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u/Gardengran · 1 pointr/collapse

Are you in an apartment? Or do you have yard space?

Water can be stored, hiding in plain site - in a yard. Fish ponds or other water features will "store" water. It won't be potable as is, but a still will clean it up. Just keep the chemicals out!

Rain barrels will collect a large amounts of water. It'll be some of the grungiest of the collecting systems - but perfectly good for flushing the toilet - one of the single biggest water uses in industrial countries - the toilet. If you're in a position to switch to a composting toilet - something to consider.

Most of the water you will use doesn't need to be potable. Merely clean. Doing dishes, laundry, washing up will use more water than you need for cooking and/or drinking.

If you're in an apartment, consider using the [large water jugs.] ( Two, one in use, the other waiting to be used. They last quite a long time as it's only used for drinking. Depending on your system, you may be able to use 1/2 size glass wine carboys.

u/mikeytown2 · 1 pointr/electricians

Things not listed so far:


Add even more lights! Be sure they are well insulated (additional sealing after they are installed). Using a narrow beam (40 degree and under) and lots of cans will result in no glare from the lights. Pick the trim first (gimbal and straight down); we went with Juno 4" cans and Philips LEDS 8PAR20 F25 2700 & 8PAR20 F36 2700. Odds are your local electric supply house will have more LED bulbls than the big box stores. I would check Costco first though because their prices are hard to beat. Go on houzz for even more ways to spend thousands of dollars on lighting.
See if solar power is viable in your location. Payback can be 5-10 years.
Outlets in the crawl space and attic for pest control among other uses.
Outdoor xmas light outlets high up outside (controlled from a programmable timer switch).
Auto closet/pantry lights; I would go for ones with a timer.
12vdc for outdoor lighting and under cabinet kitchen lighting.
Outdoor motorized blinds.
Fans that are in the attic for you bathroom & kitchen (a lot quieter); be sure they are thermally protected.
Hot water recirculation pump or point of use instant hot water heater as a boost for the bathrooms that are a long ways away from the hot water source.
If in the US, outlets where you store electric toothbrushes.
Retractable ceiling outlets in the garage.
Lighted mirror in the bathrooms.
Whole house vacuum system (a lot quieter).
Whole house surge protection.
Have a young one? Get outlet protection.
Instant hot water for kitchen.
Remote controlled lights for the master bedroom.
USB combo outlets for charging portable devices.

HVAC related:

Radiant heated floors and above vents for AC.

u/YerbaMateTime · 1 pointr/VanLife

Bottle Water Pump, Electric...

I got an empty 5 gallon water jug from a water delivery guy for free. Works great and has a 4hr run time, as well as an automatic shutoff after about 20 oz or so to stop it from emptying unexpectedly. So far I've only charged it once, over two months ago. Charges with usb which is super convenient.

u/Boogidy · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh my gosh, bottled water in ALL of the places! For real. Plus we have like no natural water sources, so tap water tastes like pipes, no matter where you live. From what I've seen, most people have those water cooler thingies at home. I'd only ever seen like one person who owned one of those before moving here.

u/vapeducator · 1 pointr/AskCulinary

Get commercial grade drop-in induction burners. They're better than all that fake consumer shit that's designed better to relieve rich people of their excessive money, particularly when they don't know how to cook and appearances are more important than function. You can customize your worktop surface limited only by the creativity of your carpenter, not limited to a 30-36" wide rectangle.

Get one combination microwave convection oven. If you bake a large turkey or two every year, then buy a large electric roasting pan or a large smoker/grill for the backyard. Most people don't need a large oven in their kitchen. A smaller counter-top or over-range convection microwave oven bakes and heats a lot faster for individuals, couples, and small families.

I also suggest getting a built-in water filtration system, water softener, a small tankless water heater for the dishwasher and hot tap-water faucet, instant hot-water tank dispenser and Insinkerator Evolution Excel. That garbage disposal is scary powerful, yet quiet with little vibration. It can even chop and grind rib bones into nothing.

u/flip69 · 2 pointsr/Kombucha

I siphon would work just as well.
You could rig it with a tap easily enough.

These are widely available you can repurpose them for kombucha brewing.
Only a small amount of plastic makes contact with the brew.
The ceramic is glass glazed and therefore safe.

u/istandabove · 2 pointsr/LosAngeles

I bought this one on Amazon, waters cold & has room temperature option. This is the best I've owned so far after the two I got at lowes & homedepot crapped out on me. I don't do a delivery service there's a small water shop on my street & the gallons $1.25 so for me apart from the first time cost of $75~(cheaper than a fridge with that option) it cost me about $2.50 a week for two 5 gallons.

u/Mostfunguy · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

Yeah, but how do I fill it up? A hose? :P

I want a 5 gallon jug one, with heating and cooling. Something like this, but I've zero idea which one

u/SenpaiThrowMeAway · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

You can buys water dispensers on Amazon that just pour room temp water. Walmart has some too.

Primo Countertop Porcelain Ceramic Crock Water Dispenser - BPA and LEAD FREE

Edit: I added a link.

u/flsucks · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

There are many inexpesive top-loading models that have a “no spill/no splash” design. There are special caps that go on the bottles themselves that do not dispense or leak any water until the bottle is upside down and secure on the machine. While the bottom loading machines are nice, they sometimes have pump issues because it is such a complicated system. They can also be loud when refilling. They are nice for people who can’t lift a bottle, but if your only issue is that of spilling water, check into the no spill design. They are less expensive and less trouble.

Here is a no spill water cooler on Amazon. This is just an example, there are many on the market like this.

u/po_ta_to · 2 pointsr/vandwellers

This is the one I bought, but amazon has a dozen similar options:

It comes with a hose long enough to reach the bottom of a 5 gallon water cooler bottle if you set the unit on top of the bottle. I'm planning to buy a slightly longer hose so I can put my water container on the floor and the pump on the counter. I'm going to cut a wooden donut that fits inside the pump's base and glue the donut to the edge of my sink that way the pump is held in place and easily removable.

u/theluciferprinciple · 1 pointr/waterniggas

This is the one I have. Looks like they’re even cheaper now and I’ve got zero complaints about mine! Lowe’s sells the filters too, they last about six months.

Mines stuck to the side of my fridge but the hose part is flexible so opening the door isn’t a problem. It’s got really strong magnets so you can stick it wherever

u/dcabines · 1 pointr/Coffee

My filter leads to a 14 gallon pressure tank and I use it to manually fill a 5 gallon jug that I put on my water cooler. Getting water straight from the filter would be too slow for me in the morning when I'm getting ready for work and making coffee.

u/jetah · 1 pointr/smallbusiness

found one on amazon for 270 plus filters around 20$ (filter was in the Q&A), mentioned they lasted 12months or 750 gal. That's the US link.

u/DesertPrepper · 1 pointr/preppers

> It's this one.

Thanks for the link. I've added that to my shopping list.

u/thehappyheathen · 1 pointr/preppers

It's this one. Handpump that fits basically any standard large water bottle. We just went on a roadtrip in Wyoming, and it was so nice to not have to buy bottled water.

Water bob is the big thing that goes in the bathtub. It probably wouldn't be super helpful in a hurricane unless you could stay put and you didn't have tap water. I think wildfires, power outages and snow storms are more of a problem for me. I honestly don't know exactly when I would need it. I do know that I would fill it up if something crazy went down, like widespread riots or a missile strike. Cause I have it and water is really really important.