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u/MrDulkes · 2 pointsr/dropmix

This is the Gator GK-2110 case that has been mentioned here before, combined with the Ultimate Guard Arkhive 400+ card case. I use Ultimate Guard dividers to separate the playlists in the box, and Fantasy Flight grey sleeves (I didn't link to the sleeves, as you should not get those on Amazon. Too expensive!)

The whole bag closes well when you pack it as shown in the photo. The bag is obviously not intended for a card box that is that high, so it's not perfect perfect, but it is, IMHO, a pretty good solution, the best I have found.

The Arkhive case has plenty of room for additional playlists, and the cover folds out to become a nice "playmat", very handy to keep card sleeves clean when sorting, deck building, etc (see bottom right picture). It is a fairly expensive case though.

If you put everything together like I did in the lower left picture, with the card case at the "hinge" side of the Gator case, then it zips up like in the top picture. I don't think you will get the case to zip if you try and put the cards on the other side of the board. I didn't try, I didn't want to break things. I am quite comfortable that there are no stresses on anything that will cause zippers to break, fabric to rip, or card boxes to get crushed.


u/a_mor · 1 pointr/synthesizers

Hey guys, first hangout post. I got my Microkorg 2 weeks ago and let me tell ya. as a long time guitarist it is a whoolee neww wooooorrrld! Starting Monday I'll be spending a week with my brother and a friend of ours recording a record at my buddies home in Kentucky. Should be a really cool experience and I look forward to getting the most out of my Microkorg as well as my brother's Microbrute! Please comment with any tips/tricks to try on either synth, I feel im picking it up quickly but its still a learning process. Thanks guys!

side note: anyone looking for a case for the Microkorg, I bought this one from amazon, good deal at $30 and fits it very well

u/mik1gk · 1 pointr/MusicBattlestations

I've been using this for almost 3 years:


You may want to add protective sleeves to your gear because the padding is a little lackluster (if not absent in certain spots), but the size is just a perfect compromise and the front pocket is quite useful for cables and such.

Also, I covered it with pins. Everyone loves pins, you should too.

u/matrix121391 · 2 pointsr/dropmix

I am currently using this to store my cards (sleeved), which is perfect for wave 1 (one compartment per genre with dividers to separate each playlist, as organized in the app's Collection section):


I might end up getting another one for wave 2.

For the Dropmix board itself, I took the advice from several threads around here and on Discord:


The deck box I specified fits pretty well in the front pouch. The main compartment is a tad bigger than what the board requires, but you can probably use the extra space for more deck boxes or speakers.

I can take some pictures after work if ya'll would like!

u/Mechsae · 3 pointsr/dropmix

I've been rocking a Gator GK-2110 Gig Bag for Micro Controllers. Holds the board well enough and some space for Ultra Pro deck boxes with Ultra Pro penny sleeved cards. The front pouch is big enough to fit an iPad as well, so everything is in one place!

u/VladStark · 4 pointsr/MPX

I haven't posted in a while, sorry if I'm nubbing this up but couldn't figure out how to post an image and text?! Anyway, this is the case: Gator GK-2110 Gig Bag for Micro Controllers (22.5" x 11.5" x 4") https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002GL7ZO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_Tgza5wCBZn6cf

I used Kaizen foam, 57mm for the inside. My setup isn't anything flashy, haven't had time or money to do much extra to it yet, but I figured you'd guys might like this case if you want an option for the 8" barrel with collapsible am brace, or setups of similar length. This case is very lightweight yet padded enough to provide decent protection for trips to the range or just having it in my trunk. It's also somewhat discrete and not tactical looking.

u/AbrahmLion · 1 pointr/MusicBattlestations

I use this Rockville bag. It holds my 15.6-inch laptop (ASUS VivoBook), 25-key controller keyboard (Nektar Impact LX25+), rotating headphones, and cables. I could add a small audio interface (something like the Komplete Audio 2), and the huge keyboard still has plenty of room around it.

u/technofraternity · 3 pointsr/DJs

This is an all in one “gig” bag.
You can find cheaper prices, but depends on what do you exactly want. Magma, the brand has cool gadgets and bags check them out.

Amazon Link

u/TapeDeck_ · 4 pointsr/Line6Helix

The Line 6 backpack is made with the Helix Floor in mind, so the LT will be a little loose in there. I bought this bag made for a 25-key keyboard and it fits the LT perfectly. Plenty of room for cables and other accessories and it's lasted me almost a year now without issues. Feels super skookum and should last much longer. Link: https://www.amazon.com/Rockville-RVBAG25-Backpack-Launchkey-Keyboards/dp/B079ZS9L7L

u/JoeMagnifico · 2 pointsr/synthesizers

Some variation of this depending on size. Less than $20, does the job.

u/travx259r · 3 pointsr/synthesizers

For a while now I've thought about making a thread with this exact same question! Thanks for actually doing it.

I bought the gig bag when I got my phatty years ago and it really hasn't stood the test of time well (I guess that's no surprise).
The straps are busted and the zippers are useless. I haven't brought my phatty anywhere recently because of it. It serves as a padding for when I put it in the closet.

Here's an amazon link to a guy who does custom ATA cases for the phatty. A decent option if you don't want to fork over the extra cash for it to have Moog written on it.

edit: I haven't bought one of those cases yet, so I can't speak to their quality. Looks right, though.