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Reddit mentions of Bene Casa Espresso Maker 6 Cup

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Reddit mentions: 2

We found 2 Reddit mentions of Bene Casa Espresso Maker 6 Cup. Here are the top ones.

Filter Type: Single UseDishwasher Safe PartsWater FiltrationCapacity: 6 cupsProgrammable

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Found 2 comments on Bene Casa Espresso Maker 6 Cup:

u/funny_lyfe ยท 5 pointsr/india

Get a french press.
or better a stove top espresso maker-


You can either use it with coffee beans ground in a spice grinder, or just coffee powder. Keep the coffee ground in the refrigerator and it will keep for a long time. If you want foamed milk here is a guide-


u/[deleted] ยท 3 pointsr/opiates

for those who don't like the time of the espresso machine but also love the taste of a french press i would recommend:


it is the only coffee maker you see in spain, and its very quick and makes VERY strong cups of coffee. to drink in the spanish style, make coffee with the above pot and then use one of these to froth some milk after heating in the microwave or on the stove. half of each for a lovely cafe con leche. if you don't want to get the frother, you can just whisk the hell out of some heated milk with a whisk or fork. its a very flavorful cup of coffee in my opinion (i think the whisked or frothed milk tastes great and adds a bit different flavor in any cup of coffee). of course, in spain, they also do something weird to their coffee beans by coating them in some sort of sugar mixture or something early on, giving them a unique flavor. its hard to get a straight answer out of anyone about what they do EXACTLY. i don't think they want people to know.

edit: that may not be the best quality product, but i was just linking to the type, just so people can have an idea. find a better reviewed one if you're actually interested.