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u/MrNorc · 1 pointr/AskTrumpSupporters

The issue is not with publicly funded abortion services. The issue is with overly politicized wedge issues. Abortion, whether it is an emergency procedure or an elective procedure would be 100% removed from public discourse if the federal government is to be held responsible for reproductive medicine.

In America we have HIPPA. HIPPA is the (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) and it is United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. Any woman who sees her physician would have a greater right to privacy than just the fourth amendment. States will cry "States rights" I am sure but at the end of the day the only way for them to alter the practice of abortion would be to go to med school, become a physician, join the AMA and attempt to substitute something better than AMA Principles of Medical Ethics. Also good luck to them- they will need it.

u/luxxurious · 1 pointr/StudentNurse

Quick Study anatomy pamphlets. They’re laminated and I have each one in the series. There’s one for every system, a few large ones that cover everything (much less in detail than the specific ones), skeletal system, vascular system, etc. including endocrine. They’re only like $4 each! I love them and I keep them in my binder. I got mine on amazon!

Here’s the link!
Endocrine System (Quick Study Academic)

This ones $7 since it’s one of the big, detailed ones. I highly recommend these! I bought all of mine together at once for like $40, but it’s also def fine to only buy the ones you need and you need them.

EDIT: this is the anatomy pamphlet. This isn’t as in depth as the system specific ones, but if you’re only getting one this is the one to get. There’s also a quiz one that’s pretty cool! I’ll link it if I can find it

Anatomy 2 (Quick Study Academic)

Here’s the quizzer!

Anatomy (Quick Study: Anatomy)