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u/nd2fe14b · 7 pointsr/malefashionadvice

For an iron that will last a long time and perform well, get a heavy iron that has a good steam and spray function so you can dampen your shirts adequately before you iron. All irons you'll look at will have a water tank, but not all sprays are equal- some suck. Some irons drip and drizzle water along with some steam, and better irons will produce a thick, heavy steam with lots of vapor. Also, some nicer irons will have different features, such as automatic shut-off if you leave the iron on for too long. For another example, this Oliso has an (unnecessary) "levitating" feature where you can leave the iron facing downward on your clothing and your clothes won't burn. Here is a video. Yes, it's a feature that adds parts that can potentially break, but it seems to get great reviews.

If you have cash to blow, consider some nicer iron like an Oliso. Rowenta also makes a nice one, not as pricey as an Oliso. If you're on a budget, don't worry about it so much, you can iron clothes with cheap stuff too. Just read reviews and make sure you're not looking at one that might break within a couple of years. A lot of the cheaper ones might start to leak after a year or two, for example.

Also, make sure to get a good ironing board. Get one with a mesh base so water doesn't soak into the board, and make sure it has enough padding up top so the mesh doesn't make an imprint on your clothing.

Suggestions would be based off your budget, but I'll throw in a vote for the Oliso line of irons, just because.

u/gretchens · 1 pointr/quilting

I don't have a dedicated sewing room, so I am looking at this table - it would hold the 2x2 pressing boards I DIY'ed this year, and when I'm mid project we could still eat at the dining room table. This one in particular, because it is height adjustable and having a counter height cutting table is the dream! Lifetime 4428

I go back and forth on the Panasonic 360 iron - love the cordlessness, but if you have to have the base because there's to way to stand it on end, doesn't that undo the perk of being cordless?

I also go back and forth on the accuquilt -I would be excited to get one on super clearance, but don't think I am that excited to actually BUY one. I read on some forum about someone finding them at their local Joann on the clearance rack for something like $20, and so now I always check for them, just in case. :)

I got bobbinis last year, and really like them, and this year I put peels and tulips on my list.

u/xomandark · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

steamers are the best - I bought a cheap one after hearing people rave about them here, but I need to upgrade it because I use it all the time. If you do have clothing that needs pressing and don't want to pay to have them pressed, Rowenta make amazing irons. I got this one after hearing recs for Rowenta and it's great. It automatically steams and adjusts heat and so far I haven't had any issues even on silk. It can also do vertical steaming, which I thought might make it a steamer replacement however it has to reheat after about 3 vertical steams. So it's great for steaming out accidental iron wrinkles, but I'm keeping a dedicated steamer on hand for most of my steaming.

u/heyway30 · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

When I moved out for the first time I went and spent a stupid amount of money at IKEA.... they are NOT BIFL at all. expecially not cookware/plates/glasses. i bought those and within 1 year everything almost broke.. not from me dropping them. but like 2 glasses actually broke in mine and my girlfriends hands when we were holding them! and 2 broke when we were washing them. with that being said..

Dont buy alot of stuff from ikea (some things are OK like the cheap partical board dressers and bed frames you will get a few years out of them if u take care of it but not bifl)

As far as where to invest FIRST think about where you are going to be spending the most time in your house. will it be your bedroom? living room with guests or kitchen if You like to cook or man cave (this is me) and invest in quality items in the location you pick. dont buy everything at once unless you HAVE to. you will wind up wasting money on things u don't need or might want to change

Now that my rant is out of the way....

  1. Klean kanteen awesome cup there are also the wide mouth klean kanteen insulated water bottles which are really good and i use daily
  2. or these cup sets example: tervis tumbler 12oz and tervis tumbler 16oz
  3. do you iron your cloths? a good iron is a must Rowenta is the one I use daily for the past 4 years
  4. this Victorinox knife set I actually have not bought yett but i hear it alot on the BIFL reddit and i have it in my cart right now on amazon!
u/sevendots · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Tip for everyone who online shops: negative reviews are the most helpful reviews. Are the majority of negative reviews clearly from morons? Product is probably pretty good. Irons tend to leak if you tilt them too much instead of hold them horizontal, for example. Can I be a sarcastic asshole? When water leaks onto your garment, what I like to do is heat up the garment with a really hot, flat object (irons work great at this, btw). Also, when a Rowenta iron has 1600 positive reviews and 160 negatives- then it's good.

Rowenta makes great irons. Many negative reviews mention quality control is better on their models that are made in Germany though. Get a Made in Germany Rowenta if you can help it.

Oliso is on sale, if you want to browse another good brand with fancy technology that you don't need.

u/Tfeth282 · 2 pointsr/beadsprites

I've owned quite a few irons looking for the best perler iron. Here are my findings, from best to worst.

I've got a kind of pricey T-Fal iron with an enameled soleplate. My old roommate had one that I borrowed often enough to eventually get my own, and he swore by it's steam feature for actual clothes ironing. But the soleplate is super slick and I can use it to get projects well fused and as flat as a card with a nice texture that other irons I've used can't seem to replicate. This is absolutely the best iron I've ever used.

The second best was a no-name brand travel iron I picked up at goodwill. The handle folded back into the body of the iron, and it had a very smooth looking plate. The handle broke after about a month of usage and I threw it out, but it could achieve melting almost at the level of the expensive t-fal. Not a helpful description, but maybe one day of thrifting you will find the fabled "weird folding iron" and all your dreams will become reality.

One step down from that is my mom's vintage Black and Decker steam iron. I've seen as many of 3 of these at a particular Savers in Tucson. They're not as flashy as modern irons but they get the job done. The temperature select lever on top is a little touchy though.

Next comes this absolutely TINY travel iron I picked up thrifting. It's got no brand name on it, and the handle actually clips off and slides over the body of the iron when not in use. It's far from ideal, and the soleplate sticks sometimes (which I suspect is a result of it's history and not an inherent flaw of the iron brand) but it gives finished products a decent texture.

At the bottom of my list, is the modern Black and Decker. The soleplate is highly textured with all sorts of grooves and holes in it, and the first time I used it, it gouged a grove in the project because it's previous owner had gotten a reinstone stuck in one of the dimples and I couldn't find it. It didn't glide well and the end products were either melted beyond belief or not melted as well as I liked (which some people might count as ideal). However everything had an odd texture, that might be a result of weathering on the soleplate and not an inherent flaw of the brand.

Overall The most important things I think are: A) It gets hot enough, B) you can tune the temperature well enough to find your sweetspot, and C) it glides smoothly. Enameled soleplates Help a lot with that last one.

u/arth33 · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I can't recommend Rowentas as a BIFL product. Rowentas (even the German made ones) have a reputation for working great for a while but ultimately breaking down within a year or two. I have seen this myself with a made in Germany DW9080. One only need look at the reviews on Amazon and you'll quickly notice that a lot of the great reviews are for new buyers who love the iron (it does feel and function wonderfully for a while) and the many negative reviews are longer-term users who's iron died after 12-15 months of use. I have a feeling that Rowenta's were built to last sometime ago and they gained a strong reputation, but the current irons are designed feature first and dependability second (I have no evidence of that last statement).

Having said that, I don't have anything else to suggest, cause I'm still searching for a solid replacement.

u/kall-e · 3 pointsr/sewing

If you're looking for a great heavy-duty, high-quality iron, I cannot speak highly enough of the Rowenta Steam Force.

I have been SO pleased with this iron. It's a bit on the more expensive side, but if your wife does a lot of sewing and ironing, I would say it's a must-have. It heats up quickly, doesn't leak, produces an amazing amount of steam, and has a nice weight to it as well.

u/artooD2 · 5 pointsr/quilting

I will be the first to admit it — I’m super strange and weird - I love a good press or iron job. With that being said, I don’t own a super expensive iron. I have found happiness with this $40 Sunbeam iron from Amazon that has some nice features (timer shut off, cleaning system, slick ceramic plate, long power cord).

u/bcain204 · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

To piggyback on the Rowenta comments. I have had one for years (~5) and the thing still looks and feels brand new, aside from a 1 inch burn mark from ironing black scrubs everyday. This said, save up and spend the money on the more expensive models made in Germany. Much like other companies (looking at you Redwing), the cheaper models in their lineup are made in China (or other cheaper labor locations) and are really not any better then other low quality irons. However, the German made ones, will last you a long time with the proper care and storage. I would argue that these irons are probably not BIFL in the truest sense, but definitely will last you awhile. Good luck!

Here is the iron I own:

u/Username_Used · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

This is a great iron

That being said, if you aren't using it correctly, then you'll still have issues. Make sure you are choosing the right heat setting for the fabric you have. If it is a blend use the lower setting of the two materials.

Steam. Steam is your friend. Another helpful trick is to keep a spray bottle of water handy. Lightly spray the clothing as your are ironing it. It helps to relax the fabric and then the heat releases it as extra steam and sets it in place.

Starch. Grandma always had a bottle of Niagara next to the ironing board and so should you. Keep those dress shirts tack sharp.

u/az0606 · 1 pointr/frugalmalefashion

Better features, but mostly the ability to hold a temperature consistently while ironing.

This one has been great for me and the computerized modes make it easy to use.

u/birthday-party · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I'll say that nothing compares to my full-size Jiffy steamer, but as far as travel-sized goes, I like my Rowenta travel steamer much better than I did the travel Jiffy. Their travel iron, while small, works well enough to use on a daily basis too, and its steam function is powerful enough to use as a steamer for touch-ups.

u/carachangren · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Ok, I work in a textile lab. We iron practically 8 hours a day. We've tried almost every iron out there. Some are absolutely better than others, but none of them last more than 3 years with a lot of daily use.

Now, we're using them far more than the average person. That being said, we mostly use Black and Decker, this one. Once in a while you'll get a dud, you'll have to return it but when you get a good one, it's much better than the alternatives. It lasts longer, has better steam and overall gets much hotter.

u/sooprvylyn · 3 pointsr/sewing

I recommend a gravity iron...they're a little pricier than most home irons but they are designed to be on all day and have a very large separate gravity fed water reservoir...shitloads of water and no pumps to break. You can get em on Amazon for like $100 or so as a full kit...pick the one w the best review

Edit: Here is one for $65...I bet it's just fine, all it has to do is get hot and open a valve when you press the button.

u/KungFuKao · 1 pointr/beadsprites

I went from a crappy $6 Wal-Mart ceramic faceplate junk pile to the Black & Decker Classic. It's pretty hefty, but it irons like a champ. :)

u/abhikavi · 2 pointsr/quilting

I have this one:

I love it. I got mine for $35 at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It seemed like the best iron by far in the <$50 price range. It isn't cordless, though.

u/BZeeB · 4 pointsr/beadsprites

I HIGHLY recommend the masking tape method. This automatically sets you up to iron the back first as well. This method is ideal imo if you are using a combination of Hama / Perler! Due to the different ironing temperatures. I end up with a beady presentation side and a more ironed & flat/not displayed backside.

The biggest tricks I've personally found to this method are:

  1. Moderation!! You don't need a perfect iron the first time thru, work up to the bead flatness you want over several smaller ironing cycles. Personally I don't shoot for a perfect flat no hole ironed backside like hardcore perler does - its way more effort and risk to mess-up /r/beadsprite example.
  2. If you want a non brittle back ironed sprite, your gonna have to iron the front slightly, this will also remove any bend to your sprite. I use a lot of weight to ensure flatness.
  3. Finally BUY A NEW IRON! I use the one recommended by hardcore perler and immediately saw a difference in consistency in my ironing. Typically for the back I have it at a 5, for the front its usually about 4-4.5 and do one slow light press across it gets the job done. It can be hard to see them beginning to stick together, black is the easiest to tell just as it starts sticking to the parchment paper. I'd take it down to a 3 if you need to touchup any front edges to avoid any over ironing.
u/anonanon1313 · 2 pointsr/sewing

We bought this one a couple of months ago:

Black & Decker D2030 Auto-Off Digital Advantage Iron

Figured with 4.5 stars and 2600 ratings it couldn't be bad. Now at $45, but I think we paid $36.

I haven't used it myself much, but my SO loves it.

u/mikarm · 7 pointsr/HistoryPorn

I was curious how much they cost so I looked it up.

This site mentions a steam iron in 1959 that cost $9.99, that would be $82.99 today. You can still easily spend $50+ on a really nice iron today. Something like this.

u/yaminokaabii · 2 pointsr/beadsprites

Well, I use a tiny travel iron, but even it has some holes for steam. I'm honestly not sure if any modern irons don't have holes. I like the little one though because less weight means I can move it around easier on large projects without having to worry about dislodging any beads. I always just keep my iron moving in small circles and that seems to do the trick!

u/DAEFlair · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Looking for the best deal on an iron and ironing board. I know I should stick with a Rowenta iron, maybe something made in Germany I read? But ironing board I'm lost on. Anyone have their favorites they'd like to suggest?

I'll probably get this one

u/ValarDohaeris · 4 pointsr/quilting

I have a Rowenta Focus; it has about a bajillion steam holes. It's glorious. Also, the nose has a curved edge which is great for pressing seams open (which I do). Also the auto-off has literally prevented a house fire for me.

u/projects4dais · 1 pointr/quilting

I got this guy:

Edit: And this is the spray I've been using: Mary Ellen's Best Press, Clear Starch and Sizing Alternative

u/manux_ · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I have this one and I love it; looks like the price went up since I made my purchase though :( The only other iron I had used before this was a super crappy Proctor-Silex iron though, so needless to say it was a night and day difference.

I should also note that the one above seems to be the 'Cadillac' model of Rowenta irons, and I would imagine that their slightly lower end models would also perform excellently. This appears to be an awfully similar model on the site you had linked originally; I couldn't tell you what the difference is between the 9030 and the 9080 though, perhaps another user can enlighten us.

u/Sparkdog · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I've seen this one recommended a few times as a good entry level iron, since its heavier than most crap-plastic cheap irons. Basically you want lots of steam and the heavier the better. Its a get-what-you-pay-for situation, but I can't recommend any specific brands any better than Google can.

u/mindtehgap · 6 pointsr/malefashionadvice

The best thing I ever did ironing-wise was to buy a decent quality iron. I highly recommend this iron by Rowenta. It's 1700 watts so it puts out steam like nobody's business, which makes your ironing time considerably shorter. Plus it's made in Germany, not China, which is a huge plus to me.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I have a $70 iron - in all honestly it just makes steaming a pressing much easier. I don't take my clothes to the cleaners because I like to wash cold, hand dry and iron so that my dress shirts last much longer. I use something similar to this that I bought at Costco [link] for it's weight and durability. I recommend the link and checking out the reviews. You can opt for a $10 iron and get the same results, but much more work needed. My guess is my normal 2 minute routine would take up to 10 with a cheaper iron (experience in hotels).

u/guyincognitoo · 9 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Rowenta makes some of the best irons. I got the DW5080 for $60 at Bed Bath and Beyond (actually used one of those 20% off coupons you get in the mail). Make sure to get one that says Made in Germany on the side.

u/makingnosmallplan · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

These are supposed to be pretty good. I personally own this one from black and decker.

u/pegasus_x · 1 pointr/beadsprites

Thanks to /u/danthol, I bought this iron which has consistent heat from Amazon:

Black & Decker F67E The Classic Iron with Aluminum Soleplate, Steam-surge button by Black & Decker

I also highly recommend watching /u/danthol's YouTube videos for ironing tips and techniques

u/pyrogirl · 2 pointsr/sewing

Budget? I got a gravity iron for Christmas, and it's AWESOME. It's the sort of iron that tailors and costume shops use. But, it is $110.

u/Bdazz · 1 pointr/quilting

I recently got my mom an Oliso steam iron and she absolutely LOVES it.

u/TheVoice0fReason · 2 pointsr/GoodValue

I murdered the first one by dropping it too many times. I've had this one for 5 years. It's awesome, especially if you like using steam. I wear lots of linen, and this makes for a quick and easy job. I also gave one to a friend who hates ironing, and he raved about it. Grab a coupon, head to BBB, and you're set.

u/goldiiloxxx · 2 pointsr/sewing

I use a Rowenta. They make fantastic irons! Here is one I found on Amazon similar to mine. This one is about $70 and has 4.5 stars.

u/just_wok_away · 1 pointr/quilting

I bought this for my MIL and she has taken it to all her quilting groups and really l likes it. It's so portable and irons very well.

Steamfast SF-717 Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron

u/Rolen47 · 1 pointr/beadsprites

I have a mini iron like this:

However you have to be very careful with it, it's very easy to accidentally melt a spot too much and end up with a divot. But if you don't display the melted side that's not even a problem.

You can also try a "travel iron":

u/mofukkinbreadcrumbz · 1 pointr/onebag

OP, I know you’re looking for a steamer, but have you thought to try an iron? There are some pretty compact ones out there.

Steamfast Mini Travel Steam Iron with Dual Voltage, 1-Pack, White

u/ladyofcorgi · 1 pointr/sewing

I love my Rowenta

u/PurpleComyn · 1 pointr/gadgets

This is one of the best irons you can buy in my opinion, and its always around $20.

u/_CitationX · 7 pointsr/UnresolvedMysteries

That's definitely a steam iron. Looks similar to this model:

Edit: could be this black and decker iron - looks exactly the same but it seems like this iron is only in black colour which wouldn't match that of the picture.

u/LaBamba · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

This is what I use. The iron has some heft to it (which I like). It's also made in germany and has considerable steam power compared to irons I've used in the past. Regardless of what iron you get, I'd strongly recommend picking up a teflon ironing pad or ironing board cover. It's a million times better than ironing on that padding+cloth crap.

u/tooodrunk2knit · 3 pointsr/sewing

I got this iron for sewing and I have really enjoyed it so far!

u/Iforgotmyother_name · 3 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Rowenta is a really good brand. Most of their products are made in Germany. I have this model.

u/ozarkhome · 2 pointsr/fixit

If you can't get it to work again, [Rowenta] ( makes steamers and they are quite good quality.

Oops, I just realized you might be looking for steam cleaners rather than clothes steamers. Sorry!

u/Herro_city_wok · 1 pointr/beadsprites

For what it's worth, this is the iron I use; it has steam holes, but it serves me well in all of my projects I post here.

u/ancientmadder · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I like this one.

u/nuki_fluffernutter · 1 pointr/sewing

Don't know if it helps, but here is the cordless iron my SO researched and has on her Christmas wishlist.

u/Poopyloggins · 10 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Only iron you'll ever need:

It may not have all the bells and whistles other irons promise, but it gets the job done and it's durable. Time tested.

u/the_fourth_wise_man · 5 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I bought this one a couple of year s ago and still like it very much. No bells and whistles, just a simple iron for $24.

u/JoeMental · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I don't know about for life since I've only had it for 6 months or so but I love this iron by Black & Decker. It's really heavy and works wonders.

u/gardeniagray · 2 pointsr/quilting

I'm getting the Panasonic cordless iron when I replace mine.

u/bly2425 · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Never looked back. Artisan calibre iron.

u/KarmaBankruptcy · 9 pointsr/BuyItForLife

You want one the the made in Germany lines from Rowenta, such as

Although if your problem is that you iron plastic and get it stuck to the baseplate, a better iron might only be so much help. Its non-stick will be tougher than a cheap one and stand up to more cleaning, but maybe what you really need is a proper ironing board so you have an uncluttered, dedicated workspace and are not likely to iron plastic by accident.

u/souryellowfruit · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Something like this

The main thing you need to think about when ironing is the material the cloth is made out of. The iron will have settings for each, do not go hotter than what is recommended or you can ruin your clothes.

u/My168 · 2 pointsr/quilting

Do you drop your iron often? Cuz, I just got the Steamfast SF 717 Home and Away Iron for quilting. It's great but I dropped it a few times and sometimes water leaks from the grey area. From what I know, there is no auto shut off feature.

u/killpro · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I bought this iron instead of a Rowenta. Did I make a mistake?

u/Billy_Brubaker · 3 pointsr/malefashionadvice

My spicy mango margarita I got last night for my birthday dinner was fucking choice. Y'all got no idea.

Amazon has irons on sale, get your shit together MFA.

I'm getting sushi tonight.