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Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner
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Up to 90 minutes of cleaning time per fill up.COMMERCIAL-GRADE: suitable for home or work.PREMIUM ACCESSORIES: 25-piece kit, MADE IN ITALY.DIGITAL DISPLAY with active temperature, pressure and maintenance reminder.Warranty: 3 years on parts, Lifetime on stainless steel boiler.
Height13 Inches
Length16.5 Inches
Number of items1
Width10.5 Inches

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u/funkiestj ยท 2 pointsr/IAmA

> This was years back, but he had a 'gun' type thing that he'd use and would treat trouble areas like baseboards and down into the seams of your couch for example.

Steam cleaners are expensive but deliver a lot of high heat energy into nooks and crannies.

I spent a bunch of money on one when my dust mite allergy was going crazy.