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u/spunky-omelette · 5 pointsr/tea


Getting started with matcha is so awesome! I've been drinking it in the morning with breakfast for almost a full year now, and knock on my fake-wood desk, I haven't gotten sick at all (except for that one sinus infection when I stopped drinking it for two weeks...whoops).

I think you are selling yourself short if taste isn't as important to you. I feel high quality matcha is better for you, but maybe I'm just overthinking things. I would give this one a shot since it claims to be ceremonial grade, it's 4oz, AND it's barely over $20. That sounds like a steal.

I have matcha every morning. Tea ceremony purists would probably faint over my routine, but it's pretty quick for me and it still tastes lovely.


  1. Take your clunky soup cup and fill it with hot water. I use hot tap water. Let it sit in the sink.

  2. Put the kettle on to boil. When it has reached a boil, pour the water into a one-cup liquid measuring cup and let it sit.

  3. While the hot water is sitting, remove your cup from the sink, dry the inside with a paper towel.

  4. Place your strainer atop your tea cup. Take out your matcha tea and scoop as much as you'd like onto the strainer. Here I use the chashaku scoop to press it against the strainer. This is what breaks up the clumps, leaving me with very fine, powdery matcha.

  5. By the time you've finished adding the powder to your cup, the hot water in the measuring cup should be ready. Keep in mind you want the water to be between 155-180F in temperature.

  6. Pour in the hot water and whisk it to death until it's lovely and frothy.

  7. While waiting for it to cool (if you're like me and are a wuss), eat your breakfast!
u/rahrahsan · 3 pointsr/tea

I am tired of waiting so I'll make a budget matcha set for you:

[Rice Bowl $7.6] (http://www.amazon.com/Smiling-Blue-Porcelain-Rice-Bowl/dp/B0042J0R7Q/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1412653136&sr=8-2&keywords=rice+bowl) you can find this cheaper, but I'll post this for convience. while a proper chawan has a wider base that is better for whisking the matcha, this type of bowl could work. Generally chawans are $20 and up.

[Bamboo whisk$11.88] (http://www.amazon.com/1x-BambooMN-Brand-Chashaku-preparing/dp/B003VSEG7Q/ref=sr_1_3?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1412653207&sr=1-3&keywords=matcha+bowl) (+ Chashaku & spoon) you can find cheaper whisks for around $5 or more expensive ones from Japan that generally are of a better quality. Some people use milk frothers or normal cooking whisks, both can be used, but won't be as effective.

Right now we are at $19.48, the cheapest matcha at o-cha is the [Uji Organic Matcha] (http://www.o-cha.com/uji-organic-matcha.html) for $10.56, slightly more expensive and in my oponion a more friendly matcha is the [Uji Matcha Kiri No Mori] (http://www.o-cha.com/uji-matcha-kiri.html) at $12.74. If this is your first time making matcha, I wouldn't recommending purchasing anything over $15 there.

Bonus accessories that are useful, but not necessary is the [Matcha Sifter for $14.56] (http://www.o-cha.com/matcha-furui.html) and the [bamboo whisk stand] (http://www.o-cha.com/matcha-whisk-keeper.html) for $4.73.

Also if you want to practice your whisking skills I reccomend getting a powdered green tea [like Teavivre's] (http://www.teavivre.com/organic-green-tea-powder/).

u/sammijo235 · 2 pointsr/tea

Matcha is super easy to make. You just need a wide teacup and a whisk. Amazon has a pretty good set here.

u/awkwardsoul · 2 pointsr/tea

You don't need a scoop, just use a 1/2 or 1/4 teaspoon measure.

I can't answer you on the whisk - I have a cheap one from Daiso ($1.50!) that works okay, but I prefer using my electric hand frother for faster results.

I know people who bought this set and was happy http://www.amazon.com/1x-BambooMN-Brand-Chashaku-preparing/dp/B003VSEG7Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1410226557&sr=8-1&keywords=chasen

u/DweezTea · 2 pointsr/tea

If you happen to be a wealthy individual and would like to forego the hassle of learning how to whisk the old-fashioned-way - although, this would also allow you to do that should you so choose - here is your best choice:


u/misplaced_optimism · 2 pointsr/tea

Looks like you can get one for as low as $7 with free shipping. I have the BambooMN one which is $18 for the whisk, stand, and scoop - I think that's probably the best deal if you don't already have a whisk.

u/teaformeplease · 1 pointr/tea

I haven't personally but I know that they're used for students in tea ceremony schools. Actually just found what looks like same thing on Amazon. There are a bunch of reviews so that might help

u/Swallybongo · 3 pointsr/tea

I got this one on Amazon a couple of years ago and it still serves me well. Quite a bit cheaper than Ippodo but it doesn't have the cloth or the matcha. If you just want a high quality set without the extras it's a good option.

u/jcbahr · 1 pointr/tea

Thanks! This is where I got it

u/strangesencha · 1 pointr/tea

this chawan. I always struggle to justify expensive teaware purchases when i think about how much tea I could buy for that price, but it sure is tempting

u/TheeLimonene · 1 pointr/tea

I have this set. It has served my infrequent matcha needs well.