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Intensive MoisturizersAnti-Itch for Hand & BodyNo Frangrance addedHelps Heal Dry Itchy SkinSkin Nourishing Vitamins

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Found 1 comment on Cortizone-10 Hydratensive Soothing Lotion 4-Ounce (Pack of 2):

u/psychicpinapple ยท 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Ive had eczema since I was little ( on my inner elbows) and it was linked to my asthma. Usually when I had my asthma acting up, so was my eczema but not 100% of the time. It was bad and fabrics irritated it and I would attack it sometimes until it bleed in my sleep. I was on prescribed hydrocortisone cream but eventually, as I got older, and my asthma got better, the eczema was almost completly gone for years. Any flair ups were almost random and very, very minor. I personally wouldn't go on anything prescribed without trying something less intense and more natural now.

Its always on my creases (inner elbows and back of knees) and now almost exclusively during the hot months when I sweat. It started to get VERY bad on the back of my knees a couple years ago. Worse than I ever had it before and I even cried becasue the skin broke and it burned and just got worse and worse. I went to a health food store and they had a specialized soap bar display with the main ingredients and benefits and I put back an oatmeal soap because I found Pine Tar soap. It worked so well and I highly recommend you try it. It dosent make it disappear overnight but helped sooo much for me.

These are lotions I also use. Not often but when I need it. They both go a long way and help with the itch. especially the cortizone. Hope I was of some help! The other users gave good advice too so listen to your doc and pay attention to diet and ingredients and perfumes. Do you own research and keep a log if you can.

Cortizone 10 hydratensive soothing lotion for eczema

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