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Fel-Pro 3060 Gasket Material
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Gasket sheet material provides the ability to create custom gasketsOffers the ability to cut custom gasketsAllows for a specific design to ensure a perfect fit and correct operationEngineered and manufactured specifically for the repair environmentUnsurpassed quality you can trustFour piece set gasket materialGreat for unique gasket needsQuality materials and craftsmanship for ultimate performance

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Found 3 comments on Fel-Pro 3060 Gasket Material:

u/captain_frostbyte · 3 pointsr/motorcycles

I've used the red Permatex many moons ago and it had no issue. Your biggest issue will be keeping it uniform so you don't end up making yourself more problems.

do you need to take it on and off a whole lot? if you don't just go with gasket tack to keep it stuck in the right places. or go with sheet gasket like this https://www.amazon.ca/Fel-Pro-3060-Gasket-Material/dp/B000CNKUGO and make yourself some kick ass gaskets.

u/RustToRedemption · 1 pointr/motorcycles

You can literally make gaskets out of cereal box cardboard in a pinch. You pretty much cant go wrong as long as you get something rated for automotive use you can use it nearly everywhere on the bike if you wanted to. I started out by buying an assortment of smaller sheets like THIS and then used whatever matched the original as closely as possible. When you run out of your assortment, you can run down to your local automotive parts store and get a replacement roll of the one(s) you used up the quickest, and those will last you a long time if you're just using them for personal use.