/breaking the safe, here's some options:

u/DiDgr8 · 2 pointsr/asktransgender

The key word is "hiding". If you put the pills in their original bottles somewhere your folks can't/won't see, that's the solution. It all depends on your situation. If your folks are really looking for stuff, they'll find it. Fake shaving cream, fake wall sockets, all can work.

u/thepatman · 7 pointsr/legaladvice

I dunno if you're aware, but that safe is a real product.

u/EyeballFryer · 4 pointsr/flashlight

I have this smaller LiPo pouch and this larger LiPo pouch that I use when I'm charging my batteries and also for storing the batteries when I'm done charging. Theoretically, they should be better than this LiPo bag, because the LiPo bag could trap heat inside, at least from what I've read in the forums.

Are they really explosion proof? I hope I never find out.

And for an extra layer of protection, I put the LiPo pouches in this Craftsman metal toolbox which I keep loosely latched.

u/rekstout · 3 pointsr/guns

There's a trade off between quick access and security to be had here.

Anything with a simple keypad or basic combination dial is not going to be as secure as as a full on keyed and "classic" safe tumbler lock but the latter is not really going to easily accessible during an emergency.

Keys get lost or left in inconvenient places and fiddly tumblers can easily be fumbled in a panic which is why many quick access pistol safes have simple keypads.

If preventing access by a ten year old is you main concern an not quick access then just buy a sentry fire safe which is keyed and tumbler locked like this....

It's not secure against a burglar by any means but neither would any mini safe be. It would however be far more tamper proof against a child unless they are willing to take a sledge/cold chisel to it.

u/Ehjay32 · 1 pointr/DIY

I found some on amazon, should be a good place to start I think.

u/tossy_mctosserson · 6 pointsr/relationship_advice

First, get yourself one of these for the bottom of your closet:

Put your jewelry and papers into it. In case of fire, you grab that one case and you're good.

It sucks that she moved across the boundaries and used your room. I'm betting there's some embarrassing reason for it that now that you're upset, she's unwilling to share.

I think that you work to get over your fear of people seeing your underwear, and have a frank talk with her where you say something like "Look, I'm not sure why you needed to use my bed. And normally I'm willing to share my things in most cases. But I would appreciate the courtesy of asking before you do, so I can make that choice ok? Are we good?"

You grownups?

u/frikk · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I use Barbosol and they're like $1.15 for a can and it last me a month or two or three. Am I just lucky because it's made in my state? It's on sale for $.99 sometimes.

Just looked it up online. Holy christ, I had no idea what kind of a deal we get here..

EDIT: I'M AN IDIOT. Lol that's a "safe" for transporting things like, uh, dinosaur embryos. I thought the reviews were a joke... nope.

u/ziburinis · 36 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

This is on sale right now for 67 bucks.

This one may be too small

I think that having one that looks like this could be a deterrent to your MIL because it looks like business and she's not likely to be able to get into it if she tries. You won't have to worry about a key. I would just keep it out and if she asks about it, you can either say "It's to keep private things safe" or just come right out and say "It's to keep my medication safe." If she's dumb enough to ask why you need to lock up the meds, then I would definitely sit down and talk about how she has an issue, and that she's drug seeking. Tell her that you know there are better medications to try first for occasional migraines than narcotics, that actually stop the migraine vs just treating the pain. Then tell her that there are a lot of treatments for arthritis that are available to her before narcotics and she needs to see an arthritis specialist if her arthritis is so bad that she is drug seeking. I'd talk about this in front of FIL and with your husband so she is having a little intervention going on, of sorts.

I also have chronic pain and on top of that I am lucky enough to have developed severe osteoarthritis very young and I've gone through all the treatments available. We're now looking at stuff like spinal fusion so I can stop moving those bones. Her bitching about her arthritis one night is not the type of arthritis pain that needs.

Did she show signs of drug use before you moved in? Because most people don't just start raiding for pills on a whim, and especially at her age. Also, FIL seemed way too comfortable raiding your drugs for her.

u/therealcmj · 1 pointr/boostedboards

Buy something like this: but in an appropriate size.

No batteries have burst info flame - they only vented. What's more Sanjay said that the battery casing (the big black thing they're in that is then mounted onto the board) is also designed to protect against fire.

Relax just a teeny bit. Disconnect the battery and put it somewhere that it's not next to anything flammable and sit tight.

u/Hephaestus_Rex · 5 pointsr/wicked_edge

Then there's always the Jurassic Park solution: you could try hiding your good shaving cream or soap in a shaving cream can safe.

u/debtfree29 · 2 pointsr/organization

I keep my irreplaceable photos in fireproof safes. I find they fit quite a lot of photos in them. They aren't super cheap but i don't find them unreasonable given that the photos are irreplaceable. I also leave the key in the lock so that if a burglar ever broke in they could open it and realize it's just pictures haha.

Edited to add that i might have provided a link to a very small one and it might be worth checking sizes out at a store.

Here's a link to one but you can find them at Walmart, Target, Staples, etc.

u/hms_surprise · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

You could consider purchasing a small personal lock box, like this one. It's fairly cheap (cheaper than replacing all your brushes!) and it comes with a tether to keep it in your room.

u/Truzza · 2 pointsr/mflb

This is what I have. It's more heavy duty and definitely keeps the smell in because it had a seal.

u/omar12 · 11 pointsr/funny

And yes, you can buy the can

u/theConfusedGeek · 7 pointsr/GalaxyNote8

Use something like this.
Put the whole phone inside.

Whatever people say, use caution. This thing is now a ticking bomb. Don't take any risks

Fireproof Safe Bag LiPo Guard Battery Charge Charging Pouch Case (Silver, Small)

u/Developerv_ · 1 pointr/Sissies

Read the homepage section "How Does EmlaLock Work?" It recomends a realtor's lock box. Something like this:

Could be that you just spin the numbers without looking to randomize ( I've only ever been a keyholder >.< ).

u/TheAethereal · 1 pointr/guns

Well, that is a serious problem. I wasn't aware of that, and I don't think most gun owners are either. Are you saying this kind of thing is easily opened?

u/Smile_for_the_Camera · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have a Dictionary on my main list. However, it's not a real Dictionary, it's a fake one with a hidden compartment on the inside :)

Just found out that we got the okay from Rarelyserious to link to our items for this contest, so here is my Dictionary!

u/j24armstrong · 3 pointsr/saplings

I uses this, there are many other similar products you can find in amazon

u/Am_I_Sam · 1 pointr/WhatsInThisThing

Well there's this, but I don't think the DNA would last long.

u/GuitarsRgreat · 2 pointsr/trees

I use a Barbasol can that has a bottom that screws open. its so discreet and i can take it in my car anywhere. its like what Dennis Nedry had in Jurassic Park. you can get them here:

u/eisforevan · 5 pointsr/Silverbugs

I am planning on purchasing this model.

I prefer the combination lock as opposed to the keypad lock because I don't want to be reliant on a battery to get to my stuff.

Analog> digital sometimes.

u/zapatodefuego · 36 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I researched these not too long ago and to sum up what I found: small document firesafes are kind of terrible.

There's a few on Amazon for less than $100 like this one but the reviews are usually not all that great. More importantly, the smaller the file safe the less fireproof it is. Anything you can pick up and move yourself is probably only rated for .5-1.5 hours in a fire.

u/jsmayne · -5 pointsr/atheism

don't hide your weed in books.

unless it's this

u/sirshartsalot · 5 pointsr/AskReddit

You need a fire safe. Yes, you do. You need renter's insurance on your apartment, and a fire safe. It's $30. Put in your birth certificate, your passport, any relevant medical documentation, the title to your car, your "good" jewelry, and any cash you might otherwise leave lying around. You're an adult, this is a piece of adult hardware that you need.


u/FullDesadulation · 1 pointr/toddlers

If you're just trying to keep a toddler out of it, consider looking into a fireproof box. This one is a decent size, and can be locked and the key put up.

u/TheFrozenLegend · 1 pointr/gaming

SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23 Cubic Feet Combination Fire-Safe, Medium ...

Tell me I am guessing right?

u/martialartsaudiobook · 2 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

Alternatively, get a charging pouch and charge in there if you have to. They are made to contain way more volatile battery packs and they are cheap.

u/echelon59 · 189 pointsr/trees

That sir is a cryptex. Readily available on Amazon.

u/slick8086 · 2 pointsr/funny

could start with these or find their supplier and buy direct.

u/I_SLEEP_PLENTIFULLY · 1 pointr/funny
u/snailchella · -1 pointsr/Coachella

hah! I was using it for the same. However I just purchased this...

u/JeffWest01 · 1 pointr/MountainBike

Just get the cheap Chinese lights, they work fine. Get one for your helmet and one for the bars. If you are worried about the batteries you can get a LiPo Guard Battery Charge Charging Pouch Case.

Here is an example of the lights I am talking about

u/bogseywogsey · 13 pointsr/personalfinance

just as an aside, get a hold of all of your personal documents, birth certificate, ssn card, passport if you have, immunization records if you have, car title, etc., this should no longer be in the hands of your parents. And buy a fireproof box to keep them in, this is what you grab first if your place ever catches fire.

u/DeathSpok · 2 pointsr/canadaguns

This is probably a dumb question, but in theory could I use one of these to store my handguns (it's obviously too small for a rifle)?

Edit: it weighs about 60 pounds empty, so not much risk of someone picking it up and walking off with it.

u/madpiratebippy · 6 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

A medium sized fire safe is like, $50 and you can keep it forever.

I have one for paperwork. Car titles, insurance documents, things like that- but it's easy to slip the non replaceable jewelry in it, as well.

Why is she likely to smash through your room- to destroy things? Steal? Snoop? Why do you livewith her if she does this?

Also, I'd get a REALLY LOUD alarm and give FIL the fob to turn it off, if someone messes with the door. Like this one.

It sounds like she LITERALLY can't stand boundaries, and that's what a locked/closed door represents to her- a physical NO. But a little information about why she does this could help come up with a plan. Like, if she's just a snoop, perhaps taking her into your room, under your supervision, and pointing everything out before you go would take the 'fun' out of violating your space?

u/TrilobiteTerror · 1 pointr/funny

>Fire safes are made to prevent people from stealing stuff as well as protect from fire for a short amount of time. They should still be bolted down. Anything you're worried about losing in a fire would probably suck just as much to lose to theft and putting it in a safe like this without bolting it down guarantees it goes out the door with any thief.
>Edit: You can downvote me all you want. I was just trying to save someone from getting their shit stolen. Even this cheap SentrySafe fire safe comes with a bolt down kit.

I mean, I have several fire safes that I just leave the keys in because they're filled with only important documents. I have a note on one that says Documents Only, check for yourself.

Just pointing out that not all are meant solely to protect stuff from being stolen.

u/dontsuckmydick · 93 pointsr/funny

Fire safes are made to prevent people from stealing stuff as well as protect from fire for a short amount of time. They should still be bolted down. Anything you're worried about losing in a fire would probably suck just as much to lose to theft and putting it in a safe like this without bolting it down guarantees it goes out the door with any thief.

Edit: You can downvote me all you want. I was just trying to save someone from getting their shit stolen. Even this cheap SentrySafe fire safe comes with a bolt down kit.