Reddit reviews: The best lutein nutritional supplements

We found 4 Reddit comments discussing the best lutein nutritional supplements. We ran sentiment analysis on each of these comments to determine how redditors feel about different products. We found 4 products and ranked them based on the amount of positive reactions they received. Here are the top 20.

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Top Reddit comments about Lutein Nutritional Supplements:

u/rao-blackwell-ized · 4 pointsr/Supplements

Not sure if flaxseed would be better than fish oil, but I have chronic dry eyes and have had success with this lutein and zeaxanthin combo. I also tend to shy away from excess flaxseed intake due to its phytoestrogenic effects, so if you're a male that may be of concern.

u/charmed2 · 1 pointr/Supplements

I would try to keep my eyes moist from with by taking hyaluronic acid. I use NeoCell ha because its pure, not synthetic. I don't have computer dry eye when I take it.
Also I recommend not just lutein but mezo zeaxanthin..this product


u/dragoonjefy · 1 pointr/optometry

Sounds good.. I'm thinking about taking these. They are cheap, should last me 4 months, and doesn't appear to contain any soy, titanium dioxide, or other fillers.

u/SeriousRowe · 1 pointr/Supplements

I've been use those 20mg Lutein & 4mg Zeaxanthin supplement.