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Reddit mentions of Ader Fitness Olympic Fractional Plates - 5 LB Set

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We found 15 Reddit mentions of Ader Fitness Olympic Fractional Plates - 5 LB Set. Here are the top ones.

Ader Fitness Olympic Fractional Plates - 5 LB Set
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  • 0.25 LB Grey; 0.50 Lb Blue; 0.75 Lb Red; 1.0 Lb Black pair per size. Cutting by mill machine one at a time.
  • The most accurate fractional plates on market, some are 0.1-1.0 % tolerance.
  • Powder-coated solid steel with clear engraved "Ader Fitness" logo & number of weights. Designed for a 2" dia. bar.
  • Ships to all 50 States, APO, FPO, and P.O. Boxes
  • These make a great gift to enhance weightlifting workouts at all training levels!
Weight5 Pounds

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Found 15 comments on Ader Fitness Olympic Fractional Plates - 5 LB Set:

u/hangonlittletomato · 6 pointsr/xxfitness

I finally bought fractional plates a few weeks ago because a 5 pound increase is simply too large for bench and OHP. I got these Ader Fitness Olympic Fractional Plates from Amazon. They've been great so far!

u/TheOpalArchangel · 5 pointsr/bodybuilding


I've been thinking about getting these to do smaller jumps than 5lbs. So it is possible, but yeah - they were likely talking out their rear. haha.

u/Gp626 · 5 pointsr/Fitness

This is going to be contrary advice to the rest of the thread, but if you've tried the programs on here, and you aren't into them, then try something else.

The lifting/fitness world has changed heaps over the last 10 years. And the programs that are being heralded as the 'must-do's' today, are likely to be mocked in the future (while something even more ancient will be dusted off, given a catchy name, and be the next big thing). The programs here are great, but they aren't the only things that work.

Find a program that works for you, because a program that you enjoy doing, and can stick to, will beat one that is widely popular and well regarded, that you hate doing.

My favorite program I ever did (which co-incidently gave me the best results) was 5 sets (8-6),(6-4),(4-2),(2-1), all increasing weight (Burnout 8-12) and then superset (8-10)

I'm guessing that if I posted it here, I'd get 47 different posts on why it wouldn't work and isn't optimal, and how I should just do a Wiki program.

Maybe it wasn't optimal. But I loved the shit out of doing it. And it either worked because it was good, or because I loved doing it week after week after week. Or a combination of both. And that is the secret that underpins everything. Lift stuff that you find heavy. Eat, rest, REPEAT.

The Wiki programs are great. But there are others. Find one you love doing

(PM if you want my old one. I'll dig it up from somewhere)

Also: One of the best investments you can make is some olympic microplates. If you are finding your progression stopping, give it smaller increments. Go up 1/2 a pound, rather than 5. Also, if you are pushing weights that your body struggles to lift, eventually your body will adapt (so long as you are lifting, eating and resting). It's impossible not to get stronger. Just like it's not possible to give an honest attempt at running almost daily and get no fitter.

u/loopy212 · 4 pointsr/Fitness

You can pretty much make linear progress adding 5kg per workout starting out.

Eventually you'll want to get your own set of 1.25 kg plates (and probably 0.75kg and 0.5kg plates also).

It sounds like you're describing a standard olympic bar; you can find micro plates for olympic bars only for pretty cheap. Here is a set I have that gets the job done.

u/projhex · 3 pointsr/Fitness

You might want some fractional plates and as someone else mentioned, adjustable dumbbells or the olympic dumbbell handles.

If you get the handles you'll want to pick up a couple more 2.5lb, 10lb and 25lb plates so you have four each. The fractional plates will work with these too as you can combine the .75s with .5s and 1s with .25s in order to increase dumbbell weight by 2.5lb increments (1.25 per side for each dumbbell).

A curl bar wouldn't be bad if you don't like curling with the flat bar. It's nice for skull crushers and some other exercises as well.

An ab wheel or some ab straps to hang on your rack to do core stuff.

u/Baron_von_Brotein · 2 pointsr/bodybuilding

No prob. I keep these in my gym bag at all times, and pull out whenever necessary.

Good luck! Make sure to report back in when you hit swole mode.

u/fumblesmcdrum · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Random questions -- taking weights on airplanes.

Has anyone carried on a fractional plate set? Did it cause you any problems?

u/notsofst · 2 pointsr/weightroom

I picked up a pair off amazon.


Or here.

Or here.

Or any of the other links.

u/kitchenmaniac111 · 2 pointsr/Korean

이건 역기 판이에요? 아니면 한국어 말을 몰라요 ㅠㅠ

고향하고 대학교 헬스장에 역기 판 중에서 2.5파운드(1킬로그램 정도) 판은 제일 가벼워요. 하지만 제가 2.5파운드 판보다 더 가벼운 판을 쓰고 싶어요.

u/jmdgmom · 1 pointr/xxfitness

I lift at home :)! To be fair -- my husband got into it a few weeks before I did; he got all of the weights and built a squat rack.

We both use the Stronglifts 5x5 program. He had a bit of prior lifting experience and I had none at all. I really like it -- I started at similar or even lower weights than you did (I was afraid of injuring myself) and have loved seeing progress from workout to workout.

Your equipment sounds good, but I would add that if you do Stronglifts, buy a set of fractional plates (like this -- https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008RP3KY8/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1) so that you can keep making progress.

While I agree with the other posters that a coach would be the best thing, we form check each other and use the videos on the Stronglifts website and Allan Thrall's youtube videos (as well as other youtube videos) to check our form.

I second /u/grev's comment too -- make sure you know how (or educate yourself on how) to be safe while lifting, especially when you will be pushing your limits. The first time that I couldn't get up from a squat was a little scary, but my husband was there to help me out and we talked about what to do if I were on my own and reached muscle failure.

u/KyBourbon · 1 pointr/Fitness


Best Christmas present I've ever received (thanks Mom!)

u/CommonReview · 1 pointr/bodybuilding

I got a pair of olympic plate loadable dumbbells and some tiny olympic fractional plates but its only worth it if you do a lot of dumbbell stuff like I do.

u/pukefist · 1 pointr/Fitness

I also recommend picking up a set of fractional plates. They're really nice to have when lifts can't go up by 5 lb jumps.