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At Last A Life
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u/fooz42 · 14 pointsr/Entrepreneur

I know this sounds stupid but if you can’t breathe, focus on getting your breathing right. Your feelings follow your body and then your body follows your feelings. If you interrupt the loop you can bring the system back into control.

Healthy body, healthy mind is right. I found the single best thing personally was identifying where my body was suffering and then working on improving each area. Posture, sugar, gut, whatever. Sleep is the hardest but I try to not chastise myself if I am getting nothing done and need to sleep to get my brain back and operating.

Also worrying about worrying is a mistake. It is like walking on a broken leg to fix it. Your meat brain is injured if you’re constantly anxious. You have to let the worrying part rest and recover.


Finally anxiety is what comes from thinking about the future and being afraid. Focusing on the present helps; mindful meditation is a simple way to practice focusing because you can do it anywhere, even standing in line at the store. Also writing down your thoughts in a daily journal or even todo list so you can then organize them puts you back in control of the future so you can let your brain relax that you have all these concerns under control.

u/eggmonster · 8 pointsr/Louisville

I do not have any recommendations unfortunately, however, these threads do seem to come up about every month. I posted several of the previous threads. Good luck in your recovery. I've battled severe depression that kept me from going outside most days and live a relativity normal life now. Stay strong.

I can recommend a book that helped me tremendously.

At Last a Life

Thread 1

Thread 2

Thread 3

Thread 4

u/Pirlomaster · 7 pointsr/MMA

Hey, if you dont wanna see a therapist, or atleast not right now, you could message me as someone who has gone through every aspect of anxiety you could imagine over the last few years, and is just now coming out of it and could honestly say its by far and wide the best thing thats ever happened to me. I was so stuck in my head prior to really going thru it starting a few years ago, and man is life getting good now. Ive seen therapists, and read books on it as well and learnt a shit ton about myself and how the human brain works. Feel free to ask about any feelings that you feel, thoughts that worry you and how you started developing these problems in the first place.

To get over your anxiety youve got to understand it first. Some here have already done a good job explaining it, particularly /u/ShavingApples. Anxiety is your built in defense mechanism, you have fear of your defense mechanism, prompting that defense mechanism to be alerted more, leaving you in a never ending cycle of anxiety! Essentially this is all in your head, there is no real danger, it is made up, and therefore theres nothing to be solved!

So what you have to do is completely bypass this vicious cycle, and simply stop reacting to the anxiety/how you feel. However you feel, however much anxiety you have, as scared as you are, dont panic. dont question. just completely accept it, embrace it, have fun with it. Its all in how you react to your anxiety, when you have panic attacks or just feel shitty, thats your body asking you if you should be worried or not, when you give in to the feelings, try to escape the situation your in, start panicking, you confirm to your body that there is a threat. Imagine what would happen if you didn't do that? Imagine you accepted these feelings, and went about your day without even thinking about them for a second? The defense mechanism would stop working! It doesnt need to do anything anymore, as you have confirmed to yourself that there is no more threat! Your anxiety is now gone.

Its really as simple as that. You just have to apply this perspective just one time in a fearful situation like say, driving to your mma gym and working out. If you can get through it without giving in to the anxiety, you'll feel enlightened and empowered, as if youve figured out the secret to life. From that point its just a matter of consistently pushing yourself, meditating and learning about yourself, so that you dont get stuck in your head and keep moving forward (Even if you do get stuck in the future, it will never half as bad as what you're experiencing now, now you live under massive fear, when you take the fear out and realize the result of it, you'll never fully go back to your old ways again).

Another thing you might realize is that when you are completely in the moment, like how you are right now reading this comment, it is impossible to suffer. If you ever find yourself in a scary situation and you just cant accept how you feel, focus on your breath and never stop, take deep breaths through your nose all the way down to your balls, and never stop focusing on your breath. (you could try this now too). The reason you cant feel the anxiety in the moment i.e. suffering, is because fear only exists in the mind, when you are in the moment, you are not thinking, i.e. not using your mind.

Heres some books that really helped me out:





So I suggest going to the gym as soon as you can with these new points of view, and try to push through it! Once youve dropped your overall fear of what youre going through, which again, can literally happen instantly, youve unlocked a whole nother world, previously un-visited due to fear. You'll still have anxiety, but its different, its like you dont care about the anxiety anymore and are so numb to its tricks that it doesnt affect you at all anymore, you dont associate yourself with it anymore, you know who you are now. Ive been in this phase for a couple months now, ive had so many moments that have gone from massive fear and anxiety to pure joy that the anxiety just doesnt bother me anymore. Ive seen what its like when you completely accept it, and live in the moment. The only reason im not totally anxiety free is because i havent been living in the moment recently, because ive been overthinking plans and goals ive set for myself and stressing myself out over them. This is inherently a good thing because I wouldnt have set any of these goals in the first place if I still was in fear, but im just now learning to stop thinking and stressing myself out and just getting things done. Youre essentially on the cusp of being at the same point, you just need to stop worrying about how you feel.

Good luck!

u/not_yet_named · 6 pointsr/Meditation

That's a common occurrence with anxiety and isn't anything to be afraid of. Do your best to go about your day without letting the thoughts control your actions. You don't want to get into habits of limiting yourself, like staying in for the day because you're self-conscious, since doing that will only reinforce the habitual thoughts about yourself. If you just let the freakout happen and still go about your day you'll send yourself the message that everything's fine, the habits will tend to fade with time, and your thoughts will start to open up more. The idea is to do your best to open up to your experience, even if it feels wrong, rather than let your anxiety close you down by either fighting it or trying to manage your thoughts and feelings.

There are things you can do that you might find helpful, like yoga or prostrations or meditating, but it's important to realize that this isn't something something you're doing to combat your anxiety. Trying to control your experience like this is a reaction to the habitual thoughts, which again only feeds and reinforces them. In other words, you can't fight anxiety and win, because if you look closely you'll see that anxiety is made up of you fighting your experience. If you're engaging in activities like those mentioned the mindset to take is that you're completely giving yourself to them. Put yourself completely into the activity and into your experience, even if it includes a freakout. You're giving up control for the moment and letting whatever happens happen. Because anxiety is made up of you fighting your experience, the way out is to one way or another find a way to surrender bit by bit and allow things to do what they're going to do until they settle on their own.

So: Don't fight the thoughts and feelings, but also don't just give in and let them control your behavior. Go about your day and do your best to surrender to your experience. If that includes feelings of anxiety then that's fine. You'll be alright at the end of the day. If you're interested in reading a take on anxiety that compliments spiritual practice one book I'd recommend is At Last a Life.

u/nate6259 · 3 pointsr/Meditation

I love that, thanks. One of my favorite lines I tell myself when I have anxiety is: "You don't have to fight it."

I learned that from the book, At Last a Life

u/Fat_Uncle · 2 pointsr/Anxiety

You're going to have to trust me on this one. Download At Last a Life by Paul David and read some of it tonight. Great book, and has a chapter specifically on depersonalization as that was a symptom he dealt with a lot. Check my post history and maybe there's more useful info in there.

This book will help, I promise.


u/dreamrabbit · 2 pointsr/Buddhism

Buddhism doesn't really deal with anxiety, though it may have some things to say to it. I would seek help from people and texts that focus explicitly on the subject. A starting point

u/ChidiOk · 1 pointr/OCD

I would recommended reading this book, it will help you get grounded again so that things don’t get overemphasized At Last A Life https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007MEMDOS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_t2E0DbGM6YNQ1

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/dpdr

ignoring is not what he is saying. I suggest reading this https://www.amazon.ca/At-Last-Life-Paul-David-ebook/dp/B007MEMDOS/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1542517242&sr=8-1

he talks about trauma DPDR in there too

u/Milk07 · 1 pointr/houston

I was seeing a psychologist about my anxiety for a while. But I have to say, this book was probably more helpful to me than years of therapy. It might not be for everyone, but it really helped me get my life back.