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Reddit mentions of FiiO A1 Silver Portable Headphone Amp A1

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We found 47 Reddit mentions of FiiO A1 Silver Portable Headphone Amp A1. Here are the top ones.

FiiO A1 Silver Portable Headphone Amp A1
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  • Compact design
  • Durable anodised aluminum Chassis
  • Self powered amplifier
  • Can be charged during use
Height1.65 Inches
Length0.37 Inches
Weight0.044375 Pounds
Width1.57 Inches

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Found 47 comments on FiiO A1 Silver Portable Headphone Amp A1:

u/anees12579 · 8 pointsr/SSBM

Anyone got any interesting setups/tv's? Idk why i'm writing this but here are the things I bring to tourneys.

Album link

My Tv Is by far the most eye catching thing. I bought 350 Fortune cookies and have been just taping them on there whenever I finish one. I am pretty much out of them so I have quite a bit all over the TV. The air fresheners were to bring some nice smells to any tournament I went to.

Standard Gamecube: 1.02 melee with newest 20xx TE and vanilla melee memory cards. This is the video cable IOnebring. It has s video + regular composite so I don't have to bring a powered splitter. Explaining more below.

Recording/Streaming setup: This consists of a Webcam which also records player/crowd audio (also a 16 ft extension). An Elgato with 16ft extension. Then I have 2 non-powered composite splitters. I plug in the composite video from the game cube directly into my TV and the S video into the elgato. The result isn't actually too bad (if someone knows how to deinterlace for better video hmu).

The last thing is My Controller: Someone on etsy painted it for me right before big house and so far it's a great purchase. It is of a Palestinian flag and has my tag on it. it doesn't feel any different from any other game cube controller which is great.

Edit: forgot about my headphone setup. I have sennheiser Momentums I bring with my headphone amp and plug that into the tv's audio with one of These. This has a pass through meaning other people can listen through the TV and I can adjust the volume with my amp. I also bring another headphone splitter so people can listen with their headphones.

u/Veetea · 8 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Yeah, the output is quite weak. I was hoping it would be louder compared to the Wii U and 3DS, but that's not the case. Though third-party games seem to have a bit more volume (compare The Binding of Isaac to Breath of the Wild, for instance), I find that I still have to rely on my headphone amp if I want full, immersive sound from headphones with my Switch. This is a good option: https://www.amazon.com/FiiO-A1-Silver-Portable-Headphone/dp/B01CPUVPEM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1494660494&sr=8-2&keywords=fio+headphone+amp

u/MegaCake · 7 pointsr/Nexus6P

The Fiio A1 Portable Amp is only $27 on amazon, and their amps are pretty solid for phones. I have the E6 and use it with my 6P and my larger headphones.

u/smushkan · 5 pointsr/videography

The problem with using the videomicro with a Canon is that the microphone has no preamp of its own, and the one in your camera sucks. It's not a great equipment pairing, unfortunately.

One way to reduce the effect would be to use a battery powered headphone amplifier between the mic and the camera effectively working as a preamp. That'll let you boost the gain of the microphone signal while keeping the levels on your camera as low as possible.

u/ngbeslhang · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

You can always get a portable amp to overcome it.

EDIT: One really tiny one I have found: https://www.amazon.com/FiiO-A1-Silver-Portable-Headphone/dp/B01CPUVPEM (though based on Head-Fi reviews if you are an audiophile you probably won't like it, but since you'll be using it for Switch only it honestly doesn't matter)

Disclaimer: I have never used it before, so I cannot guarantee anything.

u/jnbrown925 · 4 pointsr/headphones

This will be the best bang for your buck, dac/amp for $65 normally $189

Don't have this but fiio is good brand and this is only $28 so would be good for now just to get your headphones louder

u/Sylnic · 3 pointsr/SSBPM

I personally hook one of these up to my setup for people to use with their headphones. It allows for people to use headphones (with a 1/4" adapter) and change the volume to what you want.

If you want something to personally use on any setup you play on, you can use this in conjunction with any portable amp, like this. This will allow you to control the volume to your liking.

u/ipickuppennies · 3 pointsr/HeadphoneAdvice

I don't think you can use the E10K with a phone. It uses USB on a PC, for example, and takes the place of a sound card. (As I understand it and use it anyway).

I have one of these I that I like: FiiO A1 Well I have the older version. This one is probably better.

I also have one of these that is decent. Soundblaster E1

I want one of these. Little Bear B4 portable tube amp.

For a little more on the FiiO portable side. FiiO A5

edit: added a link

u/Iceblack88 · 3 pointsr/GameDeals

Alright, here are my two options:

  1. The Audio Technica ATH-AD700X are my current headphones. They're $100 but they're worth every god damn penny. Gaming feels you're there, music feels like you're in the band. They won't sound much better than regular headphones if you connect them to a cell phone but if you use them at your computer then you will be surprised.

  2. I ALWAYS recommend headphone amps since I started experimenting with them. But they're not cheap at all, they are the same or even more expensive than the headphones themselves. Here's a good combo though: The AKG K 240 are just cheap enough that won't hurt but also good company enough to trust them. They're semi-open so they won't be as situational as the Audio Technica would but the sound stage is still good (Sound stage means when you can tell where a sound "comes" from. Like hearing a bullet or explosion to your left, of actually hearing the guitar on the front and the bass to the back of the track). If you do get these then I'd recommend one of the cheapest headphone amps the FiiO-A1.

    I'd obviously recommend you spend a little more to get the Audio Technica AND the amp, but I understand if you don't want to spend that much.
u/EinTheVariance · 3 pointsr/headphones

my Fiio "stack" is a Fiio DAP + K5

That said, the Fiio A1 surprised me, because I only knew this A1:

u/whoshiighpitch · 3 pointsr/PS4

I have a set of bose quiet comforts that I also thought were too quite. I'm not too knowledgeable on the whole headphone thing, but it probably has to do with th impedance being too high and the controller can't drive them adequately.

I recently bought the Audio Technica M50 X and I couldn't recommend them enough. They are much louder using the DS4 and the sound quality is fantastic.

As far as a fix for the bose headphones, maybe look into a portable amp that may boost the volume.

Fiio Amp

u/JokerSage · 2 pointsr/PS4

Oh sorry, I meant to link the E3 model.

Edit: I received this Fiio DAC with my m50s and it does admirably as well. Creative can be expensive and Fiio has good options as well.

I bought the Creative one for my wife and I when on plane rides and I like the clip it has for when I'm using PSVR.

u/GET_OUT_OF_MY_HEAD · 2 pointsr/PUBG

Holy shit, drop everything you're doing and get yourself some decent cans NOW. I'd recommend these two references to help you find something good:

Head-Fi.org Buying Guide | /r/headphones Purchase Assistant

Or if you're lazy, just pick something from this list.

I'd also highly recommend a headphone amp in order to get the most out of your cans, especially if you plan on spending more than $100 on them and/or don't have a good sound card with an amp built-in.

u/fuckmyredditname · 2 pointsr/lgv20

I'm not sure what headphones you're trying to drive. If they are inexpensive headphones, they may not be efficient and will require a lot of power to get the volume up. With my headphones, pushing 50-55 is loud enough to not be comfortable for more than a song or two at most. Anything higher than that my ears start to bleed. Well, maybe not bleed, but it's not comfortable. My typical listening volume at work for the day is typically around 15, maybe 20 if I'm trying to drown out some outside noise.

If they are cheaper headphones, you may want to pick up a portable amp (amazon.com). If they are a good headphone, what is the resistance of the headphones along with make and model?

u/sk9592 · 2 pointsr/buildapc

You can actually use a headphone amp in reverse to amplify the microphone's audio signal before it enters your PC:


u/pm_me_hifi_pics · 2 pointsr/vinyl


I'd do that one, personally. USB powered so you don't have to think about voltage or plug adapters or anything. (Not that I know what voltage is coming out of your wall sockets, or what your wall sockets look like.)

I believe LP60 will come with the proper adapters to get from its own RCA cables to the mini input that this headphone amp requires.

The one you linked would work, certainly, but you probably don't really need four headphone outputs.

u/REDxSHADOWx90 · 2 pointsr/lgg6

I would recommend the Fiio A1 I use it with my Sennheiser HD598 to push them a little louder than the volume allows. Plus it has a few built in EQ settings. However the first EQ setting is the only one I recommend.

FiiO A1 Silver Portable Headphone Amp A1 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CPUVPEM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_ghtcVeJKOUxPx

u/Hawkraptor · 2 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

I couldn't afford much so I just went with the FiiO A1 for my M50x pair: https://smile.amazon.com/FiiO-A1-Silver-Portable-Headphone/dp/B01CPUVPEM

I know that this is by no means the best option out there, but it's what I have right now. I think it sounds quite good, but it is my first set of higher-end cans, and it's the first headphone amp I've used. With your budget I imagine someone may recommend the FiiO A3 or the Q1 and be able to tell you more about it. I'd be interested in that as well since I'm looking at getting a Q1 for my first DAC/Amp.

Hope this helps.

u/QuipA · 2 pointsr/headphones

FiiO A1 is as cheap as I'd be willed to go. You can get that from amazon, without the aliexpress worries.

u/zenzizenzizenzike · 2 pointsr/secretsanta

Yeah, I mean, it's not like I can't think of any gifts within the price range, but it's one of the few exchanges where I can only think of maybe a dozen gifts, which is really different than the other exchanges:

  • Head phone stand
  • Replacement pads for certain headphones
  • Spare cables (exciting...)
  • DACs (shout out to the FiiO D3)
  • Portable amplifier
  • Budget-friendly headphone amplifiers like the Pyle-Pro PHA40 or Behringer Ha400, but those rely on your match already owning a pretty okay DAC (or having plans to get one)
  • DIY kits to build your own amplifiers like this, but you need to make sure your match has basic electronics tools like a soldering kit.
u/Bubbaluke · 1 pointr/buildapcsales


this would be better, the used ones start at $18. I'm not sure about the card. usually the main point of a card is just to be a dac, not actually power headphones. my mobo supports "600 ohms" of power but without a wattage figure that doesn't mean anything.

u/MixedFraction · 1 pointr/trap

If your headphones aren't powered, chances are that the device you are listening on isn't putting out enough power to give you heavy bass (especially if it's a phone or laptop). I also thought my headphones sounded completely flat until I plugged them into a system that could provide the proper output. Maybe think about getting an inexpensive amplifier similar to https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01CPUVPEM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 to see if that makes a difference.

u/bentheiphone · 1 pointr/MSILaptops

my 2014 ghost can power my audiotechnicas (38Ω) okay, i just purchased a FiiO A1 because they were loud but not loud enough. your headphones are 300Ω so i would defiantly pick up an A1 or mabe something nicer if you want to spend the money. also i just realized the the newer models could be better at powering headphones then mine, but i would still pick up a small amp

u/TXBRGuy · 1 pointr/headphones

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that won't be enough for the 250 ohm model. I'm not sure about the 80 ohm model but this one will have no problems with the 80ohm and can be had for 30 €


u/ChickenFriedFresh · 1 pointr/headphones

Will this amp do anything for Bose AE2i and Bose FreeStyle earbuds? I'm not an audiophile at all but I was just wondering if these would help.

I would be listening through my iPhone 5s or my laptop, the Dell i7559


u/Shaqalac · 1 pointr/headphones

Just to be sure, this is the FiiO A1 you're talking about? Just curious as it's really small and every other AMP seems to be enormous compared to it.

Right now, my DT770 are connected directly to my Macbook Pro mid 14.

u/AzzySSB · 1 pointr/smashbros

There's no good way to do it honestly.

Theoretically the best way would be to use RCA cables (Wii Composite) and convert to 3.5mm and amp it, but WiiU's don't have that on by default.

You could also use the headphone jack on a monitor/Gamepad and amp it as needed, but that can be inconsistent by monitor/TV

The way to garuntee getting audio at every setup is to get an HDMI audio extractor and run it through a headphone amp if you need some extra volume

u/musiclover_gol · 1 pointr/edmproduction

No but I am going to get this one for the amp https://www.amazon.com/FiiO-A1-Silver-Portable-Headphone/dp/B01CPUVPEM/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8.

Do you think OHM difference could mess up my mixing judgment?

u/HBalazs1 · 1 pointr/sennheiser

If you have the budget for a bit more, you can buy an analog amp (like the FiiO A1 ) and have your motherboard for the signal. And buy a dac+amp(soundcard) in the future.

u/RohanAether · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

For my Pixel, it wouldn't power my iems well enough so I bought one of these, https://www.amazon.com/A1-Portable-Headphone-Amplifier-Silver/dp/B01CPUVPEM.

Its just a tiny amp that will help but you can also get bigger ones if your trying to listen to music through your headphones as well.

u/TheEvanGangle · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

get a super cheap amp and put it in line, after the splitter to the chair. The chair doesn't need high quality audio going to it, so pick up the cheapest one you can find. here is a good option https://www.amazon.com/FiiO-A1-Silver-Portable-Headphone/dp/B01CPUVPEM/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1499716048&sr=8-4&keywords=headphone+amp

u/Zero115 · 1 pointr/headphones

I use these for work as well, but inline with a FiiO A1, it's a really small cheap and not very powerful amp (but it's insanely portable and out of the way - https://www.amazon.com/FiiO-A1-Silver-Portable-Headphone/dp/B01CPUVPEM/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1474000567&sr=8-10&keywords=fiio&th=1 ). I find if you turn the A1 up about 70% (they start to get a lot of noise if you go much higher) they seem like they help clean the noise up and give a bit more clarity. The low end's sound a lot less compressed on that little amp for some reason. I sort of chalked it up to the audio source not having enough power behind it, the mids and high's still aren't quite as crisp as some of the other earphones I've tried, but it seems to make it a lot better IMO.

u/Surgeon_Kunt_MD · 1 pointr/PS4

My budget is kind of low right now since I bought the PS4 along with a few games. Do you think something like this would help a little? or maybe a usb adapter? Maybe I could find some better through black friday sales.

Edit : or maybe something like (this)[https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072BMG9TB/ref=psdc_3015427011_t2_B01DLY3IW8). I know you might not be an expert. Sorry for so many questions.

u/Baldoor-E100 · 1 pointr/headphones

For under 100EUR I would definitelt stick to wired and go with the Audio Technica ATH M40X.

The problem here is that the S7 Edge has an insanely bad headphone output and is only able to output 360mV into a 16 Ohm load (~8 milli watt). The phone is absolute trash tier when it comes to the headphone output. And that alrady low output power is topped off by ,ore than 5 Ohm output impedance and 0.7%THD at full volume...absolute garbage

I recommend you buy a FiiO A1 headphone amplifier to go with the M40X. That would also fix your volume issue on the one more triple driver.

That would mean investing ~130EUR...the same price as a decent entry level Bluetooth headphone from Sennheiser.

IMHO the M40X sounds better than the HD4.40 and you won't run into battery/codec or lag issues.

u/trancematik · 1 pointr/GiftIdeas

Maybe a headphone amplifier for his headset? I was given a Fiio and it was the absolutely best thing to be married with my reference headphones. I didn't get this model but there are some like it. They are rechargeable.

u/de_redditor · 1 pointr/dealsforindia

It should be manageable without an amp, but if you like, I'd suggest a small, inexpensive one like the FIIO A1.

I'd say go ahead and buy the headphones. If it doesn't work as well as you like, you can always return it.

u/NinjaN3rd · 1 pointr/headphones

I would go with the 598s, but the SHP9500 has better soundstage supposedly, but aren't as good in quality as the 598s from what I've heard. Now that being said both of those Headphones have low barriers of entry and you could literally just plug them into your controller. If you wanted a little more power you could get a small portable amp that could sit in your lap or pocket that could connect up to the controller (they are pretty cheap) the only pain is that you have to charge them every couple days. But with that setup you could also take either of those cans and hook them up to the amp with your phone for on the go music. Then once you have the "bug" ... I mean money you can get a better amp/dac/headphone, and then later on when you save some more money you can get an even better setup, and then later..... you get the point ;)
here is a relatively cheap and decent starter amp that would work with the scenario I was telling you about: https://www.amazon.com/FiiO-A1-Silver-Portable-Headphone/dp/B01CPUVPEM/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1519398985&sr=8-14&keywords=portable+headphone+amp