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Reddit mentions of 3 in 1 Butane Micro Torch

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We found 2 Reddit mentions of 3 in 1 Butane Micro Torch. Here are the top ones.

3 in 1 Butane Micro Torch
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Found 2 comments on 3 in 1 Butane Micro Torch:

u/Rejeckted ยท 3 pointsr/Dabs

I torch for around 18-20 seconds and give it ~10 seconds to cool. I don't really count out my cool down time, it's usually just the time it takes me to pick up my tool and get a good scoop out of a raw garden dish. I never heat it up red hot, it'll just damage the banger. I also don't really count out, or time myself when heating. A small amount of residual concentrate always starts creating whisps of vapor, and when I see that I know I'm at around the right temp. Ends up whisping up at around 16 seconds for my banger. I get this even though I thoroughly swab and clean with ISO after each dab. It's a good indicator though.

I'll find a picture of my banger, it's very similar.

I use a Bernzomatic Micro Torch at full flame (Model #ST2200T - bought it at Home Depot last year for like 29.99)