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Reddit mentions of Ashtanga Yoga - Beginners Practice

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We found 1 Reddit mentions of Ashtanga Yoga - Beginners Practice. Here are the top ones.

Ashtanga Yoga - Beginners Practice
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Breathing instruction and yoga instructionYoga as a flowClear instruction and guidance from Nicki DoaneDeepen your practiceSun Salutations A & B to establish the rhythm of movement and breath.
Height5.4 Inches
Length7.5 Inches
Number of items1
Release dateOctober 2003
Weight0.17 Pounds
Width0.7 Inches

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Found 1 comment on Ashtanga Yoga - Beginners Practice:

u/heather_no_1 ยท 3 pointsr/yoga

Rodney Yee's dvds are good. I've been using Nicki Doane's Beginner Ashtanga Yoga dvd and I think it's a nice introduction.

There are also lots of recommendations in the FAQs: here, here, here, and here

You should try going to a few classes though so a teacher can check your alignment, or at least get a book that has detailed descriptions of the poses, like Yoga the Iyengar Way.