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Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Cordless Pet Dog Nail Grooming & Grinding Tool, Safely & Humanely Trim Pet & Dog Nails,Grey
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  • Pet nail groomer and grinder - This rotary tool is a pet nail groomer and grinder that offers a safe, effective, less stressful alternative to using clippers on your dog’s nails. Material: High density plastic. Battery chemistry: Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd).
  • Variable speed - Two rotation speeds let you safely and carefully grind the nails of your dog or pet in stages. Battery-powered device uses a 60-grit sanding drum to comfortably trim nails in a manner that is designed to be harmless and humane.
  • Lightweight - The lightweight, cordless rotary tool works with two speed settings 6,500 and 13,000 RPM and an array of Dremel sanding drums and bands to give you full control even at the fastest speed.
  • Accessory change - In order to insert the bit into the tool, the user must first unscrew the top in order for the collect to expand, and once the bit is inserted, the user would then tighten the top to secure the bit.
Height0.9842519675 Inches
Length3.149606296 Inches
Weight1.19 Pounds
Width1.6929133841 Inches

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Found 40 comments on Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Cordless Pet Dog Nail Grooming & Grinding Tool, Safely & Humanely Trim Pet & Dog Nails,Grey:

u/gunner_jensen · 7 pointsr/tippytaps

Here's one of many I found on Amazon.

u/tp0d · 5 pointsr/aww

We use this on our two Danes.. They dont seem to mind much, and its easy to take off a 1/8-1/4" without hitting the quick.. Stinks though..


u/Peacockblue11 · 4 pointsr/Dogtraining

They make one specifically for dogs
Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003TU0XG4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_sRJVzbV6SE0PA

But I use my pedicure one and it works great on my dog
Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File, Extra Coarse https://www.amazon.com/dp/B013AX6U6Q/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_yQJVzb7T1EP9F

u/onebittercritter · 4 pointsr/aww

I feel your pain. Nail trimming can be a total nightmare (for you and your dog). If you're using actual clippers, make sure they are very sharp (dull blades will squeeze the nail, causing a lot of pain and sometimes cracking the nail). Dremel trimmers are definitely something worth looking into too. But even with the best tools, it can be a huge chore. I had a dog who passed away a few months ago who would just lay there and let you trim his nails. Sometimes he'd actually fall asleep while you did it. He was a godsend.

u/mjlp716 · 4 pointsr/puppy101

I use a Dremel to grind my pups nails. It took him a little bit to get used to it, but for me, it is easier to see where the quick is.


u/NormalAdultMale · 4 pointsr/ChapoTrapHouse


I use this. Dog might be scared of the noise though. If your dog is scared of things like vacuums you're gonna have to just trim it yourself with the simple clippers.

u/Futurames · 4 pointsr/thisismylifenow

That particular one isn’t great. You have to replace the batteries which is annoying and it’s just not very powerful. If you want to buy a nail grinder I recommend just getting a Dremel . The battery can be recharged and it will last a long time.

u/jameswayjameson · 3 pointsr/dogs

This is the one I use at my salon. It's durable and long lasting. Safe to use on puppies 2 months and older.
Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003TU0XG4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_AqwNBbFX8K8ZA

u/fidler · 3 pointsr/germanshepherds

The best decision we made was to get a dog nail grinder.

I just had a hard time with clipping nails, and being afraid of clipping to close. The grinder, just like with clipping, takes some patience and training with rewards, but I can grind a whole paw of nails very quickly, and not have to work very hard at it. Plus, if you do correctly the nails are then smooth and not jagged.

u/Mixy_Mae · 2 pointsr/pugs

We have always had a hard time clipping our pugs nails. They freak out, then I freak out and it become a whole mess. We purchased a Dremel nail grinder and it's much better now. Still takes two people, but a lot less freaking out on both parts. Here is the one we have http://www.amazon.com/B003TU0XG4.

u/dogfacedlion · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

I've heard a normal dremel is best, just get the attachment for it, but I bought this one: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003TU0XG4/
Have not been disappointed with it. It does take a long time to grind down hard black nails on large(70+lb) dogs, but I think that's probably true of any dremel.

u/tedell · 2 pointsr/dogs

I also prefer Dremel over clippers after using them both. I like that the ends of the nail end up smooth instead of having somewhat sharp edges that you get with clippers. It's also easier to get the nail shorter, IMO, because if you do hit the quick it's a much smaller impact than clippers.

I use this one on the low setting . Find the right holding position for your dog (shouldn't be hard with a 40 pound-er) and tell him he's a good boy when he's not squirming. "Practice" using the Dremel on him without turning it on. You won't actually be trimming his nails at this point. When he seems to be used to that turn the Dremel on at arms length while still holding him. If he doesn't freak out then move it closer. Touch the handle end of the Dremel to a nail while the Dremel is on so he can feel the vibrations without the grinding. If he's still being a good boy then start trimming. The best time to do your dog's nails is when he's tired and/or asleep.

u/victorialol · 2 pointsr/videos

I use a Dremel. Specifically, this one from Amazon.

My dog has a bit of trauma associated with regular clippers, and we've worked up to being able to tolerate clipping a couple nails with them. For her, though, it was much easier to work from scratch with a new object.

She doesn't mind when I do her nails now. I've trained her to lay upside down between my legs while I work on her toes. :)

u/goldpants · 2 pointsr/dogs

Dremel does make a nail grinder - their version of the Pedi Paws. I had a Pedi Paws and it kinda sucked and then ended up crapping out after only about a year or two. I replaced it with Dremel's version and it works so much better! I got mine on Amazon. It's only $25, so not too bad!

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003TU0XG4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_pRZsyb2E1QJ4S

u/tjasko · 2 pointsr/Chihuahua

Worth a shot! It's a lot safer too as you can visually see when you're coming close to the quick. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003TU0XG4

u/truckdogs · 2 pointsr/Rottweiler

I use the battery powered Dremel. They have one on Amazon for pets and it comes with instructions(for pet use) and some sanding drums.
Dremel 7300-PT 4.8-Volt Pet Grooming Kit

The price has changed since I got it. It was the same price as the non pet one.
Just do a little at a time even if its on nail then come back later and do another one. Another thing is having them walk on concrete .

u/persian_cat · 2 pointsr/dogs

I suggest using a Dremel too, I have this: Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003TU0XG4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_bJ4AzbCECPMBF

u/lostmoonboots · 2 pointsr/guineapigs

I got a dremel pet tool to sand them down instead of cutting them. It's a lot more gentle so it hardly bothers them at all. Worth every penny

u/kendallpark · 2 pointsr/Rabbits

I'd wear a jacket in case he tries to nip. It also helps to have two people (one to restrain rabbit, one to clip).

Some people also choose to file their rabbits nails using a dremel. It's a slower process, but for some rabbits stresses them out less. https://www.amazon.com/Dremel-7300-PT-4-8V-Nail-Grooming/dp/B003TU0XG4/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1540144457&sr=8-3&keywords=pet+nail+grinder+for+dogs



Good luck!

u/jpbronco · 2 pointsr/nova

+1 for the dremel trimmers. I had 5 dogs before I learned this trick. My just give me her paw like she's at the spa and it takes me 2 minutes a leg.

u/adopted_dog_oscar · 2 pointsr/pitbulls

Yea it's electric. It's not really a nail filer though... more of a rotary tool for general use. This is the model I have. It comes with a lot of different attachments: wire bushes, sanding drums, grinding stones, grinding wheels, small rotary files or burrs, maybe some more stuff so it's pretty useful around the house too.

My mom got me into it because she's involved with greyhound rescue groups and their nails are in really bad shape when they come off the tracks. Using clippers, they had way too many blood-spraying, dog-helping-in-pain-accidents. Clippers are easy to overshoot your intended cut and cut the quick and they're also known for splitting nails in half or muliple pieces, either right when you cut it or if they snag a small piece on the carpet it can rip off the splintered part of the nail.

My mom swears by [this extension](
http://www.amazon.com/Dremel-225-01-Flex-Shaft-Attachment/dp/B0000302Y8/ref=pd_bxgy_469_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=0HS02GVFVQ5Z8AQDSF7G) that allows the noise of the electric motor to be a few feet away. I don't have one these.

Then when you run out of sanding drums that came with your dremel, you can but a lifetime supply for [$8.99]

Edit: Dremel must have caught on, they now sell a specific pet grooming model. I can't speak for it but it looks quite a bit smaller than mine, I'll admit mine is a little overkill but I use it for other things too.

u/COHikerGrl · 2 pointsr/reactivedogs

So this is the dremel:

I can't speak on longevity obviously, but compared to the ones I see in the youtube videos, it is much more quiet but plenty powerful. I started using it just on the low setting to acclimate her, but found that the high isn't much louder, and we get it done so much faster. But you could definitely just use the low setting, too. I really hope you have the same success as us if you get it. I feel like such a crappy owner when I let her nails get longer than they should be, but the struggle is real! I would dread taking her in for an entire week leading up to actually doing it.

u/athey · 2 pointsr/Dolls

For getting rid of molded clothes, and so many other super useful things, I recommend owning a dremel, or other rotary tool.

You don't need a fancy one. I've got 3 dremel tools, of varying degrees of torque and power. One is identical to this one - only without the pet grooming branding. It's still a dremel - it'll still work.

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003TU0XG4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_jF4xDb8CJPTXW

I did find this guy for a super cheap price -
WEN 23006 Two-Speed Cordless Rotary Tool Kit with 10-Piece Accessory Set https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MSL9PW4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_4C4xDb9MG46FY

Can't vouch for it being any good, given its price, but it should be compatible with the dremel rotary bits, and for a starter tool, and just working on dolls, it should be fine.

Whatever rotary you get, you'll need a few things to go with it. I recommend one or both of these -

Sanding drums

Abrasive buffing wheels

The buffing wheels are pretty good a removing tiny molded clothing details without eating up the plastic a lot.

If you ever do anything with apoxie-sculpt, the dremel can come in handy with grinding down things after its cured.

OH - and sand paper. Buy sand paper.

I recommend getting some 120 grit, 220 grit, and some 400 grit. You work your way from the lower, rougher paper, up to 400 to get a smooth finish. When you get up to 400, make sure you sand in circular motions to avoid leaving gouges in the plastic.

u/94rado · 2 pointsr/AmStaffPitts

Hey there, I know exactly what you're dealing with. I Love pit bulls and had one for 13 years. Now my dog was very very chill when it came to bath time and getting his nails trimmed. But I also had him since he was 4 weeks old and I used to mess with him all the time while we would lay together ( put fingers in his mouth, ears, play with his toes, etc. ) which i think helps. Anyways my roommate has a blue and our dogs lived together and she HATED getting her nails trimmed.. mind you shes about 65 lbs with a massive head. Built like a tank and super strong. We would have hold her down unfortunately as best as we could. Literally my roommate would hold her with all his strength and I would take one of those pet grooming dremel kits (I got on amazon) and just go for it. Those dremels worked the best in my experience, really easy and fast. Before we had the dremel and just clippers it was almost impossible to trim her nails. I know it sucks to have to hold the dog down but maybe that dremel would help you. Also we would leave it out for her too, to help her get used to it. even when she would lay in her bed we would set it next to her.

this is the dremel I use.

Good luck!

u/anustart_44 · 1 pointr/dogs

I use the 7300 and I love it! Much cheaper than the 8050 and does the job well!

u/bumbernut · 1 pointr/puppy101

Thanks! He's such a dream, I love my little Buckley. :)

Good idea with teeth-brushing, routine is the best way to get a puppy settled and behaving well. As for nail-clipping, basically you can just start as soon as his nails are getting too long. How long this will take heavily depends on your dog and his activity - if he spends a lot of time walking/running on hard surfaces like cement, they will stay worn down more and need to be trimmed less often, but if he spends more time on softer surfaces like grass/carpet you'll need to trim them more often. The dewclaw will need to be trimmed more often as it is above the ground, so keep an eye on that. Your best bet for knowing when to trim them is to ask your vet - you'll be seeing your vet frequently in the first few weeks/months anyway for his puppy shots so just ask how his nails are looking and if you should give them a trim. We just clipped my basset's nails for the first time about 2 weeks ago (so 12 weeks old), and he spends a decent amount of time on cement surfaces.

I'd recommend guillotine clippers, as those are easier to use on dog's nails. Nail files are also useful to just smooth out the nail after it gets clipped (since they can splinter a bit after clipping and be extremely scratchy). Just use LOTS of treats, praise, and high-reward toys after he gets his nails clipped so he learns that nail trimming = fun! Most dogs are uncomfortable with nail trims, so he might never love it, but he may at least tolerate it without squirming around which will make it MUCH easier on you.

If nail clipping does end up being problematic, you can get a Dremel nail grinder. They're a little pricier, but effective and they prevent the nail from splintering, which is a problem with clipping.

u/lovethepuppers · 1 pointr/dogs

Nail dremmel amazon (this has been easier, than regular clippers for us. His nails are not clear and are very thick. And cheaper than having the vet do them) - https://www.amazon.com/Dremel-7300-PT-4-8V-Nail-Grooming/dp/B003TU0XG4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1504740781&sr=8-1&keywords=dog+dremel

Regular shampoo he developed a rash, he is good with this brand and not unreasonable - https://www.amazon.com/Hypoallergenic-Dog-Cat-Shampoo-Chamomile/dp/B01COZEBQ2/ref=sr_1_5?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1504740915&sr=1-5&keywords=dog+shampoo+hypoallergenic

I have no issues with people who spend less. I am just posting to say how quickly things we don't think about can add up. And yes, I plan to run with my dog. He will be out in the elements camping/hiking. He will be wearing gear.

u/happylittlebirdskie · 1 pointr/dogs

I think this is the one we have: Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003TU0XG4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_1ooXBbS5H5PYH

u/shibapupper · 1 pointr/shiba

Please please please consider an alternative. Declawing is very painful to an animal and oftentimes changes their behavior for the worse after it has been done (no surprises really, as declawing is not just removing the nails, it is removing the bone as well. think of it like removing your finger up to the second knuckle). How about try something less intrusive/costly first? There are booties you could purchase: https://www.amazon.com/QUMY-Waterproof-Reflective-Velcro-Anti-Slip/dp/B01LYITJ4S/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3OW12TD5FRSDR&keywords=dog+booties+for+hardwood+floors&qid=1569187744&s=gateway&sprefix=dog+booties%2Caps%2C263&sr=8-4
Or you could file your doggie's nails down with a dremel, so they aren't nearly as sharp (they make pet specific ones for those too): https://www.amazon.com/Dremel-7300-PT-4-8V-Nail-Grooming/dp/B003TU0XG4/ref=sxin_1_osp54-3d58a629_cov?ascsubtag=3d58a629-5407-463d-bdc4-ae4dbba21da4&creativeASIN=B003TU0XG4&cv_ct_id=amzn1.osp.3d58a629-5407-463d-bdc4-ae4dbba21da4&cv_ct_pg=search&cv_ct_wn=osp-search&keywords=dremel+dog&linkCode=oas&pd_rd_i=B003TU0XG4&pd_rd_r=a5f5dc22-c306-4952-875e-2a306ba459e2&pd_rd_w=bRrY7&pd_rd_wg=BltYA&pf_rd_p=53eff971-6e12-4016-9864-b6dfd929b2b3&pf_rd_r=SRCDDXV0AR8EDXP32SA5&qid=1569187884&s=gateway&tag=42987st350sr-20
I use the dremel on my boy, and he doesn't mind it at all compared to the nail clipper! Just had to entice him with enough cheese when introducing it lol.

u/tsquaredwsu · 1 pointr/Pets

Try giving him Benadryl instead. You can look up dosages online. It’ll act as a sedative.
Also, have you tried a drill instead of a clipper? Here is a version of what I mean. There’s cheaper ones if you search.

u/danidevon · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Good answer! My most helpful item on my list is this

My puppy's nails grow super fast and I'm too terrified to clip them myself but he doesn't trust anyone other than me with his paws so the groomer and vet always get his quick and make him bleed and cry because he squirms so much. That dremmel tool would let me just file them down super quickly and painlessly. Win for both of us!

u/dimesfordenim · 1 pointr/goldenretrievers

Congrats!! If you've never had a puppy before, my #1 recommendation is to get a trainer who will come to your house and work with you. They are more for you than for the dog. We did that and while it was really expensive, it was a blessing!

One thing our trainer told us is to let the puppy have access to only a little bit of the house at a time. A crate helps with that, but we didn't want it to feel like punishment and we wanted to be able to let him play around just as a dog in a controlled area. So we bought this playpen and zip tied it to the crate. You can also get linoleum to put underneath the playpen area, but make sure it's all one sheet (otherwise he'll chew on the ends). That also helps clean up potty mistakes!

Speaking of potty, we got a little bell to put on the door. We made him nudge it with his nose or paw (basically picked him up) every time we went out. Then when we finally let him explore more, he knew how to let us know he had to go. Of course, he also used it just as an excuse to go outside, so there's that.

You mentioned you're good to go on crates--did you get one that is life stages and lets you adjust how much room is available? Not a huge deal if not, but if you did, make sure you use it. They don't need a whole lot of room in the crate because they'll just pee on one end and sleep on the other.

For grooming, you don't really need a lot for a puppy (at least in our experience, and our older dog grew up to be a HUGE fluffball). You're more likely to hurt him and turn him off. For our grown up guys, we use a pin brush, a rake brush, a de-matting comb, grooming scissors, and dremmel. We also do your normal ear cleaning solution (we get ours from the vet, so I don't remember the brand offhand, it's the same thing as online) and shampoo. This is what we used when they were puppies. Another essential is puppy wipes for pesky danglers and muddy paws.

For a puppy, though, I really wouldn't use all that stuff. We used a little kong brush to get him used to a brush on his fur, but we didn't even use that until his fur was a little longer (but still too short to use the other brushes). The big thing with grooming a puppy is getting him used to you touching him EVERYWHERE. Stick your fingers in his ears and mouth, rub all over his paws, make him lay down on his back in your lap, etc. Definitely start on nails asap--even if you don't actually trim them, just holding the dremmel up to their nails and getting them used to it helps A LOT. Also the ear cleaner is an essential for golden puppies. Our trainer and vet both told us to drop it in their ears, let them shake their heads, then use q-tips in all the nooks and crannies.

Other essential products are LOTS of toys. You'll figure out real quick what your guy likes. Our first dog was more of a casual chewer, so fabric toys worked, but our second dog LOVES to eat fabric so we had to go with hard toys only. I highly recommend toys by West Paw! As you know, golden puppies will chew on LITERALLY EVERYTHING so you need a backup distractor toy at all times to replace the flavor of the minute. Keep in mind that if you give up trying to stop them chewing on something (say, for example, your computer chair), they will think it's ok to chew on that for the rest of their life. :(

We also got a slow-feeder bowl because our guys gobble down their food like it will disappear if they don't. And if your guy is really annoying with the water bowl (i.e., repeatedly knocking it over), don't worry too much--he'll grow out of it. I recommend keeping a towel under it until he learns all he wants to know about water!

Have fun with your little guy!!!! I'll add anything else I can think of later but feel free to ask if there's anything else you're curious about!

u/keekie333 · 1 pointr/GermanShepherd

Have you tried a dremel for dogs? It’s the only thing I can use on my GSD.


And I find it’s more forgiving. It slowly the files the nail down so you can really see what you’re doing.