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Reddit mentions of Ballistol Multipurpose Cleaner and Preservative Oil - 16 oz

Sentiment score: 3
Reddit mentions: 3

We found 3 Reddit mentions of Ballistol Multipurpose Cleaner and Preservative Oil - 16 oz. Here are the top ones.

Ballistol Multipurpose Cleaner and Preservative Oil - 16 oz
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Found 3 comments on Ballistol Multipurpose Cleaner and Preservative Oil - 16 oz:

u/TherianUlf · 20 pointsr/ar15

don't be a dick hammer and put all sort of mall ninja shit on it right away. spend all your money on ammo and quality cleaning equipment.

Cheap decent quality ammo

if you're new and you just want an easy cleaning kit:

field manual with pictures if you're really new to AR's something like this is super valuable to have.

Otis Cleaning Kit includes everything you need to clean it.

Lube Everyone has their favorite Lube, mine was ballistol, you can dump it on pretty much everything, and it makes it work together smoothly.

But now I prefer to use Seal 1 CLP this shit is great.

scrapper for when your bolt carrier group gets all fuckered.

you're def going to want one of these puppies too, a chamber brush

u/Mike2541 · 2 pointsr/Shotguns

My favorite lube/cleaner


This isn't a bad little cleaning kit, I keep it in my shotgun bag. Same kit multiple names it's sold under.



I also have a boresnake.


By no means is this what you have to have. If you look around the Ballistol is highly liked for firearms, it has always worked wonders for me. I always clean my guns everytime I shoot them, personal preference.

u/Hellsniperr · 1 pointr/army

Ballistol works like a dream. Just make sure you wipe it clean if you are turning your weapon into the armory.