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Etymotic Research ER20 High-Fidelity Earplugs (Concerts, Musicians, Airplanes, Motorcycles, Sensitivity and Universal Hearing Protection) - Standard, Clear Stem w/ Frost Tip
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  • Reduces risk of hearing damage for many noisy occupations as well as noisy venues, such as airshows, parades, athletic events and motor sports
  • Reduces sound levels evenly so that music and speech are clear and natural, not muffled as with other earplugs
  • Enhances the music experience for audiences while protecting hearing
  • Lets musicians hear their own instrument and their blend with others
  • Ready-fit
  • Reduces noise while preserving sound quality
  • Speech is clear, not muffled
  • Note: The Baby Blues are for smaller ear canals
  • All sound is reduced evenly by 20 dB
  • Helps prevent noise-induced hearing loss
ColorClear Stem/Frost Tip
Height0.75 Inches
Length6 Inches
Release dateNovember 2019
Size2 Count (Pack of 1)
Weight0.04 Pounds
Width4 Inches

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Found 163 comments on Etymotic Research ER20 High-Fidelity Earplugs (Concerts, Musicians, Airplanes, Motorcycles, Sensitivity and Universal Hearing Protection) - Standard, Clear Stem w/ Frost Tip:

u/dintmeister · 449 pointsr/electronicmusic

Daily reminder that these will save your hearing at the same time as making loud concerts sound better

Edit: You know how if you're close to the speakers at a really loud concert, the music sounds distorted like a blown speaker? That's your hearing being damaged. These protect your ears and clear up the distortion, so the concert sounds way better and you can enjoy music for your whole life.

If you're still not convinced that protection is worth it, spend a couple minutes on /r/tinnitus

u/bawol · 251 pointsr/Music

Etymotic makes great pairs of earplugs exactly like that for less than $20. I have a pair and I can carry on a conversation while wearing them at a concert. They aren't custom fitted like the expensive ones, but they are far better than the foam kinds.

u/areyouokb · 35 pointsr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

I am a music producer and I am upvoting this. Seriously I fear for those dummies who don't get it, but we can't fix stupid, so why can't we please fix the fucking sound. It's so frustrating to constantly tweak sound as I'm playing every game, but I do it for sake of protecting ears. They have millions of dollars it's not that fucking hard contract someone to fix a couple sound files. Fuck!

Also a fix (actual earplugs)

u/brbposting · 34 pointsr/AskSF

Who reviews night clubs?

If you go to a great show, you tell your friends how much fun the artist was. You’ll come to like the venue and will promote it via word of mouth.

You’d want to slam a venue where you get robbed, though, so you’ll hit the Yelp page for that.

Audio kicks ass, don’t worry. Worst part might be that it’s a little smaller unless you like that. Great sound system. It’s connected to Bergerac, a bar that’ll have some artists too.

Here’s a bunch of text—keep in mind I like tech-house a lot:

1015 Folsom is utterly huge and definitely gets lit. 20k sq. ft, three to five rooms (depending), 1400 person capacity. The go to! Dirtybird and Desert Hearts events are dope.

Public Works is also really big. (Sue me I like big venues!) Has a smaller loft you (sometimes?) pay separately for. Big events go down in a big room with a balcony. Good stuff.

Great Northern is pretty big and is a great time. One big room.

Temple is on the list of 100 best nightclubs in the world 2018 and is great if you’re into EDM (the EDC kinda stuff... crowd pleasing but cheesy for my more tech-house tastes). They do have house & hip-hop downstairs (three rooms total). One odd thing: it’s looonnggg. Very rectangular. Putting this here in the hierarchy because lots of folks enjoy it.

The Midway is an art gallery by day but a music venue by night. Huge room that was SO HOT when I went. Smaller room that was almost too cold. Not a bad time. It’s out of the way in Dogpatch I believe (southeast SF by the water).

Mezzanine is a good time. Dirtybird Quarterly <3. Just don’t see the very best artists booked here usually, otherwise fun. RIP soon Mez :((((

Halcyon is like Audio. Maybe a little bigger. Seems to book smaller artists like Audio often does. <insert Audio into hierarchy alongside this one>

Love & Propaganda is all crowd-pleasing “open format” (Top 40 / hip-hop, & electronic remixes of the aforementioned). Younger crowd.

Monarch has upstairs (even on Sunday nights!), plus a larger basement for Fri/Sat events some (most?) weekends. Nothing wrong with it. Great to have some house on a Sunday at least! Don’t end up there otherwise.

The Roc in Fisherman’s Wharf was way lame. Hip hop. Crowd hated dancing. Stood around. Bad layout unless you bought the big table.

Haven’t been to DNA Lounge! Classic, long-running events. Nerdy SF owner documents his financial troubles on his blog. Poor guy. Get there before it closes.

Haven’t been to F8 but I believe it’s a small venue where they’ll do a lot of trance.

City Nights is 18 and up. “Shitty Nights” the locals say. If you’re in your mid-twenties, you’ll be a grandpa there across their couple big rooms and balcony. No thanks!

After hours: 150 San Bruno near Great Northern if you can get on their list is aight for 2-6am fun. Nightclub, not after-hours vibes. Couple other spots I was invited to once but not on their lists.

The Endup is a non-underground after hours spot (no drinks 2-6). Good when you just have to keep going.

Find the good stuff here:

See who’s playing on a given night. Hit YouTube and search “[artist name] set.” Listen and consider who you like most / compare to above venue list I gave ya, pregame, rideshare, and you’ll have a great time.

Oh, and when you see expensive events on 19hz, those places are usually big venues that host all kinds of talent.

WAS THIS NOT ENOUGH INFO FOR YOU while I’m on mobile? :p

Soooo....... everywhere can be a great time. I only avoid The Roc (lame crowd, meh hip-hop), L&P (same music every time, crowd kinda scared to dance), City Nights (for kids), Temple (cheesy music but otherwise fine and again people love it). Just keep your wallet in your front pocket and don’t get too turnt, ya know? And don’t be a woman in public (sorry ladies, life’s hard and men can SUCK sometimes).

Hit 1015, Public Works, Great Northern, and go have the time of your life my friend. ✌️

Edit - re-read your post... YES GO TO THE SHOW!!! You’ll love it if you’re into the music! You should DM me the event, I might end up there. Oh and you’re a woman so: City Nights had the most aggressive guys I’ve seen. I haven’t seen aggressive guys at Audio.

Another edit: I forgot Hawthorne. It wasn’t litty when I went once.

Also you gotta have earplugs if you go out more than a couple times a year! Keep ‘em on my keychain, use them on BART and in loud bars and at shows:

u/2bitnothing · 31 pointsr/electronicmusic

Ety plugs are a great bang for your buck. Relatively comfy and they do little to degrade the higher frequencies (as compared to foam plugs).

But if you really enjoy going to shows and appreciating music, I can't recommend a pair of custom molded plugs from an audiologist more strongly.

I did this about 7 years ago and still appreciate them every time that I go to a show. Also, I motorcycle, so they get quite a bit of use outside of clubs as well!

u/maehwa-cha · 27 pointsr/bangtan

To add on to this comment, if you're an avid concert go-er (or a person who works in a loud office or needs quiet to concentrate, natch), I highly suggest investing in these. They're very reasonably priced, and I've had a few pairs (carry a pair in my purse and in my work bag) that have lasted 10+ years.

(edited for clarity)

u/thrillzone · 20 pointsr/electronicmusic

Did a lot of reading through similar threads and settled on these from amazon.

Great quality for the price and your ears will thank you. They'll block out a lot of the heavy lows that would normally leave your ears ringing afterwards. The sound feels balanced and I don't feel like I'm missing any detail in the sound when they're in.

If you go to a show where the sound sucks (bad speakers, balance is shitty), you might feel like you're not getting the best experience... but that is on the venue and not you. Best to keep them in and be safe rather than sorry.

I've done plenty of damage in between DJing and going to tons of shows.

2 thumbs up from me

u/iOceanLab · 20 pointsr/bassnectar

Let's go! NYE is incredible! Pro tip: Get earplugs. It's going to be loud. [These High fidelity plugs from Etymotic] ( will still allow you to hear the music perfectly while protecting your hearing from long-term damage.

u/rick_C132 · 18 pointsr/movies

These or similar are totally worth it

Etymotic ETY-Plugs High Fidelity Earplugs, Standard Fit, Frost Tip

u/JustinJSrisuk · 16 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I actually have a pair of acoustic earplugs that I wear when I attend a show, concert, festival or rave in order to protect my hearing. I've always had really-sensitive ears, and I've been able to keep them that way over the years by using earplugs when I know that my eardrums are going to be inundated with sounds at decibels that far exceed the ear's limits.

u/omegamjolnir · 15 pointsr/ElectricForest

If I could only give one recommendation... If you don't have earplugs, buy a pair or two of these.

It will change your festival experience, guaranteed. There is nothing like being close enough to feel the music - but at a volume that's not pounding your ears to death. There will be more space in the sound to tell things apart, and you'll be less fatigued at the end of the night.

If you're experimenting with chemistry, it's a chance to pull them out here and there and cycle through hearing with a fresh set of ears. Or to place extra emphasis on your favorite song in a set.

u/JustAnEpicPerson · 15 pointsr/PostMalone

I've been going to a lot of concerts since 2017, and if I'm honest, Post Malone was probably the loudest show I've ever been to. I strongly recommend buying some of these, but still expect a loud ass show.

u/moebiusatg · 14 pointsr/aves

One of the more popular brands is DownBeats but I find them too small so I chose this brand of etymotic ear plugs.

I like those best bc they're incredibly easy to take in/out and they have a little string that connects them together so you can hang them around your neck when not in use.

u/ponchacito · 13 pointsr/aves

I was recommended these:
on some other reddit thread. I have trouble with things staying in my ears and I found these to be great. Excellent reviews, great quality item.

u/mitchell271 · 11 pointsr/Guitar

I'd recommend moving up from foam (they kill all the high end), and move up to at least something like ETY Plugs from Etymotic. They're not perfect, but they more or less lower all frequencies.

u/HTWingNut · 11 pointsr/BABYMETAL

I took my son at 7 years old to a Babymetal concert in seated area. Assuming an indoor concert, Just bring some good ear plugs (not the cheap foam ones), something like this or this in addition to this (yes both plugs and headphones). It can be VERY LOUD, and painful for young kids especially without proper ear protection. If it's a festival, then just headphones are probably adequate.

Once you have that, they will have a good time. I wouldn't take them on the floor though, unless you're near the back or sides because there can be some big crushes going on at times near the middle and front.

u/giga_booty · 10 pointsr/raisedbynarcissists

I've long since lived with my nMom, but she would pull the exact same bs you're talking about. I've since discovered concert earplugs and wished teenaged me had a pair. You can still hear everything, but they make everything so much quieter. They're hardly noticeable when worn, especially if you have long hair that could hide your ears.

I like to wear these at work when I just need help tuning out noise.

Edit: I've never tried it, but I bet if you wore a pair of these and your noise canceling headphones, it would block a ton of the noise she causes.

u/Umlautica · 10 pointsr/audiophile

Taking "hi-fi" earplugs with you on flights, to concerts, and on the metro is a great idea. There's a bunch of product options now but here are just a few:

Etymonic ER20XS

Etymotic ETY-Plugs

u/DatKaz · 10 pointsr/BlackPink

I will always second wearing earplugs, please please please wear earplugs to shows. I use the same ones OP uses (link here), they're amazing at reducing the loudness while still producing a very balanced listening experience.

u/falloutgoy · 10 pointsr/FallOutBoy

Wear earplugs. Yes. Really.

Edit: Amazon link to the earplugs I wear.

u/chrispy108 · 10 pointsr/AskUK

I've had a set of Etymotic ER-20 earplugs that I've had for years; for being in a band at practise/gigs, and for attending gigs.
I love them, they're awesome.

The first few times I was worried I'd be "disconnected", but you actually feel more connected, because you aren't hiding from the speakers, you can stand where you want, and you don't lose all the high-end from your hearing in a few minutes, so it sounds good all night.

u/inkspaught · 9 pointsr/Bahrain

I think bahrainisniper is just a false flag operation by /u/yaserharga & /u/beefjerking to get more people to comment on the sub. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!

In other /r/Bahrain "hey where can I find..." news, does anyone know where I'd be able to get a pair of non-disposable earplugs (like these or these )?

u/kingsj3st3r · 9 pointsr/ElectricForest

I'll put a vote in for etymolics

u/rkan665 · 9 pointsr/Ghostbc

Some people get... carried away with these kinds of shows. Getting seats will be the way to go. Expect people smoking weed. Maybe consider ear dampeners. I know you're not going to be standing next to a guitar cabinet, but concerts can be quite loud and for young ears can cause damage. I wish I had a set for both of the concerts where I was on the front rail.
EDIT: Most of the reviews pointed this as a better product:

u/tweedliee · 9 pointsr/misophonia

These are the ones I have:

Yep! They filter out sound under a certain decibel so like if I'm walking around campus I can only hear the cars but in class I can hear the Prof (even more clearly) and the loudest noises I can hear are unzipping/coughing but muffled.

I probably wouldn't have worn them in highschool because of the questions I might get/people purposefully trying to trigger me but in college no one gives a fuck.

u/thesleepofdeath · 8 pointsr/EDM

My friend group all use these:

u/mobuco · 8 pointsr/deathgrips

Will second the water and tight shoes...and double knot cause mine were coming undone and I had to step to the side to retie. Also, bring earplugs (not the foam ones, the ones that just lower the dB but keep sound quality). I bought these and they were good.

I was hoping DG was playing alone again and then bummed when I heard they weren't closing. Might be changing depending on the night/venue though. I'm sure it will be just as great as the previous shows, just not as long of a set most likely.

u/helpingfriendlyneph · 8 pointsr/phish

+1 etymotics, they really are effective at cutting out talkers. Everything fades to a dull white noise like murmur unless assholes are REALLY screaming. They deserve a shut the fuck up, please, at that point.

Also, even with a band that goes through great lengths for sound quality like Phish, there is an inherent amount of distortion at rock show level loudness. Good plugs will cut this out. It was odd for 2 or 3 songs the first time, but I can hear everything so much clearer now.

My ears still hurt some, but I haven't experienced ringing in my ears post show since using ear plugs.

Edit: link to the earplugs I use

u/CivilizedTetrapod · 8 pointsr/twentyonepilots

Oh yeah I go to at least one show a month on average, earplugs are a must for it to be a sustainable hobby for me. These are what I wear, they lower the decibel level without changing the sound quality, there's no shame in it

u/tacochublets · 8 pointsr/tinnitus

It’ll help to use some ear protection whenever you play, especially in closed environments like a practice room or a gym.

u/Truthbeforekarma · 7 pointsr/LifeProTips

These are what I bought before my wife and I went to a Fallout Boy concert in Lincoln last October. They worked fantastic. I could still hear all the great highs and lows of their music but it was reduced to a level that wasn't going to damage my ears. 10/10 would buy again.

u/ChiefMcHeath · 7 pointsr/okeechobeemusicfest

These are cheap, effective and have worked well for me the last three years:

They have a string that you can connect them around the back of your neck so if one falls out it stays tethered to the other.


Definitely. I bought these and they've worked well

u/caffpanda · 7 pointsr/Dallas

This is going to make you the uncool dad, but get them hearing protection like this and encourage them to wear it. Losing hearing at concerts sucks.

u/[deleted] · 6 pointsr/DevinTownsend

You've learned your lesson the hard way.

Don't fuck it up next time:

u/classie__lassie · 6 pointsr/bangtan

I bought some inexpensive concert earplugs off of amazon. I don’t go to concerts much, so I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on something I’d only use a couple of times. The ones I bought worked great! The music and their voices were crystal clear, but it’s like the volume of the crowd was turned down. I could still hear the fanchants perfectly fine, and I had no problem talking with my sister next to me. I lost my voice singing and screaming, but at least I saved my hearing!

here’s what’s I bought

Someone who goes to a lot of concerts might be able to recommend something better, but those worked for me.

u/fangirlsqueee · 5 pointsr/Fibromyalgia

I asked a question on this sub and found a support device that allows me to have better quality of life. Ear plugs that let sound through but block stressful background noise. These work great for going to the movie theater, out to loud restaurants, and concerts. Definitely not depressing or worthless to me.

Maybe you could add more fun subs to your mix? I recommend r/AnimalTextGifs to start.

u/ASOT550 · 5 pointsr/UMF

I've been using etymotics since my first Ultra in 2012. No issues for me! I've gotten multiple pairs for friends and keep a backup pair in my car at all times. A pair lasts me about a year before it gets a bit gross from earwax but they're so cheap I don't mind buying a new pair.

u/i91809 · 5 pointsr/trap

I have these and they are great I wear them to every show I go to

u/DieGenerates97 · 5 pointsr/BABYMETAL

Not sure if I found the thread I was remembering, or maybe it was a mashed together memory of threads, but you could read some of the more general comments here
Otherwise, doing some general searches about first shows, what to expect, etc. will give you a decent picture!

As for earplugs, anything by Etymotics, like these: are probably a decent bet.

u/corskier · 5 pointsr/LonghornNation

Get some of these high fidelity earplugs and your ears will love you. They cut out the high decibel shit, while still keeping most of the sound quality of the performance. I bought those things for SXSW back in the day and absolutely love that you could just pop them out and have a normal conversation with someone, no tinnitus.

u/BadWolf2112 · 5 pointsr/Dreamtheater

These seem to be pretty good at not killing the high end

Etymotic ETY-Plugs High Fidelity Earplugs, Standard Fit, Frost Tip

u/bonestamp · 5 pointsr/EDM

I assume this is what he's talking about, but you can get special earplugs for concerts that still lets some sound in so that it still sounds good:

u/OutrageousLibrarian · 4 pointsr/doommetal

Music teacher here (if you thought live shows were loud, try 5th grade band). I have some custom fit ones that I like a lot. But, for way less money, I recommend and use Etymotic. The are, to my ear, a good balance of protection and attenuation (as mentioned below) for the money.

u/biysk · 4 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

I've used Etymonic Research and Westone earplugs. They are both comfortable to wear all night and don't distort the sound quality. The Westones are my favorite and are really discrete. They are $13-$20 depending on where you get them but can easily last you years if you don't loose them.

ETY-Plugs High Fidelity Earplugs, Standard Fit, Frost Tip

Westone Universal Fit Protective WR 20 Earplug

u/sweetgooglymoogly · 4 pointsr/lifeisbeautifulLV

I have etymotic ones. Bought 2 pair on Amazon for like $18. Have used them for multiple fests, multiple years now. No more ear pain after fests.

u/BrewinBombers · 4 pointsr/drumline

I have these:

and they help tremendously. I've worn them to deafening concerts and they've performed well. Cheap, effective and unobtrusive. Plenty 'strong'.

The only challenge is that because they're small, they can be easy to lose.

u/mr_munshun · 4 pointsr/Bass

I like ETY

u/zck · 4 pointsr/ModestMouse

Amazon has some -- these are pretty good, and I'm using these right now. If you want something locally, I know Guitar Center has some. Other guitar shops probably will also.

u/Senseful · 3 pointsr/Music

I have worn these to dozens of shows. For the price, they do the job without undercutting sound quality and without making it impossible to talk to the person next to you.

u/EMoneySC2 · 3 pointsr/progmetal

Cheap ear plugs will fix that right up for you. I don't really mind the discomfort of loud shows, but the unbalanced sound does. These ones are what I use, and I'd recommend them.

u/osoALoso · 3 pointsr/Hunting

Have you tried concert plugs? I'm sure there is a more technical term but they still allow hearing and filter out everything above a certain decibel. A very cheap version are these. Good ones cost about 50 to 100 bucks

u/jollygaggin · 3 pointsr/Metal

These ones come pretty highly recommended here. They work great for me.

u/Nashiira · 3 pointsr/xxfitness

I picked these up from Amazon for about $10-15 to use at EDM concerts and I love them for that. I also just brought them to an acoustic show the other night and they worked wonders. They don't cancel out the loud stuff, but makes it bearable to listen to AND you can have conversations. The conversations are obviously going to be a bit muffled because you have something shoved into your ear, but in my experience you're good.

You may need to find a different vendor from that link, but I definitely recommend that brand and type!

u/Shuttersly · 3 pointsr/TheFence

Bring ear plugs. About 30 minutes into the set I took mine out just to see how loud it actually was and instantly knew I made the right choice. I got a $12 pair of Amazon and will bring them to every show I go to from now on.

u/floppywanger · 3 pointsr/audioengineering

I only have a "little" bit of tinnitus at 27, but I have made changes to correct my listening habits. Number one, was buying a dB meter. Number two, was setting my monitors so that the absolute loudest they could get 95-97 dB. I never really mix for more than 3 to 4 hours, so this ensures that I'm within a safe range. Number three, is wearing ear protection when you are in a loud environment for extended periods of time.

I got these cheap earplugs for situations where I want to be able to hear well but can't easily control the volume. They do roll off a significant amount of high end (to my ears it sounds like 3 kHz +), but you can at least still hear some high end, and the mids come through pretty well. Way better than the muffled experience of using those shitty foam earplugs.

edit: I want to add that reference mixes should be able to help you get around your tinnitus. To you, from mix to mix, everything will still be relative to the sensitivity that your ears have at a given frequency. That means that if you reference your mixes with good balanced mixes you should still be able to hear the difference and adjust accordingly.

u/clush · 3 pointsr/starterpacks

You're welcome. I have a lifelong history of ear issues and I'm engaged to an audiologist so hearing protection is a common thought for me. These are the ones I have; the brand is a common brand in the audiology world.

u/tooldvn · 3 pointsr/ToolBand

No problem on your 9 year old getting in. Bring earplugs for him (and yourselves!)

You don't have to get the ones that are for hunting/woodshop, they make some for concerts that just bring down the db. Recommend these.

u/DonFrio · 3 pointsr/audiophile

Etymotic ETY-Plugs High Fidelity Earplugs, Standard Fit, Frost Tip

Are the generic version of the customs that pros use. They are 20 dB but don’t kill all the high end. Customs come in 9,15,or 25 dB versions

u/macbooklover91 · 3 pointsr/bifl

Just to throw another option into the mix, I've always heard good things about Etymotics. They make some pretty great earbuds.

I have never used their concert earbuds but they're pretty well reviewed. (2401 reviews at 4.3 stars)

Etymotic Research ER20 ETY-Plugs Hearing Protection Earplugs, Standard Fit, Clear Stem with Frost Tip

u/Hitokiri_Ace · 3 pointsr/Vocaloid

I also went to the Miku Expo last year in Dallas, TX.

It was amazing! I drove ~5 hours to get to it.. and it was worth it and so much more.

I'm not a very excitable person, and I'm a bit older (30). Honestly, I didn't really expect it to be great.. but I LOVE Miku to pieces, and expected to have a good time.. but I was blown away. (Quite literally, please do get yourself some isolating earplugs! I couldn't even hear the mids it was so loud.)

The visuals were great, and clean and crisp.. I'd say better than the professional videos. The videos just don't capture how good it looks "in person". The accompanying band was great.. and really.. my only problem is that I liked it too much and want another to go to. :)

I hope one comes to a place near you! I'm sure you will enjoy it!

u/StrangerinthaAlps · 3 pointsr/nin

These work really well too. I'm on my 3rd pair with probably 100+ concerts and they sound great and are comfortable.

u/CarbonideLoL · 3 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

I went with these this year, never tried them before but the reviews are good.

u/Rocko9999 · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

As 43 year old who was reckless with loud car stereos, concerts, and clubs, please protect your hearing. I have had permanent ringing in my ears since I was 30. I never used headphones-they were not as popular as they are now. The damage is from car stereos, about 10 concerts and 10-15 trips to loud clubs. I was not front row at the concerts, I didn't have a $3,000 car stereo. The ringing never goes away. Not only do I have the ringing, I can't hear as well as many people my age who don't have damage. I have to ask, 'what was that?', 'I didn't catch that' many times in a day. When other people ask, 'can you hear that?!', my response is almost always, no, I just hear ringing.

Use these when you are at concerts or anywhere loud. You will actually be able to hear better, more clear, and you won't be damaging your hearing.

u/Segal-train · 3 pointsr/indieheads

these are good and cheap

u/NoGroundBelowYou · 3 pointsr/Music

I have these
I've used them for years.

u/pvk8336 · 3 pointsr/Kanye

I attend somewhere between 15-30 concerts a year, photograph dozens more and I'm wearing earplugs every time. I still hear the music fine, and I have the added bonus of not losing my hearing.

Every time your ears ring after loud exposure, that's permanent damage. Just think of putting in earplugs like you would sunscreen. I wish more people took their hearing health more seriously.

There's several different brands that are designed for concert use that will level everything out and just bring them to a more comfortable level:

HEAROS High Fidelity Series Ear Plugs for Comfortable Long Term Use with Free Case, 1 Pair

Etymotic Research ER20 ETYPlug Hearing Protection Earplugs, Standard Clear Stem with Blue Tip (Clear)

ETY-Plugs High Fidelity Earplugs, Standard Fit, Frost Tip

If you search music earplugs, any pair you get should do. If you're feeling really committed for future usage, you could drop a pretty penny on some custom-made earplugs. They feel perfect.

u/ANinjaBurrito · 3 pointsr/indieheads

Etymotic plugs

not something like foam so music still sounds the same, just down some db!!!

u/IAmRasputin · 3 pointsr/swans

If you can, spend a few bucks on earplugs designed for concerts, i.e. designed to lower volume equally across all frequencies, so the sound doesn't seem muffled. I personally recommend these.

u/work-a-day_schlub · 2 pointsr/childfree

I use mine to tune out people talking in the theatre. Your foam plugs might be better if you're sensitive to loud noises. I've used both and them foam does lessen the decibels a lot more.

I used these when I saw Avengers on Sunday. Fairly packed theatre. I could tell the couple two seats away from me were whispering throughout the movie but I couldn't hear it. I didn't miss any detail of sound from the movie but it was like the audience wasn't there. They are also very comfortable and come in their own container. I'm really happy with them.

u/Take-to-the-highways · 2 pointsr/NinjaSexParty

Trust me, my friend. I'm a concert veteran, after getting tinnitus for a week I never go without ear plugs. Concerts get extremely loud, and its fun but not being able to hear anything for a week because of the constant ringing in your ears isn't. Invest in some good ones. These are the ones I use.

u/marxx8 · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

I've used both dubs and etymotics for earplugs and prefer etymotics because they are more comfortable.

I like decorating my campsite with tapestries they give your campsite a nice look :)

I also bring an inflatable lazy air bag to lounge in. Can be used at campsite or take it with you to the stages and can chill in it. I love mine and people always want to sit in it!

I bring a portable lantern and fan and this one combines the two so it's great you can see it here.

We all gotta eat so I bring a small propane gas grill. This one is affordable.

A portable charger is a must have.

For drinks, I like to pour it in my disco ball cup. It's a fun way to drink and I always get compliments on it!

u/_supreme · 2 pointsr/Coachella

I have been using these for a little bit. They seem to be pretty popular. Pretty comfortable and still easy to enjoy the music.

u/ParadoxWatermelon · 2 pointsr/Cubers

Some nice earplugs like these might work for you. Massdrop has them occasionally also, if you want some nicer ones.

u/Chili_Time · 2 pointsr/Bass

I used to use the foam earplug when running the weed eater, loud rehearsal, etc. Then I got these and I like them a lot better. ETY-Plugs High Fidelity Earplugs, Standard Fit, Frost Tip

u/ZaediLady · 2 pointsr/Shambhala

I wear similar Etymotic ones to every show and they're the best! I always bring extras for people just in case, cuz Shams will definitely blow your eardrums!

u/knoid · 2 pointsr/Techno

I've taken my mum to a couple of concerts. You may want to get her some decent earplugs so she can hear the music without getting deafened. Something like these that dampen the sound without killing the high end. Local music shops should have similar.

Without knowing the club at all, I don't see why you'd have any trouble as long as she's a paying customer.

u/cocopuff874 · 2 pointsr/aves

I have these. Changes the concert experience completely, I highly recommend grabbing a pair. You'll never want to go to a show without them

u/BoostJunkie42 · 2 pointsr/pics

Thanks for the reminder, been looking to pick up a few pairs of these for myself and friends. At 10 bucks you really can't go wrong keeping a set in the car at all times.

u/dougiedougie · 2 pointsr/audio

ER20s from Etymotic. I'm an audiologist, and these are the earplugs that most of my colleagues and I typically recommend. They come in a small and a standard size, so you might have to do some trial and error to figure out which one fits your ears. They're about half the price of Dubs, and they offer the same level of hearing protection. I use the same filters in these in a custom earplug, and the sound quality is great.

u/tesslafayette · 2 pointsr/Fibromyalgia

One of my friends swears by these earplugs for hearing conversations while cutting background noise. Etymotic ETY-Plugs High Fidelity Earplugs, Standard Fit, Frost Tip

u/Solomondire · 2 pointsr/Austin

Had bad tinnitus for days after standing like a dumbass 10 feet from a Marshall stack throughout a Pantera show at La Zona Rosa (RIP). Tinnitus is no joke, and it often brings suicidal thoughts with it. Upgrading from foam plugs to Etymotic ER20s was the best move as a music lover I ever made. I keep 3 clean pairs in my glove compartment at all times, so I never forget and can look out for my friends.

u/iBird · 2 pointsr/videos

Piggybacking on this comment to recommend these ear plugs. They are very comfortable and when used a concerts takes away nothing from the experience, if anything it enhances it since stuff isn't extremely deafening. They look/feel way better than foam and you also can hear people right next to you without issues which is great.

u/jmshub · 2 pointsr/Music

I had ringing in my ears from my teens due to ear infections or whatever. But as a sound guy and musician spending most of my 20s and 30s standing close to the business end of speakers, having good earplugs is definitely a good investment.

I have custom molded earplugs, but I also have a couple of pairs of cheap(ish) etymotic earplugs, I keep them in my car, in my gig bag, etc.


u/BigDon8 · 2 pointsr/postrock


They actually take out a lot of the midrange frequencies that can make the sound muddy. I definitely recommend them. Not only for listening quality purposes, but as someone who has had tinnitus since I was 15, you really need to protect your ears. Like, really.

u/dustin_the_wind · 2 pointsr/Metal

hi, i have tinnitus, please wear earplugs okay.

These are good and cheap and come with a carrying case. If you have a patch vest, stick these bad boys in the inner pocket so you never go to a show without them

u/zazathebassist · 2 pointsr/Bass

I use these. I actually bought mine in the drum section of Sam Ash, they were rebranded to have I think the Zildjian or Vic Firth logo on them and they were a bit more expensive. But it was like taking the volume knob and rolling it down a little. My ears didn't ring and the music actually sounded a bit clearer. You can wash them. You should watch them.

u/albaniax · 2 pointsr/headphones

Luckily no tinnitus in my case, ear pain & sound started one day after an virus infection (cold/flu), but sounded same as tinnitus (2/10 constant noise).

I ordered those High Fidelity Earplugs to use for upcoming concerts - be better safe than sorry.

u/Cualer · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

I remember the first time I went to a festival, it was EDC Orlando 2014. I bought a pair of Etymotics but I forgot them at home the first day. Holy hell my ears were ringing all night. I made sure to keep them with me at all times after that.

u/pear-lady · 2 pointsr/aves

I like these, they preserve the sound really well.

u/bobovski · 2 pointsr/Metal

Does anyone have opinions on these?

u/eminthrv · 2 pointsr/lincoln

True, but I'm trying to get ones that aren't just foam inserts, and more something like this. I'll take a peek there though in case they have something more suitable for concerts.

u/parsyeb · 2 pointsr/Metal

You can get the orange foam ones to protect your hearing, but I recently spent $15 on Amazon and can't recommend enough.

I didn't do earplugs until I hit my 30s and noticed that 2-show weekends produced ringing well into the next week, but now I put that shit in even while bands are tuning and sound checking.

u/sArmington · 2 pointsr/EDM

A lot of good points from other people in this thread. I’ve been to Echostage probably 30+ times in the last couple years hopefully I can provide a little more insight.

General things about Echostage,
If you’re planning on driving there’s a bunch of lots around the venue that are $15-30 dollars depending on where you park/who’s playing that night.

Uber/Lyft is ideal. After the show most people walk down to the gas station to call their Uber’s, the actual road in front of Echostage gets blocked off at the end of the night so you can’t call your Uber directly there.

Like someone else said if you’re drinking don’t get too drunk, it’s your first show you’ll want to remember it. If you don’t want to pregame too hard beers and cocktails are $6/$13 for the cheapest. Honestly pretty cheap.

If you plan on doing drugs, bring your own tested stuff and just be smart.

A lot of people suggested ear plugs and are definitely worth it. I always suggest these ones to my friends, they’re cheap, prime shipping and get the job done. Etymotic ETY-Plugs High Fidelity Earplugs, Standard Fit, Frost Tip

Timing. Ideally Club Glow/Echostage/Garrix will post set times the day of the show, so check their social media accounts or the event page on Facebook. The later you get there the longer you’re gonna be in line. Most headlining sets are between 1 hour 15min - 2 hours, openers are typically no longer than an hour. Last time Garrix came he played a 2 hour set, I’d expect about the same. This is a sold out show I’d allocate 45 minutes to get in to be on the safe side. And if it’s your first show plan to be inside like 45min-1hr before he’s supposed to go on. Gives you time to check out the opener, go to the bathroom, hit the bar, find a good spot with your friends.

As for how long it last Echostage should be open til 4 but he won’t be playing until then most likely they bring out like a House DJ after sometimes but since it’s a Thursday it might just be done once he’s done.

Like someone else mentioned they give out free water, there are two long hallways that go by the bathrooms on either side of the venue go up there (instead of trying to push past people at the bar) and just ask the guy standing behind the rail for a water and throw it in your back pocket. Repeat as your run out of water.

Last thing, take this crowd with a grain of salt. The least garrix show was pretty oversold, and the crowd wasn’t great a lot of pushing, no respect for personal space, a bit confrontational. You’ll always see this but that show it was much more obvious.

But have fun, be nice and come back for more shows. I’ll be there too. Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll try and answer them.

u/CurrerBellEyre · 2 pointsr/Metal

Etymotic ETY-Plugs High Fidelity Earplugs, Standard Fit, Frost Tip

u/FearLeadsToAnger · 2 pointsr/tinnitus

Any plugs like these are fine, they're all essentially the same, they have a tube through the middle that is unblocked so that you still get a little bit of clarity even though the noise is still dampened quite a lot.

If you were looking for specific really good ones you'd need to look north of $25, but the kind above work perfectly well and better than foam plugs.

u/sourgangbang · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

These are the best $13 I've ever spent.

u/theindian08 · 2 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

you'll wanna put in earplugs way before your ears start ringing, cause at that point, the damage is already done. I recommend these. They're easy to take in and out and preserve the quality of the sound pretty well.

side note: You could use your pi to run some LEDs on your clothes or a bag. I'm using an arduino to power a sound reactive belt and suspenders.

u/DillonPanthers33 · 2 pointsr/Portland

I see a lot of live music and I can't recommend picking up a pair of these enough:

They're reusable many times, come in a little case about the size of one of those mini/bite-sized Snickers bars. I take them to every concert and use them almost every time. Sound quality and comfort is great, leagues better than a pair of standard mushy foam plugs.

u/SJS329 · 2 pointsr/Slayer

It can be ungodly loud, but you can prevent damage. Wear ear plugs. Problem solved. Tinnitus fucking sucks, trust me. There is no such thing as silence for me any more. Go on Amazon and buy these: or these: Personally I like the Eargasm ones better. I wear them to every concert I attend. I'm usually right at the front or running around in the pit. I never have any additional hearing discomfort afterwards. Spend a few bucks and prevent a lifetime of asking people to repeat themselves...

u/smcka · 1 pointr/misophonia

Etymotic Research ER20-BSC-C Hearing Protection Earplugs
by Etymotic Research

^ I've been using these at work/home, and they have worked amazingly well.

I got the referral from this post:

Good luck!

u/MaggotBrain420 · 1 pointr/hulaween

I've got these and they work well enough. They were essential for me at a big edm festival, but I should probably use them at every festival.

u/give-em-hell-kid · 1 pointr/sharktank bought them a few years ago, guess the price went up but it's still half the price of Vibes. The carrying case is great, 10/10 do recommend

u/gnarles_barkley · 1 pointr/Metalcore

I'll copy my reply to someone else's further down the thread:

I have a pair of these, not the same exact kind, but very similar. I can 100% vouch for them, there was still a lot of clarity in the sound while bringing it to a safe level. I almost preferred having them in than out. Though I have naturally sweaty ears, so I had to let my ears breath between sets.

I believe these are the ones I have.

u/throwaway75643218 · 1 pointr/jobs

Hi, thanks for your response. I’m very sorry to hear about your son, however, I’m glad he’s found a solution to hear conversations.

Mind me asking if these earplugs would work?. I have them, but only used them before to protect my hearing at concerts and such. I also have a package of several of those rubber earplugs they give you on like airplanes, do you think those could work also? Thanks so much for your help again, I appreciate it.

u/Maximumswagpotential · 1 pointr/Metalcore
u/lysergicfuneral · 1 pointr/doommetal

I've seen many shows with these, including Sleep (front row, 10 amps in the face) and they're great. blocks the highs which hurt your hearing the most, but you can hear the music better than without them.

u/fearthealex · 1 pointr/scamp

These are the earplugs I have. They come with a tiny carrying case that you can attach to a bag/camelbak. They don't change the quality of sound, just make it a little quieter. I consider them an essential if you want to be close to any of the stages and still keep your hearing.

u/hTACO · 1 pointr/ElectricForest

I had a nice pair, ended up losing them one night. Earplugs are surprisingly easy to lose, especially if you're like me and have to take them out to talk to people.
I buy these (standard size) now -
They're cheap, work well, and if I lose them it's no big deal. I'll also buy a pair to give to a friend if it's their first club show or festival.

u/felix1429 · 1 pointr/audiophile

I had these before they got killed going through the wash, that's when I decided to go with what I have currently

u/djdementia · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

If you go to concerts / danceclubs I highly recommend buying a pair that's suitable for music listening. These are specially designed to not muffle the noise just cut volume.

I have this pair:
$13 USD:

The ER-20s work great but I found them uncomfortable for more than a few minutes use. I do use them while doing a full DJ set though - usually an hour but my ears canals are sore when I'm done.

These look a little nicer and when mine wear out I'm probably going to buy these as a replacement, $19 USD:

These are supposed to be more comfortable for long use.

Some reviews:

u/2liveNdieinLA · 1 pointr/electronicmusic

I believe the standard. Here is the Amazon link for the one I believe I purchased (don't have them with me at the moment) [Etymotic Ear Plugs]

u/Mankyliam · 1 pointr/Metalcore

I have these ones with the thinner tips and I'm kinda afraid of getting knocked in the head and the earplugs getting lodged deep in my ear, is it actually possible that this could happen?

u/ReflexEight · 1 pointr/LSD

If you're worried about loudness you could always get some cheap Etymotics!

u/hilter_loves_you_all · 1 pointr/tinnitus

I don't recommend that. Those block too much sound and it for me makes the tinntius worse. Since you're hearing so little the tinntius seems louder.

These block out the dangerous frequencies while still letting you hear normal sound around you.

u/DayandKnight13 · 1 pointr/nfl

I actually have a recommendation for ear plugs! These

They allow you to hear everything without the muffle, but they are designed to damper the harsher soundwaves. Source: I did drumline for 4 years and my ears aren't fucked... yet

u/Eidola_Leprous · 1 pointr/Metalcore

I've only used two.

[This is the pair I currently use and live by] ( They are super comfortable and they rarely ever slide out of my ears; they stay in place well.

[First pair I used were these] ( These ones always slide out of my ears, but when they did manage to stay, they did the job and worked perfectly; just a mild comfort issue for me personally. But I suppose these plugs are better for slightly larger ears as mine quite small-medium so they just kept sliding out.

u/MacGyver137 · 1 pointr/audiophile

> Noise cancelling headphones are also available which do a great job of cancelling steady state noise such as on an airplane. These devices require little maintenance.

(quote from: Better Hearing Institute )

Good active noise cancellation will reduce sound pressure levels (reducing damage) at your ear. Bad/low quality noise cancellation can leave some frequencies unattenuated which can still cause damage. So don't get cheap stuff.

I have and recommend the Sinnheiser PXC 450. I preffer them to the Bose because they are active noise cancelling as well as passive noise isolating 32dB (for when your batteries die). The talk through feature is pretty cool too. But since you have the QC 15 already, don't worry about switching.

Other gear I would recommend are earplugs. I like natural sound ear plugs for some sound reduction but without the distortion of frequencies you get with foam earplugs, and these more subtle foam earplugs (if you are white) for more protection.

u/bamboo_plant · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

I just bought the linked plugs on Amazon. They were a little more expensive than standard earplugs but they are specialized to reduce the dB without muffling parts of the music. That way I hear the same crisp parts of each song as everyone else but just quieter.

ETY-Plugs High Fidelity Earplugs, Standard Fit, Frost Tip

u/CookieCatSupreme · 1 pointr/kpop

I got these ones! (recommenting without shorted URL)

u/lavender_airship · 1 pointr/kpop

These ones are around $14 on Amazon, are these right?

Because I'd love to get some decent ones as well...not only for concerts, but maybe for migraine days at work... :-D

u/HoppedUpOnAdderall · 1 pointr/indieheads

can anyone recommend some earplugs that don’t block out too much sound? i have these etymotic plugs but i can’t really hear much when i put them on so i usually end up taking them off halfway through the concert anyway

u/thunderdickbag · 1 pointr/Techno

I got these a while ago and was very happy with them. They offer decent protection without distorting the sound too much. They're a whole lot better than nothing.

Eventually I decided to upgrade to custom molded ones, which was a significant upgrade in both comfort and how little the audio gets distorted. It costs quite a bit, but I have absolutely no regrets.

u/discoshhrk · 1 pointr/Coachella

The sound at Coachella is very good and very loud and good earplugs make it even better imo. Not having the high fidelity earplugs would probably ruin Coachella for me so I always have 2 pair for any festival in case they get lost or someone in the crew forgot theirs. Ringing ears is worse than any hangover from partying. I used these a couple weeks ago and they were just as good as the eargasms. You can't really go wrong if they look like the eargasms or the emyotics I also tried the dubs but I wouldn't recommend them since they messed up the sound for me.

u/Pinging · 1 pointr/electronicmusic

I can't justify spending the $40, seeing I've lost like 4 of these already I go for the basic ER-20s

I love em and I'll pay the premium to have them if I forget them or before a nectar show.

u/wright96d · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

I would highly recommend something like [these]( ETY-Plugs High Fidelity Earplugs, Standard Fit, Frost Tip as to preserve more of the high frequencies and not make it sound like you're in the upstairs bathroom at a party.

u/dcoopz010 · 1 pointr/audiophile

I would recommend Etymotic:

You might also consider Eargasm or DUBS.

u/leannidus · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

I have tiny ears so the squishy ones don't work for me. These stay in my ears! Etymotic ETY-Plugs High Fidelity Earplugs, Standard Fit, Frost Tip

u/mn_sunny · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

These are what I wear at every concert I go to; everyone should have a pair of these (or a similar ear plug). They drop all sounds by 15 db (or maybe 20 db, I forget), and since they're clear hardly anyone will notice you're wearing them.

These will save your eyes if you're an average concert-goer. Going to concerts without ear plugs is as stupid as staring at the sun. Get a pair of these or similar ear plugs!!!

u/IronCurtained · 1 pointr/Music







Seriously, buy these. SO good!

u/mrempyrean · 1 pointr/electrohouse

I've got the smaller blue ones, same company. They're definitely a life saver!! I even bring a spare pair for friends.

u/RiceeFTW · 1 pointr/EDM

Just be comfortable and wear white clothes you don't mind getting rid of. Dress according to weather/venue (indoor/outdoor heat), in regards to earplugs, Etymotics I've heard are great:

u/Dragovic · 1 pointr/Metal

As decreed by the kings of metal, MANOWAR you're both a wimp and a poser if you don't use hearing protection. Also foam earplugs are better for things like shooting or construction work where you don't really want to hear the sound. They're better than nothing and cheap but their entire purpose is to muffle the sound. For music, you want reusable earplugs that are meant to lower the volume evenly across the entire spectrum of hearing. These Etymotic earplugs are the ones that the sub recommends most though I haven't tried them. I use these Fender ones which are half the price and are effective enough that I can headbang against the speakers at my favorite venue without having to worry about the stem getting hit accidentally or having any ringing in my ears afterwards while still being able to hear the band perfectly. If you can afford it, it's best to get custom molded earplugs from an audiologist. They usually run around $200 which I can't justify spending but I hear is worth it.

u/la90036 · 1 pointr/Coachella

This guy is not wrong! 100% agreed about the queue. It LOOKS like it takes awhile but really moves rather quickly and you'll be inside in 5min. If you watch the exit there's ALWAYS a flow of people out the tent, which is nice. Never 100% packed.

Keep in mind not all Yuma artists are created equally. Some you'll vibe with, some you won't. Personally, I love the tent as it fits my style of dance music much more than the Sahara acts nowadays.

I strongly recommend getting some ear plugs, like these:

They actually improve the sound coming from those Yuma speakers and you can spend much more time, comfortably, getting down!

u/book-slut · 1 pointr/Coachella

I highly recommend some like these . I got a pair of these last year, before that I only used the foam earplugs. HOLY SHIT what a difference. They don't muffle sounds, they just turn down the volume a little bit. You might want to get the connector string as well so that you can hang them around your neck. Earplugs are easy to loose, but I find that if I can hang them around my neck, no matter the type, then I can keep track of them!

u/iworkforcandy · 0 pointsr/sysadmin

Thankfully, I don't work in a data center, but I do use musician ear plugs for concerts (and other moderately loud venues). These guys have worked really nicely and provide a reasonably flat line attenuation. I can still hear everything. It's all just a bit quieter.