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u/StringBoi · 3 pointsr/kites

I run a kite shop here in Atlanta and can tell you that the main difference in pricing has to do with quality. Premier Kites makes some cheaper, but good quality general kites....but I would suggest looking at Prism or HQ. Both have excellent kites, but I prefer Prism for their single lines and stunt kites, while HQ is amazing for their foils (power/speed kites).

Prism has a great Stowaway Delta that we sell a ton of at our store, they retail for about $35. I highly suggest these for people looking for a single line that is of great quality and not very expensive. It comes with everything you need all in a great package. The kite folds up nicely into the bag, and the flying line hooks right into the bag as well.

We also have carried that same line winder you linked and I can tell you that its okay for light flying, but if you have something that has a bit of a tug on it and your not paying attention, the handle that you wind the line in with can slip out of your fingers and start turning really fact and do a number on your hand. I would suggest either using what comes with the kite you purchase, or opt for something like these. They are classics, and they even come in a wooden version but for some reason I dont see theirs listed on Amazon. Anyway...just some suggestions, hope I've helped some!

u/ParmesanNonGrata · 0 pointsr/scuba

/u/CanadianDiver said everything there is to say. Yet I will relentlessly add stuff.

As a recommendation for fins: Just get Mares Avanti Quattro +. I don't tire saying this: they are great.

I'd get some socks as well. They just improve the overall comfort. Don't have to be those.

Gloves: Whatever fits. I personally use some discount surfing gloves because they are nice and light. For cold water I have something like this. But this is probably overkill.

SMB: Whatever. I like this one because of the adorable clown fish. Seriously - just don't spend too much money on this. If you pay 15 or 150 - it does exactly the same. Usually people use a reel. I personally like these things way better. Just make sure they are big enough to have space for the complete line.

u/Crash3636 · 4 pointsr/kites

I have been flying for 30+ years at the beach and nothing can beat a basic ring type reel. Every single mechanical reel will break.

Shanti 9 Fast Winding Plastic Hoop Spool https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N6AZLQB/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_surIDb7XGMMHD

u/Chemical_Ire · 1 pointr/SpringfieldIL

Seen some in the toy section at Scheels, don't know if they're what you're looking for though. I got a Red Baron triplane kite there a while back. They said they could special order some things if you knew what you were looking for.


Saw someone flying one of these https://odditymall.com/giant-octopus-kite at Southwind Park, but i doubt they got it local.