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1650 Cfm (Cubic Feet Per Minute) Superior Energy Efficient Gable Mount Attic Exhaust VentilatorVoltage:110 V

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u/Jarvicious ยท 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

This all depends on how much work you want to do, how you are with basic electrical connections and how much you want to spend up front vs how much you'd rather spend in electricity. Not that I've looked into this in any way.....

If you just hook up a standard gable fan like this it will run well enough and probably cool your shed a fair amount. You can also include a thermister like this which will give it a high and low threshold for operation. These can get pretty noisy though and if you leave it running all the time you'll probably see it on your bill.

For a bit more up front you can go with a full solar gable fan. Some models also allow connection to your 120v system so you can run them at night or during low sun conditions. These are great for situations like yours (or like my detached garage) where there isn't electrical yet or where you don't necessarily want to pay to have a fan run 10+ hours a day.

Vehicles run on the same output as solar panels (for the sake of this discussion) so you could easily cobble something together for less than $100 that would push as much air as one of those larger gable fans but also charge your cordless batteries, run low voltage lights, etc. You can also DIY a solar kit. I can get into the product details if you want, but overall you'd need:

  • solar panel
  • charge controller
  • low voltage wiring
  • speed/temp controller
  • 12v DC fan like this one.

    If the fan is too noisy or moving too much air (in extreme cases, depressurization can be an issue) you can control fan speed with something like this and I'm sure there are 12v temp controllers as well.