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Reddit mentions of Dark Cystal Glass Cleaner

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We found 4 Reddit mentions of Dark Cystal Glass Cleaner. Here are the top ones.

Dark Cystal Glass Cleaner
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Safe for acrylic, glass, quartz, ceramic, and non painted metalsPerfect for cleaning warm quartz bangersMade from 100% plant-based materialsContains no phosphates and is non-toxicCleaning solution is odorless
Weight1.38 Pounds

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Found 4 comments on Dark Cystal Glass Cleaner:

u/Doherty710 · 3 pointsr/Dabs


ISO wont do anything weather u soak or not. This is the miracle juice for keeping ur bangers clean.

u/goofyboots710 · 2 pointsr/COents

This is residual oil that doesn't get cleaned out of the banger with a qtip. I'm sure you have noticed it rising when you torch your banger the next time. It rises and pretty much turns to black soot. Peeps call this a chazzed banger. You have to qtip like everyone is saying after every hit. Even then my bowl with chazz over time. There is a product I use to clean my banger every couple of days. The key is to stay on it and don't let it get really black and chazzed. Try using some of this. I got it from my local head shop and it's great. link This is a big bottle. My headshop has smaller, portable ones.

u/vadre · 2 pointsr/Dabs


pricy, but less than a new nail, right? if you just use it to dip n swab like i do, one bottle will last you like six months of daily gram dabbing

u/danneskjoldgold · 1 pointr/Dabs

Nope, no smell! That's all that's listed on the bottle. You can see the back label on the second image of the Amazon listing.