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9. Urbaobei Make-Up Kabuki Brush Set

  • Eye-catching artist-designed aluminum handles
  • Cruelty free brittles
  • Recyclable packaging
Urbaobei Make-Up Kabuki Brush Set
Height6.45 Inches
Length5.1 Inches
Number of items1
Weight0.25 Pounds
Width1.13 Inches
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15. Liquid Foundation Kabuki Makeup Brush - Flat Top Expert, Stippling, Blending, Buffing, Setting Make Up, Cream Powder Mineral Cosmetics, Full Coverage Face Buffer, Soft Dense, Synthetic

  • MUST HAVE MAKEUP CASE STAPLE! Travel friendly, this black Flat Top Kabuki Makeup Brush isn't any ordinary brush. Buffing and blending, the dense synthetic bristles make your routine quicker, with better coverage that lasts longer. Pro Tip: For light to medium coverage, use a damp makeup sponge blender to stipple your base coverage, then blend with your buki brush!
  • MULTI-TASKING BRUSH: Most commonly used with liquid foundation to set the canvas, this big flat top makeup brush also works great blending loose and pressed powder, primer, bb cream, and minerals to build coverage, setting your look, and concealing even the most problematic skin type (redness, uneven skin tones, large pores, acneic, dermatitis).
  • BRISTLE QUALITY IS KEY TO FLAWLESS COVERAGE: A premium quality foundation brush makes your foundation look more even, consistent, and blended, and lets you build coverage in problem areas. Our pro quality synthetic bristles are soft, yet just the right density to pick up and distribute liquid foundation evenly. Natural synthetic bristles use less product to achieve the desired look. Plus, they're cruelty free - WOOF!
  • STOP USING YOUR FINGERS! Yes, please, stop applying foundation with your fingers. Your pores don't need any extra dirt and oils.
  • TOP RATED PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: COMPARES TO SIGMA, MAC, BARE MINERALS. Read the reviews; they speak for themselves. Purchase a single brush, or the set, which includes a blush brush, bronzer contouring brush, highlighter and under eye conceal brush, with an optional organizer case.
Liquid Foundation Kabuki Makeup Brush - Flat Top Expert, Stippling, Blending, Buffing, Setting Make Up, Cream Powder Mineral Cosmetics, Full Coverage Face Buffer, Soft Dense, Synthetic
Height6 Inches
Length1.5 Inches
Size1 Count (Pack of 1)
Width1.5 Inches
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u/gigiatl · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

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My FAVORITE vegan food is this Ethiopian vegetarian sampler with Gomen, rice, lentils, all my favorites from a local restaurant called Desta.

Eco Tools Brush Set

Thanks for the contest, you're super awesome! Sorry my story is so long :) hugarabbitday

u/tessie999 · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

Hmmm well I'm in the UK but I can recommend stuff I like! I know some of the eyeshadow palettes I like can be found in Walmart/Target sometimes (from what I've read on here).

I got ecotools brushes as my first set and I really like them. The quality is pretty solid and they are cheap - I know MAC brushes are supposed to be the best if you want to start off with the big stuff. I don't use make up that often so it's not a biggie...

One thing to note though is that has a concealer brush - not a foundation one. If you want a foundation one on it's own you can get it in MAC. Fingers would be faster to get the hang of tough to stick to that if you like :) I think brushes are supposed to give more consistency but it's honestly whatever works for you!

You can get loads of really nice multi-coloured palettes here on the cheap by E.L.F.. I got [this palette from Coastal Scents!)[
I liked it but you need a primer for some of the matte (not sparkly/shiny shades - just the flat colour).

For high quality expensive eyeshadow you could again go to MAC or Sephora :) I'm not sure what budget you are looking at - I'm very much a cheapskate for these things so I go for a balance between price, quality and quantity.


I have this primer that is also a liner for your eyeshadow! In all honesty the liner didn't last that long...the tip got dirty kinda quick and I only really used it for black. For pretty colours with different eyeshadows I used a nude eye pencil and then my liner brush from ecotools. I'm not a big liner user but if you want to I'd say to just buy a separate liner.

Some people REALLY like the Urban Decay's Primer Potions which are bottom left here. I think you need to go to the stores listed though to buy it.

Honestly the best advice I can give is check the sidebar and post some B&As here - or just your plain face asking for tips. People here are really nice and helpful - they helped me out a lot! :3 Also the sidebar as some good brands with a range in budget from drugstore to the super high-end expensive stuff!

Just start small and work up. The only thing I went big on was the eyeshadows where I bought that 88 palette...but I think that's fair enough for when you are just starting out. Get a primer for the cheaper eyeshadows though since they are not that pigmented (not much colour)!

I'm sorry those were all UK links but when I try to access US versions they switch me over to the UK version...I'm sure there will be an online store with it though :3 Amazon could be your best friend!!

Good luck and happy makeuping :3

u/Meagasus · 2 pointsr/sugarfreemua

How awesome are you! The big question is: what's your budget!?

A couple reactions to your list: honestly if she is just starting out, this brush set is OK (not great, but OK). It does seem to have a lot of eye/detail brushes and not a lot for base. The thing is, she won't know what brushes she's in love with until she tries out a bunch. If she's into it, then she might want to buy better quality brushes in the kind she likes. I'm saying this also because I'm a mua and I use brushes kind of unconventionally and I find a lot of mu enthusiasts/pros are the same way (example--it might say "crease" brush, but I'll use it for buffing out concealer or smudging eyeliner). She won't know until she tries a bunch of different kinds, so I think getting a variety of inexpensive brushes isn't a bad idea. It also depends on the face she's working on?

You might want to splurge on one kinda decent set, too, though if you're saving a ton of money getting a more inexpensive set. This one might be good to start BUTTTTTTT if you have a TJMaxx near you DEFINITELY go check it out. You can get surprisingly decent brush sets there for a great price--you also might be able to feel them before buying to check them out. I got that RT eye brush set for, like, $7.99 or something.

The brush/sponge cleaner--If I were you, I'd save some $$ by just getting a baby shampoo or Dr. Bronner's soap. (Not to say that Eco Tools one is super pricey, but if she's washing her brushes as much as she should, she may run out quick). In my kit, I use Parian Spirit or Cinema Secrets, but it's kind of $$$. If I'm running low, I'll use baby shampoo because it's super gentle. For lip brushes or special fx makeup stuff, I'll even use Dawn. The silicone brush cleaner is a cool gadget, but be warned it can wreak havoc on brushes (esp. cheap brushes!)

The organizer is a good idea and it's cute, but the only thing is that type are kinda tricky in that they don't really hold that much. If she is really getting into it, maybe something more versatile? I'm obsessed with Muji organizers, but $$$. WAIT, just checked and they're having a sale:

They are wonderful because they are SUPER versatile and all kind of fit together, so you can make your own little set up.

What about a cute vanity mirror?

Brush holder?

An amazing book that still has an insane amount of relevant information even 20 years later:

I use this guy for if I know I'm only doing one client. Would be great for personal use, too:

OK, I'm going to bed, haha! Have fun, you are an amazing sister and whatever you get her will be cherished.

u/heyheynikki · 1 pointr/RandomActsofMakeup

Heya, welcome to RAoM!! I hope you enjoy it here :D Also, happy birthday c:

I'd definitely recommend picking up the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk -- it's a great base that really makes colors pop! It's also really creamy, so it blends out easily.

I also love my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. I have Rendezvous (a very orange-y coral) and Lovestick (bright pink), which are perfect for summer. I also have Romantic (pretty true red) and my sister has Crush (a darker plum), which are great for fall. These are really easy to wear because they feel just like lip balms, but they're also very nicely pigmented.

If you want to play around with a lot more colors, I would say go for the Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette -- I use at least one color from this every time I do my make-up! It's not too pricey, but it gives you a lot to experiment with :)

I think it would be a pretty great time to pick up some brushes. Since you're just starting out, I'd probably go with ELF brushes because they're super cheap. Here are a few of my favorites (although I'd recommend looking in store at Target, because the white brushes are only $1 and the black ones are usually only $3; they might be cheaper on the ELF website too):

Eyeshadow Brush -- great for packing on the color
Blending Brush -- because everyone could use a nice blender!
Contouring Brush -- really great for applying color in the crease
12 Piece Set -- I don't actually own all these brushes, but it looks like a great set to start with, especially for only $12!

As for something I'd like...well, I'm currently obsessing over this lipstick in Black Cherry, because it is the PERFECT color for fall, and I don't have any other dark lip colors :3

Oh yea, and Summer Fun !

u/summerxskin · 3 pointsr/RandomActsofMakeup

I'm not entering but just wanted to give some recommendations because this is really sweet.

For brushes, Real Techniques makes some fabulous sets(you could perhaps get the eyes and core collection to get someone started), ELF Studio makes a nice set, and I have heard good things about this one.

For lipsticks, I'm a big fan of the Rimmel Kate Moss line and NYX Round Case lipsticks with Tea rose being one of my favorite colors. If you're interested in buying one non drugstore item, a MAC lipstick would be an amazing gift.

For the face trio, Sleek makes this amazing palette with a contour powder, highlighter, and blush. I also highly recommend their single blushers. Individual items I would recommend from the drugstore are the NYC Sunny bronzer or NYX Taupe, Wet n Wild Reserve Your Cabana highlighter or the Boots liquid illuminator, and NYX powder/cream blushes.

For shadows, I'm going to recommend Sleek again. They make fabulous 12 pan palettes called i-divine. Some favorites of mine are the Original, Au Natural, and Oh So Special.

Some other products I love that would be great for a beginner are the NYX milk pencil, Maybelline Color Tattoos, Covergirl Clump Crusher, Revlon lip butters, and an Asian bb cream(Missha, Skinfood, and Holika Holika make some good ones).

u/gub117 · 4 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

No pics since I'm not at home.. but here's what I've gotten recently with reviews!!

  • ELF Cream Eyliner in Black - This liner is AMAZING!! So pigmented, creamy, easy to use, and lasted all day. I was actually able to make a decent wing with this..which is a big deal for me!

  • bareMinerals Eyeshadow in Nude Beach - This. Is. The. Most. BEAUTIFUL. Eyeshadow. Ever. Seriously amazing..wear it every day now!! IN LOVE GO GET IT NOW!

  • real Techniques Starter Set - These brushes, like everyone says, are amazing. Great quality, super soft, no complaints at all!!

  • NYX Makeup Setting Spray Dewy Finish - I used an Urban Decay MSS before this, but this one seems just as good as sooo much cheaper! I have dry skin, so this is great to keep my skin moisturized and not have dry, patchy areas.

  • Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey - Since everyone and their mom has raved about this I thought I'd try it, and it is really great! The color is gorgeous and you can get so many looks from it. It looks really natural on me and not like I'm wearing anything on my lips at all, more of a stained look. I'm not a fan of the scent though..

  • MUFE Aqua Eyes in Champagne 23L - This was a dud for me..not a fan of the color (very, very light..doesn't show up on my eyes at all), not very creamy, so I really have no use for it. Will be returned unfortunately!!

  • Maybelline Great Lash BIG - I know people are 50/50 on this but I've always loved the regular Great Lash for bottom lashes or for very natural lashes! I really love this one..for me it works like Bad Gal Lash but about 1/5 of the price! Will keep wearing this! I also got Clump Crusher but haven't opened it yet :)
u/_henhenpal_ · 1 pointr/RandomActsofMakeup

1. Hard choice, but I THINK it'd be Maybelline. They have great makeup and great bargains. Or maybe E.L.F...


Face: Maybelline Fit Me concealer. That stuff is. amaze. balls.

Cheek: It's weird, but the L'Oreal Fairest Nude Lipstick, because it creates the most beautiful, natural blush.

Lip: Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon, because it's beautimous.

3. Revlon Creme Eyeshadow. I have a quad, and it's so weird. Gunky, gross, and NEVER FREAKING DRIES. Well, I mean, you know, not necessarily dry, but y'know what I mean? That stuff stays about 2 seconds on my lids before sliding off, and I don't have oily lids :(

4. A lot of stuff from E.L.F. I mean, some of their stuff really is worth that $1 you spent on it, but I've had a good experience with most of their products. The one in particular I'm thinking of is their dollar eyelash curler. Maybe I don't love on my eyelashes enough, but I think an eyelash curler is an eyelash curler, and I'd rather buy a new lip product than one of those!

5. I think CoverGirl Quads are pretty great (:

6. Physician's Formula is sorta pricey for what it is.

7. I don't have any thing 'dupeable' because all I have is drugstore:(

8. I honestly don't know, just starting out in makeup, I do a lot of research on here and MUA before buying. Most of what I've bought so far seems pretty good (:

9. Oh God, so many come to mind...I think what I'd most like to try is the Maybelline Fit Me foundation, because the concealer was so freaking amazing!!

10. I don't know... true makeup, probably either this or this. Makeup accessories probably these or these.. But the thing I seriously need that is only makeup related for me is this, because I literally sit on a bucket to do my makeup. Wow, all of that makes me sound like a spoiled brat...Just for the record, I don't expect anyone to actually get them for me, they're just high up there on my WL (: Thank you so so much for the contest!!!

u/letsmakeart · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I think my best advice would honestly be to work on honing your skills. I used to be able to do pretty okay shadows cause I never really learned about blending and pretty much stuck to one colour shadow at a time. But now I live for blending. It honestly makes such a difference. Even with just one shadow, blending out the edges makes it look so much better. I like really fluffy brushes that really blur things dramatically, but it's really up to you. The Real Techniques eye set of 4 brushes is good for "tighter" blending brushes. The fluffy one I love is from a coastal scents 22 piece brush set, they don't sell it individually and it does not have a name printed on, unfortunately.

So yeah, I'd suggest working on skills more than anything. But I will try and answer what you actually asked for haha. My fave palettes are the too faced chocolate bar and naked basics 2. I also love inglot shadows because I like the customization they offer (you buy the shadows in singles and can build your own duos or palettes), and they make really good, blendable mattes. Mattes are notorious for generally being harder to blend than shimmery or glittery colours sort of across most brands, but the inglot matte ones are very good. Naked 3 palette might work really nicely for you as well, but I think the semi-sweet chocolate bar palette would be the best. Nice shadow quality, nice range of shades, but I think they would look especially nice with brown eyes and your skin tone. I would recommend naked basics for the purpose of having a nice set of strong, basic (ha ha) matte shades. But yeah, semi-sweet chocolate bar!

u/thebookthief · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

Congrats on getting into makeup! It's going to change your life!

Since you're just starting, I would go and get my brows cleaned up a little so you know what shape you're working with. Read reviews of brow places and such before you go - I personally prefer threading over waxing, and make sure to communicate that you don't want them thin, just cleaned up. I can't tell from the picture, but you may also want to get your lip threaded if it's noticeable. I like to have a clean look in this regard because then the makeup looks even better.

I would also look into a quality moisturizer and facial cleanser if you don't have those already. Also makeup remover and makeup brushes. All that good stuff. I recently bought [this set of brushes] ( from Coastal Scents which are pretty good quality in my opinion.

When I really started getting into makeup techniques I watched a bunch of youtube tutorials. I lurked MUA as well for product recommendations inspiration, but watching videos made it easier for me to get the techniques down. At first it will be a lot of trial and error and figuring out what's "too much," etc, but you'll develop the skills over time with practice and feedback. Don't get discouraged like I used to. It just takes time. Luckily it will take less time with the right resources, which I unfortunately never looked into years ago!

I included a few links to some youtube tutorials below. Not saying you should replicate any of these particular looks exactly, but they will help you get used to what you should be doing. I'm not sure which foundation is best for your complexion, so I can't really give advice on that. I have been using Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation for years because it just seems to work for me. I also like the Hello Flawless powder from Benefit. For eyeshadows, brow powder, and liner, I first tried those out with cheaper makeup, from ELF or the drugstore, and then researched and bought the better ones once I got the hang of it and had more of an idea of the right colors for me.

Hope this helps!

Edit: formatting

u/perfidiia · 3 pointsr/transpassing

yeah like someone else said, i’m not super sure what look you were going for. personally, if ur just starting w makeup i’d just start w a bb cream as foundation (depending on what level of coverage u need), mascara, and a lip colour. unless ur in a transphobic or homophobic area, definitely don’t be afraid to go to a local drug store and ask whoever’s at the makeup counter for help finding a good foundation shade!! they’re usually really friendly. unlike another commenter, i wouldn’t recommend trying contouring. it’s really hard to get right, especially if ur inexperienced. eyebrows can be tricky too bc going too dark can be very masculinizing. in terms of eyeshadow and eyebrows, watching some youtube videos or, if you can afford it, getting just a half hour makeup lesson can be really helpful. you can look up the definitions cuz it’s hard to describe without pictures, but ultimately all you need is a transition shade for your crease, a shade to go on your eyelid, and a darker shade for your outer “crease” if you want to deepen the look. (a n eye primer can be very helpful for blending out your eyeshadow and getting the brightest colour. the last i’ll say is remember that the way ur face looks in the lighting of ur bedroom is not how it’ll look outside in the sunlight. i’d recommend doing ur makeup in the brightest light in ur home. finally, if the time comes that you want a full-ish brush set, i’ve heard this one is really good if ur on a budget. sorry if this is wayyyy too much. makeup can be intimidating at first, but youtube will be ur best friend for the first little bit. the most important thing is to practice. hope this could be of some help :). ultimately makeup is about having fun, feeling confident, and expressing yourself.

u/Endrealis · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

This is just what I do so obviously you don't have to listen to any or all of my advice.

If your looking for good brushes but not super expensive then I'd recommend this Real Techniques brush set. It's on sale right now on Amazon or I think Ulta is doing some type of buy 1 get 1 50% off something or other. If you want individual brushes I'd go for Morphe or Coastal Scents. For simple looks I think an all over lid brush, a crease brush, and a blending brush is great to start with. I feel like with those three you can use them for a lot of looks until you're ready to build up your collection.

For shadows you can pick up E.L.F, Coastal Scents, Nyx, and BH Palettes are nice starters. Some shades aren't the greatest quality but if your practicing and don't want to spend a lot then it'll go far. They have palettes for several different styles depending on what color you want to go. Or if you don't want tons of shades and want singles you can try MakeupGeek or Coastal Scents. They sell single pans so you only have what you want in your collection. I'd also pick up a primer if you have the funds. You can get Nyx eyelid primer for about $7.00 and it'll help your shadows stay on your lids without creasing.

For eyeshadow tutorials I feel like picture tutorials are best. Videos for me are awful because I hate pausing to finish my step to get to the next step because they're faster than me. Picture tutorials are great because I can pull it up on my phone in my bathroom zoom in on the step and move onto the next one. Not saying I only use picture tutorials because I watch Youtube videos to learn blending techniques etc. You can always search Pinterest for picture tutorials

Typically what I do for the pics you linked is:

(For this example let's say I'm using Twilight, Prom Night, and Sensuous from [This MakeupGeek swatches]) for hopefully an easy follow through)

1: Prime the lids and let it sit for a moment unless it states otherwise. Some things like glitter glue etc need to be tacky.

2: Take a crease (or similar brush) and take a light color like Twilight and put it in your crease. I'd swipe the brush back and forth on your crease until you've reached the opacity you like. You can always bring it higher than your crease if you like that look as well.

3: Take an all over lid brush (or similar) and put another color such as Prom Night all over the lid but not above the crease. Again put on as much or as little as you want until you've reached the opacity you'd like.

4: I like to go back with a crease brush and apply more Twilight to the crease and blending them together so there's no harsh line.

5: If you want to take the look further you can take the crease brush once more and apply Sensuous to the crease from the outside of your eye towards the inside until about halfway or your desired spot.

6: Blend it out so there are no harsh lines and apply more Twilight to your crease if necessary.

I hope you find what your looking for and hopefully this helped a little bit!

u/HitlerBinLadenToby · 2 pointsr/muacjdiscussion

This set on Amazon is really good and super cheap.

I got Sephora's #10 crease brush which is amazing but discontinued so I'll likely be looking into more Sephora brushes. I was really impressed with the performance of their natural hair brushes (I had only owned their synthetic brushes before).

The rest I have gotten from Coastal Scents. I have hooded eyes, so YMMV, but the Classic Blender Doefoot Brush Natural is my absolute favorite for transition shades. It is extremely dense and I use the sharp edge of it to have super clean lines with my eyeshadow at the outer corner.

The Classic Flat Powder Brush Natural is my other favorite, which is really good for under eye powdering. I love it as a blush brush although that's because I apply blush kind of unconventionally (I have found my blush to look better if I swish this flatter brush back and forth from my hairline to the apples of my cheek rather than moving a rounded brush in circles).

If you want a typically sized and shaped blush brush, Classic Large Powder Brush Natural is wonderful. Super soft.

u/wicksa · 3 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

i am not really sure what you mean about the eyelid thing, maybe a picture would help?

i have never used costal scents, but ive seen a few girls here make some nice looks with it. no idea on the quality. i know you said ELF is too expensive, but this palette is only 10 pounds. i have it and i like it. they are pretty good quality for a cheaper eye shadow palette. if you can afford some eye primer, the colors will look even better. i use urban decay primer potion, but that sounds like its a little out of your budget, maybe someone can recommend a cheap one!

i have combination skin (oily and dry! ughhh) and I always use liquid foundation. Powder can make the dry spots look really flaky. Revlon Colorstay is a good drugstore brand, I like it, it has good coverage and staying power, and I hear a lot of people mention it on here.

[edit] i see you are a teen and have youthful skin. if you dont get many breakouts and dont have a lot of unevenness in your skin tone, you could probably get away with a tinted moisterizer or a BB cream instead of a full coverage foundation. i recently got a sample of loreals BB cream and I was a big fan!

i really like ecotools brushes. They are good quality and relatively cheap!

Good luck!

u/ArchDesign · 3 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I think the best way to think about your theme is, just the things that make us feel pampered, loved, and beautiful. What gifts can you buy that could put self-love back into someone's life? Maybe it's just giving someone a few things to alleviate stress, like some nice bath products or a subtle candle scent. Or maybe you could just look for items that accentuate femininity and grace, like a embroidered handkerchief! Here is a list of things that will give the ladies in your life some help giving back to themselves:

  1. Soap miniatures
  2. Face masks
  3. Elf brushes:
    e.l.f. Cosmetics 12 Piece Brush Set
  4. Coconut oil samples: Found some at World Market in those wood bins in the food section
  5. Miniature shampoo/conditioner: found in the travel sections at most any store like Target or Walmart
  6. Facial exfoliating brush (non-electric) or sponge:
    Konjac Sponge (3 Pack) Activated Bamboo Charcoal. Facial Cleansing & Exfoliating Beauty Sponges
  7. razors and a nice shaving cream
  8. loofa and body wash
  9. Stud earrings: Authentic Freshwater Cultured Pearl Set of Five White,Grey,Peach,Pink,Peacock Pearl Earrings with Stainless Steel Backs (6-6.5mm)
  10. Small makeup bags: you can also get these for like 1-3 bucks at the discount bins in Target and Michael's or at paper/pen stores. Set of 4 - ZICOME New Cute Candy Colored Travel Theme Memories Pastorable Style Pencil Case Coin Makeup Bag Purse Case
  11. Chocolates (because they make us feel good)
    12 discount panties (like 6 for 20.00 or less at target
  12. Pumice stones, foot file, pedicure set
  13. Bath bombs, bath salts, bath pearls
  14. Aloe Vera socks
  15. Burt's Bees miniature set:
    Burt's Bees Fabulous Mini's Travel Set
  16. A pack of tea (so good for you) and tea cup!
  17. Summer's Eve Cleanser or cleansing wipes: Hail to the V y'all, cause this stuff is AMAZING!!!
  18. Oil blotting paper or face cleansing wipes
  19. Nail polish remover pads:
    6 LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads Aceton Free Fruit Scent 6 Different Ones (Total 199 pADSs
u/jadexmachina · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

It sounds like you're in a similar place as I was a couple years ago, so let me just info dump the bits I've picked up.

This tutorial helped me a lot with blending eyeshadow. The other thing I did was look all over the internet for people who had the same kind of eyes as me, and then see what kind of looks they did, and how they placed their eyeshadow. But honestly, the best thing you can do is practice.

I would highly recommend picking up some kind of neutral eyeshadow palette: and buy JUST ONE. I know a ton of people spend lots of money on lots of palettes and that's perfectly fine, but using one palette for an extended period of time will give you a better idea of what you like. For example, I bought Naked Basics 1, and at first I loved it, because eyeshadow! Then I hated it, because I thought the shadows wouldn't blend. Then I bought proper brushes and practiced with new tips: suddenly, I loved the shadows again because they blended. So first (and second) impressions may not be correct (which is why it's important to practice skills first, before jumping in and buying huge hauls). I also figured out that cool-tones are not so great on me, by figuring out which shades in UD Basics 1 looked good on my skintone, and which ones washed me out. Some options: Too Faced Natural Eyes, UD Basics, Lorac Pro 1, KVD Shade and Light, UD Naked 1, Wet N Wild Comfort Zone.

Here's the brush set I'm using right now. I'm ridiculously in love, because they were so cheap, and so soft. Seriously, I would pay 5x this price for these brushes. They have a bit of a chemical smell when you recieve them, but it goes away if you wash it.

Some random tips that helped me: don't try to blend on top of primer. Set down some neutral wash of shadow all over the lid, like Wet n Wild Creme Brulee or UD Foxy, it'll set your primer, and you can blend on top of that. Only pick up small amounts of shadow at a time, if you stab your brush into black shadow and touch it onto your lid, no matter how much you blend you will end up with a black spot of eyeshadow. Work in small motions, be patient with your blending. It will get better with practice.

As for lip color, I recommend similar things. Try researching and buying drugstore lipsticks first, because they'll be cheaper and you can get a better sense of what you like before spending a lot more money. As a beginner in makeup, it's too easy to buy a hugeeee amount of things because this subreddit suggests you do, but buy only a couple things at a time, and don't be afraid to return if you don't like it.

Hopefully that helped a little, feel free to shoot me any questions if you have any!

u/PatitoIncognito · 1 pointr/RandomActsofMakeup

You need some brushes! Real Techniques is a great brand to start with. They have some nice kits for eyes or face and great single brushes like the expert face brush and blush brush. EcoTools is another inexpensive brand for good quality brushes. Have you tried a lipstick before? Try the brand NYX. I'm around your age and I honestly used to think lipstick was for older ladies (sorry!), but I'm digging it now. Like others have said, primer, concealer, and color tattoos would be good items to add to your collection as well. Update us on what you end up choosing and happy birthday!

Summer Fun

edit: For the prize, if I do happen to win, you can surprise me. =) Thanks for hosting!

u/talkativecarpet · 7 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

Hi, I have pretty similar coloring to you (very fair skin with strawberry blonde hair) to you so here's stuff I like to use:

  • Urban Decay Naked Basics palette - I love this palette as the shades look beautiful on anyone. I use the Real Techniques Eye Brush set, I do a layer of Foxy all over my lid first (makes blending super easy), then Faint on my outer socket, then blend it in with Naked 2 over the rest of the lid. I finish it up with Venus under my eyebrow arch. Personally I love the Real Techniques brushes, I think the eye set is great as it makes smokey eye really easy.
  • For primer I use Benefit Porefessional, however I'm pretty sure this L'Oreal one is a dupe for it and is half the price. However if your skin is oily I'd recommend No7 Beautifully Matte, my mum has super oily skin and this is the only one that works for her, it's almost chalky in consistency and really sticks to the skin. Primer makes the world of difference, I even wear it when I can't be bothered to do actual makeup as it smooths my skin out.
  • I just bought some L'Oreal BB Powder and am loving it, it works with or without makeup. Everyday I use it over primer and it also makes foundation look natural over the top.
  • I shape my eyebrows myself (it's turned into an obsession) and when I fill them in I use Benefit Brow Zings in light. It works amazingly well for my hair colour, however yours is a bit darker so you might want to look for a specific redhead brow product. If you are using a powder product I love the brow brush in the above mentioned Real Techniques Eye set.
  • For blush I use Benetint, if you have reddish hair I think it looks amazing.
  • Have you ever tried contouring? It's something that has changed my life. I use the contouring brush from the Real techniques core collection with Hoola. A lot of bronzer has shimmer in it which isn't great for contouring. I learn't how to do it via youtube videos, Pixiwoo and Lisa Elridge are the ones I seem to remember being good.
  • I agree with the other comments about the lower lid liner, I think just the flick on top looks better. I say this as a former kohl addict. But if you want to continue wearing it i'd thicken the line a tiny bit so it's not just on your waterline.
  • Lips wise there's a Nide range by L'Oreal, the Julianne Moore one is for redheads and is the only nude I've found that works with my hair.

    Hope all or some of these are helpful and i'm sure the other addicts here will have some great advice. Also I love your piercings, especially your septum, it's one i've always wanted but i'm not sure that my nose is a good shape for it. Yours looks rad.
u/PavementBlues · 2 pointsr/asktransgender

Hey there girl! I don't see any makeup answers yet in the comments, so I'll tackle that question.

Makeup Starter Kit

  1. My coming out process ended up moving much more rapidly than I expected and I was out to most all of my friends and some of my family within a couple of months of accepting that I was trans. Once I stopped being ashamed of it, it all just started to flow. The only serious coming out conversation I have left is with my dad, which I'm intentionally delaying because he's going through a lot right now and it will almost certainly result in our estrangement.

  2. My therapist and my friends, absolutely without a doubt. Supportive friends make a huge difference. They let you see what life can be like, which gives you the hope you need to keep going.

  3. I'm not sure what island you're on, but I did some searching and found the Rainbow Family 808, who in turn had the Lavender Clinic listed as a resource. They're based out of Honolulu, but if that doesn't work for you, I'd call the Rainbow Family directly and explain that you're trying to look for a gender therapist and wanted to know if they had any recommendations near where you live.

    Good luck! Feel free to comment or PM me if you have any questions.
u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

So, honestly, I think you should gift /u/meowbabymeow.

I have a few reasons and here I will list them for you. :)

  • She's smoking hot. I mean, hello?! Have you seen her?!

  • She and I became friends on here- little did we know, we ended up living just minutes from one another and had never known of each other's existence.

  • When I was in the hospital for 10 days just recently, she surprised me with flowers, a milkshake, and balloons! It was super sweet. Because my sister and I were bored out of our minds, she brought up board games for the three of us to play together. (She may or may not have whooped my butt once or twice- but I'll always claim to be the #1 winner.)

  • She recently saved a lady's life. She stopped and made sure the woman received help before heading to her destination. Then, followed up with the lady and family to be sure that she was alright. In my book, that is pretty damn amazing.

  • She's a 2 time cancer survivor.

  • She's a total badass and I love her. I want her to be happy and have everything she could ever want in life or more. <3 <3 She deserves it.

    I would choose that it all goes to her- and with that said, this is what I'd give.
u/GherkinJerkin · 2 pointsr/Makeup

How much time do you have? I bought a ton of nail art supplies off of ebay that shipped from china that cost a couple dollars each. The quality is good but it takes about a month's ship time to get to the states.
Tape - best for painting lines
Gold/Silver dots
Brushes for next level designs
Neon shapes
Dotting tools
Fimo shapes
That's a lot of suggestions but you can pick and choose based on what she likes. Just searching for "nail art" brings up SO many things!
If you want makeup I highly suggest
Too Faced Neutral Eyes even if she's not great with makeup this is wonderful. It's got colors for day, fancy, and night.
Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stains are great for a girl who doesn't wear lipstick but likes chapstick. Feels like chapstick but gives all day color
Eco Tools Brush Set is great for beginners.
OR ELF brush set which I recommend more than eco tools. (I had to replace my Eco Tools fairly quickly, but you can buy them at the same place you get the Toofaced pallet and Balm stains).
I also really like their Eye Primer in Sheer
I hope these give you some ideas!

u/janee346 · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I'm not quite sure if what you bought from Amazon was real/decent or not, since I don't know the actual products you bought.

What I can say is, when I'm buying products on Amazon, I read the reviews and look at the seller. If many people in the reviews are saying that the product or the seller is shitty, than I will skip it altogether. I usually just buy products that are sold from (not to be confused with 'Fulfilled by Amazon').

Personally, I would suggest these Real Techniques brushes. I know you said you bought an Elf brush set, which is a great starter for you, but these brushes are relatively cheap and will last you a long long time. Many people on here recommend them and I have a bunch of them as well.

I'm not quite sure what your budget is, but I would definitely invest on a decent palette. In my opinion, it's better to go for higher end palettes that will last you a long time and are of better quality. You can find this palette here on Amazon, called the Lorac Pro Palette. Again, from, so no worries there. I bought my Lorac Pro on Amazon and had no issues with the shipping or anything. The eyeshadows are buttery, pigmented and there are many many color combinations with this palette, specifically neutral colors (if that's what you're into.)

Lastly, I would recommend looking into a lot of NYX products. They have a wide variety, which you can look through here. Many of their products are decent for the price and probably one (if not the best) of the best drugstore brands out there.

So basically, I would suggest looking at items that say "Ships from and sold by". In my opinion, that's the best way to know you're getting the real deal. If you want to take the chance, I would look up the sellers and at the reviews to see if what you're getting is good.

u/Aoibhell · 3 pointsr/RandomActsofMakeup

This is one of my favorite questions to ask people! My husband and I are big on paying it forward.

Last christmas, the Doc Mcstuffins doll was one of the hot toys. We were lucky enough to get one for our niece, but it turned out that she already had one. People were selling it on eBay and Craigslist for 3 times its worth because it was in such high demand. We decided to list our doll on cl for the price we paid ($50, I believe). The woman who inquired first seemed so happy to find the doll... When she showed up to pick it up, she handed me the cash. I handed it back to her and said, "No charge. Merry Christmas." She shed a few tears and thanked me profusely. It was awesome.

The items I'd most like to have are: Eco Tools 6 Piece Eye Set, Coastal Scents To Go Palette Beijing, or Sleek I Divine Oh So Special palette

Thanks For hosting... Great question! How about you?

u/shewhogoesthere · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

Everyday Minerals. I swear by them. Been using it for years and my makeup looks so sheer and natural, yet I can cover any flaws I need to. It just melts into my skin. And they have free samples (well you pay shipping, a couple bucks) and can try a bunch of foundation shades before committing to a full size. I don't know what your skintone is, but their concealers are also fantastic if you have the right brush...

Which leads me to coastal scents. If they still have a brush called the 'mini detail' buy that right now. As someone who has dealt with cystic acne and regular acne..its the best thing ever. A teeny tiny brush that will dab on foundation/concealer (liquid, cream, mineral, whatever you end up using) with precision on top of blemishes. Its amazing and works better than anything else. You need to be able to blend and dab product right on that spot without getting it everywhere around it. As for blush and thicker brushes...I still recommend EcoTools. Try to find one of their travel sets with the half size brushes, they have the best blush brushes that work with mineral makeup, blush, bronzer, highlighter...I bought a couple packs and use that mini blush brush for everything. its fluffy and not stiff and seems to pick up the exact right amount of powder on every product.
This is the set I have

And this one also looks good

u/WhiteboardMonster · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

Stalk her makeup collection to see what she already has, so you don't buy doubles.

If you want to go for fancy presentation, I think you should get a few types of product, like brushes, some lip things, and some eye things.

Real techniques brushes are great, and you can get them in stores or on Amazon; here's a couple [sets] (

The Sleek palettes are well thought of and cheap, and I don't think she'd object to getting this.

Lipstick is based a lot on skin tone, so if you want to get anything like that you should try to figure out what her undertones are. Before you panic, an easy way to guess is if she wears

warm, autumnal colors

She's probably got warm undertones. You can also take a peek at her foundation to see if it has anything on there like "warm" or "neutral" or "cool" - then you can maybe take a look at the lipstick labels and compare. If a red says "true red" it's may have some blue undertones.

Ideally, you'll be able to ask a sales rep somewhere, and maybe you can bring pictures taken in natural lighting for them to get a good idea.

If you don't want to do all that, a nice assortment of tinted lipbalms (people here seem to like the baby lips ones, and they're at basically all drugstores/makeup sections in stores that have makeup sections)

And you can't go wrong with a good primer. Go to Sephora or something and pick up one of the travel size Smashbox photo-finish face primers (the travel size is a better deal, ounce per ounce) and add a few things of chocolate for good measure.

u/Starhawke8 · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

You don't absolutely need to have brushes, they just greatly help over your finger. Try either a small set like this Ecotools one, which you can find at most Walgreens/Walmart/Kmart/etc. Alternatively, elf has many $1 and $3 eyeshadow brushes, some of which are excellent.

From elf, I would recommend the eyeshadow, blending, crease, and smudge (smudge brush not sponge!) brushes of their $1 Essential line, and the eyeshadow "C", small angled, contour, angled contour and flawless concealer brushes of their $3 Studio line.

Second, the main thing that you're going to need to do to make eyeshadow (applies to all makeup really) is:

  • practice
  • learn what color schemes you like mixed together
  • watch youtube videos
  • browse on here and its imgur site
  • pay attention to what other people are doing if you like what they've done
  • find out if you like certain eyeshadows applied wet or dry
  • invest in a cheap primer that works for you. This will help your eyeshadow adhere to your lid much better.
  • if you use brushes, make sure they're clean first

    Learn how much pressure you need to use to build color: start lightly at first, you can always add more. The "c" shaped eyeshadow brushes are great for patting color on. You want to use the blending/contouring ones in a windshield-wiping motion to blend across things like your crease or blend out a color line, so that it doesn't look harsh.

    It will all look very weird and harsh on you at first. That because you're not used to seeing yourself with that appearance. I know it's a lot to start with, but these are things that I wish I had known to ask in retrospect. I hope this helped, rather than overwhelmed you. Good luck and have fun playing around with it!
u/Eggwolls · 2 pointsr/RandomActsofMakeup

The first thing I learned about makeup is that you NEED to invest in GOOD brushes. Real Techniques is the way to go 100%.
Eye brush set.
Expert face brush.
The only other brush set I can recommend is Coastal Scents.

I think as far as lipsticks go, pinky MLBB shades are a good place to start. Wet N Wild has very cheap (but pigmented) colors to try and if she doesn't like them, then it's not much money wasted. I'd not want to buy a more expensive brand and her not like it. /: You know what I mean?

The ELF blush/contour kit. I've always heard great reviews of this little kit.

NYX Natural palette is a must imo. Very pigmented and all the nudes you need to pull off any natural eye look. Not to mention, the lightest shades can be used as a highlight and some of the darker shades can be used as a brow filler.

Hope this helps! Good luck to you and invite your friend here. <: SrslyGlammin

EDIT: Also. I great youtube channel for a lot of drugstore reviews (Don't buys and Do buys) is here and here. Same lady. Does awesome and informative reviews!

u/salt-lick · 2 pointsr/transpassing

This set! they're pretty cheap but reeeally good. I use them for all of my eyemakeup now, including my eyebrows. The rounded flat brush is great for applying lid colour, the rounded brush is good for blending, slanted brush is perfect for eyebrows and crisper liner and the short stubby brush I told you about is good for putting colour in the crease as well as softly lining the eyes.

10/10 :) would recommend! They're available most countries I should think.

u/lambchops0 · 3 pointsr/Makeup

Ah, Another european. Everything is super expensive over here :(

Here are some recommendations:

I got a mini Models Own set -

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. There is a powder, angled, blending, shading and lip brush. The middle 3 should be good for most eye looks.

Eco tools are also a good brand. Several of my friends use them and I have seen others on reddit comment on them positively. Something like these are efficient as is this set -

This is a good seller on Amazon and is like the one brookehhaven linked for the eu :)

Hope some of these work for you :)

u/ladyllana · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. Now this is a goblet worthy of a queen. And honey you should see me in a crown.

  2. Every witch should look her best. These face brooms should help me out!

  3. Sure, the hat completes my look, but this will make sure that the hair underneath is just as fabulous.

  4. Sure, this may not be much of a stretch as far as explanations go, but how much more fitting could you get? (PS - It was even on my wishlist before today!).

  5. I would be HORRIFIED if my chest were to look like just any one I could have snagged at Amazon-Alley. This will ensure that I can customize it to be completely unique!

    Bonus: This is one classy cape. I have to look my best when I'm off campus!
u/Feeling_Pretty · 9 pointsr/RandomActsofMakeup

Oh wow this contest is such a great idea! Since my name is pretty easy to do, I decided to make it fun and over the top.

I feel so pretty!

My item


u/Raisin_brancesca · 1 pointr/RandomActsofMakeup

Thank you for hosting!

I recently found a gem of a brush, by a brand that I don't hear mentioned, ever. It's the Beauty Junkees Flat Top Kabuki ! I've never tried Sigma, but I've seen in reviews that they're comparable. Let me tell you, it is incredible! Right now, I use it for powder/buffing purposes, and soon I will use it for mineral makeup.

Also, the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is SO GOOD for liquid foundation. I adore the shape of it. The pointy tip helps with the application of concealer. I can't gush enough.

And now I'm starting to sound like an infomercial. Brushie brushie (:

u/superpony123 · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I mean a brush brush, a beauty blender is a specially shaped sponge.

I dont consider it a type of brush. I'm not personally a fan of the beauty blenders and brushes work very well for me but you may want to try both. This is the exact brush that I use and this is where I purchased it.. It is very soft, easy to clean, and I haven't noticed anything wonky going on with the fibers. I think it was absolutely worth the money, and it was relatively cheap compared to a lot of high end brushes, while not having a cheap quality about it. It's a good brush. If you are looking for some reaaally nice brushes, look at Real Techniques. I bought that one because I read a lot of good reviews about it and a lot of people compared it to Real Techniques which has an excellent reputation

u/imamathcat · 3 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

You definitely don't have to go for a full face everyday. As stated below, most people here love makeup, so they tend to go all out for their FOTD. I, on the other hand, never wear any foundation/blush/bronzer/etc and only stick with concealer, eye makeup, and the occasional lip.

I find brushes make a huge difference for me in terms of makeup application, Real Techniques is a great affordable brand that you can easily find on Amazon. Their [core set] ( has some good face brushes, and then the [Starter set] ( has a good variety of eye brushes.

For lips, Nyx is great, as are products from Revlon (particularly their lip butters and super lustrous lipsticks). I haven't found a good drug store product that doesn't need to be touched up every 3 or 4 hours though. I personally rarely wear lipliner unless its with a bright shade or a liquid lipstick, so I think if you're starting out with easy to use colors you can probably skip it for now. I haven't found a great drug store lip liner, but my holy grail is the [Sephora Brand clear liner] ( which is only $10.

For mascara, it is definitely up to personal preference, but some of the most popular drug store items are probably [Maybelline's the Rocket] ( or [Cover Girl's Clump Crusher] (

As far as eyeliner, it depends on what kind of formula you want. The only drug store eyeliner I really use is [Revlon's ColorStay] ( which is a basic twist up pencil liner.

As someone else mentioned, we can't really suggest any color products without seeing a picture or at least knowing you skin tone.

u/Snophie · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

Thanks for the response! For brushes do you think just ordering something like this or this would be good? I have no idea what half of them are for but ~$1 per brush (+case on the one) seems like a pretty good deal. Like it looks like the case one has one of those little angle brushes which I think I've seen used with eyeliner goop stuff I think but the other doesn't. And for eye shadow do you think just getting a giant thing like this would be smart? It seems cheap and there are so many colors so I'd have no problem figuring out which ones I like hahaha.

u/MizDiana · 10 pointsr/asktransgender

Do you have $50 to blow? I'd say go to Sephora, schedule a makeover (you have to spend $50 on product), and then ask them to do a simple, easy to learn style that could be used every day and makes you look feminine/female. Overall, you can get the same look with drug store stuff as with more expensive brands. The difference is usually the durability (cheap mascara dries up & flakes off after 5 hours, say) and how easy it is to put on.

My basics: foundation (ask a store employee for color, usually it should match the skin tone of your neck/chest/underarm), concealer for beard shadow (a little more pinkish/orangish than usual if you're covering up dark beard shadow on a light-skinned face), mascara, lipstick. Also, usually bronzer. (Brush it on beneath the cheekbone. Start at the ear, and hook it under the cheekbone. Don't extend past horizontally past where your eye starts. Adds some color & the darkness in that area makes it look like you have real cheekbones, which many of us don't.)

Hygiene: Do NOT use the floor samples at any makeup store. Makeup can carry bacteria. You don't want other people's skin diseases. A store employee doing a makeover or showing you a sample should clean it with an alcohol spray before using. Ask about this. Also, once a month or so clean your brushes with alcohol (ELF makes a cheap alcohol spray that isn't as rough as plain isopropyl rubbing alcohol, though that works too.

Removal: Makeup removal wipes are a rip-off, though I do have one pack for my gym locker. I prefer a simple oil, as makeup is generally oil-soluble. Something relatively cheap, like cold-pressed almond oil, will wipe makeup right off and be much healthier than fancy makeup removers. (Except mascara, which is usually water soluble.) Take off makeup, towel (or old t-shirt) off the oil, wash face with water, and apply moisturizer before bed. Sleeping in makeup isn't great for your skin.

Brushes: I'd look for a brush set on Amazon. Makeup in stores can be a good deal. Brushes are always a rip off in stores. I prefer animal hair, and bought this set:


Or this if you're going to splurge:

There are a variety of all-synthetic brushes if you don't want something that uses animal hair though, like this:

For liquid foundation: some cheap teardrop sponges. For primer, silicone applicators. Like so:

SPF: the sun is your enemy. Always wear SPF anywhere that will be exposed to the sun.

What basics do I actually use: Sephora-brand liquid foundation (lotion I put on before makeup is SPF), sephora lipstick (SPF), Sephora primer. (Which I use only if I want my makeup to last 10+ hours - makeup is absorbed into the skin. Sephora filling primer is kind of like vaseline-light and will prevent that. Also, ever so slightly reduces wrinkles - not by much.) Sephora concealer too, but they canceled my favorite shade. Dunno what I'll go with when I run out.

Ulta bronzer. Simple, cheap.

Mascara is covergirl (gym bag) or Urban Decay (expensive, but I like it).

I also have a variety of other lipsticks, eye shadows that I got as a gift from friends (yay) or Ulta promotional items. I usually don't bother with eye liner or eye shadow (I prefer light eye shadows, NOT smokey or dark eye shadows, as trans women already tend to have more shadow from deeper-set eyes). Once in a LONG while I play with contouring, blush, highlighters, but I don't bother usually. Heck, many days I'll just put on some concealer on my upper lip and call it good now that laser means I don't have beard shadow most places.

I probably spent about $200 in my first 4 months of makeup. Then about $20 once every three months since then.

u/TegansMom · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I bought the Coastal Scents 22 piece set from Amazon a while back and I really like it, great variety. I've never used high end brushes like Sigma so I can't compare but I haven't had a major problem with shedding or anything like that. Real Techniques is great too and they're on sale on Amazon right now. I also really like Sephora's Daily Brush Cleaner Spray, super convenient!

u/ediblesprysky · 1 pointr/PaleMUA

I've had that happen from a random foundation brush I got at TJ Maxx! My nose started breaking out and peeling and itching; it's like it was exfoliating my skin and I was maybe also allergic to it. Bad times.

Like someone else said, Elf brushes are great! I also LIVE for the basic EcoTools duo and this Wet n Wild blending brush. I can do pretty much all my eye looks with just those three brushes. I've also got a couple from Sonia Kashuk (which I think is Target-exclusive, so hopefully you're in the US) that are quite nice. And, like others have said, Real Techniques is really nice too! I highly recommend their face brushes and their blending sponge. (I do NOT recommend the EcoTools sponge. I've never hated a sponge more.)

You don't have to spend a ton! You can get a really great set of brushes, curated by you for your own needs, just in the drugstore/Target.

u/IRISistable · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My random user is /u/sweetbeauty

I had TONS of things in common with my match. She likes lisa frank and I like lisa frank. She likes adorable necklaces and so do it! She likes kinder hippos and I love those damn things!! They are on one of my wishlists. She wants this and I bought that exact same set on 01/30 of this year. She likes Rachael Ray and that is my favorite cookware set. I have her plates in green! She likes colorful knives, guess who bought that set back in March? She has contacts and I have contacts! I just added that to my wish list too. She likes makeup and I love makeup. Those brushes are amazing, btw. She also had quite a few makeup items that I liked, but I wasn't about to link all those. Ditto with books!! My random person is pretty awesome.

Also, welcome!!

RAOAs before foes

u/TheMagicalGobo · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I just bought this set from amazon, and I really like them. I don't own very many high-end brushes, so maybe I don't know what I'm missing, but this set has good variety and they're soft and easy to clean. Also, they cost quite a bit less than your budget and are eligible for super-saver shipping!

I also like the eco tools brushes from the drugstore; they're so soft and nice, and don't cost an arm and a leg :)

u/prideofslytherin · 1 pointr/RandomActsofMakeup

Thanks! I'm a big fan of the well-reviewed Amazon sets like this one. I like Coastal Scents' synthetic brushes. Real Techniques' whole line is fantastic. Sephora Collection does a really good job. On the cheaper side, I haven't had any problems with my ecoTools brushes after over a year. Also, around Christmas walgreens always releases a brush set from their Studio 35 beauty line. It's a six piece set, five brushes and a pouch. It's usually pink or orange, and those bristles are HEAVENLY SOFT. They're made of baby angel hair or something, and the set is like $10-$15.

u/japanezerscrooge · 1 pointr/Drag

Sorry for the delay in replying! So I got the brushes from this link: and this link: for a great variety of basic eye and face brushes. Paid about 16 bucks total, and that should still be the price! The bristles on the first set are so dense that I needed a separate dusting brush for brushing off loose powder/finishing my foundation beat, and luckily i already had one. If you don't, this one looks excellent:

As far as wigs are concerned, I look at wigs marketed to both white women and women of color, since they both have different, excellent attributes. If you want something silky and smooth that you can style yoursef, do a search for K'ryssma wigs and pay attention to the reviews! I got this one:, and it was gorgeous. Needed some work on the hairline (I plucked out some of the hair from the lace so the hairline looked more natural). K'ryssma wigs are machine made and come in a wide range of styles. The one I got had a LOT of hair, which was great! I was looking for a base wig to stack on and style myself, so the straight/slightly wavy style was perfect for me.

Many of the wigs for black women's hair have phenomenal texture (like straightened kinky hair) which gives them great body and fullness. Not as much movement, but not everyone needs that! The one I got for myself was the NEESHA wig (tons of YouTube reviews! this one is very popular) at this link: Haven't tried to stye it yet, and the lace is quite stiff/hard but this wig has a TON of hair.

BEFORE YOU BUY A WIG decide if you are going to try to style it yourself or if you need one that's mostly good right out of the box. That way you can avoid ending up with a wig you can't use without buying a ton of other styling products. Check out onlinekyne on YouTube--he has a ton of styling and baby queen tutorials, and isn't so experienced that his stuff is intimidating to watch. I also watch Mr. Villberg's wig transformation tutorials for ideas.

That's all I have time for now, but I will try to get back to you later today with more info! Best of luck, and let me know if you have any other questions!

u/dogs_and_dogs · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  • My defining moment of my life was definitely when I moved from Korea to America. It completely changed my life. I was 11 years old when I moved and spoke very little english. Being in America made me more confident, gave me more opportunities (i play the cello, work with rare moths and butterflies, etc). Although I have gone through hard times because of this huge shift in my life, I am thankful my family decided to move.
  • I want this soo much. There's no way my parents will buy me this any time soon :(. If it's too pricey, this is wonderful too :)
  • I_Define_Me
    Thank you for hosting this contest!
u/yerrstripes · 5 pointsr/MUAontheCheap

I really like the BS Mall brushed from Amazon! It's a set of 10 brushes that are like Kabuki brushes, dense and packed tight. I use the set for my face makeup and for $10 USD it's great. Check Amazon to see if you can find it in the UK. I'll try to link it once I'm off this train. :)

Edit: it doesn't seem like UK Amazon has the exact set but there are others and you can definitely go on YouTube searching Amazon brushes. I personally think they're good and if you do Amazon prime, it's free returns!

u/ArcadiaRhodes · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

Not familiar with that brand, but there are more well known brands in that price range that would be a great gift.

I'd get:

this real techniques set

Along with this one

And maybe add their version of the beauty blender here

**I linked from Amazon UK since I'm assuming that's where you are. You can also get them in Superdrug.

u/weatherzz · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

Go for it! What's to lose?! It's life changing lol. The link I sent you is AMAZING. I've never tried "high end" brushes but bought these and they are honestly amazing. They're so soft & are definitely well made!

u/widdersyns · 1 pointr/RandomActsofMakeup

hopscotch! Well, my boyfriend likes to make funny faces. so here are two pics of us being silly together. I'd really like these brushes. I don't have good quality brushes at all, and since I just got some nice new eyeshadow it would be great to have nice brushes to use on it. :)

u/dizzyvonblue · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Wow! This is amazing of you, thanks!!

If I were to somehow win, I'd love this Too Faced milk chocolate bronzer and these brushes

I'm probably going to continue to job hunt this weekend. Maybe go see a movie and have dinner with my fiancé. I'm working on a couple art projects also!

1.21 Gigawatts

u/EmpressHotdog · 1 pointr/RandomActsofMakeup

Happy birthday to you!!! I hope you have a good day!

If it was my birthday, I would love to have more brushes, like this set of RT Starter Set because at the moment I have about three brushes for eyeshadow, and I want to practice doing my eyeshadow with different brushes! And this NYX eyebrow cake powder so that I can practice doing my black eyebrows! I bought an ELF brow kit in medium which is definitely not my color, because I have black hair :( It's my party!

u/itsnotgoingtohappen · 5 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I made a shopping list. Pick one substitute instead of a splurge and you come in under $250. The splurges I picked are well worth the cost, though. Note also that the chocolate bar palette is the only one I listed because it's pretty much the be-all-end-all of palettes for its simultaneous pops of flattering colors and neutrality. I also believe everyone should have a gorgeous red lippie. Enjoy!


  • Real Techniques Starter Set - $13.49 on Amazon, normally $17.99
  • Real Techniques Core Collection - $13.49 on Amazon, normally $17.99


  • Maybelline New York Baby Skin Primer, $5.99 on Amazon
  • Pond's Luminous Finish BB Cream, $8.95 on Amazon, normally $10.00
  • Splurge item: Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation, $34 at
  • Strong Substitute: ULTA Mineral Powder Foundation, $14 at ULTA

    Face & Contouring:

  • ULTA Baked Bronzer, $10 at ULTA
  • theBalm Bahama Mama $14 at Amazon
  • Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush Pink Plum, $5.59 at Amazon
  • If you don't like cream blush, NYX Powder Blush in Desert Rose, $6 on Amazon
  • e.l.f. Shimmering Facial Whip LILAC PETAL, $5-6 on Amazon, but I think it's like $3 at Target


  • Splurge item: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, $49 at
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, $12 sample size at (the sample size has lasted me forever)
  • Splurge item: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, $23 at
  • Substitute: Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara, $6.99 on Amazon
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil set with Black Bean,Milk, and Yogurt, $13 on Amazon
  • Splurge item: stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner, $20 on Amazon
  • Substitute: NYX Felt Tip Liner, $8 on Amazon
  • NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder, $6 on Amazon


  • Splurge: MAC Russian Red, $16 at
  • Substitute: Revlon Really Red - I couldn't find this on Amazon reliably, but check drug stores.
  • Basically any NYX lippie is great to start out and they range from about $4-8. Find one in your fave color at target or ULTA.

    Edit: Forgot eyebrows. Darn. Still can come under $250 with the right substitutions.
u/iwantedtolive · 5 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

Ok, so I have been struggling with this for years. I tried so many things- different primers, foundations, tools, etc. I have about 10 different (and expensive) foundations, more primers than I can count, and nothing looked good. I am very acne prone, oily, huge pores, bad skin, and fair like you. I looked 110% like your photo. I recently went into Sephora in tears because I was just so frustrated and was given samples of these:

  • Cover FX Mattifying Primer
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation
  • Cover FX drops

    The lady spent a while showing me how to apply them and the results were really good. Apply the primer, let it dry, then blot the foundation in with a damp BB, then apply the drops as needed for coverage (giving everything time to dry in between applications). I use a setting powder (Too Faced Primed and Poreless powder rules) and a setting spray too. These products worked insanely well.

    Howwevverrrr it all changed when I bought this brush from Amazon. This thing changed my life. I stippled the foundation lightly and it looks absolutely amazing. I seriously teared up when I used it and had smooth application. You don't even need a lot of foundation with it. I don't sweep or smear it on, JUST stipple. I feel so much better about my appearance now.

    This is what worked for me, so it might not for you. It's worth a try though! I'm sorry I don't really have any photos to share. Good luck!!!
u/terberter6669 · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

THESE! By Ecotools! It is the perfect eye set. The Crease brush works as a totally decent blending brush, which is a super big must-have.

They also sell this little set that I also own and adore. I mostly only use the buffing brush from bronzer and the powder brush for blush! Liquid foundation can be applied pretty well with just fingertips, unless you're like me and you've got calluses. Icky pooey.

u/MissBazinga · 1 pointr/RandomActsofMakeup

Congrats on being awesome :) Looking at your pic... I really think the lipstick from the MAC Heirloom Mix Holiday Colour Collection in Rebel and Tribalist would look fantastic on you!!

As for me I've had my eyes on this brush set :)

u/Miss_Anthropie · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

The mini kabuki set is indeed special--it's "limited edition" but has been sold for forever so idk what's up with the LE designation. Anyway. Can't get it in stores, at least in my experience, amazon has it for 10 USD

Even the designs are supposedly special.

The handles are aluminum and have a certain weight to them, which takes away the "cheap" feeling, and all brushes are sufficiently dense and fluffy (especially the concealer brush, which is the magic finger I referred to). If you choose to get them, I hope you'll like them :)

u/cassandrawasright · 13 pointsr/muacjdiscussion

I use this foundation and love it! For reference, I have combo/oily skin.

I think it's important to make sure you skin is properly moisturized. If my skin is thirsty then it doesn't blend or sit as nicely. I use the Becca Backlit Primer all over my face then draw some streaks with the ABH foundation. Then I grab my brush, one of those fake Artis brushes, and I put a little bit of the primer on it as well. I guess using an oil would have the same effect, but I definitely don't feel as thought I need something as serious as an oil to blend. It blends like a dream this way! I think the important part is having a nice dense brush.

u/whenthereisfire · 2 pointsr/RandomActsofMakeup

I think it's these:

I bought this set for myself a little while ago and I've been really enjoying it! The smaller brushes are especially awesome. I'm just starting out with makeup and wanted a full range of brushes to learn with and these are way better than I expected! I hope you have fun with them OP!

u/shortstack1386 · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I know you said cost isn't a factor, so it might seem silly to link a $12 set of brushes, but I ordered these a few weeks ago because if they ended up sucking I was only out a whole $12 and I actually really love them. They're really soft, they wash well, and overall I've just been really pleased with them. Well, the face brushes more so than the eye brushes. The face brushes were why I ordered this set and I only use 1 or 2 of the eye brushes. The eye brushes aren't bad, I just have plenty of other eye brushes.

u/ButturedToast · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. I own these make up brushes and by golly, I adore them. Up until I got those, I was basically using my fingers for everything...and when I put on my foundation for the very first time using the foundation brush I just about fainted from how good it looked.
  2. Infinitly Improbable Pink is GORGEOUS ! And looks neutral enough that I can sneak it on my fingers for work, mwahahaha.
  3. My goal would probably to take a womans self defense class. I have a tiny 1 session one on Sunday, but I feel like I wanna know/learn more. Hopefully sign up for a multi session one afterwards.
  4. poppin bottles

    Thanks for the contest c:
u/KarmaCorgi · 3 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

Face Kit:

Eye Kit:

Pretty good price, too! Definitely cheaper than Ulta. I've been using them almost every day since I got them about a week ago and I love them; they feel so nice, and my makeup looks SO much better. I've been using the bareMinerals brushes I got with my startup kit and I don't think my mineral powder foundation EVER looked this good.

u/lovinmywalruskisses · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I received these brushes for Christmas as they had good reviews and it remember they were well loved on here as well. They so have quite a strong chemical smell however -- any tips on getting rid of this smell? So I need to wash them all? It's so strong that my entire car trunk reeks after them being in them for a car ride home. :)

u/jojewels92 · 1 pointr/RandomActsofMakeup

Happy birthday! :)

If it was my birthday I would love, love to get some new brushes, a new NYX lippie, and this lipstick scarf!. It's my party!:)

u/cafea · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I just received my DragonPad 11 piece brush set order today for $11.94 (free shipping with prime). They are sooo soft, on par with more expensive brushes like MAC. The brush denseness is good for the price. The kabuki feels on a little thin, but the rest is adequate. I tried them out on my hand and they worked well! Applied eyeshadows and blended easily. I was also rough with them and no shedding so far. They did arrive with a smell, but I can only smell it when I sniff up close. I think this brush set is well worth the price!

u/LSP64 · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

Real techniques has a great set of eyeshadow brushes! I have this set, and it is awesome. The bristles are soft, they don't shed, and they are great for blending. And only $20 :)

u/auralie · 5 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

If you have Mac Fix+ or Elf Mist & Set (or something similar), you can use it to wet your eyeshadow brush and it greatly minimizes fallout while making the color deeper.

The eye brushes in the RT collection are reallllly large and hard to use imo. I'm not sure any of those could be used to pack on color very well :/. These are the best cheap brushes I've found if you feel like you need something different. There's an end for blending (long and fluffy), one for the crease (medium length, medium fluffy), one for packing on color (the short and stubby one), and another for eyeliner or brows. I really like it.

The other replies are really great, too. This technique can be used on top of (/u/bratchny's black base suggestion). Otherwise underneath all of that, use your regular primer!

u/ahchava · 3 pointsr/BdsmDIY

Makeup brushes are typically softer than paint brushes out of the package. I'd like to recommend this awesome makeup brush set that's super low cost. Bonus, whatever you don't find she responds well to for BDSM purposes she can add to her makeup collection.

u/Synarya · 8 pointsr/asktransgender

I found this video helpful when I was first learning. It's more in depth than would be needed for a beginners video, but it should help you learn what everything is and what it does. When I was starting with make up, I just focused on learning to apply concealer, foundation, eyeliner and mascara, and then once I felt I had a good grip on those I moved on to learning eye shadow. Still working on making eye shadow look good consistently tho.

Edit: Also, this is a good, cheap brush set to start with

u/bemusedmuse · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

Are you looking for a starter kit? It's always more cost effective to buy separate brushes in my opinion but as far as budget friendly starter kits go, I hear many good things about the Coastal Scents 22 piece brush set. While I don't own the set, I hear it's very good for the price.

u/penneforyourthoughts · 1 pointr/MakeupAddictionCanada

I bought this brush set from Amazon after hearing the youtuber Thataylaa talk about it, and I like it. I have also slowly added individual Elf and Real Techniques which you can find at Rexall among other places when I feel like there's a gap in my collection. I love my Elf and Real Techniques brushes, so if you want to start out by making a little list of what types of products you need brushes to apply, then going to somewhere like Rexall and looking through their sets and individual brushes to fill your needs, that would be a good way to start.

u/bullcitythrowaway0 · 3 pointsr/muacjdiscussion

Thank you! I ended up getting this to practice with, the reviews say they were comparable (or even better) than Sigma brushes:


I am going to go to the makeup counters a little more as well and see how much of a difference experimenting with different brushes make, because if my skills are still underwhelming I'm not going to notice anything.


Hopefully by the time Black Friday rolls around I'll have a better understanding of what I'm doing! Appreciate the thoughtful responses everyone!

u/Mishiiee · 2 pointsr/RandomActsofMakeup

As someone mentioned before, the ecotool brush set. Or you can always go with E.L.F.

Not sure with the lipsticks, as I'm still a beginner (and kind of makeup challenged myself) and I right now opt for lip balm or the couple lip stains I have.

As for eye shadow, you can always go with something like this for your neutrals. Or something by NYX (which can be found in some Targets) like this

As for other things to start with, you might want to figure out how her skin care routine is, and toss in a few things that she could use in that regard. It'll make the makeup look better :)

Some other tools that she might not have, like an eyelash curler (E.L.F. has one for $3), NYX Milk is a good base/primer for eyeshadows as well.


u/MakeupAndHalo · 3 pointsr/RandomActsofMakeup

These would probably be best! I have yet to get them myself but many MUAs and others say they are really good for the price and one the best sets to start out with.

Real Techniques Starter Set

Real Techniques Core Collection

u/snowkhan · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I purchased these brushes on Amazon and honestly love them. They're inexpensive yet pretty good quality. There's also a black and silver set.

u/WholesaleBees · 4 pointsr/drugstoreMUA

Supposing your friend has no brushes/tools:

u/emstx · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

EcoTools are very nice, but aren't my favorite (I think this is mainly due to the shape of the brushes that I got, rather than the quality). Real Techniques, Bdellium Tools, and Elf Studio Line brushes are my favorite brands for both eyes and face.

Two favorite faces brushes: Bdellium Tools 957 and ELF's Powder Brush

My favorite eye brushes: Real Techniques eye set and Bdellium eye kit and ELF's Angled eyeliner

u/jmeows · 2 pointsr/RandomActsofMakeup


My go to fall colour is probably going to be Moss by Almay! I am a huggggggge fan of golds, so I'm trying to try something a tiny bit different for a change.

Swatch that I did myself

Swatch that I found online

Item from wishlist... BUT I LIKE SURPRISES!

and calling /u/ellyrose- to come on out (if she hasn't already)

u/p_iynx · 1 pointr/brushybrushy

They are actually really soft af makeup brushes. Often called oval or paddle brushes. Here’s a set on amazon just so you know what the full brush looks like. They come much bigger than the one in the picture. :) They’re usually incredibly soft, I love them lol.

u/lhpeanut46 · 2 pointsr/RandomActsofMakeup

Hey! I'm glad you took my recommendation to join!

Real Techniques are great! But I'd also recommend this ecotools set

u/classica87 · 3 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

Real Techniques and EcoTools both have lovely brushes that are affordable and easy to find, so you can't go wrong with those. This set from Coastal Scents is also very nice and has great reviews. When I really started getting into makeup last year I got this set for around $25 on sale and have been very pleased so far. I only had one brush fall apart on me, but that was after I cleaned it improperly and got water in the ferrule. I have brushes from all three brands and would recommend any of them.

u/All4Trump · 2 pointsr/MUAontheCheap

I’m sure it will come back sooner or later. Maybe in a slightly different style or color.

Meanwhile, if you search for ‘makeup brush set’ on Amazon, you will find tons of sets with near-5-star reviews for around $15, and some even under $10!

I have heard really good things about this set. - I own just the stubby kabuki from this set and it is excellent.

Here’s one with white bristles (also comes in purple!)

And there’s even a unicorn set .

So really - lots of choices out there. I would just read the reviews carefully. There’s even an app that can tell how how many of the Amazon reviews are fake. I forgot the name of the app, though.

Update: OK, it might be
I’d just heard about it online. I don’t know if this is the app I’d heard about.

(According to Fakespot, the first 2 sets have reliable reviews; the unicorn set does not).

u/MalloryMarie · 5 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

The largest of these oval brushes is HANDS DOWN the best brush I have ever used for foundation. And I absolutely adore one of the more medium sized brushed for cream blush application.

Haven't found a good use for the other ones in the set but for 8 bucks I'm good with obsessively using only two. :-D

u/chynnese · 4 pointsr/AustralianMakeup

I really like the black-handled Elf brushes, got a set of 10 brushes for around 11 USD but not sure if the set is available in Australia. :/ Someone else mentioned they go for around 8 AUD though.

If you have access to Amazon somehow, I bought the BH Mall brush set a few months back and absolutely love them. A YouTuber I follow also uploaded a video review of them today, oddly enough. She didn't like the angled brow brush but I absolutely adore it.

u/FeistyAle · 2 pointsr/Makeup

I love this set here

I use it daily and they clean up wonderfully!

u/Jennasaykwaaa · 3 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I really like real techniques. Also if you want a good set for cheap this set from amazon is amazing actually

Currently 9.99 I have not regretted this at all.

u/mrsmunson · 2 pointsr/frugalbeauty

I agree. I have this coastal scents set, and I love it. I bought the same set for my sister-in-law too. Although we're both stumped as to what to do with that gigantic fan brush lol.

u/Xochtl · 1 pointr/MakeupAddicts

I use these brushes with Achiote, I'm like nc15-20 and I have to layer it still but the end result is great. Obviously you shouldn't have to buy new brushes just for one product, but I find dense kabuki-like brushes work very well for Tarte blushes!

u/78whispers · 3 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I think this is the best foundation brush I have tried at any price.

The It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness is not technically a foundation, though you can do whatever you want with it. It is a very small size to use as foundation, I think, but it does cover redness and I believe it comes with a little brush to buff it in. It looks dark for my NC20 skin but I can wear it alone just over my redness and it blends out beautifully. You use a minuscule amount, so it might go further as a foundation making it price effective.

u/cuddlewench · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

DUDE. $34 22 Piece Coastal Scents brush set also comes in a bitchin' carrying case. Has all your basics that you'd ever need, you can get it from Amazon. Has a few face brushes but primarily eye and a couple of lip ones. Mine just came in a few days ago and I am in love. Haven't used the brushes yet but they seem to be of solid quality.

For what it's worth, I also have experience using Real Techniques, Ecotools, ELF and Sigma. For the price, this package can't be beat.


u/Transloosnt_Ley-dee · 4 pointsr/MakeupAddiction Thanks! I've never even heard of some of those! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

u/tiara733 · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I bought this set from Amazon (from other sellers, it's under $10 but shipping takes longer). They're really soft and pretty good quality!

u/thatfoodyoudontlike · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

i use these, specifically the first and fourth ones. i especially enjoy the first one. the angle is perfect for my face and i’ve had these brushes for 5 ish years and they’re still going strong! the brushes also have a good density, not too dense, but not too fluffy, which is perfect for my foundation application! i know it comes in a set and that’s inconvenient, so i’ll try to look for some single brushes that have a similar shape.

u/disneyprincesslina · 63 pointsr/sugarfreemua

I would suggest this brush set:

Rather than the one you've chosen. I've owned both and have gotten much more use out of the linked one than that other set. While the other is more extensive, this set has more useful brushes and is a little better quality.

Everything else looks great!

u/Justascruffygirl · 2 pointsr/muacjdiscussion

Like 4 years ago, my sister got me a set of cheapy Amazon Brushes and it turns out they’re amazing. the handle on one of them has fallen off, but otherwise they’re in great shape.

They’re dense and haven’t lost any bristles and way softer than expected for cheap brushes from amazon.

I’m fairly certain it was these ones BS Mall Brushes

u/batfacecatface · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

These blending brushes will help me hone my makeup artist skills. :) It's on Yes, Please!

u/vllewella · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You need These make up brushes

and This nail polish for spring.

If I win a Kindle book would be nice :)

u/kmillieee · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

And brushes I honestly just bought a cheap set on Amazon and they seem fine haha, but I have some Sephora brand brushes that I like a lot better. This is basically the brush set I bought. Not very nice but it does the job. The one I got has more eyeshadow brushes though.

u/GrtNPwrfulOz · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My wine goblet will be secure from others' hands with this Pyramidhead charm on the stem to make clear I'm the rightful owner!

I'll need a broom to go along with my regular makeup brushes so I can maintain my glamour even when transformed into a gigantic dragon.

After the terrible accident in Potions class that erm...altered my appearance a little, I'll need a hat to disguise myself.

A must read tome from one of our greatest wizards.

Hopefully, all the junk in my trunk will fit in my school banquet attire

This caped-crusader costume is so my animal accomplice, Potato, can look the part.

u/Shortcoder · 1 pointr/RandomActsofMakeup

Happy (almost) Birthday!
If it was my birthday I would like to receive Real Techniques Brushes and Baby Lips: Cherry Me.
It's my party!

u/xotori · 2 pointsr/RandomActsofMakeup

Honestly the ones from this stupidly cheap brush set. I reach for them more often that my UD optical blurring or any of my Real Technique brushes. I'm really lazy about washing brushes so I have 2 sets of these haha. They're surprisingly soft, do their job well, & haven't shed on me.

This one also includes eye brushes which are also nice:

This one's just the foundation brushes:

u/emmarose329 · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I personally have tons and tons of ELF brushes, but I'm not sure if you can get those in the UK and they're not MAC quality by any means. I was eyeing up [this] ( brush set from SHANY when I was buying one of their 120 palettes- it's got pretty fantastic reviews.

u/petrakay · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I got this set and it's amazing for the price! As good or slightly better than my ecotools ones.

u/mokutou · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I've had decent success with Amazon brushes, and regularly reach for them. I've used and enjoyed these brushes, especially as a beginner set. They're very soft, no shedding, and pretty versatile.

u/oiseaudelamusique · 5 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I'm a fan of the EcoTools Essential Eye Set. I don't do anything crazy fancy, but I can get a good, basic look, or a nice halo eye using these.

u/Anitathefab02 · 2 pointsr/Makeup

I literally only use one eyeshadow brush from this Real Technique eyeshadow brush set and it works really well! But I'm also a beginner so for more advanced eyeshadow looks idk how this would work out. This set is also super cheap!

u/thearcogiant · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I had these recommended by a couple friends and finally ordered. They are great.

u/pneumatik · 1 pointr/RandomActsofMakeup

Ecotools has kind of a beginner set that I got for my first set, and I love it! This is the set that I got, and it's a good little starting kit. I built on it with some Sephora brushes for blending, highlighter, and blush, but this kit started me off on a good foot!

u/DrugsForHugs · 1 pointr/RandomActsofMakeup

Thanks for the contest! Flash this.

Bored on the Internet site as awful and materialistic as this is Selfridges is the only website I go on other than reddit. I'm not an Internet person.

2: perfect meal, I've already eaten it. I went to Claridges for my birthday and it was heaven.
Starter was a spiced tiger prawn ravioli
Main: spring chicken with morel cous cous, vegetables and shaved truffles
Dessert: a trio of chocolate mousses (sp?!)

I think this is about $20 if my conversion is correct

My not so recently learned random fact is that the smell the rain leaves is called petrichor (it's always the fact I crack out under pressure)

Edit: formatting

u/neverenoughblank · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

makeup brushes


Moonwalking With Einstein (can be a kindle version if it helps!)

Thanks for the contest and happy cake day!!

u/Tourney · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

If you ever need to buy more, try getting these EcoTools brushes (Amazon link). Each one is about 4.5 inches long (closer to 4 inches if you don't include the bristles). I bought some at Target a while ago and I love them, they're fantastic.

u/ColorMeStunned · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I use the EcoTools brush set here:

I've used both the Contour and Buff brush and they both work great. Beautifully soft.

u/wodemaohenkeai · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

As long as it's a flat top kabuki, you should be fine. I actually prefer a synthetic cheapy I bought off Amazon because it produces a better airbrushed finish to the BM original brush. Any similar brush should be fine. You don't have to use BM brand.

u/trecey123 · 1 pointr/makeupexchange

Yeah $1 for all 3 + shipping. It doesn’t have any branding on it actually, but it’s from this set shipping is $4 flat to cover goods & services, but it’s a better value if you’re buying more items.

u/Munsonise · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction




I also use elf brushes. These ones from amazon are super soft and they work well. Plus they're cheap!

u/please_leave_soon · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

Yes! I have these amazon brushes and they are amazing. Way softer than my sonia kashuk ones and the blush brush is about as soft as my ecotools one if not softer. I seriously recommend them.

u/MacabreChaos · 6 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


I have these makeup brushes that keep fluctuating slightly below and slightly above $10. Otherwise, I also have a Sims 3 expansion pack and a Copic book that also fluctuates, but if they're all over $10 by the time the contest ends, anything from my ~$10 wishlist would be fine. :D

Bonus Cupid

u/bossyfosy · 4 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Is this to taupe for you? WnW has good singles IMO. Milani is also great for singles at the drugstore as well.

As per brushes, this is my absolute favorite set of brushes. I re-glued them so that they were stronger, but I've had them for over a year and they have yet to shed with weekly washing.

u/riseupagainst · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I would love these [eye makeup brushes] ( They are on my misc. Under $10 wishlist. My favorite dinosaur is a stegosaurus.

u/nofeelshere · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I got the basic 6 brush set last year to use as my first proper make up brushes.
Even though I now have a silly amount of brushes I still use these almost every day, really good quality for the price. I use the angked liner brush for my eyebrows and it's perfect. The only one I don't use is the foam sponge one cause I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with it ha.

u/OriginalMisphit · 2 pointsr/AltLadyboners

I’d recommend 3 things: an eyeshadow primer, shadow of choice, and a brush. Primer is a paste that makes shadow go on smoothly and last longer than without it, ELF makes a good one that is inexpensive. Just smooth it on your eyelids with your fingers. For shadow look for something matte or metallic. Glitter gets messy so if that’s what you want try to compare and find one with smaller glitter. For a brush, look for one that is rounded at the end of the bristles, and about the size of a chapstick tube if that makes any sense. Like these:

Real Techniques Eye Shade + Blend Set Makeup Brush Kit For Powder & Cream Eyeshadow

When you do it the first time, remember makeup takes practice. You might not want anyone to see your first attempts, for cleaning I recommend micellar water on s cotton ball, then washing your face however you already do. All of these things are at any drugstore.

u/TheOdinson6690 · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I can tell you what she owns because I bought it a lot of it lol.
and she has ruby woo, bombshell, fetish mac lipstick. Some foundations she got on her own as well.

u/paulmcpizza · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction
  • Foundation: My hands... (the shame)
  • Powder: Ecotools kabuki brush
  • Bronzer/Contour: The brush that comes with Benefit blush boxes.
  • Blush: Ailunce Rounded Dome Kabuki brush, fourth large brush from the left in this photo. Side note, these brushes are super soft, I like them a lot. The eye brushes are a little large for my eye unfortunately.
  • Brows: Small black angled brush from elf gel eyeliners and nameless spoolie.
  • Eyeshadow: Ecotools flat shader, crease brush, highlighter brush, pencil brush, smudger, etc.
  • Lips: Ecotools retractable lip brush
u/love-from-london · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

Bought from here. Supposedly quality can be a bit hit-or-miss, but they're all so nice and soft, and they're great for the price!

u/fuddydudd · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I just bought this set of brushes and I love them. You definitely don’t need to break the bank with brushes, especially when starting out with eye makeup.

u/Anemoni · 1 pointr/RandomActsofMakeup


I think you should go for a darker Auburn color, I think it would look great with your skin. As for haircuts, I really like the androgynous look of Lena Dunham's haircut.

u/murraygreygirl · 1 pointr/Makeup

EmaxDesign Makeup Brushes 10+1 Pieces Makeup Brush Set, 10 Pieces Professional Foundation Blending Blush Eye Face Liquid Powder Cream Cosmetics Brushes & 1 Piece Black Beauty Sponge Blender With Bag

Here you are :)

u/Raewynrh · 1 pointr/RandomActsofMakeup

Holy freaking balls!!! That is so awesome! Congratulations! You must feel a-mazing! I think if i were to win I would looove some real techniques brushes and this pretty highlighter

Also I really can't resist: "Show me the (big) money!"

u/moon-sun1015 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

$62.80, and congrats! :)

eleven years item

u/lra919 · 7 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

Definitely. I actually just ordered an E.L.F brush set (This one: ) and it is a really good beginner set. I didn't wash them before first use, though, and there must've been some kind of chemical on them because it really irritated my skin. After washing they've been perfect though! It's only twelve, and they have directions on the packaging.

u/butmehm2 · 2 pointsr/RandomActsofMakeup

Lol that's not even all my brushes! I was drying my face ones when I took the pic. And the pink brushes are on Amazon for like $15!

u/MacNCheesyBeezy · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

Just search for "makeup brush sets" on Amazon, and you will have tons of choices. For example this one.. It has a bunch of face brushes plus more, and I've really loved the brushes I got off Amazon. It doesn't have to cost $65 for a brush set.

u/BellaScarletta · 5 pointsr/FeminineNotFeminist

I can't speak for other cheap sets, but I bought this set years ago and it's still amazing. It's not less than $10, but $35 for 22 brushes isn't too shabby.

If you end up trying another set, let us know how it works out!

u/imxrelx · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I got it off amazon, 22 pieces for 16.80 including shipping! They are super soft and I tugged on them and didn't lose any bristles.

u/kayleighh · 4 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. These brushes. Because they're soft and nice and help me look less dead when I go out into the world of living creatures.
  2. Terek Noir!
  3. I would like to find a job that doesn't try to murder me.
  4. Poppin bottles.

    Also, congratulations! I've had family members who have struggled with various addictions so I know it can be really tough. <3
u/Toasttimebitches · 2 pointsr/muacjdiscussion

EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set Define Blend & Smudge Eyeshadow & Liner I'm a big fan of these ones! They've lasted me a few years now and still going strong!

u/ArtisticallyDeclined · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

The Real Techniques Starter Set and the Real Techniques Core Collection are some really great starter brushes. I have the Starter Set and I couldn't be happier with the softness and the quality of the brushes.

Those two sets will give you a pretty good start, but if you were looking at specific, high end brushes, you could try the MAC 217 blending brush or the Beauty Blender. Both of those have a bunch of dupes if you weren't willing to pay for more expensive brushes.

u/pineappledaisy · 5 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I didn't know that, but it makes sense if MAC is changing over to synthetic brushes.

If you're looking for an alternative, I would check out the JAF eye brush set on Amazon, which I heard about from this post. The 239 used to be my HG for applying shadow on the lid, until I bought the JAF set, and now the JAF shader is my favorite.

u/Amavin · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I got these. But honestly, one of my brushes fell off the stick. i'm going to fix it with a little bit of glue, the bristles are fine, but it's a $10 set ya know you get what you pay for.

When I rebuy, I'm going to get this set which is better quality from what I've read.

u/giorge15 · 3 pointsr/MUAontheCheap

These JAF brushes from Amazon are affordable, soft, and apply eyeshadow better than my Zoeva brushes. Another redditor had recommended them in a similar post, and I'm so glad I bought them!!

u/seahorseVT · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I have decided to buy a brush set for eyeshadow. I am trying to decide between Beauty Junkees Eye Makeup Brush Kit and JAF 7-Piece Natural Hair Eye Makeup Brush Set. In your opinion is either set better than the other?

u/MsMister · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

Apologies, on phone. I LOVE these brushes. They're Sigma dupes. Here's the ones I ordered: Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set Cosmetics Foundation Blending Blush Eyeliner Face Powder Brush Makeup Brush Kit (10pcs, Silver Black)

u/gordonshumway85 · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

That's a good one, so is this one. The one I linked has a blush brush. They're both good quality sets.

u/Mameification · 2 pointsr/muacjdiscussion

I recommend these EmaxDesign brushes from Amazon. You get a variety of brushes for very little money. They are decent quality (in fact, I prefer some of them to their more expensive counterparts). That way you can get a sense of what kind of brush you like to use, and down the line you can upgrade just the type of brushes you actually use.

u/a_wild_dena_appears · 2 pointsr/RandomActsofMakeup

These real techniques brushes are great! And they aren't expensive at all!

u/Zamiewithazee · 1 pointr/RandomActsofMakeup

Congratulations! I'm trying to quit some bad habits myself, so I'm definitely, INCREDIBLY happy for you!

Errr, I don't really get shiny in the face, but I did just do an intense Just Dance workout and I'm sweaty as a sinner in church! (Though you can't really tell :/) I've been trying to get myself back into shape and get some muscle tone back. This is gonna be the summer that turns everything around :D


u/racooney · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Your [oil and acrylic paint set] ( and my [essential eye brush set] ( belong together because although your art takes place on canvas and mine takes place on my face, we are kindred spirits. This means our implements are bonded through our mutual love of artistic expression.

u/imjustheretobehere · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I use the fourth brush from the left in this set for my all-over base shadow and light brown crease because it's nice and fluffy. I use this brush for the darker brown in my crease because it's denser and more precise. If it feels too harsh, I'll go back with a light brown color on my fluffy brush to blend it out. And this has been my go to for packing eyeshadow on the lid. It's small enough for my lid and does a great job.

u/Dutchycw · 1 pointr/Makeup

I have some real techniques brushes that work fine with this eyeliner. Got this kit about a year ago and i actually like to use the angled eyebrow brush to apply liner instead of the small pixel-point eyeliner brush. They both work good for me!
Sometimes i do find the colour not as dark as i want. I just go over with a different liquid liner but i think this product might also fix that problem. Desi Perkins used this in a youtube video before and it seems to work really good!

u/guardrailslayer · 2 pointsr/RandomActsofMakeup
  1. I'm guessing reddit doesn't count. I'm also an on-again-off-again regular at The Pink Room, a chat board for fans of Ju-Ju-Be bags (mostly moms, but lots of nice people there).

  2. Ever since I was a very young kid, my choice birthday meal has been Steak 'Um Roll-Ups. Take Steak Ums, wrap them around stuffing, cover in gravy, mushrooms, and French's fried onions, and bake them. mmmmm

  3. Real Techniques Starter Set & NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese

  4. Some animals, including goats and octopi, have rectangular pupils!

  5. Flash This
u/Ln16_taco · 3 pointsr/MUAontheCheap

I found this set of brushes that I have and love for $3.14. I bought a few to give to people with palettes as it has everything you need.

u/delapse · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I actually love one of the smaller brushes from this set for contouring my nose. Something about the shape/handle makes it so easy, and it's so soft and fluffy.

u/Pookabbit · 1 pointr/Indiemakeupandmore

I picked up the real techniques starter set and mostly use the three leftmost brushes shown in the pic. i ope they aren't the problem, haha, i kinda love how they feel :P (thanks for helping!)

u/imaprincess · 38 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

Great starter set -- Real Techniques Starter Set. Only $15

u/danceydancetime · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

Weird, those look exactly like this random set I got on Amazon recently:

Assuming they are similar/the same, the brushes are suuper dense and fluffy. Insane quality for $15. I really like using the large ones for foundations, contouring creams, and blush. Not fluffy enough to use for face powder and powder contour in my opinion, but I already had brushes for that so it's fine. The eye brushes are really good for blending and shaping color in the crease. I prefer a flat brush for applying to the lid, these ones aren't quite as good at picking up depositing a lot of color at once, I've found.

u/SurlySnowWhite · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

Right? I looked up brushes on Amazon after I saw gooorgeous cut crease looks on here. I was like "Whyyyy can't I do that!" then realized I needed brushes. Hahah. I wish I'd known that years ago!

I just ordered these. I'm so excited!

And yeah I wasted two+ years with one guy and I'm so glad I ended that relationship. At least I learned a lot from it.

u/-Ketracel-White · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

Don't know if the exact same brush you're talking about is included, but I have been SO impressed with the Ecotools eye set (this one here, for the curious). Blending time = cut in half.

u/ryanthemadking · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

The middle brush from this set is my favorite for inner corner and lower lashlines. :)